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August–September 2010

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DEAR FRIENDS AND MEMBERS OF ST. CYPRIAN’S, A few weeks ago, I found myself attempting Zazen meditation at a Zen retreat center. As the group I was traveling with checked out, I took a look at the bookstore and to my amazement discovered a short book on the Apostles’ Creed by a Benedictine monk with an introduction by the Dalai Lama. Even as a progressive Episcopal priest, I am often surprised by how easily I want to put the holy in a box. As disorganized a person as I am, I am often amused by how much I want things to be categorized, labeled, and put in their “proper” place. Brother David Steindl-Rast, an experienced leader in interfaith dialogue, especially between Christians and Buddhists, in his book Deeper than Words: Living the Apostles’ Creed offers a beautiful invitation to transcend the all too comfortable boundaries and limitations we’ve put on where and how we encounter God’s presence. This fall, I invite you to take a look at this lovely little book; we’ll make time after Sunday services to discuss what we’re learning together. Moving beyond our comfort zone, taking the risk of opening ourselves to new adventures and people are at the heart of all our faith traditions. Our forebears Abram and Sarai, left home, got new names (Abraham and Sarah), and found themselves with a child in their old age. When we take that leap, when we trust God’s presence, things are sure to change. Sometimes those changes don’t always feel good; think of those freed slaves from Egypt wandering in the desert with Moses. Lots of complaints, lots to be discouraged about, but ultimately the choice to embrace freedom led them all into deeper relationship with God and each other. St. Cyprian’s long and dramatic history bears witness to courageous faith from generation to generation. Communities coming together in the midst of economic, racial, and cultural diversity offering one another hope, joy, and love whether in a tiny chapel

at Grace Cathedral or a converted house. In our current building on the corner of Turk and Lyon, built in the midst of transformative times, members of this community helped this city and this country live more fully into our ideals. Whether as civic and business leaders, students marching and demonstrating, teachers, doctors, artists, and writers—as individuals and together St. Cyprian’s members continue to embody transformative hope, joy, and love. Today, we are working together to connect with our local neighborhood to discover a common vision for the future. We do so at a time when many churches throughout the country are facing enormous challenges. We do so trusting that God is with us, within us, and outside us, helping us in our old age give birth to new life and possibilities. There are signs of hope literally all around us. Neighbors are not just showing up more and more for Sunday worship, but are helping us care for our building. Next time you are in the church kitchen, take a peek out the window and you’ll notice the folks next door have planted some vegetables on that tiny plot of ground. The kitchen sink, which had been leaking for quite some time, our friends from Simply Sandwiches, who make a meal for 200 hungry people per week, fixed one afternoon.


Courageously and faithfully St. Cyprian’s leaders are meeting regularly to consider a possible longterm committed partnership with a Lutheran congregation who lost their beautiful building 15 years ago in a devastating fire. We invite you to pray about this discernment process and become an active part of this exploration. You’ll find more info in this newsletter about upcoming gatherings. Just the consideration of such a partnership represents something

• Block party! • Stewardship • Further fellowship with St. Paulus • NOMA • Conversations • Calendar

very important: movement toward sharing, collaboration, and common ground. Whether you are new to the life of St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church, a curious neighbor, distant relative, or longtime congregant, you are part of this adventure. Take some time to consider how you want to be part of this unfolding story of a dynamic community continuing a long tradition of breaking boundaries and taking risks for a better future for all.

There are two missions nights and a joint service planned with St. Paulus Lutheran Church. The intention of these two nights, on the Wednesdays of August 18 and 25, plus the joint worship service on Sunday, August 22, is to continue to get to know one another with an eye toward possible long term shared ministry. A small group of representatives delegated by Bishop’s Committee members Bruno, Robyn, and Norma met with St. Paulus members to plan these gatherings.

Peace, The Reverend Will Scott Cathedral Missioner at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church


THE NEWS FROM ST. CYPRIAN’S... BLOCK PARTY Back on May 15, Rev. Will Scott and congregant Jennifer Wolfe hosted a craft table at the NOPA block party. Neighbors braved the chill to gather in the street for conversation and food, while the kids had their faces painted, played in the jumpy house, danced, and made paper butterflies at the St. Cyprian’s table. It was a great opportunity for us to introduce ourselves further into the community and hand out a big stack of newsletters. We made new friends and got some feedback on what families might appreciate seeing happen in our ample space. Big thanks to the North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association and NOPA Little Ones for inviting us to take part. We’ll be back next year for sure!

STEWARDSHIP Our next stewardship campaign will soon be underway, and we ask you to consider what you are able to give in support of St. Cyprian’s. We aim for the fullest participation possible from our members, friends, and neighbors. We are very fortunate that Robyn Amos has stepped forward to serve as treasurer, taking over from the faithful service of Kevin Johnson. A firm stewardship foundation not only supports the basics of running a church, it also allows us to implement new programs. Most important, it secures the future of our church. When you receive a pledge form in the coming weeks, please fill it out as soon as possible. Gifts large and small are greatly appreciated, and one need not be a member of St. Cyprian’s to support our work financially. In our next issue, you will learn more about our budget and the some of the significant needs of our physical plant. Feel free to discuss any of this with Will, Robyn, or a Bishop’s Committee member.


Join us on Sunday, September 12, when we celebrate our patron saint, our congregation’s dynamic history, and our vision for the future.



Project CHALENG (Community Homelessness Assessment, Local Education and Networking Groups) was founded in 1994 by the Department of Veterans Affairs to bring the VA together with community partners to help serve the needs of homeless veterans. St. Cyprian’s will host a meeting on Wednesday, September 15, at 10 a.m., for CHALENG to reach out to community partners and for VA representatives to address the department’s five-year plan to end homelessness among veterans, and they hope to reach out to the widest possible audience.

COMMON ERA We’ll be having another gathering for neighborhood residents, congregants from St. Cyprian’s and Grace Cathedral, and other organizations to explore partnership, new collaborative projects, and ways we can serve as a community resource. We plan to meet on Thursday, September 16, from 6 to 8 p.m.


On Sunday, September 19, it will be this neighborhood’s turn to get out and enjoy a variety of activities in traffic-free streets. This is a day for fun, family, pets, bikes, yoga, martial arts, walking, skateboarding, you name it. Get out and get active to nurture healthy habits and enjoy the community. For more information, visit

“BEING CHURCH BEYOND CONGREGATION BOUNDARIES” The last NOMA meeting in July had about 50 people attending, so this movement is growing. At this next important gathering, lay and clergy leaders from the north of Market area (NOMA) in San Francisco will plan our fall calendar. All are invited to come help shape what NOMA will become as a resource for being church beyond congregation boundaries. The meeting will take place on Sunday, September 25, at St. James Church on California Street, from 8 to 10 a.m. For more information, e-mail

CONVERSATIONS: the Reverend Allan Ford, Ruth Maloof, Gloria Hall, Ruby McDowell This summer, the Reverend Will Scott has visited with many longtime congregants from St. Cyprian’s, learning more about the dynamic history of this congregation. Gloria Hall sends greetings from Sacramento. Ruth Maloof has returned to the Bay Area after living for some time in Las Vegas. The Reverend Allan Ford, former Rector of St. Cyprian’s and now retired in New York state, was recently in the Bay Area to officiate at a baptism at Grace Cathedral. Will meets monthly with Ruby McDowell and her family. We were blessed by her visit on Mother’s Day this year. If you know of other congregants who would appreciate regular visits or phone calls, please be in touch with updated contact information.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU To the Bishop’s Committee members for their committed and faithful work. Special thanks to Robyn Amos, who has stepped up to serve as Treasurer. To Michael Helquist, neighbor and friend of the congregation, who recently wrote a piece on St. Cyprian’s for an upcoming NOPNA newsletter. To the Reverends Susanna Singer and Ida Louise Johnson for their support and care of the congregation. To Jean A. Rowcliffe from the Village Well at St. Mary-the-Virgin Episcopal Church for her guidance and sharing of resources. To Myron Chapman for his diligent bookkeeping and occasional organ playing. And to our friends at St. Paulus Lutheran Church, Simply Sandwiches, and NOMA.


Three generations of the McDowell family joined us on Mother’s Day.

On the Calendar AUG. 18 & 25

St. Cyprian’s and St. Paulus members meet, 6–8 p.m., at St. Cyprian’s

AUG. 22

Joint worship service with St. Paulus, 10:10 a.m., at St. Cyprian’s

SEPT. 12

St. Cyprian’s Day

SEPT. 15

VA meeting re. homeless veterans, 10 a.m. at St. Cyprian’s

SEPT. 19

Sunday Streets SF—Western Addition

SEPT. 25

NOMA meeting, 8–10 a.m. at St. James (4620 California Street, bet. 8th and 9th )


Simply Sandwiches works downstairs from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Aug. 20, 27 / Sept. 3, 10, 17, 24 / Oct. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

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St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church has been a member of the San Francisco community for over 80 years. We are a small but passionate group of seekers and worshipers from many walks of life.

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