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Magnificat ALUMNI

Volume 10 | No 1

Winter 2016

A Publication for The Schools of Saint Mary Alumni, Parents & Friends

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Magnificat ALUMNI

calendar of events Thursday, February 16, 2017 Ladies’ Night Out – St. Mary’s Elementary School and High School Saturday, May 13, 2017 St. Mary’s Elementary School Take-A-Break Dinner Dance

Administration Pastor | Rev. Fr. Robert A. Romeo Parochial Vicar & School Chaplain | Rev. Fr. Jiha Lim President | Grace M. Cavallo Elementary School Principal | Celeste M. Checchia, Ph.D High School Principal | Jonathan D. Kramer ‘92 Vice President of Development | Sean T. Collins ’73, ‘77 Director of Alumni and Parent Relations | Kiera Gmelich Walsh Director of Communications | Eileen Symmons ’82, ‘86 Elementary School board Vice President | Joseph Cuomo P ’14, ’17 Robert Bossé ’83, P’16, ’17, ‘20 John Broderick’76, ’80, P ’09, ’11, ‘14 Adriana Calosso-Breen P’21 Elaine Caliendo P’14, ’17, ‘23 Frank Caliendo, MD P ’14, ’17, ‘23 Andrew Didora P ’21, ‘23 Dionne Dixon-Allen P’12, ‘19 Robert Dunphy ’89, ’93, P’23 Tim Fulton SMHS ‘96 Maureen Miller P ’14, ’15, ‘18 Amy Murphy P ‘19, ’21, ‘23 Terence Scheurer P’17, ‘21

Saturday, June 10, 2017 The Church of St. Mary Parish Gala Saturday, September 9, 2017 Class of 1967 Reunion Saturday, October 14, 2017 Harvest Festival For more information on activities and events, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 516.627.4605 or E-mail

On the Web! Please visit and click on the Our Schools tab for the athletic schedules, school news, and events for the Alumni Association and The Schools of Saint Mary, or call the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 516.627.2711 ext 1162.

High School board President | Joseph Mattone P ‘15, ’17, ‘19 Vice President | Tom Hoban ’72, ’76, P’11 Secretary | Carol Dunning P ’14, ’16, ‘20 Tim Ahearn P‘14 Daniel Amoruso ‘76 Kathy Bunger ’78, P’16 Catherine Gugliucci P’16, ‘20 Matthew LoCurto ‘86 Shannon Pompy P’16, ‘21 Franco Sagliocca P ’11, ’14 Larry Siedlick ’68 Alumni Association Officers Co President | Patty Hennelly Anglin ’69 Co President | George Shaughness ’68 Vice President | Thomas Smyth ’86 Treasurer | Robert Pennachio ’86 Board Robert Anastasia ’71 Judi Annibale Betts ’59 Robert Dunphy ’93 Christine Gawrych ’72 Maureen Johnson ’69 John McHale ‘03 James F. Smyth ’91

Church of Saint Mary, Manhasset Saint Mary's Elementary School, Manhasset Saint Mary’s High School, Manhasset St. Mary’s High School Alumni, Manhasset, New York | 2

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from the pastor

December 2016 Dear Parents, Alumni, and Friends, I am so grateful to be the Pastor of St. Mary’s and so proud of our students in both the Elementary School and the High School. As I visit them in our classrooms, see them on the stage, or watch them in the gym or on the turf, I see future leaders in service, business, and society. I reflect upon the vital work we do to educate these young people with a foundation based in the Gospel values of Jesus Christ so that they are well prepared for their journey in education and their life’s work. Each year, indeed each day, our administration and faculty consider what we teach and how we teach it so that our students will reach the next best level of knowledge and understanding, the next higher level of critical thinking, and - at the very core of our mission - the next deeper level of faith, trust, and hope in Our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ. We have purposeful and thoughtful discussions about what this means in daily life. How does Jesus Christ enter the lives of our students in all that they do and in all that they learn? At an award ceremony in the spring we heard Colin Dunning, a graduating senior, talk about a core value at Saint Mary’s: Service. His words were deep, meaningful, and faith filled. They reflected the very foundation of an education at The Schools of Saint Mary, which is how our faith in Jesus Christ should and does inform and form our words and deeds for now and for a lifetime. The theme of Colin’s words is one that we continue to hear across the campus and in all grade levels. My prayer is that the foundation in which we play such an important role remains with these students both during their time here at St. Mary’s after for many years thereafter. In this issue of Magnificat, you will read and see the many faces of Saint Mary’s from Elementary School through our High School and our faithful Alumni. I invite you to become active ambassadors of our Schools and our mission in your home and community. Our love for Jesus Christ is unabashed, eternal, and we always strive for the next best level of perfect love for Him. In Jesus & Mary,

Rev. Fr. Robert A. Romeo Pastor | 4

from the president

Mary’s Elementary School N-8 The Schools of Saint Mary | Saint Saint Mary’s High School 9-12

December 2016 Dear Parents, Alumni, and Friends, This issue of the Magnificat is a wonderful testament to rich and broad achievements of the students of The Schools of Saint Mary – from our youngest children in Elementary School through our High School Seniors. I am so appreciative of our faculty, who, under the direction of our two principals, Dr. Celeste Checchia and Mr. Jonathan Kramer, continue to inspire St. Mary’s students to new levels of accomplishment in academics, athletics, the arts, and in social and spiritual ministry. I am also so proud that one of our own graduates, Ms. Sarah deVenoge ’02, ’06, is the new Assistant Principal of the Elementary School this year and will take on the role of Principal in the spring. Ms. deVenoge is a true example of the mission of St. Mary’s to provide a superior education based in the Gospel values of Christ. We welcome Sarah to this new position and pray for her success on behalf of the children of St. Mary’s Elementary School. As we look forward to the years ahead at the Elementary School and the High School, I am also grateful to our School Boards, our Parent Teacher Organization, our Gaels Parents’ Association, our Alumni Board, and our special advisory committees and friends. We continue to move toward a school model in which the curriculum, from our youngest students through our high school seniors, is intentionally designed to provide the best possible outcomes for each student individually. Similarly, our instruction in religious education is a seamless progression to grow in deeper understanding and faith in Jesus Christ. This year, as we do every year, we will continue to discuss how we can provide an even better educational product for our current and future students, while remaining true to our singular mission to know and to love our Lord, Jesus Christ. To our alumni, I invite you to become involved at The Schools of St. Mary. You may do so by contacting our new Vice President of Development, Sean Collins ’73, ’77, or our new Director of Parent and Alumni Relations, Kiera Walsh, at 516-627-4605. We invite you to share your experiences and life lessons with our present students and to become engaged in the life of the School. You are the fabric of St. Mary’s and I welcome a visit, a chat, or your participation in School events. I hope you enjoy reading about your School and your alma mater. With my personal best, Sincerely,

Grace M. Cavallo President

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parish news

Reverend Monsignor John J. McCann October 6, 1939 – March 2, 2016 Reverend Monsignor John J. McCann, 76, who served as pastor emeritus of the Church of Saint Mary, Manhasset died on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 after a brief illness. John J. McCann was born in Brooklyn on October 6, 1939 to the late Regina and John McCann. Monsignor McCann celebrated the 50th jubilee of his ordination, as well as his retirement as pastor for 17 years in June of 2015. Monsignor McCann uniquely held the position of pastor and alumnus of St. Mary’s High School (Class of 1957). Cherished by his adoring family, Monsignor McCann is survived by his brother James and Lucille of Wappingers Falls, NY, and his sister Patricia and Michael Hoey of Dagsboro, DE. Monsignor was a proud and devoted uncle to seven nieces

and nephews, and 13 great nieces and nephews; Virginia and David Hammer (Daniel, Shannon, and Michael), Joseph and Janine Hoey (Lucas, Grace, Rosa Jean and Lily), Christopher McCann, Kathleen McCann, Dennis and Heather McCann (Brigid, Dennis, Molly, Martin and Megan), | 6

Timothy and Megan McCann (Audrey), Michael and Angela McCann. The family of Monsignor McCann requested that donations be made to The Schools of Saint Mary Scholarship Fund. This fund helps those in need of tuition assistance.

parish news

Father Jiha Lim

Appointed School Chaplain, Pastoral Vicar

Where did you grow up and do you have any brothers and sisters?

I grew up in Seoul, South Korea until I was about ten years old. Then my family and I moved to Valley Stream, United States. I have an older sister. What was your favorite subject in elementary and high school?

In elementary school, I was interested in reading ancient Chinese history, and in middle school and high school, I became increasingly interested in reading primary works of the Fathers of the Church including St. Augustine, Tertullian, and the preachings of John Chrysostom. The Scholastics were also fascinating, especially St. Anselm. I like him because of his logical and well-organized approach to faith. A saying attributed to him is “faith seeking understanding” because he combined reason and faith. His work can be complicated but it is a very valuable reading exercise. Did you play sports or participate in extracurricular activities in school?

I was not a great athlete but I loved baseball, especially the Korean professional baseball team called the LG Twins whose winning record is nothing to speak about but I am still a fan. As a kid, I was so interested in baseball that I wrote my own scouting reports, tracked play and team data, and wrote player evaluations on form and expected outcomes. I also wrote short stories and poetry. Lastly, I participated in the Chess Club, Cultural Society, Students Against Destructive Decision, Mathletes, and many other extracurricular activities. I hold the longest losing streak in the Chess Club of Valley Stream South High School. Anyone is welcome to challenge me in a game of Chess. What was your spiritual life like as a child and teenager?

My spiritual life as a child was guided by my parents, especially my mother. My parents taught me how to pray and recommended excellent books for me to read. My father gave me a book about St. Damien of Molokai and said that he exemplified what it meant to be a priest. My father challenged me to consider St. Damien’s life in my own discernment process to become a priest. As a teenager I was guided by the priests of my home parish in the Holy Name of Jesus Church. I was always impressed by their exceptional selflessness including priests in my home parish such as Msgr. Richard Bauhoff and Fr. Thomas Ju. What disciple do you believe resonates most in the present day and why?

I think all disciples of Jesus have their own gift and distinct legacy that inspire and encourage the people of the present day. Depending on our personal experiences of life, we are all touched and moved by different kinds of examples and models. In my case, I find myself personally drawn to St. John Vianney, St. Anselm of Canterbury, and St. Bartholomew. Do you have a Bible verse, passage, or story that is especially meaningful to you?

I find the calling of Matthew the tax collector especially meaningful. Although Matthew was considered by many as a poor and unworthy sinner (and maybe even a traitor), he got up and followed Jesus as soon as he was called. His example of radical conversion humbles me and inspires me. What is your hope as the Chaplain of The Schools of St. Mary?

My hope is to get to know the students and teachers, so that I can better serve them as their priest. I want them to feel comfortable enough to realize that I am THEIR priest. Are you excited to be here at St. Mary’s?

I am very excited and happy to be assigned to St. Mary’s. I am especially grateful to Bishop Murphy for giving me the blessing of being here. I also want to thank Fr. Bob, the Pastor of the Church of St. Mary, for his warm welcome and exceptional kindness.

Alumni Magnificat | 7

Rev. Fr. Robert A. Romeo was pleased to announce the appointment of Rev. Fr. Jiha Lim as the Chaplain of The Schools of Saint Mary this fall. In this role, Fr. Jiha will work in partnership with the faculty and parents of the Schools to shepherd the spiritual journey of all of our students from Nursery through Grade 12.

parish news

Saint Mary’s Inaugural Harvest Festival Saint Mary’s Inaugural Harvest Festival

as as thethe Church of of The weather weather was wasperfect perfectand andthe theturnout turnoutwas wasphenomenal phenomenal Church Saint Mary celebrated celebratedits itsinaugural inauguralHarvest HarvestFestival FestivalSaturday, Saturday, Oct. Oct. 2929 onon the the grounds of Saint Mary’s High School’s Marist Hall. Among the many grounds of Saint Mary’s High School’s Marist Hall. Among the many festival The weather was perfect and the turnout was phenomenal as the Church celebrated its inaugural Harvest Festival Saturday, October festival activities to enjoyofwere carnival games, inflatable activities, raffles, activities forgrounds the families Mary’s to School’s enjoy were games, activities 29, 2016 on the of SaintSt. Mary’s High Marist Hall.inflatable Among the many festival activities for the families of St. Mary’s to bingo, and arts and crafts. Baked goods and St. Mary’s school andand parish and carnival games, raffles, bingo, and arts and crafts. Baked goods St. and crafts. Baked goods and St. Mary’s school and enjoy were games, inflatable activities and carnival games, raffles, bingo, and arts spirit wear were sale, spirit and everyone also food truckalso vendors, Mary’s school andforparish wear were for enjoyed sale, and everyone enjoyed rides and a petting zoo, face painting, and musical parishpony spiritrides wearand werea for sale, and everyone also enjoyed food truck vendors, pony petting zoo, face painting, and musical performances. The food truck vendors, pony rides and a petting zoo, face painting, and musical performances. The whole parish was community invited to the church the to attend the 5:00 Mass before returning to the celebration. whole parish community invited was to the church to attend 5:00 Mass performances. The whole parish community was invited to the church to before returning to the celebration. “The Harvest Festival was a wondrous, attend the 5:00 Mass before returning to the celebration. “The Harvest Festival rousingFestival success,” pastorrousing Father success, Robert ”Romeo during Mass. “In Romeo a “The Harvest wasnoted a wondrous, noted pastor Father Robert was a wondrous, rousing success,” noted pastorofFather Robert Romeo during special way I want to thank (Vice President Development) Sean Collins during Mass. The beauty of this was that every aspect of our parish was involved – the Mass. “Inwhole a special way I want to (Vice President ofphenomenal Development) Sean and the committee for youth thethank wonderful, fantastic, job they youthCollins of our Elementary School, the of our High School, the youth of our religious the whole for theaspect wonderful, phenomenal did. Theand beauty of thiscommittee was that every of ourfantastic, parish was involved –job education, our The youth groupof– this all our youth involved. committees and theyyouth did. beauty thatwere every aspectof ofThe ourdifferent parishSchool, was involved the of our Elementarywas School, the youth our High the – organizations in our parish from A to Z all helped to make this a wonderful success, the youth of our Elementary School, theyouth youthgroup of our–High School, youthand youth of our religious education, our all our youththe were it shows what we can do as a ministries Church of Saint Mary. I’mour extremely grateful to everyone of our religious education, our youth group – all youth were involved. The involved. The different and organizations in our parish from A who gave ofto their time andatalent to make this a success. to Z so all much helped make wonderful success, and ” different committees andthis organizations in our parish it shows can do at thethis Church of Saintsuccess, Mary. from A towhat Z allwe helped to make a wonderful I’m grateful to do everyone who gave so much andtoextremely it shows what we can asorganize, a Church of Saint Mary. Thanks everyone who helped volunteered and of their time and talent to make this a success.” I’m extremely grateful who gave much of attended the Harvest Festivalto- everyone we look forward to so doing it again their time and talent to make this a success.” to everyone who helped organize, volunteered next Thanks year! and attended the Harvest Festival - we look forward to Thanks to everyone who helped organize, volunteered doing it again next year! and attended the Harvest Festival - we look forward to doing it again next year!

vest Festival

urch of of Church 929 onon the ey many festival raffles, activities parish nd St. dors, enjoyed nces. The musical :00 Mass h to ondrous, est Festival “In a o Collins during ent) l jobSean they menal olved –job nvolved l, the – he youth were lved. rom The A | 8

school news

AP Bio Students Participate in Lab Analysis at DNA Learning Center Students from the Saint Mary’s High School AP Biology class took a field trip with their teacher, Mrs. Donna Hane, to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s DNA Learning Center West and participated in a Restrictive Lab Analysis. Eighteen students traveled to the Center located in nearby Lake Success. DNALC West includes a genetic/

biochemistry lab, and prep lab. The 3.5 hour lab taught by on-staff educator, ­ Dr. Zhang, provided an experiment that demonstrated that DNA can be precisely manipulated and that it behaves as predicted by the Watson­ Crick structure. Students used restriction enzymes, the scissors of molecular biologists, to cut

DNA from the bacteriophage lambda. The resulting DNA fragments were analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis. In addition to the analysis, the students toured the adjacent Clinical Core Laboratory, which is home to one of the largest robotic machines involved in diagnostics.

New Youth Ministry Program is Tremendously Popular

Saint Mary’s Youth Minister and Elementary School teacher, Mr. Michael Griffin, started a new youth ministry program last year that has had immediate popularity. The program, now called Faith and Service, includes sports activities such as basketball and dodge ball as well as a strong faith building and service component. It is open to all youth of the Schools, Religious Education, and Parish. The inaugural program included a Friday evening basketball clinic followed by Eucharistic Adoration led by Father Brian Barr, former diocesan vocations director and current pastor of Saint Mary of the Isle Church, Long Beach. The students also attended

Mass that Saturday morning, celebrated by Father Robert A. Romeo, pastor of St. Mary’s. The first program was attended by just under 60 students. Its popularity has grown since then. “The kids have a blast,” said Michael Griffin, who teaches middle school social studies at St. Mary’s Elementary School and who organizes the events with his twin brother, Thomas Griffin, a seminarian for the Diocese of Rockville Centre. “They are always looking forward to the next program.” He noted that he thought Adoration “was the best part of the program. Most of the kids had never been to Adoration before. I was able to talk to them about what Eucharistic

Alumni Magnificat | 9

Adoration is and how it can affect our prayer lives. I also shared with them a story from my middle school years when I realized that what I was really looking for in life was God and that we are all looking for Him every day.” “Through the message of Father Brian at Eucharistic Adoration and Father Bob at Mass on Saturday morning, I really believe the middle schoolers were inspired,” he added. “There were students who came to me and expressed how much they enjoyed Adoration and how it moved them in a way that they have never experienced.”

school news

St. Mary’s High School Girls Basketball Has Impressive Playoff Run The Saint Mary’s High School girls basketball team took an impressive playoff run all the way to the Class A Catholic state finals at St. John Villa Academy on Staten Island. The girls beat Holy Trinity High School and Sacred Heart Academy and their victory over Our Lady of Mercy Academy at LIU Post in Brookville earned them a spot in the Class A state tournament. It also put the Lady Gaels up against St. Anthony’s High School for the NSCHAA League Championship at Hofstra University. St. Mary’s played hard but was handed a heartbreaking loss by the Friars with a final score of 79-51. Sophomore Kadaja Bailey led St. Mary’s with 19 points and senior Tamia Cutignola scored 16. Despite their league title game loss, the girls were victorious over St. Francis Prep in the CHSAA Class A state semifinal game at Holy

Trinity High School, winning the game by a score of 61-49. This victory landed them a spot in the final game against Sacred Heart Academy of Buffalo. In an exciting matchup that saw the lead go back and forth and Kadaja Bailey score 21 points, the Lady

Gaels ultimately fell to Sacred Heart by a final score of 61-53. Despite their loss, the whole St. Mary’s community is proud of our girls for playing hard and playing with heart – congratulations on a great season!

Gael Force Spirit Week The last days of winter saw lots of exciting physical and academic challenges during the inaugural Saint Mary’s High School Gael Force Spirit Week. The school spirit­ raising event, which was organized by Director of Student Life Mary Cornell, had the theme of “The Seasons.” It was open to students in all grade levels and encouraged school wide participation by featuring both academic and physical competitions. Students were able to represent their grade’s team in a variety of events, including language studies, social studies, English, math and science challenges, cageball, broom hockey, a three­point shot contest, lip syncing and a technology gaming competition. In

addition, there were dressing up days – Twin Day, Blue and White Day, and two days when students could wear their class shirts – and each class was able to decorate one of the school’s hallways as its team season: winter for freshmen, spring for sophomores, summer for juniors and fall for seniors. Even some of the teachers got in on the fun, performing as a band and lip syncing and dancing to several songs at the Friday afternoon assembly. At the end of Gael Force Spirit Week, a King and Queen were crowned for each class and after the scores from all the events were tallied, the sophomores emerged victorious by one point. “The enthusiasm of our students was nice to | 10

see,” noted Ms. Cornell. Because each class was a team, Gael Force Spirit Week was a good way to “bring the classes together – they had to work together and it was a chance for them to strengthen friendships with the other kids in their class.” She also thanked all of the administrators and faculty for their support in launching the all-inclusive school spirit activity. “Starting something new is never easy and it takes a lot of people to do it right,” said Ms. Cornell in appreciation of their efforts. Congratulations to the Class of 2018 on their Gael Force Spirit Week victory and to all our students for their teamwork, excitement, hard work and school spirit!

Performing Arts Take Center Stage at The Schools of Saint Mary Once again, the Performing Arts Program was center stage this year at The Schools of St. Mary. Our students in both St. Mary’s Elementary School and St. Mary’s High School celebrated the arts; band, orchestra, chorus, Christmas and spring concerts, dance showcases, art shows, and fall and spring open mic coffeehouse performances. Thanks to the Schools’ continued partnership with The Josephine Foundation, many of the students in both the Elementary School and the High School worked tirelessly onstage and behind the scenes under the guidance of performing arts professionals to put on several theater arts productions, including the High School’s fall performance of STEPPIN’ OUT on Broadway and spring musical Anything Goes as well as the Elementary School’s spring performance of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Jr. This Fall, High School students performed with acclaim in 100 Years of Broadway. Alumni Magnificat | 11

school news

Open Mic Coffeehouse Recitals at Saint Mary’s High School Student musicians, singers and composers from Saint Mary’s High School performed for their teachers and classmates during the fall and spring at open mic coffeehouse recitals in Immaculata Hall auditorium. Audience members enjoyed coffee and snacks as they listened to performances that included classic show tunes, songs by popular recording artists, and original compositions by St. Mary’s students. “The informal atmosphere at the coffeehouse performance is great for both the

performers and the audience,” noted St. Mary’s High School music teacher and orchestra director Matthew Elliott, who organized the event. “The students get performance experience without the stress and anxiety of the formality of a concert and the audience gets to hear a wide variety of performances including music that would not ordinarily be presented. In the future, we hope to add some dance, monologues, spoken word and other performing arts to really broaden the students’ experience.”

Megan Cain '16: A Spirited Address At the beginning of the 2015-16 school year, St. Mary's High School Senior, Ms. Megan Cain spoke to incoming freshmen. She commented, “I could not have gotten this far through high school without prayer. To me prayer is the number one reason why I succeed. High school challenges you in so many ways, but having God right next to you throughout your whole journey makes for greater success. To some people I’m the ‘good Catholic School girl’ or the ‘person who takes religion too seriously,’ but those aren’t parts I play, that is who I am. Some people laugh when I bring my bible to read right before a huge final or AP test, but then five minutes later they are asking me to tell them what Psalm to read or what prayer to say. An experience like this shows me that not only do we just pray together in the classroom, but we pray together whenever we need help or guidance.” Megan continued, “At St. Mary’s

spirituality is a priority. For example, we pray before every class. We also have liturgies throughout the year as a School. One of my favorite liturgies is the Thanksgiving Prayer Service because after leaving the service you realize what the true meaning of Thanksgiving is and how lucky each one of us is to be at St. Mary’s and how thankful we should be to our parents and guardians for allowing us to get an education of a life time. One time this year you will attend a retreat with your fellow classmates to reflect and discover who you are. One of my favorite spiritual experiences at St. Mary’s is on Friday mornings at 7:15 in the Campus Ministry room for Bible Club. I believe that this is a perfect way to start your morning because you get to pray and read scriptures that pertain to you and what’s going on in your life. It’s okay to be uncomfortable, going outside your comfort zone creates personality. So I | 12

encourage all of you to be open to the experiences you will be exposed to this year and don’t hold yourself back. Come to Bible Club, meet new people, and enjoy your freshman year.”

school news

The Schools of Saint Mary Marks Jubilee Year of Mercy with Prayer and Activities Students at The Schools of Saint Mary marked the Jubilee Year of Mercy with education, activities and prayer all revolving around learning about mercy, acting merciful and enhancing their spirituality of mercy. The worldwide Jubilee Year of Mercy, called for by Pope Francis, began in December 2015 and closed in November. Bishop William Murphy invited all Catholics in the Diocese of Rockville Centre to make a pilgrimage of mercy this year to one of four designated sites around Long Island. At his invitation, St. Mary’s Elementary School students in grades 4-8 made a pilgrimage to St. Agnes Cathedral in Rockville Centre during the spring, where they were able to go to confession and pray before the Blessed Sacrament.

The students in the High School focused on the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy in their daily morning homeroom prayers. Students took part in an event called the “Power Down to Power Up Program,” which encouraged students to turn down their electronics and turn up their focus on prayer and relationships. Gospel Values Day, a traditional day for St. Mary’s freshmen and sophomores to focus on the Gospel values woven throughout the High School curriculum, was another opportunity to learn about the Year of Mercy. The Lenten season in particular provided time for all the youth to reflect on God’s ultimate act of love and mercy leading up to the Easter season. St. Mary’s Elementary School students walked over

Project Rebuild

Over Easter Break, eighteen Saint Mary’s High School juniors and seniors went to Webster Springs, West Virginia to participate in the school’s annual service trip, Project Rebuild. Under the leadership of Mr. Vincent Gschlecht, director of the Guidance Department, this trip marked the 22nd year that St. Mary’s students have traveled to Webster Springs to help residents rebuild parts

to the church throughout the season to pray the Stations of the Cross as a class during the school day. On Good Friday, St. Mary’s High School students enacted a Living Stations of the Cross for their fellow classmates and parish. The Year of Mercy Encounter was a chance for the teens of the parish to understand “who God is through His mercy,” explained Michael Griffin, faculty member at St. Mary’s Elementary School, who coordinated the event. “Instead of simply learning about their faith in a classroom or through a textbook, the youth will encounter their faith by hearing about God’s mercy from young adults and priests,” Mr. Griffin noted.

of their homes that have fallen into disrepair. While in West Virginia, the students spent their days doing hands-on work on a few big projects: constructing front staircases and simple decks, underpinning trailers to better insulate them, building ramps for wheelchair-bound residents and learning other carpentry and building skills on-the-job. In the evenings, the students had the time to bond and share their thoughts and experiences with each other. Senior Colin Dunning said he had “such a remarkable experience” doing Project Rebuild as a junior that he “couldn’t resist the opportunity to go again. I wanted to make a difference and step outside of my comfort zone.” Junior Rachel Brooks noted that she knew she wanted to participate in Project Rebuild since she was a freshman. “I have always wanted to help people and this hands-on experience is truly like no other,” she said. “My favorite part was meeting the people we were building for. This one man, whose name is Clyde, was very nice. It was the end of the day and it was very hot. I was finishing screwing the deck boards in. I knew I wouldn’t have time to shower to go out to dinner and I was upset, but Clyde came over to me and we started talking. When I saw his face when he saw the finished project and I saw how happy he was, I became happy, too. I was so happy that I could do that for him and make his life a little easier. This is an experience that I will never forget.” said Miss Brooks.

Alumni Magnificat | 13

school news

Elementary Students Follow the Pope’s Visit to the U.S. In honor of Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States in September 2015, the students of Saint Mary’s Elementary School engaged in a variety of projects to celebrate the occasion and learn more about the pontiff. Mrs. Hoffman’s sixth grade students created prayers, poems and small posters featuring photos of and quotes from Pope Francis in the school computer lab. They did online research to find “25 facts about Pope Francis” and to understand the pontiff ’s “to­do” list for his papacy. Mrs. Hoffman said that the students watched live-coverage of the visit and created journals including their thoughts and feelings about it. In conjunction with a classroom emphasis on being everyday superheroes, Mrs. Tripi’s third grade students participated in a “Flat Francis” project, taking photos and selfies with a paper cutout of the pope while going to church, praying, doing services projects, even going to soccer practice and a Mets game, illustrating how they are “super” Catholics. They presented their projects to the class, and Mrs. Tripi made a slideshow of all the photos they submitted. Mrs. Hoffman noted that the pope’s visit was a “momentous” event in the lives of St. Mary’s students, one they’ll remember forever, and that this trip was a great teaching and learning opportunity not just for the children of St. Mary’s, but for all Catholics and Catholic school students. | 14

school news

Saint Mary’s High School Senior Shepherds Commissioned During the first month of school, Saint Mary’s High School’s junior and senior classes participated in a prayer service and assembly as students were commissioning as Senior Shepherds, the spiritual leaders of the High School community. “It wasn’t so much that you chose to be Shepherds as it is God chose you to be shepherds,” noted Larry Kupferman, chairperson of the religious studies department. “Whether it is the advice you give in small group discussions, through your talks throughout the school year or through your example, that is how you shepherd the flock, the

students and faculty here at St. Mary’s.” Students wishing to be Senior Shepherds had to apply during their junior year, including submitting an essay and teacher recommendations. Those who were selected have been training and preparing since January of their junior year “to lead this community through the things they say and the things they do,” Mr. Kupferman explained. “I’m excited about this group of Shepherds. I think we’re going to have a good year because I think you know what this means, you know what sacrifice means. You’re being called to lay down

Alumni Magnificat | 15

your life for this community.” Principal Jonathan Kramer commissioned the Senior Shepherds, presenting each with a special pin and thanking them for their service to the school. Mr. Kupferman also called on all the junior and senior students present, not just the Shepherds, to be leaders and role models for the St. Mary’s community. “We’re celebrating in a special way our Shepherds but we’re also celebrating all the gifts in this room that can be used in service to others,” he noted.

school news

Mock Trial Program Sees Success at Both School Levels

The Saint Mary’s Elementary School and High School mock trial teams are all about hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Both teams exhibited great teamwork that led them both to successful seasons. The Saint Mary’s Elementary School mock trial team was victorious at the 13th annual Catholic Middle Schools Mock Trial Program at St. John’s University School of Law. The nine students from St. Mary’s – Christian Alacqua, Andrew Bisch, Justine Cuomo, Nina Kellner, Mia Quan-Soon, Terence Scheurer, Charlie Strecker, Hugh Strecker and Melanie Sultan – prepared for the trial for months by practicing after school every week for several hours. St. Mary’s teacher Trudy Hoffman led the team and parent volunteers Joseph and

Jan Cuomo, Roseann Driscoll, Marjorie Han, Elizabeth Conti Scheurer and Terence Christian Scheurer, all lawyers, assisted in coaching the students. At the mock trial competition, they faced off against Saint Patrick School of Bay Shore. The students on St. Mary’s team successfully presented the plaintiff argument in front of a real judge, winning their case. This is the second year St. Mary’s has participated in the program. Not to be outdone by the elementary school team, the St. Mary’s High School mock trial team also had a great season. Although losing its first match against Davis Renov Stahler Yeshiva High School for Boys, the team responded with a victory over Friends Academy that landed them a spot in the next round of

32 teams, down from 64. St. Mary’s would be defeated by Massapequa High School, but coach Michael Valente was very proud of the group. In an open letter to the team following their win over Friends Academy and the announcement that they had made it past the preliminary round, Mr. Valente wrote, “I watched the birth of a team this year. I saw lawyers, not kids, fight for what they believed in. … No matter the outcome, this season is a win for all of us.” The team met every Monday since December, with the lawyers and witnesses meeting every weekend as well. The students worked with and were coached by St. Mary’s High School Board President, Joseph Mattone, whose expertise and law firm provided invaluable tools and resources.

Congratulations! Hamd Mahmood ’16: SMHS Valedictorian Hamd Mahmood graduated this June at the top of the Saint Mary’s High School Class of 2016. Hamd had just under a 104 grade point average and was one point off a perfect ACT score and earned a 2300 on the SATs with perfect math and reading scores. In addition to his academic achievements, the Roslyn Heights native was also heavily involved in St. Mary’s extracurricular programs including Varsity soccer, Project Rebuild, Science Olympiad, the Scholar Service Institute, Spanish National Honor Society member while serving as a Senior Shepherd and National Honor Society Officer. Mr. Mahmood also devotes time outside of school to community activities, such as fundraising for the Koohi Goth Hospital, a women’s hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, volunteering at the Queens Hospital Center every July and frequently shadowing doctors in clinics in order to get a better feel for the medical field, in which he plans to build his career. This fall, he will attend Vanderbilt University on a full scholarship, where he plans to dual major in Biology and Journalism. Good luck Hamd! | 16

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College Acceptances 2016 Together with the Administration and Faculty of St. Mary’s High School, Reverend Father Robert A. Romeo, Pastor, is pleased to present the following post-secondary educational acceptances for the Class of 2016. Congratulations to our students on their remarkable achievements. We will keep you in our prayers as you continue your journey as young Catholic men and women. Adelphi University American University Baruch College Bentley University Binghamton University Boston College Boston University Brown University Bryant University Bryn Mawr College Buffalo State The Catholic University of America Chestnut Hill College Clark Atlanta University Coastal Carolina University Colgate University Colorado School of Mines Columbia University Cornell University Daeman College Dartmouth College Dean College Delaware State University DeSales University Dominican College Drexel University Emory University Fairfield University Fairleigh Dickinson University Farmingdale State College Fordham University Gannon University Grove City College George Washington University Hampton University Hartwick College Hofstra University Hofstra University (Medical program) College of the Holy Cross Howard University Hunter College Immaculata University

Iona College LIU Brooklyn LIU Post LeMoyne College Loyola University Lycoming College M.I.T. Macaulay Honors College Manhattan College Manhattanville University Marist College SUNY Maritime College Maryland Institute College of Art Marywood University Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Medaille College Medgar Evers College Mercy College Miami University Molloy College Moravian College Morgan State University Mount Holyoke College Mount Saint Mary College Mount St. Mary’s University College of Mount St. Vincent Muhlenberg College New England College College of New Jersey College of New Rochelle New York University NYIT North Carolina A&T State University Northeastern University Northwestern University Pace University Penn State Princeton University Providence College Purdue University Queens College Quinnipiac University

Rensselaer Polytechnic University Rice University Roanoke College Roger Williams University Rose Hulman Institute of Technology Sacred Heart University Salve Regina University Santa Clara University Sarah Lawrence College Seton Hall University Siena College Skidmore College St. Bonaventure University St. John’s University St. Joseph’s University St. Peter’s University St. Thomas Aquinas College College of Staten Island Stonehill College Stony Brook University SUNY Alfred SUNY Albany SUNY Brockport SUNY Buffalo SUNY Cortland SUNY Fredonia SUNY Geneseo SUNY New Paltz SUNY Oneonta SUNY Oswego SUNY Plattsburgh SUNY Potsdam SUNY Purchase Swarthmore College Syracuse University Temple University Texas A & M University Texas Christian University Tulane University Tuskegee University Union College University of California Los Angeles

University of California Davis University of Chicago University of Connecticut University of Delaware University of Hartford Hart School of Music (Part of U Hartford) University of Maryland, College Park University of Massachusetts Amherst University of Miami University of Michigan University of Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh University of Rhode Island University of Richmond University of Scranton University of Southern California University of Tampa University of Texas at Austin University of Vermont University of Virginia Vanderbilt University Vaughn College of Aeronautics Villanova University Virginia State University Virginia Union University Washington University in St. Louis Wesleyan University West Virginia University Western New England University Worcester Polytechnic Institute Yeshiva University

The Class of 2016 earned over $16 million in academic scholarships to these prestigious colleges and universities.

Hamd Mahmood '16

Alumni Magnificat | 17

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New Leadership Team Announced for St. Mary’s Elementary School Rev. Fr. Robert A. Romeo, Pastor of The Church of St. Mary’s, announced the new leadership team for St. Mary’s Elementary School. He wrote, “I am proud to announce the new administration for St. Mary’s Elementary School. Dr. Celeste Checchia has graciously agreed to stay on for another year, 2016-2017, as principal and faculty member, Sarah de Venoge, who is a graduate of both the Elementary School and High School (’02, ’06), will be the Assistant Principal. Sarah was the unanimous choice of the search committee in their

recommendation to me. This year will be one of transition as Ms. de Venoge completes her Administration degree at Fordham University and then in 2017 takes on the role of principal. Please join me in congratulating Ms. de Venoge and thanking Dr. Checchia for continuing for another year. I am so grateful to the search committee and most especially to the President of The Schools of St. Mary, Mrs. Grace Cavallo, for their hard work, dedication and commitment to maintaining the academic excellence at St. Mary’s Elementary School.”

Congratulations to Miss Maria Swanberg, who retired at the end of the ‘15-’16 school year after teaching First Grade during her entire tenure at St. Mary’s Elementary School.

The very first St. Mary’s Elementary School Mets Family Fun Day was held in May. Students sang the National Anthem at Citi Field. The event was a huge success and fun for all of the 500 members of the St. Mary’s family who attended. This year’s event will take place on Sunday, May 21, 2017, at 1pm at Citi Field. | 18

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Saint Mary’s High School Awards First Two Honoring DonNew Monti,Scholarships Timothy J. Coughlin Scholarships Don Monti and Timothy J. Coughlin At At the the 5:00 5:00 PM PM Mass Mass at at the the Church Church of of Saint SaintMary Maryon onOct. Oct.29, 29,two twoSaint SaintMary’s Mary’sHigh HighSchool Schoolstudents students were awarded the first Don Monti and Timothy J. Coughlin Scholarships. Father Robert were awarded the first Don Monti and Timothy J. Coughlin Scholarships. Father RobertRomeo, Romeo,pastor, pastor, the scholarships, which were created in memory of two students of St. Mary’s High School by Two introduced Saint Mary’s High School students were awarded the first Don Monti introduced the scholarships, which were created in memory of their families. “We have two new scholarships that honor two of and two Timothy J. Coughlin Scholarships. This Fall, Fatherfamilies. Robert Romeo, students of St. Mary’s High School by their “We our former students who were taken from us too young,” noted pastor, introduced the scholarships, which that were honor createdtwo in memory of two have two scholarships in the parish of our former Father Bob. “Through the generosity and kindness of their students of St.who Mary’s High School by us their are awarding two students were taken from toofamilies. young,” Father Bob. families, they have created scholarship funds“We innoted their memory.” “Through generosity andformer kindness of their families, theyfrom scholarships thatthe honor two of our students who were taken Timothy Coughlin, who graduated have created two scholarship funds.”from St. Mary’s High us too young, ” noted Father Bob. School in 1976 was killed on Sept. 11, 2001 in the attacks on Timothy whoHe graduated from St. Mary’s ability High to the WorldCoughlin, Trade Center. “possessed a God-given “Through the kindness of their families, they have created School ingenerosity 1976 wasand killed onFather Sept. 11, in the attacks on build true friendships,” said Bob.2001 “While at St. Mary’s, World Trade Center. He “possessed a God-given ability to two the scholarship funds. ” Timothy Coughlin, who graduated from St. Mary’s he was a young man who exuded life, vitality and humor.” The build friendships,” Father at St.on Mary’s, thewas Coughlin started Timothy’s name Highscholarship Schooltrue in 1976 killed said onfamily Sept. 11, 2001 in“While the attacks the was World he was a young man who exuded life, vitality and humor.” The awarded to St. Mary’s High School junior Francesco Palmeri. Trade Center. He “possessed a God-given ability to build true friendships,” scholarship the family started in Timothy’s name was said Father Bob. “While Mary’s, he a young man whostudent exuded life, Don Monti wasCoughlin a at16St.year old St. was Mary’s High School awarded to St. Highfrom School juniorfamily Francesco Palmeri. when died inMary’s June 1972 leukemia. “Hisstarted mother, Tita vitality and he humor. ” The scholarship the Coughlin in Timothy’s Monti, honored life, and love of Francesco thisSchool youngPalmeri. man was yearvitality old St. Mary’s High student nameDon was Monti awarded to athe St.16 Mary’s High School junior by reaching others who were sick and“His in need,” Father when he diedout into June 1972 from leukemia. mother, Tita Bob noted. The scholarship started by the Monti and Saladino honored theold life,St.vitality and love of student this young man Don Monti, Monti was a 16 year Mary’s High School when he by died families in Don’s name is given “to a student who reflects the reaching outleukemia. to others“His who were sick and inhonored need,” Father in June 1972 from mother, Tita Monti, the life,Bob vitality goodness of scholarship Don.” Sophomore Maeve noted. The by thetoMonti and love of this young manrecipient bystarted reaching out others Sullivan was the first of the award. and Saladino families in Don’s name is given who were sick and in need,” Father Bob noted. The The families of Don Montithe and Timothyof “to a student who reflects goodness scholarship started by the Monti and Saladino families Coughlin, including Don’sSullivan sister, Caroline Don.” Sophomore Maeve was the in Don’s name is givenand “to aTimothy’s student who reflects the Monti Saladino, brother, first recipient of the award. goodness Don.” Sophomore Maeve Sullivan FrankofCoughlin, were on hand along withwas The families of Don Monti and Timothy the first recipient of the award.The families of Don St. Mary’s High School Principal Jonathan Coughlin, including Don’s sister Caroline Kramer and President of The Schools of Monti and Timothy Coughlin, including Don’s sister Monti Saladino Timothy’s brother, SaintMonti Mary Graceand Cavallo, to present theFrank Caroline Saladino and Timothy’s brother, Frank Coughlin, were on hand along with scholarships to the students. Both funds Coughlin, were on hand along with St. Mary’s are High St. Mary’s School in Principal Jonathan meant to beHigh established perpetuity and School Principal Jonathan Kramer '92 and President Kramer and President The Schools of other alumni may makeofcontributions to of The Schools of Saint Mary Grace Cavallo, to present them the Office of to Development. Saint through Mary Grace Cavallo, present the the scholarships to the students. Both funds are scholarships to the Both funds Congratulations to students. both Francesco and meant to be established in perpetuity and other are meant to be established in perpetuity Maeve on receiving these scholarships and alumni make contributions to them through andmay other alumni may make contributions to thank you to the families of Don and Tim the Office of Development. Congratulations them through the Office of Development. for their continued generosity to the both Francesco and Maeve on receiving these scholarships Mary’s community remembrance of their Congratulations to in both Francesco and deceased loved ones. and thank you to the families of Don and Tim Maeve on receiving these scholarships for andtheir continued the St. Mary’s thankgenerosity you to thetofamilies of Doncommunity and Tim in remembrance of their deceased lovedtoones. for their continued generosity the St.

Mary’s community in remembrance of their deceased loved ones.

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Saint Mary’s Elementary School - Class of 2016 Reverend A.Romeo, Romeo,pastor pastor Church of Saint is pleased to present theElementary Saint Mary’s Elementary ReverendFather Father Robert Robert A. of of thethe Church of Saint MaryMary presented the Saint Mary’s School Class ofSchool 2016 Class of 2016 and the high schools they will attend this fall. Each member of the Class of 2016 is unique and celebrated for their at commencement, last June. Each member of the Class of 2016 is unique and celebrated for their academic achievements, talents and academic service overMay the God’s courseblessings of their be time at St. Mary’s. God’s blessings be in abundant service toachievements, others over thetalents courseand of their timetoatothers St. Mary’s. abundant as theyMay enter the next chapter their lives. asPlease they enter the next chapter in their lives. Please pray for their continued success and their relationship with the Risen Lord and pray for their continued success and their relationship with the Risen Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. May St. Mary’s Elementary Saviour, Jesus Christ. St. Mary’s School remain foreverMay in their hearts. Elementary School remain forever in their hearts.
















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Gratitude to Our Parent Teacher Organization and Gaels Parents’ Association St. Mary’s is so grateful to our parents who are steadfast in their support of The Schools of Saint Mary. Both parent leadership organizations – the High School’s Gaels Parents’ Association and the Elementary School’s PTO – hosted a range of fundraising and community-building events over the course of the school year. This year saw fall receptions for both the High School and Elementary School parents, and dinner, cocktails, music and raffles at the PTO’s Ladies’ Night Out with the theme “A Night in Tuscany” and the Gaels Parents’ Association’s Ladies’ Night Out, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in the spring. The PTO also hosted its annual Take A Break Gala fundraiser at North Hempstead Country Club with the theme “A Night to Shine,” which featured dinner, drinks, a raffle and a variety of fantastic auction prizes while paying homage to the Elementary School’s 90th anniversary this year.

Grandparents Day at St. Mary’s Elementary School The students of Saint Mary’s Elementary School welcomed their grandparents during their grandparents last spring for the school’s annual Grandparents Day. The gymnasium was overflowing with the students’ special guests as everyone was treated to the musical talents of several of the classes who sang for the occasion. The grandparents were welcomed by Dr. Celeste Checchia, Principal of the Elementary School as well as Mrs. Grace Cavallo, President of The Schools of Saint Mary. Afterward, the grandparents visited the children’s classrooms, where they met the teachers, learned what their grandchildren have been up to in school this year and took part in fun, special activities for the day. The younger grade levels participated in story time, colored, sang and prayed with their grandparents, while the older students played grandparent word search and bingo games, interviewed their grandparents to compare and contrast their school experiences and participated in actual class lessons together. Father Robert Romeo, Pastor of the Church of Saint Mary, also came by to say hello to the guests and popped into several of the classrooms to observe the day’s special activities. Grandparents Day was a wonderful opportunity for the students to spend time with their loved ones and to show them what the St. Mary’s experience is all about! | 22

Saint Mary’s Elementary School family, friends, students, alumni, current and past faculty traveled from near and far to celebrate the school’s 90th anniversary at the end of the 2016 school year. Following a special anniversary Mass that was standing room only, everyone gathered in Wiest Gymnasium for a reception. Those who came had the chance to get a tour of the school building guided by current students, watch the Take A Break video about a St. Mary’s student from 1926 traveling through time to meet a student in the present, write down their favorite memories of St. Mary’s for a time capsule that will be opened at the 100th anniversary in 2026, and reconnect with old classmates and teachers. At the end of the anniversary Mass, Father Robert Romeo, pastor of the Church of Saint Mary, recognized all the alumni in the congregation, asking them to stand decade by decade according to when they graduated. He acknowledged the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in attendance; they were the religious order that served as teachers and administrators of the Elementary School since its inception in 1926. Father Romeo also thanked the leadership of The Schools of St. Mary – President Grace M. Cavallo, High School Principal Jonathan Kramer and Elementary School Principal Dr. Celeste M. Checchia. He made note of several St. Mary’s leaders who were retiring, changing roles or moving on, including Elementary School Assistant Principal Elaine Drzymalski, Maria Swanberg, who taught first grade at St. Mary’s for almost 40 years, and parish Director of Religious Education Lorraine Czarniak. “When I was assigned here to St. Mary’s,” remarked Father Romeo, “before I arrived, I couldn’t believe how many people came up and told me they were graduates of one of St. Mary’s schools, either our elementary school or our high school. So the arms of St. Mary’s go wide and far, and that’s a great blessing to us.”

SMES 90 Anniversary Celebration th

Alumni Magnificat | 23

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Saint Mary’s High School Hall of Fame The Saint Mary’s High School Alumni Association inducted three new members into the Hall of Fame at a scholarship dinner celebration last spring. The inductees were: Stephen Hannan ’80, a trustee of the Church of St. Mary, chairman of the parish finance committee and loyal supporter of the Parish and High School; Denise Vey Voda ’72, who serves as a Blue and Gold officer, the liaison between The United States Naval Academy and prospective students and has mentored many St. Mary’s students; and Jim Volkland ’57, a former baseball and basketball coach, teacher and administrator at St. Mary’s. Students from the High School were also presented with scholarships by various alumni during the evening’s festivities. “As I think of the many experiences that have influenced my life, I believe St. Mary’s and Catholic education are one of the most powerful,” noted Mr. Hannan in his speech that evening.

“Catholic schools not only provide an excellent education but more importantly, develop the individual. The most important lesson is learning of God’s love, the importance of loving yourself and finally, loving others. The formation of lasting values and a relationship with God is a lifelong gift.” He remarked that, “the School’s focus on providing a nurturing environment in which students are challenged to fully develop their spiritual, academic and emotional potentials has been a constant from the first day the IHM Sisters and Marist Brothers opened the doors at Immaculata.” All proceeds from the Hall of Fame event go directly to scholarships and tuition assistance for students at the High School. | 24

In sadness, we report that Mr. Volkland passed away this November. We were blessed to have had the opportunity to induct him into the Hall of Fame earlier this year.

Saint Mary’s Celebrates Bill Miller at 23rd Annual Don Monti Memorial Golf Classic

The Saint Mary’s High School Alumni Association hosted its 23rd annual Don Monti Memorial Golf Classic and Fall Alumni Dinner at Plandome Country Club, in September, 2015. Alumni, faculty and administrators enjoyed a beautiful day of golf before gathering together for a lovely and entertaining reception that included dinner, drinks, and raffles. The dinner was also a chance for the Alumni Association to honor Bill Miller, this year’s recipient of the Timothy J. Coughlin ’76 Memorial Award for Outstanding Contributions to St. Mary’s. Mr. Miller is a longtime parishioner of the Church of Saint Mary and supporter of the St. Mary’s community – his wife, nine of his children and numerous grandchildren have all attended The Schools of Saint Mary over the years. In addition, Mr. Miller, who was involved in Manhasset lacrosse for over 40 years, was instrumental in the development of the St. Mary’s

girls’ lacrosse program in 1993. He continues to be an active member of the parish and school community. Among those who were on hand to witness Mr. Miller being honored were Father Robert A. Romeo, pastor of the Church of Saint Mary, Grace M. Cavallo, President of The Schools of St. Mary, Jonathan Kramer '92, Principal of St. Mary’s High School, many friends of Mr. Miller, including last year’s honoree, Tom Raleigh, and numerous members of Mr. Miller’s family. It was a wonderful celebration of both Mr. Miller and the St. Mary’s High School alumni community. The Timothy J. Coughlin Award, which is awarded every year at the fall alumni dinner, emanates from Tim’s beloved family who chose to keep his memory alive after he perished in the attacks on 9/11 at the World Trade Center. Tim Coughlin’s spirit, dedication, and love for St. Mary’s are truly found in those who receive this special award in his name.

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Alumni Mentoring Panel Gives Guidance and Gratitude

Find a job that makes you happy, a career path can be a straight line or an unexpected journey and no matter what happens, you can always find comfort and strength in your faith – this was just some of the advice Saint Mary’s High School’s junior class received during the annual Alumni Mentoring Panel program. Five alumni from different career fields – Michele Dunn ’70, an executive coach at GE Crotonville; Melina Giakoumis ’07, a senior staff member at the American Museum of Natural History; Mary Pat Tribble Gorman ’74, who works in the animal health industry as a senior medical director at Zoetis; PhylissAnn Polizzi Kalenka ’83, an attorney at the general law firm of Spellman Rice Gibbons Polizzi & Truncale; and Jamie Nawojchik ’83, who works in marine insurance as a senior vice president at Zurich Insurance Group – gave advice and answered student questions regarding college and careers.

Alumni Magnificat | 25

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Catching up with some past valedictorians Taylor Wilson is a sophomore at Swarthmore College. He is double majoring in Engineering and Economics with sights on a career in finance post graduation. He says that the first year of college was challenging, but his experience at St. Mary's of seeking help from accessible teachers has benefited him a great deal at Swarthmore. Outside the classroom, Taylor has participated in the Swarthmore College chorus and the Swarthmore Equestrian Club. This spring he worked with one of his economics professors on projects relating to applications of behavioral economics to government policy. After completing a year of STEM-based coursework, Taylor participated in two short internship programs this Summer at Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs, then spent eight weeks at a Middlebury Korean language program at Mills College in California.

Taylor Wilson, '15

Juliette deVenoge graduated from Binghamton University is 2015 where she studied biology in a preveterinary program. During college, Juliette interned for two summers at University of Minnesota’s Clinical Investigation Center, which develops and facilitates veterinary clinical trials. Juliette is currently studying veterinary medicine at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts and will apply to a U.S. school for the clinical portion of her studies.

Juliette deVenoge ’11

Young Il Chung graduated from New York Institute of Technology with a degree in biology this year and is now applying to medical schools. He reports that he has been accepted to one school already and is waiting to hear about his other applications. Young Il has been doing research with the Prafys Research Laboratory in New Jersey on a range of projects including oral insulin and alternative energy sources. He is also applying to participate in a medical mission trip.

Young Il Chung ’13 | 26

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Danny Green’s “Team Green” Basketball Camp a Hit at The Schools of St. Mary The Schools of Saint Mary campus was alive with the sounds of sneakers squeaking on the Marist Hall gymnasium floor, whistles being blown, instructions being shouted by coaches and children laughing and learning as the campus became home to the Team Green Basketball Camp the week of Aug. 15-19. The camp and skills clinic, for children in kindergarten through 12th grade, was brought to the Schools by Danny Green, St. Mary’s alumnus and 2014 NBA Champion with the San Antonio

Spurs. Despite a lingering heat wave, the kids in the program spent the week learning basketball skills and running drills to increase their endurance, mobility and agility. Seventy-five campers closed out the week-long clinic Friday with a once-ina-lifetime opportunity, when they got to put to the test everything they had learned from their coaches and actually play a basketball game against Danny Green himself – the towering Green lumbering and laughing as he played against

Alumni Magnificat | 27

the littlest campers, and progressively increasing his skill level so the older kids got a better idea of what it’s like to play against a professional basketball player. The Team Green Basketball Camp was founded in 2009 to teach basketball skills to kids of all ages around the country. Green is a 2005 graduate of St. Mary’s High School. This was the first year that St. Mary’s offered the Team Green Basketball Camp as part of its summer camp program.

alumni notes William E. Quinn '54

Frederick Von Burg '53

writes, "alive and kicking. I survived a long and successful business career. My wife Marilyn and I retired some 20 years ago to Jupiter, Florida. This year we will be celebrating our 55th Wedding Anniversary. We have 4 sons and 6 grandchildren. Three of our sons and their families live within 5 miles of us here in Florida. So we get a lot of family time. Still enjoying good health, the beach, golf and boating and early bird specials. God has been good to me and my Family and we Thank him every day. We also thank the Brothers of St. Mary's HS for a giving me a good boot in the pants once in a while and getting me going in the right direction."

writes the New York Book Show (Oct. 13, Battery Park Gardens) will feature, among other contestants, the cover of Todd Freund ('53) and Frederick Von Burg's ('53) cover for their book, The Last Torpedo. Don't be content with admiring the cover, read the book for a compelling sea story.

Paul Beretz '56

reports "after living in NY, GA, CT we landed in CA in 1967 (San Francisco Bay Area). My BBA is from the University of Notre Dame; an MBA from Golden Gate University, SF, CA. I left the corporate world in 1999 and formed Pacific Business Solutions, working with companies who have cash flow problems. My wife of 52 years and I raised 5 kids and have 13 grandkids. I have been teaching for over 30 years with numerous business associations and St. Mary’s College in Northern CA, where I currently instruct working adults either finishing their BA or working towards their MA in Leadership and Organizational Studies or an MA in Social Justice. The family keeps me busy but I enjoy biking and swimming."

Pat King Nevins ‘55

shares this photo she recently found of some of her classmates.

Christine Anne Sellmann Schmidt '56

writes, "I am living in Freeport, New York. I am still working for myself, fulltime as a Senior Advocate, for clients who are elderly or physically or mentally challenged. I am also doing extensive human rights work online now. I have been involved in human, civil and women's rights activity here in the USA. Since the 1970's and now on Facebook, I can share that experience with many around the world. It is very interesting activity as I now keep in contact with more than 7000 Facebook friends around the world, most of them in Afghanistan, Pakistan and African countries. My three children live in other states; Rhode Island, Reno, Nevada and Florida. I have few family responsibilities now, my health is good and I am still enjoying life."

Jeanette St.George Kellerman '57

reports, "I now live in Sarasota, Florida. My husband and I are in good health and enjoying our nine grandchildren."

Nancy Jaeger '58

reports she is living in Georgia. She recently met up with Laurie Hoare Whittaker ’72 and Greg Menschion who attended Saint Mary’s Elementary third grade in 1954. All three of them live in Georgia, in three different towns and Parishes. They met at a local abortion clinic where "we pray and counsel each Friday morning! Amazing!"

John Hinck '58

received degrees at Syracuse University and SUNY College of Forestry at SU. He is a Wood Physical Chemist that lives in both Umhlanga, South Africa and Shelton, WA with his wife. Always follow the sun! They have four sons, nine grandkids that are all independent. He and his wife have traveled through Southern Africa (Tanzania down) for the last twelve years (120k miles). They know it well. | 28

alumni notes Jack O’Handley, M.D. '58

Bruce W. Kramer '59

Margaret Pryor Farrar '59

Pat Sanford Tierney '60

writes, "I continue to work full time with Mount Carmel Outreach in Columbus, Ohio. Life is good. My wife Hannah and I have 8 grandchildren, 6 of them in St. Louis with our daughter Katie and her husband Bernard and 2 of them in Columbus with our daughter Amy and her husband Brian. I'm looking forward to the 60 year reunion in 2018 if Peter Pace can get his act together." writes, "over the 57 years since leaving St. Mary's I have lived in St. Louis, New Orleans , Houston, and for nearly 50 years, Northwestern Connecticut. I have written for state and local newspapers including the venerable Hartford Courant, run my own business, The Cannon House Country Store, and for the last 21 years, have worked as an educator serving as a remedial reading tutor and special educator in the Canton public Schools. I recently retired after managing a senior program for the town for 12 years. I have three children and five grandchildren. As a musician, artist and sometime poet, I enjoy sharing music and art with the community."

retired from Northrop Grumman in 2007, after 42.5 years in radar engineering. He went back to school and received a Veterinary Assistant certificate. "For the last 7 years I've been a surgical assistant with the Baltimore Humane Society - working with the Veterinarian during surgery. Fascinating work - really enjoy the work and the associates." The annual gathering of friends from the Class of '60. "This year we went to Naperville, IL, hosted by Margot Worfolk and her husband, Joe. This picture was taken at Millenium Park in Chicago."

Dick Baumbach '60

and Diane Baumbach will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary on Sept. 10, 2016. "As was predicted in the 1960 year book, still haven't been a guide for a tiger hunt in India, but have lived and traveled all over the world and kept tigers at bay as a deputy press secretary and public relations professional."

JoAnn M. Smith, MD '61

writes, "I still enjoy practicing psychiatry in New Canaan and Fairfield, Connecticut with my husband Jeffrey Deitz, MD. The top photo is of us and our two sons William and Andrew at William's wedding this past fall. I'm also an avid sculler, and the rowing picture is of me in a single scull in Florida this past April. I'm USRowing's class G national champion 2009 and 2010."

Top Row: Pat Sanford Tierney, Peggy O'Hagan Stabile, Eileen Schiller Toomey, Mary Salat Pampalk (all the way from Vienna, Austria). Front row: Sue O'Connor Boyd, Linda Straus Kearney, Margot Worfolk, Diane Santa Lucia Berger and Pat O'Rourke.

John F. Mckee '61

writes, "my son, John McKee, Jr., 52, ran his second Boston Marathon. I ran this race, as well, but 37 years ago. On May 1st, he successfully ran his 20th marathon in Newport Beach, CA, where I also ran the 1/2 marathon with relatives who live in the area. My youngest daughter, Laura, will graduate with a BS in Nursing from Fairfield University this month. In March, 2016 my wife, Rita, and I accompanied Laura and the University Glee Club to Assisi, Florence and Rome, Italy, where they sang at Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica. I will retire in September from Wells Fargo Advisors where I have been a Senior Vice President/ Investments. I have 5 grown children and 11 grandchildren. My plan for retirement is to play golf, travel, run, spend time with grandchildren, and enjoy life in New Fairfield, CT and Naples, Florida."

Susan Taylor Magee '62

reports, "I am now residing in Dwight, Ontario, Canada on beautiful Lake Of Bays in Muskoka. My husband Gary and I are very excited to be welcoming our daughter Kristen and her 3 girls, Lucy (16), Niamh (14) and Tess (10) home from Ireland for the summer. They have been living there with their Irish Dad and husband for 11 years and we miss them a lot. Niamh is coming a month before the others (June 2) as she finishes school early. The others follow June 23. They'll stay until the end of August. As we are on the water, they'll be swimming, sailing and canoeing. We're planning some side trips to Toronto and to Niagara Falls. It should be a wonderful summer!"

Sheila McCarthy Dunnells-Mangiaracina '63

writes, "my husband, West Highland Terrier and I are moving to Wayne, PA. It will place us between my son, granddaughter, and 3 grandchildren in Annapolis, MD and our home in Albrightsville, PA. "

Alumni Magnificat | 29

alumni notes Ronnie Henderson '65

after graduating high school attended Florida State, and then to C.W. Post (LIU) College, and after serving in the U.S. Army, signed a minor league baseball contract with the Boston Red Sox. Henderson joined the Port Youth Activities board in 1987 and he currently serves as the Port Youth Activities Executive Director. He will be inducted in the Port Youth Activities Hall of Fame on June 17 at the North Hempstead Country Club in Port Washington. In his spare time, Henderson also dedicated time to referee high school and college basketball for 35 years, and is a 50-year member of the Port Washington Fire Department.

Joe and Arlene (Gula) Connolly '66

who live in McLean, VA will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary this summer. After twenty-five years of teaching kindergarten in the Fairfax County Public Schools, Arlene retired from teaching two years ago. However, she flunked retirement and now is back at her school where she is working three days a week as a Resource Teacher. After receiving his Law Degree from Georgetown University Law School in 1973, Joe spent 13 years at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the last six of which he was the head of the SEC’s Office of Mergers and Acquisitions. Joe then joined the law firm of Hogan & Hartson (now Hogan Lovells) where he has been a partner the past 30 years practicing in the area of corporate and securities law. Joe and Arlene have four children (Mehgan, Ryan, Kate and Aislinn) and have seven grandchildren (Emma, Aidan, Addyson, Connor, Ethan, Brooks and Porter). "To this day we talk fondly of our years at St. Mary’s , the great education we received and the wonderful friends we made. "

Barbara Murray '66

is an inspector with the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, planning to retire soon. She hopes. She lives in Flushing, very near to Queens College, where she wants to take classes in retirement. She has two children, Sean McDonald of East Williston, L.I., and Katie Hannah, of Vienna, VA. Each has two wonderful children. "My grandchildren, one boy and three girls, range in age from 4 to 8! It's a great time of my life."

Bill Whyte ’66

writes, "I graduated second from last in our 1966 class of about 200 students. I was a bit of a lost soul when it came to showing up on time, doing homework and turning in assignments. Still, I very much enjoyed my time at St. Mary's. I loved-hated track, loved my classmates, appreciated my teachers and I learned plenty. I founded The WS Badger Company (www.badgerbalm. com) 20 years ago. We are now one of the iconic brands in the natural products industry. We have over 100 employees, 100 plus natural products and we sell world wide. I think my biggest take-away from my high school education at St. Mary's was that it helped me develop and refine my moral sense. Having a strong desire to do good in the world has infused my business life with fun, accomplishment and a sense of purpose. Thanks!"

Suzanne McLain Rosenwasser '65

writes, "I retired in 2010 after 25 years teaching high school English and directing theatre productions to become a full-time writer. My current books are Manhasset Stories, memoirs about Baby Boomer times in St. Mary's and Manhasset, and a novel, Don't Ya Know, which takes place on Long Island from 1900-1928. I live in Georgia with my husband, Michael, our two children and grandchildren. See more at:"

Ann Doyle Kunovic '66 says hello to all of her classmates of 1966. She is pictured here in the striped top with her 4 sons & family.

Caryl LoGrasso Timmel ’66 and William C. Timmel ’64

report, "we will be celebrating our 45th Wedding Anniversary this fall. We have 4 children (all married), and 3 grandsons ages 9 years, 6 years, and 8 months. Bill has a law practice in Newtown, CT, and, is an active deacon in the Diocese of Bridgeport. I'm a retired preschool teacher and music specialist. We thank God everyday for our beautiful family and our good health!"

Ken Fettinger ’67

retired as an RN with Rochester Regional Health System in December, 2014. In September, 2015 he and his wife, Maryfran, visited the Tuscany region of Italy and this past April they visited several National Parks out west. Italy is so rich in culture and tradition and our National Parks are breathtaking, so they were two GREAT trips! Ken resides in Rochester, NY and is deeply in love with his two grandsons, Evan, 5 and Luca who will be 2 in February! | 30

alumni notes Jai Florada '67

Madeline Cannon ‘67

reports, "we have been living in NE Georgia for nearly three years. My wife and I are in an active retirement community. Previously we retired to the Republic of Panama and enjoyed learning about another culture, meeting people from all over the world and playing in a band."

reports that “in August of 2015, Bunny (Squillace) Caridi from Hawley, PA and Madeline (Nazzaro) Cannon from Hanson, MA happened to be in the same place at the same time! They hadn’t seen each other for 48 years and had been out of email contact for about 20 years. Their smiles tell it all!”

Paul Tressa Jr. '68 says, "since retiring in 2012 we have been traveling both by packaged trips with groups, and in our RV. We also stay busy with our 2 grand kids during the summer months when they are not in school. It was great to get together with many classmates from the class of ‘68 at our 40th reunion, and I look forward to another fun time at our 50th reunion in 2018. I hope many of you will be able to attend. My thanks to George and the Alumni staff for keeping us in the loop on Saint Mary's happenings. If any of you from the class of '68 are ever in the Corpus Christi, TX area, give me a call. Wishing everyone good health and enjoyable times as we move up in age."

Fred Haberle '69

writes, "I am class of '69 and was a 440 yard sprinter on the track team, but did not run Cross Country (too far for me). I am now a Marathon runner, who just ran my 32nd consecutive Boston Marathon! I have gained entry into the Quarter Century Club, which requires at least 25 consecutive completions of the Boston Marathon! I have lived for the last 32 years in Houston, TX with my wife, Sandi (Glen Cove). I will forward a pic from this year's Boston!"

Toni Pennisi Wurth '72 Richard (Dick) Sperry '70 lives in Vancouver, WA with his wife Sharon. Dick has two daughters, one step daughter, one step son, and one grandson. Dick has a MS and PhD in Technology Management and teaches at Portland State University. His research centers on the development of new technology assessment methodology that integrates experts and stakeholders worldviews using fuzzy cognitive mapping. Dick is also President and Principal Consultant of Sperry Management Consulting, Corp.

is living in Kansas City where, between freelance consulting projects, she volunteers with After The Harvest. Toni joins a "gleaning" team that works with farmers in Missouri and Kansas to glean their fields and orchards after the harvest, to gather up produce left behind by mechanical equipment and pickers. This fresh, locally grown food - ranging from berries, peaches, corn and greens of all kinds - is rescued and delivered to food pantries and feeding agencies in the KC area..

Alumni Magnificat | 31

alumni notes Betty Klein Gillen '73

Michael Grosso, MD '73

writes, "I have some exciting news about my brother, Brother John Klein, FMS, graduate of St. Mary's Elementary School and 1965 graduate of St. Mary's High School, who is the former Provincial of the Marist Brothers order for the United States and St. Mary's Hall of Fame inductee. He will be celebrating 50 years as a Marist Brother at the Marist Jubilee Mass and reception at the Immaculate Conception Center in Douglaston, NY on June 18."

Stephen C. McKenna '75 "would like to express my thanks for the St. Mary’s alums with whom I have been able to connect (mostly on FB). And, on behalf of my family and I, we’d like to recognize and embrace those who serve as care-givers. Once, we were all mostly carefree and breezy. Perhaps some of us have been so fortunate. But for those among us like our family and others who struggle to provide care for (in our case) a child, the road can often be one of uncertainty and isolation. As perhaps some who read this will know, our eldest son, Patrick, was diagnosed with Autism in 1997. Thus, my wife and I began the difficult journey. But we have been comforted by the thoughts and sentiments of the St. Mary’s alumni mostly through Facebook. You matter to us. "

reports lots of news! "Our daughter Michaela and oldest son, Michael, both married in Newport, RI last year. Kath and I travelled - between the weddings, mind you - to Tuscany and the Cinque Terra. (Don't go there if you want to avoid a serious case of Italophilia!) The youngest, Jen, just graduated Duke and is on to Harvard for graduate studies in Epidemiology. Meanwhile, Kath is still practicing pediatrics in Huntington. I've still got a toe in clinical Peds, other toes are in resident teaching, the Northwell Medical School, Chairing the Department of Pediatrics, and serving a sixteenth year as Chief Medical Officer at Huntington Hospital, a division of Northwell Health. This leaves just enough time (but not really) for reading, sailing, piano and spending time with our beautiful family and friends."

Kevin Ondrey '75 reports the High School Class of '75 held their 40th Reunion on Saturday, October 24, 2015 at the Port Washington Yacht Club. Over 125 attended, Fr. Bob gave his blessing to open the reunion. The class would like to thank Mary Frances "Muffin" Sauvigne and Kevin Ondrey for organizing and Kristin Graham for her assistance. | 32

alumni notes Maryl Mulligan Richey '75

is pleased to announce her retirement from Polk County Schools in Lakeland, Florida. Maryl has been working as a teacher and counselor in the school system since 1977 when she moved to Florida. Her husband, Skip, is also retiring after 37 years as a teacher and coach. Skip and Maryl have two children, Brian, age 30, is a professional golfer and Kaitlyn, age 27, lives in Los Angeles and performs in various Improv venues throughout the city.

Mary Ellen O'Brien McCooey '77

is living in NYC with her husband, John and their son who is a high school student.

Liz Dolan Durkee '78

writes, "I am 55 years old! How did that happen? I haven't worn navy, gray or white since graduation. I think the tummy dollies caused permanent damage! I hope all my classmates are well!"

Dennis Downes ‘81

Deacon George Temidis '79

reports on Sunday, September 20, 2015 His Eminence Hilarion, Metropolitan of Eastern America & New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad, paid an archpastoral visit to the Nativity of the Mother of God Church at the New Kursk Root Hermitage in Mahopac, NY, and celebrated the Divine Liturgy. Deacon George Temidis co-served the service. The service took place in the presence of the wonderworking Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God – Protectress of the Russian Diaspora. After the Great Entrance, parish Deacon George Temidis was ordained to the priesthood and will carry out his obedience at the Nativity of the Mother of God Church.

is a retired Nassau County Police Crime Scene Detective. He shares this 35 year old photo of him taking a corner jumpshot at St. Mary’s HS gym. Seated on the bench in order: Coach Bro. Kevin Conway, Matt Willman, Chris King, Ed McEntee, Tom Sheehan (deceased), Kevin McLaughlin, Chris Smollen, John Schaeffer, William Accola. At the scorer’s table is Bro. Gerard. In the stands is Bro. Jeff Johnstone, Bro. Roy (Principal turned next to Bro. Jeff). On the court playing with Dennis but not in photo is David Brooks, Frank Marsigliano, Jim Bennett and John Schimoler (deceased). The photo was taken by Michael Finnigan. “Basketball at St. Mary’s was everything to the school and community.”

Chris Montalbano '84

Christopher Fusco '83

reports that he continues to serve the Diocese of Metuchen in New Jersey as General Counsel as well as Moderator of the Tribunal. He and his wife, Patricia Scalese, live in Belle Mead, New Jersey just outside of Princeton.

Tom Curry '85 reports "on May 1, 2016, I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon in 4:48:42."

Liz Russo Gigles '86

writes, "after graduating from RPI in 1988 (Mech. E.) , then Hofstra with an MBA, I joined MIDI (Montalbano Innovation & Development Inc.), a medical/scientific product development commercialization firm located on Long Island ( Shortly thereafter I married Josephine, and had two children. My daughter is graduating from Our Lady of Mercy Academy this year and going to Fairfield University. My son is currently going into Junior year at Chaminade. We live in Huntington (West Hills). This year Josephine and I celebrate our 20th Anniversary! Recently I finished constructing a new, ground-up Medical Center in Smithtown’s historically zoned Village of the Branch. MIDI will occupy half and Northwell Health’s Smithtown Imaging Center will rent the other half. MIDI’s Ribbon Cutting Celebration for their new cutting-edge Medical Product Development Innovation Center was this past May 26th. Google “Montalbano or MIDI” & “Smithtown” to see published news on the event or visit us at Additionally, I hold a seat at the Center for Biotechnologies Review Board as related to evaluating new technologies for funding via LIBH."

just got back from a silent retreat in NYC with Kim Roeder (DeMaro) Class of '86. Liz will celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary this summer hiking The Camino in Spain. In October she and Catherine Brennan (Allan) Class of '86 are going to see Squeeze in concert! Just like old times! Liz would also like to say that Billy Bergin, Class of '86 and his wife Elizabeth are expecting their third baby in August! (Liz feels entitled to share the good news since she introduced them to each other).

Alumni Magnificat | 33

alumni notes Luke Driscoll '87

Karl Schaefer '88

traveled from Maryland and was joined by fellow teammates (and NJ residents) Mark Donnelly '87 and John Farrell '86 in the St. Mary's Alumni Lacrosse Game on May 21. Luke shared, "The event is great fun and allows the older guys and young alums to meet and enjoy the game they love. I plan to come to event regularly and encourage other lax players to do the same!"

reports he is married with 3 children, living in Yorktown Heights, NY. He spent the last 16 years with the NYPD, currently working in their Employees Assistance Unit, graduated from Adelphi University, Garden City, NY in 2007 with a Masters in Social Work, received his license in 2008 ( LMSW ), also completed his NYS Drug / Alcohol Counselor Certificate ( CASAC ) in 2010.

Robert Church '89

Mike Ricigliano '89

reports "at graduation I received the Don Monti award, which to this day means a lot to me. Following high School I earned a BS in Nursing from Adelphi and became a registered nurse and worked as an ICU Nurse and ER nurse. I went on to University of Maryland and earned a Masters of Science in Trauma/Critical Care Nursing in 1994, working as a trauma nurse at Shock Trauma in Maryland. I then got my MBA from Rutgers in 2010, and I am now the Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at SBH Health System in the Bronx. I am also a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. I would encourage everyone to consider jobs in healthcare, which can be clinical or nonclinical. Healthcare is rewarding as you participate in caring for others, and also offers good salaries and job security. Thank you. Please feel free to encourage students to contact me related to healthcare positions."

recently completed a screenplay and produced his own award winning short film, which ultimately became the feature film, The Brooklyn Banker. The movie opened in theaters on August 5, 2016.

Scott Harford ‘91

and his wife, Alice, just welcomed their 5th child (4th boy) on May 20, 2016. His name is Thomas Charles.

Laurie Spinella Gibbons '96

reports," welcomed Alice Rose Gibbons in April of 2015. Big sisters Elena Theresa (6) and Meara Marie (4) were very excited to have a new sister! Living amongst a few fellow St. Mary's alums in Manhasset, coming up on 11 years at the Nassau County District Attorney's office. Husband Brian Gibbons and I will celebrate our 9th anniversary in September. "

Kevin Semelrath '00 writes, "I currently live in Washington DC. I am a board certified emergency physician and a major in the United States Air Force. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Military and Emergency Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD." | 34

alumni notes Michael Magas '03

Anthony Mondello, D.D.S '04

writes, "I am presently a New York City Police Officer assigned to Special Operations. I celebrated my one year wedding Anniversary 5/22/16 with wife Kelly, a grammar school teacher Diocese of Rockville Centre."

received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. He then continued his training as a General Practice resident at North Shore University Hospital. He has joined New York Dental Partners with offices at 29 Barstow Road, Great Neck and 975 Lexington Avenue, New York City. He is currently pursuing further education in Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Sleep Medicine.

Kelly Pilling MacChesney '05 reports she prepares to welcome her second child, Collins, in June of this year. Kelly lives outside of Austin, Texas with her husband Captain Scott MacChesney, U.S. Army, and their son Harry.

Jonathan Kerby '12

Jillian DiBlasi '08 writes, "I am getting married on May 29th to my fiancĂŠ James Johnis. I have also accepted a job offer with SUNY Empire State College that I will be starting on June 20th. We bought a house in Stony Brook last August. "

says from being a collegiate athlete at SUNY Old Westbury to working in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, it is safe to say that this past year has been filled with new adventures and unforgettable memories!

St. Mary's Alumni Lacrosse Reunion last spring was another great success!

Alumni Magnificat | 35

alumni reunions

Class of 1976

Class of 1996

1996 Reunion Co-Chairs Eric Acquafredda and Judy Mejia

Class of 2006 | 36

tribute gifts

Gifts Made In Memory or In Honor of

With grateful appreciation, we recognize the following gifts that were made in memoriam or in tribute during the June 2015-November 2016 school year. With the exception of those made in memory of multiple persons, the list is organized alphabetically by the last name of the person for whom the tribute is made.

Lawrence Abbatangelo: In honor of John '12 and Sarah '15 Joseph Alexandre: In memory of James Alexandre Daniel Amoruso: In honor of The Amoruso Family Patricia Axtmayer: In memory of Janet Barth and Ginny Moran Anthony Bellofatto: In honor of Richard Bellofatto Karen Berry: In honor of Richard L. Berry Michael Rubel: In honor of Anna, Logan and Isabella Braddish Thomas Moriarty: In memory of Timothy Brennan, '67 Rudolph Bunja: In memory of Bogomil Bunja Sr. Vincent Hartley: In honor of Dr. Celeste Checchia Victor Colaio: In memory of Mary C. Colaio Joseph Connolly: In memory of Joseph & Emma Connolly Elena Bracchi: In memory of Sr. Monica Costello Kathleen Thornton: In memory of Francis J. Coughlin Sr. James Volkland: In memory of Timothy J. Coughlin Marijo Insalaco: In memory of Timothy J. Coughlin Marie O'Malley: In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Vincent deVenoge Charles Eagan: In memory of Kristina Mary Eagan Diane Doyle: In memory of Pauline Meenan Earle '68 and Janet Barth McHale '69 Suzanne Stephens: In memory of Elizabeth & Joseph Ekkers W.G. Ellerkamp: In memory of Tracy Ann Ellerkamp Matthew Filla: In honor of Anna & Michael Filla Eileen Rivera: In honor of "Mr. G" - the best supporter of my sons Arnold Gallo: In memory of Josephine Gallo Donna Blanchard: In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Gallo Rowena Morris: In memory of Kathleen Hamilton Gerardi, SMHS'55 Gennaro Granito: In memory of Meg Granito, Class of '55 John Greco: In memory of John J. Greco Albert Groh: In memory of Al and Marie Groh Carmen-Felicia Reciniello: In memory of Jocelyn Guillo SMES'88, SMHS'92 Raymond Haller: In memory of Nicholas A. Haller Jr., and deceased members of the Marist community Jane Hone: In honor of Stephen Hannan Marylin Grosselfinger: In memory of Sister Jane Hardison, I.H.M. Stephen Johnson: In honor of Jean Caulfield Johnson Noel Foley: In memory of Kathleen Kade Charbonneau Peter Antonicelli: In memory of John Keepnews Raymond Hayes: In memory of Salvatore Lo Presti George Shaughness: In memory of Eileen Magee-Shaughness Elizabeth Malinoski: In memory of Gail V. Malinoski Thomas Keating: In memory of Rev. Msgr. John J. McCann

Christopher Fusco: In memory of Rev. Msgr. John J. McCann Maureen King: In memory of Mary Ann & Ed McGinley Ann Kunovic: In memory of Sister M. Lucy McGrath Anne Alexander: In memory of Janet McHale Danielle DiCerbo: In memory of Janet McHale Christina Vega: In memory of May and Andy McKay Kevin McNamara: In memory of Thomas, Eileen and Chris McNamara Milagros Ramos: In memory of Ivan Mrosovsky Richard Mueller: In memory of Richard Mueller Christopher Murphy: In memory of Kevin R. Murphy '72 John Nelson: In memory of Agnes and John Nelson Richard Olson: In memory of Thomas P. Olson Todd Freund: In memory of Brian Pusey SMHS'53 Kathryn Pond: In memory of Mary Jill McKay Regan, '55 John Rein: In memory of Pat Rein Eileen Seeley: In memory of Richard J. Seeley, M.D. Diane Zanazzi: In memory of Christine VanErk Selby John Polcari: In memory of Brother Victor Serna Allan Poxon: In honor of Natalie Sherwood Ken Dunn: In honor of The Teaching Staff L.T. McKinley: In honor of Rylee Thomas James Tomlinson: In honor of Anne Tomlinson Paul Tressa: In memory of Eugene Travers, Class of '68 Mary Valentine-Gyorffy: In memory of Christopher Valentine John Leary: In honor of Veterans Who've Given Lives in U.S. Service William Graffeo: In memory of Brother Sixtus Victor Kathleen Bunger: In memory of Diane Villa, SMHS'80 Brian Maher: In honor of James Volkland Jean McNelis: In memory of Joan Plante Weil SMES and Gaye Troy SMHS Philip McCabe: In memory of Gregory Wilson '74 Lyda Zissimatos: In honor of Christopher Zissimatos Multiple Honorariums Annmarie Keane: In memory of Michelle Rogers and in honor of Sr. Theresa Richard Lolita McKenna: In memory of Arlene Amato Diodorardo, Francine Hurley Rossi and Carol McCarthy Cavanagh James Merkel: In honor of Brother Kenneth and in Memory of John Burke, John Keepnews, Rich Proscia and deceased members of Class of '62 Joann Tasso: In memory of Jennie & Danny Romero and in honor of Catherine Tasso

Alumni Magnificat | 37

supporting our mission

Annual Fund The Annual Fund is an annual fundraising campaign that supports the Schools' most immediate and critical needs. All parents and alumni are asked to make a donation to the Annual Fund. It supports the current year’s programs including classroom supplies, athletic equipment, performing arts and instrumental programs, campus ministry, professional development, maintenance of the buildings and grounds, and technology. You can direct your gift to the Elementary School, High School or a split gift between the two. Every donor sends a message of their confidence in our mission of providing an outstanding Catholic education. Our goal is that every family participates by giving something. Giving is very personal and everyone has different financial circumstances. Just know that every gift, of every amount, is valued and very much appreciated. To make a gift, please call The Development Office at 516-627-4605 or visit or

Create a Personal Legacy with a Planned Gift to St. Mary’s Planned Giving is the smart way for you to join the select group of thoughtful, caring, community members who are investing in the future of St. Mary’s. You can meet the needs of St. Mary’s today and tomorrow while also meeting your financial and personal planning objectives. Planned giving allows you to make gifts beyond what you thought would be possible. When considering charitable gifts, many donors first think about available cash. Cash may not be the best asset to fund a gift. By including St. Mary’s in your estate planning, as a beneficiary of your will, living trust, qualified retirement plan, or life insurance policy, you can create a lasting legacy that supports the future of St. Mary’s. Also, outright gifts of a variety of assets such as appreciated stock, mutual funds, real estate, business interests, retirement plans, or insurance policies, can create substantial tax savings while allowing you to save your cash for other important needs. You can designate your gift to the Church, our Elementary or High School, or a specific ministry. If you are interested in learning more about planned giving and becoming a member of the St. Mary’s Legacy Society, please contact Sean Collins, Vice President of Development, at 516-627-4605 or email | 38

In Memoriam Saint Mary’s High School expresses its sympathies and prayers to the families, friends and classmates of the following deceased alumni whose deaths were reported to the Alumni Office between June 2015 and August 2016. We invite you to join us at the Alumni Memorial Mass on Sunday, November 6th at 10:30 a.m. to remember them in prayer. Robert Bartz ‘54 Edward Beaudette ‘76 Richard L. Berry ‘63 Brian Brophy ‘61 David Campbell ‘87 Richard Cummings ‘59 Patrick Devine ‘56 William Diele ‘94 William Duggan ‘55 Sheila Dunne Feitelberg ‘55 Margaret Finlay Celentano ‘81 Chris Gerrity ‘74 Donna Hanley Doleman ‘68 Ruth Hellmanzik Cooleen ‘56 Thomas Dishinger ‘64 David Hickey ‘81 Stephen Hickey ‘65 Gerry Jordan ‘66 Maura Kelly Kehew ‘74 John Lindroth ‘55 Alice Loskot ‘75 Joanne Lupetin ‘75 Deborah Malewski Cain ‘79 Peter McCarthy ‘73 M. Jill McKay Regan ‘55 Richard Mueller ‘58 Donal Murphy ‘54 Susan Nardi ‘91 Edward Nash ‘67 Margo Portela ‘72 Margaret Powers Webb ‘58 Anita Puga Fitzgibbons ‘61 James Prochaska ‘81 Mark Renz ‘75 Alfred Ronzoni ‘56 Ronald Ronzoni ‘56 Kenneth Ruggiero ‘67 Christopher Shine ‘00 Diane Valentino ‘65 Charles Velasquez ‘11 Jim Volkland ‘57 John Walsh ‘62 Dan Zenka ‘76

To report an alumni passing, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations via E-mail at All deceased alumni are remembered at the annual Alumni Memorial Mass.

Alumni Magnificat | 39

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St. Mary's High School students gave a phenomenal performance of 100 Years of Broadway this fall.

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Alumni Magnificat 2016  

The official publication for The Schools of Saint Mary Alumni, Parents and Friends. Copyright 2016.

Alumni Magnificat 2016  

The official publication for The Schools of Saint Mary Alumni, Parents and Friends. Copyright 2016.