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The Christmas season closes this Sunday with the Baptism of the Lord. This feast is a sister to last week’s feast of the Epiphany. Each of them celebrates an “epiphany,” or a manifestation of the Spirit of God in Jesus— first in his birth, and now at his baptism. The divine Spirit is manifested in all of the scriptures for this feast. Psalm 104 highlights the Spirit of God creating and renewing the earth, while the reading from Isaiah describes God restoring Israel. In Luke’s account of the baptism of the Lord the Holy Spirit descends upon Jesus. And the letter from Titus reminds us that the Holy Spirit was “richly poured out” on us also, through the “bath of rebirth” (Titus 3:5, 6).

El tiempo de Navidad finaliza este domingo con el Bautismo del Señor. Esta fiesta es hermana de la fiesta de la semana pasada, la Epifanía. Cada una ellas celebra una “epifanía”, o manifestación del Espíritu de Dios en Jesús —primero en su nacimiento y ahora en su bautismo. El Espíritu Divino se manifiesta en todas las lecturas bíblicas de la fiesta. El Salmo 104 destaca al Espíritu de Dios que crea y renueva la tierra, mientras que la lectura de Isaías describe a Dios restaurando a Israel. En el relato de Lucas del bautismo del Señor el Espíritu Santo desciende sobre Jesús. Y la carta a Tito nos recuerda que el Espíritu Santo también “derramó con abundancia” sobre nosotros, el “baño de regeneración” (Tito 3:5, 6).

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Welcome to Saint Francis of Assisi /

Bienvenida a St. Francisco de Asís Vision Statement: Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church shall be known as a vibrant parish and center of spirituality for North Lake Tahoe where parishioners and visitors are actively committed to sharing their love, talent, and treasures in ministering to the spiritual growth, and needs of others. Mission Statement: Guided by the Holy Spirit, we are a Catholic faith community welcoming all to experience the presence of God by celebrating the Eucharist and embracing the teaching of the Holy Scriptures and Traditions. We minister to all people of North Lake Tahoe where diversity, life challenges, spiritual growth and respect for our precious resources are celebrated and embraced by providing compassionate services through Christ.

Pastor: Reverend William “Bill” Nadeau Deacon: Don Korson OR (775) 852-3650 Music Liturgy Director & Media: Lynne Cibulsky Assoc. Music Director: Tim Callicrate Religious Education: Jodi Clouthier Administrative Assistant: Liz Correa Parish Administrator: Ed Orsua Pastoral Associate: Katie Christensen Hispanic Ministries: Deacon Jose Castro Youth Ministry Leader: Tim Kelly Front Office: Grounds & Building Maintenance: John McManus (775) 831-0490

OFFICE HOURS Monday through Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

Declaración De Visión La Iglesia de San Francisco de Asís es conocida como una parroquia vibrante y el centro de la espiritualidad para Lake Tahoe donde parroquianos y visitantes están comprometidos activamente a compartir su amor, su talento y atender al desarrollo espiritual y las necesidades de los otros. Declaración de Misión

Guiados por el Espíritu Santo, somos una comunidad de fe y les damos la bienvenida a todos para que experimenten la presencia de Dios mediante la celebración de la Eucaristía que acepten las enseñanzas de las Sagradas Escrituras y las tradiciones. Servimos a toda la gente del norte de Lake Tahoe, donde la diversidad los desafíos, de la vida, el crecimiento espiritual y el respeto de nuestros recursos que son apreciados y son celebrados a través de los servicios de Cristo compasivo.

Mass Schedule / Horario de Misa Saturday: Sunday: Weekdays:

5:00 pm 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 5:00 pm (Español) 9:00 am (Tuesday—Friday)

Sacraments Reconciliation: Saturdays—4:00 pm (or by appointment)

Reconciliación en Espanol: Domingos a las 4:30 pm

Parish Ministries and Programs /

Ministerios y Programas de Parroquia

In a wonderful and committed sense of Christian stewardship, St. Francis of Assisi parishioners are active in over 30 ministries and programs. We strongly encourage you to get involved in one which serves as a good use of your passion, time, talent, and treasure. For a complete listing of all ministries, programs, and contacts, please visit our new website at (Our list is published in our weekly bulletin at midmonth.) Once at our website, you can also access our weekly bulletins and a wide array of St. Francis Sacraments /Sacramentos information. We especially encourage you to take Baptism/Bautizo: Pre-baptismal English Classes are held the first Wednesday of advantage of Online Giving (OLG), our new feature which allows you to make donations — regular and one each month; call Cathy Cecil, 622-3378. Spanish Classes are held the first Monday of each month; call Natividad Morales, -time — all online. This mode of giving is not only 832-8035 or 815-6835. convenient and simple to use, but provides year-end Clases Pre bautismales en ingles cada primer miércoles del tax statements for your charitable giving. mes, hable con Cathy Cecil 622-3378. En español, cada primer lunes del mes hable Natividad Morales, 832-8035 o 815-6835. Ministry to the Homebound / Eucaristía en Casa: Please call the parish office, 831-0490.

Hable a la oficina. Marriage Preparation/Preparación de Matrimonio: For English, call Beth & Dieter Krewedl, (530) 587-1172 Pg. 2

BULLETIN REQUESTS: Please submit notices & articles for the church bulletin to: Lynne Cibulsky at


St. Francis of Assisi Ministries & Programs /Ministerios y Programas de San Francisco

We have a vast array of ministries and programs serving the St. Francis Parish and Northern Nevada communities at large. There are many ways for parishioners to become involved through the use of their time, talent, and treasure. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions or would like to become more involved in our faith community. For your convenience, this list will be published monthly in our bulletin. MINISTRY/PROGRAM



Altar Servers Art & Environment Baptism Preparation Blanket Ministry Clerical Support Finance Council Hispanic Ministry Homebound Ministry Hospitality Ministry Just Faith Ministry Kinder Church Knights of Columbus Lectors/Eucharistic Ministers Legacy Society Ministry Liturgy Committee Music Ministry Pastoral Council Project Dresser Protecting God’s Children RCIA Religious Education Rosary Ministry Sacristan Small Church Communities Stewardship Ushers Wedding Preparation Worldwide Marriage Encounter Youth Ministry

Melissa White Nancy Henderson Chuck & Cathy Cecil Annette Mimiaga Brenda Boutte Diane Severance Deacon Jose Castro Wilma VandenEkart Vern & Pat Lucas Judy Grassilli Christine Duner Torre Mercogliano Pat Crow Roberta & Clay Klein Katie Christensen Lynne Cibulsky Bob Mimiaga Denise Azzara Jodi Clouthier Torre Mercogliano Jodi Clouthier Gayle & Mike Archer Charleen Knieriem Sharon Hatch Dave Collins Mike Pennacchio Beth & Dieter Krewedl Mike & Jane Maloney Tim Kelly Church Office: 831-0490

NOTE to All Ministry Heads: Please e-mail Lynne Cibulsky at if your e-mail address changes or you prefer to list a telephone contact number. Pg. 3

WE SERVE AND PRAY TOGETHER Thank you to the following who are scheduled for Jan. 19-20

Gracias a los siguientes que son planificados para el 19 y 20 de Enero

The Precious Blood will not be given during flu season. Saturday, January 19, 2013 Lector/EMB Altar Servers

5 p.m. Mass

C. Curtis, B. Dahl, D. Cauley Kruz Conway and Samantha Giangreco

Sunday, January 20, 2013 9 a.m. Mass Lector/EMB M. Fenelon, M. Chillemi*, R. Webber *EMB for #2 Lector: A. Demolski Altar Servers Thaddeus Hamby and Bennett Welco

11 a.m. Mass Lectors/EMB Altar Servers

NOTE to EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: If you are unavailable to serve during FEBRUARY, please contact Pat Crow by SUNDAY, JANUARY 18th. Thank you!

B. Boutte, D. Boutte, D. Daleke Zach White and Parker Fontecchio

A Mass intention is a beautiful way to remember a beloved friend or family member, whether in death, for healing, in celebration of a special day, or simply for prayers & guidance. If you would like to request a special intention, please come by or call the office to schedule it for any of our weekday/weekend Masses. ($10 donation is suggested.). Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 9 a.m. Charleen Gitchell† By Mary O’Donnell

NOTE to ALTAR SERVERS: Please contact Melissa White at if you are unavailable to serve as scheduled or if you wish to volunteer to become a server.


Please pray for the young men and women in our military. If you would like to add a name to this prayer list, please contact Lynne Cibulsky at (775) 831-0490. You may also leave your information with any office staff member. SPC Michael Landis 101st Airborne Division Ft. Campbell, KY Major Greg Ebert Nellis AFB Lt. Nelson Keyser IV USN-F-18 Pilot USS Abraham Lincoln

PFC Jamie Bonnenfant 99 Michigan Ave. P.O. Box 139 Ft. Campbell, KY 42223 Lt. Col. Michael Drew Travis AFB Lt. Michael Boutte US Army—Afghanistan

Ssgt Justin B. Claman LTGJ Jeannie Crump B CO. 1/189th GSAB USCG—Sector San Francisco FOB Shank, APO AE 09364 Yerba Buena Island Major Robert “Bobby” Houston Nellis AFB


Wednesday, Jan. 16, at 9 a.m. Michael Casey† By Pat and Vernon Lucas Thursday, Jan. 17, at 9 a.m. Dottie O’Brien† By Terry Schank Friday, Jan. 18 at 9 a.m. Richard Rice† Pat and Vernon Lucas Saturday, Jan. 19 5 p.m. Mary P. Diederich† By Her 13 Children Sunday, Jan. 20 9 a.m. Mariane O’Brien 11 a.m. Doris and Hank Oscam Margarete and Ben Johnson 5 p.m. Comunidad de San Francisco de Asís Para Fr. Bill

JUNTOS SERVIMOS Y ORAMOS Spiritual Stewardship...Prayers for the Living Espiritual Administración...Oraciones para la Vida Keep in your prayers… Mantengan en oración... Violeta Avila Rick Johnson Scarlette Bertolina Mark Kaspar Al Bonnenfant Gen Kellerman Jack Brosnan Madison Lewis Christopher Carrette Riley Loper Ron Carrette Ramona Magallanes Wil & Betty Clarke Dawn Maggio Jim Clements Ted Maggio Gary Coblens Daryl Martin Jerry Colligan Butch McCarty George Conlow Lauren McLaughlin Gira Cooper Vilma Merlos Lynne Cox Scott Mitchell Bill Eadington Cecilia Morales Sharon Filardo Robert Parrish Lucia Flores Simona Peralta Jim France Joan & Leon Pujalet Carol Frenney Fr. Jim Quinn Sheila Fruhling Victor & Maria Harry Garstang Ramirez Pat Grover Chris Reyes Cheryl Hansen Megan Roby Dr. Newt Hardgrave Mary Ann Sabia Maryanne Hey Steven Schmitz Tony Hugar Butch Slagerman Don Johnson Jacqueline Slagerman

Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Welcomes You! ¡San Francisco de Asís le da la Bienvenida! Registration / Change Form / Formulario de inscripción

Rick Slavenes Petti Thall Ellen Tuazon Renato Tuazon Al Turner Saul Viveros Resendiz Courtenay Wallpe Karen Winn Baby Xavier

Seasonal / Part-Time Full-Time

Family Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nombre de Familia

Physical Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Dirección Física

Mailing Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dirección Postal

Phone ___________________________________ E-mail______________________________________________________________ Numero Telefónico

Correo Electrónico


Wife_____________________________ Would you like envelopes?___________



¿Quiere Sobres?

Children’s Names & DOB ______________________________________________________________________________________ Nombre de Hijos y fecha de nacimiento __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pg. 5

News from the Padre/ Noticias de Nuestro Sacerdote About a year and half ago, the administration launched an electronic vehicle “We The People: Your Voice in Government” enabling Americans to directly petition the White House. Any petition that collects 25,000 signatures within 30 days will be reviewed by the White House staff and receive an “official response” from the administration. Some of the recent petitions have been:    

Make the Metric System the standard in the United States. Shorten excessive copyright terms. Modernize the rail network into a high capacity electrified system. Allow intelligence agencies to secretly spy on U.S. Citizens.

Now there is a petition to designate our Holy Roman Catholic Church as a hate group based on Pope Benedict XVI’s year-end address in which he denounced gay marriage. The “We The People” petition filed on Christmas Day centered on what they perceive as Benedict’s “hateful language and discriminatory remarks.” This anti-Catholic petition argues that our Holy Father “demeaned and belittled homosexual people around the world.” The petition has 2,200 signatures, well short of the 25,000 needed by January 24. They want the President to identify the Catholic Church as a hate group, as defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. Having read the Pope’s Christmas Greeting addressed to the College of Cardinals on December 21, 2012, I personally think that the petitioners are distorting the Pope’s words, which do not have any hateful or discriminatory language. The Pope did not directly reference “gay marriage” or “homosexuality” at all. However, our Holy Father did defend Our Church’s understanding of sexuality and the “true structure of the family, made up of father, mother and child.” You can Google “Pope Benedict’s Christmas Greeting” and read for yourself what the Pope said. I believe that the petition is very misleading and has a strong underlying agenda meant to silence the Church’s position and stigmatize the Church as being intolerant. The Federal Government does not actually designate hate groups. It does however, prosecute hate crimes. Our Catholic Church’s position does hold a moral opposition to homosexual acts, but the Church also strongly opposes any violent crimes against homosexual individuals. We clearly make a distinction between the act and the person.

Pg. 6

News from the Padre/ Noticias de Nuestro Sacerdote Desde hace un año y medio, el gobierno mando por medio electrónico "Nosotros la voz del Pueblo: en el Gobierno" permitimos a los estadounidenses directamente hacer la petición a la Casa Blanca. Cualquier petición que tiene 25.000 firmas dentro de un plazo de 30 días será revisada por el personal de la Casa Blanca y recibir una respuesta "oficial" de la administración. Algunas de las últimas peticiones han sido: 

Hacer que el sistema métrico sea mejor en los Estados Unidos.  Acortar el exceso de los términos de derechos de autor.  Modernización de la red ferroviaria en una alta capacidad de sistema electrificado.  Permitir que agencias de inteligencia en secreto para espiar a los ciudadanos estadounidenses. Ahora hay una petición para designar nuestra Santa Iglesia Católica Romana como un grupo de odio basado en el discurso del Papa Benedicto XVI el fin de año en el que denunció al matrimonio gay. El "Nosotros, el pueblo", denuncia presentada el día de Navidad centrada en lo que ellos perciben al Papa Benedicto XVI "expresiones de odio y comentarios discriminatorios." Esta antiCatólica petición argumenta que nuestro Santo Padre "asilvestrado y menospreciado por personas homosexuales en todo el mundo." La petición tiene 2.200 firmas, muy por debajo de los 25.000 necesarios hasta el 24 de enero. Quieren que el Presidente identifique la Iglesia Católica como grupo de odio, tal como se define por el Southern Poverty Law Center y la Liga Antidifamación. Después de leer el Saludo navideño del Papa dirigido al Colegio Cardenalicio el 21 de diciembre de 2012, tengo que juzgar que los peticionarios están distorsionando las palabras del Papa, que no tienen ningún odio ni lenguaje discriminatorio. El Papa no hace directamente referencia al "matrimonio gay" o "la homosexualidad" a todos. Sin embargo, nuestro Santo Padre defiende nuestro entendimiento de la Iglesia de la sexualidad y la "verdadera estructura de la familia, compuesta por un padre, la madre y el niño." Puede entrar a Google "Saludo Navideño del Papa Benedicto XVI " y lea usted mismo lo que dijo el Papa. Yo creo que la petición es muy engañosa y tiene una fuerte subyacente del programa y para acallar la posición de la Iglesia y a la estigmatización social de la Iglesia, es intolerante. El Gobierno Federal no realmente designa grupos de odio. No obstante, enjuicia crímenes de odio. Nuestra posición de la Iglesia Católica tiene una oposición moral a actos homosexuales, pero también la Iglesia se opone firmemente a cualquier delito violento contra las personas homosexuales y nos hace una clara distinción entre la ley y la persona. Pg. 7

XLT - A night of praise and worship St. Francis of Assisi Church 6:30pm-7:45pm Saturday Jan. 26!


St. Francis Youth and Young Adult Ministries proudly presents an awesome night of praise, worship, and witness for people of ALL AGES! EXALT/XLT is a celebration of Our Lord Jesus Christ with great music, great talk, and an opportunity to be with Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament! Worship will be led by Francis Cabildo! Francis (www.facebook.comthefrancisband) leads worship to thousands of teens yearly at the Steubenville Conferences and camps and many parishes in Southern California. National speaker and youth minister David Calavitta ( will then bring a message of love and faith and hope to us in his very own inspiring and faith filled way. David is the Youth & Young Adult Minister at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Irvine, CA.

Worship will be led by national LifeTeen artist Francis Cabildo of The Francis Band! Speaking will be national LifeTeen speaker David Calavitta!

The night will begin with a pizza social in the hall right after the 5pm Mass. We are looking forward to seeing you at St. Francis for this amazing night of praise & worship! Contact Youth and Young Adult Director Tim Kelly at St. Francis of Assisi Parish if you have any questions: and 714-404-8592

Pg. 8

“I’m a Sacrament-seeking sinner, hoping to be a Saint. I believe that Christ established the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church.” - David Calavitta

Religious Education / Educación Religiosa

St. Francis of Assisi will hold Altar Server Training on Saturday, February 9 at 3:30 p.m. Anyone who has received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion may become an Altar Server. This is a special opportunity to actively participate in our Catholic faith and provide a genuine holy service. Please contact Jodi Clouthier in the Parish Office with any questions or to reserve your spot at the training session. Attention Holy Communion Families: First Reconciliation is Tuesday, January 15. We will begin at 6:00 p.m., sharp. We look forward to seeing you there!

Atención Familias que tienen hijas para la Primera Comunión: Su Primera Confesión será martes, el 15 de Enero. Empezaremos a las 6:00pm en punto. ¡Esperamos Verlos Allí!

Looking for ways to enhance your prayer life in the new year? Try this i-phone or i-pad app — iRosary. The prayer of the Holy Rosary was inspired by an apparition of Mother Mary to Saint Dominic in the year 1214. She has appeared to many other saints over history, for example, to the children of Fatima in 1917 to emphasize the importance of this prayer. It was Blessed Pope John Paul II’s favorite prayer, and it was he who added the wonderful Luminous Mysteries in 2002. iRosary offers all 20 Mysteries of the Rosary, and one has the option to turn the Luminous Mysteries off for those wanting a traditional 15 Mysteries. It offers many styles of beads and can be operated for left or right hand manipulation of the beads and also offers the user many types of ways to say the Rosary with variations for the Fatima Prayer, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and the Lorreto Litanies. It will also remember where you left off if you are interrupted during your prayers.

Pg. 9

Stewardship / La Adminstracion Good Stewardship: Sharing Our Treasure


Your extreme generosity to St. Francis of Assisi is greatly appreciated. Envelope This is a reporting of our primary weekend collection (1/6/13).

We also received $ 1,098 in our 2nd collection for Catholic Relief Services






On-Line Giving






A REFLECTION ON STEWARDSHIP: Today — the Baptism of the Lord—is also the First Sunday in Ordinary Time. Jesus’ Baptism Feast is placed here by the Church because it is an important part of what has been revealed and taught to us during Christmas. Last week we spoke of the meaning of Epiphany — a “manifestation” or “revealing.” Christ’s Baptism, as described in the Gospel of Luke in today’s readings, represents one of the Theophanies. An Epiphany is a manifestation, but a Theophany is the manifestation of God Himself. During this Christmas season and the week after it, we celebrate four theophanies: 1. The birth of Christ on December 25, which revealed Christ to Israel; 2. The visit of the Magi on Epiphany, which revealed Christ to the Gentiles; 3. The Baptism of the Lord, which revealed the Trinity; and 4. The miracle at the wedding of Cana, which revealed Christ’s transformation to the world. (Next week’s Gospel is the miracle at Cana.) Jesus’ Baptism is even more than a revelation to us. If He, who had no need of this purifying act, humbly subjected Himself to it, then we, most in need of redemption, can recognize both the importance of this sacrament, as well as recognizing how we are freed from darkness. Jesus was not Baptized because He needed it, but because we needed it. The Baptism of the Lord marks the official end of Christmas. Some churches do not dismantle their Christmas decorations until after this Feast Day. As Catholics, perhaps we, too, should follow that example — to let everyone know that Christmas does not end with Christmas Day, but with the culmination of our understanding as to Who Christ is. Pg. 10

Our Parish Community / Nuestra Comunidad Parroquial

GRAND KNIGHT: Torre Mercogliano

✤ Council Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month in our parish hall. Our January 14th Meeting times are: 5:00 p.m. Officers Meeting w/5:30 p.m. Business Meeting ✤ 4th Degree Assembly Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month in the parish hall. Our January 21st meeting is at 5:30 p.m.

KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS ANNUAL CRAB FEED & LENTEN FISH FRY 2nd Annual Crab Feed Friday, February 15, 2013 at 6 pm in the Parish Hall Fresh Dungeness crab along with pasta and garlic bread. Tickets will be sold after all Masses in February. Adults—$35 Children—$10

Lenten Fish Fry Fridays, February 22nd and March 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd following the 5 pm Stations of the Cross service Fresh white fish, deep-fried in delicious batter, plus baked potato and coleslaw Adults—$10

Children—$6 Pg. 11

Our Parish Community / Nuestra Comunidad Parroquial MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Don’t miss the annual Friends for Life dinner and auction on Friday, January 18th, 2013 at the Silver Legacy Casino. This yearly event celebrates and honors our pro-life heroes. This year, Ryan Bomberger will speak. Ryan heads the Radiance Foundation, a life-affirming organization that specializes in multimedia presentations and community outreach efforts that illuminate the intrinsic value of each person. To buy tickets online, go to For more information on this event or to find out about building a culture of life in Nevada, email, call (775) 813-4319, or visit our website at See you there!

“Faithful Friend” Purchase - $50 (includes one dinner ticket) Please contact Ellen Daleke at 831-0516 for more information about the dinner, table arrangements, and program endorsement. Pg. 12

9th Annual West Coast Walk for Life Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013 San Francisco Buses leave Northern Nevada early Saturday morning and return late Saturday evening. For info, call Mark at 775-240-1748

Our Parish Community / Nuestra Comunidad Parroquial

Pg. 13



Kinder Church meets every 1st & 3rd Sunday during the 9 am Mass throughout the school year.Daily Mass Daily Mass 9:00 am Daily Mass 9:00 am


Last Day to


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria


9 am Mass/Misa 11am Mass/Misa 5 pm Misa/Mass en Español Boy Scouts 5-7:30 (Hall)


9 am Mass/Misa w/Student Mass 11am Mass/Misa 5 pm Misa/Mass en Español Confirmation Class 9 am-3 pm

Pg. 14

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

Daily Mass 6:30 pm RCIA 9:00 am para niños de 6 años

NO RE Classes

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria



6:30 pm RCIA para niños de 6 años


6-8 p.m. YM H.S.LIFE NIGHT


3:30—5 pm RE Classes 8 pm Young Adults Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

4:00 pm Reconciliation

5 pm Mass / Misa 6:30 pm Grupo Biblico


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria 4:30 pm Stewardship Mtg. 9:30 am Finance Council Mtg.

5:30 pm Pastoral Council Mtg. 6-8 p.m. YM H.S. LIFE NIGHT


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

Choir 4:30-6 pm

6-8 p.m. YM 8 pm Young Adults H.S. LIFE NIGHT Weddings Portraiture Daily Mass Daily Mass 9:00 am 9:00 am Misa Diaria Misa Diaria


8 pm Young Adults


Daily Mass

NO Choir

3:30—5 pm RE Classes

6:30 pm RCIA en Español

5 5 pm Mass / Misa

Daily Mass

8 pm Young Adults

3:30—7:30 pm RE Classes

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria


9:00 am 9:00 am 10 Misa 11 Misa 12 Diaria Diaria

Choir 5-6:30 pm

Daily Mass 9:00 am 22 Misa 23 Diaria

6:30 pm RCIA en Español

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

6:30 pm Grupo Biblico

Kof C 4th Degree Mtg. 5 pm in Hall

6:30 pm RCIA para niños de 6 años


Choir 5-6:30 pm

3:30—5 pm RE Classes


K of C Council Mtg. 5:00 pm Officers 5:30 pm Business Parish Hall 6-8 pm Daily Mass Reconciliation First Reconciliation 9:00 am Daily Mass 4:00 pm

Parish Hall 10:00MLK Day2:00 OFFICE CLOSED

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria


Online Giving Training Session 4 pm

6:30 pm RCIA en Español

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria


NO Young Adults


Reconciliation 4:00 pm



4:00 pm Reconciliation

Online Giving Training Session 9:30 am

6:30 pm9:00 RCIA am paraDiocese niños DRE 6:30 pm RCIA en Español Meeting de 6 años Daily Mass 9:00 am




9 am Mass/Misa 11 am Mass/Misa 5 pm Misa/Mass en Español 10 am Coffee & Daily Mass Pastries 9:00 am

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria


New Year’s Day Reconciliation OFFICE Reconciliation 4:00 pm CLOSED 4:00 pm

Anointing of the sign-up Sick at Daily For Youth Ralley Mass 9:00 am

9 am Mass/Misa 11am Mass/Misa 5 pm Misa/Mass en Español



9:00 am


Daily Mass 9:00 am



Choir 4:30-6 pm

6-8 p.m. YM M.S. EDGE

19 4:00 pm Reconciliation

5 pm Mass / Misa 6:30 pm Grupo Biblico


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

4 pm Stewardship Committee Mtg. 6:30 pm Grupo Biblico Promotional

6-8 p.m. YM M.S. EDGE


4:00 pm Reconciliation

5 pm Mass / Misa 6-8 p.m. MS XLT and EDGE Special Events

Coffee & Pastries are served after the 9 a.m. Sunday Mass. We look forward to joining parishioners and visitors in fellowship each weekend.

6-8 p.m. YM 775.833.FOTO (3686) H.S. LIFE NIGHT

...Just search St. Francis of Assisi, Lake Tahoe And click “Like”




775.833.FOTO (3686)

Special Events

Pg. 15

Please support our bulletin advertisers. Team Christensen Since 1964 Mary Reimer - Realtor Realtor and Parishioner since 1990

Roger Christensen Marketing 775.762.1908

931 Tahoe Blvd. Incline Village, NV

Toll Free 877.403.7949 Direct 775.742.7020 E-mail

Katie Christensen Broker/Salesperson 775.762.3935

931 Tahoe Boulevard, #1A, Incline Village, Nevada 89451

Pat Lucas

REALTOR Ca #01116796 NV #S.0167380 530-400-3992 direct Distinctive Properties Cottages to Lakefronts 1225 N. Lake Boulevard, P.O. Box 104, Tahoe City, California 96145 923 Tahoe Boulevard, Suite 101, Incline Village, Nevada 89451

Italian Restaurant –

Since 1978 – —

Open for Dinner at 5 pm (Closed Mondays) (775) 831-0346

Jane O’Brien PT, MSPT 889 Alder Ave., Ste. 105 Incline Village, NV 89451 (775) 831-6600

Fall service lawn maintenance and landscape contractor

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St Francis Bulletin 03-13

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