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Michaela Hedican, OSB

Recent years have found serve in some of the following ways: our culture placing • Mindfulness of Christ is what has us welcome the guest or a high priority on the the pilgrim not only in Christ’s name but as Christ himself. ability to multitask. The Fifteen hundred years after the Rule was written, this is the busyness of our world and mindset of our ministry at the Spirituality Center and in the constant awareness of Studium. Some scholars come to deepen their understanding deadlines have left many trying of God and hence become more mindful of God’s presence. to do too much with too little time. Fortunately, research And a number of our sisters journey with those who come to had confirmed what many of us have believed all along— the Spirituality Center and desire to become more mindful of multitasking is counterproductive! Multitasking is no longer the presence of God in their lives. seen as a virtue but rather as an impediment to what has • The School of Benedictine Spirituality is also a ministry become a necessity of life—mindfulness. through which we seek to share the wisdom of Benedict as Mindfulness is the ability to be present to what is taking he shows us ways in which to keep a mindfulness of Christ place in the moment before us. Mindfulness workshops, in our lives. One truly learns the mind and spirit of Benedict calendars and books abound as our commercial world takes through this program. advantage of what research has told us. • Staying centered or mindful of Christ is deepened and Benedict does not use the word mindfulness in the Rule enhanced for each one of us through our dedication to but his instructions to us bespeak this attitude. For Benedict, sacred or divine reading. In our Benedictine heritage this is nothing is to be preferred to Christ. Christ is to be the center referred to as lectio divina. You will learn more about lectio of all that is thought or done in the monastery. Mindfulness in this issue of Benedictine Sisters and Friends. of Christ is part of every moment in the monastery. One of the Along with these aspects of our ministry, this issue will tools that Benedict gives us contrasts the world’s way with include other ways in which mindfulness is essential in our ours in the monastery: “The love of Christ must come before life. May these articles assist you in your mindfulness of the all else” (RB 4: 21). As Benedict closes the Rule, he reminds us present moment and in your awareness of God’s presence in of this attitude with the words; “Let them prefer nothing to the “now.” the love of Christ.” (RB 72: 11) This mindfulness is the basis of our ministry as we seek to bring Christ to all those whom we

Benedictine Sisters and Friends Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict Saint Benedict’s Monastery Volume 20 – Number 2, Spring 2016

Karen Rose, OSB, Director, Development/Communications, Editor-in-Chief

Jennifer Morrissette-Hesse, Editor/Graphic Designer Renée Domeier, OSB, Proofreader

Editorial Board Liz Brannan Michael Doyle Mary Lindstrom Teresa Mohs Tom Stock

On the Cover “Reflection,” by Thomas Carey, OSB, oil painting, 1970s.

“… The water, dark blue almost black, is translucent farther out, giving a clear but not entirely matching reflection of the scene. This painting has a mysterious quality. It is abstract yet naturalistic, suggesting exploration of new territory.”

Painting description and photo from Sister Thomas Carey, OSB: The Light Within, copyright 2003, Saint Benedict’s Monastery, St. Joseph, Minn.

Photos: Andra Johnson, Nancy Bauer, OSB, Karen Streveler, OSB, unless otherwise noted or supplied by individual sisters or Saint Benedict’s Monastery Archives Printing: Palmer Printing

Benedictine Sisters and Friends, Spring Summer 2016  

Published by the Office of Mission Advancement, Saint Benedict's Monastery, St. Joseph, Minn. The purpose of Benedictine Sisters and Friends...