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VOL. 5 Issue 1 Spring 2011

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Going Batty Kinders Celebrate Dr. Seuss Pedaling Pre-K Fifth Grade Musicians Outreach and Service Technology and Faith Parish Events and more …


What’s Happening at SFC …

News From the Classroom Kinders Celebrate Dr. Seuss


he kindergarten classes met on Dr. Seuss Day, March 2nd, to read and celebrate the wonderful world Dr. Seuss created in his memorable books. Students donned headgear they made patterned after the Cat in the Hat, one of the most famous of Dr. Seuss’s characters. The snack of the day? Why, it was Green Eggs and ham of course!

Then our mother came in and she said to us two, ‘Did you have any fun? Tell me. What did you do?’” (The Cat in the Hat)


n March 14, Mrs. Blain’s kindergarten class and Mrs. Saunders’ third grade class got together to share their potato people assignments. Kinders created potato people of their choice in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day. The third graders created scenes form the novel Stone Fox which they recently finished reading. They love having kinder buddies and working with them on projects and events.

The Madbatter


n the fall, the fourth graders explored the world of bats with Monique, the Madbatter. They observed bat habitats and behavior through a PowerPoint presentation. The students enjoyed meeting some of their fine furry friends, such as the Pallid and the Little Brown Bats from the micro bat species pictured on the right.

Talented Musicians


ere at St. Frances Cabrini school, students learn to play the recorder in 3rd through 5th grade. By the time they reach the 5th grade, students have become quite proficient at their instrument. As a tradition, 5th graders perform with their recorders at the Christmas program in December. They have also been playing their recorders for the members of our parish at the 8:30 mass they attend each week. Recently, the 5th grade class learned to play Amazing Grace in a matter of days on their recorders thanks to the wonderful instruction from our music teacher, Tonine Nielsen. They played the song at the morning Mass on March 16th to the delight of the parishioners.

Pedaling Prekinders


f you happened to drop your children off at school on March 18th, you may have noticed the pre-kindergarten students pushing their trike/bikes to their classrooms. All week they had been learning about trike/bike safety. They watched four short videos about the importance of being safe while riding their trike/bike. For the final part of the program, they were able to bring their trike/bike to school to practice how to ride them safely. This is a program put together by the Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. The biking pace ranged from “Driving Miss Daisy” to “Go Speed Racer, Go.” Fortunately, the event was not wrought with many spills. Most prekinders were having a great time. Spectating parents enjoyed the scene as well. Our prekinder’s pedaled their way to raising $3,232.00 for children fighting cancer or other blood diseases. We are very proud of our prekinders as they completed one of many service projects this year.

jects + x < ±2 - ) + x < ±2 - ) + x4 o r P y d d u B St. Frances Cabrini School has a wonderful sense of community. One way that the classes work together to build community is through our Buddy Program. Each class has a buddy class that they meet with throughout the year. On Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Saunder’s/Mifsud’s 3rd grade class invited Mrs. Figlia’s 6th grade class to participate in a Valentine Heart Math activity. The buddies met in small groups to predict, sort and graph Conversation Hearts. Working together, students also had the opportunity to write math problems based on the graphing activity. This was a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, incorporate math, and encourage a sense of community among the students.

- )

Saint Frances Cabrini School uses technology as a means to “Spread the Word” and evaluate computer skills


By the time SFC students reach their eighth grade year iven that we live in a technology-driven society, and prepare for graduation, students are asked to reflect with the bells, whistles and bombardment of back on their years at SFC and create an iMovie visual new gadgets at our fingertips, how can we project using the schools SLE’s as their topic. They are to motivate students to use technological tools choose one learning expectation (or all if they desire) and productively, while ensuring that we promote our faith and through the use of graphics, photos, text, personal voice mission in our school curriculum and parish life? This is a recording and/or music created in Garageband (an Apple question that the faculty, staff and administration of Saint product), they create their own personal story based on Frances Cabrini school (SFC) works to address each year. how each student perceives the meaning behind the words The school has established its mission, philosophy displayed in the schools universal language, the School wide and school wide learning expectations (SLE’s), which are Learning Expectations. posted in classrooms, to Students are then assessed give students numerous on the technical aspects opportunities to practice, and quality of the movie recite and see the words. itself. The faith message At the same time, this is assessed based on how poses a second question, students applied photo “How can we better assess examples, voice, text whether our students are and music to represent truly able to demonstrate their chosen learning their knowledge and expectation. The goal is practice of these critical that the audience viewing core values?” the movie will feel a One means that allows connection to the topics SFC to better tackle this and can clearly identify the challenge is through the meaning and the mission of use of technology and the school. While feelings an integrated computer cannot be clearly assessed, curriculum. Saint in this article is eighth grader, Jacob Moura, showing his the topics addressed must Frances Cabrini students Pictured iMovie on Faith , parish pastor, Fr. Lieu Vu, and religious coordinator, be clearly represented demonstrate one aspect Joan Schenck. throughout the movie. An of this broad question assessment rubric includes a breakdown of SLE topic through the use of computer tools and instructor guidance. requirements and technical expectations. With the collaborative efforts of the instructional staff When the movies are shown upon completion, students and religious director, students from grades Kindergarten look forward to having theirs shown on the screen. through 8th grade create numerous academic and faith SFC has also been blessed with a parish priest, who filled projects throughout the school year. Each grade has asked that student work be shown during school and/ attends computer lab one day a week. During this time or weekend masses, as the topic relates to specific homilies they are able to reinforce their subject material through or events. Having the opportunity to join the school and the use of creative computer projects. Projects involve First parish together is one hope that students will become Communion banners (2nd grade) using drawing programs even more faith-filled and that the school and parish can like Kidpix, acrostic poems using Microsoft Word (3rd continue to foster a strong sense of community. grade) and “Catholic” themed projects such as drawings of the Patron Saint, Mother Cabrini, with fact bubbles of her mission.

e r vice Pr S y t i n u oje m c m ts o C First & Eighth Grade


Blanket Service Project

he Almaden Super Lions Club sponsored a Blanket Drive in the fall for Sacred Heart Community Services. Our past Principal and fellow parishioner, Mrs. Yvonne Gomez, is a member of the Lions Club and asked that St. Frances Cabrini School take part in the blanket drive. The first and eighth grade buddy classes took charge of this service project and asked the entire school community to help. They collected blankets from all classes until the first week of November. Then, taking this one step further, they decided to use their class funds to purchase fleece and make the blankets together during their buddy class time. A great time was had by all! Over 150 blankets were gathered in all and sent on to Sacred Heart Community Services. Thank you to all the SFC families for supporting all the families in need of a warm blanket for the winter

7th and 8th Grade Crochet


eventh and eighth grade students participating in the crochet enrichment class have recently put their efforts together to produce decorative blankets that will be donated to the Layette Fund. This class was taught by Mrs. Garbagnati and Mrs. Burd. Everyone in this elective has selflessly put in service hours to crochet squares that were put together to form four colorful patchwork blankets. The students are happy to do what they can to help those in need.

- Kaitlyn Barnett, 7th Grade


outh Outreach

M inistr y

Operation Care and Comfort


very month there is an opportunity at the American Legion Hall in Willow Glen to join with a community who cares about our men and women in the US Military’s comfort both here and abroad called “Operation Care and Comfort.” Eighth graders, Chase Altendorf and Logan Wilson, regularly ask their classmates to join them in participating in this noble cause.  They kicked off the season with a “Halloween Candy Drive” at school to gather any new or left over candy.  They put out bins in the school and church, collected candy, and took it with a group of friends to the American Legion where they all worked together sorting, assembling and packaging the candy.  Later on they worked on the Valentine’s collection.  Anyone, age five and up, along with an adult, can help. Right now they are working on Easter and Mother’s day and all are welcomed to donate or work at the 2392 Walden Square site.

Sweet Relief


rs. Colette Blain’s Kindergarten class was touched with compassion when they heard about the September 9th explosion and fire with the unexpected San Bruno pipeline explosion. The students decided to have a bake sale to raise funds to help in any way they could. The classmates, along with the faculty and staff, made baked goods and the Student Council sold them all in a school-wide lunch time activity. The children created hand-made cards and sent $200 to the principal of St.Cecilia Catholic School in San Francisco in honor of Janessa Greig, a victim of the fire. Janessa was the 8th grade student body president who was active in the school drama club, wrote for the school paper, and played piano. The following note was received from Sister Marilyn Miller, “Please thank the kindergarten, student council and your school community for the beautiful cards, prayers and generous donation. We will include your check with those which were contributed for a scholarship in memory of Janessa and her mother, Jacki.”

Catholic Schools Week


his year during Catholic School’s Week, the Catholic Television Network (CTN) Essay contest asked student’s to write about a Catholic leader who made a difference in the education/ lives of other people. This year the contest was open to students in grades 3rd to 8th. The following essays were submitted by SFC 5th grade students, Pratyush Sridhar and Sofia del Cano. Read on for a look at some of the writing talent we have here at Saint Frances Cabrini!

Mother Cabrini Mother Cabrini lived a faith-filled life as a devout Catholic. She was born on a farm in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano Lombardy, Italy on July 15, 1850. When she turned eighteen, Mother Cabrini had the ambition of becoming a sister. She tried to enter the convent three times, but because of her poor health, she wasn’t accepted. However, that didn’t deter her. Mother Cabrini began to work at an orphanage, which is where she started the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. When she went to Rome for the approval of her order, Pope Leo XIII sent her whole order to New York to teach the Italian immigrants their faith. But Mother Cabrini went far beyond the Pope’s expectations. Along with her teaching, she built schools, hospitals, and orphanages for the Italian children. Sadly, she died of malaria in Chicago, Illinois on December 22, 1917. Later in 1946, she was canonized and became the first U.S. naturalized citizen to be proclaimed a saint. Mother Cabrini should be honored on Catholic Schools’ Week because of her commitment to help the poor and young Italian immigrants. We are blessed that Mother Cabrini’s divine presence on Earth helped share Christ’s love amongst us. By Pratyush Sridhar, 5th Grade

Mother Teresa Mother Teresa had a wonderful story that we should know. Teresa’s birth name was Agnes, and she was born in Skopje, Macedonia. Agnes joined the convent when she was eighteen. She wanted to dedicate her life to helping others. A lot of people may not know that she owned nothing but her clothes because she did not need anything else. Some of her quotes were, “Love is doing small things but with great love”, and “Do not wait for leaders. Do it alone, person to person”. In India where she did her work she opened a religious order called the Missionaries of Charity. Missionaries of Charity supplied the poor and homeless with food and children with schools as well as a shelter for lepers and the dying. I think Mother Teresa dedicated her life to Christ without any regrets. Mother Teresa was poor in money but rich in love, compassion, and wisdom. Clearly, Mother Teresa has a wonderful story that teaches us to be grateful. Saint Teresa has given me new thoughts of how I want to live my life. To give back we don’t need to pay money. All we need to do is the little things, and as Mother Teresa said, to do them with great love. Some of these things could be opening a door for someone or being friends with people. “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless”. ~ Mother Teresa

By Sofia del Cano, 5th Grade

Christmas 2010 Glamour, Glitz




his year our annual dinner dance/auction was held at The Santa Clara Marriott in December. Our event chairs, Chris Kelly and Melissa Prestinario, joined their committee of twelve to create a night of fun for over 125 of our parents. Auction items ranged from a cruiser bike to a golf and bungalow package from CordeValle. An iPad, and diamond earrings were just some of the prizes available for the winners of Heads or Tails and the golden ticket raffle. Funds raised at the event benefited the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s endowment fund and the window replacement fund. We are excited to announce that next year our event will move to February! Celebrate Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s with your sweetheart while supporting SFC.

SFC Christmas Program


n December 16, 2010, students in grades one through four entertained their families with beautiful Christmas songs. Pictured above is the fourth grade class in their Sunday best performing for our families. Students in the fifth grade also played traditional holiday songs on their recorders. Thank you to Mrs. Michelle McCormick (Musical Director-Grades 1 & 2), and Mrs. Tonine Nielsen (Musical DirectorGrades 3-5) for your great musical direction.

50th Anniversary Highlights


special Mass, celebrated by Bishop Patrick J. McGrath, on October 1st marked the 50th anniversary of St. Frances Cabrini School. The student body Mass was joined by Father Joseph Kim, a 1994 alumnus of SFC who was ordained to the priesthood in June 2010. Father Joe Kim, parochial vicar at Holy Spirit Parish, gave the anniversary Mass homily recalling his Catholic education at SFC and its importance in his life. Later in the day, he joined other alumni who are current teachers at the school for a photo op. Throughout the school year 50th anniversary celebrations have included the alumni gathering at Fiesta and our 50th Anniversary Dinner in February in which alumni from all decades joined past faculty, clergy and sisters in a great night of food, fun and fond memories.  The finale to the 50th Anniversary celebrations will occur on Sunday June 5th at the parish picnic where a time capsule containing SFC memorabilia will be interred on school grounds. 50th Anniversary cookbooks, filled with SFC family recipes, have been completed and are now available for purchase. Please contact the development office for more information.

50th Anniversary Dinner



radition, that’s the word that alumnus, Mrs. Toni Marie Armann Robe, a member of the prestigious SFC first graduating class, uses to express why her children and extended family members have all attended and graduated from SFC over the past decades. Beginning with Toni’s graduation in 1967, the following (pictured on the left middle) have contributed to SFC and started their foundations here at SFC. Clarissa Robe Evans Class of 1988, Kristen Kylan ‘91, Eric Armann ‘96, Andrew Armann ‘98, Sarah Armann ‘00, Jennifer Armann ‘03, and Samantha ‘05. There are many more large families that have graduated from SFC and we would love to hear from you! Please call the development office and update us on where your SFC foundation has led you in life because you are part of the tradition!

Alumni Gathering At Fiesta

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.

~Henry Ellis

“Deeply Rooted in Faith” Life Teen Youth Retreat 2011


n Saturday, March 5th , SFC held the Life Teen youth retreat for grades 8-12. You could hear the music and keynote speaker from the parking lot! Youth minister, Nelson Gonzales, of the Catholic musical group, “Friends of Jesus”, who participated in the Mass on the same stage with Pope Benedict the 16th at World Youth Day in Australia was “in the house!” The retreat was underway with the small groups being led by Dominican University student Brooke Pellerin (SFC Class of 2006), AMHS Angie Enfantino (SFC’ 07), NDHS Niemh Murphy (SFC ‘08 & choir), NDHS Kelsey Ballard (SFC ‘10 & lector), Mission College John Donnelly Jr. (SFC musician), Jr. high schooler, Erin Donnelly (SFC choir & Life Teen), DSJ ILM student Mrs. Mitchell (SFC Saristan & Life Teen), Mrs. Nation (Life Teen outreach), Mrs. Pellerin (Rel.Ed.& PreK school teacher), and Mrs. Behrens (8th gr. school teacher). The day included praise and worship mu-

Relic of St. Mary Magdalene Visits SFC


n February 25th and 26th, St. Frances Cabrini Parish was honored to host the relic of Saint Mary Magdalene. Eight California bishops were invited to host the one month American tour from Bishop Frejus-Tou-

sic by Nelson & Teresa Gonzales and John Donnelly, three workshops about being rooted in Christ, ice breaker games and finished off with a great lunch and snacks prepared by Karen and Tom Billmaier. Helping behind the scenes were Mr. Vinni, Elvira Canales, Christina Lopez, and Mrs. Lawrence. Nelson Gonzales gave his testimony on how he brought Christ into his life and asked the teens to be open to the Holy Spirit. He encouraged those in the Confirmation program, who were having a hard time getting to Mass to hear the Word of the Lord and to receive Eucharist, to challenge themselves to attend and participate in Mass more often during the upcoming Lenten Season. The scripture, Ephesians 3:14-21 “...that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, rooted and grounded in love...” was the origination of

lon in France. Bishop Patrick McGrath gladly accepted the opportunity to host the relic. Father Francois LeHegaret, a French Dominican priest, carried the relic in an enclosed glass tube placed in a reliquary. The purpose of the tour, was to share the holiness of the relic and tell the story of St. Mary Magdalene, who was the first witness to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. She is often referred to as the “Apostle to the Apostles.” The tradition has it that some years after the Crucifixion, Mary Magdalene was imprisoned. Upon release she and other close followers of Jesus were cast out to sea on the shores of Palestine in a boat without sails or supplies. Miraculously the boat came to shore on the Coast of Gaul, France, in a town near Marseille. After preaching with her companions and converting the whole of Provence, Mary Magdalene retired to a mountain cave known as “Sainte Baume”

this year’s retreat theme and was read to the teens during the retreat. Both Fr. Bob and Fr. Lieu came by the retreat to greet everyone. The day went quickly and soon it was time for the sponsors to arrive and line up to process into the church for the 5:00 pm youth mass with Mrs. Jennifer Donnelly and her group of dedicated players and singers. After the homily, the confirmandi were officially presented to the pastor in the Rite of the Presentation of the Confirmation Candidates. Previously confirmed 8th grade

students were peer ministers to their classmates and participated in the readings. The entire day was led and blessed by the Holy Spirit and all were looking forward to the day of Confirmation on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at the 5:00 pm youth Mass. “Gentle Jesus, bless us to learn more about you, to follow you, to fill us with your spirit. Amen”

which means holy aromatic oil, and spent the rest of her life in solitude. The altar servers at SFC were honored to serve at the special masses held for two days in which the faith filled disciples came to participate in a candlelight procession and venerate the Saint. The many parishioners and guests listened intently to Father Francois’ beautiful homily on her incredible life story.

Staff Highlight


e all know her as the right hand helper of our chef, Tom Billmaier, but what most of us don’t know is that Gloria Yanez Salas has been a member of the Saint Frances Cabrini Community for over 50 years. Born on February 20, 1949, Gloria is one of thirteen children in her family and has a twin sister, Esther. Gloria and her sister are fraternal twins born three minutes apart. They also have two brothers, Alfonso and Luis Jr., who are twins. Gloria’s family is a close knit group with several of them, including Gloria, living in the surrounding area of SFC. Gloria’s sister, Esther, just happens to live on Esther Dr. Her family moved to a house in San Jose on Union Avenue when she was two years old. She remembers when the area surrounding SFC was apricot and prune orchards. One of her neighbors was actually our principal, Gail Cirone’s, grandfatherin-law. According to Gloria, the neighborhood around SFC has always been wonderful. Years ago when the Fiesta was held in May, Gloria recalls the whole neighborhood attended the event. Gloria remembers when the red barn was the church. Sometimes the nuns would pick up the neighborhood kids and bring them to church in the barn. On days when


mass was overly crowded, the barn doors would be opened so that those that could not fit into the church could still participate in mass. The church moved from the red barn to the building that now houses the Pre-k. Although it was small, it held a beautiful picture of Mother Cabrini. The confessionals were in the back and parishioners had to kneel on cement. Sister Aloyse, a nun at Cabrini, used to snap her clicker at any child not holding their hands properly. Gloria made her First Communion at SFC with her sister, Esther, her niece, Diane, and a neighborhood friend.

Featured in the picture from left to right is Esther, Gloria, the neighbor and Gloria’s niece, Diane. When Gloria was 14, the current church was built. Every Sunday, Gloria would hear the church bells ring even at the new house her family had moved to on Strat-

ford Dr. Gloria has been a parishioner at SFC all her life. She remembers Fr. DeManti, Fr. Taheny and Fr. Essig in her younger years. Gloria and her siblings attended Farnham and Ida Price schools when she was young even though SFC school was established by that time. She then went on to attend what used to be Camden High School right across the street from our campus. In 1971, Father Essig married Gloria and her husband, Mike, in Five Wounds church. Gloria and Mike have two children. Her daughters, Deitra and Tracy, graduated from SFC. Her grandson, Josef, is currently in fourth grade here at Cabrini. Gloria did daycare for many of the faculty’s children while she stayed home to raise her own children. She volunteered in the parish office and at school for many years. Gloria sought employment here at SFC, since according to her daughters, she was here all the time anyway. Three years ago, Gloria came to work for Tom in our kitchen and has been creating wonderful meals for our SFC community since. Some of Gloria’s fondest memories of SFC are that it has always been home to her. She remembers SFC as a peaceful place where she sees many of her neighborhood friends. If you happen to be up early enough to make it to 8:00am mass, you will find Gloria and her friends sitting in the second to last row of the first section on the left hand aisle like they have for over forty years. Gloria is a true example of our wonderful SFC tradition.

A Fond Farewell

fter 15 years of dedicated service to our SFC parish and school community both as Pastor and Parochial Vicar, Father Bob Kiefer has decided to retire. Fr. Kiefer will be remembered best as a great advocate for the homeless and the working poor in our community. Many of the fruit trees on site have been planted at the urging of Fr. Kiefer so that homeless who visit SFC can eat of their fruit. On the weekend of Saturday, June 25th and 26th, Fr. Bob will celebrate every Mass and give the homily. Father has requested this in order to give him an opportunity to say good bye. After each Mass on Sunday, there will be hospitality with coffee and goodies so that parishioners can thank Fr. Kiefer and send him off to a happy retirement! Save the date and come share a photo or a memory of Father’s legacy.

Saint Frances Cabrini

15325 Woodard Rd. San Jose, CA 95124

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hank you to all parish and school staff, and SFC students who submitted articles for our newsletter. We could not have done it without you!

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