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AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® Sessions

Get more out of your membership by participating in the Member Experience program. From fitness assessments to orientations, our services can help you determine the best programming and equipment to meet your goals.

This revolutionary treadmill uses technology developed by NASA to enable you to train at a reduced body weight. The special chamber creates a powerful lifting force known as air pressure differential that allows ultra-low impact training. You can minimize pain during rehabilitation or train longer with less recovery time. •$  35.00

per session •$  100.00 for five sessions InBody Composition Analysis This simple test provides a comprehensive report of your body composition including weight, body fat, body mass index (BMI), a segmental fat analysis, intra- and extra-cellular water readings and a results consultation with our staff. An InBody composition analysis is complimentary with your fitness assessment or rechecks. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit the Member Services Desk.

FITNESS ASSESSMENT The fitness assessment appointment is quick and informative. This appointment will help you determine your fitness level and set a plan of action. Included in your appointment is the Inbody composition analysis, cholesterol screening, vital numbers such as blood pressure, flexibility, endurance and strength training. ORIENTATION SESSION Review the results of your fitness assessment, create a plan to achieve your goals and learn about our exercise equipment. By the end of your appointment you should have a basic exercise program and information about other programming you may enjoy. PROGRESS CHECKS There is no better motivator than to see your efforts are working. Schedule progress checks to see your improvement. A progress report will compare your two most recent fitness assessment results and show you where you have improved and areas that still may need improvement. Our clinical staff will go over your results and make suggestions to change up your program. PROGRESS ORIENTATION Our staff is always available to show you something new or update your program. Just let the Member Services Desk know you would like a progress orientation when you reserve your appointment. Aquatic and strength orientations are also available. Speak with our Member Services Desk to get more information on these sessions.




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Zone Advantage - Summer 2019  

Class schedules and updates from Health Zone at Saint Francis.

Zone Advantage - Summer 2019  

Class schedules and updates from Health Zone at Saint Francis.