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We All  Have  a  Stake   Professional estimates have put the cost of the kitchen at roughly $100,000. So far, St. Cyprian’s has raised nearly 10% of the cost for a new kitchen. We are applying for grants from a variety of sources but are also turning to our community for support. We will be thankful for help in any amount, whether $50 or $1,050. To donate, please make checks payable to St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church, with the note “Community Kitchen.” All donations are tax-deductible. St. Cyprian’s is a member of the Diocese of California, which is a 501(c)3.  

Partners We are incredibly grateful to all those who have lent a listening ear, willing hands, and/or financial support to this project: • Bishop Marc Andrus • Lu Han • Eric Metoyer • NOPA Restaurant, owner Jeff Hanak and chef Eddie Dick • Simply Sandwiches • Slide Ranch and executive director • Charles Higgins • Melinda Stone, USF associate professor • USF students: Caroline Dysick Casey Ikeda Philip Jong Stacy Metcalf Emma Rogers • Madeleine Parks • Andy Sakhrani • Lauren Telfer • St. Stephen’s, Orinda • Uncorked Winery owner Debbie Metcalf and Marc Metcalf St. Cyprian’s Community Kitchen 2097 Turk Street, San Francisco, CA 94115 Phone: 415-567-1855


Let’s build a community kitchen !

St. Cyprian’s has begun developing plans for a new Community Kitchen in collaboration with the University of San Francisco and our surrounding neighborhoods. In this space we still strive not only to feed hungry people but also to nurture intergenerational, interfaith, and multicultural community.

The Community   St. Cyprian’s was founded as a spiritual home for black Episcopalians in the 1870s, drew Afro-Caribbeans and West Indians in the early part of the 20th century, and grew bigger with people who came here to work during World War II. This church is a fascinating part of San Francisco history, and in December 2010 we celebrated our 50th anniversary in the building at Turk and Lyon. The surrounding neighborhoods have seen much change, many ups and downs. Throughout it all, St. Cyprian’s has been part of the fabric of life and a network of support for its members and the community, feeding people at barbecues, creating a jobtraining network in the 1960s, a needleexchange program in the 1980s, and now hosting conversations and movie screenings about topics that matter. In February 2011, we began hosting concerts in conjunction with SF Live Arts.

We are reaching out to our neighborhood with renewed vigor and focus, and our kitchen will contribute to making St. Cyprian’s a place where everyone matters.

The Kitchen  

The Mission(s)  

The Bay Area supports a food culture not seen in many other places. People trek to food trucks, support farmer’s markets, and plant school gardens. A community kitchen has potential for enormous social benefit— culinary entrepreneurs could get their start, senior citizens could get help making meals, kids could learn the basics of healthy cooking, a neighborhood association could share a meal while discussing street safety. What would you do in a community kitchen?

We are building a broad base of support: neighbors, restaurant owners, people interested in food sustainability, people interested in feeding underserved populations, people who just love food! How would you use a community kitchen to make our corner of the world a better place? We will need volunteers in many areas - do you have an interest, a skill, or two hours a week or a month to contribute to building and running it? To convert our dreams into realities, we need to raise the funds to renovate the kitchen and get the necessary permits. We are doing this through both personal donations and grants. Please see the back of this to learn how you can help.

St. Cyprian’s has been bringing people together over food for decades upon decades. But time and deferred maintenance have done a number on our kitchen and before we can open it up for the betterment of our community, we need to do some serious renovation, floor to ceiling.

Neighborhood Community Kitchen Brochure  
Neighborhood Community Kitchen Brochure  

USF PSIP Intern Lu Han & St. Cyprian's Kitchen Team member Jennifer Wolfe created this brochure on our vision for a Neighborhood Community K...