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2011-2012: YEAR IN REVIEW



photo: President Dianne Boardley Suber announces name/status change.

SAINT AUGUSTINE’S COLLEGE OFFICIALLY BECOMES SAINT AUGUSTINE’S UNIVERSITY “the change is not only aesthetic, but must also be a change in mindset. moving to the next level will require commitment from students, faculty and staff, and i am confident that we will rise to the challenge.” - President Dianne Boardley Suber The name change of Saint Augustine’s College to Saint Augustine’s University became official August 1, 2012. From Saint Augustine’s Normal School, to Saint Augustine’s College, Saint Augustine’s University is building upon a 145year legacy of academic excellence. Campus signage has been updated, major construction projects are in progress and the new branding package is complete. Cosmetic updates will continue throughout the academic year. University administrators have been hard at work preparing for not only the physical change, but also the shift in mentality that is required when any significant organizational change is implemented. “It’s more than just a name change” became a mantra of faculty and staff and drilled home the declaration that Saint Augustine’s University will not be business as usual.

“The expectation is that students will return to campus and know that something is different,” states President Dianne Boardley Suber. “The change is not only aesthetic, but must also be a change in mindset. Moving to the next level will require commitment from students, faculty and staff, and I am confident that we will rise to the challenge. We have the right people, in the right place and this is the right time.” Saint Augustine’s University will expand its programs for nontraditional students to include students seeking a four year degree that includes online courses and expanding off-site access to campus programs. The University has established Centers of Excellence that will serve as the anchor programs of a Saint Augustine’s University degree. The Center for Forensic Discovery (forensic science, forensic accounting, and forensic psychology) and the Center for

Applied Medical Sciences are two signature academic programs that are expected to enhance and expand students’ marketability for a global workforce. The third Center of Excellence will be the Center for Athletic Facilities and Sports Management. This center affords students a unique concentration in the operational and administration aspects in the world of professional, collegiate and leisure sports. Graduates from this center would have the competitive advantage to secure positions in the “front office.” The University will move toward offering its first master’s degree program as early as 2014. The Physician Assistant (PA) Master’s Degree Program will focus on training PAs for rural and other underserved communities.



SUBER APPOINTED TO ­HOMELAND ­SECURITY ­ACADEMIC ­ADVISORY ­COUNCIL U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano has appointed Saint Augustine’s University President Dianne Boardley Suber to the Homeland Security Academic Advisory Council (HSAAC). The new council, comprised of prominent university presidents and academic leaders, is charged with advising the Secretary and senior leadership at the Department on several key issues. “Dr. Suber’s extensive experience and expertise will make her a valuable asset to the Council,” said Secretary Napolitano. “I look forward to working with her on these critical issues.” The new council underscores the Department’s commitment to working with the academic community. In this noteworthy role, Suber will provide advice and recommendations on issues related to student and recent graduate recruitment; international students; academic research; campus and community resiliency, security and preparedness; and faculty exchanges.

UNIVERSITY CDC WORKING TO ­REVITALIZE ­SOUTHEAST ­RALEIGH “i have always thought homeownership was beyond my means because of my income and health issues. but through st. aug’s cdc, i have learned that i can accomplish my dream of homeownership.” - juanita harris, a single mother of two, Department of T   ransportation employee and recent graduate of Saint Augustine’s University’s Community Development Corporation’s (CDC) Homeownership Institute.

The CDC’s mission is to empower, transform, lead and excel

The Community Development Corporation continues to build

­training and technical assistance; facilitating peer-to-peer

in social and economic development in S­ outheast Raleigh

on the success of the completed Cooke Street project, in

­arrangements between the selected HBCU CDCs and

and beyond. Saint Augustine’s U ­ niversity is c­ ommitted to

which the University c­ onstructed and sold 14 houses to first

NeighborWorks affiliates; and promoting joint ventures or

investing in the growth and vitality of the Southeast Raleigh

time home buyers. The p­ rogram was such a success that Saint

mentor relationships between NeighborWorks affiliates and

community. The mission is ­being funded and fulfilled through

Augustine’s ­University received the “Sir Walter Raleigh” award

the HBCU CDCs.

various grants and lot acquisitions from the city of Raleigh,

for the quality of its construction.

the federal government and various organizations such as the

The CDC’s lists of accomplishments are ever g­ rowing due to

Furthermore, Saint Augustine’s University’s ­Community

its commitment to the Saint Augustine’s U ­ niversity community

Development Corporation (CDC) was selected as one of

and the city of Raleigh. The CDC is d­ evoted to not only

A primary example of the CDC’s commitment to improving

the few HBCU CDCs to participate in ­NeighborWorks

helping introduce the Saint ­Augustine’s University Falcons to

Raleigh can be seen in their Homeownership Institute

America’s community development project in January 2012.

homeownership but also developing, growing and protecting

program. The Homeownership Institute provides a series of

The NeighborWorks America project will bring CDCs from

the surrounding areas for generations to come.

courses on budgeting, homeownership qualifications, identity

various HBCUs ­together to focus on revitalizing communities

theft protection and various key elements that lead to more

surrounding HBCUs in the southern region of the east coast.

economically sound constituents.

The goals of the p­ artnership include: providing focused

­NeighborWorks Foundation.

“Homeownership is not a fleeting hope; St.  Aug’s CDC gives the tools to make dreams a reality!” Harris said.

UNIVERSITY ­CELEBRATES 145 YEARS WITH FOUNDERS WEEK OBSERVANCE The Saint Augustine’s University community celebrated 145 years of academic ­excellence during its annual Founders Week observance Jan. 22-29. This year’s celebration included a wreath-laying ceremony, Classy Hat and Bold Tie M ­ entoring Luncheon and gospel concert, among other events. A first for this event was the Community Service Day, through which the University partnered with The Boys and Girls Club of Raleigh, The YMCA and Habitat for Humanity. On campus, the Office of Student Activities hosted its Organ and Tissue Educational

Program and Campaign. The project was ­designed to create an education program that will raise awareness and promote the ­importance of organ and tissue donation. Other new events included a candle lighting ceremony and the Honors ­College convocation, during which the University recognized more than 450 students for outstanding academic achievement. Dr. Charlie Nelms, chancellor of North Carolina Central University, was the keynote speaker for convocation.


On Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011, Saint Augustine’s

program. It seemed outside of my concept of

Athletic Complex. The state-of-the-art stadium

­University hosted a football game on campus for the

­collegiate life to not have football,” Suber said.

includes a nine-lane internationally sanctioned track

first time in the University’s history. The occasion, which came just in time for Homecoming, was the result of the fearless leadership of President Dianne Boardley Suber. Just 10 years ago, Saint Augustine’s University didn’t have a football program. The program was cut in 1965 due to budget constraints. It was Suber who pushed to bring it back in 2002. The Board of Trustees asked Suber about athletics when she first came to the University. “It occurred to me that we didn’t have a ­football

Suber thought back to her experiences of going

and a FieldTurf playing field.

to football games at Florida A&M University and

“We accomplished a goal no one else could. It’s a

Hampton University.

good feeling,” Suber said. “We were able to c­ omplete

“I realized the impact football has on student life and connecting alumni to their alma mater,” Suber said.

this project in a recession with no b­ orrowed money. It’s a testament to where we are as an institution.”

“We tried to host Homecoming around ­basketball

The stadium is named in honor of the University’s

season, and it did not work for us. It ­provides

athletic director and world renowned track coach

additional value to the campus. It gives alumni a

George Williams. Williams has won more than 150

reason to come back.”

CIAA titles and 31 NCAA titles in track and cross

With the resurgence of football, Suber led the ­University in the construction of the George Williams

country. He was also head coach of the men’s 2004 U.S. Olympic track and field team, which he led to a Gold medal at the games in Athens, Greece.




Saint Augustine’s University’s innovative academic programs continue to position the institution among the leading colleges and universities in the nation. Some gems you may not know about include the right-of-way training program, the Confucius classroom and the new Film and Interactive Media major.



Acquiring right-of-way is a crucial part of any major project the Department of Transportation takes on. For the most part, the business has been difficult to break into, particularly for minorities. Saint ­Augustine’s University’s Right of Way Training Curriculum Program aims to give more people the information they need to land positions in the field.

The Confucius Classroom at Saint Augustine’s ­University is the first of its kind at a Historically Black University or University. It is one of three Confucius Classrooms under North Carolina State U ­ niversity’s Confucius Institute. The others are at Central C ­ arolina Community University in Sanford and Enloe High School in Raleigh.

The N.C. Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) awarded a $500,000 grant to the University to create the Right of Way (ROW) Training Curriculum P­ rogram — the first program of its kind in the state. “This relationship between Saint Augustine’s U ­ niversity and the North Carolina Department of ­Transportation affords us the ability to create an e­ nvironment where the University community can benefit and we can establish a model for others to follow,” Suber said. “This is the true meaning of partnership.” The ROW program is designed to: • increase the pool of potential ROW ­professionals; • increase the number of ROW internships within NCDOT and other transportation partners; and • increase the number of minorities in t­ ransportationrelated careers. The ROW program is an entry-level development program that offers a combination of courses that will develop students’ expertise and u­ nderstanding of acquiring real estate and right of way for ­transportation projects. Students enrolled in the one-year program can develop analytical and problem-solving skills, receive on-the-job and formal ­classroom ­training and acquire appropriate research skills for use within the NCDOT and FHWA. This partnership will support the advancement of minorities in the transportation industry. According to NCDOT Secretary Gene Conti, this program is a way to develop interest and attract and recruit minorities into transportation related fields. “This is a partnership we are very proud of,” Conti said. “We’ve set sail with a great deal of commitment as a way for students to enter this field.”

The Confucius Classroom, which was dedicated in August 2011, offers classes in Chinese language and culture for the campus community and the ­community at large. “The establishment of a Confucius Classroom at Saint Augustine’s University is in line with our i­nstitutional mission of preparing students to be competitive in an increasingly globalized society,” President Dianne Boardley Suber said. The Confucius Institute’s mission is to promote intercultural understanding between the U.S. and China, said Dr. Bailian Li, director of N.C. State’s Confucius Institute. Programs like the Confucius Institute support President Barack Obama’s initiative to send 100,000 U.S. students to China to study. Saint Augustine’s University’s Confucius Classroom is the culmination of a partnership between Saint ­Augustine’s University and N.C. State that began in 2009, which is when Saint Augustine’s University students began traveling to China along with N.C. State students to study at the Nanjing Normal ­University. Leaders at both schools said they are excited to be able to offer the same instruction to people locally. “This is an opportunity to bring China here to ­Raleigh – bringing the global to the local,” said Anna Lamm, deputy director for the Confucius Institute at N.C. State.


Saint Augustine’s University’s film program began in 1997 with an artist in residence and an ­adjunct f­aculty member, five majors, a few pieces of ­equipment and one linear editing machine. Under the leadership of Ellen Shepard, the program has since evolved to a full theatre and film major that is competitive with those at other historically black colleges and universities and mainstream institutions. The University is ready to take its growing film ­program to the next level. The institution is ­separating the theatre major and creating a new ­major called Film and Interactive Media. The ­combination of film and interactive media ­leverages media in new ways, creating innovations using the tools available now — Facebook, YouTube, ­Twitter, etc. Through the major, students will learn to move from passive consumers of media to active ­participants/ambassadors for their own brands or those of their clients. The Department of Film and Interactive Media was officially introduced in the fall. The interactive ­media major will be available beginning in 2015.



with raw talent. She makes up for it with an unwavering determination to outwork her opponent. “I like to be the best,” Tokarski said. “If someone is better than me, I will try to find a way to be just as good. If I work hard, I can beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Her will to win rubbed off on her teammates during the championship match against Chowan. The Lady Falcons rallied for the five-set victory after being one point away from losing in the third set. Tokarski had 15 kills and 18 digs to earn most valuable player honors. Kathryn Tokarski has an inner drive which fuels her athletic success. A three-sport standout at Saint Augustine’s University, Tokarski led the Lady Falcons to the 2012 CIAA volleyball title with an upset victory over defending champion Chowan. Last spring, she claimed the CIAA women’s javelin individual crown in track and field. By her own admission, Tokarski is not oozing

Tokarski competed in softball and track and field in the spring of 2011. She was one of the Lady Falcons’ top softball hitters, leading the squad in hits and RBIs. In track and field, Tokarski took home the javelin title with a throw of 112-3. It was over eight feet more than the next competitor at the CIAA Championships.

Saint Augustine’s University’s volleyball team ended its amazing tournament run with a CIAA championship.

“To see the faces of the players and coaches after we won was unbelievable,” Lady Falcon Head Coach Nikki Bynum said.

The Lady Falcons rallied past two-time defending champ Chowan University on Nov. 6, 2011, at the Boo Williams Sportsplex for its 18th league crown in school history. It is the first championship since 2003 for the Lady Falcons, who earned the conference’s automatic bid to the NCAA Division II Tournament.

Bynum led the Lady Falcons (17-17 overall) to their first CIAA title in eight years in her first year as a University coach.

It was the second year in a row that St. Aug and Chowan met in the finals. Last year, Chowan eked out a 3-2 victory for the title. Sunday’s match also went five sets but it was the Lady Falcons who were victorious this time after trailing 0-2.

The Lady Falcons fought back to tie the match at 2-2 and force a fifth set. With a championship at stake, both teams battled to the wire, but the Lady Falcons were more resilient in the end. Four Lady Falcons were named to the alltournament team. They were Parris, Tokarski, Smith and Victoria Davis (Soph./San Diego, Calif.).

Tokarski, a human performance and wellness major, graduated in May 2012.



the four C's: Classroom, Character, Community and ­Competition. The U.S. Marines honored ­Bryant with the Excellence in Leadership Award for academic achievement, leadership and good character. A Springdale, Md., native, Bryant was named to three postseason allstar teams. She was selected to the Daktronics All-Atlantic Region first team, the All-CIAA team and the CIAA All-Tournament team. She is one of four Lady Falcons in school history to make the ­All-CIAA team three times.

Keyona Bryant goes down in school history as one of the best women’s basketball players ever at Saint Augustine’s University. Bryant capped a spectacular four-year career with an outstanding senior season. She won three postseason individual honors, highlighted by the CIAA player of the year award. She is one of three Lady Falcons to win the award since 1983. A 6-foot-1 center, Bryant also took home the Lowe’s Sr. CLASS Award, which is given to the top male and female senior b­ asketball student-athlete who best exemplifies ­excellence in the areas often referred to as

Bryant overcame a season-ending knee injury as a junior and a car accident as a senior to lead the CIAA in scoring with a 17.0 average. She also ranked third in the CIAA in rebounding with a 9.8 average. Bryant ended her career as the school’s modern career scoring leader with 1,601 points. In 2009, Bryant was chosen CIAA women’s basketball rookie of the year as a freshman. Bryant was part of a Lady Falcons’ team which was a conference leader in academics. For three consecutive years, the Lady Falcons earned the CIAA team highest grade point average award for women’s basketball.

Before the first game of the 2012 football season, Tyron Laughinghouse (Greenville, N.C.) of Saint Augustine’s University was already receiving preseason media attention.

for the spectacular catch. Laughinghouse, a 6-foot-3, 175-pound redshirt senior, also returned a punt for a score last season. His nine touchdowns led the Falcons.

According to, Laughinghouse is considered one of three players to watch in the CIAA this season. The website describes Laughinghouse as “a big play wide receiver who defenses will need to account for.” The blog writer expects Laughinghouse’s numbers to jump significantly from the 2011 season when he caught 27 passes for 556 yards and eight touchdowns while battling injury. Many of his touchdown receptions resulted from Laughinghouse outjumping defensive backs

An All-CIAA second team performer as a wide receiver and punt returner, Laughinghouse is an offensive and special teams threat for the Falcons. He ranked eighth in the CIAA in receiving yards (55.6 per game) and tied for sixth in scoring (5.4 points per game) in 2011.



ALUMNI HORACE DUKES ‘86, is the CEO and founder of Dukes Foundation Corporation, which was recognized by the World’s Premier Jewelers and America’s House of Design, Tiffany and Co.

ALLISON SIKES was named the 2011 CIAA ­Scholar-Athlete of the year.


In January 2011, ERIC BARSTOW’S “Bi-­Racial Me” was featured on Black Broadcasting Network (BBN). In 2011, YASHICA Y. BENNETT graduated from Ross University’s School of Medicine. Bennett graduated from Saint Augustine’s University in 2008.

JENNIFER ­ISAACS-DOTSON won the title of president of the National Congress of Trade Unions. Isaacs-Dotson is a fellow Falcon who ­graduated in 1985. 

WALTER SANDERS of Saint Augustine’s University was appointed CIAA Offensive Player of the Year by the 100% Wrong Club of Atlanta. AARON OLIVER ‘09, completed level 1 of the ­Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) Education in less than eight weeks.

TYRONE PETTAWAY was appointed Defensive ­Quality Control Coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in February 2011.

August 2011


SAINT AUGUSTINE’S UNIVERSITY WELCOMES CLASS OF 2015 Nearly 600 freshmen moved into their dorms on Saint Augustine’s University campus Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011. The move-in kicked off Welcome Week, which is designed to help new students transition to college through a variety of activities that will prepare them for success in and out of the classroom.

DR. DOREEN CUNNINGHAM, chair, Department of Biological and Physical sciences, and DR. ITNUIT JANOVITZ-FREIREICH, assistant professor, Department of Mathematics and Engineering, had their research journal publications published in the Proceedings from the National Academy of Sciences and the Journal of Symbolic Computation.

SAINT AUGUSTINE’S UNIVERSITY HOSTS INAUGURAL HONOR CODE CEREMONY Saint Augustine’s University hosted its inaugural Honor Code Ceremony for the Class of 2015 on Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011. The ceremony focused on the significance and history of Saint Augustine’s University. The signing of the Honor Code signified the induction of the class of 2015 into the Falcon family and concluded the ceremony.

PEDER ZANE, chair, Department of Journalism and Communications, had his book, “Design in Nature: How the Constructal Law Governs Evolution in Biology, Physics, Technology, and Social Organization,” published and reviewed. Zane’s book is available for purchase on

DR. CONNIE ALLEN, provost, served as a chemistry teacher for the Yale SCHOLAR program in the summer of 2011. The Science Collaborative Hands-On Learning and Research (SCHOLAR) program is annually held at Yale University. CRAIG TAYLOR had his short documentary “Whatever the Wind Blows” accepted to the Hayti Heritage Film Festival Competition.

The late DR. CHARLES MOSEE won “­Alumnus of the Year” at the first ­annual HBCU Awards, hosted by the Center for HBCU Media Advocacy, Inc.

MILLIE DUNN VEASEY was celebrated for her multiple years of service and dedication to the Southeast Raleigh community. In a­ ddition, Ms. Dunn Veasey has been a member of the American Legion Department of North ­Carolina for over 25 years. MARLA WYCHE-HALL ‘96, ­successfully defended her dissertation for the Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.) at the University of New Mexico. Wyche-Hall’s research topic is entitled: “Demystifying the Lens of Color: A Research Study Examining Academic ­Achievement and Racial Identity. DEXTER A. HINSON ‘08, was selected to participate in the James Abbington Church Music Academy of the 2011 Hampton U ­ niversity Ministers’ Conference and Choir Directors’ and Organists’ Guild.

DR. HENGAMEH ­ALLEN, dean/executive director, Center for Allied Health and Health Disparities, volunteered with Duke ­University Medical ­Center ­during a ­community health ­screening in the winter of 2012.

VIRGINIA TYLER, associate professor, Department of Visual and Performing Arts, was featured in the 2011 National Affiliates Exhibition at the SOHO20 in New York City on June 28, 2011. Tyler was also featured in the ­Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia exhibit entitled, “I’m in Love with this Idea.”

SAINT AUGUSTINE’S UNIVERSITY HOSTS FIRST ­ANNUAL MUSIC FESTIVAL AND SCHOLARSHIP ­FUNDRAISER Saint Augustine’s University hosted the first annual Labor Day music festival and scholarship fundraiser Friday, Sept. 2, 2011, on the campus quadrangle. The concert benefited the Access Granted scholarship fund. St. Aug plans on making the Labor Day music ­festival and scholarship fundraiser an annual event. SAINT AUGUSTINE’S UNIVERSITY CDC CLEANS UP ­TARBORO STREET On Saturday, Sept. 3, 2011, the Saint Augustine’s University Community Development ­Corporation (CDC) and Poplar Springs Christian Church conducted a street clean up on North Tarboro Street. The street clean up is part of the CDC’s new initiative to keep local neighborhoods clean. NELSON WINS SECOND STRAIGHT CIAA FOOTBALL HONOR Sophomore defensive tackle Shonquez Nelson Saint Augustine’s University won his second straight CIAA defensive lineman of the week award Monday, Sept. 12. SAINT AUGUSTINE’S UNIVERSITY CELEBRATES 145TH ACADEMIC YEAR Saint Augustine’s University celebrated the official opening of the academic year during its 145th Fall Convocation at 10 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011, on the campus quad. “Over the course of 145 years, we have continued to grow from an institution established to educate freed slaves to a University ready to meet the demands of a 21st century globalized society,” President Dianne Boardley Suber said. “St. Aug continues to charge forward.”

October 2011

CRAIG TAYLOR and ERIC BARSTOW had their films featured at the NC Museum of Art.

MR. HILTON O. SMITH, Saint Augustine’s University board chair and alumnus, received the Lifetime Achievement Award as a Diversity Pioneer from Turner Construction Company.

September 2011

CLEVELL S. ROSEBORO II was appointed to Dean of Libraries. Roseboro served as interim director of the Prezell R. Robinson Library for Saint Augustine’s University prior to his promotion.

BRITTANY PARKER was named assistant coach for the women’s basketball team for Niagara University.

ERNEST LEE had his artwork featured July 1, 2011, in the King Art District of Florida.

SAU REPRESENTED IN NCDOT INTERNSHIP PROGRAM Saint Augustine’s University students, Barry Formey, Darrell Glass and Jasmine Moore participated in and completed the N.C. Department of Transportation’s 2011 ­Historically Black Colleges and Universities / Minority Institutes of Higher Education (HBCU / MIHE) summer internship.

KRISTENE KELLY, associate athletic director/senior women’s administrator, was selected for the NCAA DII /ADA Mentoring Program.

SAINT AUGUSTINE’S UNIVERSITY HOSTS CANDIDATES FORUM Saint Augustine’s University and Common Cause North Carolina co-hosted a Candidates Forum on ­Monday, Oct. 3, 2011, in Seby Jones Auditorium. The forum featured candidates for the Raleigh mayoral race and City Council, District C, which includes Southeast Raleigh. Each candidate outlined his or her background and platform. Common Cause North Carolina is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization designed to encourage participation in the political process. Saint Augustine’s University is non-partisan and does not endorse any candidates.

PRESIDENT’S ANNUAL LITERARY SERIES Dr. Sulayman Clark, author, lecturer and educational consultant recently visited Saint Augustine’s University to promote his book, “The Rains: Voices for American Liberty.”

Allison Sikes

NC MUSEUM OF ART FEATURES ST. AUG STUDENTS’ WORK Saint Augustine’s University students Rashawn Hynes, Elijah Vick, Porscha Lopes and Isaiah Johnson had their work featured in the N.C. Museum of Art University student exhibition entitled, “Self-Observed.” ST. AUG ROTC PERFORMS FOR MEDAL CEREMONY The Saint Augustine’s University Army ROTC Color Guard ­recently performed in a ceremony where U.S. ­Representative Brad Miller presented the Soldier’s Medal to Dr. Lyle Parker of Raleigh for courage and valor during the rescue of four crewmen from a burning helicopter at Camp Rainer, Dau Tieng, Republic of Vietnam in 1968. The long overdue honor was awarded to Dr. Parker at a ceremony Saturday, Oct. 15, at the North Carolina Museum of History in the Call to Arms Room in front of the Vietnam War. COMPANY HONORS ST. AUG BOARD CHAIR Saint ­Augustine’s University alum and board of trustee chairman, Hilton Smith, was recently honored for his ­leadership skills. Smith is the senior vice president for Turner Construction Company and has worked diligently in providing opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses. “These achievements are due to the ongoing ­commitment of individuals in our local offices as well as through the leadership provided by our director of National Community Affairs, Hilton O. Smith,” stated Peter Davoren, President and CEO, Turner Construction Company.

was recently inducted into the Raleigh Hall of Fame. ­Bradshaw has been on the Saint Augustine’s University board of ­trustees for two years. In 1969, Bradshaw became Raleigh’s youngest city ­councilor and mayor. The Raleigh Hall of Fame is an annual event that salutes local community leaders and developers. WAKE COUNTY HUMAN SERVICES HONORS ST. AUG STUDENTS AS 2011 PEER EDUCATORS OF THE YEAR  On Friday, Nov. 4, 2011, students at Saint Augustine’s ­University were selected as Wake County Human Services  2011 HIV / STD Peer Educators of the Year. The St. Aug peer educators are responsible for promoting sexual health and providing fellow students with information on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and HIV. In addition, the peer educators distribute information on local STD testing sites. ST. AUG QUIZ BOWL TEAM WINS FIRST PLACE AT HAMPTON UNIVERSITY COMPETITION Saint ­Augustine’s University’s Honors University Quiz Bowl Team won first place in the quiz bowl tournament at the ­National Association of African American Honor ­Programs. The event was hosted by Hampton University, Virginia State University and Elizabeth City State University on Hampton’s campus. The theme was “Transforming Lives through Honors.” The Saint Augustine’s University team defeated all ­competitors to take home the quiz bowl trophy.

came alive with the sights and sounds of the holidays during the annual Circle of Lights tree-lighting ceremony Thursday, Dec. 1. The event is the University’s way of ­acknowledging the beginning of the season and reinforcing its commitment to being good neighbors in the community. The 2011 Circle of Lights was particularly special for President Dianne Boardley Suber. The event coincided with her 12th anniversary at the University. ST. AUG RANKS IN TOP 10 PERCENT IN UNIVERSITY POLLS Saint Augustine’s University ranked in the top 10 percent in a recent baccalaureate University poll conducted by Washington Monthly. St. Aug ranked number 31 out of 309 schools evaluated. The Washington Monthly scored schools throughout the nation in three different categories: social mobility (recruiting and graduating low income students), research (producing cutting-edge scholarship and PhDs)  and service (encouraging students to give something back to their country). January 2012 ST. AUG’S CDC SELECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN NEIGHBORWORKS COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Saint Augustine’s University’s Community Development Corporation (CDC) is one of the few HBCU CDCs selected to participate in the NeighborWorks America’s community development project. The NeighborWorks America project will bring CDCs from various HBCUs together to focus on revitalizing communities surrounding HBCUs in the southern region of the east coast.

Mr. Hilton Smith

UNIVERSITY CELEBRATES 145 YEARS OF ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Saint Augustine’s University celebrated 145 years of academic excellence Jan. 22-29 during Founders Week. Founders Week is a time when the University pays homage to the past, celebrates the present and plans for the future. This year’s celebration included various annual events such as the Wreath Laying Ceremony in honor of the University’s founders and the Classy Hat/ Bold Tie Luncheon. The University also celebrated with new events such as the candle lighting ceremony and the inaugural honors convocation.

SAINT AUGUSTINE’S UNIVERSITY PLAYS FIRST FOOTBALL GAME ON CAMPUS The Falcon football team made history Saturday, Oct. 22, when they played their first game in the new stadium on campus. The team soared to a 34-15 Homecoming win over Johnson C. Smith University. November 2011 FOX AWARDS SCHOLARSHIP TO ST. AUG STUDENT Fox News Channel (FNC) ­selected Saint Augustine’s University as one of two 2011-2012 nationwide partners for its Fox News Channel U ­ niversity /Ailes Rising Apprentice scholarship. St. Aug student Sakeeda Freeman received a $10,000 scholarship and a paid internship at the Fox News Channel or Fox Business Network beginning in the summer of 2012 at either the network’s New York or Washington, D.C., ­newsroom.

SAINT AUGUSTINE’S UNIVERSITY STUDENTS MAKE A DIFFERENCE AT THE POLLS Results from the polls ­indicate that all three precincts canvassed by St. Aug students had an increase in voter turnout in comparison to previous elections. According to Common Cause NC, canvassed precincts had a 2.7 percent higher voter turnout than non canvassed neighborhoods. SAINT AUGUSTINE’S UNIVERSITY PROVIDES ­THANKSGIVING DINNER FOR LOCAL FAMILIES Saint Augustine’s University helped to give local families something extra to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The University donated 65 baskets filled with all the fixings to make a full Thanksgiving feast. The food items were donated by faculty, staff and students. ST. AUG BRIDGE PROGRAM WINS AWARD Saint ­Augustine’s University was awarded a $20,000 grant from the North Carolina Independent Colleges and ­Universities (NCICU). December 2011

­ T. AUG BOARD OF TRUSTEE MEMBER INDUCTED S INTO 2011 RALEIGH HALL OF FAME Thomas Bradshaw, Saint Augustine’s University board of trustee member,


February 2012 UNIVERSITY MOURNS THELMA ROUNDTREE The University mourned the passing of Thelma Roundtree on Feb. 2, 2012. Dr. Roundtree’s life had been spent as an aid to the Saint Augustine’s University campus community and family. During her time with the College, she served as head of the English department, chair of the Division of Humanities, dean and vice president for Academic Affairs and executive assistant to the president.


2011-12: YEAR IN REVIEW (continued)

APRIL 2012 GEORGE WILLIAMS RECEIVES LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT HONOR On Feb. 16, 2012, the Greater Raleigh Sports Council honored Athletic Director George Williams with the Lifetime Achievement Award at its annual Evening of Champions banquet. Saint Augustine’s University President Dr. Dianne Boardley Suber was the honorary chair for the event. KEYONA BRYANT NAMED CIAA BASKETBALL PLAYER OF THE YEAR Senior Keyona Bryant was named CIAA women’s basketball player of the year Wednesday, Feb. 22, by the league’s coaches and sports information directors. The 6-foot-1 center was also selected to the AllCIAA women’s team for the third time in her tremendous career.

MARCH 2012 SUBER APPOINTED TO HOMELAND SECURITY’S ACADEMIC ADVISORY COUNCIL President Dianne Boardley Suber was appointed to the Department of Homeland Security’s Academic Advisory Council. Suber participated in the Council’s meeting Monday, March 21, in Washington, D.C. Janet Napolitano, DHS secretary, met with Suber and her fellow council members to discuss, present and exchange ideas concerning international students and campus readiness concerning emergency situations. SHERYL LEE RALPH VISITS SAINT AUGUSTINE’S UNIVERSITY Artist-in-residence Sheryl Lee Ralph visited the campus of Saint Augustine’s University March 22-23. She hosted various events for students and administration. Ralph held a seminar for students on how to start a nonprofit foundation, discussed surviving in the entertainment industry and hosted a book signing featuring her new book, “Redefining Diva: Life Lesson From the Original Dreamgirl.” COLLEGE ANNOUNCES NAME AND STATUS CHANGE The Saint Augustine’s College Board of Trustees announced Friday, March 30, that the College was moving into a new phase as it planned to become Saint Augustine’s University, effective Aug. 1, 2012. The change to university status aligned the College’s public identity with the structure and breadth of academic, athletic and student development programs currently being offered.

ST. AUG STUDENTS COMPETE IN VIRGINIA-NORTH CAROLINA ALLIANCE SYMPOSIUM Dr. Mark A. Melton and Sheila Spence accompanied 12 students to Charlotte, N.C., to participate in the fifth Annual VirginiaNorth Carolina Alliance Symposium at Johnson C. Smith University on the weekend of April 5. Three students participated in poster and oral presentations, which led to Brandon Scott, an engineering mathematics major, winning first place in the Oral Presentation section of the competition. UNIVERSITY HOSTS ANNUAL COMMUNITY DAY On Saturday, April 14, Saint Augustine’s University hosted the 2012 Community Day, Spring Fling, Open House and the Blue and White scrimmage game. Community Day took place on the Goold Hall lawn. The event featured a wide array of community organizations, vendors, Raleigh Fire and Police departments, games, food and much more. Pepsi and Costco provided giveaway items and drinks. SAINT AUGUSTINE’S UNIVERSITY HOSTS 2012 SAPPHIRE GALA Saturday, April 21, the University hosted its annual Sapphire Gala at the Marriott City Center hotel in downtown Raleigh. The gala is a formal black-tie event with the purpose of raising funds for student scholarships. The award recipients of the 2012 Sapphire Gala were: Dr. Thelma Roundtree (posthumous), Legacy Award; Hill Harper, Heritage Award; Mayor Charles Meeker, Presidential Salutation. Cynthia Marshall, president of AT&T North Carolina was honorary chairperson.

MAY 2012 UNIVERSITY BIDS FAREWELL TO 210 GRADUATES Saint Augustine’s University awarded bachelor’s degrees to 210 seniors during its 2012 Commencement ceremony, Saturday, May 5. The class of 2012 made history as the last graduating class of Saint Augustine’s College. Effective August 1, 2012, the school became Saint Augustine’s University.

Political strategist Donna Brazile delivers the keynote address at the 2012 Commencement.






INSTRUCTION $8,719,718

LIBRARY $418,068














GRANTS AND GIFTS $10,020,410





10 ANNUAL REPORT 2011-12

2011 – 12 ­DONOR HONOR ROLL FOUNDERS’ SOCIETY ($5,000 AND ABOVE) Elnora Gore William Gore Ethel J. Hasty Wren Mosee Lester Lennora Redmond Dianne Boardley Suber Mary Thompson

PRESIDENT’S CLUB ($1,500 - $4,999) Lillie Artis Hubert Avery Robert Bridges Willie Brodie Wendy Butler Albert Catlett Eugene Dennis Xavier Donaldson Ernestine Durham Charlette Fairchild Glenn French Daniel & Roxane Friedman Rodney Gaddy Tammalyn Thomas-Golden Joseph Green Jessie & Alcester Harris Curtis Hart John Harvey Donald Horton Karen Hunter -Baptiste Charles Izeziako Alma James Chacona Johnson Boyd Joye John Larkins Shawn Lewis Jack Lightbody Carolyn McQueen Albert Miller Gloria Mooney Anthony Morley Sheila Mosee Melvin Murrell William Newkirk Marc & Marjorie Newman Roland Otey Sydney Paskel James Pinckney William Ragland Deloris Revis Caroel Selby Rodney Sharp Adam Shaw Robert Shepard Carl Smith Hilton Smith Glenn Thomas Donzo Tomlinson Charlotte Turpin Everett Ward George Williams Cornell Wilson Sheryl Ximines Dorothy Yancy

DELANY SOCIETY ($500 - $1,499) Moges Abebe Charles E. Adderley Blair Alexander Bertha Allen Hagameh Allen

Marreese A. Allen-Harris

Felix J. Jackson

Caren Theresa Allen-Sharpe

Michael P. Jackson

Lela B. Andrews

Creston S. James

Frederick D. Artis

Gail Walker Jarrett

Prattsie L. Artis

Joyce E. Jarrett

Kijiji Yuen Avent

Janette B. Johnson

Pat Avery

Elvin R. Jones

Maebelle Hudson Barden

George C. Jones

Bonita Annette Best

Patricia Ann Jones

Cordell W. Black

Maxie L. Joye

Velveeta Singleton Black

Raza Khan

Doris D. Blakely

Nicholas S. Kiepura

Theodore W. Blakeney

Ronald Kinsey

Brian Antwon Boulware

Carolyn E. Knowles

Thomas W. Bradshaw

Bridget Lambey

Ann L. Brown

Geraldine C. Lee

Natalie Bullock Brown

Melvin Lee

Nathaniel Rick Brown

Nichole Lewis

Ronald H. Brown

Gilroy T. Lino

Vera G. Brown

Evelyn L. Little

Saundra R. Bryant

Marcia Miles Little

Cyril C. Burke

Harold O. Mallette

Eustace Burnett

Richard L. Marquess-Barry

Audrey W. Caldwell

Lusynthia J. Marshall

Charles Broadie Cameron

Raymond A. Martin

James Howard Cameron

Herbert L. McKie

Loretta Mask Campbell

Roger McLean

Willie M. Canidate

Curtis Means

F. Perna Carter

Norman Mebane

George Ray Chance

Roderick Miller

Chester S. Clack

Sherry Miller

William L. Clement

Mary J. Mitchell

Mary Saxon Clipper

April H. Moore

Izola K. Cooper

Beatrice B. Morgan

Johnna Stephanie Cooper-Daniels

Janet B. Moss

Flora Harlee Cordett

Bruce W. Parker

Yvonne D.M. Coston

Andre Peek

Anita Hall Davis

Cecil Perry

Ella H. Davis

James E.C. Perry

James E. Davis

Claudia H. Peterson

Melvin L. Davis

Danny Ray Price

Mary W. Dawson

Francis Queen

Bobbie Jean Debnam

C. Michele Randall

Henry D. Debnam

Maria Springfireld Rashid

Franklin P. Delaine

Erica Ray

Willie J. Dell

Ronald Redmond

Alison Clarke Desouza

Joseph I. Ricks

Ronnie Throme Dickerson

Doris J. Rogers

Adrian Dixon

Robbie T. Rogers

Edith S. Dozier

Clevell S. Roseboro

Alice F. Eakins

Gloria T. Rowland

Tina Edwards

Dekhasta B. Rozier

Dwight J. Fennell

Paul Russell

Rosalynde Marcelia Fenner

Stepheca M. Sawyer

David C. Forbes

Eddie Schumpert

Edna Funderburk

Herman Scott

Marybeth Gasman

Leon Scott

Leslie Beverly Gaynus

Michael Seda

Moses Golatt

Clarence L. Shields

William Sterling Goodwin

Valeria Denise Shropshire

Gladys Billups Goslee

David Simas

Adolph Green

Blonnie L. Slade

Cornelius Green

Mary W. Smith

Ernest Louis Green

Veronica Bryant Smith

James Harold Hall

Jesse Smutherman

Douglas L. Hammer

Jorge E. Sousa

Robert Mack Hanks

Francina C. Spencer

Terese Harkins

Jannelle P. Starks

Hill Harper

Carolyn J. Stephenson

Geraldine J. Hart

Mary U. Stephenson

Vickie A. Hawkins

Neal A. Stitt

Angela Haynes

Carl J. Tavares

Charles A. Haywood

Clara Evelyn Taylor

Robert J. Headen

James G. Taylor

Gloria A. Henry

Mary Ragland Thomas

Robert C. Hicks

Reginald Lamont Towns

Kathleen Hines

Soberina F. Traywick

Robert Hines

Pamela Elaine Twitty

Ronald N. Holmes

C.A. Phillippe Von Hemert

Robert Horner

Clifford S. Waller

Helen B. Hunt

Mamie C. Waters

Janet Peace Wheeler

Betsy Bullen

Arnica Foulkes

Bobby L. Whitaker

Doris J. Bullock

Elizabeth A. Fournier

Joyce A. White

Kimberly L. Burnett

Willie Fullwood

Kennis E. Wilkins

Dorethea Rogers Burrell

Kenyette Gadson

E. T. Williams

Todd A. Burt

Ceasar Gaiters

Gervaise Adaire Williams

Marionette Butts

M. Elizabeth Gant

Lisbon O. Williams

Olivette H. Bynum

Trina Trinette Gause

Maurvene D. Williams

Carol A. Calvano

Milton Gaylord

Samuel S. Williams

David Lewis Card

Brandi R. Geary

Thelma Wallace Williams

Mary A. Carlson

Princess R. Geary

James E. Wilson

Leon Carrington

William C. Gee

Loretta Gilchrist Woodard

Charlene N. Carter

Eric Gilbert

Lawrence E. Wray

Lemuel T. Chalmers

Mamie R. Gladden

Novella Ford Wright

Billy N. Chance

Carolyn Glover

Lamonte George Wyche

Timothy Chapman

Henryne W. Goode

Marjorie Young

Bobby Chisolm

William Sterling Goodwin

Donald H. Christian

Anthony Grady

FALCON CLUB ($100 - $499)

Regina Christian

James Graham

Zida Abbott

Chelsea Brown Clay

Lynelle Granady

Cynthia M. Abejuro

Angela B. Cloud

Deloris A. Graves

Susan B. Abraham

Quillie Coath

Earl Gravette

Colin B. Adams

Shirley Colden

Beverly A. Gray

Dejuanna B. Adams

Lawrence W. Coleman

Jerome Green

Barbara S. Akinwole

Nancy S. Collier

Marino M. Green

Katharine M. Albright

Erica S. Colloymore

William Gregg

Carolyn Albury

Michael Costa

Janet T. Gustafson

Mary D. Aldrich

Gaye D. Council

Raleigh D. Hairston

Donald M. Alexander

Larry Cousar

Docenia Hammond

Reginald I. Alexander

Rachel R. Covington

Laura Coy Hand

Hugh W. Allen

Allen F. Crooms

Phillip O. Hand

Purdie Anders

Mildred Fancher Cross

Orlando Hankins

Cynthia H. Anderson

Rodney Scott Cummings

Lamont Hardy

Lela B. Andrews

Maria J. Curtis

Edward A. Hargrove

Booker T. Anthony

Annie S. Daniels

Kisler David Harley

Catherine L. Arline

Dolly Dalgleish Darigo

Mary Harley

Bryson C. Armstead

Debra L. Darragh

Durand Harrell

Furness J. Armstead

Geeta R. Dave

Ella L. Harris

Frederick D. Artis

Dennis Davis

John Mckinley Harris

Edmund E. Atkins

Nellie W. Davis

Julia M. Harris

Gina Austin-Stuart

Robert L. Davis

Reginald Harris

Sherri M. Avent

Thelma B. Davis

Earl Harris-Nicholls

Barbara E. Bailey

Wiley M. Davis

Margaret E. Harvey

Kenneth Banks

Shelia K. Jones Degreaffenreidt

Esther M. Hayes

Pamela Jones Banks

Belinda Deloatche

Robert J. Headen

C. J. Barber

Harod Demby

Anna Martin Henderson

Shanae Barco

Bonita Renae Dewitt

Jeremy Henry

Barbara E. Barnes

Jeanne Dickens

Frank Hielema

Charles Barnes

Gail D. Dickerson

Diane F. Hill

Michael Tyrone Bass

Ervin Dorsey

Eloise C. Hilliard

William C. Baxter

Tiffany Downing

James E. Hinton

Vincent Bayyan

Tilman Dunbar

Deborah Peebles Hodge

Sandra B. Bell

Willie Mckinley Dunn

Perry O. Hodges

Darnell J. Bethel

Raymond M. Dunston

Thelma H. Holland

Elroy K. Bethell

Ruby M. Dunston

Doris M. Holloway

Janet M. Birchette-Moss

Sukha Moy Dutta

Bernadine Jordan Howard

Gwendolyn Alston Bobbitt

Clarence E. Dyson

Jason Cory Howard

Margaret B. Boddie

Ayana Eaddy

Alpha Howze

Bryan Booker

David L. Edwards

Linda R. Hubbard

Kitty S. Booker

Gregory E. Edwards

Eula F. Humphrey

Terri Borden

Michael Edwards

George Humphreys

Jesse Boston

Chinita N. Elliott

Brenda J. Hunt

Gregory L. Bosworth

James Augustus Emerson

Hermena E. Hunter

Grace O. Boye

William Aaron Etheridge

Betty M. Incorminias

George Boykin

Michael A. Eure

Addison Ingram

James R. Bridgers

Kaye C. Evans

Russell J. Inman

Monica E. Bridges

Deloris G. Evans

Sylvia Chipp Insall

Barbara D. Broadaway

Roy C. Evans

L. Audrey Ivory

Donald Eric Broadhurst

Glestesa Monique Ferrell

Woody H. Jackson

Russell G. Brodie

Lottie R. Ferrell

Alma F. James

Charles Brooks

Evelyn Earp Few

Lynne Jefferson

Clayborne M. Brooks

Charles L. Fischer

Anthony Jeffries

Margie S. Brooks

Chester Fisher

Kathleen Jenkins

Marsha L. Brooks

Susan B. Fitzgerald

Helen Johns

Delindus R. Brown

Brian Floyd

Gwendolyn R. Johnson

George W. Brown

Golden M. Floyd

Kathy Johnson

Lamar S. Brown

Anthony T. Ford

Thomas A. Johnson

Maureen A. Brown

Debra Ford

Wayne B. Johnson

Michael Brown

Mary Ford

Winifred B. Johnson

Pattye J. Brown

Sarah A. Ford

Flora Jones

Tracey Brown

Tasha J. Ford

Desiree J. Jones

Rachel S. Bullard

Mildred J. Harris Foster

Sallie Ethel Jones

12 ANNUAL REPORT 2011-12

2011 – 12 ­DONOR HONOR ROLL Aaron T. Jordan Robert L. Joyner Sarah L. Joyner Mary Jo Kapp Kristene Kelly Christine A. Kennard Deangelo D. King Robert Jerome King Rosemary M. King Elsie E. Kirton Bernard Lafayette Lewis Brent Lawrence Marvin Lewis Lee Theodore Robert Lee Willis I. Lee Nichole Lewis Charles D. Lewis Joanne Mangum Lewis Joseph Mckinley Lewis Abram Liles Terry W. Little Harold Lockett Lynn Kelly Lofton Jeanmarie Loree Geraldine Lovick Kyle L. Lowrie Mary Lucas Maria Arvelo Lumpkin Kent R. Lusk Larry D. Lynn Tamika A. Lynn Mary A. Makel Joyce L. Malone Thelma Washington Malone Curtis L. March Bradford E. Marshall Kenneth Marshall Sammie Willette Martin George C. Mask Christopher D. Massenburg Mathias Materu Cecia Mathews Voris M. McBurnette Julius McCabe Margaret E. McCann Carlton G. McCarter Audrey C. McCarter-Hedgepeth Willie Mae G. McDowell Annette H. McFarland Reginald McFarland Raymond McGuire Tomeka Nicole McKenzie Charlotte Anne McKenzie-Hunter Michael A. McLeod Joseph McNeil Mark A. Anthony Melton Benjamin Franklin Merritt Gloria Merritt William E. Middleton Alisa R. Milliken Alise Patricia Mitchell Diana Laurice Mitchell Willyetta A. Mitchell Inga L. Moffitt Loring T. Montague Lucy P. Moody Claudia A. Mooney Clara Christine Moore Elaine C. Moore Emma Sanders Moore Naomi C. Moore Richard L. Moore Carlene J. Morgan

George W. Morgan

Cassandra B. Stone

Charles Mosee

Walter L. Stuart

M. Iyailu Moses

Joe Stukes

Dorothy Marie Neal

Kimber-Lee M. Suiter

John S. Newman

Blanche Yvette Sutton

Alpha B. Njai

Patricia Perry Taylor

Patrick J. Noble

Quintard Taylor

Christina A. Norman

Zebedee Taylor

Michelle Nunn

Raegan Thomas

Kim Olds

James C. Thomas

Rosa Castro Orellano

Veronica T. Thomas Umphrey

Helen C. Othow

Belvin Ann Thomas-Mcclellan

Denise D. Page

Noah H. Thorpe

Almetta Vance Parker

Ana M. Threatt

James T. Parker

Andre L. Tiller

Malushaua T. Parker

Mirium Todd

Rosalind Parker

Richard Tolliver

Lillie Davis Patterson

Jennifer Townes

Gloria E. Payne

Eric L. Townes

G. L. Peacock

Horace Townsend

Loretha Peacock

Vera R. Trappio

Anthony Lorenzo Pendleton

Pennie Peay Tucker

Louis B. Perkins

Marilyn B. Tyler

Joann M. Pettiford

Simon Ugwuoke

Germaine W. Pinckney

John J. Vandenberg

Cheryl D. Pippen Parker

Craig Venson

Allen David Pittman

Mattie Walke

Pamela Ann Pitts

Alvin S. Walker

Aretha C. Poitier

Brenda C.Walker-Thomas

Nicole N. Porter

Marjorie C. Ward

Helen M. Price

Todd Warrick

Orabelle Wright Price

Christa Washington

Claudia C. Prose

Constance J. Washington

Crystal Pugh

Itlean Shaw Washington

Mary M. Quarles

Darlene K. Watson

Richard C. Rand

Eleathea H. Watson

Cora J. Reid

Jerome Watson

Dorothy Rice-Cobbs

Olando Valdez Watson

Andre S. Richardson

William Watson

Ronald C. Richardson

Zana Walker Watson

Lillian D. Riddick

Lisa D. Weatherington

Ernest S. Robb

Juanita L. Webb

Alonzo Roberts

Lucille H. Webb

Cynthia J. Robinson

Sandra Clemons White

Carolyn Alexander Rogers

Shelia M. White

Denise Rountree-Moore

Harold Wiebusch

Erica R. Russell

Mary L. Wiggins

Debra Samuels

Sheryl Watkins Wilbon

Joseph M. Sansom

Tamaira Wilkes

Sarah D. Saunders-Forbes

Bettye Mitchell Williams

Mary Scott

Ceilessia Williams

Annemarie Seda

Cynthia I. Williams

Vanita B. Sehgal

Gerald Williams

Lavone Sessoms

Gladys M. Williams

Gloria Long Sexton

Katie L. Williams

James J. Seymour

Ortharine Williams

Peta-Gaye Shaw

Brenda S. Williamson

Johnelle L. Sherald

Shelley Willingham-Hinton

M. Judy Sherman

Tracey E. Willis

Lamar Juan Shields

Jerome Wilson

Lalchand T. Shimpi

Lorene Eugene Wilson

Lawrence Sidburry

Lauren Winner

Casdelle Erines Singleton

Dolores Wong

Debra Smith

Cora M. Wood

Carolyn M. Smith

Marquita D. Wood

Emily L. Smith

Joanne G. Woodard

Eric A. Smith

Christopher L. Woods

Linda F. Smith

Antoniette S. Woodside

Lisa Foster Smith

Byran Worthington

Sevealyn V. Smith

Alieu Wurie

Stephanie Jennine Smith

Tom Wyatt

Linda Keene Solomon

Smedes York

Wallace Southerland

Ruth J. Youngblood

Janie L. Spellman

John P. Zane

Fred L. Spencer

Henry S. Zaytoun

Manzell Spencer Jennifer Lynn Spiker


Hazel B. Spruill

Latoya J. Abram

Antonio C. Stephens

Clara G. Abron

Jerry L. Stephenson

Julia Acevedo

Reginald E. Stevens

Betty Hall Addison

Wilson L. Steward

Dianne Dawson Adebayo

Farooq Agha

Karen Jeanette Clemons-Gibson

William J. Frizzell

Rhonda A. Allen

Pamela Cofield

Lakisha Fuller

Kevin B. Andrews

Michael Cohen

Jermaine Gales

Mitchell L. Anthony

Deidra Coleman

Hector Gallego

Angelia Arrington

Otis Devaughn Collins

Karen R. Gibson

Deborah C. Artis

Patrick Collins

Tiffany L. Gladney

James P. Ashton

Yvette B. Colon

Marilyn M. Glover

Darla Atumonye

Houston Conley

Desiree Godette

Iris Austin

Judith Conoyer

Nicole Gomes

Crystal Backman

Donald R. Cook

Tonya V. Gooch

Theodore Bacote

Lillie H. Costin

Emily M. Goode

Antoinette Bailey

Aldington G. Cousins

Delicia M. Goodman-Lee

Janniffer Johnson Bailey

Dean Cousins

Jomo Goodson

Beverlee Lennon Baker

Kasimattie C. Cox

Dominga A. Goodwn

Debra S. Baker

Gertrude G. Cromwell

Marjorie Taylor Goodwin

Paul K. Baker

Marsha Crumel

Beverly Grainger

Richard Al Baker

Jarita Crump

Nina Greene

Chandra Barber

Respicio Juares Cruz

Eloise P. Griffin

Mae H. Barclay

Teressa Cuff

Miriam Halkowich

Evelyn N. Barfield

Carleen D. Cumberbatch

Geraldine H. Hall

Harmon Barnard

Jamal Anderson Cumberbatch

Kenneth Hall

Lillar S. Barnes

Rodney Scott Cummings

Bobbie Hamersly

Loreece Basnight

Doreen F. Cunningham

India Hamilton

Mint Basnight

Viola Cunningham

Willie Hammiel

Ray A. Battle

Emma Currie

Robert Hammond

Grace G. Beaman

Randy G. Curry

Herschel A. Hannah

Brandie Beck

Linda Dallas

Laurlene Hardy

Amissha Bell

She-Ra M. Daniels

Leah Hardy

Jay Bell

Arthur Dansbury

Sandra Spruiell Harris

Sonja Bennett

Howard A. Dapper

Takika U. Harris

Willie J. Bennett

Rajendra J. Dave

Anne A. Hart

Juanita J. Benson

Artis C. Davis

Catrina Harvey-Small

Karyn L. Berry

Marquita Lynn Davis

Erasto Hatchett

Loretta H. Berry

Sharon B. Davis

Geoffrey L. Hathaway

Authur L. Bickmeyer

Sonja Davis

Kervin L. Hawkins

Daryl Bing

Dorothy De Shields

Willie Haywood

Michael R. Bissinger

Grace B. Demeritte

Harvey Delatone Heartley

Daisy M. Black

Tamika G. Denis

Jimmy L. Heggins

Carolyn Phillips Blue

Frances L. Deskins

Cykeithia Henderson

Barbara Boezi

Martin L. Dickerson

Louise A. Hicks

Bernadine Boler

Ronnie Throme Dickerson

Herbert Brandon Hickson

Tisha Boyd

Katrina A. Dix

Sharon Denise Hightower

Katherine Brantley

Mittie Dixon

David Hill

Eva Mae Bridges

Zelma M. Dixon-Johnson

James Hill

Doreen Britt

Michael S . Dobson

Seddrick Hill

Ivory Brock

Jermisha Dodson

Tyrone Hill

Luther Brockington

Joan C. Dove

Tonya R. Hines

Evangeline Brodie

Arnetta White Doyle

William & Carolyn Hines

Adam H. Bronski

Marcel Drayton

Delores D. Hinton

Claude Brooks

Orolando Duffus

Dan Holly

Carolyn Phillips Blue

Warren Dukes

Betty Ann Badgett Holman

Dora Cooley Brown

Drusilla Antionette Dunn

Robert Hinton

Viola E. Brown

Margaline During

Rob Hinton

Theresa Brune

Cynthia Earl

Dana Horne

Roland N. Bullard

Jada H. Earl

Anita Howard-Griffin

Jania Bunn

Bonita C. Ebb

Thomas M. Hull

Rhonda F. Bunn

Artura R. Edwards

Andrew C. Humphrey

Debra Burdick

Tina Edwards

Angela Yvonne Hunter

Cykeithia Burnette-Henderson

Nizar El-Awar

Wanda Hunter

Margaret M. Burrell

Salimah El-Amin

Alba N. Hurtado

Leroy Butler

Regina M. Emerson

Veronda T. Hutchinson

Rosia D. Butler

Remigius Emeto

George L. Hyman

Lynikka B. Bynum

Jodie Ervin

Timothy Imafidon

Arlene Bynum-Mills

William Aaron Etheridge

Carol Ingram

Mary M. Callier

Valerie Evans

Emma Mayo Ingram

Francina Camp

Clara L. Exum

Ophelia M. Irving

Brenda F. Cannady

Alecia Marcia Facey

George F. Jack

Sonya Yvette Cannady

Claire Green Fallon

Donovan L. Jackson

Dorothy N. Carby

Johnny I. Farmer

Eric Jackson

Brenda J. Carter

Charlie R. Farrow

Jacqueline H. Jackson

Carrolle Janine Carter

Veronica Fennell

Justina Sade’ Jackson

Michael Carver

Glestesa Monique Ferrell

Marian Watford Jackson

Latoya D. Cesar

Tameka A. Ferrell

Nannie B. Jamerson

Jonathan Chagu

Mia W. Fitzz

Tonya Denise James

Amanda Chambers

A.L. Fleming

Scott Jamieson

Lemile D. Chandler

Nadine Y. Ford

Mary S. Jarrett

Sara J. Chapman

Thomas Foreman

Everette L. Jasper

Luther Cherry

Teresa H. Fox

Harold Leon Jeffreys

Dolores V. Chesney

Dorcas Foy

Stephanie Denise Jenkins

Nina M. Christian

Demius Rashad Frazier

Bequitta M. Johnson

Joseph Clark

Itnuit Janovitz Freireich

Bernethia Johnson

Robin R. Clark

Daniel C. Fritz

Durrell Lamont Johnson

14 ANNUAL REPORT 2011-12

2011 – 12 ­DONOR HONOR ROLL Joseph B. Johnson Mary Ann Johnson Cameron Jones Jacqueline Edwards Jones Latoya A. Jones Orlando Eugene Jones Sylvia W. Jones Alma Jordan Latasha M. Jordan Ajuba Joy Herleine P. Joyner James A. Joyner Kurt V. Justice Sooyoung Kang Jonathan Kelly, Sr. Natasha F . Kent Cynthia King Charles O. Kirby Steven Kish Frances D. Carmichael Jones Linda S. Labanca Commie Landis Vivian Irene Lane Alicia Lange Tammi Larry Leroy Lassiter Jessica A. Latham Sherita L. Latimore Angela M. Law Lewis Brent Lawrence Pamela Leach-Thomas Tyrone James Lecount Gene Thomas Lee Kenny Lee Nija M. Leocadio Linda Leonard Andrew Edwin Lewis Michael R. Lewis Priscilla E. Lewis Laurie Limbrick-Thompson Iris Little John Long Yolanda W. Lopez John Low Chase L. Lowe Claire D. Lucas Greg Lucas Chris Lupo Bernard J. Luscans James E. Lyons Bennie A. Mack Nancy O. Maginnis Akkem Zeke Mangum Edward T. Maroon Mary G. Marshall Ain G. Mason Gary J. Matsey Ilean Hawkins Mattocks Jonathan E. May Marece G. Mayo Donnell McDowell Alissa M. McElreath Stephanie McFadden Melanie McKinnon Phyllis A. McLarney Kimaada Monique McLeod Chandra McNeil Cynthia McPhaul-Bridger James McRae Cynthia Meggett Lucy Lauretta Melbourne Mark A. Anthony Melton Kathleen Michael

Harold Anthony Middleton

Mary H. Riley

Morgan Middleton

Andre Roach

Daevon Miles

Robert L. Roberts

Carlos Miller

Carl N. Robinson

Catherine Carter Miller

Diane V. Robinson

Daphne M. Miller

Michael Robinson

Natalie Dian Milligan

Tenisha Robinson

Brenda Y. Mills

Joan C. Rogers

Arthur Mitchell

Nikesha P. Rollack

Donald Mitchell

Norma J. Roman

Ralph E. Mitchell

Iola Rose

Barbara Monroe

Terence L. Ross

Michael Wayne Monroe

Roberta Dee Rouse-Wilson

Matthew Montgomery

Della C. Rucks

April H. Moore

Jasmin Ruiz

Carlita M. Moore

Allean Baylor Rush

Katrika Moore

Demetrius Rush

Lamont Moore

Christopher Russell

Roy D. Moore

Reggie Sagadraca

Babby B. Morehead

Mary G. Salary

Irma Morgan

Paulette R. Salomon

Sandra M. Morgan

Michael Samuesl

John C. Morrison

Dorothy J. Sanders

Oliver Morse

Eudora Sanders

Marge M. Mudon

Oza H. Sanders

Andrew F . Murrell

Tyrone H. Sanders

Kay Frances Myatt-Cofield

Kim Saunders

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vice president

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Marketing and Communications SHELLEY WILLINGHAM-HINTON

Senior communications specialist LATOYA SUTTON

sports information director ANTHONY JEFFRIES

UNIVERSITY UNDERGOES RENOVATIONS IN 2011 Delany Hall is a physical tribute to the Delany family and their many accomplishments on and off the Saint Augustine’s University campus. In January 2011, the University initiated the process of creating a new legacy for the historical building. Delany Hall will be the home of the newly instituted Honors College.

e ’ s





i i v e r s

g u s t Au



1315 oakwood avenue raleigh, nc 27610 Address Service Requested

Transform. Excel. Lead.

Renovations on the hall are underway; the construction project will take approximately 16 weeks to complete and will include new elevators, new external signage and amenities for state of the art classrooms. All honors classes and


S a i n



seminars will take place in Delany Hall. Furthermore, Delany Hall’s new sign is equipped with lighting for increased visibility.  “This is a big deal. [Delany Hall housing the Honors College] will provide the students space, a home if you will,” stated Dr. Sevealyn Smith, director of the Honors College. “It will be a place where they can come together, have discussions and build a community.” Additionally, Emery Gymnasium, the home court for the Falcon volleyball and

basketball programs was renovated, the floors in Emery Gymnasium were replaced with new flooring for better play and acoustics. Delany Hall and Emery Gymnasium renovations are only the beginning for the University’s campus. The best is yet to come for Saint Augustine’s University and the face of its prestigious campus.

2011-2012 Annual Report  

2011-2012 Annual Report

2011-2012 Annual Report  

2011-2012 Annual Report