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The first reading today may seem somewhat out of place. Doesn’t the “feast of Stephen” evoke memories of the Christmas season, rather than Easter? But it is most relevant for the days after the Ascension. Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, stands at his Father’s right hand to welcome Stephen into heaven. Indeed, that is why Jesus has gone before us—to welcome us into God’s house.

La primera lectura de hoy puede parecer fuera de lugar. La “fiesta de Esteban” ¿no evoca recuerdos de Navidad más que de Pascua? Pero tiene más sentido después de la Ascensión. Jesucristo, el Hijo del Hombre, de pie a la derecha del Padre, da la bienvenida a Esteban en el cielo. Sin duda por eso Jesús nos precede –para darnos la bienvenida a la casa del Padre.

In the second reading the focus on heavenly reward continues: the new day coming with its hope and expectation. There is also an echo here of Advent, but it is now the fulfillment of those hopes, the resolution of all questions and difficulties.

La segunda lectura continúa refiriéndose a premios celestiales: el nuevo día llega con sus esperanzas y sus expectativas. Resuena un eco aquí también, del Adviento, pero ahora sobre el cumplimiento de esas esperanzas, las respuestas a todas las interrogantes y las soluciones a todas las dificultades. El Adviento es sobre la “venida”.

John’s Gospel today is part of the section known as the “high priestly prayer” of Jesus. It was his prayer at the Last Supper as he prepared for his roles as priest and victim. But it is also his prayer as the glorified and ascended high priest, the giver of glory, the center of faith, and the master of his destiny and ours.

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La Iglesia ahora reza: “Ven, Señor Jesús”. El Evangelio de Juan hoy es parte de la sección conocida como la “oración sacerdotal” de Jesús. Fue su oración en la Última Cena cuando se preparaba para su ministerio de sacerdote y de víctima. Pero es también su oración como sumo sacerdote glorificado y ascendido, dador de gloria, centro de la fe y maestro de su destino y del nuestro.

Welcome to Saint Francis of Assisi /

Bienvenida a St. Francisco de Asís Vision Statement: Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church shall be known as a vibrant parish and center of spirituality for North Lake Tahoe where parishioners and visitors are actively committed to sharing their love, talent, and treasures in ministering to the spiritual growth, and needs of others. Mission Statement: Guided by the Holy Spirit, we are a Catholic faith community welcoming all to experience the presence of God by celebrating the Eucharist and embracing the teaching of the Holy Scriptures and Traditions. We minister to all people of North Lake Tahoe where diversity, life challenges, spiritual growth and respect for our precious resources are celebrated and embraced by providing compassionate services through Christ.

Pastor: Reverend William “Bill” Nadeau Deacon: Don Korson OR (775) 852-3650 Deacon: Jose Castro Parish Office Manager: Jill Mulcahy Pastoral Associate: Katie Christensen Music Liturgy Director & Media: Lynne Cibulsky Assoc. Music Director: Tim Callicrate Religious Education: Jodi Clouthier Youth Ministry Leader: Tim Kelly Hispanic Ministries Coordinator: Natividad Morales (775) 815-6835 Front Office: Grounds & Building Maintenance: John McManus (775) 831-0490

OFFICE HOURS Monday through Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

Declaración De Visión La Iglesia de San Francisco de Asís es conocida como una parroquia vibrante y el centro de la espiritualidad para Lake Tahoe donde parroquianos y visitantes están comprometidos activamente a compartir su amor, su talento y atender al desarrollo espiritual y las necesidades de los otros. Declaración de Misión

Guiados por el Espíritu Santo, somos una comunidad de fe y les damos la bienvenida a todos para que experimenten la presencia de Dios mediante la celebración de la Eucaristía que acepten las enseñanzas de las Sagradas Escrituras y las tradiciones. Servimos a toda la gente del norte de Lake Tahoe, donde la diversidad los desafíos, de la vida, el crecimiento espiritual y el respeto de nuestros recursos que son apreciados y son celebrados a través de los servicios de Cristo compasivo.

Mass Schedule / Horario de Misa Saturday: Sunday: Weekdays:

5:00 pm 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 5:00 pm (Español) 9:00 am (Tuesday—Friday)

Sacraments Reconciliation: Saturdays—4:00 pm (or by appointment)

Reconciliación en Español: Domingos a las 4:30 pm

Parish Ministries and Programs /

Ministerios y Programas de Parroquia

In a wonderful and committed sense of Christian stewardship, St. Francis of Assisi parishioners are active in over 30 ministries and programs. We strongly encourage you to get involved in a ministry which serves as a good use of your passion, time, talent, and treasure. For a complete listing of all ministries, programs, and contacts, please visit our new website at (Our list is published in our weekly bulletin at midmonth.) Once at our website, you can also access our Sacraments /Sacramentos weekly bulletins and a wide array of St. Francis information. We especially encourage you to take Baptism/Bautizo: Pre-baptismal English Classes are held the first Wednesday of advantage of Online Giving (OLG), our new feature which allows you to make donations — regular and each month; call Cathy Cecil, 622-3378. Spanish Classes are one-time — all online. This mode of giving is not only held the first Monday of each month; call Natividad Morales, 832-8035 or 815-6835. convenient and simple to use, but provides year-end tax statements for your charitable giving. Clases Pre bautismales en ingles cada primer miércoles del mes, hable con Cathy Cecil 622-3378. En español, cada primer BULLETIN REQUESTS: lunes del mes hable Natividad Morales, 832-8035 o 815-6835. Please submit notices & articles for the church bulletin to: Ministry to the Homebound / Eucaristía en Casa: Lynne Cibulsky at Please call the parish office, 831-0490.

Hable a la oficina. Marriage Preparation/Preparación de Matrimonio: For English, call Beth & Dieter Krewedl, (530) 587-1172 Pg. 2


Stewardship & Community / Administración y Comunidad GRAND KNIGHT: Torre Mercogliano ✤ Council Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. Our May 13th Meeting times are: 5 pm Officers / 5:30 pm Business ✤ 4th Degree Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month. Our May 20th Meeting will be at 5:30 pm

Good Stewardship: Sharing Our Treasure


Your extreme generosity to St. Francis of Assisi is greatly appreciated.




This is a reporting of last week’s primary collections. (through week ending 5/5/2013)




On-Line Giving








Has God been working in a special way in your life lately? Come hear the good news proclaimed with other Catholic Christians in our parish! Our Small Church Community (SCC) will gather on Wednesday evening, May 15th from 7 to 8:45 pm at Sharon and Bruce Hatch’s home. We will meet for prayer, scripture readings, faith sharing and fellowship. Whether you have been to one of our SCCs or not, please feel welcome to join us and bring along a friend if you like! All are invited. For more information or to RSVP, call Sharon Hatch at (775) 832-2616.

Thanks to the generosity of St. Francis parishioners, we were able to complete an emergency dresser for a mother after receiving a last-minute call from Casa de Vida. This was very appropriate, especially during the month of May which is dedicated to our Blessed Mother who also chose life for her Divine Son.

Testimony for SCC: “Through our reflections and sharing on the Sunday scriptures along with the focus questions, I feel excitement, hope and confidence in my faith. I gain spiritual strength in knowing other parishioners who are growing in an alive-relationship with our God, believing in and cooperating with Him in their challenging lives.” (S. Hatch)

Your continued support of Project Dresser allows us to help these young pregnant girls, giving them encouragement and hope. God bless you!

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WE SERVE AND PRAY TOGETHER Thank you to the following who are scheduled for May 18 and 19

Gracias a los siguientes que son planificados para el 18 y 19 de Mayo

Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 5 p.m. Mass Lector/EMB J. Dentz, A. Dentz, A. Demolski EMW Tab: M. Archer / Ambo: G. Archer Altar Servers Liam and Paloma Nolan-Bowers Sunday, May 19, 2013 9 a.m. Mass Lector/EMB B. Murphy, B. Murphy, J. Smith EMW Tab: A. Smith / Ambo: C. Knieriem Altar Servers Jack Clouthier and Thaddeus Hamby 11 a.m. Mass Lectors/EMB E. Daleke, D. Daleke, A. Phillips EMW Tab: B. Barth / Ambo: P. Barth Altar Servers Nolan and Neve Galusha “Prayers of the Faithful” Writers Tippi & Bob McIver (for May 18-19)

NOTE to ALTAR SERVERS: Please contact Melissa White at if you are unavailable to serve as scheduled or if you wish to volunteer to become a server.

Please pray for the young men and women in our military. If you would like to add a name to this prayer list, please contact Lynne Cibulsky at (775) 831-0490. You may also leave your information with any office staff member. SPC Michael Landis 101st Airborne Division Ft. Campbell, KY Major Greg Ebert Langley AFB Lt. Nelson Keyser IV USN-F-18 Pilot LeMoore NAS LT Jeannie Crump USCG—Sector San Francisco Yerba Buena Island

PFC Jamie Bonnenfant US Army—Afghanistan Lt. Col. Michael Drew Travis AFB Lt. Michael Boutte US Army Major Robert “Bobby” Houston Nellis AFB Lt. Col Michael Eltz Seymour Johnson AFB Col Kyle McClelland US Army Kabul, Afghanistan


NOTE to EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: If you are unavailable to serve during JUNE, please contact Pat Crow by FRIDAY, May 17th. Thank you!

A Mass intention is a beautiful way to remember a beloved friend or family member, whether in death, for healing, in celebration of a special day, or simply for prayers & guidance. If you would like to request a special intention, please come by or call the office to schedule it for any of our weekday/weekend Masses. (A $10 donation is suggested.)

Tuesday, May 14 at 9 am Larry Mitchell† By Dawn and Ted Maggio Wednesday, May 15 at 9 am Larry Bergeron† By The Bouttes Thursday, May 16 at 9 am Jay Abdo† By C.J. Abdo Friday, May 17 at 9 am Joseph Costanzo Jr.† By Mary Darlene Costanzo Saturday, May 18 at 5 pm Healing for Beth Krewdl Sunday, May 19 9 am James Lee By His Parents 11 am Happy 40th Anniversary to Amuer and Bill Phillips 5 pm

Sr. Amalia Viveros (90th cumpleaños) De sus hijos Margarita y familia

JUNTOS SERVIMOS Y ORAMOS Spiritual Stewardship...Prayers for the Living Espiritual Administración...Oraciones para la Vida Keep in your prayers… Mantengan en oración... Bob Anderson Don Johnson Helen Rolen Brenda Ashkar Rick Johnson Mary Ann Sabia Bernie Atkinson Mark Kaspar Steven Schmitz Scarlette Bertolina Gen Kellerman Butch Slagerman Al Bonnenfant Madison Lewis Jacqueline Slagerman Jack Brosnan Riley Loper Rick Slavenes Katy Brotherton Peyton Madden Xavier Smilley Jimmy Budzinski Ramona Magallanes Ed Strauss Christopher Carrette Dawn and Ted Maggio Petti Thall Ron Carrette Tim Marrinan Ellen Tuazon Wil & Betty Clarke Daryl Martin Renato Tuazon Jim Clements Bob and Tippi McIver Al Turner Gary Coblens Lauren McLaughlin Saul Viveros George Conlow Vilma Merlos Resendiz Gira Cooper Tom Mimiaga Courtenay Wallpe David Cox Scott Mitchell The West Family Sharon Filardo Cecilia Morales Karen Winn Mason & Miles Fisk Tony Moulding Cindy Wisner and Lucia Flores Nancy Niemi Family Jim France Robert Parrish The Dick Witzig Carol Frenney Simona Peralta Family Harry Garstang Joan & Leon Pujalet John Zelner Pat Grover Victor & Maria Shirley Hack Ramirez Dr. Newt Hardgrave Chris Reyes Maryanne Heyde Megan Roby

Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Welcomes You! ¡San Francisco de Asís le da la Bienvenida! Registration & Change Form / Formulario de inscripción

Seasonal / Part-Time Full-Time

Family Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nombre de Familia

Physical Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Dirección Física

Mailing Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dirección Postal

Phone ___________________________________ E-mail______________________________________________________________ Numero Telefónico

Correo Electrónico


Wife_____________________________ Would you like envelopes?___________



¿Quiere Sobres?

Children’s Names & DOB ______________________________________________________________________________________ Nombre de Hijos y fecha de nacimiento __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pg. 5

News from the Padre/ Noticias de Nuestro Sacerdote This weekend, millions of Americans will go to a card shop, or create a personal Mother’s Day card, order flowers or buy a present for their mom. As you wish your Mother a “Happy Mother’s Day” or remember her in prayer if she is deceased, it may also be a good time to remember those mothers throughout the world who face enormous challenges every day. Let us remember the millions of mothers who live on less than a dollar a day, the mothers who have no health care for themselves or their children; the mothers wondering how they are going to feed or diaper their children and the mothers who have no means to get proper immunizations, antibiotics or effective treatments for communicable diseases. This list of challenged and needy mothers could go on and on… Anyone who has ever had to worry about such things can deeply sympathize. For those of us who have escaped such worries, we can only imagine the level of instinctive stress that this type of uncertainty can provoke. Mother’s Day originally began as a call to unite women around the world to address these tough challenges faced by mothers. In 1870, Julia Ward Howe issued the “Mother’s Day Proclamation.” After witnessing the atrocities of war and the ensuing hardships of tens of thousands of widows and orphans, she issued a rallying cry for women to use their power and humanity to promote the “alliance of the different nationalities” and the “amicable settlement of international questions.” Challenges today are strikingly similar and Howe’s words are still timely. Wars rage on. Food prices are skyrocketing. Poverty prevents people from obtaining clean water and nutritional food, or gaining access to healthcare and basic education. Americans alone are expected to spend over $16 billion on Mother’s Day, with nearly $675 million to be spent on Mother’s Day cards alone. On this holiday, in the spirit of Mother’s Day, we might consider spending some of that money to ease the burdens of some of our local mothers. Perhaps you could consider dropping off a box of diapers for our ongoing “Project Dresser” or purchasing some yarn for our “Blanket Ministry,” a group who distributes special crocheted and knitted blankets to the terminally ill or infirmed. Maybe you have a little extra time to quilt a baby blanket for a newborn baptized here at St. Francis, or shop for extra food items to share with our “Food for the Hungry” ministry. If you have some baby furniture or clothing that your children have outgrown, please donate it to any of our local thrift stores. There are countless ways to help both locally and globally. Make sure to let your mother know you were thinking about her and all of the many things she provided for you along the way…and that you did a good deed in honor of her. It will make her very proud. Blessed Mother’s Day from the St. Francis staff….

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News from the Padre/ Noticias de Nuestro Sacerdote Este fin de semana, millones de estadounidenses se van a una tienda de tarjetas, a comprara una tarjeta para el Día de la madre, o flores o un regalo para su madre. Para desearle a su madre "un Feliz Día de la Madre" o recordarla en la oración si ella ha fallecido, también puede ser un buen momento para recordar a las madres de todo el mundo que se enfrentan a enormes retos cada día. Hay que recordar los millones de madres que viven con menos de un dólar al día, las madres que no tienen atención de salud para sí mismos o sus hijos; las madres se preguntan cómo se van a alimentar o comprar pañales para los niños y las madres que no tienen los medios para obtener una correcta vacunación, o los antibióticos o tratamientos eficaces para las enfermedades transmisibles. Esta lista de las impugnaciones que las madres necesitan podría seguir y seguir… Cualquiera que haya pasado alguna vez a preocuparse por este tipo de cosas pueden solidarizarse profundamente. Para aquellos de nosotros que se han escapado de este tipo de preocupaciones, sólo podemos imaginarnos el nivel de tensión instintiva que este tipo de incertidumbre puede provocar. El día de la madre se inició como una llamada a unir a las mujeres en todo el mundo para hacer frente a estos retos que enfrentan las madres. En 1870, Julia Ward Howe emitió el "Anuncio del Día de la Madre." Después de presenciar las atrocidades de la guerra, y las siguientes penalidades de decenas de miles de viudas y huérfanos, y emitió un grito de guerra para que las mujeres usaran su poder y la humanidad para promover la "alianza de las diferentes nacionalidades" y la "solución amistosa de los asuntos internacionales." Los desafíos de hoy son sorprendentemente y similares a los de Howe y las palabras siguen siendo oportunas. Furia en las guerras. Los precios de los alimentos están subiendo como la espuma. La pobreza impide a las personas de acceder a agua potable, atención sanitaria y la educación básica. Los Estadounidenses solo esperan gastar más de $16 mil millones de dólares por el día de la madre, con casi 675 millones de dólares que se gastaran en tarjetas solamente. En este día de fiesta, con el espíritu del Día de la Madre, podríamos considerar gastar una parte de ese dinero para aliviar los problemas de algunas de nuestras madres locales. Tal vez si podríamos tener la posibilidad de donar una caja de pañales para nuestro "Proyecto Actual de Vestir" o adquirir hilo para nuestro "Ministerio de Manta", un grupo especial que distribuye mantas de ganchillo y punto a los enfermos terminales. Tal vez tenga un poco de tiempo extra para hacer una manta para un bebé recién nacido y que es bautizado aquí en la parroquia de San Francisco, o unos productos complementarios para compartir con nuestro “ministerio de alimentos para las personas que pasan hambre.” Si usted tiene algo de bebé o ropa que a sus hijos han dejado, por favor, donarla a cualquiera de nuestros locales de tiendas de segunda mano. Existen innumerables formas de ayudar tanto a nivel local como mundial. Asegúrese de dejar que su madre sepa que estaba pensando en ella y en todo lo que ella siempre hizo contigo en el camino… y que tu has hecho un buen acto en honor de ella. Se sentirá orgullosa. Bendiciones en este día de la Madres de parte del personal de la parroquia de San Francisco… Pg. 7

Religious Education / Educación Religiosa ATTENTION FIRST COMMUNION FAMILIES The group photos from First Communion are in. Please stop by the church office during business hours to pick yours up.

ATENCIÓN FAMILIAS DE LOS NINOS QUE RECIBIERON SU PRIMERA COMUNION La foto de grupo de ya esta lista. Por favor pase por ella durante las horas de oficina a recogerla. Religious Education Year-End Family BBQ courtesy of our Knights of Columbus Reunión familiar de fin de año con BBQ para los de educación religiosa cortesía de nuestros Caballeros de Colon.

Pg. 8

May Crowning

Coronaci贸n de Mar铆a

Pg. 9

RISE UP! - Middle School Retreat St. Francis of Assisi Church May 18-19 6 pm-4:30 pm

Finding your Mission in Life

St. Francis Youth and Young Adult Ministries proudly presents an amazing weekend for 6th-8th grade students to “Rise Up” and find their mission in their lives. “RISE UP” is an overnight retreat with the goal to help middle school students understand that Jesus Christ and His Church are in their lives to lead them to “Finding the Mission in their Lives.” Worship will be led by the awesome band “To The Author” ( The Chico, California band leads worship at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church LifeTeen Mass as well as leading retreats all over Northern California for teens.

Worship will be led by the band “To The Author!” The Chico-based band will lead us with a concert on Saturday night and then worship Sunday morning!

Youth Ministers Brennan Cull from Holy Trinity Parish in El Dorado Hills, CA and Tim Kelly from St. Francis of Assisi Parish, will speak on a variety of topics that are current for middle school students. Brennan has spoken all over the country to both middle and high school students about his Faith and love of the Catholic Church. The night will begin with registration at 6 pm on Saturday night, with pick-up at 4:30 pm on Sunday afternoon. Please contact Youth and Young Adult Director TK with any questions: OR 714-404-8592

Pg. 10

Youth Minister and National LifeTeen Speaker, Brennen Cull, will set hearts on fire with his love and passion for Jesus Christ and his Catholic Faith!

St. Francis of Assisi Ministries & Programs /Ministerios y Programas de San Francisco

We have a vast array of ministries and programs serving the St. Francis Parish and Northern Nevada communities at large. There are many ways for parishioners to become involved through the use of their time, talent, and treasure. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions or would like to become more involved in our faith community. For your convenience, this list will be published monthly in our bulletin. MINISTRY/PROGRAM



Altar Servers Art & Environment Baptism Preparation Blanket Ministry Clerical Support Finance Council Hispanic Ministries Coordinator Homebound Ministry Hospitality Ministry Just Faith Ministry Kinder Church Knights of Columbus Lectors/Eucharistic Ministers Legacy Society Ministry Liturgy Committee Music Ministry Pastoral Council Project Dresser Protecting God’s Children RCIA Religious Education Rosary Ministry Sacristan Small Church Communities Stewardship Ushers Wedding Preparation Worldwide Marriage Encounter Youth & Young Adult Ministries

Melissa White Nancy Henderson Chuck & Cathy Cecil Annette Mimiaga Barbara Allio Dianne Severance Natividad Morales Wilma VandenEkart Vern & Pat Lucas Judy Grassilli Christine Duner Torre Mercogliano Pat Crow Roberta & Clay Klein Katie Christensen Lynne Cibulsky Bob Mimiaga Denise Azzara Jodi Clouthier Torre Mercogliano Jodi Clouthier Gayle & Mike Archer Charleen Knieriem Sharon Hatch Dave Collins Mike Pennacchio Beth & Dieter Krewedl Mike & Jane Maloney Tim Kelly (775) 815-6835 Church Office: 831-0490

Pending Change

NOTE to All Ministry Leaders: Please e-mail Lynne Cibulsky at if your e-mail address changes or you prefer to list a telephone contact number. (Revised 5/2013) Pg. 11

Peace and Justice / La Paz y La Justicia Issues of Peace and Justice The gospel says those present at the ascension of the Lord “returned to Jerusalem with great joy.” Why were they feeling “great joy” and not great sadness? Perhaps they were feeling the great peace that Jesus had brought. “The peace of Christ is, in the first place, reconciliation with the Father, which is brought about by the ministry Jesus entrusted to his disciples and which begins with the proclamation of peace: ‘Whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace be to this house!’ Peace then, is reconciliation with one’s brothers and sisters, for in the prayer that Jesus taught us—the Our Father—the forgiveness that we ask of God is linked to the forgiveness that we grant to our brothers and sisters: ‘forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors’. With this twofold reconciliation Christians can become peacemakers and therefore participate in the Kingdom of God, in accordance with what Jesus himself proclaims in the Beatitudes: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God’” (Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, #492). In addition to being called to this “two-fold reconciliation” in our personal relationships, we are called as a people—as a nation—to forgive and reconcile in great ways; e.g. criminal justice reform, economic justice, ecological justice that calls for restoration and renewal, immigration law reform, and much more. Let us join in the renewal of the earth in these and many other ways; such work can lead us, too, to great joy.

Fomentar La Paz y La Justicia

El evangelio dice que los presentes en la ascensión del Señor "volvieron a Jerusalén con gran alegría." ¿Por qué sienten "gran alegría" y no una gran tristeza? Quizás sienten la gran paz que Jesús les había traído. "La paz de Cristo se encuentra en primer lugar en la reconciliación con el Padre, que es llevada a cabo por el ministerio que Jesús encomendó a sus discípulos y que comienza con el anuncio de la paz: "Cuando entréis, a una casa en primer lugar, decir: "La paz a esta casa!" La paz es primero, después, la reconciliación con los hermanos y hermanas, en la oración que Jesús nos enseñó, el "Padre nuestro", el perdón que pedimos a Dios está vinculado con el perdón que concedemos a nuestros hermanos y hermanas: "perdónanos nuestras deudas como nosotros perdonamos nuestros deudores". Con esta doble reconciliación Los Cristianos pueden convertirse en artífices de paz y, por tanto, han de participar en el Reino de Dios, de acuerdo con lo que Jesús mismo proclama en las Bienaventuranzas: "Bienaventurados los pacíficos, porque ellos serán llamados hijos de Dios" (Compendio de la Doctrina Social de la Iglesia por el Pontificio Consejo de Justicia y Paz, # 492). Además de ser llamados a esta "doble reconciliación" en nuestras relaciones personales, estamos llamados como pueblo, como nación, a perdonar y a reconciliarnos en gran manera, por ejemplo: reformar la justicia penal, la justicia económica, la justicia ecológica a la restauración y renovación, apoyar la ley de la reforma de inmigración, y mucho más. Nos unimos en la renovación de la tierra de estas y de muchas otras maneras; este tipo de trabajo nos puede llevar, también, a una gran alegría. Pg. 12

Volunteer Opportunity / Oportunidad de Voluntariado

The church office is looking for temporary, volunteer part-time help answering phones and doing light administrative tasks in the mornings during the week Monday through Friday. If you are interested and have time to help, please call the church office at (775) 831-0490. Thank you! From The Diocese / De La Diócesis THE DIOCESE OF RENO IS SEEKING A NEW ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF FAITH FORMATION: The Associate Director would serve under the supervision of the Director of Faith Formation and would minister in the areas of Youth/Young Adult/ Adult Faith Formation. The successful candidate will be a practicing Catholic in good standing with the church, committed to faith development, a strong leader, a team builder, and will possess excellent interpersonal skills. This candidate should also possess an advanced degree in Pastoral Ministry, Theology, or related field; have strong administrative and organizational skills, especially in the areas of strategic planning, financial management and leadership development. The ideal candidate will have 5+ years experience in parish or diocesan ministry with teens and adults. Please send resumes to Monique Jacobs at Deadline for applications is June 30th. Position to be filled August 1, 2013.

May 18-19: Collection for the Church in Latin America Next week, we will take up the Collection for the Church in Latin America. Your generosity is invaluable to the future of the Church in Latin America. Please give with a joyful and generous heart to our second collection next week. Your donations help spread the Gospel of Christ and ensure that present and future generations of young people can live faith each and every day. Thank you for your generosity. 18 y 19 de Mayo: Contribuya a la Colecta para la Iglesia en América Latina La próxima semana realizaremos la Colecta para la Iglesia en América Latina. Su generosidad es inestimable para el futuro de la Iglesia en América Latina. Por favor contribuya a la Colecta de próxima semana con el corazón lleno de gozo y generosidad. Sus donativos ayudan a difundir el Evangelio de Cristo ya a asegurar que las generaciones de jóvenes, tanto presentes como futuras, puedan vivir su fe todos y cada uno de sus días. Muchas gracias por su generosidad. Pg. 13

YOUTH MINISTRAY SCHEDULE YM High School LIFE NIGHT meets on Thursday evenings from 6 to 8 pm




Coffee & Pastries are served after the 9 a.m. Sunday Mass. We look forward to joining parishioners and visitors in fellowship each weekend. Effective May 25th, we will also be serving “wine and nibbles” after the 5 pm Saturday Mass.


9 am Mass/Misa w/Kinder Church



Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria



Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

12 9 am Mass/Misa 11 am Mass/Misa 5 pm Misa/Mass en Español

6:30 pm “The Bible” (in the Hall)



Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

9 am Mass/Misa w/Kinder Church 11am Mass/Misa 5 pm Misa/Mass


26 9 am Mass/Misa 11am Mass/Misa 5 pm Misa/Mass en Español

Kof C 4th Degree Mtg. 7:30 am

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria


9:30-4:30 Stewardship Retreat

4:00 pm Reconciliation

NO Choir

5 pm Mass / Misa


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria


Daily Mass 9:00 am Ascension of the Lord

4 pm Wedding Rehearsal Choir 4:30-6 pm (rescheduled from Thursday 5/9)


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

Daily Mass 9:00 am 10 Misa 11 Diaria


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

Choir 4:30-6 pm (rescheduled from Thursday 5/16)

2 pm Wedding


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

3:30 Altar Server Training 4:00 pm Reconciliation

5 pm Mass / Misa

18 4:00 pm Reconciliation

5 pm Mass / Misa

5:30 pm Pastoral Council Mtg. 6:30 pm ¿Por Qué Ser Católico?

10 am Baptism

11 am Quinceañera

7 pm Quinceañera Rehearsal

Daily Mass 27 9:00 28 am for

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

7 pm RE Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

7 pm Wedding


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

6 pm Middle School Retreat (overnight) and XLT “To The Author” at 6:30 pm (all ages welcome)



Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

4:00 pm Reconciliation Choir 4:30-6 pm


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

(Office Closed)

Choir 4:30-6 pm

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Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria


2 pm Wedding

6:30 pm “The Bible” Last Session (in the Hall)

Memorial Day


5 pm Wedding Rehearsal


Middle School Retreat (ends at 4:30 pm)

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

3:30—5 pm May Crowning and Last RE Class

K of C Council Mtg. 5:00 pm Officers 5:30 pm Business Parish Hall

6:30 pm “The Bible” (in the Hall)




10, 11 & 11:30 Baptisms

10 am Baptism

11am Mass/Misa 5 pm Misa/Mass en Español


YM Middle School EDGE meets on Saturday evenings from 6 to 8 pm

5 pm Wedding Rehearsal


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

5 pm Mass / Misa

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Special Events

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Team Christensen Since 1964 Mary Reimer - Realtor Realtor and Parishioner since 1990

Roger Christensen Marketing 775.762.1908

931 Tahoe Blvd. Incline Village, NV

Toll Free 877.403.7949 Direct 775.742.7020 E-mail

Katie Christensen Broker/Salesperson 775.762.3935

931 Tahoe Boulevard, #1A, Incline Village, Nevada 89451

Pat Lucas

REALTOR Ca #01116796 NV #S.0167380 530-400-3992 direct Distinctive Properties Cottages to Lakefronts 1225 N. Lake Boulevard, P.O. Box 104, Tahoe City, California 96145 923 Tahoe Boulevard, Suite 101, Incline Village, Nevada 89451

Italian Restaurant –

Since 1978 – —

Open for Dinner at 5 pm (Closed Mondays) (775) 831-0346

Jane O’Brien PT, MSPT 873 Tahoe Blvd., St. 2 Incline Village, NV 89451 (775) 831-6600

Saint Francis Assisi May 12 2013 Bulletin