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Madeline Deveney’s ’13

Lung Transplant Journey


adeline Deveney ’13 was active while a student

The funds raised by Saint Mark’s helped in part to pay for

at Saint Mark’s. She was a member of the Blue

the Deveney family’s travel, lodging and food expenses.

Gold Club, the Z Club, the Ski Club, and served as

subcommittee chair during her senior year. Madeline has also

On Sunday, August 14, Madeline received The Gift of Life.

endured a twenty-one year struggle with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). It

Coincidently, it was also her brother Patrick Deveney’s,

was while she was a junior, majoring in English at the University

’10 twenty-fifth birthday. After the double lung transplant

of Delaware that she had to take a leave of absence for health

she was in the intensive care unit for four days. Her full-

reasons. On May 9, 2016 during the Spring semester, Deveney

time care team at Johns Hopkins University Hospital had

was activated on the Lung Organ Transplant list at Johns

Madeline walking in less than 20 hours post-transplant.

Hopkins University Hospital (MD). On August 25, eleven days after While waiting for “the call,” Madeline

her transplant, Madeline was

remained positive and active. She

discharged from Johns Hopkins

enjoyed walking her dog and taking

University and recovered at home

pictures at Longwood Gardens

with her mother, Bethann Dunn-

while wearing an oxygen tank on her

Deveny, ’84, for ten weeks. As part

back. In June, the Deveney’s spent

of a continued lifelong recovery

time together relaxing at Madeline’s

process, Madeline returns to Johns

favorite beach in Lewes, Delaware.

Hopkins once or twice per week for follow up visits and tests.

In May, Saint Mark’s raised $1,750 during a Dress Down Day to support

Currently, Madeline is enjoying

the Deveney’s transplant journey.

her new service puppy, Elle, and schedules daily hikes in the tristate area. She plans to return to the University of Delaware after her full recovery.

“A lot of people ask me if I feel any different after the transplant. I always tell them, before it was like my body could keep up but my lungs couldn’t and now it’s like my lungs can keep up but my body can’t.” – Madeline Deveney ’13


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Postmark fall winter 2016