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At Saint Anselm College, you’ll be ready to do something big. Something unprecedented. Something that allows you to play to your strengths and find your passion. You’ll take a new look at the world, and take it in new directions to see how it works. And how it could work better. When you’re faced with the challenges that push your thinking and develop your character, you’ll have the confidence and perspective to rise to every occasion.

And when the world asks the big questions, you’ll answer as an






So, what does an Anselmian do all day? We study.

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We get involved.

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We celebrate faith.

Spiritual Life, page 14

We see the world.

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We debate.

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New Hampshire Institute of Politics and Political Library

We hit the town.

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We compete.

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We make it happen.

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At Saint Anselm College, we live for a challenge. We stand up for our beliefs. We’ve got open minds, but we’re not afraid to open our mouths to speak out. We listen with our hearts and we lead with our minds. It’s an uncommon character that defines each of us. It drives us to achieve, enables us to make hard choices, and confirms our faith in our convictions.

Facts saint Anselm is a nationally ranked, catholic Benedictine liberal arts college

1889 the year saint Anselm college was founded, making it the third-oldest catholic college in new england

1,899 students on our campus

18 average class size

90% students involved in campus clubs and athletics


300 internship opportunities at small and large companies; city, state, and federal governments; and nonprofit organizations

Academics The biggest decisions we make in life come when we least expect them. It’s more than selecting one major over another. It’s more than finding the right career path to follow. It’s knowing that you’ve got the skills, talent, and preparation to handle anything that life has in store. It starts with a comprehensive liberal arts education, where you’ll gain true insight into how the world works. And how it could work better. It’s exactly the kind of thing that leads to a better future. A better career. And a better life. So actually, it’s sort of the easy choice after all. To an Anselmian, doing something worthwhile always trumps doing something easy.


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Will you make the right choice even when itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not the easy one?

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maJors anD minors maJors Accounting American Studies Biochemistry Biology Business Chemistry Classical Archaeology Classics Communication Computer Science Computer Science with Business Computer Science with Mathematics Criminal Justice Economics Education Studies: Elementary Education Engineering: 3-2 Program English Environmental Politics and Sustainability Environmental Science Financial Economics Fine Arts Forensic Science French German Studies History International Business International Relations Liberal Studies in the Great Books Mathematics Mathematics with Economics Natural Science Nursing Nursing: RN-to-BSN Program Peace and Justice Studies Philosophy Physics Physics (Applied) Politics Psychology Sociology Spanish Theology

DEpartmEntaL minors Accounting Chemistry Classical Archaeology Computer Science Criminal Justice Education: Elementary, Secondary, ESOL English English: Theatre Arts Concentration Fine Arts Great Books History Mathematics Peace and Justice Studies Philosophy Physics Politics Psychology Social Work Sociology Theology

intErDisCipLinary minors Asian Studies Campaign Management Catholic Studies Communication Computational Physical Science Environmental Studies Forensic Studies French Gender Studies German Greek Human Relations and Work International Studies Latin Latin American Studies Medieval Studies Neuroscience Public Policy Studies Russian Area Studies Spanish Sports Studies Web Design

prE-profEssionaL programs Pre-Dental Pre-Law Pre-Medicine Pre-Theological

meet our faculty at view the full list of majors, minors, and pre-professional programs at

THeRe’s one in eveRy clAssRoom. You know, the one person in class who knows the material inside and out, always has a lot to contribute to class, and knows everybody on campus by name, face, and complicated coffee order? At Saint Anselm, those people are our professors. And in your four years here, they’re going to be a big part of your life. We don’t have any teaching assistants, only full faculty members, dedicated to your success. So if you’re looking for guidance, subject matter expertise, inspiration, or opportunities to explore further and learn more, just ask. That’s what they’re here for. But don’t be surprised if they ask you first.

mAke youR voice HeARD. We believe that every voice in class (and outside of it, too) should be heard. But what we don’t believe in is having so many voices in class that nobody can hear anything. Classes are more personal because they’re smallish, with individual attention and easy access to everything. And when it’s time to raise your own voice, make sure you have something to say. We’re listening.

THis is wHeRe THinGs GeT inTeResTinG. Through our liberal arts education, you’ll explore the humanities, the arts, and the social and natural sciences—some of the biggest developments in world culture over the last couple of millennia. But you’ll get even more than that—you’ll look at old thinking in new ways, drive big questions, address huge world issues, and gain true insight through a culture of reflection.

You know that moment when everything just clicks and you think, “now i get it”? Be ReADy FoR loTs oF THose.

198 professors

22 faculty members dedicated to advising undecided students


teaching assistants


Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll stand up and take action, even when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re sitting down and taking notes. (classic Anselmian.)


Declare more than just a major. In our Core Curriculum, you’ll find new connections that expand your thinking beyond the boundaries of your major. It’s where disciplines such as science, art, literature, history, and theology come together to raise new questions, spark fresh debate, and inspire innovative thinking. And it takes objective listening, critical thinking, and an ability to effectively communicate your views. It’s the kind of thing that’ll take you far, no matter which direction you’re headed.

Advance your education. Looking for even more academic rigor? Strengthen your critical thinking skills and pursue faculty-led research projects through our Honors Program. You’ll take advanced core classes and special electives open only to honors students, and you’ll work closely with faculty advisors and other honors students to develop your thesis. And when you graduate with an honors degree, employers and graduate and professional schools will definitely take notice.

Find your direction. Maybe you haven’t decided on a major yet. Which is perfect, because you’ll build essential knowledge and skills that can be applied to any discipline. And you’ll also have access to the activities, classes, and people who can help you find your way. Even if you don’t know where you’re going yet, at Saint Anselm, you’ll find out how to get there.

“It is exciting for me to work with students as they are figuring out who they are and who they want to be in the world, and to see their growth from freshman year to when they are working in the field.” Loretta Brady, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology and Fulbright Scholar


Campus Life At Saint Anselm College, all you’ll do is everything. With over 80 clubs and organizations, you’ll find opportunities to explore your interests and ignite your passion. With your fellow Anselmians, you’ll work together to create a better community, a better nation, and a better world. You’ll have opportunities to lead, volunteer, sing together, play together, be a part of something bigger, have the experiences you never dreamed you’d have, and meet the people who are just as into this stuff as you are. It’s where you’ll get more into whatever you’re into. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing. Getting involved, staying active, and never ever being bored. Anselmian move, all the way.


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Could you experience oncein-a-lifetime moments every single day?

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Student Clubs and Organizations Academic Clubs        

Special Interest Clubs

Campus Newspaper Chemistry Club Criminal Justice Club Debate Society Education Club Finance Club French Club History Society Probe and Scalpel Psychology Club Quatrain Literary Publication Shakespeare Society Sociology Club Student Nurse Association Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Theology Society Yearbook

Green Team (Environmental) Mock Trial Rescue Team (EMT, EMS)

Multicultural Clubs

Music AND Performing Arts

Black Student Coalition Irish/Celtic Society Model UN Muslim Student Association

Abbey Players Art Society Chamber Music Ensemble Choir Dance Club Jazz Band

Service Opportunities Campus Ministry Meelia Center for Community Engagement

Student Government Campus Activities Board Student Government Association

Political Clubs College Democrats College Republicans International Relations Club

Learn more about these clubs and activities at See what else we’re doing at Discover more about living (and eating) on campus at

A few things you’ll do as an Anselmian: Race a chariot At Floralia, the annual Roman Celebration hosted by the Classics Society. Speak the language On trips to Montreal and Québec City with the French Club. Save the planet By planning Earth Day activities with the Green Team. Show off your big brain At Pub Trivia Night, a weekly competition that pits student against professor against monk. Perform internationally On a European tour during spring break with the College Choir.

Break into the New York art scene On the Art Society’s bus trip to art museums and private artists’ studios in NYC. Take the stage By writing and directing your own original play with the Anselmian Abbey Players. Celebrate the Bard During a day of sonnet reading and cake eating for Shakespeare’s birthday (it’s April 26, but you probably already knew that). State your case At Debate Society tournaments all over the United States.

Stop the presses When you break a campus story for The Crier, our student newspaper. And, of course, party (like an Anselmian) At Party Your Classes Off (PYCO), planned by our Campus Activities Board. No big deal, just a day of free burgers, hot dogs, and fried dough, free tank tops and sunglasses, a carnival with inflatable games and balloon artists, live music under the stars, and Club SAC, an Anselmians-only dance party with DJ-supplied music, lights, and effects.

“Saint Anselm not only has an excellent nursing program, but it also has every club I could possibly want.” Hilary Gorgol Nursing Major

Being an Anselmian means not being afraid to try something new. Or something potentially weird. Or something potentially genius. Dana Center for Humanities and the Arts You’ll come here for your humanities seminars, and you’ll want to stay here for the performances. Each year, we host classical theatre, contemporary dancers, concerts, and films. It’s also the venue for the Anselmian Abbey Players, our student theatre group. This is where the liberal arts meet the performing arts (and just about every other kind of arts except martial, usually).


how will You tAckle one oF the BiggeSt QueStionS oF All: pepperoni or SAuSAge? 12

A thirst for knowledge. A hunger for lunch. Our dining facilities and the food were recently named as one of the top 20 in the nation (number 10, actually). In addition to our main dining hall, featuring a grill, deli, salad bar, and fresh baked goods, we’ve got a smaller café, plus a coffee shop with a pub and patio. This is the one place we know of where you can enjoy the legendary Saint A’s burger, Egg St. A’s, amazing food that’s named after another place (our Buffalo chicken calzone), and food that’s just called what it is (bacon).

Room (and never bored). You might be leaving home for the first time ever. And that’s perfect, because you won’t be alone. More than 90 percent of students live on campus. Which makes sense, because that’s where all the best stuff happens. You could live in a traditional residence hall, suite, townhouse, or apartment. It’s where you’ll live, sleep, and study, but it’s also where you’ll get together for barbecues, movies, workshops, contests, and other events. And the best thing about our residence halls? They’re full of Anselmians.

An open door policy. You’ll notice one of the most Anselmian phenomena on campus before you enter a single building. Or, as you’re entering it, actually. Students here have a tendency to hold doors open for one another. Sure, it sounds like simple courtesy, but at Saint Anselm, it’s very real. Maybe it’s our Benedictine tradition of hospitality or our we’re-all-in-thistogether spirit, but it’s a small thing that says big things about our character. Your Saint Anselm education is guaranteed to open doors.


Spiritual Life Our Catholic Benedictine tradition of faith, reason, and community engagement is the foundation of campus life at Saint Anselm. And it comes to life every day through the resident Benedictine monks who form a community at Saint Anselm Abbey. But youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll also see it in the lives of the students who work together to create an environment where hard work pays off, where new paths are discovered, and where timehonored traditions are a part of life (and new traditions are created all the time). Anselmians know where theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going, but never forget where theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been.


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Can you make your mark on a 120-year tradition of devotion?

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Hallmarks of A Benedictine Education The monastic community is guided by the principles set forth by Saint Benedict. These principles form the foundation of life in the monastery, and they have a profound influence on the Saint Anselm experience:

Love of Christ and neighbor A life marked by prayer and spiritual reading A commitment to the daily life of this place A dedication to growth and transformation A commitment to listening and taking action A discipline of focusing on what matters Accepting our place in the world with humility A respect for the beauty and goodness of the world Cultivating an openness to others Calling for service to the common good and a respect for the individual

Find out more about our Catholic Benedictine tradition at

The Monks of Saint Anselm The Benedictine monks have been an integral part of the Saint Anselm education since day one. You may see them teaching your humanities and social science classes, in administrative positions, or at mass and prayer in the Abbey Church. And you’re just as likely to see them running on our campus jogging trails, screaming from the stands at a Hawks basketball game, or playing pub trivia at the Coffee Shop. So stop and say hi. When you first arrive on campus, it might seem unusual to see men in black robes. But by the time you graduate, you won’t be able to imagine college life without them.

CHAPEL ART CENTER The Alva de Mars Megan Chapel Art Center is the former home of our chapel, and it still has the stunning stained glass windows and jaw-dropping vaulted ceiling to show for it. Now it’s the home of our permanent art collection and hosts various exhibitions throughout the year.

Campus Ministry Just as the Abbey Church is the spiritual center of campus, Campus Ministry is the spiritual center of student life. You don’t have to be Catholic. It doesn’t matter if you’re part of another faith. And you’re welcome here if you don’t subscribe to any particular faith at all. Campus Ministry offers services and programs where you can explore different forms of prayer and styles of worship, and deepen your understanding of spirituality in your life.

Road for Hope It’s a modern-day pilgrimage, sponsored by Campus Ministry to provide funds for the needy and strengthen bonds in the community. In Road for Hope, 40 students spend a week walking 130 miles (from Lewiston, Maine to campus) to raise money and awareness. On this road, every footstep makes a difference.

“Saint Benedict knew that true fulfillment and happiness in life comes from being at peace first with God, then with oneself, with others, and with the world. It’s about educating the whole person: very Benedictine and certainly very Anselmian.” Father Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B., President, Saint Anselm College

A life of service. At some colleges, spring break and winter break mean ski and beach vacations (and it can totally mean that here too if you’re interested). But many Anselmians choose to devote their offcampus time to serving in soup kitchens, caring for orphans, renovating homes, and tutoring children. These Service and Solidarity Missions, offered by Campus Ministry, take students to inner cities, Appalachia, Central America, the Gulf Coast, a Native American reservation in South Dakota, and anywhere else people are in need.


From the moment You Arrive on cAmpuS, You’ll Become A pArt oF Something epic. You’ll Become Something trulY exceptionAl.

youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll Be An AnselmiAn.

Experiential Learning

“I am a philosophy major, and I feel like I could never really understand the great truths of the world unless I saw what those philosophers saw firsthand. I went to Florence and saw Galileo’s works and Dante’s home. I went to Athens and saw the academy of philosophy. Ask yourself what you want to become, and find someplace where you can become that person.” Kerri Shaughnessy Philosophy Major, International Relations Minor Florence, Italy


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Will you do something that means something?

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This is where you’ll go. Just a few of our internship opportunities American Cancer Society BAE Systems Offices of U.S. Senators Scott Brown and Susan Collins Catholic Medical Center CBS News New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development New York State Assembly, Albany Prison Fellowship Ministries Reebok United States Department of Justice, Immigration Review United States Secret Service WMUR-TV, Manchester

International experiences Study at one of 50 colleges and universities in places like: Chiang Mai, Thailand Hong Kong, China Kraków, Poland London, England Paris, France Perth, Australia Perugia, Italy Prague, Czech Republic Salzburg, Austria Stellenbosch, South Africa

Learn more about experiential learning at

Experience REAL job experience. Your liberal arts education will give you a solid foundation for your future career. Your specialized studies will give you the relevant knowledge you need. But to get a competitive edge, you need real job experience. An internship isn’t required here, but there’s no better way to explore an industry, see the inner workings of the workplace, and begin to build your professional network.

You’ll graduate. And then what? This is the best part—in a lot of ways—because it could pretty much be anything. Maybe you’ll work at a top financial services firm, or join a lab in a nationally recognized research hospital, like some of our recent graduates. If you plan to continue your studies, you’ll find that your Saint Anselm degree can lead to some other equally impressive degrees. Recent Anselmians are enrolled in master’s and doctoral programs at universities such as Boston College, Georgetown Law, Notre Dame, Penn State, Princeton, and Yale.

It’s about more than what you’ll learn at Saint Anselm College. It’s about what you’ll do, and how you’ll build the skills and experience that employers are looking for. With a foundation in your liberal arts education and a focus in your course work for your major, these experiential learning opportunities will help you tie everything together and see how it works in the real world (which is where you’ll spend the rest of your life anyway). You’ll go into the field for actual research. Into the workforce for real career experience. Into the world to see global culture as it lives and breathes. Wherever your Saint Anselm experience takes you, you’ll use your creativity and your adaptability to solve problems, communicate ideas, lead a team, and inspire others. And as you start to embark upon your life’s work, you’ll find that you’ve already begun. It’s learning that’s more active. More engaging. And definitely more Anselmian.


Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll explore monumental ideas. Deep-reaching connections. Inventive solutions. (Anselmians are big on THAT STUFF.)


You’ll conduct real research (really). At Saint Anselm College, we are building a culture that strives to learn more, to do more, and to discover more. And federally funded grants have enabled us to create a researchrich environment where you’ll be able to conduct real science, not canned experiments. As paid researchers in our labs, our students are advancing scientific thinking and pushing toward real breakthroughs. These are the big ideas that aren’t in the textbooks. Not yet, anyway.

Anselmian research A new model for understanding the development of human cancers The relationship between body mass index and age-related eye disease The behavioral mechanisms of drug abuse relapse The effect of U.S. cotton subsidies in Africa Media portrayal of women in politics

“I think it’s great that we can do something as big as researching cancer because it affects so many people. Professor Broek took the time to teach me the skills you can’t learn from a textbook, and I use them in my research today.” Christina Palmieri Anselmian and current researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital


New Hampshire Institute of Politics and Political Library There’s nothing we love more than a good debate. We welcome all viewpoints and all ways of thinking— just be prepared to defend them. This is where ideas are challenged, ideologies compete, and the democratic process is alive and well. At Saint Anselm’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics, we hold the nation’s first presidential primary debates, giving you a once-in-alifetime opportunity to witness (and participate in) history in the making. And that’s undebatably cool. Anselmians love to argue. No, we don’t. Yes, we do.


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Could you go face-to-face with the future leader of the free world?

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honorED ansELmian guEsts In the past 40 years, every single United States president, and nearly every candidate or presidential hopeful, has debated or spoken right here.

George H.W. Bush George W. Bush Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton Gerald Ford John F. Kennedy Richard Nixon Barack Obama Ronald Reagan Joe Biden Sam Brownback Hillary Clinton Howard Dean Al Gore Mike Huckabee John Kerry Joe Lieberman John McCain Ralph Nader Ron Paul Bill Richardson Mitt Romney Paul Ryan Explore the new hampshire institute of politics at

sHAPe HisToRy AT THe nATion’s FiRsT PResiDenTiAl PRimARy. CNN and The Daily Show usually stop by our campus. Plus Anderson Cooper, Diane Sawyer, and George Stephanopoulos. Also, the next president of the United States, and you. During the Institute’s nationally televised primary debates, you’ll be able to work as a courier, guide, or a media assistant. It’s where you might interview beltway insiders, go backstage with the candidates, or make powerful media connections.

on THis cAmPus, you’ll AlwAys FinD PlenTy oF PARTies. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, or part of some other party nobody’s ever heard of. You’ll get involved in the democratic process through political forums, voter registration drives, and interacting with guest speakers in your classes (including elected officials, pundits, and prominent journalists). It’s where people from across the political spectrum come together to find interesting new people to disagree with.

“no one runs for president without speaking at Saint A’s new hampshire institute of politics.” marc Ambinder, Political editor at The Atlantic

AT THe insTiTuTe:

6 smart classrooms 4 seminar rooms a 200-seat auditorium

mARcH 5, 1960. Saint Anselm was in the national spotlight as the backdrop for President John F. Kennedy’s historic speech regarding America’s conduct at the beginnings of the Cold War. He spoke of American foreign policy toward African nations, noting that “we, too, founded a new nation on revolt from colonial rule.” When stopped by a young woman on our campus who informed him she was a Republican, he responded with the famous line, “I forgot my Nixon button.”

a television studio 5 research centers



do You See YourSelF neAr A Big citY, right BY the coASt, or cloSe to the mountAinS? (TRick QuesTion — iT’s All RiGHT HeRe.)


THe AnselmiAn GuiDe To DoinG THinGs THAT ARe Awesome in AnD ARounD mAncHesTeR sTeP 1: Eat a banoffee cupcake at Queen City Cupcakes (it combines two great flavors, ban and offee). sTeP 2: Catch a puck at a Manchester Monarchs game at verizon Wireless Arena. sTeP 3: visit the home of the world’s first chicken tender, Puritan Backroom. (Actually, somebody ate the first one a long time ago. Try some of the more recent ones.) sTeP 4: Conquer the 70-foot climbing wall at vertical Dreams. sTeP 5: Find out what a Dinah Finger is at Red Arrow Diner. Hint: it’s a thing you eat. sTeP 6: Check out local music at Milly’s, Murphy’s, the Brimmer, or Strangebrew. (Local to us, anyway. It’ll be local to you when you get here.) sTeP 7: See the Zimmerman House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, at the Currier Museum of Art. sTeP 8: Hit the beach. It’s called Hampton Beach, and you can hit it all you like. sTePs 9, 10, 11, AnD 12: Hike, bike, ski, or snowboard at cool locations across the White Mountains. THe sTeP wHeRe you Go To BosTon: Just go to Boston. It’s only an hour away, and it’s the best spot in the nation for Boston sports and Boston history and all the other Boston things you’ve heard of.




Our hockey tradition We’ve got a reputation as a bit of a hockey school. But only because our Hawks have won seven Northeast Ten Conference championships. Our most recent was in 2012, where our players set conference records for most goals scored and largest margin of victory in a championship game.


Anselmian Spirit Each of us plays different sports, but we’re all on the same team. On our campus, whenever any Saint Anselm Hawk hits the field (or the ice, or the court, or the course, or the track, or whatever the place where you play ultimate Frisbee is called), it’s with a crowd full of Anselmians cheering them on. Some of us are fast. Some are strong. And some of us are just plain loud.

Bring Your Saint A-Game When you come to Saint Anselm, you come to play. Just in the last year or so, our athletes have earned All-Conference, All-Region, Rookie of the Year, and potential All-American recognition, and we continue to field more competitive teams every season. Which is perfect, because next season’s the one when you’ll be here.

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Can you face every challenge, overcome every obstacle, and defy every expectation?


hawks athLEtiC tEams mEn’s sports Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Golf

CLuB anD rECrEationaL sports Dance Field Hockey Ice Hockey Lacrosse

Ice Hockey

(men’s and women’s)



Skiing Soccer Tennis

womEn’s sports Basketball Cross Country

(men’s and women’s)

Ski and Snowboarding Soccer (men’s and women’s)

Softball Swimming Track

Field Hockey


Ice Hockey



Flag Football


Floor Hockey


Ice Hockey


Indoor Soccer




Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball

Learn more about saint anselm athletics at

We bring a spirit of competition to everything we do. Every soaring victory is hard fought and won, and every setback makes us stronger and better prepared for the next challenge. We don’t back down. We never give up. On the ice or in the classroom. On the football field or in the research field. On the golf course or in a philosophy course. when any Hawks team plays, it’s carrying the biggest secret weapon in ncAA Division ii athletics: a team full of Anselmians.

THe cARR cenTeR This recently constructed three-story fitness center features 37 cardio machines, 39 strength pieces, and 7,000 pounds of weights, along with indoor basketball and tennis courts.

“As an athlete, it is really helpful to be able to find help outside of regular class times. You have all the academic resources you need here. they want you to succeed.” Dan lagasse Business major


You’ll have everything it takes to make it possible. (As Anselmians, we’RE here for you every step of the way.)

How to Apply Saint Anselm College exclusively uses the Common Application (either the online or paper version). To access the Common Application, go to or Application Requirements Admission to Saint Anselm is competitive. The Admission Committee will evaluate your application based on several factors: the rigor of your high school and/or current college curriculum; academic achievement; standardized testing (optional for all academic majors with the exception of nursing); writing ability; co-curricular activities, particularly evidence of leadership; and letters of recommendation from your college counselor and teachers. High school studies should consist of no fewer than 16 acceptable units of secondary school coursework or equivalent, including: • Four years of English • Three or more years of a laboratory science • Three or more years of mathematics • Two or more years of social science • At least two years of a single foreign language; however, students are better served if they have completed three or four years of foreign language study Freshman Applicants Please submit the following materials: • Completed First-Year Common Application and Supplemental Form • $55 non-refundable application fee or fee waiver • Essay • Official high school transcript • School report form


• Teacher evaluation form from a teacher in your last two years of secondary school • Optional for all majors with the exception of nursing — official results of the SAT I or ACT (our SAT code is 3748; ACT code is 2522) Transfer Applicants We welcome applications from transfer students for both the fall and spring semesters. Transfers are not considered for admission to the nursing major. Please submit the following materials: • Completed Transfer Common Application • $55 non-refundable application fee or fee waiver • Essay • Official transcripts from the college(s) or universities previously attended • An official copy of your final high school transcript • Two letters of recommendation from professors at the college/universities attended • A statement from your class dean, registrar, or college advisor verifying that you are in good standing and entitled to honorable dismissal • Optional — official results of the SAT I or ACT (our SAT code is 3748; ACT code is 2522) International Applicants International applicants should complete the Common Application and the International Student Financial Aid application no later than February 15. International citizens who need financial aid are precluded from applying for January entrance.

Please submit the following materials: • Completed Common Application • $55 non-refundable application fee or fee waiver • Essay • Official high school transcript • Official TOEFL or SAT scores • One letter of recommendation from your school counselor or principal • One letter of recommendation from a teacher • Certification of Finances International students seeking financial assistance need to submit the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE — International (school code 3748) Transcripts Transcripts in languages other than English must include official and certified English translations and authentic verifying statements and signatures. A United States Embassy or Consular official should attest to final verification. Required Tests If your first language or the primary language spoken at home is not English, you must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Either the paper-based exam or Internet-based exam (iBT) may be submitted. If the language of instruction at your school is English, the SAT I or ACT may be substituted for the TOEFL. The College Board and SAT code number for Saint Anselm College is 3748; ACT code is 2522.

Application Plans and Deadlines Admission Plan


Application Deadline

Early Action

Non-binding program. Apply on or before November 15 and you will be mailed an admission decision by mid-January.

November 15

Nursing Majors

All students interested in the nursing program must apply as a nursing major on or before November 15.

November 15

Regular Decision

Applicants who apply under the Regular Decision plan will be mailed an admission decision no later than mid-March.

February 15

January Admission

First-year and transfer students may apply for admission to begin in the second semester.

November 15 (priority date)

Visiting Campus Saint Anselm offers prospective students group information sessions, student-led campus tours, and personal interviews. While appointments are not necessary for campus tours, if we expect your visit, we can help you find the professors, classes, and activities you want to know about. To register for your visit, call 888-4ANSELM (888-426-7356) or 603641-7500. Go to for a list of upcoming admission events.

Need-Based Aid covers all scholarship and grant money, including funds from Saint Anselm College as well as state and federal government grants and scholarships. This money is awarded as a gift and does not need to be repaid.

the tax information in a secure, electronic format. If you do not receive the submission instructions from the College Board by the middle of February, please contact them at 305-829-9793.

Financial Aid Students at Saint Anselm come from a wide variety of economic and social backgrounds, most of whom receive various types of financial assistance. Our financial aid program is designed to assist as many qualified students as possible, especially those who would be unable to attend Saint Anselm without such aid. Financial assistance, on the basis of merit and/or demonstrated need, is awarded as a supplement to the reasonable financial contribution made by you and your parents. We place financial aid into the following four categories, comprising a typical financial aid package. Types of Financial Aid Merit Aid in the form of presidential scholarships (up to $17,000) is offered to freshmen who display exemplary academic credentials. In addition, the college offers numerous merit scholarships which are fully described in our financial aid brochure. For further information on merit aid, contact the Office of Admission.

Loan Aid is a common part of studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; financial aid packages. Student loans generally hold low interest rates with longterm repayment options. The Federal Stafford Loan and Perkins Student Loan are the two most common. Employment Aid is offered through both federal and college-sponsored programs, providing a wide range of on-campus work for students. Students normally work between six and 15 hours per week at college jobs on campus. Students are paid every other week and use the money for personal expenses. How to Apply for Financial Aid Students who wish to be considered for financial assistance are required to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE online. As you complete each form, be sure to keep a copy for your own records. Saint Anselm must also receive signed copies of 2012 federal income tax returns and W-2s for both you and your parent(s). To make this process secure and user-friendly, Saint Anselm uses the College Board IDOC program. After completing the CSS Profile, the College Board IDOC program will email the tax submission instructions to the email used to register for the profile. The College Board will provide the Saint Anselm Office of Financial Aid with

Financial Aid Application Deadline for Freshmen March 15 Transfer Deadline June 1 Financial Aid Codes FAFSA 002587 CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE 3748 Office of Financial Aid 603-641-7110 (Telephone) 603-656-6015 (Fax)


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stoutenburgh Gymnasium carr Activities and Fitness center new Hampshire institute of Politics saint Benedict court — The lowers (residence): Danais Hall, Primeau Hall, Gerald Hall, cohen Hall, mareski Hall Raphael Hall (residence) croydon court (residence) Breck House, von Dy Rowe House, sullivan House, Rowell House Brady Hall (residence) Bertrand Hall (residence) Hilary Hall (residence) Poisson Hall Geisel library comiskey center Falvey House (residence) collins House (residence) Daley maintenance center st. mary Hall (residence) *saint Anselm Abbey Buildings


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Schedule a campus visit. 603-641-7500

Office of Admission 100 Saint Anselm Drive Manchester, New Hampshire 03102-1310

Office Hours Monday–Friday 8:30 a.m.­–4:30 p.m.

Saint Anselm College Viewbook 2012-13  


Saint Anselm College Viewbook 2012-13