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Women’s Benedictine monasteries in the U.S. are organized into three federations. Saint Benedict’s Monastery is part of the Federation of Saint Benedict. We are honored to announce that, in November last year, Sister Kerry O’Reilly was elected President of the Federation of Saint Benedict to serve a term of six years. Congratulations, S. Kerry!

Farewell …

Sister Lois Wedl is known to many and it’s certain you’ll want to wish her well for the future. At the beginning of February, she retired as Director of Vocations. However, if you know S. Lois, you won’t be surprised to learn that she will still have a multitude of things she’ll be involved with, including maintaining her position as the College of Saint Benedict’s Number One Blazers fan—matches just wouldn’t be complete without her. S. Lois will also continue her prayer ministry and take on a new role as Secretary-Treasurer to the Federation of Saint Benedict.

… And Welcome

Our new Director of Vocations is Sister Lisa Rose. She will work with Sister Stephanie Mongeon, ambassador to the College of Saint Benedict, and Sister Lisa Kittock who heads the Girls, God and Good Times (3G) summer camps. S. Lisa Rose describes the team as being “Currently under construction, but looking forward to the challenge.” The team-in-process would certainly appreciate your prayers as they work to spread the Benedictine message and help women to discern whether they have a monastic vocation. If you have a daughter now in grades 4–8 who would like to attend our 3G camp this summer, contact S. Lisa Kittock at or (320) 363-7114 or check our Web site



& Friends

Special Birthday September 11, 2015, was a very special day at Saint Scholastica Convent when Sister Helenette Baltes celebrated her 100th birthday. Her life as a sister has been a rich one. She made her monastic profession at Saint Benedict’s Monastery but, in 1948, moved to Eau Claire, Wis., as one of the founding members of the Saint Bede Priory. Life came full circle when, in 2010, the Saint Bede community merged back with Saint Benedict’s Monastery.

This year, 2016, is set to be another special year because S. Helenette will celebrate the 80th anniversary of her monastic profession. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about her 100 years of life and 80 years of monastic life this summer when you’ll receive the first issue of a new publication devoted to sisters celebrating a jubilee or other milestone in monastic life. S. Helenette shown above left, with Sister Tammy Shoemaker.

CNAs! Work with Us!

Saint Scholastica Convent in St. Cloud is where our recuperating, sick and elderly sisters reside. It’s a peaceful, caring environment and we’re blessed to have dedicated lay staff working there who care for our sisters. If you’re a Certified Nursing Assistant and are interested in a position at Saint Scholastica Convent, contact Linda McDunn, Director of Human Resources, to talk about opportunities. Call (320) 251-2225, or email or find out more at our Web site

Benedictine Sisters and Friends, Spring Summer 2016  

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