2017 Annual Report

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Annual Report

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Statement of Purpose Message from Sally Faith, Mayor of City of St. Charles Message from Tom Wapelhorst, Chairman of SCCC&SFA Message from Joe Ward, Director of GSCCVB Message from Al Beltranena, GM of SCCC

Accomplishments & Events 8 Summary of Accomplishments 10 Signature Events

Facility 12 Capital Improvements 13 Mission & Sustainability 14 Facility Overview & Occupancy Reports

At the SCCC 15 Organizational Chart 16 2017 In Review 18 Our Partners 20 Client Experience Program 21 Client Surveys

Finance 22 Financial Performance 23 Summary of Market Segments

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Sales & Marketing The National Marketing Plan Community Involvement Customer Comments Client Testimonials Future Outlook

statem en t of

Purpose “The St. Charles Convention Center is dedicated to exceptional customer service, delivered with a warm and innovative approach.”

The customer is the most important visitor on our premises. Customers are not dependent on us; we are dependent on them. They are not an interruption of our work; but rather the purpose of it. They are not an outsider in our business; they are vital to it. We are not doing them a favor by serving them; they are doing us a favor by allowing us an opportunity to do so. At the St. Charles Convention Center we promise to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. We will: •

Be Passionate

Elevate Experiences

Build Loyalty

Drive Success


message from the mayor “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.� Henry Ford This quote is a great representation of the teamwork and cooperation that makes the Saint Charles Convention Center the first-class facility it is for our area. As Mayor of St. Charles, I recognize and value the dedication from everyone involved that makes this success a reality year after year. Thank you to Spectra Venue Management and the Saint Charles County Convention and Sports Facility Authority for your continued dedication to our great City. Of course, no organization can be successful without the hard work and dedication of its employees. Thank you to all of the staff that, throughout the entire year, demonstrates hard work, dedication and outstanding customer service. It is evident when you look at the full calendar of events, many that return year after year and some that are new to our area, that you are providing a wonderful experience for all who visit the Saint Charles Convention Center. The future is bright for our area and I look forward to the growth that we will all experience together. On behalf of the citizens and the City Council of Saint Charles, I want to congratulate you on another successful year, and thank you for your hard work, dedication and love of what you do for the City of Saint Charles. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership for many years to come, and to the continued success of the Convention Center.


Sally A. Faith Mayor City of St. Charles, Missouri


message from the chairman As this annual report will indicate, 2017 was once again a year for record breaking revenues and business levels that were well beyond expectations. The convention center management staff and Spectra have perfected the ability to secure space for clients even though we are operating at a 63% occupancy level. Furthermore, Spectra management continues to scrutinize and convert potential business leads that capture more revenue per each client. This effort has created the platform for exceeding budgeted revenues, even though we have limited availability. This past year has been spent preparing for a potential expansion of the facility. The Saint Charles Convention and Sports Facilities Authority and the City of Saint Charles have completed research on the feasibility of expanding the convention center as well as the potential for securing a new hotel adjacent to the existing facility. The studies have indicated a need to expand and further outlined a very positive pro forma from an operating and debt service perspective. We proceed on to develop financial strategies and architectural designs in order to pursue a contractor to begin construction. It is anticipated that the construction will begin at the end of 2018 or early 2019, assuming that all parties agree to the expansion. Our future lies with growing our economic impact and sustainability through an expanded facility and adhering to new industry trends. Our effectiveness and success continues to grow with recognizing opportunity and taking advantage of those opportunities. Sincerely,

Tom Wapelhorst Chairman St. Charles County Convention & Sports Facility Authority


message from the director Once again, it has been a uniquely historic year of achievement for the Saint Charles Convention Center (SCCC) and the team at Spectra Venue Management, led by general manager, Al Beltranena. As one of the most successful event venues in the nation, The Saint Charles Convention Center continues to not only set the gold standard in the conference management industry, but set new standards for others to follow. This reputation is well deserved and accomplished through the hard work, dedication and commitment to first-class hospitality that the Spectra team displays each and every day. The Saint Charles Convention Center plays a central role in delivering the entire Saint Charles experience to our guests and extends an open invitation to visitors from around the world as it serves as a wonderful gathering place to celebrate, learn, and Discover all that Saint Charles has to offer. We sincerely appreciate Spectra’s on-going partnership and look forward to reaching new heights together. It is our pleasure at the Greater Saint Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau to partner with you in our shared pursuit of excellence.


Joseph Ward Director Greater Saint Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau


message from the

general manager I am pleased to report that 2017 was yet another successful year at the Saint Charles Convention Center. For the seventh year in a row, Spectra has surpassed budgeted revenue while operating at a net profit. Hosting 32 conventions during 2017 was instrumental in generating 68% of the 23,856 room nights contributed to the City of St. Charles as a result of events at the facility. Occupancy levels peaked at 90% in March, finishing strong with 65% for the year. Repeat business generated 70% of the venue’s revenue. Our overall customer satisfaction rating was 4.82 out of a possible 5.0. In summary, it was a fantastic year. None of these accomplishments would be possible without the talented and devoted staff at the St. Charles Convention Center. The team functions as one unit, driven by a passion for elevating experiences and exceeding expectations. From selling to the event, to cleaning and maintaining the building, to serving gourmet cuisine, outstanding staff is what raises the bar of excellence at the Convention Center. Our staff is never satisfied with the status quo, and is constantly searching for innovative ideas to keep us relevant in the industry. On behalf of Spectra Venue Management, thank you to the St. Charles County Convention and Sports Facilities Authority, the City of St. Charles, and the Conventions and Visitor’s Bureau for the support and trust placed with Spectra in managing the Saint Charles Convention Center. We look forward to a prosperous 2018.


Al Beltranena General Manager St. Charles Convention Center


Summ a ry of

Accomplishments In 2017, the St. Charles Convention Center Sales Team

Breaking Records

continued to focus on booking smarter by maximizing

Most Conventions Held: The facility hosted 32

space and securing events at the Convention Center with

conventions in 2017, beating 2015’s record by four

the greatest impact. By targeting large, high attendance,


and high revenue events, Spectra exceeded the operating

Highest Food & Beverage Revenue: The venue food &

budget set for the year by $208,270. Also notable, 2017

beverage total was the highest in the venue’s history,

marked the seventh year in a row the facility operated at a

with a total of $3,995,028 in revenue.

net profit.

Highest Management/Facility Staff Survey Score: The Center received a 4.9 average rating for the Management/Facility Staff Survey Score, the highest average score ever received for any category.

Staff Achievements


d av i n r o y, cm p


givens, cmp


Earned her Certified Meeting

Earned his Certified Meeting Planner

Selected for Comcast Spectacor’s

Planner (CMP) Designation from the

(CMP) Designation from the Events

Leadership Institute High Potential

Events Industry Council (EIC)

Industry Council (EIC)

Development Program


teel, c mp

President Trump’s Visit at the St. Charles Convention Center

Notable Events •

President of the United States: President Trump’s

visit brought over 1,000 attendees to the Convention

Grand Ballroom, Junior Ballroom, Exhibit Hall and more

Center. It took over 500 man hours from management

in order to provide our current and potential out-of-

to prepare and over 1,000 man hours from support

town clients the ability to tour the facility without

staff. During President Trump’s visit 16 data lines and

ever stepping foot in the venue. 3600 Tour users can

over 400 wifi connections for media were used. At least

look around the a room with multiple room sets. For

10 satellite media trucks and three canine units were

example, the Grand Ballroom has classroom, crecent

present. Security support for this event included Secret

rounds, and banquet views. •

Service, FBI, SWAT, St. Charles City Police Department •

360 Tours: The Center had 3600 photos taken of the

Staff Training: The facility hosted a May and December

and St. Charles Convention Center’s Security Team.

All Staff Training in 2017. An evening training session

Venue Awards: The Convention Center celebrated its

was added to capture employees who are unable to

third year in a row as one of St. Louis’ Top Workplaces,

attend the afternoon session. The May training had a

tenth year in a row as a Facilities & Destinations Prime

passport theme and covered topics ranging from team

Site Award winner, and was awarded “Best Revenue

building to setting a room for an event. The December

Generating Idea” at the International Box Office,

training focused on situational awareness and ended

Sales and Marketing Conference by Spectra Venue

with Clue-themed game in order to discover the


venue’s first ever “General Manager Award” Winner.


sign at ure

Events Conventions In 2017, the Convention Center hosted 32 conventions, generating over $2.4 million in revenue. This market segment contributed to 69% of the total room nights and 35% of the total gross revenue for the facility. The Center hosted both new and repeat conventions in 2017. •

Anime St. Louis: Anime returned in 2017 for the third

time. This fun-loving group had over 4,000 attendees

teens, this Convention is held prior to Easter every year.

with 550 room nights. The group is definite through

The group brings in 2,500 attendees with a total of 600

2019 with space on hold for 2020.

room nights. Missouri District Youth is booked through

BHS Central States Conference: The Barbershop

2019, with space on hold through 2023. •

Harmony Society, Central States District hosted their

Missouri District Youth: A conference geared toward

Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians and

conference at the venue in October 2017, bringing in

Surgeons: MAOPS held their convention for the second

1,335 room nights and 1,500 attendees. BHS Central

year in a row at the Center in 2017. The group brought

States is also definite for 2018.

in 712 room nights and 300 attendees.

Helena Chemical Company: This group has hosted their





event at the Convention Center for eight years with

Organization: This group hosted thier event in March

future years on hold. In 2017, the convention hosted

2017, garnering 745 room nights and hosting over 600

700 attendees and garnered nearly 450 room nights.



EducationPlus’ METC returned for the

Solution Tree: PLC unites educators with keynotes

ninth year in 2017. The event attracted over 1,600

and breakout sessions. In their seventh year at the

attendees and 425 room nights. They are booked

Convention Center, the event brought in 1,600 attendees

through 2020 and have space on hold until 2022.

with 2,100 room nights. PLC is definite until 2019 with space on hold for 2022.

Anime St. Louis


Lake of the Ozarks Boat Show

World Wide Technology

Consumer Shows

Special Events

Consumer shows are the main contributor to event

World Wide Technology: One of our premier holiday

attendance totals at the Center. In 2017, consumer shows

party clients, WWT returned for the sixth year in a row.

accounted for 111,398 attendees, resulting in 42% of the

Their event transformed the Expanded Exhibit Hall in

overall building attendance. Some of the highly attended

holiday movie theme, utilizing our ability to decorate

2017 consumer shows include:

the space with carpeting, drape, props, and more. This

upscale event had various food and drink stations, a

The Home Builders Association Home Shows: With

band, DJ, and lounging areas for 1,500 people.

shows in April and September, the Home Shows hosted

over 8,200 people in the spring and 4,700 people in the

Center, hosting their competitions at the facility since

fall. These events give visitors the opportunity to see,

2011. Talent on Parade is definite through 2019 and

learn about, and buy the latest products and services

has space on hold until 2023. Their regional (spring)

for the home from 200 companies in one place. •

and national (summer) competitions brought in over

Jurassic Quest: This dinosaur themed event returned

3,000 attendees with nearly 1,200 room nights total

to the venue for the second year in a row, bringing a dinosaur adventure for the whole family.

between the two events.


Quest attracted nearly 20,000 attendees and featured

“Steppin” and has been at the Convention Center since

interact with, learn about, and in some cases even ride!

2014. The group brought in nearly 1,700 people and

Lake of the Ozarks Boat Show: Hosted by the Marine

700 room nights over Memorial Day weekend in 2017.

Dealers Association, the Lake of the Ozarks Boat Show

brings boats, other watercraft, and in 2017, over 6,000

Taste of St. Charles: The Rotary Club of St. Charles held the annual Taste of St. Charles at the Convention Center

attendees to the facility for the event. Attendance in

for the fourth year in a row in 2017. The event benefits

2017 saw a 13% increase over the previous year. •

Stepaganza: This event is an annual awards celebration weekend that honors the legends of Chicago-style

realistic, life-size animatronic dinosaurs that visitors can •

Talent on Parade: TOP is a mainstay at the Convention

adult charities located in St. Charles and features some

The St. Louis Working Women’s Survival Show:

of the finest food and wine St. Charles has to offer,

Promoted as the “Ultimate Girls’ Day Out,” the show

provided by over 30 of its top restaurants.

uses the entire Convention Center. Samantha Harris, from Dancing with the Stars and Entertainment Tonight, was the show’s Celebrity Guest. Working Women’s Survival Show fis a one-stop-shop for food, fashion, fitness, and fun. 11

c a pita l

Improvements Event Services •

Projectors: Upgraded to high definition projectors, increasing resolution and picture quality.

Microphones: Replaced microphones with the newest advanced technology.

Lighting: Purchased a variety of uplighting to enhance event experience with additional in-house options.

Food & Beverage •

Concessions Facelift: The facility renamed both concessions outlets and branded the Compass Café (formerly known as Cyber Café) and St. Charles Grill (formerly known as St. Charles Café). The front of the Grill counters were wrapped in the St. Charles Grill logo and a new awning was purchased. Two additional screens were purchased for each location to display images of menu items and entice attendees to purchase food while attending events.

Operations •

Wood flooring: The facility updated the wood flooring in Grand Ballroom prefunction to match the look and historic feel of the building.

Lighting: LED lighting was purchased to help reduce the venues energy footprint.


mission &

Sustainability Mission

dedicated to supporting efforts and management practices for the long term benefit of the environment so people can

The Spectra Team at the St. Charles Convention Center is

work, play, and live in healthy, ecologically-friendly facilities.

committed to promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our goal is to offer outstanding quality of

Green Initiatives

service and mitigate impact on the natural environment.

The St. Charles Convention Center staff is dedicated to By creating awareness of environmental impacts, we strive

reducing its environmental impact by saving energy,

to minimize waste through programs designed to reduce

reducing, reusing, and recycling. In 2017, the facility

and ultimately recycle the consumable materials we utilize

recycled a total of 31.13 tons of materials that would have

at our facility. Through Spectra’s company-wide STEP UP

otherwise gone to a landfill. In addition, 31,985 pounds

Program, the St. Charles Convention Center has become

were composted, diverting 13.2 tons in CO2 emisisons.

a leader in employing and promoting environmentally responsible, equitable, and sustainable practices. Spectra is

New lighting in the Grand Ballroom


fa cilit y o vervi ew & o c c u pa n c y


Occupancy Reports

The St. Charles Convention Center is the finest full-service convention venue in the Greater St. Louis metro area. With

Exhibit Hall Grand Ballroom Junior Ballroom Meeting Rooms Overall

154,000 square feet of space and over 83,000 square feet of flexible event space, the Center is an ideal choice for groups ranging from 10 to 3,000.

71% 57% 62% 46% 63%
































Upper Level

Lower Level

Grand Ballroom: An elegant 16,200 square foot

Exhibit Hall: Boasts 27,600 square feet capable of

ballroom with the capability to be configured into six

expanding into the Junior Ballroom, creating 35,700

separate breakouts

square feet of contiguous space

Conference Room: Seating for up to 18 people

Executive Board Room: Seating for up to 22 people

Junior Ballroom: 6,025 square feet capable of configuration into four separate breakouts


Seven Meeting Rooms

Guest and Business Services Center

Or g an i z atio n a l Org a niz ational

Chart Chart

St. Charles County Convention & Sports Facility Authority

City of St. Charles

St. Charles Convention Center Oversight Committee

Joseph Ward

Contract Administrator

Sarah Plate

Administrative Assistant

Tennille Wanner

Kristin Bowen

Event Manager

Jarek Main

Sales Manager

Courtney Greene

Connie Barber

Katie Walton-Russell

Pamela Sanders Catering Manager

Aaron Hall, CTS Media Services Coordinator

Christine Kelly

Loc Thanh Nguyen

David Klein

Sharon Robertson

Nick Forgione

Sta Accountant

1st Cook

Stanley Walker Food & Beverage Manager

Scott Condor

Mark Kandlbinder

Jake Von Till

Mike Middendorf

Media Services Technician


Luke Taylor

Lead Facility Specialist

Andrew Herbert, CTS

Sous Chef

Operations Manager

Event Services Coordinator

Media Services Manager

Executive Chef

Paul Dunning

Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technician

Lindsey Helland

Catering Manager

Roland Scheller

HR Coordinator & F&B Accountant

Chief Engineer

Event Manager

Jennifer Nowack

Nancy Hunt

Travis Casteel

Chardean Olsen, CMP Event Manager Exhibitor Services/ Event Manager

Catering Manager

Diane Sutton

Administrative Assistant

Technology Manager

Sales Manager

Director of Finance

Director of Operations

Archie Carty

Event Manager

Amy Dunning

Neil Sandage

Director of Event Experiences

Jason Givens, CMP

Julie Davinroy, CMP

General Manager

Angie Teel, CMP

Director of Sales & Marketing

Marketing Manager

Alvaro Beltranena

Security Lead

Fred Carslick

IT Services Technician


Debbie Woods Housekeeping Supervisor

Tulio Cruz

Facility Specialist

Ken Kasper

Assistant Food & Beverage Manager

Banquet Captain

Cathy Wise

Debbie Johnson

Banquet Captain

Banquet Captain

Robin Chase

Facility Specialist

Updated 3.1.2018

Easter Egg Hunt


In Review

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Jennifer Schonhoff’s Bab

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pe the Ro aining | Esca ay All Staff Tr

May All Staff

om Winners

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y Shower

Representing SCCC at the

Child Center Golf Tour


May All Staff Training | Cooking with Nick Forgion

Hard Hat Tour at Drury Hotel, Streets of St. Charles


Connie & Je

n at Caters


Staff on the roof for the total solar eclipse


Courtney &


Julie repres

enting SCCC

at MME



rnament Client Appreciation Cele

Winning Clue team with General Manager Award Winner Jason Givens


w Kristin Bo

osie the en aka: R


Nancy pose

s with a da

nce trophy


Posing in front of the Presidential motorcade


nds for the Ho ring at Helping Ha


Debbie, Nancy, and Dian



o ur


Greater St. Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau

Embassy Suites St. Louis St. Charles Hotel

Spectra and the Greater St. Charles Convention and Visitors

The attached Embassy Suites Hotel is an all-suite, 296 room

Bureau constantly work in tandem to solicit the best business

facility managed by John Q. Hammons and is connected to

for the facility. Together their goals are to earn revenues for

the Convention Center on both the upper and lower levels.

the Center, bring in out-of-town guests to generate room

This attached property has proven valuable in attracting

nights for local hotels, and maximize the overall economic

groups needing large, flexible meeting space with an

impact to the City of St. Charles.

adjacent full-service hotel. Spectra and the Embassy Suites staff work jointly in securing business that utilizes space at

Both CVB and Convention Center representatives commonly

both properties.

attend trade shows and events together and are both involved in FAM trips and site tours of the facility for long-term business prospecting and booking. Clients can coordinate with the CVB to explore Historic Main Street and the thriving tourism community here in St. Charles.


Hospitality Partners The St. Charles hospitality industry consists of 16 limited-service hotels and three full-service hotels with a total of over 2,400 rooms in inventory. Of the 19 area hotels, eight are within one mile of the Convention Center. The staff at the facility continue to foster relationships with these hospitality partners to secure pieces of business for the facility and surrounding industry partners.

Sponsors, Advertisers, & Other Partners In an effort to better serve our clients, relationships have been forged with a variety of business partners. In addition to a vested business interest within the facility through direct product offerings, signage, and exposure, many of these sponsors also exist to provide additional marketing support for the facility and events.


clie nt e xperience


Our Promise is a client experience and employee recognition initiative that creates a culture driven by success, collaboration, passion, loyalty, and elevating experiences. The program empowers staff to maximize the experience of clients and coworkers alike and recognizes stellar staff for their commitment to the Our Promise principles.

2017 Employee of the Year

Mark Kandlbinder

Both clients and employees receive Our Promise nomination cards to recognize employees for their commitment to Our Promise. The nominations are reviewed, and monthly and quarterly winners are selected by the executive team. Over 70 awards were earned by Convention Center staff in 2017.

Be Passionate • Work with enthusiasm • Encourage and inspire others • Believe in your work

2017 General Manager Award

Jason Givens, CMP

Elevate Experiences • Utilize cutting-edge industry trends • Anticipate need • Innovate creative solutions Build Loyalty • Be a trusted advisor • Act with integrity and respect • Express gratitude • Encourage feedback Drive Success • Develop efficient processes • Identify and create opportunities for profit • Maximized the experience • Execute “Win! Win!” strategies

2017 Quarterly Winners

2017 Monthly Winners

Connie Barber

January: Chardean Olsen

Paul Dunning

February: Bob Eades

Luke Taylor

March: Debbie Woods

Krystal Bryson

April: Azebe Megene

Jennifer Nowack

May: Jessica Showers

Floye Dawson

June: Henry Wills

Travis Casteel

July: Peter Aftayev

Azeb Megene

August: Antjuan Potts September: Lynn Hall October: Katie Walton-Russel

Collaborate • Employ a team approach • Communicate effectively • Deliver on commitments

November: Julie Davinroy December: Archie Cartie


clie nt

Surveys key: Facility Management & Facility Staff Food & Beverage Audio/Visual IT & Telecom Overall

Space Met Your Needs Environment Comfortable Space Set in Manner Requested Public Space/Restroom Clean Sales Manager Event Manager Security Staff Professional Housekeeping Professional

The St. Charles Convention Center distributes surveys seeking feedback on clients’ event experiences at the conclusion of each event. On a scale

Overall Impression of Staff Catering Manager F&B Service Staff

of 1 to 5, the facility achieved a 4.80

Overall F&B Quality

overall survey average across all

Overall F&B Presentation


Overall F&B Service A/V Staff Professional

Average Score

Per category on a scale of 1 to 5 4.86 Facility 4.90 Management & Facility Staff 4.74 Food & Beverage 4.68 Audio/Visual 4.59 IT & Telecom 4.84 Overall Satisfaction 4.81 Client Survey Total

A/V Staff Responsive Quality of A/V Equipment Telecom Contact Professional Telecom Staff Professional Quality of Telecom Equipment Overall Satisfaction Overall Rating of Facility Experience 4.0



j an ua ry 1, 20 17 - decem ber 31, 2017

Financial Performance Actual



Rental Revenue




Service Revenue




Ancillary Revenue










Event Expenses








Operating Expenses











Other Revenue

Total Gross Operating Revenue Expenses

Total Expenses Net Income (Loss)

Spectra’s trend of surpassing budget and feasibility expectations continued in 2017. For the seventh year in a row Spectra operated the St. Charles Convention Center at a net profit.


s umm a ry of

Market Segments Event Type

events by type




Consumer Show









Special Event



Trade Show



Event Type




Consumer Show









Special Event



Trade Show



262,505 Room Nights





Consumer Show









Special Event



Trade Show



Total: Event Type

23,595 Gross Revenue





Consumer Show









Special Event



Trade Show





Attendance #


Event Type

event gross revenue



room nights by type



attendance by type

# of Events


s a les &

Marketing Advertising

Online Marketing

The Convention Center’s advertising exists on three

The Convention Center implemented 3600 Tours in 2017, as

platforms: facility advertising, event advertising, and

an additional online selling tool. The Tours allow prospective

Spectra’s National Marketing Plan. In 2017, the Convention

clients to “look” around a room as if they were standing in

Center continued to work with the CVB to complement their

it. Multiple sets were photographed for each room. For

marketing strategies in terms of meetings, conventions,

example, the Grand Ballroom views include empty, classroom

conferences, trade shows, etc.

seating, crescent rounds, and banquet seating. This tool has been especially useful for out-of-town prospective clients,

The Convention Center Advertising Program, enables show

allowing them to feel as if they’re visiting the Convention

promoters to select from four unique program options

Center via their computer or phone.

ranging from Bronze (free), Silver ($500), Gold ($1,000), and Platinum ($1,500). The program includes varying levels

Google Reviews saw another dramatic increase in 2017,

of advertising on the marquee, social media, website and

with 315 total reviews at year end, a 325% increase over the


previous year. Also notable, the star rating earned increased from 4.3 stars to 4.4 stars.


The Convention Center continues to utilize Social Media to

The Sales Packets were overhauled in early 2017, resulting

connect with our patrons. Likes on our Facebook page saw a 12% increase in 2017, Twitter followers saw a 7% increase,

in a new folder, redesigned brochure and menu, and for the

and Instram followers saw a 103% increase.

first time, incorporated Advertising Program collateral. The sales department participated in multiple trade shows and sales blitzes, delivering information to targeted markets and clients. Sales blitzes included a Girl Scout themed blitz, handing out boxes of Thin Mints creatively wrapped in information about the Convention Center and a Back to School themed blitz which included a “new student orientation” booklet with information about the facility and the Sales Team, a branded backpack, notepad, pen, 20 Year Planner, trail mix, and bottled water. Trade shows attended include MPI Mid America Conference, Direct Selling Association, ASAE, and Connect Missouri.


the n ational

Marketing Plan The National Marketing Plan is Spectra’s corporate-based advertising initiative that allows the Convention Center to have advertising exposure at a national level for a reduced cost. The total value of the program in 2017 was $230,000 and the Convention Center was represented in all components for an annual investment of only $9,300.



The St. Charles Convention Center receives exposure in

The Center receives exposure in the reoccurring eNews blast

the cooperative advertising program, which is valued at

to industry contacts, including meeting and event planners.

$57,000 annually. This includes venue listings in two page

It allows us to promote our hot dates and discounted

spreads and/or full page ads in publications such as Trade

rates and feature our venue in regional spotlights. This

Show Executive, Small Market Meetings, and Facilities and

also includes our venue listing in the digital and printed

Destinations, plus the ability to purchase exclusive SCCC ads

Convention Center brochure, which is distributed at industry

at reduced costs.

trade show events and promoted interactively online.

GPS Database

Trade Shows

Spectra sales staff at the venue have access to the GPS

St. Charles is represented in the National Trade Show

database of over 20,000 contacts for prospecting and lead

Program, which is valued at over $50,000. For relevant

sharing. If another Spectra venue has a piece of business

shows in certain markets, sales staff at the SCCC have the

that would work well in our market, the lead is routed

ability to attend shows in the Spectra booth. This year SCCC

properly through this system to be prospected here locally.

was represented at ASAE and Connect Marketplace.


c o mmunit y

Involvement Great Committee The St. Charles Convention Center’s GREAT Committee

Helping Hands for the Holidays

organizes the Center’s community efforts. The GREAT

The tenth annual Helping Hands for the Holidays (HHH)

Committee encourages staff to participate in, or donate to,

charity event was hosted on December 14, 2017. This

charitable events including Helping Hands for the Holidays,

community outreach event is one of the largest in the

Casual Days, and more.

area and is designed to assist those in-need within our community. In 2017, nearly 1,400 meals were served and


over 400 coats were given away.

In 2017, the Charity Committee continued to implement Casual Days as a means to raise funds for charities, including We Love St. Charles and Helping Hands for the Holidays. Through employee donations and building matched contributions, $1,200 was donated to We Love St. Charles and a total of $2,440 was raised throughout the year.

We Love St. Charles Donation Check 2017 26

c ustomer

Comments “Can’t wait for my next event at SCCC!!!!!!”

Christopher Ortwerth St. Louis Best Bridal

“It’s hard to give an MVP to just one person as everyone at the venue makes it a great place.”

Jeremy Johnson Anime St. Louis

“Always great to work with this group of people-they all make the event go as smoothly as possible.”

Mike Kenagy St. Charles Boat Show

Shannon Santamaria PLC “We were told the wedding and reception was the best people have ever attended.”

Kathy Hummert Hummert/Robon Wedding

“Very pleased again with the St. Charles Convention Center!”

Karen Kroupa A Day with Medicare

“Everyone was very pleased with the location and all food provided during the day.”

Sima Schappe

“The staff at SCCC did an excellent job for my daughter’s wedding. Everything was done and carried out the way we wanted it to be. There were only positive comments from our guests about the venue, food, and service. Thank you!”

Mary Kaye Kernen Kernen/O’Hare Wedding

BOA Spring Regional

“It was a dream come true! I loved everything about it!”

“I cannot say enough good things about the venue and the staff. You all made our event that much more successful.”

Hiwot Woldgeorgis

Chrisopher Miofsky

Woldgeorgis/Menje Wedding

“It’s always great to be back in St Charles, we have been hosting our PLC conference there for many years and will continue to do so. The staff is very accommodating and attentive. Thank you!”

Lindenwood Sorority Recruitment


“The convention center is a top notch facility. The staff is great and my compliments to the chef-the food was outstanding!”

Lisa Emrich

Emrich/Murphy Wedding

“...the general hospitality shown to the Host and participants of STEPAGANZA for the past several years has been nothing less than impeccable and each year the working relationships gets better because of familiarity and consistency.”

Iary Isaiah Israel Stepaganza

clie nt




f u t ure


Future Outlook

The Convention Center began 2018 with $765,000 more

With space at premium this year and hard to come by, the sales team will focus on booking the best pieces of business

on the books than 2017. Our revenue goal for 2018 has

for the building, not their market. This will require everyone

increased to $7,117,000, an increase of $282,000 from 2017’s revenue goal of $6,835,000.

working together as a team and communicating. The sales

For 2018, we are estimating total revenues on the following

entertain contacts with local corporate, association, and

team will continue to solicit business through sales calls and specialty markets. The SCCC team plans to go on monthly

event mix: •

33% Conventions

21% Banquets

16% Consumer Shows

13% Meetings

10% Special Events

7% Trade Shows

local sales calls and quarterly sales missions with the CVB and meet monthly with their counterparts There are 28 conventions definite for 2018 with 14,860 room nights; 11 definite for 2019 (11,000 rooms); and five (5) definite for 2020 (3,240 rooms). One (1) is firm for 2018 (200 rooms) and three (3) is firm for 2019 (1,120 rooms). From 2019 and on, we are working several large conventions in tentative status with a total of 20,000 rooms.

As of February 2018, we have over 23,000 definite room nights with another 4,300 in tentative and firm status.

2018 is going to be another record-setting year for the

Conventions are and will continue to be a focus for future

Center as projections are higher than ever. With limited

years, which allows us to better saturate our calendar with

space available, the sales team will continue to focus on

larger business associated with room nights. We can then

“booking smarter” to find the right events to fill the open

place all the other pieces of business into our available

dates. This means during an empty week we no longer book

space, focusing on mid-week trade shows and short-term

an event mid-week and we have shortened our booking

business to fill the Exhibit Hall in hopes of increasing our

window for single day events.


All departments will continue to provide outstanding customer service to assist in creating strong client relationships to help build our repeat client base. We can achieve success in meeting our goals for the year through a systematic approach in finding the right events for the available dates we have as well as how strategic the sales team continues to book future years.


One Convention Center Plaza St. Charles, MO 63303 Local: 636.669.3000 Toll Free: 877.896.SCCC StCharlesConventionCenter.com



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