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Saint Benedict’s Monastery • Fall 2015

Gratitude and Stewardship Stewards of the Monastery / “Poverty” in the Rule of St. Benedict 2015 Mother Benedicta Riepp Award / Gratitude Day

From the Prioress Michaela Hedican, OSB

Cartoons often convey

a profound truth in a simple picture and a few words. A number of years ago I saw one that did just that. It was a commentary on the beatitude: “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth” (Matt 5: 5). The cartoon showed St. Peter sitting on a cloud with two little angels in front of him. To the side was planet earth. The angels were saying to St. Peter. “Bad news … the meek are contesting the will.” It is important to know that the term “meek” does not mean a “milk toast, doormat personality.” The Greek meaning refers to service animals that had been trained to work together as a team. It would seem Pope Francis is placing this team approach before us as he challenges us with his latest encyclical, Laudato Sí, On the Care of Our Common Home.

St. Benedict, too, places before us the ideal of how we view all of creation when he tells us: “All utensils and goods of the monastery are to be treated as sacred vessels of the altar” (Rule of Benedict 31:10). He even gets quite specific when he tells us all belongings in the monastery are to be kept clean and are not to be treated carelessly (Rule of Benedict 32: 4). Like Pope Francis, he calls us to reverence and respect all of creation, from our sisters and brothers who share this common home, to creation itself and to everything that we use to enjoy creation.

Benedictine Sisters and Friends Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict Saint Benedict’s Monastery Volume 20 – Number 1, Fall 2015

Viewing all of creation as sacred and as one of the ways we come to know and appreciate our Creator is a hallmark of the way of Benedict. Unlike many spiritual guides of his day, Benedict saw creation as good and not as something to be disdained. This wisdom came from his being steeped in the Gospels where he saw Jesus using creation to teach us about the kingdom of God through examples such as yeast, seeds, coins, sheep and flowers, among many others. It would seem St. Benedict’s attitude toward creation was greatly influenced by the example of Jesus. We are told that just prior to his death, St. Benedict had a vision of all of creation in a single ray of light. For him and for those of us who are followers of his way of living the Gospel, there is no distinction between sacred and profane or material and spiritual.

The implications of this understanding of creation are lived out in a variety of ways in the ministries and involvements of our Sisters. May your view of creation and all it holds be enriched by the articles in this issue of Benedictine Sisters and Friends. May we work together as a team of sisters and brothers who cherish creation and who delight in “inheriting the earth.”

Editorial Board Liz Brannan Michael Doyle Mary Lindstrom

Gen Maiers, OSB, Director: Development/Communications Karen Rose, OSB, Editor Jennifer Morrissette-Hesse, Designer Renée Domeier, OSB, Proofreader

Teresa Mohs Karen Rose, OSB Tom Stock

On the Cover 2015 Mother Benedicta Riepp Award recipient, Lana Faber (right) and one of her nominators, Josue Behnen, OSB, on Gratitude Day, August 21 (pp. 12–13) Photo by Mindy Peterson Photos: Nancy Bauer, OSB, Karen Streveler, OSB, Jennifer Morrissette-Hesse and Mindy Peterson, unless otherwise noted or supplied by individual Sisters or Saint Benedict’s Monastery Archives Printing: Palmer Printing

Saturday, July 11, 2015, Saint Benedict’s Monastery The First Monastic Profession of Novice Tammy Lynn Shoemaker Tammy Lynn Shoemaker, OSB, shown with Prioress Michaela Hedican


Stewards of the Monastery “Poverty” in the Rule of St. Benedict

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Gift of Gratitude: Story of a Bell 7 Committed to the Benedictine Way


Monastic Interreligious Dialogue: Gethsemani IV


2015 Mother Benedicta Riepp Award: Lana Faber

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In Loving Memory: Danile Knight, OSB; Margaret Mary Zajac, OSB


Sisters Behind the Scenes


From the Prioress by Michaela Hedican, OSB


Grateful Stewardship 10 by Gen Maiers, OSB

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Benedictine Sisters and Friends is published three times each year by the Office of Development and Communications, Saint Benedict’s Monastery, St. Joseph, Minn. The purpose of the magazine is to share the stories of our Benedictine lives and engage our relatives, friends, Oblates and benefactors in the mission and ministries of the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict.

Fall 2015 I 3

Stewards of the

Karen Rose, OSB

A monastery is, above all, a place of prayer, where monastics and guests come to seek God. That said, the practicalities of life don’t disappear because we are deepening our spiritual life. Someone has to manage the household and make sure that the budget balances; that “someone” is the treasurer, who is responsible for the stewardship of the organization. Above l to r: Treasurer Sisters Ardella Kvamme, Kara Hennes, Moira Wild and Kathleen Kalinowski Page 5, photo upper right: Consulting the ledgers

4 Benedictine Sisters and Friends

Community Treasurer


ister Ardella Kvamme is the community treasurer at present. Numbers, along with music, are abiding passions in S. Ardella’s life. She began her working life as an elementary school teacher but “working with numbers ended up taking precedence.” That led to 25 years working in the monastery’s Business Office where she gained experience in accounts receivable and payable, medical billing, investments, payroll and Human Resources. Since February 2014, when she accepted the role of treasurer, she says, “I have continued to learn and to appreciate what has been done in the past years to secure our future. I have become more aware of and grateful for the generous support of our friends, Oblates, volunteers and donors.” One of the greatest challenges that S. Ardella faces is planning for the future, along with situations that arise day-to-day and require decision and action. There are personal challenges, too: “This position has challenged me personally to let go of some of my own wants and to be more involved with needs in community.” Looking into the future, S. Ardella hopes that when her time as treasurer is over, she will continue to serve the community in whatever way she can and have more time for music, reading and quiet meditation. She looks forward “to continuing my life’s journey in the monastic way of life knowing that I will never be alone since I have many Sister-companions to journey with me.”

Stewards Past

Three other Sisters in our present community have also served as stewards of the monastery’s finances, all of whom S. Ardella honors as her mentors.

Sister Kathleen Kalinowski, who became treasurer in 1981 and served for ten years, says that she always loved to work and appreciated “many opportunities to be creative, to learn new ideas and venture in new territories.” She started in that mode by computerizing the monastery’s accounting, something she achieved successfully, if against the odds, because neither the Sisters in the Business Office nor she herself had experience with computers.

Another challenge was to engage our community in coming to terms with demographic projections about future numbers. S. Kathleen’s foresight in helping us to begin facing this issue, which is still current, continues to be invaluable. Before taking on the role of treasurer, S. Kathleen served at the College of Saint Benedict as a teacher in the Economics Department and in senior administrative roles. She was also Second Vice President in the monastery, a role which she says was “excellent preparation for the position of treasurer.”

Since retiring as treasurer, S. Kathleen has continued to use many of the skills she acquired during that time, acting as financial consultant for the National Association of Treasurers of Religious Institutes and undertaking research projects relating to the history of our monastery.

Sister Moira Wild, who now serves as Director of the

Haehn Museum, was Director of Finance from 1974 – 81, 1991 – 2000 and served as Assistant Treasurer from 1974 – 75 and 1987 – 91. She feels that: “The experience of being treasurer gave me a much fuller and richer understanding of our monastic community and, more importantly, a deep appreciation of our monastic way of life.” She, too, found the role could be challenging, especially as there were “so many different areas” to which she had to relate and understand. This was demanding because of the time constraints created by a very full schedule, including weekend work. Sister Kara Hennes preceded S. Ardella as treasurer, a position she held for 14 years. A nurse by profession, S. Kara had worked in home health care and in senior administrative roles at St. Cloud Hospital before serving as treasurer. After completing her time as treasurer, she returned to her nursing roots becoming Coordinator of Monastery Health Services.

All the treasurers would agree that, as S. Kara, says: “The roles of leadership in the monastic community are challenging.” S. Kara was grateful for the support of colleagues and community members who “expressed that they pray for us and appreciate what we do.”

Balancing the Workload

“Balancing the workload while being faithful to the monastic schedule” is how S. Kara describes her greatest challenge as treasurer, a sentiment which all four Sisters expressed. As a community, we are deeply grateful that these women, whose primary desire is to seek God, have been willing to take on the task of stewarding the monastery’s finances with such grace and have incorporated the role into a monastic life fully lived. Fall 2015 I 5

Katherine Howard, OSB


s a novice I occasionally found the Latin phrase Ad Usum written lightly in pencil on a book’s fly-leaf, followed by a Sister’s name. That impressed me. I knew it meant “For the use of … ,” a clear indicator that common ownership is foundational in Benedictine life. The Rule of Benedict (RB) uses the word “poverty” when speaking about the community just once, and only to say that “the poverty of the community may mean they have to bring in the harvest themselves” (RB 48:7). The Rule, however, speaks much about community of goods, simplicity of life and taking good care of things.

Living these values makes for a healthy, happy, productive community and generous and kind interpersonal relationships. Developing them takes persevering, gentle discipline and reliance on God’s grace. Why? Because no one escapes the wily grip of greed. “This vice,” Benedict says, “is to be cut out by the roots” (RB 33.1). Not an easy task in a culture consumed by greed. But even “if not possible by nature it is so by grace” (RB Prologue 41). This approach to material goods is critically important not only for Benedictines who commit themselves to living it out in a particular way; it is essential for the human family and our earth.

The Latin title of one chapter literally translated is “Whether Monks Should Have (or Consider) Anything as Their Own.” The short translation of what follows is “No, nothing at all!” Clearly every book, every kindle, every computer, every automobile, every piece of clothing are “ad usum,” nothing we claim as our own, but received gratefully for use, enjoyment and the good of others. And all must be kept track of and handled with reverence, regarded as “sacred vessels of the altar” (RB 31:10). Deprivation is not the point, but having for use only what is necessary. Benedict takes his cue from the early Christian communities in the Acts of the Apostles where “[i]t is written: Distribution was made to each one as he had need” (RB 34:1).

Embracing the earth as our monastery and the human family as our community, we will hear and respond to “`our Sister, Mother Earth’ … as she now cries out to us because of the harm we have inflicted on her by our irresponsible use and abuse of the goods with which God has endowed her.” (See Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Sí, Introduction and Chapter 3.) And we will commit ourselves to reversing the inequities which destroy the earth and oppress poor people deprived of necessities by our greed and irresponsibility.

The Rule, however, speaks much about community of goods, simplicity of life and taking good care of things.

6 Benedictine Sisters and Friends

Margaret Michaud, OSB


ecent visitors to the Sisters’ cemetery at Saint Benedict’s Monastery will have noticed a new structure. There is now an ancient bell hanging in a newly constructed tower. The story of the bell is an interesting piece of our community history. The tale begins at St Patrick’s School in Eau Claire, Wis. This first Catholic school in town opened in 1870. In 1884 the building was destroyed by fire. When a new school was built the bell was donated by the students. Cast in St. Louis, Mo., by Stuckstede & Company, the bell bears the inscription: “From the Children of St. Patrick School, Eau Claire, Wis., Christmas 1884.”

In 1892 the School Sisters of Notre Dame, who were teaching at St. Patrick’s, left abruptly and returned to their motherhouse in Milwaukee. The parish pastor, Father A. B. C. Dunne, was desperate for teachers. He came to Saint Benedict’s in St. Joseph, Minn., begging for help. His sister, Sister Theodore Dunne, was a member of Saint Benedict’s. She was part of the small group that went to Eau Claire to staff St. Patrick’s and become the foundation for the Saint Bede Monastery. Throughout the next 60 years or so the bell continued to call children to school. A high school was added and more Sisters

joined the faculty. In 1962 the original building was razed and a new one was built. The bell came down and was lying among a pile of rubbish, ready for the dump. One of the construction workers was Mr. Ralph Donaldson who rescued the bell and took it to the Sisters at Saint Bede Monastery. (Mr. Donaldson’s two daughters joined Saint Bede, Sisters Mary Jo and Bridget.) Founded from Saint Benedict’s in 1948, Saint Bede’s had a golden jubilee in 1998. As part of the celebration a bell tower was erected and the bell was installed. The project was undertaken in memory of Joe Michaud and his friend David Gottlieb. Joe worked at Saint Bede while attending Regis High School. After attending the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Joe moved to New York City where he was involved in the meticulous work of restoring historic buildings. In 1994 both Joe and David became victims of AIDS. Their families and friends erected the bell tower in their memory and dedicated it to all victims of AIDS. When the Saint Bede Sisters transferred to Saint Benedict’s Monastery, the bell came with them. Now it is fittingly installed in a new tower in Saint Benedict’s cemetery.

Fall 2015 I 7

Karen Rose, OSB

Jubilee and profession


he Feast of St. Benedict on July 11, is always a joyful day for our community and especially so this year as we celebrated Sister Mary Weidner’s Golden Jubilee during Eucharist and Sister Tammy Shoemaker’s first monastic profession at Evening Prayer. S. Mary’s profile appeared in the last issue of the magazine and many will know her through her years in teaching, parish ministry and as Director of the Spirituality Center. She is well-known for her compassionate, caring and Spirit-filled ministry everywhere she has served.

S. Tammy comes from Louisville, Ky., and entered the monastery in 2013, so she may not be quite as familiar! This is what she says about her journey to profession: “I found that I was drawn to the monastic way of life: living, praying and working together with Sisters seeking God in their life. I was drawn by the joyful, spirited, hospitality I felt every time I visited. I loved the Liturgy of the Hours and the way we chanted together. I loved the warm feeling inside when I visited.” Making first monastic profession fills Tammy with a trustful excitement. As she expresses it: “The promises I will make (stability, fidelity to the monastic way of life and obedience) and have lived these past two years help me to live a balanced, simple and prayerful life. Everything I need is right here.” S. Tammy’s ministry will be with the Development and Communications Office as she continues to discern her call 8 Benedictine Sisters and Friends

Above left: Tammy Shoemaker, OSB, on her first monastic profession Above right: Mary Weidner, OSB, on her Golden Jubilee

to monastic life for the next four years. She says that she is “looking forward to growing more deeply in my commitment to seek God with my Sisters in community.”

Congratulations, S. Mary and S. Tammy, as we celebrate your commitment to the Benedictine path of seeking God and may the Spirit guide you as you each continue your journey.

Gratitude for Committed Service


f you are one of our donors or volunteers, you may have received a postcard letting you know that it’s your Prayer Day, the day in the year when Sisters remember you and your intentions especially in their prayers. Sister Rosemary Huebsch began work in the Development and Communications Office in 2006, first of all processing letters for mailing and then taking on the task of the prayer day cards. Earlier this year, she moved to Saint Scholastica Convent where she has a ministry of prayer and community living.

Thank you, S. Rosemary, for Rosemary Huebsch, OSB your faithful commitment to making sure that the right people got their Prayer Day cards at the right time!

Margaret Michaud, OSB


ethsemani IV, the fourth in a series of interreligious dialogues was held at Gethsemani Abbey in Kentucky during May 27 – 31, 2015. Sponsored by the North American Pontifical Commission for Monastic Interreligious Dialogue (MID), participants included both women and men from Buddhist and Christian monastic traditions. They came from across the continent to share their experience and to learn from each other the various ways monastic life is lived today. From Saint Benedict’s Monastery Sister Hélène Mercier, Executive Director of MID-USA, attended the dialogue along with Sisters Tamra Thomas and Margaret Michaud and Father Michael Peterson from Saint John’s Abbey.

Those who attended the conference expressed profound appreciation for the experience. The interaction of the participants was truly cordial. The informal conversations, as well as the scheduled dialogue sessions, were enjoyable. Sharing monastic practices was an effective way to promote mutual understanding and appreciation for each other’s traditions.

Participants had the opportunity to worship with the Gethsemani monastic community during the daily Eucharist and the celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours. All agreed that the hospitality offered was in the finest Benedictine tradition. The closing ceremony and departure ritual on Sunday, May 31, was celebrated in the hermitage of Thomas Merton on the grounds of the Abbey.

Above right: Margaret Michaud, OSB, and William Skudlarek, OSB

Below: (l to r ) Tamra Thomas, OSB, Hélène Mercier, OSB, and Michael Peterson, OSB

Photo courtesy of Ma

Attending the conference was Father William Skudlarek, OSB, Secretary General of MID. Father William spoke to the group about the up-coming activities planned for the 50th anniversary of the Nostra Aetate (Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religion). Several projects are underway including a film documentary in various languages. Father William pointed out that the work of MID illustrates how monasticism is truly a bridge between religions.

rty Verhoeven

The theme for the conference was “Spiritual Maturation” and included presentations by participants along with the sharing of meditative practices, both Buddhist and Christian. Each morning session featured papers from both traditions. In the afternoon all were invited to share actual contemplative practices. Breakfast and the noon meal were taken in silence. A meditative text was read at noon.

Grateful Stewardship Gen Maiers, OSB

“No one is excluded from the joy brought by the Lord.” Do these words of Pope Francis in the Joy of the Gospel resonate in you? I’d like to share how our guests’ experience at the Spirituality Center, one of the ministries you help to support, experience coming to know the joy of the Lord and how their time there touches their inner search for meaning.

Dee was at a “Too Busy Retreat.” She described her experience as: “ … deeply transformative, reminding me of the value of returning to a rhythm of spiritual practices in my life and how that changes everything, especially my sense of God’s presence and love.”

JB wrote: “My thanks to you Sisters for seeing the need and for maintaining the hermitage for tired bodies and weary hearts.”

the ability to work together in building our common home: “All of us can cooperate as instruments of God for the care of creation, each according to his or her own culture, experience, involvements and talents.”

You, our friends and donors, have given exceptional support to our Common Ground Garden; for this we thank you. We seem to be in sync with the Pope’s words, as well St. Benedict’s, for stewardship of the land is a Benedictine tradition. A note left by one of our guests tells us what she noticed: “This year I am especially aware of your love of the earth. I spent mornings walking the trails with sun strong in the oak savannah prairie grass and faces of the deer. They would not let me go. I smiled knowing Mother Earth is well pleased with you, her Sisters.”

Pope Francis calls each of us to a new lifestyle. We have a shared responsibility for the common good; all are called to work together in building our common home! Thank you for working with us to nurture the land and help others to deepen their spiritual life.

The latest encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato Sí: Care of our Common Home, addresses another critical issue for all of us, the need to care for Mother Earth. He tells us that humanity still has

Yes! Our hearts are filled with joy and gratitude for your partnership in supporting our ministries. Thank you to the more than 3,600 donors who contributed $1,800,000 (including estates) and to our volunteers who contribute so much through their service, both at Saint Benedict’s Monastery and Saint Scholastica Convent. Truly you are partners in our mission and ministry!

Fiscal year is July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2015.

Development/Communications Expenses $ 249,876

Summary of Donations $ 1,811,440

Category of Donations $ 1,811,440

Another guest expressed gratitude: “I want to thank you for the warmth and love I felt from everyone during my stay at the Spirituality Center. I truly feel this was the beginning of a long, long healing process.”

$7,045 $1,013,304


Ministry Support

Temporarily Restricted In-kind

Temporarily Restricted

Saint Scholastica Wellness Center




$791,091 $96,913 $7,045

10 Benedictine Sisters and Friends

Lana, no one “listens to me like you do.”

A comment about Lana from a veteran at Al Loehr Veteran’s Community

Lana Faber holds the framed print given to each Mother Benedicta Riepp Award recipient: Gratitude Day 2015

Dorothy Manuel, OSB, Josue Behnen, OSB, Bernadette Weber, OSB


ana Faber is this year’s recipient of the Mother Benedicta Riepp Award, which honors a lay woman who lives out Benedictine and Gospel values in her life. For Lana, this has meant decades of work with Catholic Charities serving poor, homeless and marginalized people.

As a counselor and youth minister at the Children’s Home, Lana partnered students from Cathedral and Rocori High Schools with students at the home to help them experience a sense of community and learn what the dignity of all persons means. She developed special programs to assist students deal with guilt and grief. Now, as the coordinator of Catholic Charities’ Domus Transitional Housing, she shares her deep faith through challenging women coming from residential facilities in St. Cloud, Minn., such as New Beginnings, Anna Maria House or Journey Home, to develop their parenting skills, while at the same time providing positive experiences of community living for the women and their children. Besides her work at Domus, she serves the veterans at Al Loehr Veterans’ Community housing that has 60 units and

two special homes for veterans. With the help of volunteers she has upgraded the veterans’ living areas. The veterans are touched by her caring, listening and respect for them. One veteran with whom she was working, remarked, “Lana, no one listens to me like you do.”

It is part of Lana’s nature to be on the side of those who have had a rough time in life, so it is not surprising to find that another channel for her faith and talents is serving as a board member for the Franciscan Community Volunteers and the Boys/Girls Hope of St. Louis, Mo. An Oblate of our community, Lana volunteers at Saint Scholastica Convent and sings with the Schola at Saint Benedict’s Monastery. With the same dedication that our founder Mother Benedicta demonstrated, Lana has tirelessly reached out to those who may be struggling and has made a difference in the lives of countless people. Fall 2015 I 11

Frank Lee


he Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph, Minn., expressed their appreciation for the public’s support on Gratitude Day, August 21, 2015, with love, warmth and sincerity. “They’re saying ‘thank you’ to all of those who have supported them in their consecrated life,” said St. Cloud Diocesan Bishop Donald Kettler at the recent donor appreciation event.

The Sisters invited those who gave their time and money—or provided gifts of goods or services—to join them for “Gratitude Day” at the Gorecki Center, College of Saint Benedict, on August 21. Donations support the women’s monastic life, and their ministries of serving others, as they seek God through prayer, guided by the Rule of St. Benedict. The Sisters came to Minnesota more than 150 years ago, and based upon their supporters at the event, they won’t be leaving the state anytime soon!

“We belong to the Benedictine Sisters’ Heritage Society, which means we have the Sisters in our will,” said Patricia Giesen, a wife and mother from Cold Spring, Minn. She enjoyed a free buffet meal on the campus of the College of Saint Benedict along with more than 500 guests, according to Sister Karen Rose. The donor appreciation event also included presentation of the Mother Benedicta Riepp Award, prayer, ministry booths, talks, exhibits, bingo, door prizes and outdoor music.

12 Benedictine Sisters and Friends

“The Benedictines, from my experience, live the Gospel, and I like the values that they live by,” Giesen said of their life of work, prayer, hospitality, social justice, community and stewardship. Kevin LaNave is the founder and director of the Center for Service Learning and Social Change, a St. Cloud nonprofit that supports schools and faith groups. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with other people who are connected to the Benedictine community,” LaNave said of Gratitude Day.

Gregory and Ellen Pelletier of Cold Spring also participated in the event; the husband and wife are psychologists. “Since our job is one of giving and listening, where do we go to be (spiritually) fed and nourished?” she said of religion. Her husband said of Gratitude Day, “There was enough variety, and we could choose to go on a tour, have a very nice meal and meet some really nice people at our table.” Frank Lee is a journalist, media consultant and freelance writer in the St. Cloud area.

Contact him at or find him at

Sister Philip Zimmer (center) with friends

Volunteers Rosie Lommel, left, and Jane Shaw, right

Sister Ruth Feeney, right, welcomes volunteer Ginger Meier to the Haehn Museum ministry booth

Sisters sing and spell out their thanks

Music entertainment organized by Sister Margaret Mandernach, right

College of Saint Benedict President Mary Hinton gives a “Joy Jabber� talk

At the buffet

Sister Lisa Rose, left, supervises bingo

Fall 2015 I 13

2014 – 2015 Annual Benefactors Individuals

Anonymous = 335 * Denote 1,000 Women Members A Annamarie A * Jan and Martin Aark DeWayne and Artis Aasen Rebecca Abbott Lilli and Charlie Abeln LuAnn Ackerson Kathy Hayes Adams Peter and Ellen Adler Esther Adrian Mary Aguirre Sheryl Aguirre Edward and Carla Ahneman Richard and Patricia Ahner Eileen P. Aigner Margo Curb-Aitken and Joseph Aitken Susan Albeck Patricia Albrecht Donna and Dale Aleckson Kyle and Mary Alexander Esther and Stephen Alf Kirsten Andenas Aligada Jean M. Allen Karen and James Allen Thomas and Sally Allen Deb and Jeff Allison Dottie and Lowell Alt, Jr. Robert Altman Veits Altman Bob and Karen Ament Diane and Greg Amer Lisa Amos Tony Andersen Barbara and Hunter Anderson David and Joyce Anderson Dorothy Anderson Dorthy Anderson Heidi and Brian Anderson Judith Popp Anderson * Linda Anderson Marguerite Foley Anderson * Mary Anderson Melissa and Robert Anderson Roseanne and Dick Anderson Susan Anderson Theresa and Jeffrey Anderson Margaret Andert Florence Andreatta Amadee and Cecilia Andria Julene Faber-Andrusick and Robert Andrusick Barbara and Paul Angermeier Eileen Annis Francis Antony Kathleen and James Arbeiter Bernie and Val Arceneau Rev. Edward Ardolf Bernie Arendt Philip and Joan Arendt Mary Ann Armbrust Dean Arnold Margaret and John Arnold Michael and Violet Ashbaugh Richard and Donna Askins Larry L. Asplin

Alvin and Donna Auchstetter David Augustine Cheryl Austin B Kristine Bach Ronald and Janice Bachman Ann Backes Betty and Ron Backes Mary Lou Backes * Therese Backes Will and Bernie Backes Ron and MaryAnn Baenninger Mary and Thomas Baier Dorothy Bain Noelle Baker Roberta Baker and Warner White Betty Anne Bakke* Deb and Craig Bakken Marilyn and Bill Balck Sharon and Jim Balcom Sandra and David Baldwin * Jerry and Pat Baltes Rev. Timothy H. Baltes Paul and Diane Barber Jan Flint Bares and James Bares Lori and Bob Barklow* Maxine Barnett Frances and Charles Baron Barbara and Gordon Barr Patricia O’Connell Barrett and John Barrett Ann Marie Barta Delores and Larry Barta Ginny Bartch James and Kathy Bartl Jayne Bartusek Gordon and Sherry Bates Margaret Bates Alvin Bauer Barbara Bauer Bernice Bauer Carol Krings Bauer Jerome and Sharon Bauer Lisa Bauer Margaret and Michael Bauer * Mark Bauer Marvin and Helen Bauer Merle and Claire Bauer Phil and Karen Bauer Roger and JoAnn Bauer Rick and Helga Bauerly Mary Baumgardner Barbara and Steven Baumgartner Eileen M. Baumgartner Jerry Baumgartner Thomas Baumgartner Tim and Linda Baumgartner Jayne Bautch Susan Baxter Sharon and Richard Beach Carol Beasecker Penny and Dennis Beattie Darlene and Herb Bechtold Pat and Bruce Bechtold

14 Benedictine Sisters and Friends

Dennis and Marilyn Becker John and Kathryn Becker Joe and Judy Becker Karen and Mike Becker Leonard Becker Mary Becker Mary Frances Becker Merlin Becker Ramona Becker Rev. Thomas G. Becker Joe and Joyce Beckermann Laura and Keith Beckman Paula and Ron Beckman Rose M. Beckrich Mary and Keith Bednarowski * Daniel G. Beehler John D. Behnen Melvin and Bernice Behnen Ann Sendelbach-Beinborn and Dick Beinborn William Belkengren Dolores and Jack Bell Karen and Bob Bellmont Marie Bellmont Nancy and Don Bellmont* Robert and Mary Belongie Mary and Joseph Belshe * Laurie Beltrand Mary Bement Eugene Beniek Paul and Diane Benish Judith and Wayne Benner Patrick Bennett Bonita and John Benschoter * Cecilia and Keith Bentler Michael and Elaine Benusa John and Ann Berg Theresa and Melvin Berg Allen and Jeanette Berger Eileen Opatz Berger George and Rose Mary Berger Amy Bergeron Eileen Bergeron Eileen Bergerson Marilyn Bergmann Ann Bergquist Brenda Bergsrud Jody and Gary Bergsven Terry and Dorothy Bernardy Dennis and Anna Berndt John Berning Mary and Jim Berry * Mary Hynes-Berry and Gordon Berry Delores and Ernest Bertagnolli Maureen and Thomas Bertone Janice Beste Jeanette Bestland Joe and Helen Bettendorf Don Betzen Marcia and Clayton Betzold Jean and Raymond Beutz John and Katherine Beutz Duane and Georgia Bialka Geraldine and Arthur Bialka Richard Bialka Bette and Al Bieber

Michael and Margaret Biehn Therese and Vaughn Bien Al and Sharon Bieniek Marilyn Bierden Mark and Amy Biermaier Ron and Sherry Biermaier Anna Biermeier Anthony and Barbara Binsfeld Roseanne and Michael Bird Laurie Birr James Bischof Donald Bitzan Dick and Mimi Bitzan Mary Jean and David Bjorklund Nell and Phillip Black * Julianne and Michael Blaine Therese Blaine and Robert Sauer Honey Blake Margaret Blake Michael and Mary Rose Blatner Dawn and Tom Blattner Martha Tomhave-Blauvelt Marge Blenkush Michelle Blenkush and Daniel Michaels Dorie and Bert Bliss Theresa Bloch Marian M. Blomme Donald and Betty Blommer Theresa Blommer Barbara J. Bloomer Mary Blotkamp Marge and Ted Boatman Jane and John Bodsgard Marlene Boedigheimer Francis and Connie Boehm Harry Boehm Jim and Jayne Boersma * Bob and Sue Bogard Jeff and Linda Bogstad Richard and Gail Bohr Ann and Steve Bohrer Dolores and James Boily Shelly and William Boles John and Theresa Boncyk Roberta and Richard Bondi Consuelo Bonfil † Monica and Greg Bongaarts Pat and Vince Bongaarts Fenna Lee Bonsignore John G. Boor Heidi Hayes Bopp Ellen Borgelt George and Shirley Borgerding Margaret and Al Borgerding Diane and John Borgert Thomas and Colleen Borgert Gilbert and Carolyn Borth Philip and Judith Bortscheller Ruth and George Botbyl Grace Boucher Jackie Boucher Rose Marie and Paul Boucher Jim and Jean Bowman Frances Boylan Megan and John Boyle

Mary and Jim Boynton Barbara Braden Kelly Bradford David and Beverly Brady Julie Brady and Christopher Brobin Mary Jean and Michael Brady Judy A. Braegelmann Ruth Braegelmann Sandra Braegelmann Ricky Brand Shelly Brandl Chris and John Brandt Liz Brannan and Kenneth Wendinger * Theresa Brantl Gerald and Maria Brantner Joan M. Branzovsky Bernice Braun Dolores Braun Joe and Diane Braun Marlene Braun Mary Braun Valeria Braun Carol and Garry Brausen Bill Bravener Cathy and Dennis Bray Frances and Gerald Brazil Jill and John Brecount Joan M. Bredeck Helen and Al Breeggemann Mary and Charles Breeggemann Phillip Breeggemann Marlene and Robert Brennan Kathaleen Brennand Ellie Brenny and Walter Jost John Bresina Odetta Bresina Karen and Daryl Brever Rosemary and Donald Brever Beth and Geoffrey Bright

Melvin and Annette Buesseler Marie Jo and Roger Buettner Richard J. Buettner Cathy Super Buggy and Jon Buggy Patrick and Jane Buhr Butch and Carol Bukowski Lance and Sara Bukowski Mary T. Buley Linda Hill Bunkers and Jeffrey Bunkers Colleen and Michael Burgoyne Cecelia R. Burgwald Geneva and Bernard Burke Betty Burns J. Donald Burns Mary Ann Burt Kay and Ed Burton Patrick and Diana Busch Richard and Cyndie Bush Rose Busse Joanne Butkowski Marjorie and Warren Bystedt C Judy and Michael Cahill * Lynn Cairns John and Catherine Calabrese David Campagna and Ann Marie Stock Harriet H. Campbell * Kevin and Lois Campbell Eileen and Joseph Capecchi * Maria Capecchi and John Stillwell Mary Kay and Mark Capecchi Mary Kay and Daniel Carle * Tanya and Tony Carlone Dr. Desiree Carlson and Steve Sullivan Kathryn and Robert Carlson Vicki and Gregg Carlson Noreen Carroll Patricia Carroll

Give, and it shall be given unto you Luke 6:38

Pete and Jan Brinkman Bill and Bernie Brinkman Katheryn Briscoe Chrissy and Chris Brissette Marie and Jack Bristlin Bea and Larry Britz Cyrilla Brixius Gordon and Sandy Brixius Craig and Karen Broman Mildred Bromenshenkel William Bronn Jan and Bob Bros Karin and Kenneth Broton Frank and Alice Brown Jim and Bonnie Brown Jan Brown Laurie and Frank Brown * Mary Brown Patricia Brown Velma S. Brown Rita Bruner * Rusty Bruner Francis Brunner Shirley Bryant Catherine Buchheit Ruth and Dennis Buck Rita and Stephen Buckley Rita and Robert Buckvold Karen Buege Lois Buelow Barbara and Joe Buesing Betty and Don Buesing

Carole and Michael Casey Kathleen Casey Marcy and Gerald Casper * Alcuin Caspers Deborah and Gene Cernohous Joyce Cerutti Pat and Stan Cervenka* Gloria MacMillan Cessna Reny Chacko and Jerry James Joe Chadwick Lewis and Laura Chadwick Norma and Allen Chadwick * Ronald and Rose Marie Chapman Thomas Chapple James and Carolyn Charais John and Sally Chateleaine Linda Chauner Ann Check Pete and Joyce Cheeley Brigid Hynes Cherin Jeanne Chevalier Margaret Ann Chicos Maurice Chipp Dorothy B. Chizek Kay and Dick Chmielewski Maria Teresa Mak Chong Han and Kyung Ok Choong Paul Choong Fu Mei Chou Carolyn and James Chrismer Larry and Karen Christen Judy and Jim Christenson

Jeanne Christeson Rufina Chung and Yi-Cheng Chang Helen Cianfaglione Gayle and Michael Clady * Robert Claesgens Evelyn Claiborne Jeanette M. Clancy Douglas and Tarryl Clark Susan Clarke Rita M. Clasemann Paula and Scott Cleave John and Cindy Clemens Alberta and Walt Clement Arlene and Ralph Clement Telzena Coakley Kay Coapstick and Tom Jameson Rita and Dick Cody James and Rosalyn Coenen Jeanne L. Cofell Lorraine and Bill Cofell Cherie and Richard Coffman Susan and Neil Cohen * Yvonne and Chuck Coiner Marge and Gerry Colbert * John and Karen Cole Thomas and Joanne Cole Catherine and Mark Coleman Kathleen Coleman Kathleen and Kenneth Colgrove Laurentia Colhoff Amy Colin Natalyn and Jacquelin Collins Peter and Linda Collins Eileen Collopy Rita Conlin Jill and Robert Conner Paulette and Steve Conroy * Robert Conroy Norma and Jim Coolidge Jeanne and Pat Coonan Linda and Jack Corey Sally Cornwall Susan Livermore-Costa Beverly Hahn-Cote and Michael Cote * Jan Cotter Alice and Walter Coudron * Katherine Counter Catherine Court Fran and Marilyn Court Joseph and Karen Cousineau Judy and John Covell Kathryn Lilla-Cox and Patrick Cox Cynthia Larson-Crawford Katherine Crawford Leslie Crawford Doug and Sandy Cremers Laura J. Cremisino Evelyn Crowley * Adeline Crownhart †Janice Crum Rose Crumb Margaret Culbert Rosalie Culbertson Doreen and Joe Cullen Joyce and Gene Culwell Pat Cumming Paul Cummings John and Mona Cunningham B. Scott Curb and Mary Boranian Susan and Alan Curb Jane and John Curran Mary Kettler-Curtis and Ralph Curtis * Nadya D. Curtis Susan and Dave Curtis Jill M. Cyann Cheryl Cyert * Rose and Robert Cyert

D Suzanne and Rod Dachel * Nanette and William Dagnon * Theresa Dahl Virginia Dahl Robert and Patricia Dahlheimer Debra Dalbec Eileen W. Daley John Daley Rev. Gerald Dalseth Michael Daly Karen Dalzell Gary and Sue Damyanovich Kim and Kevin Danahy David and Mona Daniel Marlene Dapper Mary and Tom Darnall Nancy C. Dashner Rose Ann Daugherty Elizabeth Dauphin Rebecca and Jim David Alison and Tom Davis Judith Davis Joanne Dean Jeffrey and Carol Decaire Wilfred and Vivian DeCanio Paul and Jayne Dederichs * Rosemary Dederichs Tom Dederichs Vi and Ed DeFourneaux Edwina Dehler * Larry and Linda Dekan Michelle and Jim Dellwo Mary Berg DeLong Robert Delorme Marc DeLosier David and Mary DeMars Mario and Carol DeMatteis Joan and Gene Dembouski Mozart Demesmin Stanley Demesmin John and Jeanette Deminsky Phyllis DeSaer Linda and Joseph DesJardins * Kaye DeTency Barbara and Stephen DeTerra Diane Deters and Judy Wesenberg Alfred Deutsch Gail and Daniel Devery Karen and John DeVries Lois Kalusche DeZiel Carroll Dick Melisa Dick Bruce Dickau Gina and Bill Dickens Ann Didier Thomas Diebel Donna Diepolder * Paul Dieser Carol and Jack Dill Dianne Dingmann Dorothy A. Dingmann Juletta Dingmann Ralph and Eileen Dingmann Richard and Marie Dingmann Jeanne and Stephen Dirksen Edward and Dianne Dirkswager Arlene and Neil Dittner Ramon Dixon Douglas and Teresa Doboszenski Faith and Joseph Dobrenski Dwayne and Cindy Dockendorf Elaine Dockendorf Wanda and Michael Dockendorf Bernice Doege Larry and Ruth Doerfler Bob and Kelli Doerfler Fall 2015 I 15

Joan and Bert Dold Patricia Doll Dolores R. Dols Sandra and John Doman Marie K. Dombovy Ray and Carol Domeier Bob and Rosie Domeier Mary and Mike Donahue * Donald and Ruth Donais Charles Donnay Vicky and Gary Donnay Joan Donner * Kathleen and Andrew Doom Larry and Audrey Dotte Victoria Downs Rexine and Jay Draper Patricia Drasin Mary Ann and Alan Draves Diane Dreher Laura Dresser Dorothy and John Drew Diane and Charles Drexler Edwin and Verina Duclos Jeff and Deb Duclos Melvin and Elwenda Duerr Bob and Joyce Duerr Wayne and Warren Duerr Brendon and Megan Duffy Daniel and Andrea Dufner Hugh Dufner and Carmen Soria-Dufner Ruth and Richard DuHamel Anna Dummer Bob and Evie Dumonceaux

John and Sherry Egan Melvin Ehlert Michael and Lisa Ehr Beverly Ehresmann Marcella Eibensteiner Barbara Eich * Rosemary Eickelman Al Eickhoff Jack and Rita Eickhoff Janice and Neil Eiden * Mary Eilers Julie Eisenschenk Teresa and Donovan Elavsky Juliana Elchert and Daniel Hollenhorst Kristine and Patrick Ellingsworth Anjenette Elliott Tildy and Stewart Ellis Laurie Elsen Carol Elsholz Dale and Carol Emmel Gene and Margaret Enders Janice and Richard Endris Mary Engel and Shawn Kruse Virginia and James Engel Bev Engelmeyer Barbara and Theodore Enger Rodney and Elizabeth Engfer Kristi Engle Keli and Larry English Lynn and Fred Engman * Kirk and Sheila Enzenauer Jean Welsh Erdman Margaret Erickson

James and Virginia Duncan Laura and Alden Dunham Mary Ann Sullivan Dunn * Mary Dunnavan and Roger Gross Carla Durand Alice and Thomas Durben Rosemary Durocher Jill and Danny DuRose Marian and Bill Durrwachter Susan Dvorocsik Jan Dworschak

William and Bernadette Erickson Dwight and Ann Ericsson Gene and Betty Erkens James and Carol Erkens Chuck and Pat Ernst * Trudy Ernst and Maurice Weinrobe * Carmen Escudero Betty Etzell Marie Euteneuer and Oliver Rudolph Terry and Leo Euteneuer Anne Renner Evans and Joel Evans Mary and Gary Evans Rita Evans Mary M. Eveslage Ida Ewen

E Terry Eagan Vern Ebensteiner Jerome and Sheila Eckrich Rev. Leonard Eckroth Edward Eckstein Tom Edelbrock William Edson Peter Edwards

F Bonnie Faber * Dolores Faber Lana Faber John and Gail Falconer

16 Benedictine Sisters and Friends

Victor Falkner Denis and Betty Faltynski Michael and Nancy Farbo Mary Farley Jan and Gene Faulhaber * Robert and Mary Fayerweather Felix and Jacqueline Fedie Patrick and Maryann Fee Michael and Joan Feeney Allen and Tara Feld David Feldhege Dennis Felling Becky and Jim Felling Merle and Kathy Felling Carol Fellner Duane Fellows Anne Felton Leora Fenech Rev. Suzanne Ferkey Elaine Fernandes Mary and Donald Fernholz Betty Fewell Alison and Craig Fields Beverly and Donald Fiereck * Tom Figge Gerry and Rick Filibeck Adeline Fink Patrice Finstad Patricia and Michael Firkus Alvin and Clara Fischbach Don and Anita Fischer Katherine Fischer Marilyn Fischer Rosanne Fischer and Mark Trainor Rosemary and Marvin Fish John and Lisa Fisher Ramona and Al Fisher Maura Fitzgerald George and Laura Fix Robert W. Fix, Sr. and Natalie Fix Elaine Fleenor * Mark and Terri Fleischhacker * Merve and Rita Fleischhacker Richard Fleischhacker † Polly Fleming Janet Flemming Diane and Dennis Flicker Greg and Jo Anne Flock Bernice Flood* Camelia and Cristian Florea * Agnes and Robert Flynn Barbara Flynn Janice Flynn John and Audrey Flynn Patrick and Jill Flynn Sally and Darrell Foell Laverne and James Fogelberg Mary and Bruce Fogle Elizabeth and James Foley James Foley Kathryn and John Foley Terry and Dianne Foley Kenneth and Mary Fonstad Elaine Fontaine Jerry and Mary Foote D. Joan Forbes Clifford and Leone Foss Ione M. Foss Mary Foster Jim and Judie Fouquette Dolores and Craig Foust Bonnie and Stephen Francisco Del and Melvin Frank Kathy Frank Linda and Harold Frank Alice Frechette John Fredell * Bill Frederick *

Kay Gebhard Frei and Reto Frei David and Kris Fremo Susan and Brian Frericks George and Gladys Freund Peter and Nancy Fribley Fred and Shirley Frick Diane and Joe Friebe * Joyce Friebe Melissa Frigaard Norma and Randy Frisk Jim and Kay Fritsch Glenn Fritsche John and Nancy Frobenius Don and Corinne Froehling Joe and Jeanie Froehling E. Michael and Joan Frohrip Jeff and Donna Fromm Rose Fuchs Mary Lou and David Fuhry Bob and Jackie Fulton Dave and Rachel Fuss G Donna and Wayne Gabreleik Beth and Matthew Gaetz Amy and Patrick Gaffney Mary Jane and Kevin Gaffney * Xavier Gagnon Norbert Gaier Shirley Gale Bernie and Marcy Gallus Jennifer Galovich and Thomas Sibley Robert and Judith Gamache Angelo Gambrino Bernard Gambrino Leo Gambrino Thomas and Janet Gambrino Pat Gandolfo* Dick and Rosalie Gannon James and Gloria Ganther Esther Gapinski Rudy Gapko John and Mary Ann Garby Cheryl Crozier-Garcia and Jaime Garcia * Daniel and Irene Garcia Eileen Garcia Bill and Charlene Gardaphe Mary Anne Garnett Donald and Patricia Garofalo Therese Garrity Valerius Gasperlin Bill and Eileen Gass Ilene C. Gasser Colette Gates Gregory Gebhard Christel and Mark Gehrman Mildred R. Geislinger Mary and Mark Geller Renee Genereux and John O’Leary Jeanne and Timothy Gensler Megan Gensler Ruth and Tom Gensman * Harry George John and Joan George Francis Geraets † Ted Geraets Gertrude Johanna Geraets † John Gerard Charles and Brigid Geroux John Geroux Patti and Daron Gersch Ambrose and Kathleen Gertken Louise and Craig Geyer * Sandra Giammona Darrel and Cleo Gibson Ryan and Dianne Gideon Patricia and Ambrose Giesen

Peggy Gilbert John and Joanne Gilboy Adrian and Jeanne Gillen Megan and Doug Gilles * Barbara Glasrud Elizabeth Gleich Rose Marie Gleich Richard and Mary Gleisner Nancy Glocke Esther Glowacki † Tom Gnewuch Jean Gobel Elaine Goebel and Catherine Goebel Mary Goebel Doris and Leslie Goenner Kathleen and Henry Goers Julie and Keith Goetz Jerry and Linda Gohl Marjorie and Daniel Gohl Lisa Ohm Goldschen and Stuart Goldschen Mary E. Goldstrand Sandy Goligowski Elna and Larry Goodspeed Rev. Kevin Gordon Rita and Ed Gordon Jane Gordy Michelle Gorka Richard Gorman Timothy and Susan Gossman Gloria and Richard Goth Jim and Jeanne Gottfredsen Jim and Kathy Gottwalt Mark and Karen Gould Charlene Gove Barbara and Arthur Grachek * Lynda Gradert Jim and Mary Ann Graeve Cathy and Darrel Graff Rose Marie Gram Louise Grass Urban Grausam † Jon and Mary Gravenish Patricia Gray* Russell J. Gray Deborah Graziano Tina Schochow Greazel Sonia Green Thomas and Marianna Greenlee John Greiner * Gladys Gress Lorraine Gresser Paul and Martha Greten Jerry and Kathy Gretsch James and Barb Grieman Judith Coleman Grooters * Al and Bernadine Gross David and Kathy Gross Rev. Richard C. Gross Thomas and Mary Gross Mary Ellen and Pat Grossman Patricia and Samuel Grosso John Grotkin Karen and James Gruber Wallace Gruber Jack and Mary Gruenes Margaret Gruenes * Peter and Grace Gruenes Jan and John Grutsch Deian and Ronald Guck Theresa Gucker Don Guettler Aaron Guggemos Barbara and Bruce Guggemos * Linus L. Guggenberger Pat Gustaveson Kathleen Gyorfi

H Bette Jayne and Louis Haak * Marilyn and David Haak John and Eileen Haas LuVerne and John Haberkorn Eileen and Richard Haeg Rebecca Hafner, M.D. and Jerry Fogarty Bill and Gloria Hafner Diane Hageman and John Stemper Rev. Gerald Hagen Marcus and Vicki Hagen Thomas Hagen Rosemary Hagerott Shirley and T. J. Hagerty James and Donna Haggerty John and Angie Haggerty Bill Haggerty Rose Hagmann Bill and Carol Hagmann Lawrence Haider William Hakala David and Jacqueline Hall Donald and Marion Hall Lois J. Hall Roger Hallgren Robert and Dorothy Hallock Susan Halverson Scott and Bridget Hamak Susan and Gary Hamblin Jill and John Hamburger Margaret Hamburger Rita Hamburger Rev. Sandra Hamilton Patricia and Robert Hammell Kenneth and Mary Pat Hanauska Mary Hance Janet Hane Connie Kurpiers-Hannesson James Hansen Lawrence and Marie Hansen Polly Ann and Sidney Hansen Stanley and Elizabeth Hansen Katie and Dale Hansmeier Betty Hanson Debra Hanson Ken and Anne Hanson Ronald and Michelle Hanson * Kathryn and William Hanz Geri and Jack Happe Cheryl and Bill Harens Mary and Richard Hargarten James and Nancy Hargrave Larene Hark Rebecca and Jeffrey Harkman Mary and Robert Harlander-Locke Kimberly and Donald Harman Gary and Mary Ann Harren Joe and Jeanette Harren Rose and Duane Harren Christina Spaeth-Harrer and Brian Harrer James and Mary Harrison Marjorie Mohs Harrison and Harold Harrison Dorothy A. Hart Ellen Hart Stephanie Hart Bill and Shelly Hart Elizabeth Harthman Jean and Jim Hartman Renee and Terry Hartman Tom and Jeanne Hartmann Gregory and Barbara Hartnett Edwin and Adeline Hartung Gene and JoAnn Hartung Frank Hartung Gerald and Bernice Hartung

Randy and Amanda Hartung Victor and Eileen Hartung Rev. Vincent Haselhorst John and Lynn Haspert Gail and Les Hassler Joan and Michael Hastings Joan E. Haug * Jane and Ron Haugen William and Joanne Haugen Christine and Rick Haun Staci Hawley William and Vicki Hawn Mary Ann and Patrick Haws * Dennis and Mary Hayden Elizabeth Hayden and Charles Flinn * Rev. John Heagle Judith K. Healey Georgene Hearden Dorothy A. Hebert Christine Wagner-Hecht Rebecca and Mark Hecht Christopher and Cynthia Hedican Kevin and Suzanne Hedican Robert and Kathryn Hedican Judy and Wallace Hedlund Todd and Tammie Hehli Bernice Heim † Florence Heim Bonnie Heinen Irma and John Heinen John and Lorna Heinen Marladene Heinen Mary Heinen and Andrew Jones Violet Heinz Douglas Heit Richard and Diana Heitkamp Willard and Joyce Helber Catherine W. Held Tom and Lucille Helfter Karel and Mike Helgeson Ruth Helget Richard Helleloid and Ingrid Ulstad Juliann and Patrick Heller Sylvester and Jean Helmin Marlene Helmrich Margaret Hels Charlotte Helseth Gene and Jeannie Heltemes Tom and Darlene Heltemes Millie Hemmelgarn Eileen E. Hemmesch Ken and Jane Hemmesch Michael and Michelle Hemmesch Elizabeth and Leroy Hemminger Lillian B. Hendel Mary Ann Hendricks Charles and Barbara Henkel John and Jean Henkels Edwin and Bernadine Hennek Cecile Henneman Mary Jane L. Hennemann Judith Hennen Mary Jane and Bob Hennen Vernon and Alverna Hennen Peggy Hennes Genny and Donald Henry Joan and Howard Henry Patrick Henry Sharon and Jim Henry Steve and Lois Hensel Ronald and Donna Hensen Joan Hentges Margie Hentges Florian and Judith Herda Carol Hergott Mary Jo and Dale Herrmann Lila Hertzberg Julie and Thomas Herzog *

Agnes S. Hess Daniel and Mary Lou Hess Jennifer Morrissette-Hesse and Robert Hesse Diane and Richard Heuring Marge and Don Heurung Robert and Karen Heying Dewey and Susie Hibben Mary and George Hickner Rev. Charles Hiebl Ed and Marcy Hiemenz Carol and Chris High Marilyn Hilgers Laura and Edward Hill Patricia Hill Rita Hill Rosie Hiltner † Loretta Himmelsbach Rosemary Himmelsbach Hilaria Hinds Jane A. Hines Audrey and George Hinger Mary Hinton and Robert Williams Cheryl and Stephen Hintz Jerome and Dolores Hirman Donald and Vicki Hirsch John and Sharon Hite Margaret M. Hoben * Paul Hoben John and Bea Hockert Dale and Colleen Hocking David and Linda Hoden Duane Hodges Maryjude Hoeffel Joyce Hoelmer Arnie and Regina Hoeschen Susann Zeug Hoese Miriam G. Hof Albin Hoffart Curtis and Sally Hoffart Agnes and Maurice Hoffman Patricia Hoffmann Elsa and Don Hofmeister Mary J. Hofmeister Edward Hogenson Margaret and James Hoiland Edward Holicky Sandy Holicky * Marjorie and John Holl Lucille and LuVerne Hollenkamp Herold Hollermann Patrick and Deanne Hollermann Robert Hollermann Vern and Barb Hollermann Robert Hollern Herb and Gerry Holley Margi Hollingshead Judy Holloway Joseph Holtermann Ray Holupchinski * Sue and Mike Holzer Joe and Joanne Hommerding Anthony Hondl † Ken and Beth Honkomp * Donald and Jeanne Hoodecheck Janet and Joseph Hope Joan Hopke * Marlys A. Hopkins Allen and Laura Horn * Larry Hortsch Martin and Jill Hoschette John Hougnon Nancy Houston Robert and Kay Hovde Kathryn Hovland and Allen Kennedy Alice Howard Fall 2015 I 17

John Howard and Judy Pedersen Juliana and Jerald Howard * Ann Mary and Ron Howe William Howe Carol and Steve Howe-Veenstra Janis J. Hoy George and Magdalen Hron Dolores M. Huber William and Kathleen Huber Dave and Bebe Huberty Kathy Huberty Leon Huberty Mary Jane Huberty Rose Hubner Michael and Marietta Hueberger Griffin Huebsch John and Gwen Hufnagle * Julie and Keith Hughes Kevin and Joanne Hughes Margy Hughes Mary and Mark Hughes * C. Ray Hughes † Susan and Steven Hulbert Dolores Huls Beverly Fritz-Hults and Ken Hults * Jerome and Lorena Hungerford Cynthia and Jim Hunt Kathleen and Gardner Hurlburt * Hank and Kathy Hurley William and Paulette Hurley Francis and Marilyn Hurrle Mark and Julie Huseth Beulah Rose Hutchens Sigrid Hutcheson and David Chapman Lori and Rome Hutchings Linda Hutchinson * Jeffrey Hutson Mary Ellen Hutterli Denis and Susanna Hynes Patrick and Mary Hynes Ruth Hynes I Rita Iacarella Wim Ibes * Shirley and Frank Iczkowski Barbara E. Igers John and Irene Igers Mike and Betty Illies Patricia and Robert Illies Libby and Al Imbrone Alma Imdieke Herb and Darlene Imdieke Rosie and Patrick Imgrund Lorraine Imholte Paul and Karen Imholte Carol and Herb Inderrieden Tom and Mary Inglis Steven and Lynn Irons Rev. Kenneth Irrgang Joanne and Darwin Isdahl Gail Ivers Mary and Gary Iverson J Connie and John Jacobs Helen Jacobs Steve and Susan Jacobs Jim and Marge Jacobsen Jean and Samuel Jacobson Kaaren Jacobson Peter Jakubenas Kristin and Shaun Jamison Tom and Marianne Jancik Phylis Janey Barbara McBrady-Janikula Jim and Joyce Janochoski Sylvester and Corrine Janochoski *

Elaine Jansen Margaret and Jim Jansen Stephen Januschka Warren and Dianne Janzen Rev. Paul Jaroszeski Jing-Wen and Huei-Chung Jaw Jean Jeatran Linda and David Jeffery Lenore Jenc Elizabeth and Robert Jennings Bernice Jensen Elizabeth Jensen Jeffery and Pamela Jensen Deb and Thomas Jerome Dave and Kathy Jesh Jim and Gail Joerger Luella and Dennis John Toni Johnson Arthur and Kathleen Johnson Carla and Randy Johnson Elra and Patricia Johnson James and Loretta Johnson Jessie Johnson Mark Johnson and Sue Barden Johnson Mary Kay and Greg Johnson Paul Johnson Peyton and Vicki Johnson Rose Johnson Kaarin Johnston * Donald and Nancy Jolliffe Ann and Ron Jonas Kathy Jonas Ralph Jonas Rev. J. Michael Joncas Cotsy Jones Eleanore and William Jones Holland Jones Valerie Jones and Steven Kurtz Dianne and Jack Jordan Roger and Theresa Jordan Philip and Marva Jorgensen Jim and Mary Joslin Robert and Mary Jost Amy and Russ Jowers Mary Joyce Helen Jude Marlene Juettner Richard and Rita Juettner Fred and Rose Julig David and Rosemary Jumbeck Geraldine Junk Mary and Daniel Justen K Karen and Ted Kaden * Raymond Kahl Rev. Bernard W. Kahlhamer Bill and Ellen Kain Rita and Donald Kainz * John Kaiser and Marcia Vanbeek Kathleen and John Kaiser Maxine Kaiser * Rachel and Steven Kaiser Marie Kajer Marjorie Kalinowski Grace Kalscheuer Marilyn and Gene Kalscheuer Ralph and Kathy Kalthoff Anne and Dave Kaluza Alice Kane Donald and Jean Kannel Rick and Carol Kanniainen Michael Kappus Kathryn Kaproth Roger Kapsner and Maureen McDonough Rose Mary Kapsner

18 Benedictine Sisters and Friends

Jerry and Carole Kapus Patricia Kasimor Alisa Kasmir Ed and Armella Kasparek Mary B. Kasper Paul Kasper Stella Kasper Steven and Ann Kassing Mildred Kastner David Katz James and Priscilla Kauffman William and Louise Kauffman DeAnn Kautzmann Karen and Dwight Kautzmann † Francis and Cheryl Kazemek Renee and Dwight Keene Peter Keilbach Brian Kelleher Henry J. Keller James Keller and Laura Wittern-Keller Ken and Maggie Keller LaWanda and Ray Keller Sarah and Daniel Keller Suzie and Thomas Keller Jeannette and Fred Kelley Therese Palermo-Kelliher and William Kelliher Agnes Kelly Anna Maria Kelly Loretta and James Kelly * Richard Kelly Sharon and Jerry Kelly * Julie Kelvie Stephen and Diane Kemmetmueller Barbara and Thomas Kemper Albert Kempf Debra and Kevin Kenney Darlene M. Keppers LeRoy Keppers Cheryl Kerfeld* Ervin Kerfeld Jim and Kathy Kerfeld MaryAnn Kerfeld Shelly and Jeffrey Kern Kathleen Kersey Margaret and Bernard Kersting Beverly M. Kessler * Maureen and Brian Ketchum Mary and Robert Kiefer Rev. Robert J. Kieffer Pamela Lahr-Kieke and Kevin Kieke Eleanor and Micah Kiel Mary Anne and Don Kieser * Mary and Donald Kiess Elaine Kiffmeyer Sandra Kilde Jane and Stephen Kilgriff Ann Kilkenny Gerald and Lee Kimball

Bill and Pat Kimble Gail and James Kimlinger * Patty and Dan Kimmes Arlene and Bill Kindseth Kenneth and Carlotta King Liz and Dennis King Keenan Della Kinney Jack and Rachel Kinzer Evelyn Kirby Judith Kircher Daniel and Denise Kirchoff Joan Kirchoff Pat and Noel Kirk Colleen and Gary Kittelson Terrance Kittock Melvin and Kathy Klasen Vernon and Marlene Klasen Carol Klaus Jane M. Klehr Anna K. Klein Betty Klein Darnell and Gary Klein * Jeanne and Christopher Klein Peter and Sandra Klein Susan and Dick Klein Karen and Dale Kleinschmidt Delleen Klimek Rosalie and Ken Klimisch Joel and JoAnn Klink Joan and Mark Klinnert Patricia Klocker Carol and Don Kluk Andra and Brian Knapek Donna and John Knaus Mary Knautz * Mike and Becky Kneer Lorraine and William Knoll Arlys and Donald Knopick Valerie Knopp Kristine Knowlton Linus and Cheryl Knudsen Jerry and Maryjo Koch Laura Krueger-Kochmann and Todd Kochmann Robin and Lonny Kocina Noelle Kocot Mary Ann Koelbl Larry and Mary Koenen Erich Koester Kathleen and William Koester Patricia Kohn Henry and Vicky Kohorst Joyce and Ron Kohorst Jean and Tom Kokesch Kathleen Kolias Constance and Richard Kollmann Mary A. Kolofsky Jerry and Linda Koltes Stephen and Lenora Koltes Lorene Koopmeiners Marina and Linus † Koopmeiners

Tami Koosmann Angela H. Korbel Edward and Carolyn Korbel David and Margaret Kosanda Loretta Kosel Patricia and Marcel Kosel Ruth and Patrick Kosel Walter Kosel Christine and Stephen Kosowski John and Dorothy Mae Kostelecky Rosemary V. Kostohryz Jan Kottke Joan Kovacs Mary Jane and Paul Kowalczyk * Mary Kowles Karen and Kenneth Kraemer Daniel and Kristi Kraft Dennis and Linda Kraft George Kraft Laryn and Janel Kragt Bakker Thomas and Juna Krajewski Eugene and Carol Kramer Dr. Mary Diane F. Krantz Hedwig L. Kratz † John D. Krauel Joan and Michael Krause Mildred Krause Robert and Lois Krause Barbara Krebsbach Helen Krebsbach John and Marie Krebsbach * Mary Ann Krebsbach Alan and Eleanor Kreider Kathleen and Henry Kremer Al and Yvonne Kremers * Rev. Thomas Krieg Valerie Kriesel Jeanette Krippner Rev. Tony Kroll Camilla Krone Jeanette and Ronald Krueger Richard Krueger Mary Kruger and James Berg Karen Kruse * Deborah Kruyer Dave and Liz Kuebelbeck * Tim and Kathy Kuebelbeck Timothy Kuehn Bernelda Kuhl Ronald and Shannon Kuhl Kathryn and Paul Kulas * Ken and Dorine Kulzer Norbert F. Kulzer Agatha Kunkel Bernard and Karen Kunkel Bernard Kunkel Dennis and Sue Kunkel Julie Kunkel and Thomas Hall * Katherine A. Kunkel * Phil and Rose Kunkel * Anna and Martin Kuo Melvin and Marilyn Kurowski Ronald Kurpiers Dennis Kurtz Laura Kuvaas L Dixie and Bob Labat John and Nancy Lacika Phyllis and Bill Lacroix * Judy LaFave Laure and James LaFond Arthur and Carol Lahr Jerome Lahr and Beverly Timmers-Lahr Elizabeth McManus Laizure † Marilyn Lalum Michael Lamvik and Freya Kamel Katy and Kevin LaNave Kathleen Lander Carol Landkamer

Helen Landkammer Rev. Nicholas Landsberger Frances Landwehr Bethany and Ron Lane Carole and Jim Lang * Bette Jo and Frank Lang Gerald and Alice Lange Rita and Jack Lange Adelheid and Robert Langenfeld * Kathleen Langer Arnold and Maria Lanners Ramona Lanners Rosann Lanners Neal Lano Mary and Scott Lapham Shirley and Dean Laraway * Steve and Peggy Laraway Eileen A. Lardy Diana LaRock Beverly Larsen Michael Larsen Nora and Kenneth Larsen Patricia and John Larsen Alfred G. Larson Anne Larson * Brenda and Maxwell Larson Cheryl and David Larson Daniel and Gaye Larson Derek Larson Lois and John Larson Rose Marie Larson Ruth and Jim Larson Marc and Natalie Lasceski Suzanne and Jerry Lasceski G. Geraldine Latterell Tom and Dolores Latzka Betty Latzke Patricia Laue Arnold and Anna May Lauer John Lauer Margie and Jim Lauer * Jim and Mary Jane Lauerman * Patrick LaVelle Janice M. LaVine Roger and Julie Lawrence Lois and Gene Lawson John and Judy Layde Evelyn and Rodney Leach Mary P. Leahy * Clarice LeBrun Katie and Chad LeBrun Allen and Shirley LeClaire Donna Ledbetter John Leddy Adrian Ledermann and Gale Maxwell Carol Lee Charlotte and Howard Lee Doua Lee and Jerianne Cullen Karen E. Lee Kathleen Stockhaus-Lee and Christopher Lee William and Ingeborg Lee Katherine and Charles Lefebvre Burdette Miller Lehn Alice and Michael Lehnen Frank and Amy Leidenfrost Gretchen Leisen John and Arlene Leisen Mary L. Leisen Rev. Richard J. Leisen Rose and Donald Leisen Dede and Thomas Leither Jo Leko Joyce E. Leko Marsha and Claus Lembke Carmen and Mel Lenander Cecelia Lenarz Lee Lengas Anita Lenneman

Dalene Lenneman Tom and Joanne Lenneman Donald and Jane Lenz Ira and Donna Lenz Mary Lenz Patricia Leonard Tom and Judy LeRoux George and Dolores Leser Christopher and Laura Lesinski Marjorie and Oliver Lesnick Bob and Janet Lesniewski Hub Levandowski and Karol Moorman Marilyn Levinsohn Lee and Linda Lewandowski Roberta and Joseph Lewandowski Sarah and Douglas Lewandowski Jean Leyk Stephanie and Anthony Liberko Patricia Lieb Jeraldine and Ronald Liebig John and Donna Liebl Judy Liebl Lila and Arnold Liebl Rose Liebl Duane and Rosie Lieser Eldred and Marilyn Lieser Jeanette and Robert Lieser Rev. Vincent Lieser Joseph and Lyn Lightfoot Kathleen and Michael Lillehaugen Laurie Lindblad and William Hall John Linderman Gary and Sandra Lindmeier Mary and Richard Lindmeier Sara Lindquist and Ryan Steines * Maria and Len Lindsay Ruth Lindstedt Jack and Kathy Lindstrom John and Mary Lindstrom Lois Liners and Robert * James and Kathleen Lingor Marion and Clarence Linn Elizabeth Linton and Patrick Corcoran Caroline Linz Joseph and Michele Lippert Karen and John Little Brenda M. Litzinger Michael and Ann Livingston Sharon Coakley-Lockhart Ron and Anissa Lodzinski Colleen Loe Barbara and David Loehlein Heather Loehrer Ann and Bill Loehrke Mary Joan Loes * Sally Lofte Marge Logan Janice and Donald Lokken Paul A. Lokken, Sr. Paul and Joan Lombardi * Cheryl Lommel Lois Lommel Rose and Jerry Lommel Sandra Lommel * John and Gladys Lord Philip and Margaret Lord Joy and Ted Lorentz Peter Lorsung Mari Louis Kell Lovell Mary and Roger Lowe Rebecca Lowe Jean A. Lown Janet Lu Ted and Jeannette Lubick Beth Luckenbach Mark and Karen Ludick Matthew and Denise Ludick Genny Ludowese *

Herbert Ludwig Mike Ludwig Larry and Jo Ann Luetmer Natalie R. Lund * Beata Lundeen Beverly Nestingen Lundeen Marge and Ray Lundeen Jim and Kay Lungwitz Mary and Greg Lunzer Carolyn Lussenhop Katherine D. Lust Lisa M. Lust * Jeanne F. Lutgen Nina Holiday-Lynch Pat Lynch Mark and Diane Lynum Mary E. Lyons Mary Alice Lyons Chanda and Hoke Lytton M Beverly B. MacCallum * Christine MacKenzie LaMoine and Marylyn MacLaughlin Bonny MacMaster Dylan and Christine MacMaster Richard Madden Theresa Maenner Bonita and Clinton MaGandy Cheryl and Peter Magrini Micheleen Maher Suzanne Mahmoodi Gerry and Marjorie Mahon Maryanne and John Mahowald * Robert and Anne Mahowald Allan and Phyllis Maiers * Brennan C. Maiers, OSB Brian and Mary Maiers Daniel A. Maiers D. Tim Maiers Don and Roxanne Maiers Greg and Carol Maiers Joe and Connie Maiers Judy and Patrick † Maiers Kevin and Michele Maiers Margaret M. Maiers * Mark and Cindy Maiers Pat and Jodi Maiers Tom and LaMae Maiers Alison Mailander Joy Majors Leah and Steve Malerich Christine Maleska Rev. Del Malin Elizabeth Maloney Catherine Mamer Kateri Mancini and Mike Gallagher John and Dianne Mandernach * Michael Mandernach, CSPX Thomas and Virginia Manning Dennis and Alice Mans John Mans and Ellen Grady Mans Mary Kay and Tom Mans Thomas and Janet Manthey Geri Mara Stephen and Janet Mara Sika A. Allou Marcelle and William Riner Joan Marchek Viola Marcoe Bill and Carolyn Marcovecchio Stephen and Theresea Mareck Arlene Marek Sharon and Patrick Maresh Mildred Marg Gloria Mariani Brenda Wills Marolt and Steve Marolt Dave and Geri Marquardt Marguerita Marschall Fall 2015 I 19

Gary and Jane Marsden Sharon and Al Marsden Diane Marsh Beverly Marshall Mary Marthaler * Clarence and Jean Martin Elizabeth Martin Lawrence and Claire Martin Margaret Martin Scott and Michelle Martinson Mark and Lisa Martone Mary and Conway Marvin Tasha Marwitz Yvonne and John Maske Daniel and Marge Massmann Felix Massmann John Massmann Julius Massmann Donald and Dorothy Matakis Janet and Daniel Matarese Sarah and Jack Matasosky Eric and Dawn Matatics Mary and Tom Mathews Joan M. Mathieu Mary Lou Mathiowetz * John and Joyce Matsuura Richard and Kathleen Matter Peter and Mary Matthews Monica Mattson and Jane Beasley * Norman and Mary Matzek Rev. William Matzek Christine Gruenes Maul † Caroline Maurer Dorothy Maus Margaret Maus Mary Ann and Werner Maus Maureen and Paul Maus Scott and Mary Kay May David Mayer

Kevin and Jane McGeary Jon and Ann McGee * Tammy and Michael McGee Jerold McGill Barbara C. McGinnis * Josephine McGraw * Rosemary McGraw Tom and Linda McGraw Carol and Michael McGuire Judith and Bill McGuire Clarey McInerny Betty McInnis Martha McInnis and Brian Knutsen Rev. Thomas J. McInnis Jeanne and Timothy McIntee Mary Ann and Terry McKenna Mark and Susan McKeon Marian and Timothy McKone Barbara McLaughlin Mary and Tim McLean Dick and Carol McMechan Patricia and Patrick McNamara Michael McNamee Diane and Dennis McNiff Anita and Bion McNulty Mary Lynn McPherson and Susan McPherson Robert J. McReavy Larry and Jeanette McSorley William McSorley † Connie and Todd Meeker * Andrew and Patrice Meemken David and Lu Meemken Sue Meers Frances Meier Virginia Meier George and Jean Meinz Karen Meinz Mary L. Meisinger

Remember, where your treasure is, there your heart is also. Matthew 6:21 Mary Jane Mayer Marion Mayerhofer John and Jean Mayheu Stephen Mayheu Susan and Francis Mazzarella Mary and William McAndrew Gerald and Mary McAulay Annette McBeth and Susan Frost Jack McBride Kathleen McBride Ron and Kathy McBroom Larry and Faith McCaghy Richard and Betty McCaghy Catherine and William McCann Adeline McCarney Kathleen McCarney Dorothy McCarthy Elizabeth and Edward McCarthy John and Jeanne McCluskey John and Rosemary McCormack Alice and Duane McCormick Barb McCormick Eileen and Fred McCormick Mary McCormick Mary and Joseph McCue Martha McDaniel David and Anne-Marie McDonald Lynda and Steve McDonnell William and Karen McDonnell Linda McDunn * Michael and Jeriann McEvoy Joyce McFarland

Rachel Melis Barbara Melville Marcia and James Melville Theresa Mendiola Cheryl Mendonsa Joan Menke Bernie Mercer * Jane and Jim Merickel * John Merkle and Sarah Pruett Donna Mertes Dolly Messina John and Laurie Mettling Annette and Harvey Meyer * Bernie and Rosie Meyer Cyril and Darlene Meyer Dorothy and Roman Meyer Joan Meyer Julie Ann Meyer Kathleen C. Meyer Lucy C. Meyer Mishawn Meyer Nancy Meyer Rita and George Meyer Rita and Marvin Meyer Rita Meyer Ruth and Roy Meyer Florence R. Meyer † * William Meyers Martin Lam Mguyen, CSC Jelene and Jeff Michaels Katherine Michaud

20 Benedictine Sisters and Friends

Mary Alice Michaud and Kevin McDermott Peter and Constance Michaud Bonnie Mickels John and Nancy Mickelson Rose Mickelson Christine and Jon Midthun Jackie Mielke Mary and Roger Mies Gertrude Mihalcik Bobby and Alice Milam Agnes Miller Betty Kampa Miller James and Roselyn Miller Jan and Pat Miller Mark Miller and Anne Cullen-Miller Mary Elise Miller Maureen and Don Miller Pat and Wayne Miller Penalee Miller Phil and Janice Miller Sandy Bot-Miller and John Miller Dee and Joe Minnerath Karen Minnerath Patricia Mische Bird and Karen Misquez Eileen and James Mitchell Mary Mix Harriet Mize Hedy Moe Ramona Moeller Betty Moffitt Karen Molitor Mary and Jim Molitor * Rose and Dennis Molitor Margaret Molus Mary Kay and Martin Monahan Alfred and June Mongeon Dennis Mongeon James and Beth Mongeon Randi Mongeon Robert and Lavone Mongeon Wendel and Donna Mongeon Arlene and William Monk Barbara Mooney Cheri Moore Tammy Moore Vonnie Foley Moore and Duane Moore Mary and Mark Moraczewski David Moran Edith Moran George and Cassandra Moraveck JoMarie and Warren Moresco Othmar and Carole Morman David Morreim Dorrie and Jack Morris * Marge and Royce Morrissette Marie Morrow Philip and Mary Ann Morsberger Dale and Pamela Mortenson Mary R. Mortier * Dawn Mosbrucker Betty Moscho Ruth and Warren Moser Ambrose and Georgia Motta David and Ann Moyer Len and Kay Mrachek Sandy and Rich Mueller Marilyn and Ralph Muellner Louise Muggli * Paula Muggli and Lon Enerson Mary Mulcahy Bill Muldoon Evelyn Mulhern Peter Mullin Phil Mulvaney Bernard and Gloria Mumm Ralph and Maureen Munger

Sarah Abraham Murnane and Timothy Murnane Clair and Betty Murphy Helen Lee Murphy Peg Murphy and Kerry Lafferty Michael Murphy Bob and Marsha Murphy Thomas and Margaret Murphy Thomas Murray Robert and Dorothy Mushel Joan Myers Gloria Myllenbeck Margaret Gust Myrick and Gary Myrick N Carol and Denis Nagan Marie and Victor Nagel Sandra Nailen Kumiko and Yoshiyuki Nakata Eileen Nalevanko Hattie Nalewaja Mary and Paul Napier Millie Nathe Peggy and Bob Naughton Julie Neddermeyer Mary and Pat Needham Victoria and Dan Neff Joanne Schleper Nei * Mary Neidermeier Sally Neil Clara C. Neis Henry Nejako Jane Nekali and Glenn Larson John and Rosetta Nelson Judy and Dennis Nelson Mary and Jan Nelson Paul and Stella Nelson Susan Nelson Willard and Jeanne Nelson Rose Ann and Larry Neu Frances and Benedict Neubauer * Melinda and Phillip Neuheisel Margrette and John Newhouse Margi and Jeff Newkirk Lynn M. Newman * Marge Newmark Elaine and Tom Newton Joseph and Anne Nezworski Hoa Nguyen and Justin White Barbara and Costas Nichols Lois Nichols Robin Nichols Diane and Timothy Niebuhr Dennis Nierengarten Dolores Nierengarten Stephen and Paula Nierengarten Bernie and Flash Nierenhausen Mary and Richard Nigon Joyce E. Nikolai Colleen M. Nilan Jan and Linus Nistler Toni and Philip Nistler Sharron and Ralph Nistler Christina Nitti Jeffrey and Rita Nohne * Marion Nohner Mary and Larry Nolan * Suzan Nolan Elizabeth A. Nolde Gerald and Van Nolde Angela and James Noll * Gregory and Martha Noll Julie Noll Martin and Darlene Noll Mike and Judy Noonan * Mary Lou Nord Clair Nordick Rose Maiers Norman * Toni Wilson Northe Alcuin and Dolores Notch

Diane and Alvin Notch Kelly Notch Joyce Notsch Cynthia and Bryan Novak Greg Novak Mary and Denis Novak Ron and Geri Novotny Rita and Wayne Nowicki Betty Nystrom and Bruce Mancini O Mary and Mark O’Brien Joe and Catherine O’Donnell Mary and Chris O’Hagan Jim O’Keefe Michael and Kathleen O’Keefe Jane and Glenn O’Kray Walter and Jeanne O’Malley Diane O’Mara Basil and Shirley O’Neil Kathleen O’Neill Dennis and Diane O’Reilly Geraldine O’Reilly James and Judy O’Reilly Jennifer O’Reilly and Peter Eulberg JoAnn O’Reilly Scott O’Reilly Tom and Gayle O’Reilly Tim and Jeanne O’Reilly Gerald O’Reilly † Joann and Dan O’Rourke Marilyn and Robert Obermiller Peg Obremski Jackie Oelfke Ron and Myrna Ohmann Jack Olheiser Tim and Norma Olmscheid Andrea Olson Bonnie and Gerald Olson Christine and Lyle Olson Elizabeth Olson Heather Pieper-Olson JoAnn Olson Larry and Ruby Olson Peg and Roald Olson Mary Ellen and Donald Olson, Jr. Ray and Gloria Olson Susan and Steven Olson Gary and Mary Omundson Alice Oniskin Mary Cheryl Opatz Ralph Opatz Ruth and Clement Opatz Jane and Jeff Opitz Maureen and Michael Opitz Sherry Newell-Opitz and Joseph Opitz Harold and Lucia Orcutt Kristie and Jim Orn Margaret and Cortland Ornburg Barbara Ortega Ann Marie Orth * Leonard Ortmann Jennifer and Robert Oschwald Betty and Norbert Osendorf Frank and Jean Osendorf Kathleen and Edward Ostendorf Mary Ellen Milner Otis Maureen and James Otremba Irene G. Otte Jean and Elmer Ottney Martha C. Otto Honer* P Therese and Henry Paetzel Avis Page Dolores Paggen Ron Paggen Ronald Pagnucco Lorena Palm George Panian Joel Papa

Manju Parikh and Subir Banerjee Kathleen and John Parker Marvin Parker Lila Parrish John and Marge Parry Jim and Kathy Parsons * Denise Partch Kathleen Zacher-Pate and Robert Pate Pamela and Daniel Patnode James and Diane Pattock Janet and Tom Paul * Adrienne Paulson Lisa Paulson Jack and Kathy Paulus Bernice Pauly Sharon and Richard Pauly Bernard and Therese Pavek Carol and Michael Pawelk Judy Peak Robert Peck and Paula Ann Mulready Peck Christine and Thomas Peck Jane Peckham Patricia Pederson Robert Peffer David Pelle Susie and Jeff Pelzel Teresa M. Pelzer Sandi and Glenn Pence Karmel Pengilly Colleen and Thomas Peplinski Linda Perrington Donna Perry Donna Perzel * Jodie and Mike Peschel Lorraine Peschel Gilbert Peters and Christal Welty Rita Wessel Peters and Mary Peters Mary and Kenneth Petersen Dorothy and Carl Peterson Duncan Peterson Joanne Peterson Kelly and Todd Peterson Marlene and James Peterson Toni Peterson Colette Petitt Kristin and Mitchell Petrie Norman Petrik and Joyce Tesarek Evelyn and Merlin Petron Jon Petters and Colleen Hollinger-Petters Patricia Peyla Jeanette Pfannenstein Joan and Charles Pfannenstein * Roger and Carol Pfannenstein Terry and Joyce Pfannenstein Virginia Pfannenstein Clarice L. Pfefferle Mary Ann Pflipsen Don and Rose Ann Pflueger Barbara and John Phelps Juliana and Carl Pherson * JoAnne and Loren Philippi Corynne Philipsek Karen Phillips Anne and Mark Phinney David and Mary Phipps Marcella and Donald Piasecki Adolph and Jane Pichler Dennis and Margaret Pichler John and Theresa Pick Laura M. Pick Gwen Pickering Julia Piechowski Gertrude Pieterick Beth and Darin Pilacinski Deb Pilarski Jim and Kathy Pinter John Pinter Bernie Pintok Delores Pittman

Gene Plachecki Terry and Sue Pladson Michael Plakut Donald Plantenberg and Vicki Mansour * Irene Plantenberg Kristine Plantenberg Noney Plantenberg Mark and Diane Plantenberg Marlene Plantenberg Tom and Diane Plantenberg Mary Ellen and Paul Plater Lisa Platt and Chris Scheitle Laurie Jo Pletcher and David Johnson * Jeanette Ploof Brian and Robin Plunkett Joseph Podawiltz Mildred and Lloyd Poepping Judy Poferl Jean Poganski Angela Mulligan Pohl and Kenneth Pohl Mary Ann and Donald Pojar Elaine Polick Madonna and Robert Polta * Alice Porter * Jerry and Carol Posch Polly and Bill Posten Bruce and Shannon Pound Herbert Pound Mary and Leonard Powell Irene Powers John and Kathleen Powers Liz and John Prather Christine and Donald Prause Robert and Dorothy Prax Ann and Mike Preble Jana and Charles Preble Sasha Preble and Dennis Tkach David Prem Tim and Laurie Prem Tony and Mary Lou Preston Andrew Preusser Dominic and Kelly Preusser Joe and Lori Preusser Gary Prevost Anna Pribyl Leslie Price Dennis and Kathi Primus Geraldine Primus Joseph and Catherine Primus Mary Ann Primus Rita Primus Paul Prokosch Vern and Helen Prokosch Jack and Judy Prom Marie Przybilla Robert Puff Dick and Mickey Pula * Jim and Patty Pulvermacher Irene Pundsack Susan Pundsack Leo Pundsack † Patricia M. Pung Judy and Paul Purman Gertrude and Dick Puryear Kathy Pusch Q Alan and Linda Quaal Terese Quaale Jack and Margaret Quaid Marian and David Quale Aloysius and Mary Quick Elizabeth and Gregory Quicksell Shannon Quinlivan Geoffrey and Bernadette Quist Patricia and Jon Quistgaard R Ellen and Myron Radel Richard Rady

Deborah Raehl Kathy and Olli Rahkola Gene Raiche and Audrey Jansky-Raiche Alice Raish Donna Rajkowski Marilyn and Frank Rajkowski * Janet Ramler Stephanie and Jorge Ramos Anne Kaproth Ramsey † * Darlene and Chuck Rau James Rau and Candace Henry Joe Rau Tom and Betty Rau Donald and Maggie Rausch Helen Rausch Lewis Rausch James and Connie Reagan Bernadette A. Reardon* Deb Reber Jane Reber Robert and Kathy Redig Bernadine Reece Jeffrey Reed Rosemary Reed Pauline Reeping and Jack Nadol Stephen and Kristine Reetz Don and Jean Regan Bruce Regan Mary Lou and Ed Reichert * Janet and Michael Reierson Mary Reiland Faye F. Reilly* Lester and Gladys Reinarts Mary Jo and David Reinders Annella Reineke Theresa and Paul Reisdorf Diane Reisdorfer Jackie Reisinger * Margaret E. Reiten * Gwen and Rick Reiter * Diane and Thomas Reitter Christine A. Reller Jean Remes Robert and Rita Rengel Colleen Renner David and Jean Renner Richard and Mary Ann Renner Richard and Shelley Renner Ronald and Mary Ann Rennie Peggy Retka Bernice and Nicholas Reuter Bret and Nicole Reuter Chas and Debbie Reuter Roger and Kathy Reuter Don and Jeanette Reuvers Jim and Sue Reuvers Tom and Betty Reuvers Patrick Revermann Ralph and Kelly Revermann Helen and Charles Revier Irene Rhoe Armilla Rice James and Paula Rice John and Judy Rice Robert and Marjory Rice Bill Rice Dennis Richardson and Nelson Richardson Gervase Richter Bernice Ricke Peg and Ted Riddering * Joan Riebel * John and Faye Riedner Lucy and Chuck Rieland * Marie and Lee Ries Teresa Ries Joyce Rigo Regina Rinaldi Fall 2015 I 21

Denny and Karol Ringsmuth Janice and Robert Rintoul Ken and Sue Ripp Helen Ristau Clare and Wallace Ritchie Edward and Stephanie Ritger Kate Ritger LuVerne and Jean Ritter Laurie Rivard * Cathy and Joel Robak Darlene and Norman Robak Sandra Robbers Margaret Robelia Kathy and William Robinson Lucille Roby Ardis and James Rodel Doug and Kendra Rodel Anne Rodenberg Russell Thomas Roe Susan Roe Katherine and Gerald Roehl Rosemary and Frank Roehl * Susan A. Roehrich Mel and Ann Roehrl Don Roers Harry and Jeanie Roers Jim Roers Joe and Betty Roers Ruth Roers Shari and Mike Rogalski * Mary Ann and Herbert Roleke Alexia Rolle Nancy and Floyd Romslo Jessica Rooney Pat and Bob Ropelato William and Jeanne Rose * Jim and Marcia Rosha Dorothy and Harold Roske Peggy and Michael Roske Michael and Sarah Rosner Mary Rosolack

Peg Ryan and George Baboila J. Drew and Mary Ryberg Richard and Sandi Ryder S Dorothy Sadlo Ron and Mary Sadlowsky Karen Sagehorn Arnold and Merrill Sakry Sandra and Thomas Sakry Terry and Duane Sakry Patricia Salay Lillian Salm Alma Salzer Ann and Marvin Salzer * Leanarda Salzer Sam and Jane Salzl Ann Sand Gloria Sandberg * Donna and Jerrold Sanders Mary Sandok Mark Sands Edmund Sass Jim and Helen Sassen Laura and Tim Saterfield * Colleen and Eugene Sathre Joyce and David Sauer Tom and Yvonne Sauer Mary Ann and Jerome Sauerer Martha Saul Margaret Savelkoul Mary Ann and Loren Saville Lorraine Schabel Dorothy and Ted Schable Alice Schaefer Betty and Richard Schaefer Joan and Jon Schaefer Kathleen and Scott Schaefers Donald and Rose Schafer Earl and Mary Beth Schafer Gerald and Janet Schafer

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. —Melody Beattie

Lucille Ross Rosemary Ross Cynthia and Charles Rostkowski Patricia and Mark Rosvold Jerry and Stephanie Roth Ruth and James Rothschilds Carol Rouillard Rev. Roger and Ardis Rovelstad Elizabeth-Anne and David Rowe Vivian and Al Rowe Monica M. Roy Yael Rubin Maureen Rubischko * Janice Rudnitski* Larry and Verdell Rudolph William Ruede Tim and Marion Ruegemer Jane Ruether * Amy Ruff Donald and Betty Ruhe Roger and Carol Ruhlin Connie Ruhr Suzanne Runte Darlene Ruprecht Geraldine Ruprecht Carol and Troy Rushton Leonard Russo Brad Rutten Eileen and David Rutten Bridget A. Ryan Diane Ryan

James and Audrey Schafer LeRoy and Judy Schafer Mark and Dawn Schafer Mike and Carol Schafer Bob and Ruth Schafer Sarah and Jeff Schaffer Peg and Randy Schalow Patty and Gene Schams Lois Schanhaar Howard and Rebecca Schantz Darlene Schaubhut Patrick and Joanne Scheffler Jennifer Schei and Jason Disterhaupt Henry Scheinost Margaret Scheller * Bob and Betty Schenk Alice Scherer Harold and Connie Scherer JoAnn Schiano Judith and Michael Schierman Bryan and Lynn Schiffler Bertha and Richard Schiller Armella Schimnich Irene Schlangen Robert and Kathy Schlangen Beverly Schleper Brenda and Dennis Schleper Janet Schleper Leona Schleper Rose H. Schleper

22 Benedictine Sisters and Friends

Dianne and John Schlichting Jim and Sharon Schlick Betty and Bernie Schloemer Margaret M. Schmahl Cheryl Schmidt Dorothy Schmidt George and Patricia Schmidt John and Margaret Schmidt Lynn Schmidt Mary Schmidt Michael and Maria Schmidt Doris Schmiesing Jim and Linda Schmiesing Rose Mary Schmiesing Doreen Schmit Jerry and Vivian Schmit Marilyn and Joseph Schmit Gary and Joan Schmitt Kelly Schmitt Ralph and Mary Lou Schmitt John J. Schmitt † Diane and Vern Schmitz * Fran and Anthony Schmitz Mary Jane Schmitz Robert and Sharon Schmitz Ron and Dianne Schmitz Linda Nistler Schnabel and Jerry Schnabel* Betty Schneider and Richard Voss Caroline and Charles Schneider Donna and Bill Schneider * S. Dorothy and S. Delores Schneider Elisa and Dennis Schneider Gerald and Bonnie Schneider Gladys and Donald Schneider Jane Schneider and Dennis Price Lillian Schneider Lorraine Bobick Schneider and James Schneider Margaret Schneider Ramona and Ambrose Schneider Roberta Schneider Richard Schnell Jim Schnepf and Connie Nelson Jan and John Schnettler * Arnie and Ann Schoenbauer Margaret and Glen Schoenbauer Heidi and Jay Schoenecker Tom and Michol Schofield Mary Ann Schomer Michael Schomer Richard and May Schomer Beth Schommer * Marilyn and Bill Schommer Liz and Don Schramel Beverly Schreier Karol Schreifels Philip Schreiner Florence Schroden Sandy and Dale Schroeck Albert and Marie Schroeder Clarice and Dave Schroeder Jerry and Carin Schroeder Jim and Rita Schroeder Margaret and John Schroeder Valerie and William Schroeder * Bill and Ruth Schroeder Darla and Timothy Schuck * Margaret Schueller Dolores R. Schuh, CHM Jack Schuh Karen and Roger Schuler Diane Schulte * Gregory Schulte Imelda Schulte Raymond and Dianna Schulte ReJean Schulte Carol and Ralph Schultz

Tony Schulzetenberg David and Dorothy Schulzetenberg Kitty and Don Schumacher * Don and Bev Schumacher Jeannine A. Schumacher Marianne Schumacher and Rich Abraham Michael and Joanne Schumacher Muriel Schumacher Oliver Schumacher Philip and Becky Schumacher Ralph Schumacher † Bob and Marge Schumacher Mary Schunk Anthony Schussman Constance and Thomas Schutta * Geri Schwab Gloria Schwab Kay and Terry Schwab Mary E. Schwappach Gary and Jean Schwartz Bernice Schwegel Howard and Mabel Ann Schweiss Joe Schweiss Kenneth B. Schweiss Lucille Schweiss Mary Schweiss Melanie Schweiss Peter and Arvina Schweiss Judith Schwellenbach Audrey and James Schwieger Barb and Roger Schwientek * Diane and Jim Schwinghammer * Marlene Schwinghammer Peg and Bob Schwob Michael and Cheri Scobie Peter and Randi Scobie Ronald and Mickey Scott Kevin Scroggins Renee Sebasky Roseann and Henry Sechler John Seckinger Jane and Arthur Seibel Wayne Seifert Jerry and Anita Sellner Jeanette Sellner and Dennis Olson John and Dorothy Sells Marianne Selz Robert Seng and Mary Beste Seng Michael and Joyce Seno Jerome and Eileen Seppelt David and Pat Serreyn Eileen and Mike Seymour Mary and Harold Shack * Kathy Shafel Karen and Sam Shananaquet Dorothy and Richard Shannon Margaret and Thomas Shannon Richard Shannon Patty and Lee Shappell Nancy and Paul Sharkey Jane and Michael Shaw Joseph Shea Michael and Lorna Shea David and Suzanne Shearon Richard and Mary Jane Sheehan Izabel Sheh Terry and Marlene Shelstad Jane Sherack Fred and Carolina Shermock * Floyd and Mary Beth Shew Francoise and Symong Shih Paulette and Robert Shimer Juanita W. Shinnick Yoneo Shiramizu Michael and Debra Shoemaker Angela Shultz Joseph and Patricia Shuster * Dennis Sibinski

Ann and Chris Sieben Lee and Peggy Sietsema Jayne Sieverding Pat and Mike Sieverding Edwin and Shirley Silbernick Richard and Janet Silvernail Luella Simon David Simondet Virginia and Ralph Simpson Susan Sink and Steve Heymans Jeanne Sinn Hazel Sitz John and Karen Sjolander Ginger and Alan Skaalerud Geraldine and Edward Skager Dolores Skeivik Patrick Skelly Gilbert and Elsie Skluzacek Jane and Jack Skluzacek Bob and Pat Skogquist Pat Skundberg Mary Slanika Carol and Thom Sloan Ann Sluss Roy Smalley Vincent and Ingrid Smiles Alicia and David Smith Barbara Smith Bonnie Jean Smith Carol and Paul Smith Gene and Carolynn Smith James and Joyce Smith Marilyn and Dr. J. Weston Smith Mary and Ted Smith Sharon Smith Rev. Susan M. Smith Timothy and Namida Smith Yvette and Gordy Smith Gerald and Agnes Smitten Fred M. Smoger Liz Smythe Dave and Jean Solheim Mary K. Sommers * Duane and Charlotte Sorensen * Scott and Cindy Sorensen Frances and Arvid Sorenson * Pam Sorenson Jennifer and Paul Soucheray * Linda and Paul Soukup Carol Spandl Deb and Ted Spanier Flip and Patricia Spanier Maureen Spanier Michael Spaniol Diane Sparrow Johanna Spellman Greg Speltz Al and Beth Sperger Jean and Steve Sperl Doug and Mary Spindler Mary and Roger Spoden Mary and Daniel Spore Mary Jo Sprunk Mary and Cyril Spychala Bonita and Thomas Stachowski Mary and Jack Stackpool * Darlene and John Stafney * Dennis Stalberger John and Alice Stalboerger Norene and William Stallworth * Delores and John Stang Rev. Alfred H. Stangl Louise Stangl Jeanne R. Stanis Jean and Chuck Stark * Jane and Steve Stassen Tamara and Glenn Stastny Joyce Statz and David Hogan Marlene and Ronald Statz

Helen Steer Edward and MariLou Steffen Philomene Stegura Bernadette A. Stein Joan Knothe Stein Eugene and Linda Steinbach Rev. Bernard J. Steiner Wayne Steinfeldt Max and Mary Steininger Ernie and Mary Stelzer Stephen and Nancy Stelzner Barbara Stender Theresa and Matthew Stergios Florian Sterner Patricia Sterner DeLoyd and Arlyn Stertz Carla Stevenson Shawna and Myron Stevenson Margaret Stich Mary Stiles* Lori and Thomas Stock * Richard and Joyce Stock Marie Stoks Cecilia A. Stoltman Elmer and Jaletta Stommes Jerry and Ive Stommes Jim and Kay Stommes Lorraine Stommes Mary and Elmer Stommes, Jr. Joan Baxter Stone * Rev. Dr. Susan Stonestreet Rosemary Stonick * Bonita Strand Steve and Cathey Strange Wesley Strei Dorene Streveler Harold and Eileen Streveler Rev. Robert Streveler Lois and Roy Stuart Rita Stuckel Linda Studniski Arnold Stueve Roxanne and Ken Stuhlfeier Herb and Elvira Stumpf Ronald and Sharon Sturm James Suchy Melissa and Nicholas Suek Irene and Gene Sullivan * Jacquie Sullivan * Joan and Bill Sullivan Mary Sullivan * Michael and Patricia Sullivan Sue Sullivan and John Barnett William Sullivan Patricia and Cleon Sundby Elizabeth Super and John Austin * Scott and Deanelle Super Tricia Susens Dale G. Swanson Judy and Bill Swanson Laura Swanson Mary Swanson Nancy and Anthony Swantek Tom Sweeney Cate Swenson Melinda Swihart Catherine Sykes T Rob and Sharon Tacheny Mary Tadich and Michael Bauer Rev. Calin Tamaiian Julie and Michael Tangredi Mary Tarazona Gail and Charles Tastad Alison and John Tauer Carla and Paul Tauzell Bernie Taylor Jean Taylor Theresa and Harold Taylor

Amy Jo and James Techam Irene Telford James Tembrock Anne Templin Dorothy and Roland Terhaar Jody and Karl Terhaar * Rebecca and Gary Terhaar Jeanne Terres Louise Jesh Terrill Irma K. Terwey Jason and Tami Terwey Becky Terwey Alphonse and Alice Theis Frances and Joseph Theis Ken Theis Leo J. Theis Marvin and Pat Theis Paul and Marsha Theis Carol and Jim Theisen Ethelyn Theisen John and Trish Theisen Judith Theisen Louise E. Theisen * Lyle and Marilyn Theisen Sandy and John Theisen Sylvester and Vera Theisen Theresa and Warren Theisen Tom and Marlene Theisen Thomas and Eleanor Thelen Margaret M. Thielen Howard and Colleen Thielman Jane Thielman Marilyn Thielman Irma Thies * Rose and Brian Thies Beth Thieschafer Doris and Robert Thimmesh Linda and David Thomas Marie Thomas Nancy Thomes Carol and Pat Thompson * Corey C. Thompson Doris Thompson and Michael Cloyd Helen Jean Thompson Joseph and Joyce Thompson Margaret S. Thompson Bob and Irene Thompson Sarah and Christopher Thompson Thomas and Alice Thompson Neil and Sarah Thorburn Betty and John Thornell Charles Thorsen and Margaret O’Driscoll Thorsen Wayne and Beverly Thorson Bob and JoAnn Thueringer Suzanne and Greg Thurler Elaine and Mark Thyen Lynnae and Stephen Tiedman Mary Tilhof Mae Schulzetenberge Tinguely and Stephen Tinguely * Margaret and Bob Tiplady Barbara Tischer Clyde and Virginia Tise Rita Tobin Jeanette and Gene Toenies Bill Toenies Gloria Tomashek Patrick and Dee Tomczik Mary Alice Tomporowski * Mary Kay and Leo Toninato Arliss Tonyan Sharon Toogood Froehle and Marsha Woolcott * Dolores Torborg Jerry and Ione Torborg Lee and Mary Torborg * Rose Torborg Urban Torborg

Christine and Stephen Torok Tony and Carolyn Toscan Mary Ann Tourres Tammy and Russell Tourville Maria and Todd Tracy Lorrayne and Victor Traut * Margaret Traver Mary and Greg Traynor Mary Treacy Donna Zimmerman-Tremmel and Jon Tremmel * Susan Trimbo Felix and Bibiana Tristani Marilyn Trouth and Kathy Holladay Marlys M. Truitt Joseph Trunk Dianne Tuff Catherine and Thomas Tulenko Peg and Tom Turcotte Kathleen Twohy * David and Mary Twomey Jan and Stanley Tyrrell U Kimberly and Gregory Uchimura Vivian Udink Rose Ann and Steven Underhill Thomas Undersander John and Patricia Urbanski Mary and Donald Urness Stella Uselman Christopher Utz V Nan and David Vaaler Lynn and Robert Valek Patricia Van Cleve Catherine and Jack Van Dong Leon and Mary Van Heel Pamela Van Heel Bruce and Virve Van Sloun Eileen Van Sloun Jo and Carl Van Winter David and Janis Vanden Heuvel Diane Vanderlinde and ReBecca Hargens Bill and Ann Vannurden * James and Barbara Varani Gilbert and Liz Varland Shelby and Steven Vaske Joseph and Rebecca Vaudreuil Kristine and Steven Vaughn Janice and Enrique Vazquez Jeff and Cindy Velline Susan L. Vento Helen and Bob Verkuilen Duane Verness Germaine Vertnik Jim and Debby Vetsch Michael Vievering Jolene and Gary Viktora Di Ann and David Vinck Patrick and Shelley Vinopal Gerard Virnig Rev. Laurn Virnig Ludmila Voelker * Margie Voelker Alice and Jim Vogel Elaine Vogel Louis Vogel and Millie Huberty Michael and Jane Vogel Mary Voight and Peter Leung Bev and Bob Voigt Mary Volkmann Karen and Talleiv Vollen Sue and Mike Vos * Rev. William Vos Virgil and Lorraine Voss Fall 2015 I 23

Jane and Harold Vossen W Barbara and Robert Wacek Jennifer Wacek Pat Waddick and Renee Torbenson Mary and Keith Wagener Susan and Mark Wagener Terrence and Lori Wagener Kirsten and Reuben Wagenius Gordon and Mary Kay Wagner Jani and Ted Wagner * Kay and Dean Wagner Lori and James Wagner Louise Wagner * Jean Wahl Robert and Donna Wahlert Shelley Wakefield Debra and Wayne Waldera Don and Biddy Waletzko Patricia and Lewis Walker Teresa Walker * Joan and Richard Walkowiak Jeanne Wallis Christopher and Cathleen Wallyn Jeanette Walsh Kathrine Walter Shirley and Paul Walter Bill and Karen Walter William Walter Anne Walters Deb and David Walters

Suzanne Wedge Bob and Kathy Wedl Marilyn R. Wegscheider Joyce Wehlage Leander and Catherine Wehseler Grace Weidner Jerome and Carole Weiland John and Carol Weiland Tom Weiland Ernest and Jutta Weiler Robert and Patricia Weiler Dennis and Kat Weinmann Ron and Loretta Weinmann Millie and Kevin Weis Ginny and Jim † Weis Susan Weisbrich Patricia Weishaar Ann and Richard Weismann Dorothy M. Weiss Mary Lou Weiss Nancy and Doug Weiss Joanne Weisz Jean Weitzel Jeanne and Tim Welch Joe and Jane Welle* Jacqueline and Paul Welle * Nicole and Andy Welle Robert † and Jeanette † Welle Theresa Welle Carol and Tony Wells Diane and Patrick Wells Edward and Angelina Welsh

Arline and Dave Wilhelm Jeanie and Wilbur Wilkens Dr. Ted and Mary Margaret Will Elaine and Roys Willenbring * Holly Williams Jennifer Williams Kevin and Erin Williams Louis and Ruth Williams Liz and Mike Williams Sue and Tom Williams Debbi and Josh Williamson Annette Wilson and Mark Armitage Marlene Wilson Jeffrey and Deb Wimmer Mary and Joe Winkel Bonnie Winkelman Mary Ann and Chuck Winkelman Marguerite Winker Art and Judy Winter Judy Winterhalter Rita Winters Caroline and Bernard Wisniewski Jean Withrow and James Haggerty * Amy and Jason Wittak Robert Witte * John and Sarah Witzmann Patricia Witzmann Tim Witzmann David and JoAnn Woeste Rick and Jan Woeste Wilfred and Ilene Woida Joyce Woitalla

Dr. Tom and Judy Wyne Y Donald Yaggie Robert and Darlene Yaggie Vicki and Jim Yanisch Yvonne and Michael Yapuncich * Barbara Ann and Albert Yerich Ann Yoerg Marilyn and Alan Youel Linda and Michael Young Lori and Richard Young Rita and David Young Thelma Yurek Z Donald and Susan Zabel Ed Zapp Ashley Zartner Marilyn Zastrow JoAnn and Roger Zaun Jacqueline A. Zbaracki * Elizabeth and James Zdon Jean and Richard Zeithaml Joseph † and Teresa † Zeleny Renee and Michael Zeleny Kathleen Zelmer Lucy and Daniel Zemanek James and Rita Zenner Patricia Zenner Yvonne Zenner Judy Zenzen Neal and Theresa Zenzen

Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” — John Wesley Debra and Thad Walters Ritalee Walters Jeanne Walthour Ann and Chad Wandersee Deirdre and Thomas Wannarka Larry and Marilyn Wannebo Joe and LaVae Wantoch Frank and Juliana Ward Sheila Ward Steven and Jean Ward Christine Warloski Johanna Warloski Jim and Nonie Warner Robert and Lorraine Warzecha Eileen Warzecka Bill J. Wasner Barbara Ann Watkins and Jerry Wayne Dolores and William Watson Paul Watson Sally J. Watson Lori Weaver * Brett Webb Mitchell Darlene and John Weber Don and Rose Weber Frances and Bernard Weber Harry and Sylvia Weber Jacqueline Weber Jeannie M. Weber * Jerome N. Weber John F. Weber Kay and Mike Weber Marion and Cal Weber Mary E. Weber Robert and Patricia Weber Roger and Mary Weber Rosemarie and Ralph Weber Rosetta Weber Stephen and Francie Weber Susan Weberg Betty Webster

Lois Welshons Jerry and Mary Welter Pat Welter * Paul and Lorraine Wenner Elaine and Lloyd Wenning * Natalie Wenz Barbara Werlinger Melvin and Christine Werner Lisa Wersal and Louis Asher Jeffrey and Allison Werthman Radnich George Wertin † Bonnie and Lewis Wesenberg Norma Wesoloski Sandi Westberg and Gary Quam * Betsy and Tom Westerhaus Pat Westerhoff Kasey and Mike Westra Vera Wetteroff Jean and Mike Weum Gregory Weyandt Rosella Weyer Hugo and Rita Weyrens Molly Weyrens* Lenea M. Wheeler* James and Jean White JoAnn White* Bob and Penny White Barbara and Dale Wick Marilyn and Arthur Wick Robert Wicker and Christine Scholl Carol and Wayne Wieber Joseph Wieber Margi and Dean Wieber Delroy Wiebolt Dee and Stan Wielinski Toni and Leo Wiener Janet Wiener and Steve Buley Rev. Stanley Wieser Michael and Kay Wilcox

24 Benedictine Sisters and Friends

Dick Wojciechowski Rick and Erin Wojciechowski Carolyn and James Wold Lola Wolf * Marty and Linda Wolf Ruth Wolf Yolanda Wolf Sandra Hansen-Wolff and Terry Wolff Betty and Tom Wolterman Mafalda Woolsey John and Dori Wozniak Pat Wright * Jeffrey Wriker Nina and Paul Writz Art and Leona Wuertz Loretta E. Wuertz Robert and Anne Marie Wuolu Elizabeth and Heinrich Wurdak Marilyn and Roger † Wurm Marion Wurm Rodney Wurm Daniel and Bridget Wyncott

Ann and John Zettel * Kevin and Joan Zimmer Rev. Nicholas M. Zimmer Roger and Loretta Zimmer Sabina A. Zimmer Alan and Christine Zimmerman Earl and Deanne Zimmerman Fabian and Minerva Zimmerman Julie Zimmerman and Steve Curry Marie and Nathan Zimmerman Randy and Kimberly Zimmerman William and Georgia Zimmerman N. Jean Zimmermann Carol Zirbes Vonnie and Mike Zirbes Linda Zirbes and James Novak Norm and Mary Zirbes Norma Zoren Craig and Becky Zwilling Johanna M. Zwilling * Sy Zylla

Benedictine Sisters’ Heritage Society Members CHARTER MEMBERS through 2003 In addition to the listed names below, there are 28 Anonymous Charter and Heritage Members. Anonymous (13) Ruth Aldana-Ricketts and Ricardo † Ricketts Bob and Karen Ament Judith Popp-Anderson and Ruben † Anderson Rev. Edward J. Ardolf Eileen and Robert † Bergerson Bernadine R. Bertelt † Dick and Mimi Bitzan Roman T. Blatz † Marie Peters-Bodette and John Bodette Virginia T. Bozak † Breher Family Charitable Trust Rita and Stephen Buckley Robert J. Burke † Thomas W. Camfield † Harriet and Paul † Campbell Gloria MacMillan Cessna Margaret Christian † Arlene and Ralph Clement Rose H. Colman † Karen Colton and Barbara Schreiner Evelyn and John † Crowley Mary Kettler-Curtis and Ralph Curtis Eileen W. Daley Ann Didier Frances Anne Dolan † Linda and Keith Donaldson Nancee and Bruce Donovan Clara Duerr † Hugh Dufner and Carmen Soria-Dufner Bernice EstaTajchman † Ione M. Foss George J. Freund, Sr. †

Patricia and Tony † Gandolfo Cheryl Crozier-Garcia and Jaime Garcia Walter † and Donna † Gavanda Marjorie Goodrow Judi Grooters Deian and Ronald Guck Eleanor A. Haag † Ann Hansen Barbara † and Gerald † Heiderscheidt Mildred and Paul † Hemmelgarn Martha and Dwight † Hendricks † Lucille Hendrickson Mildred † and Ambrose † Hennes Edward † and Elizabeth † Henry Mary L. Herrmann † Rev. Raymond Hoefgen † Elmer F. Hoeschen † Juliana W. Hollermann Robert Hollermann John Howard and Judith Pedersen Mary Jane Huberty Fred J. Hughes † Wim and Kathryn † Ibes Cyril Iffert † Rev. Wilfred Illies † Loretta C. Javra Doris Nathe Juntilla and Earl † Juntilla Karen and Ted Kaden Maxine E. Kaiser Marjorie Kalinowski Agnes and Gerald † Kelly Adella P. Kerber † Edwin W. Kerber † Beverly M. Kessler Martha R. Kettler †

HERITAGE MEMBERS, 2004 – present Anonymous (23) Peggy Anfang MaryAnn and Ron Baenninger Mary and Thomas Baier Rev. James Bernauer Stephen T. Bieniek John Bjork † Margaret A. Blenkush Harvey Bock Mike and Ethel † Boyle Ellie Brenny and Walter Jost Evelyn and Henry † Claiborne Meg and John Davis Melisa A. Dick Donna J. Diepolder Barbara and Daniel † Eich Anjenette C. Elliott Geralyn Nathe-Evans and David † Evans Jan and Gene Faulhaber Bernie and Bob Freson Mary Jane and Kevin Gaffney Francis † and Mary † Geraets

Gertrude Geraets † Patricia and Ambrose Giesen Esther Glowacki † Tom Gnewuch and Julie Ann † Lickteig Benedict and Dorothy Gorecki Bette Jayne and Louis Haak Lois J. Hall Geri and Jack Happe Dorothy A. Hebert Anthony Hondl, Jr. † Mary Ellen Howard † Sigrid Hutcheson and David Chapman Marion D. Jagielski Alphonse Jagielski † Bernadette Jagielski † David and Barbara Jahsman Leo and Teresa Juenemann Trust Ralph and Sandra † Jonas Robert and Mary Jost Robert Michael Karrow † Michael and Jane Kathman DeAnn Kautzmann Peggy Kelley Anna Klein Hedwig L. Kratz †

James and Joanne † Kollodge Debbie and Steve Koop Ruth † and Severin † Koop Kossick Family Trust Fr. Harold Kost † Mary Ann and Ray † Krebsbach Helen Lauer † Betsy and Brian Lenzmeier Aloys J. Linneman † Iver Linnemann † Norrie Mahowald Brenda M. Maiers † Mary E. Malerich † Bernice Manderfeld † Dave and Geri Marquardt Elizabeth and William † Martin Christine † Gruenes Maul and Walter † Maul Scott and Mary Kay May Patricia C. McCarthy † Florence R. Meyer † Kathleen L. Meyers † Math and Katie Mimbach Lawrence and Marion † Monnens Janice and Larry Moore Mary R. Mortier Eileen and John† Nalevanko Milton J. Nietfeld † Mike and Judy Noonan Mary Ann Norton † Mary † and James † O’Neill Ralph R. Opatz Martha C. Otto Honer Dorothy and Carl Peterson Isidor J. Pick †

Angeline Pihlman Tom and Diane Plantenberg Florence B. Pope † Lorraine Provo Dick and Mickey Pula Roger and Kathy Reuter Rev. Donald W. Rieder † Clare and Wallace Ritchie Susan K. Roe Fran Roehrich † Evangeline Rudnitski † Aloys F. Ruether † Gail Schlicht Rev. Ray A. Schulzetenberg † Kathleen M. Siebers † Luella L. Simon Anita K. Smith † Nancy and John † Strom Denese and Steve Stuart Clarence † and Frances † Swanson Robert B. Tai † Irene M. Terhaar † Anonymous Louise E. Theisen Helen Jean Thompson Mary Tschida † Roger Vossberg † Msgr. John C. Ward † Dorothy M. Weiss Robert and Jeanette † Welle Elaine and Lloyd Wenning Lisa Wersal and Louis Asher Wilfred and Ilene Woida

Elizabeth McManus Laizure † Rose Mary Lang † Rev. Eugene Lemm † Tom and Judy LeRoux Caroline Linz Harold Lutgen † Micheleen Maher Rev. Del Malin Mary C. Maranda † Chester † and Helen † Marcyn Marguerite Ernst Mason Monica Mattson and Jane Beasley Joan A. McCallum † Barbara C. McGinnis Tom McGraw Albert J. Meyer † Mary Elise Miller Bird and Karen Misquez Bill Muldoon Dorothy † Beckett Nolan and Martin † Nolan Colette Petitt James and Kathleen Pinter Norma Pratt † James Kenneth Ramsey † and Anne Kaproth Ramsey † Verena Riedner †

Jim Roers Maureen Rubischko Bridget Ryan Rita and Reynold Saari Harold and Connie Scherer Frank and Marilyn † Schmidt † John J. Schmitt † Dr. Roselyn J. Schmitt † Valerie and William Schroeder Jeannine Schumacher David and Pat Serreyn Fred and Carolina Shermock Rev. Leon Slominski † James and Joyce Smith Jennifer and Guy Tonder Ludmila and Francis † Voelker Sally and Charles † Watson Jean and Robert † Weitzel George Wertin † Rev. David Wild † Renee † Willenbring Joyce Woitalla Dr. Joseph † and Teresa † Zeleny Connie Zierden †

Learn more about Planned gifts that are specifically tailored to your interests: wills or bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts or life insurance. We would be honored to be named as a beneficiary in your gift planning. For more information, please contact Patricia Ruether, OSB, at (320)-363-7053 or

Fall 2015 I 25

Volunteers Saint Benedict’s Monastery Sharon and Richard Beach Theresa Bloch Joan Botz Liz Brannan and Kenneth Wendinger John Brinkman Lorraine Cofell Sally Cornwall Susan and Dave Curtis Patricia and Anthony Czech Gin Dahl Audrey Davis Claire DeBroux June Dibb Carroll Dick Ruth Donais Susan Drontle Richard Eckman Mary Eilers Bill Elfering Marie Elsen Irene Ertl James and Martha Fairley Gene Faulhaber Delrose Fischer Marilyn Fischer Rosalie Frie Karyn Fulton Rudy Gapko Ilene Gasser Patricia and Amby Giesen Wendi Girard Delores Giroux Marge Gohl Barb Grachek Eileen Grahek Lynne Greenwood Eleanor Gregory Judi Grooters

Jan Grutsch Ronald Guck Marlana Hagen Marie Hanauska Anne Hanson Marjorie Harrison Lynette Heaton Joan Heider Florence Heim Caren, Olivia and Jacob Heinen Bernadine Heurung Luise Hiemenz Margaret Mae Hoben Maryjude Hoeffel Ken Hoeft Connie Hoffmann Missy Holbrook Betty Holthaus Diane Janssen Philip Jorgensen Ellen Kain Grace Kalscheuer Jeff Karnes Travis Kent Mary Anne Kieser Olga and Sylvester Kinzer Imelda Klocker Joyce Kohorst Teresa and Ken Koltes Patricia and Marcel Kosel Norb Koshiol Deborah Kruyer Marcia Kuebelbeck Lois and Gene Lawson Greta Leen Dede Leither Joanne Lenneman Marjorie Lesnick

Caroline Locnikar Cheryl Lommel Rose Lommel Andy Loso Janet Maciej Carol Mastey John and Rita McKiernan Sue Meers Ginger Meier Anne Meyer Dorothy and Roman Meyer Kate Meyer Jackie Mielke Karen Minnerath Teresa Mohs Margaret Molus JoAnn Moran and Marie Biwer Jan Nadeau Shari Newman Cleo O’Boyle Jody O’Connell Jean Osendorf John Parker Dianne Petersen Donald and Rose Ann Pflueger Bernie Pintok Mark Plantenberg Mary Ann and Ben Poepping Marie Przybilla Evelyn Pueringer Ellen Radel Erna Radke Dorothy Randall Jim Rau Jane Reber Elaine Reinert Ron and Mary Ann Rennie Carrie Roberts Kathryn Roos

Patricia Royer Dorothy Sadlo Mary Anne Savage Betty and Richard Schaefer Gail Schlicht Susan Schmidt Othmar and Marilyn Schmitz Jack Schuh Jean L. Schwartz Jane Shaw Florence Sheesley Peggy Sietsema Fred M. Smoger Darlene and John Stafney Delores and John Stang Leroy Terhaar Jeanne Terres Pat Doren-Tobin Mary Alice Tomporowski Ozzie and Irene Tschida Victor Tschida Lynn Valek Arlene Viere Joyce Wehlage Vikki Weiss Joanne Weisz Norma Wesoloski Pat Westerhoff Bob and Cathy Whitney Art Winter Joyce Wittenhagen Sandy Hansen-Wolff Jennifer Wucherer Lorie Wuolu Elaine Yaggie Laurie Ziebol

Emily Legatt Clyde Lehnen Gretchen Leisen Cindy Ley Mardell Libbesmeier Janet Maciej Julitta Malikowski Lenora Marquez Rosie Marx Lee Ann and Katelynn Mueller Brian Mumma Shari Newman Dolores Nierengarten Lorraine Novak Ann Ostendorf Teresa Pelzer Audrey Philippi Anne Przybilla LaDonna Reisdorf Jack Richter Elizabeth Roberts Don and Welly Rotter Vi Schlagel

Janet Schleper Paul Schnabel Rajahna Schneekloth Louise Seifermann Ginger Skaalerud Kristi Spaniol Mary Jo Sprunk Adrienne and Aryn Stanchfield Jean Taylor David Thompson Bev Voigt Wacosa Seniors Sally Watson Jackie Weber Millie Weis Joanne Weisz Michelle and Patrick Whitlow Bonnie Winkelman Sharon Winkelman Elaine Yaggie Ana Zieglmeier

Volunteers Saint Scholastica Convent Colin Andersen Mary Bauer Theresa Berg Barbara Bloomer Brenda Brannan John Brinkman Lori Buegler Patty Candella Susan Clarke Joni Costello Lyndis and Douglas Cully Eileen Dahlin June Dibb Sandy Dilts Susan Drontle Mary Dullinger Fran Evens Lana Faber Sheri Foehrenbacher Bernice Garbina Eileen Garcia Patricia Giesen Eileen Grahek Rita Hacker 26 Benedictine Sisters and Friends

Susan Harren Staci Hawley Dorothy Hebert Caren, Olivia and Jacob Heinen Elizabeth Hemminger Ed and Marcy Hiemenz Maryjude Hoeffel Larry Hortsch Don Huberty Richard and Rita Huberty Elena Igonina Mavis Jante Barbara Johnson Margaret Johnson Bill Jordan Philip Jorgensen Ellen Kain Anita Keefe Mary Anne Kieser Dick Kisch Judy Knoll Darlene Koenig Margaret and Max Konz Norbert Koshiol

Volunteers Organizations 3G Camp Counselors AKS Sorority Benedictine Sisters and Friends Editorial Advisory Committee Church/School Groups CSB Students Common Ground Garden

Development/Communications Advisory Board Mormon Group Oblate Advisory Committee Spirituality Center/Studium Advisory Committee United Way Day of Caring Wacosa Seniors

Partners in Ministry

Marina Schlangen, OSB


e hear it so often: “What would we do without our volunteers?” The Sisters of Saint Benedict both at Saint Benedict’s Monastery in St. Joseph and at Saint Scholastica Convent in St. Cloud are enriched by the presence, joy-filled spirit and work of our volunteers in so many capacities; they are a vital part of our community.

In May of 2015 Sisters Jean Schwartz and Marina Schlangen attended the MAVA (Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration) Conference. The theme was “The Ripple Effect.” Like a pebble making ripples in water, so does volunteering create ripples of change throughout the world. The first new word heard during the conference was “onboarding” (coming on board to volunteer) and the first new phrase was “engaging skills-based volunteers” which is a growing trend. Skills-based and pro bono volunteering is an innovative trend gathering strength throughout corporate America.

Much was said about the generations of volunteers and the “new breed,” which is summarized in the chart below.


Communication Age


Traditionalists, 1920–45 Radio babies; experienced hard times

“Write me”

Age 70+


Gen X, 1965–78 Single parents; working moms

“E-mail me”

Age 35+


Baby Boomers, 1946–64 Promised American Dream

Millenials, 1979-2000 Instant; AIDS; 9/11; passionate

“Call me”

“Text me”

Age 51+

Age 15+


Digital world

This past year Saint Benedict’s garnered 9,708 volunteer hours and Saint Scholastica a total of 3,392 hours, not counting group hours. What an impact on our communities! As Jermaine Davis said at the conference, “G-double o-d, Good Job, Good Job!” Please find our volunteer opportunities on our Web site in ministry, contact S. Jean Schwartz at (320) 363 -7105, or S. Marina Schlangen at (320) 251-2225, mschlangen@ Basically we connect people who can help with those who need help. You are welcome to join this notable group of volunteers.

Marina Schlangen, OSB Jean Schwartz, OSB

Clara Antony, OSB

Fall 2015 I 27

28 Benedictine Sisters and Friends

Distinguished Alumni Award Sisters Judy Kramer (top left) and Margaret Michaud (bottom left) have been chosen by the Regis Catholic Schools Foundation, Eau Claire, Wis., as the first recipients of their Distinguished Alumni Award. The award has been established to honor Regis High School alumni/ae who have had outstanding success in business, education, religious life, medicine or the military. The presentation will be made at the 2015 Non Sibi Awards Dinner being held on Saturday, September 19, at Regis High School. Both S. Judy and S. Margaret were members of Saint Bede Monastery, Eau Claire. They served in the area for many years and are deeply respected by the people there. We are delighted that their service has been recognized through this honor.

Unwrapping a Gift

We have another news item which concerns Sister Judy Kramer. Most of the St. Bede Sisters came to Minnesota after the merger in 2010. However, a few, including S. Judy, remained on mission. She continued teaching and ministering in Eau Claire until this summer when she moved to Saint Benedict’s Monastery, Sister Rose Mary Kuklok, above left, is also recently returned to the motherhouse. She has been resident in California for 35 years and completed her ministry as Diocesan Tribunal Coordinator, literally, just before stepping onto the plane to Minnesota! Sister Rose Mary sees life’s changes as unwrapping a gift. We hope that both she and S. Judy will unwrap the gift of their move to Saint Benedict’s with faith that it contains good things. We certainly appreciate the gift of their presence among us.

Photo courtesy of Dianne Towalski

Women Veterans’ Retreat Our community was honored to host “A Taste of Wellness” last month, a retreat for women veterans (see photo above). The event was a collaboration between the Women Veterans Initiative who worked with Sisters Trish Dick, Janine Mettling and Julianne Gilbert to provide a supportive environment where the women could share their stories, experience a range of holistic healing modalities and choose to participate (or not, as their need dictated) in a variety of creative activities.

The consensus was that the veterans found the experience to be healing and beneficial and the intention is that more retreats for this often invisible group of women will take place.

Joe the Trumpeter

When Jean Zimmermann decided it was time to start down-sizing, she wanted to find a good home for “Joe the Trumpeter.” Maybe the Sisters could provide that home? We could! Visit the Haehn Museum’s exhibit about connections with South America, Church Community and Creativity, the Whitby Gift Shop, or Unleashed; Reigning Cats n’ Dogs at the Whitby Gallery and you’ll see Joe standing in the entrance waiting to welcome you!

Fall 2015 I 29

Having then, brethren, asked the Lord who it is that shall dwell in the Lord’s tabernacle, we have heard what the Lord commands to those who wish to dwell there; and if we fulfill those commands, we shall be

heirs of the kingdom of heaven. —Prologue, Rule of St. Benedict Margaret Mary (Anselmeen) Zajac, OSB

October 29, 1921– August 3, 2015

Pat Kennedy, OSB

“Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, for they rest from their labor”


(Rev 13:14).

ur Sister Margaret Mary now rests from her labors. Who among us would continue with an active ministry at 93 (and love every minute of it)? Living Benedictine monastic life, music, the art of teaching music and cooking were her passions. She was like the “energizer bunny” still going, actively engaged as organist and teaching piano two months shy of her 94th birthday. Margaret Mary shared her love for music in varied parishes throughout Central Minnesota and as liturgymusic director at All Saints Parish, Puyallup, Wash. In the hidden places were God resided in her life, only God knew that her last mission at All Saints would be grace and blessing. She loved the parishioners and the ministry! It seems this last mission of 20 years brought her full circle to what drew her to Benedictine life—prayer, liturgy and liturgical music.

Her trip this July to family in Tacoma, Wash.; holding newborn great-niece, Ruby; her final days at the monastery at prayer and interacting with her Sisters, as well as serving as organist at Saint Benedict’s Senior Community, put a crescendo to her life among us. Truly she was given a glimpse of the glory to come. 30 30 Benedictine Benedictine Sisters Sisters and and Friends Friends

Danile (Therese) Knight, OSB

April 20, 1930 – July 18, 2015 Luke Hoschette, OSB


enedictines were an influence in Sister Danile’s life from an early age. Born in Minneapolis, Minn., Benedictine Sisters were her grade school teachers. By her senior year at high school, she was ready to answer God’s call and entered Saint Benedict’s Monastery, where she made first monastic profession on July 11, 1949, and perpetual profession on July 11, 1952.

S. Danile studied science at the College of Saint Benedict but was asked to change her path and pursue a degree in pharmacy at the University of Minnesota. She served as chief pharmacist at St. Cloud Hospital from 1954–64, when she was asked to move to St. Benedict’s Hospital in Ogden, Utah. S. Danile stayed in Ogden for almost 50 years, serving as chief pharmacist and assistant director of materials management at the hospital, managing Our Lady of the Mountains Retreat House and serving on many boards and committees. In 1994, the community became an independent priory. When S. Danile was elected prioress in 2006, it was she who guided the decision to transfer back to Saint Benedict’s Monastery.

Sports—especially the Twins and the Vikings—and Lawrence Welk were two of S. Danile’s great loves! She was a prayerful woman, close to her God; wherever she served, people saw her as a special witness of prayer and work for God. S. Danile, far right, with her sisters, Maureen (“Punky”), far left, Kay and Mary

Left to right, Sisters Nina Lasceski, Miriam Ardolf, Patricia Ostrander and Patricia Ruether

Sisters Who Extend Telephone Hospitality:

A Ministry of Gratitude and Mutual Blessing Jennifer Morrissette-Hesse

Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we recall all of you who have helped us by supporting our monastic life and our ministries. Your gifts affirm us in our mission to serve others as we live out (Monastery Web site) our monastic call. We thank you and praise God for your generosity!

This statement sums up the central mission and work of the monastery’s development department. Specific Sisters are commissioned to extend thanks and gratitude to donors who, by way of financial support, have participated with the community in serving others through various monastic ministries. Sisters Miriam Ardolf, Patricia Ruether, Nina Lasceski, Monica Mai and Patricia Ostrander make thank-you phone calls to donors, conveying appreciation to them for their friendship and gifts. Many times donor thank-you calls evolve into a conversation where the Sisters have an opportunity to pray with the donor about a particular need or concern. These are special and sacred moments. S. Miriam Ardolf says that this is the most satisfying part of her work: “I can be a listener to someone who has experienced some unfortunate event and needs to be listened to, assure them that all is in God’s hands, and promise the person that he or she is in our prayers.” S. Patricia Ostrander echoes this sentiment as she recalls the story of a gentleman she called whose wife had recently experienced a stroke. He was placing her in a nursing home on

that very day. He told S. Pat, “She just keeps waving her hands as if to tell me to go away.” Little did he know that S. Pat was a stroke survivor! She suggested that the wife’s hand-waving might be quite involuntary or a means of conveying her inner frustration at her inability to speak. She prayed with him about his wife to help him let go of his personal interpretation of the situation. Both ended the call feeling the warmth of God’s love extended through the conversation. Indeed, gratitude seems to be a common feeling shared between those making the calls and those who receive them. All of the Sisters involved in this ministry convey a sense of appreciation for the relationships that come out of this contact. S. Monica Mai talks about the ministry in this way: “To have our community be the receiver of such caring generosity fills me with a sense of loving care for our friends. Gratitude fills me up and strengthens me in my monastic life.” S. Nina concurs: “Yes, calling donors and thanking them is part of my job description. But when I make the calls, it energizes me and really does not seem like work at all.” Truly, this work is a ministry of gratitude and mutual blessing. Fall 2015

I 31

Office of Development and Communications 104 Chapel Lane, St. Joseph, MN 56374-0220 Telephone: 320-363-7100 •

Address Service Requested Please help us keep our mailing list current. o New address o Please remove my name. o Receiving more than one copy (Send all labels, indicating the correct one.)

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No.1 St. Joseph, MN 56374

During the past two years you’ve helped us build our Wellness Center at Saint Scholastic Convent and keep our Common Ground Garden growing!

We invite you to partner with us again in 2015 Interested in making a matching gift for Give to the Max? Contact Sister Gen Maiers at (320)-363-7183 or

2015 Fall Benedictine Sisters and Friends  

Gratitude and Stewardship

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