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the EPISTLE The Monthly Parish Newsletter of SAINT MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH JULY 2017 • ISSUE 224

F ROM T HE R ECTOR During the last few months many parishioners have gathered in the Parish Hall for the program: “Holy Lands— Heavenly Foods”. We have shared stories and I have shared pictures from some of my travels in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and the UK..

There has been enough interest for me to speak to as travel professional within the congregation who has begun taking a preliminary look at what a trip might look like in 2018. Next month we will announcing the date of a group meeting of people who would simply like to know more about such an adventure.

We have also sampled some wonderful foods of these regions—and even experiences the “smells” of the areas. Many thanks to everyone who made these wonderful occasions so special. During these events, a number of parishioner have inquired about traveling to the Holy Land. This is certainly one of the most amazing travel journeys one can ever take—as it combines culture, religion, faith, and spirituality into an experience that really can not be described—it can only be lived. Sometimes I have heard “Oh, I could never do that—it is too dangerous a moment in history”. Several of my own trips to Israel have been during times of conflict—in fact there is really never a time without conflict in this part of the world. My own decisions were always based on faith and the desire to be there “no matter what”. Walking in the footsteps of Jesus is always a challenge, wherever we go, yet in the Holy Land one is literally walking that walk.

As we move through these summer months—and go on vacations and trips and other places in our lives—I invite us to imagine what it would be like to go to the places where our faith story began.

Ithaka “May there be many a summer morning when, with what pleasure, what joy, you come into harbors seen for the first time.” C. P. Cavafy

Pictures: Above: The Mediterranean Ocean at noon

This would be an experience like no other—standing beneath 3000 year old trees on the Mount of Olives, touching the rock surface of the Hill of Calvary, entering the Garden Tomb while praying the Jesus Prayer. This is both an outward and an inner journey like no other Please check the August Epistle for more information about this informational meeting—and meanwhile feel free to speak to me or Joyce Acton about any thoughts or questions you may have. Blessings and Peace,

Below left: mosaics—Chora Museum Below center: The Garden Tomb

eConnect Visit St. George’s Anglican College in Jerusalem to learn more about travel in the Holy Land:


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The Rev. Christopher C. Richardson Since I rarely get an opportunity to speak at length about it with those of us who vow to “do all in (our) power to support (those about to be baptized) in their life in Christ,” (BCP p. 303) I figure now is as good a time as any to start. There are eight questions in the Baptismal Covenant. The first three are about what we believe. Our responses to these questions are the words to the Apostle’s Creed, one of the three accepted creeds in the Episcopal Church. Given that a creed is defined as a statement of belief, this is a very appropriate response. What really draws my attention, however, are the following five questions. 1. Will you continue in the apostles' teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of the bread, and in the prayers? 2. Will you persevere in resisting evil, and, whenever you fall into sin, repent and return to the Lord? 3. Will you proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ? 4. Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself? 5. Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being? Part of what I love so much about the Baptismal Covenant is that, that’s it. It’s not overly fussy. There’s no “give x amount” or “pray y times a day” or “do z good deeds” in there. We vow to believe what’s in the creed, those five things, and nothing more. There’s a beauty in that simplicity. It’s a clear, concise message that leaves little room for misinterpretation. A second reason I love the Baptismal Covenant is that, while being so simple, it’s incredibly difficult to live out. Being a Christian is not meant to be a walk in the park. We signed up for something in which we have to deeply invest ourselves in order to live it out fully. We have to seek and serve Christ in all persons. We have to respect the dignity of every human being. Not just the people we like. Not just the people who make us happy. Not just the people who are “easy” for us to be around. All people. This brings me to the third part. This life we vow to live is so complicated, we are bound to mess up. We cannot help but make mistakes, but, you know what? We’ve already thought of that. The second question is all about the struggle. We vow to persevere in resisting evil, yes, but we also acknowledge that we will fail. We vow that, whenever we fall into sin (not if; when), we will repent.

Lastly, I love the way we make these vows. We respond to each of those five questions with, “I will, with God's help.” The Christian life is never just about us. We are never Christians on our own. At the very least, we always have God’s help. Grant, O Lord, that all who are baptized into the death of Jesus Christ your Son may live in the power of his resurrection and look for him to come again in glory; who lives and reigns now and forever. Amen. (BCP p. 306)


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F ROM THE M USIC D EPARTMENT M ATTHEW B E STE R Canterbury Choir Looking for New Members Do you know a child who likes to sing? A new season for the Canterbury Choir begins in September, and the choir is looking for new members! Open to boys and girls ages 7 to 14, the Canterbury Choir rehearses one afternoon a week and sings for the 10:30 a.m. service on the first Sunday of every month, from September to May. Participation in the choir offers an excellent opportunity for children to learn not only about the basics of singing and music theory but also about the Episcopal faith and its liturgy. The choir is open to all members of the community, regardless of religious affiliation, and there is no cost to participate. No musical background is required. For more information, visit or contact Matthew Bester ( or 614-486-9452, ext. 309).

Saint Mark’s Choir Seeks New Members The Saint Mark’s Choir is looking for new members for the upcoming season, which begins in September. The choir is open to adults and high school–age singers who are able to make a regular commitment on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings. Singers of all voice parts are welcome (particularly basses!). If you or someone you know may be interested, please contact Matthew Bester (; 614-486-9452, ext. 309) to arrange a meeting. Visit for more information. Recordings by the Saint Mark’s Choir on SoundCloud Did you know that Saint Mark’s now has a SoundCloud page, on which you can listen to select live recordings by the Saint Mark’s Choir? Available recordings include live performances from the choir’s 2015 residency trip to Lincoln Cathedral, England. To listen, visit You do not need to have a SoundCloud account in order to listen to these publically available recordings. Please feel free to share these recordings with anyone whom you think may be interested.


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ANNUAL OUTREACH COLLECTION PROJECTS:  July: School supply collection continues. Guatemala collection concludes.  August through October: Grooming kit collection for NNEMAP.  November and December: The Giving Tree.

e joy ng thhers. i t a r b t Cele elping o of h

NNEMAP Ohio State Fair Parking The dates for the Fair are Wednesday, July 26th - Sunday, August 6th. We currently have 10 of the 12 days of the fair “adopted” by one of our churches. Below is the schedule: Wed. 7/26-King Ave. UMC Thur. 7/27-St. Luke’s UMC Friday 7/28-Open Saturday 7/29-Open Sunday 7/30-Overbrook Pres.

Monday 7/31-Saint Mark’s Episcopal Friday 8/4-St. Andrew Christian Tuesday 8/1-Trinity UMC and 4th Ave. Saturday 8/5- Worthington Pres. Christian Sunday 8/6-Boulevard Pres. Wednesday 8/2-St. Andrew Pres. Thursday 8/3-NW Christian

Summer Hours We will be open for Produce Saturday on July 1st, but closed Monday and Tuesday, July 3rd and 4th. Immediate Needs in the Pantry Canned meats and ravioli-poptop cans, canned beans, cat food/dog food, canned vegetables and fruits Note: We always need dental items, razors, and shampoo. We can also use feminine hygiene items. EVERY CHILD DESERVES A CHANCE It's hot. It's sticky. School is out and we're on vacation. Typical for summer in Columbus Ohio. No one is ready to think about going back to school. After all, school will be here too quickly, supplies purchased, new clothes and shoes and off they go. No big deal. Just part of the rhythm of the year, that is unless you're poor and may or may not have the money to purchase all the things you need to begin school. Our client families of NNEMAP (Near Northside Emergency Materials Assistance Program) often find themselves with having to stretch the funds in so many directions that school supplies fall to the bottom and sometimes off the list. I magine if you will, a child turning up for school on the first day with a bag of supplies. In that bag may be a used pencil, some used crayons and not much else. There they are sitting quietly with their "supplies" while other classmates open new crayon boxes, sharpen new pencils, click shiny scissors and proudly show off book bags. Can you even imagine how this student is feeling? Is he/she ready and excited to learn? Will she put out her best effort? Will he be proud to be there? So many things impact a child's learning and we at Saint Mark's can't change all of them. But, there is something very positive we can do. NNEMAP has asked us to fill 100 book bags with school supplies. That is 25 more than we did last year because the clients numbers that we serve continue to rise. 100 children that will go to school on an even playing field with their peers, at least in the school supplies department. 100 children with smiles on their faces when they open the bags and see the brand new crayons, shiny scissors and whole packs of paper. Such joy for such a small amount of money. We hope you will stop by and pick up one or more book bags. Inside the bag is the requested supply list for that particular grade level. Simply fill the list, put the supplies in the bag and return it to the Outreach table. With school supplies starting the first of July bags can be filled for as little as $10.00 on average. We need to have all bags filled by July 30th. If you would like to help but cannot shop we will be glad to take your donation and shop for you! As always the generosity of our Saint Mark's community is overwhelming. Thank you to all in advance for helping our youngest clients at NNEMAP. If you have questions please see Bill Karl or Barb Keyes.


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O UREACH M INISTRY CATCH COURT To know only a world of deception and sneakiness as a familiar routine must be maddening. Especially when it feels like people are looking down on you in your darkest hours. Drugs distort perceptions and attitudes. Trust in oneself and others disappears without notice. So it's a long journey back. CATCH Court has been a Haven of Hope for many. By bringing food and an ear to hear. Our collective support is empowering for recovery. Smart girls who look out into the court room and see support from the general public, is a needed experience. Like pillars off in the distance, we represent hope, light and possibility for growth. I value the authentic climate Judge Herbert demands. I've grown with each insight. And walk away grateful and humbled. Alive in my silence. Our girls need a concerned community. And our guidance into a new world, to see a new norm. Thank you. ~Gretchen Hall CATCH Court is one of our monthly Outreach Projects. The Court is a specialty Court in the Franklin County Court system dedicated to a two year probation program for prostitutes. The hope is, through hard work, that is emotional and difficult, women may return to a productive life in society. The results have been wonderfully successful. Saint Mark's makes and delivers lunches for the 40 women. It is an opportunity for us to meet women that we might not ordinarily meet, to support them, and to learn about the changes they are making. We usually make the lunches at 10:30a.m., then leave for downtown at 11:30a.m. We return to Saint Mark's around 3:00p.m. Please call (614-486-9452) if you might be interested in helping. Our next date for CATCH Court is a Thursday: July 20. Please join us!! STREET CHURCH Our next Street Church commitment is July 30, It would be great to have some new faces to help with preparation and serving! Please contact the office (614) 486-9452 if you want to join in this very valuable ministry.

SAINT MARK’S GUATEMALA TRIP It's hard to believe, but this year’s Guatemala Trip from August 2 - 12 will be Saint Mark’s 10th trip to La Labor! And you don't have to visit to be a part of the La Labor community! We continue to be in their hearts, minds and lives (and they in ours). How can you help? Each year the travelers bring a treasure trove of shoes (especially shoes), school and office supplies, and toothbrushes. This year is no different. We hope again to bring 100-150 pairs of children's shoes (sizes Toddler though 14, boys and girls). If each family gave just one or two pairs we would easily meet that goal! Walmart and Meijer are both great places to purchase shoes. This year Sisters Dani and Kris have also requested 8-color water color paint sets, colored pencils and of course toothbrushes! A table for donations has been set up in the parish hall and you will find a list of needs there as well. Needs will be updated on the Saint Mark's webpage and on Facebook.


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I N AND A ROUND S AINT M ARK ’ S ALL PARISH PENTECOST PICNIC Thank you to everyone who helped make the Hail Thee Festival Day Pentecost Picnic a wonderful event! Thank you especially to the Mark’s Men grill masters: Mark Drew, Scott Milburn, Bill Karl, Kelly Kelleher, Phil Glandon, Neal Myers, and Jim Acton. Thank you also to Joanne Drew, Roberta Morton, Joyce Acton, Barb Keyes, Laura Skoracki, Karen Gebhart, Leslie Winters, Carolyn Vesper, and Annie Vesper for all of your hard work. And thanks as well to everyone who brought delicious side dishes and pies and helped clean up! SAINT MARK'S MUGS A Newcomer Table is now set up in the Parish Hall. Part of our welcome to newcomers will include a complimentary Saint Mark's Mug with information about the parish and a nutrition bar. Parishioners will also be able to purchase mugs ($10 each, with proceeds helping to fund the project); checks can be made payable to Saint Mark's with “Mug” in the memo line. You can simply drop your donation in the offering plate or in the office, then take your mug home and enjoy the “spirit” of the power bar. SAINT MARK’S MEMBER CARE Saint Mark’s Member Care ministry provides meals to parishioners who are in need of some help due to illness, recovery, or other situations. If you or someone you know could use some help with meals, please contact the parish office (614-486-9452) We have a team of parishioners who are happy to serve in this way. We also have a New Baby ministry which provides a welcoming rose and muffins to families with a new baby in the house. If you know of a family with a new baby, please contact the parish office with this information. In addition, if you are interested in helping with either meals or the new baby ministry, please contact Michele or Robbie. WELCOME KNITTERS (AND OTHER NEEDLEWORK ENTHUSIASTS) The Saint Mark’s Knitting Circle meets the first and third Thursday of each month in members’ homes. We meet from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM to work on prayer shawls, baptism blankets and lap blankets for church members and others in need. We are also knitting scarves, hats, and other warm apparel to distribute to the community in the fall and winter. We welcome knitters of all ability levels including beginners! Anyone who is interested in this ministry, please contact the parish office for further information. YOUNG ADULT COMMUNICATION NETWORK Saint Mark’s is hosting monthly Young Adult events for people who are post-high school through their 30s. These events usually take place on the third Friday of each month. Want to know when these events will happen? Fill out a Young Adult Communication Network form so you can be added to the contact list. Online forms can be found at and paper forms can be found in the Parish Hall. The paper forms can be turned in by mail to the parish office, placed in the offering plate, or handed to Christopher Richardson. MARK’S MEN The Mark’s Men is a men’s social group at Saint Mark’s that meets every fourth Wednesday of the month at The Old Bag of Nails in the Tremont Center at 7:30 p.m. All ages are welcome! If you would like more information, please contact Mark Drew at


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F ROM THE P ARISH R EGISTER We welcome the following children into the Body of Christ through baptism: Josephine C., daughter of Jesse C. and Megan K.-C., on Pentecost Sunday, June 4, 2017. We offer condolences to: The family of Eric Brandes, who died unexpectedly April 1, 2017. Eric was the son of Richard and Marciana Brandes, brother of Jeanne Brandes, uncle of RC Brandes, and father to Matthew and Andrew. We send best wishes along to the following parishioners who are leaving the area: Tim Laffin who is returning to New York (see note below). FROM THE PARISH REGISTER is a new printed project to enhance communication among parishioners. It comes from a long standing tradition in the Church of England where certain public records were officially recorded in the great ledgers of their parish church. You can sign up for weekly email updates about Saint Mark’s on our website, click on “Join Our Mailing List.”

P ARISH R ELATED NEWS We celebrate the following graduates: Victoria Grace Z., daughter of Brad and Carol Z. and granddaughter of Frank Z., graduated from Hilliard Davidson High School, on May 26th, 2017. Victoria will attend The Ohio State University in the fall and plans to pursue a career in Healthcare and Political Science. Congratulations, Victoria! Alec Walter Tiefenthal, grandson of Mary Kirkey and her late husband, Robert, graduated from Rose-Hubman Institute of Technology on May 27th in Software Engineering and Computer Science. He is pursuing his career in Cincinnati. We celebrate the following good news: Bex Barker was recently promoted to Assistant Principal at Columbus Central High School and will start on July 10th! Congratulations, Bex! We celebrate the following marriage: Justine Olivia Kirkey, granddaughter of Mary Kirkey and her late husband, Robert, was married to Jeremy Roger on June 3rd at the Makoy Center in Hilliard. Following their Honeymoon in Mexico, they’ll make their home in Pittsburgh. We receive with appreciation the following thank you (From Tim Laffin who has been a regular at 8 AM services): As many of you already know, I’ll be moving back to New York at the end of the month. I just want to take this time to let you all know that being a parishioner at Saint Mark’s has been a huge blessing. I got to meet so many wonderful people and hear the best sermons I’ve ever heard! My first Sunday at St. Mark’s coincided with Fr. Christopher’s first Sunday and I took that as a sign that I had found the right church to worship in! My last Sunday will be June 25th. Hopefully, I’ll be able to say goodbye in person to many of you on one of those two dates. Again, thank you so much for nearly four years of spiritual worship at Saint Mark’s. I wish I could take the church, the clergy and the whole parish back with me to New York. I am going to miss you sorely! PARISH RELATED NEWS reprises the tradition at Saint Mark’s to share important information that may be of interest to members of the parish. If you know of the birth or marriage of someone related to the parish (but not a member as recorded in the parish register), a job change, retirement, achievement, student news, etc., we invite you to share it with us (and with the permission of the individuals involved, of course!) so we may pass along the good news. Information may be sent to the Parish Office at 614-486-9452 or


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Y OUTH N EWS 2017 PROCTER CAMP SCHEDULE Registration and scholarship information can be found at: Family Camp II July 5-8 6th - 8th Grade Camp

July 9-14

Creative Arts (6th-12th Grade) July 17-22 Family Camp III

August 2-5

F ROM THE M AIL B AG April 28, 2017


The warm welcome you all provided to the guests. It was simply perfect! We are sincerely grateful for your kindness. Our mother was very proud to have been part of a Founding Family of Saint Mark’s! She would be so honored that you helped remember her in this thoughtful way. Thank you again for the lovely reception. It meant the world to us. Sincerely, Connie Godley and Joan Sorrell, Daughters of Jody Taylor

ADULT CHRISTIAN FORMATION: FALL FORUMS The popular Adults Forums will be returning this fall beginning on September 10th with an overview of the program year. A series of guest speakers will be joining the clergy this year to speak on a wide range of issues – many involving outreach, social justice, interfaith relations, and the challenges of aging in our culture today. Be sure to check the August Epistle for a more detailed list of topics. Meanwhile, the Outreach Committee has provided the following preview of what they have planned as part of their portion of topics: Have you ever wondered how the Outreach activities of Saint Mark’s relate to our parish mission? Have you ever wondered what some of the organizations we support actually do? Starting in September, during adult formation we will try to answer some of those questions. On September 17th, the discussion will focus on how charity is an integral part of the biblical and Episcopal teachings. Then beginning on September 24 and for the next four Sundays as part of Formation we will have representatives of four of our partner organizations present information on their organization’s mission, activities and clients. We will talk about how this relates to the Saint Mark’s mission, what Saint Mark’s members currently do to support the group and opportunities for volunteering. We encourage you to put these Formation talks on your calendar. Even if you already have an understanding of these groups, come and show your support.



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      

The layout is circa 1940. But the buildings and place names show something about his family history and personalities About his models: detailed, creative, colorful, true-to-life Designs of his life: designs of the models Meticulous about his models Meticulous about his beliefs Meticulous about his life Tailors his life to help others; offering assistance, guidance All design comes from God. So when Pat works on a layout, he is experiencing a God Moment.

Pat Hreachmack and His Trains

Yes. There even is an Episcopal Church in the layout.


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Y OU !

Birthdays are not included in Saint Mark’s online version of this publication to ensure privacy of our parishioners.

J ULY H APPENINGS AT S AINT M ARK ’ S PARISH OFFICE CLOSED JULY 3 AND 4 Please note that the parish office will be closed Monday, July 3 and Tuesday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day. SUMMER CLEANUP OF SAINT MARK’S INTERIOR! SATURDAY, JULY 22, 9AM TO 12PM! We have a dedicated cleaning crew that does the surface dusting, vacuuming, glass washing, etc. several times each week; however I’m sure we’ve all noticed that - just as in our homes - there are areas in the church that need that extra attention to make it cleaner and more attractive. Paul, Bill Ryan, Bill Karl and Jill Hinton have toured all areas of the church and made note of the areas that need that attention to detail. Some of the items such as light replacement, cleaning the kitchen nonslip floor and fabric chairs in the Parish Hall will be taken care of; however, there will be opportunities for those who like to work on ladders to eliminate the spider webs on the ledges below the stained glass in the Nave. Washing walls, painting and many other tasks are also on the list. Please consider coming to help even if you can only spend a portion of the 3 hours. A signup sheet with specific jobs will be available on July 2 in the Parish Hall. If you have any specific areas of concern, please email the office ( AUGUST EPISTLE DEADLINE IS JULY 24 Please submit all news, photos and articles to Melanie in the Parish Office by 12 noon on Monday, July 24 via e-mail if possible: Volunteers will fold the June EPISTLE on Thursday, July 27 at 9:30 a.m. in the Canterbury Center. Please join us if you can! SUMMER PARISH DINNERS ARE COMING! Last summer’s “Living Generously” dinners were such a success, we plan to repeat, and hope for even greater participation. These informal dinners are held at the homes of generous parishioners. Watch for more information about how to sign-up – coming soon!

J ULY 2017 Sunday

Monday 25

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost Preacher: Paul St. Germain 8:00 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite 1 10:30 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite II 11:30 AM Fellowship Hour 8:00 PM AA Groups


9 Fifth Sunday after Pentecost Preacher: Christopher C. Richardson 8:00 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite I 10:30 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite II 11:30 AM Fellowship Hour 11:30 AM Outreach Meeting 8:00 PM AA Groups Sixth Sunday after Pentecost Preacher: Paul St. Germain 8:00 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite I 10:30 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite II 11:30 AM Fellowship Hour 8:00 PM AA Groups


23 Seventh Sunday after Pentecost Preacher: Christopher C. Richardson 8:00 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite I 10:30 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite II 11:30 AM Fellowship Hour 8:00 PM AA Groups

30 Eight Sunday after Pentecost Preacher: Paul St. Germain 8:00 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite I 10:30 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite II 11:30 AM Fellowship Hour 1:00 PM Street Church 8:00 PM AA Groups

Tuesday 26






5 12:00 PM Noonday Eucharist 6:00 PM Christopher’s “Out of Office” Office Hours


11 9:30 AM Al-Anon 10:30 AM Saint Mark's Staff Meeting and Lunch 12:30 PM Noonday Book Group 7:00 PM Sacred Conversations

12 12:00 PM Noonday Eucharist 12:30 PM Bridge Club 6:00 PM Christopher’s “Out of Office” Office Hours


18 9:30 AM Al-Anon 10:30 AM Saint Mark's Staff Meeting and Lunch

19 12:00 PM Noonday Eucharist 5:00 PM Stephen Ministry 6:00 PM Christopher’s “Out of Office” Office Hours 7:30 PM Mark’s Men

24 Rector's Day Off 12:00 PM Epistle Deadline 5:30 PM AA - Men's Group 7:30 PM Saint Mark’s Monday Night Book Group

25 9:30 AM Al-Anon 10:30 AM Saint Mark's Staff Meeting and Lunch



Office Closed Rector's Day Off 5:30 PM AA - Men's Group

Rector's Day Off 5:30 PM AA - Men's Group 7:00 PM Vestry Meeting

Rector's Day Off 5:30 PM AA - Men's Group 7:00 PM Sisters in Faith

Rector's Day Off 5:30 PM AA - Men's Group


Office Closed Independence Day 9:30 AM Al-Anon






7 Assistant Rector's Day Off 10:00 AM Tremont Elementary Parent Talk 1:00 PM Chair Volleyball 8:00 PM AA Groups


14 Assistant Rector's Day Off 1:00 PM Chair Volleyball 8:00 PM AA Groups

9:30 AM OA 12:00 PM Altar & Flower Guild Set-Up


21 Assistant Rector's Day Off 1:00 PM Chair Volleyball 8:00 PM AA Groups

9:30 AM OA 12:00 PM Altar & Flower Guild Set-Up

26 12:00 PM Noonday Eucharist 6:00 PM Christopher’s “Out of Office” Office Hours

27 9:30 AM Epistle Folding and Fellowship 6:15 PM AA 8:00 PM AA

28 Assistant Rector's Day Off 1:00 PM Chair Volleyball 8:00 PM AA Groups

9:30 AM OA 12:00 PM Altar & Flower Guild Set-Up




1:00 PM Knitting Group 6:15 PM AA 8:00 PM AA

6:15 PM AA 8:00 PM AA

9:00 AM Stephen Ministry 10:00 AM CATCH Court 11:00 AM Holy Eucharist at First Community Village 1:00 PM Knitting Group 6:15 PM AA 8:00 PM AA

9:30 AM OA 12:00 PM Altar & Flower Guild Set-Up

9:30 AM OA 12:00 PM Altar & Flower Guild Set-Up







SAINT MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 2151 Dorset Road Columbus, OH 43221 Phone: (614) 486-9452 Fax: (614) 486-4023 E-mail: Web:


RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED 6/23/2017—7/14/2017

Part of the Diocese of Southern Ohio, Saint Mark’s held its first worship service in 1951 in a converted Methodist church in Grandview. Ground was broken in 1953 for the Parish Hall (now the Education Building) where services were held until the current Nave and Sanctuary was completed in 1958. Office space in an adjacent building was purchased in 1989. Major renovations of the entire facility occurred in 2004 and 2008 creating a campus today that empowers Christ’s ministry within and beyond our parish.

SAINT MARK’S VESTRY MEMBERS’ PHONE NUMBERS Jill Hinton, Senior Warden – 614-442-0561 Dot Yeager, Junior Warden – 614-921-1485 Mary D., Youth Warden – 614-459-2056 Dwight Anstaett, Onboarding/Welcoming –614-538-0564 Joanne Drew, Hospitality – 614-301-5346 Bryce Sullivan, Communications – 614-581-0376 Bruce Johnson, Communications – 614-486-4624 Leslie Winters, Outreach – 614-459-4123 Ted Meyers, Enrichment Groups -– 917-523-8731 Scott Milburn, Stewardship – 614-670-8587 Ellen Berndt, Stewardship – 614-459-9418 Laura Skoracki, Formation – 614-583-8801 Bex Barker, Formation – 330-671-3416 Phil Glandon, Treasurer – 614-486-5806 Barbara Hyre, Clerk – 614-488-1567


The Rev. Dr. Paul St. Germain, Rector The Rev. Christopher C. Richardson, Assistant Rector The Rev. Dr. Mary Lynn Dell, Priest Associate The Rev. Michael Ellis, Affiliate Priest (614) 529-9597 The Rev. Joan Maynard, Deacon Dr. Matthew Bester, Director of Music Tyler W. Robertson, Organist & Assistant Director of Music Gary L. Garber, Organist-Choirmaster Emeritus Dr. Michael Murray, Organist Emeritus Bill Silliman, Head Verger Bill Ryan, Campus Manager Melanie Jacobs ,Office Manager

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