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The Rev. Lisa Mason

December 2011

The Rev. Lisa Mason Rector Ashley Miles, Head of School Robert Brewer Director of Music Sarah Kates Director of Children and Youth Ministries Beth Crowley Administrative Officer Jerry Kirkpatrick Parish Administrator jerry-kirkpatrick@ Suzan Reagor Director of Exceptional Adults Ministry Donna Shreve Financial Officer

Life in the Fast Lane: Fall 2011 in the life of St David’s As we move from the fast pace of fall into the journey of Advent, a season of spiritual preparation for the mystery of Christmas, it is healthy and helpful to reflect back on the last few months. Since late August, the halls of St David’s have been full of children’s laughter Monday through Friday mornings as they make their way to and from class in McAllister Hall. Several afternoons a week, a dozen young girls don tutus and dance and tap the afternoon away. If there is ever a glimpse of the kingdom of heaven, it is in the midst of all of these children happily experiencing God’s love and joy. An added blessing during this time is watching our safety officer Mr. Frank, Frank Schweers, making sure that the kids move back and forth from school to the church building safely while giving them the encouragement only a grandfather can give. Wednesdays in October offered several opportunities for formation. People gathered for evening prayer followed by dinner and then went off to one of three classes. Arturo Vasquez shared his passion and wisdom on spirituality through film, and by popular demand, even extended his class as a first Wednesday of the month class for Nov 2nd. A second class was offered to talk about grief and healing led by several people from outside our parish, The Rev. Mary Earle, Diane Thrush, and Edwin Sasek. The children and youth met with Enedina Vasquez, Sarah Kates, and Courtney Gibb to explore and respond to the Lord’s Prayer and what it means in our lives. Their beautiful art has been displayed in the DeForrest Gallery. On October 13th, I accepted the call with joy and gratitude to become the seventh rector of St. David’s. Days after accepting the call, I had several opportunities to step (Continued on next page.)

(Continued from previous page.) away and experience some continuing education and formation. I attended my second Gathering of Leaders Conference. This is a gathering of clergy from across the country, forty at a time, who have been recommended and invited to come together to learn, share, and network with one another about ordained leadership in the Episcopal Church today and in the future. We discussed what it means for the church to be instruments of transformation out in the world. Are we meeting the needs of the communities in which we live and move and have our being? I was asked to share how the Great Commission, Matthew 28: 19-20, was being lived out at St. David’s and how we can grow more in reaching out to our mission field of our school, Terrell Hills, Ft. Sam and beyond.

(Continued from previous column.) much more in store for us as we continue this journey before us together.

This enriching experience was followed by clergy conference at Camp Capers. We spent time with a leadership consultant based out of Dallas taking a close look at what it means and what it takes to be an effective leader in the church. Most recently I attended the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools Conference in Dallas with a team of ten from St. David’s Episcopal School. I attended several good sessions on rector/head of school relationships, parish and school interaction, strategic thinking, and visioning.

Each year at Christmas the church is decorated beautifully with poinsettias. If you would like to contribute a poinsettia, either in memory or in honor of a loved one, please fill out this order form and return it to the church office by Monday, December 19, so that it may be included in the Christmas Eve bulletin. The cost is $15.

May this Advent be a time of prayer, reflection, and preparation to see and give thanks for God at work in our own lives and in the life of the parish. May we, with God’s help, make ready in our hearts a place to receive and experience the birth of Jesus Christ into our lives. Peace, Lisa+

Christmas Poinsettias

In memory of/honor of__________________

Given by:_____________________________

November 27, 2011

These opportunities came at a great time as I transition from interim rector to rector. As I write this, my institution is days away; it is an exciting time in the life of the parish. We have journeyed through a lot these last couple of years and we have experienced healing. Now we are experiencing new life and new hope. We have so much for which to be thankful as a faith community. I believe God is already doing great work in our midst and there is so (Continued in next column.)

For 2011 tax purposes, contributions must be placed in the offering plate prior to December 31, 2011, or hand-delivered to the church office prior to December 31, 2011. When the church office is closed for the holidays, contributions with the check dated no later than December 31, 2010 may be dropped in the mail slot on the Canterbury Hill side on the church office entrance.

On our journey… we met Jesus at Mission Road

Mission Road Ministries is a non-profit organization serving more than 830 children & adults with intellectual & other developmental disabilities each day with residential, day services & vocational programs in San Antonio, Texas helping clients reach independence, productivity & inclusion in the community. St. David’s has been serving once a month on Sundays at Mission Road for 55 years now. Recently, we had the opportunity to visit this marvelous place for five hours on a Saturday. St. David’s Youth Group along with St. Luke’s and Reconciliation Youth Groups went to Mission Road last Saturday to interact with the youth that live there. We split up into five groups and were paired with the five different houses on campus. With the youth living in that particular house, our youth rotated through different activities which included arts and crafts, basketball, sensory play, games and bingo. After the rotations we had lunch together and then partook in one of their favorite activities, dancing. Our youth were prepped the night before at the Lock-In for what it might be like to interact with children and youth who have developmental disabilities. Some were comfortable, some were curious and some were fearful. We told them to have open hands and open hearts ready to receive God’s love. I thought I had already seen the face of Jesus in my other walks of life. The youth thought they knew what to expect. We were both surprised and overwhelmed. Many said they didn’t know of a group of people so open, welcoming and friendly. I cannot tell you how my heart sang as we spent time together dancing in the pavilion with these precious children of God. Dancing is a universal language. It is an expression of joy and the Holy Spirit. No one had to speak any words. Communicating without words is an extraordinary thing that seems impossible. We found it possible that day. I know Jesus was present that day. I would like to think I felt like Elizabeth, once barren and when in the presence of the pregnant Virgin Mary, was so overcome with joy that her child leapt inside her womb. In this advent season, I want to keep this feeling of joy deep inside my heart as I await the coming of our Lord on Christmas. I yearn to meet Jesus again in the most expected and unexpected places. Sarah Kates Director of Children & Youth Ministries

Check our website at for more detail.


Church Office Closed at noon-Reopens Monday, 11/28


Thanksgiving Day Service @ 10:00 a.m.


First Sunday of AdventMake Advent Wreaths


Pictures with St. Nicholas


School Brick Orders Due Christmas Market Vendor Set-up


Pageant Rehearsal -9:00-a.m.11:00 .m. Christmas Market-10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.


Christmas Market 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Make Gingerbread Houses


Good Samaritan Food Bags Due Ministry Reports for 2011 Due


Pick up Christmas Tamales


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Terrell Hills Blue Santa Toy and Book Distribution


Church Office Closes @ noon Reopens Tues, 1/3/2012


Annual Parish Meeting

Beth Crowley Administrative Officer

2011 Annual Reports If you lead a ministry (Altar Guild, Ushers, LEM, etc.), it’s time to start working on your annual report for the 2011 Annual Parish Meeting. Reports are due Monday, December 12. You may email your report to, or drop it by the office.

New Prayer Books Needed: What a wonderful need! We have many prayer books that are literally falling apart and missing pages. This is wonderful because it means they have been well used. We will be ordering approximately 40 new BCPs. If you would like to donate one in honor or memory of a loved one, please make checks payable to St. David’s Episcopal Church. The cost of each BCP is $18.00 per book; you may donate any amount you choose. We will have book plates in the office for you to fill out with the name of the person(s) you are remember-

December 3 Advent Gathering All women are invited on Saturday, December 3, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., to an Advent Gathering sponsored by the Diocese of West Texas Daughters of the King in the mission room at the Bishop Jones Center. Guest speakers Carla Pineda and Patricia Brooke will lead a teaching on "The Gift of Giving." In keeping with that theme, there will be an ornament exchange, so bring an ornament to share. The Daughters will also collect new or gently used cold weather items, such as sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, and blankets for the homeless community in San Antonio. Cost is $8 and includes all materials, breakfast items, and a soup and sandwich lunch with Christmas cookies. To register online, go to and click on Special Events. For information, contact Karen Duerr, president DWTX Daughters of the King, at 210-355-8281 or Kim Najera, secretary, at 210-690-7477.

(Continued from previous column.) and clothing donations tend to pick up around the holiday season. Due to the economy and to scanty harvests of beans and peanuts, cheap protein is no longer quite so cheap. Peanut butter, dry or canned beans, canned or powdered milk are needed urgently. Other needs are for jelly, pasta, rice, breakfast cereal, toilet paper, diapers (sizes 3,4,5), bar soap and bottled water. Large paper bags and plastic bags (for lunches). As winter looms socks and underwear will also be welcome Volunteers are always needed and welcome at Agape. They work in the food pantry, the clothing room, and as interviewers for walk-in clients and families (training is provided). The work is in two hour shifts and can be a very enriching and eye-opening experience. You can also substitute or fill-in on a one day basis. If you can slap on a coat of paint volunteers will repaint the interior facility in the near future. The Fig Leaf, a thrift shop associated with the ministry, is in the same complex as Agape. Donations and shoppers are welcome. I learned that military families suddenly reassigned to Fort Sam have found that this thrift store can be a good resource for setting up house here. The ministry is located at 123 Lanark, off Austin Highway, near the Serna post office. Hours are generally 1012 a.m. and 2-3:30 p.m. Mon-Th and 10-12 a.m. only Friday. Hours do vary so you might want to call ahead at 590-6655. Visitors are welcome and donations can, of course, be brought to St. David's. Ask me for any further information you need.

Joseph Ebbecke

Agape Ministry Report

Agape will be closed Thanksgiving week and from December 17 to January 3.

Thanks for Listening.

The quarterly board meeting of Agape was held at Eisenhower Road Baptist Church on October 19. Agape is a joint ministry supported by by more than 35 congregations, schools, community organizations, and a sorority in northeast San Antonio. The ministry provides emergency assistance to both the homeless and needy families, in the form of food, clothing, household items, and partial financial assistance with utilities and telephone service in extreme cases.

Some of you have queried why the disappearance of Clay the instrumentalists in the McGaughy choir (flute, violin and guitars). A word of explanation seems appropriate.

Expenditures have been up and donations down this quarter. This is not unusual for summer and early autumn. Food (Continued in next column.)

It seemed to me that the congregation should know that the “band” did not just get tired and resign. Indeed, we enjoyed sharing the inner sounds that we hear. It was nice just knowing you were out there. Thanks for listening.

The choir director, Bob, thinks it best to have simply a vocalist choir, with his accompaniment only. Perhaps he’s right----he’s an excellent musician.

Unique items from local vendors and vendors from Houston Do you want to be a vendor?

Exotic items from around the world

Contact the church office at (210) 824-2481 before December 1.

Food Chicks, ducks and goats for farms in developing nations

More information on our website

Come have fun, help others ,and complete your Christmas shopping Cash and Checks only. We can’t take credit cards.

Looking for a Christmas Gift for a loved one? Leave your legacy in the St. David’s Courtyard with an engraved brick! The Schoolwill be taking orders through December 9, 2011 and the bricks will be installed during the break. Be a part of this exciting tradition at St. David’s! Cost: $50 per Brick Order forms available in church or school office


HO HO TAMALES! It’s time to get your tamales ordered for Christmas! We’re proud of our delicious “home-made” tamales, and we know you’ll enjoy them, too! CHRISTMAS TAMALES must be ordered by December 12th and picked up on December 15th between 10:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

_____ Dozen of OLD FASHIONED TAMALES $__________

$9.00 per dozen

_____Dozen of JALAPENO TAMALES $__________

$9.00 per dozen

_____ Dozen of BEAN TAMALES $__________ $9.00 per dozen _____ TOTAL DOZEN $__________ Please return this order form, along with your check made out to St. David’s Episcopal School. Tamales must be picked up by December 15th.

NAME: _____________________________PHONE: _________________





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