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Saint Cyprian’s faith. action. community. December 1, 2010 Dear St. Cyprian’s Neighbors, & Members, This month St. Cyprian’s celebrates our 50th anniversary on Turk & Lyon Street. Though this community’s history goes back much farther to the late 1800s, our church building symbolizes the struggle, hard work, commitment and determination of generations of San Franciscans to manifest their faith in tangible ways. Our ancestors knew that “love is only an idea unless it’s acted out.” !

St. Cyprian’s is in the midst of an exciting time of growth, change, and hope. This month, we began sharing our space with an after school program serving youth of the Western Addition, The Village Project. We are preparing to begin offering early next year regular concerts as we partner with long established San Francisco concert promoter SF Live Arts. In November, we received our first grant for the renovation of our kitchen. All of these activities represent the struggle, hard work, commitment and determination of contemporary St. Cyprian’s members. Like our forebears, we are together seeking to manifest our faith in tangible ways. We also know that “love is only an idea unless it’s acted out.” Enclosed you will find a pledge card. Please reflect and consider a regular gift to St. Cyprian’s to help us honor our past and our ancestors while we discern together how God is calling us to enter the next 50 years as a community. Last week, I attended the Memorial Service of Icyline Thomas whose parents were members of St. Cyprian’s before this community had a building to call our own. Icyline received her first communion, was married and saw her daughter wed at St. Cyprian’s. At the memorial service Icyline’s daughter Geraldine spoke movingly of her mother’s journey from Jamaica to San Francisco, from an era of segregation to our time when blacks and whites together celebrated the election of our nation’s first black president. The story of Icyline is the story of our community, of ordinary people living through extraordinary times and being called to new possibilities, new horizons. On my way to the mortuary, I stopped at a coffee shop and on the wall noticed a piece of art, a tree with long branches and roots proclaiming, “The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.” St. Cyprian’s has deep roots in San Francisco, deep roots in the story of God’s work of liberation, hope and healing in this world, of love embodied, acted out. As we reach high together, I want to encourage you and your loved ones to give generously for the vital life of St. Cyprian’s. We invite you to gather with St. Cyprian’s friends, old and new, on Saturday, December 18th for a celebration of our 50 years on Turk & Lyon. Please join me, and the wider St. Cyprian's community in making your 2011 pledge by Sunday, December 19th. Faithfully,

The Reverend Will Scott !

a line from Father E.A. McLaughlin’s poem “The Unembodied Abstract Word”

Invitation to Give  

Letter inviting financial support for St. Cyprian's.

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