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Saint Clement Parish Pray.Serve.Give.Learn.Belong.

Stewardship Report


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Dear Friends of Saint Clement, I write to you as the new kid on the block. Having just arrived this July, I am awestruck by the breadth of ministry, passion, and commitment I see from the clergy, staff, and the folks in the pews. Saint Clement is all about the business of sharing the Gospel! In word and sacrament, we come before the glorious presence of God. In the community gathered, we make Christ present to each other, just as He is truly present to us in the Eucharist. Following men such as Msgr. Hynes, Father Simpson, and Father Hickey is an honor. Father Rex Pillai and Father Peter Wojcik are companions in ministry for whom I have deep respect. As they worked so hard to establish the five Anchors as guideposts for the mission of the parish, so we hear and answer the call to stewardship in all its forms. In a particular way, I wish to express the gratitude of the whole parish to Christina Bax and Cathy Madayag for their dedicated work as our pastoral associate and assistant to the pastor, respectively. Christina is moving on to a new position in Dallas, Texas and Cathy plans to see the world in retirement! God’s blessings to both of these wonderful women. I take my responsibility as an accountable steward very seriously. Every person who gives of their time, talent, and resources has a right to know those gifts are being used conscientiously and with care. As a pastor new to Saint Clement, among my highest priorities is to establish a mutual trust. I must trust that you will support the parish as best as possible. Likewise, you must feel secure in your trust that the staff and I will carefully steward your generosity. I am confident that trust will be fruitful. The projects undertaken at Saint Clement through To Teach Who Christ Is have been monumental. We have not been able to complete all we had hoped. So the work goes on in many ways. As we have been blessed, so we are called to be a blessing to others, especially those who go without. I am stunned and humbled looking over the many ministries and activities of our parish. How many lives are touched! I look forward to the many blessings God will shower upon us. Thank you for your enthusiastic stewardship of Saint Clement! Gratefully,

Fr. Paul G. Seaman Pastor

OUR VISION A Catholic Community Striving for Deeper Holiness, Greater Communion and Wider Service


“The spirit of Saint Clement reeled us in like Christ’s fishermen. We belonged, and we had found a place to pray. I joined a small faith group in 2009, and we still meet to this day, as dear friends. -Carlotta Rinke

In prayer we purposefully seek to be in relationship with God, our loving creator, who has gifted our lives in many ways. As Christian stewards, we respond in thanksgiving by deliberately giving back to God the gift of our time in prayer, so as to foster our relationship with God as individuals and as a community.


“Becoming a Catechist is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made! Each week the children come with enthusiasm, open minds, and amazing questions. I learn from them every class.” -Kim Marks

Each week, our sharing in the Eucharist moves us to greater reflection about the role our faith plays in the lives of others. We are called to enter into relationship through service, sharing our gifts with a world in need.


Clement Commits

Since 2003, Saint Clement Parish has been deepening its understanding of being a stewardship parish. The practical spirituality of stewardship is based in the scriptures. Spiritually, this means that each person in the parish is encouraged to spend time understanding how all that they “have” is a gift from God and that each person is uniquely gifted. This leads to the next step of prayerfully deciding how those many gifts will be given back to God. This giving back is sacrificial because individually our time, talent, and treasure are limited resources. Practically, it means that as a parish we make a commitment to give of our “first fruits” to needs beyond our parish. We honor this commitment through Clement Commits, which donates 10% each fiscal year from our parish collections. The Clement Commits committee, which includes our pastor, two parish staff, and five parishioners, reviews reports of how recipient funds are used and evaluates requests annually. In 2016-2017, Clement Commits donations totaled $234,154 allowing us to allocate $169,529 to community needs and $64,625 to Archdiocesan special collections. We also distributed an additional $2,135 as the Clement Commits share of our Community of Shepherds Fund. A total of 26 organizations were supported. To learn more about Clement Commits, go to clementcommits.

Sunday Giving Commitment Capital Campaign As a parish community, we embrace a practical spirituality of stewardship through three of our five parish anchors—pray, serve and give. Part of what it means to give is to contribute to the financial lifeblood of our parish—the Sunday Giving Commitment. Pledging is a tangible expression of gratitude for God’s role in your life, as well as the part the church has played in deepening your spiritual life. It is also the principal source of funds to support property operating costs, needs of our programs, and services of the parish. Financial support through the Sunday Giving Commitment also funds our Clement Commits program. We strive to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us by our generous parishioners. For more information or to make a pledge/donation, go to

We reached the three-year anniversary of our Capital Campaign in May of 2017 and celebrated with the grand opening of the Clement Ministry Center on June 25. It was a warm and sunny day to bless our beautiful new space, which features a welcoming entrance and a formal reception area with an accessible commercial elevator to serve the main floors of the Clement Ministry Center and the church building. As of the fiscal year-end, we are wrapping up the major projects and are beginning to focus on the final payments on the outstanding contracts. We still need the help of all parishioners with outstanding pledge balances to ensure the finances of the campaign are in balance. If you’d like to fulfill your pledge or make a new donation, please contact our parish office.

Financial Statement Fiscal year: July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

Prior Year Fiscal 6/30/2016

Current Year Fiscal 6/30/2017

Current Year Budget 6/30/2017

CHURCH INCOME Collections [1] Sacramental Income Anchor Ball Religious Education Other Income Total Church Income

$2,158,146 $59,102 $234,689 $55,837 $29,386 $2,537,160

$2,108,383 $58,404 $212,449 $55,273 $34,337 $2,468,846

$2,155,218 $67,500 $150,000 $63,760 $38,400 $2,474,878

SCHOOL INCOME Tuition & Fees Anchor Ball Annual Fund Parish Investment

$4,407,397 $237,401 $486,236 $200,000

$4,458,614 $207,356 $478,845 $125,000

$4,566,818 $120,000 $300,000 $125,000




Total School Income




Total Income




CHURCH EXPENSES Salaries & Benefits Administrative Clergy & Rectory Property Operations [2] Liturgy & Music Ministry, Outreach, Hospitality [3] Archdiocese Assessment Total Church Expenses

$1,292,477 $196,323 $136,979 $207,660 $98,822 $241,975 $212,040 $2,386,276

$1,325,983 $238,405 $140,574 $243,025 $100,638 $206,426 $213,777 $2,468,828

$1,337,884 $217,500 $143,233 $238,131 $106,750 $224,345 $212,751 $2,480,594

SCHOOL EXPENSES Salaries & Benefits




Educational Administrative Property Operations [2] Archdiocese Assessment Total School Expenses

$689,592 $221,961 $366,715 $11,825 $5,371,165

$491,983 $204,486 $325,459 $12,447 $5,279,615

$483,024 $149,800 $337,831 $12,879 $5,127,318

Total Parish Expenses







Other Income

Net Parish [4]

FOOTNOTES: 1) Collections are shown net of the 10% donated off the top through Clement Commits. See opposite page for details on Clement Commits distributions. 2) Property Operations for the parish campus includes Utilities, Maintenance & Property/Casualty Insurance. 3) Ministry, Outreach & Hospitality includes all ministry costs, including Child & Family Catechesis (AKA Religious Education). It also includes the Parish Investment in Saint Clement School of $200,000 in FY16 and $125,000 in FY17. 4) In years when there is a net deficit, the Annual Catholic Appeal Rebate can typically cover our shortfalls. In years when there is a net overage, the excess funds are placed in reserve for future shortfalls and unforeseen repairs. The ACA Rebate for FY16 was $107,542 and for FY17 was $76,884 and is considered extraordinary income. Accordingly, it is not recorded within this financial statement.


“The thing I love most about Saint Clement is how the events and opportunities really aim to nurture the whole person. Programs like Strengths for the Journey are so wonderful because they have given me opportunities to grow and understand myself better as a unique creation of God, and in return I can pray, serve, and give in ways that are more meaningful to me.” -Liz Clark

Faith is a gift from God. As stewards of this gift, we are called to deepen our understanding of the Faith and to share it with the next generation. By providing opportunities for life-long learning, our community has sought to form, strengthen, and send forth children, teens, and adults as committed disciples of Christ.

Belonging leads to believing. We are meant to live the Christian life in community with others—we are created to belong with and for one another. Saint Clement offers a wide variety of opportunities for us to pray, serve, give, and learn together, encouraging our sense of belonging.


“Whether preparing to get married, embarking on Jade’s Catholic confirmation, baptizing our two children, mourning the loss of a parent, or celebrating our son’s First Communion to the more ‘everyday’ faith experiences— the church, the people, the community, and now the school—Saint Clement has been there every step of the way.” -Mary Newburn




FR. REX PILLAI Associate Pastor



Formation & Community

LISA FRIEDLANDER Ministerial Associate

MAGGIE HANLEY Director of Community Outreach

PAUL NICHOLSON Director of Music

PATRICK SINOZICH Assistant Director of Music

NICOLE ZENNER Coordinator of Liturgy

MARY ELLEN BLANCHARD Database Manager & Financial Stewardship Assistant

CHRIS BAGNALL Director of Finance & Administration

GAEL DAY, Receptionist & Wedding Coordinator

MARI JO HANSON School Principal

HEATHER KRACIK Parish Stewardship &

JOANNA KRYNSKI Outreach & Adult Formation Assistant

KAITLIN LOUNSBERRY Communication Specialist

KATHERINE WHITE Administrative Assistant

RACHEL ESPINOZA Director of Family & Children Catechesis

Liturgy & Music

GABRIEL MAYHUGH Director of Liturgy


Development Coordinator


DAVID ERWIN Maintenance


Director of Plant Management

Saint Clement Parish


642 West Deming Place Chicago, IL 60614

Mission Statement

Rooted in the richness of Catholic tradition, Saint Clement is a welcoming, respectful, and vibrant parish community, on a common journey toward holiness. Empowered by the liturgy, we worship together and deepen our faith in Jesus Christ through sacraments, prayer, service, spiritual formation, and education. Grateful to God for our many blessings, we have a sacred responsibility to share our gifts, serve the common good, make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, and respond to the challenge to live the Gospel every day.

Vision Statement

Striving for deeper holiness, greater communion, and wider service.

Photo credits: Thank you to our dedicated staff, volunteers, and parishioners for taking photos at our events and sharing them with us for our parish publications. Thank you to John Zich of p. 1. p. 2, & p. 7. Thank you to Amy Boyle of p. 2 row 1A. p. 3, row 1C, and p. 6, Row 1B.

Parish Statistics: A Year In Review Our Community

3,764 registered parish families 449 new families registered 37 parish ministries and groups

Faith Formation

461 children enrolled at Saint Clement School 160 children enrolled in Religious Education 58 catechists taught Religious Education and RCIA 2 Bible Studies 2 Book Clubs 5 Spirituality Groups 8 Connect Faith Sharing Groups 4 Strengths for the Journey Groups


198 Baptisms 104 First Communions 84 First Reconciliations 122 Confirmations 74 Marriages Celebrated 70 Out of Town Marriages Celebrated 15 Funerals

Serving Others

Participants in our 12th Annual Service Day— April 29, 2017: 452 parishioners 30 churches, schools, and social service agencies throughout the city served Parishioners participating in liturgical ministries: 473 liturgical ministers 62 choir members

2017 Stewardship Report  
2017 Stewardship Report