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February 2012

The Rev. Lisa Mason Rector Ashley Miles, Head of School Robert Brewer Director of Music Sarah Kates Director of Children and Youth Ministries Jerry Kirkpatrick Parish Administrator jerry-kirkpatrick@ Suzan Reagor Director of Exceptional Adults Ministry Donna Shreve Financial Officer

Full Speed Ahead! The life of St David’s in 2012 is already moving at a fast pace. On January 14-16, we welcomed youth from Royal School of Church Music’s Gulf Coast Summer Training Course. Bob Brewer has worked with these kids every summer for the past few years. They joined us for the 10:30 service, followed by a concert at Incarnate Word, and a service at St Mark’s on Monday for the opening service for the Association of Anglican Musicians regional convention. This was a great opportunity for St David’s to witness the gift of young choristers in worship as we are preparing to begin a youth and kids choirs next fall. We also gathered for our Annual Parish Meeting on Jan 22nd to look at the life of our community in 2011 and looked ahead at this year. We elected 5 new vestry members, elected Diocesan Council Delegates and Alternates, celebrated the lives of those who were baptized and confirmed in 2011 as well as prayed for those who died during the past year. We reviewed the year-end financial report for 2011 and presented the budget for 2012. In order to be better stewards of our resources, we made some hard, but necessary changes in our church staff. As of January 31st, Beth Crowley will go from a paid staff member to a volunteer; her willingness to continue to serve God and our church is a gracious and generous decision. Donna Shreve, who has served as our part time book keeper for the past 1 ½ years will, go off of staff at the end of February or March after training Jerry Kirkpatrick to incorporate overseeing the book keeping as part of her Parish Administration role. The position held by William Kirkpatrick in 2011 in the area of technology will not be filled in 2012. I am thankful for Beth, Donna, and William and the work they did for this community. The remaining staff members are ready and willing to take on some new tasks and added responsibilities, and I am very appreciative. We also welcome any volunteer help in the office; please let us know if you are willing to help in the life and ministry by serving in the office. We are blessed as a church to be surrounded by many opportunities for mission and ministry. As I preached at my institution: I have heard it said by some that we who are St David's are a church who is nestled in the middle of a neighborhood whose challenge is visibility and making our presence known. I have come to deeply believe that we are a church surrounded by a mission field which includes a school with a community of parents yearning for hope and promise for their children while trying to give their best to them in the midst of a chaotic world that never slows down. It is our call to show up and give our best to the children entrusted to our care and their families.

We have an entire neighborhood to reach out to and share the gift of the good news of the new life given to us by the death and resurrection of Christ. And that neighborhood spans literally from one end of the economic spectrum to the other. And Thanks be to God, we are a church filled with people with the passion to teach, nurture, show compassion and who are willing to give the time and resources to make Christ's presence known out there, in the lives of people wherever they are. Ft Sam is also part of our surrounding mission field filled with more and more people literally whose lives are ever changing who are giving their lives to serve others every day. We have a congregation filled with people who know that story intimately. We have Agape, Park Lane, and Exceptional Adults all in our mission field. The work is never ending. It is exciting, challenging and life giving. We are called to be the church here and out there to make Christ's presence known. My prayer for 2012 is that as we continue to grow and experience new life, we will discover more and more ways to be the church in our community. With Growing the Tradition around the corner, the ministry opportunities to serve the school and community are endless and exciting. This is the work of growing the kingdom of God, and it is work that takes all of us. We have so much to be thankful for and so many blessings entrusted to our care. May we continue to say our prayers so that we may be present to God’s presence in our own lives and the lives of this church community. Our Sunday Adult Formation Class this spring will meet in McAllister A; we will be looking at what it means to proclaim I am a Christian and I am an Episcopalian. We will be talking about why we pray what we pray and why we do what we do when we gather to worship. If you are fairly new to the Episcopal Church or have not taken a close look at our liturgical life together as Episcopalians for some time, this class is for you. We are also on the cusp of Lent, and our theme this year for Wednesday Nights in Lent is Bold Followers on the Journey to the Cross. Please join us as we learn and grow together in discovering what it means to follow Christ Peace, Lisa+

The Rev. Lisa Mason

Welcoming 2012 and Embracing Its Changes As many of you have done over the past month, and may still be in the process of doing now, I have been evaluating 2011, and setting my goals for 2012. The whole idea of New Year’s Resolutions or goal setting implies change for the better. How can I improve my financial situation, my health, my relationship with God, my overall quality of life, etc. Sometimes the changes that need to be made are unplanned, yet opportunities all the same. As you probably know, due to budget cuts, I will no longer be on staff at St. David’s. I have been very blessed to be working in the office for the past 18 months. It truly was an answer to my prayers; an answer to a need that I thought I had. I thought I needed a job that would provide me extra income, would allow me to work a limited number of hours on the days that fit my schedule, and would allow me to take off when my kids needed me. Yes, being on staff at St. David’s offered me all that, but I believe that it was just the “carrot” that got me in the door. My true need was one that I didn’t recognize at the time, but He did. It was the need to strengthen my relationship with God and better understand what it means to take the gifts that God has given, and use them to serve Him. So now it’s time to embrace the changes and challenges of 2012. You will still find me in the office as I embrace my new role as an office volunteer. Other than that, I’m not sure exactly what 2012 will bring. God has a plan for me, I just don’t know it yet. I hope that as you all start 2012, you will also embrace its changes, and keep your heart and mind open to what God has planned for you.

Beth Crowley

Sarah and Brian fell in LOVE in the summer of 2006. Both being on Summer Staff, they flirted their way through the countless games of dodgeball, human clue, and pool time. Towards the end of the summer, they didn’t spend a bonfire night apart. Brian would save a seat for Sarah every last night of camp. Sarah still keeps a “love note” Brian wrote her from that summer in her Bible. They made each other nametags and still get around to wearing them when they go out to camp. One night after the campers were asleep, Brian stole a kiss from Sarah under the stars, outside of the canteen. It was perfect. Like all summers do, summer of 2006 came to an end. Brian went back to school and Sarah moved to Fort Worth. They kept in touch but the summer romance began to dwindle. Many camp romances wither away after camp is over. Sarah thought this was their fate. Brian said he never lost hope, he knew deep down that Sarah would be his again someday. In June 2008, Brian was back at camp for the summer. Sarah was still working in Fort Worth and could not help but daydream about their sweet romance in 2006. After having a heart-to-heart with her mother about her LOVE life, she discovered she was suppressing her LOVE for Brian and knew what she had to do. She took a week off of work and drove down to Waring to be a session counselor for Senior High B. One night during that week Sarah told Brian she was senseless for letting him go and wanted to be with him forever. Relieved, he agreed and forever started then and there.

Bishop Gary and Catherine Lillibridge met at Camp Capers. Here is a quote from Catherine, “ I can say I am thankful for Camp Capers and that I did meet Gary there and that through the church we did get to know each other, fall in

CAMP CAPERS ROMANCES LOVE and get married! Camp Capers has been a home away from home for all three of our kids too. Our son Thomas wrote an article on being a 3rd generation Camp Capers camper because his grandfather, Richard Lillibridge, went there very soon after the camp opened.” Justin & Tiffany Boudreau’s friendship began at camp and a few years later led to romance. “Meeting at camp is where our friendship started and God was the center of our relationship. Now that friendship has grown into marriage and we have the best foundation one could ask for. We LOVE Camp Capers and will support it in any way we can. Mike and Tami Woods also met at Camp Capers and throughout the years following fell in LOVE. In the spirit of this month of LOVE, we are inviting you to donate to the St. David’s Camps and Conferences scholarship fund in honor of or in memory of those you LOVE and cherish. Please fill out the Valentine insert and return to the church office or drop in the heart on the bulletin board. Names will be listed in the bulletin. FYI Camps and Conferences scholarship fund is not only for children and youth attending Camp Capers in the summer, but also for adult retreats at both Camp Capers and Mustang Island throughout the year, Mustang Island Family Camp in the summer, Midwinter Camp in January, and Colorado Adventure Camp in the summer.

Sarah Kates Director of Children & Youth Ministries

Mark your Calendars! Get ready to serve the Happening #121 hosted by St. David’s Episcopal Church. March 2nd-4th. If you sophomore-senior has not attended Happening Retreat, now is the time! Laura Nelson is our parish coordinator for the event and the parish needs your help with cooking and preparing the church for these youth! Speaking of Mustang Island…There is a trip planned for Senior High Youth to go to Mustang Island Conference Center Monday, March 12th-Wednesday, March 14th. Cost is $55. Talk to me about reserving a spot! Sign up for Spring Break Family Camp at Mustang Island on under camps and conferences. Bring your family for a time of fun, fellowship and great food. All ages welcome! March 15th-18th.

Prayer List In our liturgies each week, during the Prayers of the People, we pray for those who are sick or suffering. Over the last year, our list has grown to sixty seven people being prayed for each week. Several of you have mentioned that hearing the names of so many being read aloud challenge one's attention span! Going forward, when someone is added to the prayer list, we will pray for them for four weeks in the liturgies. If they have been placed on the long term prayer list, after four weeks, they will be prayed for by the daughters of the king and any other ministry that gathers to pray for those for whom prayers have been requested. They may be put back on the four week cycle of prayer when need arises. We will also place a notebook containing the names of all parishioners in transept. If you decide to come and spend some quiet time in the nave, please feel free to open the notebook and offer prayers for those whose names you come across. You may pray "in alphabetical order" or just randomly open the notebook and pray for the page you come across.

The white chasuble that was worn for the first time on Christmas Eve by Lisa was given to the glory of God and in memory of Jack Daye by his wife Colleen.

Offering prayers for one another and those who are known or unknown to us is important. When we lift one another up in prayer, our community is strengthened. If you have any questions about the prayer list or process, please do not hesitate to call or email me. Peace, Lisa+

Benedictine Spirituality and Dinner Three Wednesday Evenings February 1, 8, and 15

The Reel Jesus Four Wednesday Evenings January 25, February 1,8, and 15

Background information In the corrupt last years of the Roman empire, many people searched for a path amidst the chaos, looking for a way of being in the world that gave life meaning… Some found that in the desert monasteries of St. Benedict. Craving a life lived beyond the superficial, they chose a life of dependence on God and service to others Theirs was a way of life rather than a theology. They lived by “the Rule of Benedict”, the Psalms and the New Testament. “The rule of Benedict” was the foundation of their daily life. Benedict died in 560 A.D. By that time, 1400 of his monasteries were scattered across Europe. Currently there are 1400 Benedictine monasteries in operation.

The Gospels in Film:

Benedictine Spirituality: A Way of Life A Rule of Life A Way of Living in The World If you have any questions about this course, please call Judy Riddle@ 824-2481

Agape Ministry Report The quarterly board meeting of Agape was held at Eisenhower Road Baptist Church on January 18. Agape is a joint ministry supported by by more than 35 congregations, schools, community organizations (and a sorority) in northeast San Antonio. The ministry provides emergency assistance to both the homeless and needy families, in the form of food, clothing, household items, and partial financial assistance with utilties and telephone service in extreme cases. Expenditures have been up 70% in 2011 over the previous year,due to the economy, and to increased costs for food and transprtation. Any protein food is much more expensive, as is fruit jelly due to increased sugar costs. Peanut butter, dry or canned beans, canned or powdered milk are needed urgently. Other needs are for jelly, pasta, rice, breakfast cereal, toilet paper, diapers (sizes 3,4,5), bar soap and bottled water. Large paper bags and plastic bags (for lunches). Vienna sausage and fruit cups are good gifts for lunches. In winter socks and underwear are

In this series we will explore the presentation of the life of Christ as told in the Gospels in film. .Join us as we will also explore the unexpected adaptations of the life of Christ. Films we will view and discuss include;

The King of Kings, The Gospel According to St. Matthew, The Last Temptation of Christ, The Passion of the Christ, Field of Dreams, The Big Lebowski, Shane, Shawshank Redeption, Star Wars, Witness, and Au Hazard Balthazar.

also welcome. Volunteers are always needed and welcome at Agape. They work in the food pantry, the clothing room, and as interviewers for walk-in clients and families (training is provided). The work is in two hour shifts and can be a very enriching and eye -opening experience. You can also substitute or fill-in on a one day basis. The Fig Leaf, a thrift shop associated with the ministry, is in the same complex as Agape. Donations and shoppers are welcome. It has some great deals. The ministry is located at 123 Lanark, off Austin Highway, near the Serna post office. Hours are generally 9:30 -11:30 AM and 1:30-3:30 PM Mon-Th and 9:30 -11:30 AM only Friday. Hours do vary so you might want to call ahead at 5906655. Visitors are welcome and donations can of course be brought to St. David's. Ask me for any further information you need.

Joseph Ebbecke St. David’s Agape Representative

St. David's Star Newsletter  

See February activities at St. David's Episcopal Church in San Antonio TX.

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