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Life is full of surprises, some pleasant, some not. The scriptures are filled with stories of God’s surprises cropping up when they are least expected: younger children obtaining the inheritance; the lowliest being seated highest up; an itinerant preacher, killed like a criminal, exalted to eternal, heavenly glory. Anybody who has planned a wedding or similar event knows that they are filled with opportunities for surprises. For the bridegroom in today’s Gospel story, who has no direct contact with Jesus, the pleasant surprise came because somebody else paid attention and had faith in Jesus. We may think that the point of today’s familiar story of the wedding at Cana is that when we have faith in Jesus, our lives will be pleasantly changed. A Christian, however, needs to have a broader perspective and realize that to have faith in Christ means that somebody’s life—not necessarily our own—will be surprised for the better.

La vida está llena de sorpresas, algunas placenteras y otras no. La Biblia está llena de relatos de las sorpresas de Dios que surgen cuando menos se las esperan: hijos menores que reciben la herencia; el menor que se sienta junto a la cabecera; un predicador itinerante que es crucificado como a un criminal, exaltado a la eterna gloria celestial. Cualquiera que haya planeado una boda o evento similar sabe que están llenas de oportunidades para las sorpresas. Para el novio en el Evangelio de hoy, que no tiene contacto directo con Jesús, le llegó una agradable sorpresa porque otra persona prestó atención y tenía fe en Jesús. Tal vez pensamos que el punto del familiar relato de la boda de Caná es que cuando tenemos fe en Jesús, habrá cambios placenteros en nuestra vida. Sin embargo, el cristiano necesita tener una perspectiva más amplia y darse cuenta de que tener fe en Cristo significa que en la vida del otro — no necesariamente en la nuestra— habrá buenas sorpresas.

Welcome to Saint Francis of Assisi /

Bienvenida a St. Francisco de Asís Vision Statement: Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church shall be known as a vibrant parish and center of spirituality for North Lake Tahoe where parishioners and visitors are actively committed to sharing their love, talent, and treasures in ministering to the spiritual growth, and needs of others. Mission Statement: Guided by the Holy Spirit, we are a Catholic faith community welcoming all to experience the presence of God by celebrating the Eucharist and embracing the teaching of the Holy Scriptures and Traditions. We minister to all people of North Lake Tahoe where diversity, life challenges, spiritual growth and respect for our precious resources are celebrated and embraced by providing compassionate services through Christ.

Pastor: Reverend William “Bill” Nadeau Deacon: Don Korson OR (775) 852-3650 Music Liturgy Director & Media: Lynne Cibulsky Assoc. Music Director: Tim Callicrate Religious Education: Jodi Clouthier Administrative Assistant: Liz Correa Parish Administrator: Ed Orsua Pastoral Associate: Katie Christensen Hispanic Ministries: Deacon Jose Castro Youth Ministry Leader: Tim Kelly Front Office: Grounds & Building Maintenance: John McManus (775) 831-0490

OFFICE HOURS Monday through Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

Declaración De Visión La Iglesia de San Francisco de Asís es conocida como una parroquia vibrante y el centro de la espiritualidad para Lake Tahoe donde parroquianos y visitantes están comprometidos activamente a compartir su amor, su talento y atender al desarrollo espiritual y las necesidades de los otros. Declaración de Misión

Guiados por el Espíritu Santo, somos una comunidad de fe y les damos la bienvenida a todos para que experimenten la presencia de Dios mediante la celebración de la Eucaristía que acepten las enseñanzas de las Sagradas Escrituras y las tradiciones. Servimos a toda la gente del norte de Lake Tahoe, donde la diversidad los desafíos, de la vida, el crecimiento espiritual y el respeto de nuestros recursos que son apreciados y son celebrados a través de los servicios de Cristo compasivo.

Mass Schedule / Horario de Misa Saturday: Sunday: Weekdays:

5:00 pm 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 5:00 pm (Español) 9:00 am (Tuesday—Friday)

Sacraments Reconciliation: Saturdays—4:00 pm (or by appointment)

Reconciliación en Espanol: Domingos a las 4:30 pm

Parish Ministries and Programs /

Ministerios y Programas de Parroquia

In a wonderful and committed sense of Christian stewardship, St. Francis of Assisi parishioners are active in over 30 ministries and programs. We strongly encourage you to get involved in one which serves as a good use of your passion, time, talent, and treasure. For a complete listing of all ministries, programs, and contacts, please visit our new website at (Our list is published in our weekly bulletin at midmonth.) Once at our website, you can also access our weekly bulletins and a wide array of St. Francis Sacraments /Sacramentos information. We especially encourage you to take Baptism/Bautizo: Pre-baptismal English Classes are held the first Wednesday of advantage of Online Giving (OLG), our new feature which allows you to make donations — regular and one each month; call Cathy Cecil, 622-3378. Spanish Classes are held the first Monday of each month; call Natividad Morales, -time — all online. This mode of giving is not only 832-8035 or 815-6835. convenient and simple to use, but provides year-end Clases Pre bautismales en ingles cada primer miércoles del tax statements for your charitable giving. mes, hable con Cathy Cecil 622-3378. En español, cada primer lunes del mes hable Natividad Morales, 832-8035 o 815-6835. Ministry to the Homebound / Eucaristía en Casa: Please call the parish office, 831-0490.

Hable a la oficina. Marriage Preparation/Preparación de Matrimonio: For English, call Beth & Dieter Krewedl, (530) 587-1172 Pg. 2

BULLETIN REQUESTS: Please submit notices & articles for the church bulletin to: Lynne Cibulsky at


XLT - A night of praise and worship St. Francis of Assisi Church 6:30pm-7:45pm Saturday Jan. 26!


St. Francis Youth and Young Adult Ministries proudly presents an awesome night of praise, worship, and witness for people of ALL AGES! EXALT/XLT is a celebration of Our Lord Jesus Christ with great music, great talk, and an opportunity to be with Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament! Worship will be led by Francis Cabildo! Francis (www.facebook.comthefrancisband) leads worship to thousands of teens yearly at the Steubenville Conferences and camps and many parishes in Southern California. National speaker and youth minister David Calavitta ( will then bring a message of love and faith and hope to us in his very own inspiring and faith filled way. David is the Youth & Young Adult Minister at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Irvine, CA.

Worship will be led by national LifeTeen artist Francis Cabildo of The Francis Band! Speaking will be national LifeTeen speaker David Calavitta!

The night will begin with a pizza social in the hall right after the 5pm Mass. We are looking forward to seeing you at St. Francis for this amazing night of praise & worship! Contact Youth and Young Adult Director Tim Kelly at St. Francis of Assisi Parish if you have any questions: and 714-404-8592

“I’m a Sacrament-seeking sinner, hoping to be a Saint. I believe that Christ established the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church.” - David Calavitta

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WE SERVE AND PRAY TOGETHER Thank you to the following who are scheduled for Jan. 26-27

Gracias a los siguientes que son planificados para el 26 Y 27 de Enero

The Precious Blood will not be given during flu season. Saturday, January 26, 2013 Lector/EMB Altar Servers

5 p.m. Mass

T. Mercogliano, C. Mercogliano, A. Phillips Thomas and Mia Mercogliano

Sunday, January 27, 2013 9 a.m. Mass Lector/EMB D. Smith*, M. Severance*, J. Smith *EMB for #1 & #2 Lectors: A. Smith / L. Peltier Altar Servers Ian Smith and Jack Clouthier

11 a.m. Mass Lectors/EMB M. Vaughan, J. Larson*, P. Grover *EMB for #2: M. Mika Altar Servers Peter and Paul Larson

NOTE to ALTAR SERVERS: Please contact Melissa White at if you are unavailable to serve as scheduled or if you wish to volunteer to become a server.


Please pray for the young men and women in our military. If you would like to add a name to this prayer list, please contact Lynne Cibulsky at (775) 831-0490. You may also leave your information with any office staff member. SPC Michael Landis 101st Airborne Division Ft. Campbell, KY Major Greg Ebert Nellis AFB Lt. Nelson Keyser IV USN-F-18 Pilot USS Abraham Lincoln

PFC Jamie Bonnenfant 99 Michigan Ave. P.O. Box 139 Ft. Campbell, KY 42223 Lt. Col. Michael Drew Travis AFB Lt. Michael Boutte US Army—Afghanistan

Ssgt Justin B. Claman LTGJ Jeannie Crump B CO. 1/189th GSAB USCG—Sector San Francisco FOB Shank, APO AE 09364 Yerba Buena Island Major Robert “Bobby” Houston Nellis AFB


NOTE to EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: If you are unavailable to serve during MARCH, please contact Pat Crow by MONDAY, FEB. 18th. Thank you!

A Mass intention is a beautiful way to remember a beloved friend or family member, whether in death, for healing, in celebration of a special day, or simply for prayers & guidance. If you would like to request a special intention, please come by or call the office to schedule it for any of our weekday/weekend Masses. ($10 donation is suggested.). Tuesday, Jan. 22 at 9 a.m. Eleanor Soria† By Theresa and Harry Garstang Wednesday, Jan. 23 at 9 a.m. Cheryl Hansen† By the Community of St. Francis Thursday, Jan. 24 at 9 a.m. Happy 60th Birthday Brenda Boutte Friday, Jan. 25 at 9 a.m. Happy Birthday Jodi Clouthier (1/27) By The Staff of St. Francis Saturday, Jan. 26 5 p.m. Laurie Dennin† By The Azzaras Sunday, Jan. 27 9 a.m. Afred Dixon† By Rosie Webber 11 a.m. Theresa and Harry Garstang By Margarete and Steve Johnson 5 p.m. Comunidad de San Francisco de Asís Para Fr. Bill

JUNTOS SERVIMOS Y ORAMOS Spiritual Stewardship...Prayers for the Living Espiritual Administración...Oraciones para la Vida Keep in your prayers… Mantengan en oración... Violeta Avila Mark Kaspar Scarlette Bertolina Gen Kellerman Al Bonnenfant Madison Lewis Jack Brosnan Riley Loper Christopher Carrette Ramona Magallanes Ron Carrette Dawn Maggio Wil & Betty Clarke Ted Maggio Jim Clements Daryl Martin Gary Coblens Butch McCarty Jerry Colligan Lauren McLaughlin George Conlow Vilma Merlos Gira Cooper Scott Mitchell Lynne Cox Cecilia Morales Bill Eadington Robert Parrish Sharon Filardo Simona Peralta Lucia Flores Joan & Leon Pujalet Jim France Fr. Jim Quinn Carol Frenney Victor & Maria Sheila Fruhling Ramirez Harry Garstang Chris Reyes Pat Grover Megan Roby Dr. Newt Hardgrave Mary Ann Sabia Maryanne Hey Steven Schmitz Tony Hugar Butch Slagerman Don Johnson Jacqueline Slagerman Rick Johnson Rick Slavenes

Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Welcomes You! ¡San Francisco de Asís le da la Bienvenida! Registration / Change Form / Formulario de inscripción

Petti Thall Ellen Tuazon Renato Tuazon Al Turner Saul Viveros Resendiz Courtenay Wallpe Karen Winn Baby Xavier

Seasonal / Part-Time Full-Time

Family Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nombre de Familia

Physical Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Dirección Física

Mailing Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dirección Postal

Phone ___________________________________ E-mail______________________________________________________________ Numero Telefónico

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Wife_____________________________ Would you like envelopes?___________



¿Quiere Sobres?

Children’s Names & DOB ______________________________________________________________________________________ Nombre de Hijos y fecha de nacimiento __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pg. 5

News from the Padre/ Noticias de Nuestro Sacerdote Forty years after the Supreme Court legalized abortions, the pro-life movement still has not stepped back in its resolve to see the decision reversed. Each year on or around January 22nd, the day commemorating Roe vs. Wade, thousands of pro-life demonstrators gather in cities throughout America praying to change the laws that allow abortion in this country. The recent cover story of the January 14, 2013 issue of TIME magazine entitled “40 Years Ago, Abortion-Rights Won an Epic Victory with Roe V. Wade; THEY’VE BEEN LOSING EVER SINCE,” is an interesting read. In reading the article, you will see that because the abortion-rights activists have been losing, they will be making a change in their strategy. They evidently plan on avoiding their currently-used term “pro-choice” by implementing the same idea with “reproductive justice.” Our Catholic Church’s teachings concerning the sacredness of every single human life are based on Sacred Scripture about divine creation and the divine destiny of human life. They are also based on “natural law,” which is the divine law written in our hearts and knowable by human reason. The most comprehensive and inspiring summary of Catholic teaching on abortion is the 1995 papal encyclical The Gospel of Life (Evangelium Vitae), which describes the medical and scientific consensus on when human life begins. Some people are surprised to learn that the obstetrics textbooks used in the leading medical schools in the country today assume that human lives begin at conception. Advancement in scientific studies of the unborn, and the increase in technology which develops ultrasound imaging of the unborn child prompt further confirming evidence of the emergence of a child’s humanity. Many questions arise as to why the Church won’t make specific exceptions for abortion when unborn children are conceived through rape or incest, or will be born disabled. Making such exceptions could send the message that a person’s value depends upon their physical condition, the circumstances of their conception, or other people’s perception of them. Our faith teaches us that human beings have sacred value regardless of the circumstances of their conception or condition. What about the argument that the Church must make exceptions to its teaching when it is medically necessary for the mother’s health? The Church opposes all direct abortions; it does not condemn procedures which result, indirectly, in the loss of the unborn child as a “secondary effect.” The Church’s official teaching concerning abortion in the case of rape or incest is found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraphs 2270 and 2271. Encyclicals, science, and laws aside, women and men do make heart rendering and faith challenging decisions to abort. Instead of being chastised, criticized, or ostracized, I firmly believe and embrace that penitents need to know that forgiveness and healing are available to them. We confessors must inspire these women with hope while making it clear that God and the Church forgive this sin...and them. And while this must be done without minimizing the act itself, the priest must affirm to the woman that God still loves her and will always love her. In your prayers, please remember to pray for those involved in any way with abortion; not only for the unborn children and all who are passionately involved in the pro-life movement, but for those who have opted for pro-choice and need reconciliation, healing, and love. Pg. 6

News from the Padre/ Noticias de Nuestro Sacerdote Cuarenta años después de que el Tribunal Supremo legalizó el aborto el movimiento pro-vida aún no ha retrocedido en su decisión de que la decisión revierte. Cada año alrededor del 22 de enero, el día en que se conmemora el Roe vs. Wade, miles de manifestantes pro-vida se reunieron en ciudades de toda América orando para cambiar las leyes que permiten el aborto en este país. La reciente historia de portada del 14 de enero de 2013 de la revista TIME tema titulado "Hace 40 años, Abortion-Rights ganó una victoria épica con Roe vs. Wade; han ido perdiendo DESDE ENTONCES", es una interesante lectura. En la lectura del artículo, verán que, debido a que el aborto de activistas de los derechos se han perdido, se van a hacer un cambio en su estrategia. Lo que evidentemente van a evitar en su plan actualmente utilizando el término "pro-choice" mediante la aplicación de la misma idea de "justicia reproductiva." Nuestra Iglesia Católica nos enseña sobre el carácter sagrado de toda vida humana individual basan en la Sagrada Escritura acerca de la divina creación y el destino de la vida humana. Asimismo, se basada en "ley natural", que es la ley de Dios escrita en nuestros corazones y conocible por la razón humana. El más completo e inspirado resumen de la doctrina católica sobre el aborto es el de 1995 la encíclica papal y el Evangelio de la vida (Evangelium Vitae), en la que se describe el consenso médico y científico en cuando la vida humana comienza. Algunas personas se sorprenden al saber que la obstetricia los manuales utilizados en las principales escuelas de medicina en el país hoy asumen que la vida comienza en el momento de la concepción. Los adelanto en los estudios científicos sobre los niños por nacer, y el aumento de la tecnología que desarrolla el sistemas de imágenes nuevas del niño y pruebas contundentes de la aparición de un niño de la humanidad. Muchas preguntas surgen en cuanto a por qué la Iglesia no hace excepciones específicas en la interrupción del embarazo cuando los niños son concebidos a través de la violación o incesto, o va a nacer discapacitado. Lo que tales excepciones podrían enviar el mensaje de que una persona de valor depende de su estado físico, de las circunstancias de su concepción, o de otros la percepción de la gente de ellos. Nuestra fe nos enseña que los seres humanos tienen valor sagrado independientemente de las circunstancias de la concepción o condición. ¿Qué pasa con el argumento de que la Iglesia debe hacer excepciones a su enseñanza cuando es médicamente necesaria para la salud de la madre? La Iglesia se opone directa todos los abortos, pero no condena los procedimientos que los resultados, de manera indirecta, en la pérdida del niño por como un "efecto secundario." La Iglesia enseña oficialmente sobre el aborto en caso de violación o incesto, se encuentra en el Catecismo de la Iglesia Católica, en los párrafos 2270 y 2271. Las encíclicas, la ciencia, y las leyes aportan, a las mujeres y a los hombres a desgarrar su corazón y tener fe para desafiar las decisiones para abortar. En lugar de ser castigados, criticados o condenados al ostracismo, creo firmemente y abrazo que los penitentes necesitan saber que el perdón y la sanación están disponibles para ellos. Nosotros los confesores debemos inspirar a estas mujeres con esperanza al mismo tiempo que poner de manifiesto que Dios y la Iglesia perdona este pecado... y a ellos. Y mientras esto debe hacerse sin minimizar el hecho en sí mismo, el sacerdote debe afirmar que Dios ama siempre a la mujer con gran amor. En la oración, por favor recuerde orar por las personas involucradas en modo alguno con el aborto; y no sólo para los niños que están involucrados apasionadamente en el movimiento pro-vida, pero para aquellos que han optado por pro-elección y necesitan la reconciliación, la curación, y el amor. Pg. 7

Religious Education / Educaci贸n Religiosa St. Francis of Assisi will hold Altar Server Training on Saturday, Feb. 9 at 3:30 p.m. Anyone who has received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion may become an Altar Server. This is a special opportunity to actively participate in our Catholic faith and provide a genuine holy service. Please contact Jodi Clouthier in the Parish Office if you have any questions or wish to reserve your spot at the training session.

Please join us on Sunday, January 27 at the 9:00 a.m. Mass All students are welcome! Por favor 煤nase a nosotros el Domingo, 27 de Enero En la Misa de 9:00 a.m. Todos los estudiantes son bienvenidos! Students are to meet in the indoor Gathering Area at 8:45 a.m. Los estudiantes se tiene que reunir en la Zona de Encuentro a las 8:45 am Special reserved seating for students Asientos especiales reservados para los estudiantes

There will be NO Kinder Church on Sunday, January 20th. Pg. 8

Religious Education / Educaci贸n Religiosa

St. Francis of Assisi students celebrated their First Reconciliation on Tuesday night. In addition to celebrating this sacrament of healing for the first time, they also painted their own blessing cup in anticipation of receiving Eucharist for the first time this spring. Pg. 9

CSA Announcement Hello fellow parishioners, with a Happy New Year wish for all, it is also time for the Bishop’s annual Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) for 2013. This year’s theme is “OPEN WIDE THE DOOR OF FAITH.” You will hear more about this year’s appeal next week with our official CSA 2013 launch! Please welcome this year’s Chairpersons, fellow parishioners and Online Giving participants Carol and George DelCarlo! You will hear more from our Chairpersons next week for the kickoff as well as periodic updates on the progress of our diocesan-assigned goal for St. Francis. I have listed a few key points below for you to keep in mind as we begin the CSA journey for 2013. Thanks in advance for your participation and generosity for many Northern Nevada worthy causes. Ed Orsua – Administrator Some key points: 

 

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Along with the encouragement for secure and safe Online Giving via the internet for St. Francis, the Diocese is also encouraging online giving through our website “” or directly through the diocesan website at “” where you can register, pledge, and contribute. Safety, security, and productivity gains are sound reasons that online giving is encouraged. Our goal is for this to become the norm for both our general parish collections as well as the CSA campaign. St. Francis has again been given a high goal with an increase of 5.5% compared to last year. The diocese has held the aggregate goal flat for several years, but feels it is time to challenge the greater community to try to give a little more in order to meet or exceed a modest 4.8% increase for 2013. More details later… CSA funds twenty-seven Northern Nevada Catholic Charities with our donation. Think about how much more could be funded if we could get 100% participation (we average about 45%). Every dollar donated over the diocesan-assigned goal will be “rebated” back to St. Francis of Assisi! Again, the rebate and specific appeals help to “seed” or maintain new ministries like our WONDERFUL Music Ministry brought on board in 2010, and our enthusiastic and much needed Youth and Young Adult Ministry launched in August of last year.

SCA Anuncio Hola parroquianos, Feliz Año Nuevo les deseo a todos, también es tiempo para el Obispo el servicios católico de anual apelación (SCA) para el 2013. Este año el tema es "abrir de par en par LA PUERTA DE LA FE." Usted es oirán más acerca de este llamamiento del año. La siguiente semana con nuestro lanzamiento oficial 2013 SCA! Por favor, sean bienvenidos este año los Presidentes, parroquianos y dar a los participantes en línea Carol y George DelCarlo! Ustedes escucharán más de nuestros Presidentes la próxima semana iniciará, así como las actualizaciones periódicas de los progresos de nuestra diócesis-le indicaremos los objetivos de la Iglesia de San Francisco de Asis. He citado algunos puntos claves a continuación para que se mantengan en mente en el momento en que iniciemos la SCA el viaje para 2013. Gracias de antemano por su participación y generosidad para las muchas causas dignas para el Norte de Nevada. Ed Orsua - Administrador Algunos de los puntos clave: 

Junto con el estímulo para la seguridad y la protección en línea a través de la internet de la parroquia de San Francisco, la diócesis está también alentando en línea a través de nuestra página web "" o directamente a través de la página web de diocesano "", en donde usted puede registrarse, hacer su promesa y contribucion. El seguro, y los aumentos en las ganancias y la productividad del sonido se darán las razones en línea para que se alienten. Nuestro objetivo es que este se convierta en la norma general tanto para la recaudación de nuestra parroquia, así como para la campaña de SCA. La iglesia de San Francisco de Asís se ha vuelto un objetivo elevado con un aumento del 5.5% en comparación con el año pasado. La diócesis ha celebrado la meta agregada por varios años, pero está convencida de que ha llegado el momento de impugnar la mayor comunidad para intentar dar un poco más, para cumplir o exceder un modesto aumento de 4.8% para 2013. Más detalles más adelante… La SCA da el veintisiete para los fondos del Norte de Nevada y Las Caridades Católicas con nuestra donación. Pensar en lo que se podría haber financiado si nos podían dar su participación del 100% (tenemos promedio alrededor del 45%). Cada dólar donado por un diocesano será asignado para el objetivo “reembolsado” a la parroquia de San Francisco de Asís. Una vez más, el reembolso al llamamiento específico ayudara a "la semilla" o mantener nuevos ministerios como los de nuestro maravilloso ministerio musical traído a principios del año 2010, y nuestro entusiasta y tan necesario Ministerio de Jóvenes y Adultos que se lanzó en agosto del año pasado.

Pg. 11

Stewardship & Community / Administración y Comunidad Good Stewardship: Sharing Our Treasure

Your extreme generosity to St. Francis of Assisi is greatly appreciated. This is a reporting of our primary weekend collection (1/13/13).








On-Line Giving







FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY Chuck and Cathy Cecil continue serving this important ministry which helps to feed several families in our North Lake Tahoe community. Collection of nonperishable foods on the last weekend of each month helps support this mission. The community and visitors of St. Francis have been very generous in serving those who are struggling and hungry, and we are so grateful! The outpouring of love and gratitude from those receiving your gifts is immense. If it is more convenient for you to make a monetary donation, you may enclose it in an envelope and drop it off at the parish office downstairs. Checks may be made payable to St. Francis of Assisi, earmarked for “Food for the Hungry.” You can also contribute through the Online Giving program at our website. ( If you have any questions, please feel free to call Cathy or Chuck at 622-3378.


(for the homeless and less fortunate)

We continue collecting toiletries for Catholic Community Services, and invite visitors as well as our full-time parishioners to assist us in this ministry. If you are staying in hotels or condos that leave these items as part of your amenity packages and you do not use them, please bring them to St. Francis and deposit them in the basket located in our gathering area. They are very much appreciated by those who cannot afford to purchase them. PLEASE DO NOT donate items that have been used in your shower or for your own personal hygiene. We must respect the dignity of all humans and therefore, ask for UNUSED ITEMS only. Thank you!

9th Annual West Coast Walk for Life Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013

San Francisco

Buses leave Northern Nevada early Saturday morning and return late Saturday evening. For info, call Mark at (775) 240-1748 Pg. 12

Our Parish Community / Nuestra Comunidad Parroquial

GRAND KNIGHT: Torre Mercogliano

✤ Council Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month in our parish hall. Our February 11th Meeting times are: 5:00 p.m. Officers Meeting w/5:30 p.m. Business Meeting ✤ 4th Degree Assembly Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month in the parish hall. Our January 21st meeting is at 5:30 p.m.

KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS ANNUAL CRAB FEED & LENTEN FISH FRY 2nd Annual Crab Feed Friday, February 15, 2013 at 6 pm in the Parish Hall Fresh Dungeness crab along with pasta and garlic bread. Tickets will be sold after all Masses in February. Adults—$35 Children—$10

Lenten Fish Fry Fridays, February 22nd and March 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd following the 5 pm Stations of the Cross service Fresh white fish, deep-fried in delicious batter, plus baked potato and coleslaw Adults—$10

Children—$6 Pg. 13



Kinder Church meets every 1st & 3rd Sunday during the 9 am Mass throughout the school year.Daily Mass Daily Mass 9:00 am Daily Mass 9:00 am


Last Day to



Daily Mass 9:00 am

9 am Mass/Misa w/Student Mass 11am Mass/Misa 5 pm Misa/Mass en Español Confirmation Class 9 am-3 pm

Pg. 14

6:30 pm RCIA en Español

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

9:00 am Diocese DRE 6:30 pm RCIA en Español Meeting Parish Hall 10:00Daily Mass MLK Day2:00 9:00 am OFFICE Misa Diaria CLOSED




Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

NO RE Classes



Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria


5 5 pm Mass / Misa

Daily Mass

Daily Mass

Choir 5-6:30 pm

8 pm Young Adults

6-8 p.m. YM H.S.LIFE NIGHT



Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

4:00 pm Reconciliation

5 pm Mass / Misa 6:30 pm Grupo Biblico


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria 4:30 pm Stewardship Mtg. 9:30 am Finance Council Mtg.

NO Choir 3:30—5 pm RE Classes 8 pm Young Adults


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

5:30 pm Pastoral Council Mtg. 6-8 p.m. YM H.S. LIFE NIGHT


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

Choir 4:30-6 pm

6-8 p.m. YM 8 pm Young Adults H.S. LIFE NIGHT Weddings Portraiture Daily Mass Daily Mass 9:00 am 9:00 am Misa Diaria Misa Diaria


8 pm Young Adults


9:00 am 9:00 am 10 Misa 11 Misa 12 Diaria Diaria

3:30—5 pm RE Classes

3:30—5 pm RE Classes

6:30 pm RCIA en Español

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

6:30 pm Grupo Biblico

NO Young Adults

3:30—7:30 pm RE Classes

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria


Choir 5-6:30 pm

Kof C 4th Degree Mtg. 5 pm in Hall

6:30 pm RCIA en Español


Online Giving Training Session 4 pm

Reconciliation 4:00 pm



4:00 pm Reconciliation


K of C Council Mtg. 5:00 pm Officers 5:30 pm Business Parish Hall 6-8 pm Daily Mass Reconciliation First Reconciliation 9:00 am Daily Mass 4:00 pm

Boy Scouts 5-7:30 (Hall)


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

Online Giving Training Session 9:30 am


9 am Mass/Misa 11am Mass/Misa 5 pm Misa/Mass en Español



Daily Mass 9:00 am

Daily Mass 9:00 am

Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria


New Year’s Day Reconciliation OFFICE Reconciliation 4:00 pm CLOSED 4:00 pm

Anointing of the sign-up Sick at Daily For Youth Ralley Mass 9:00 am

9 am Mass/Misa 11am Mass/Misa 5 pm Misa/Mass en Español

9 am Mass/Misa 11 am Mass/Misa 5 pm Misa/Mass en Español 10 am Coffee & Daily Mass Pastries 9:00 am


9:00 am





Choir 4:30-6 pm

6-8 p.m. YM M.S. EDGE

19 4:00 pm Reconciliation

5 pm Mass / Misa 6:30 pm Grupo Biblico


Daily Mass 9:00 am Misa Diaria

4 pm Stewardship Committee Mtg. 6:30 pm Grupo Biblico Promotional

6-8 p.m. YM M.S. EDGE


4:00 pm Reconciliation

5 pm Mass / Misa 6-8 p.m. MS XLT and EDGE Special Events

Coffee & Pastries are served after the 9 a.m. Sunday Mass. We look forward to joining parishioners and visitors in fellowship each weekend.

6-8 p.m. YM 775.833.FOTO (3686) H.S. LIFE NIGHT

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Special Events

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St Francis Assisi January 20 Bulletin 2013  

St Francis Assisi January 20 Bulletin 2013

St Francis Assisi January 20 Bulletin 2013  

St Francis Assisi January 20 Bulletin 2013