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Having then, brethren, asked the Lord who it is that shall dwell in the Lord’s tabernacle, we have heard what the Lord commands to those who wish to dwell there; and if we fulfill those commands, we shall be

heirs of the kingdom of heaven. —Prologue, Rule of St. Benedict Mary Minette Beutz, OSB February 5, 1922 – October 15, 2015

Renée Domeier, OSB


er prayer journals—bequeathed to me before she died—help me pray, weep and wonder how eternal life is being lived by our Sister Mary Minette Beutz and her Spouse for whom she longed, whether in her classroom, the chapel, or her community living! She was a mystic in our midst! It was abundantly clear to me that, “Death has a way of tearing off the veil that keeps the shining beauty of a faithful Christian hidden from our eyes.”

S. Mary Minette was complex in many ways and she was astoundingly simple in her loyalties. She was little—in size and manner, voice and self-confidence—but she was so big in desire and influence, in love and sacrifice, in suffering and closeness to Jesus. Those who knew her well attest to the truth of what her name suggests: she was “a little bridge builder” helping them cross chasms and dangerous places to get to the other side! Her gift of prayer, wisdom and imaging are well known by those who love her! She easily saw the underside of reality, whether a dewdrop on grass, a caterpillar-becomebutterfly, a small child longing for acceptance, or a dancing sanctuary lamp ready to give its whole life to God.

I wonder about eternal life because of her!

Mary Carmen (Maria) Cruz, OSB March 2, 1930 – October 25, 2015

Anne Malerich, OSB


o work with the poor in Brazil was Sister Mary Carmen’s first priority. Since that was not possible, then with the poor wherever they might be. She found them at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in St. Cloud where she worked for some years letter-writing for prisoners and assisted at worship services with them.

Born in Caguas, Puerto Rico, S. Mary Carmen, at age 24, entered the monastery at Benet Lake, Wis. In 1967 she asked to transfer to Saint Benedict’s Monastery because we had a mission in Puerto Rico. She recalled how Mother Henrita Osendorf came to her when she was working in the infirmary to tell her, with a big hug, that the sisters had unanimously voted to accept her. S. Mary Carmen realized her dream and was able to spend about eight years serving with our sisters in Puerto Rico.

Sewing was her forte, something she enjoyed and did well, even as a young girl. However, prayer was S. Mary Carmen’s main interest and she felt blessed to be part of our prayerful community. We feel blessed to have known you, too, S. Mary Carmen, because of your cheerfulness, prayerfulness and dedication. We thank God for bringing you to us. Now may you rejoice forever in heaven with the Lord whom you loved.

Benedictine Sisters and Friends, Spring Summer 2016  

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