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You’ll come to Saint Anselm College to tackle the big questions.

We thought it was only fair to go ahead and give you SOME OF THE ANSWERS.

SOME YOU’LL KNOW, OTHERS YOU’LL LEARN, THE REST WE’LL FIND TOGETHER. Get ready to ask questions, debate the answers, and have the most thought-provoking conversations of your life . . . in a small class with a professor who is dedicated to teaching. Your talks with faculty won’t end at the classroom door, either; they’ll continue over lunch or on the quad. Our professors care about what you’re learning—and what you’re doing.

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“When I see students take what they learn in the classroom out into their jobs and communities, it’s exciting to me as an academic. It’s their ‘Aha!’ moment of learning, and a rewarding moment for me.” – Tauna Sisco, Associate Professor, Sociology


You’ll probably arrive on campus with help from parents, siblings, and friends. But you’ll also have the support of monks and administrators, including President DiSalvo, who will help you begin your Saint Anselm experience with everything you need. Start packing those Nutri-Grain bars and desk fans.

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“Move in day is a big opportunity for us to show them that we are a family.” – Dave McKillop ’15, politics

Pats Peak Ski Area, Henniker, NH. Rob Bossi Photography.


Looking for a 24-hour diner, a 10,000-seat concert venue, an art museum, or an outlet mall? New Hampshire has it all. Grab your skis and join “Out Cold” on a trip to Loon Mountain— or drive less than an hour to Fenway or Hampton Beach. Even spending a weekend in New York or Montreal is do-able. Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is only four miles away.

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“I love the location because you can take a day trip to Boston or go right around the corner for dinner or a Monarchs game in Manchester.” – Colleen Gaughan ’18, history and secondary education – double major


They’re three of the 15 countries Anselmians studied in this year on semester-long, short-term, and faculty-led study programs. How cool would it be to join your friends on a dig at Saint Anselm’s own archaeological site in Italy? (Bring sunscreen. And no, you don’t have to be an archaeology major.)

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“While in Belize, being so immersed in the nature and culture changed the way I want to travel. I don’t just want to learn about a new place, I want to be there and experience it.” – Teresa Samson ’17, biology major

98%. That’s how much of our graduating class is fully employed, in graduate school, or doing some type of full-time service within six months of graduation. They got there by making the most of every opportunity Saint Anselm offers—landing internships, working alongside professors in the lab and in the field, organizing service projects, and leading student activities. When it comes time to graduate, we’ll help you put all your experience on your résumé so employers and grad schools know how accomplished you are.

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“I’d hire him in a minute; he’s that good! I’d actually be afraid he’d take my job in three years.” – Michael Roy, The Boston Company Asset Management LLC (about a summer intern)

BECAUSE IT’S ALL CONNECTED. History, art, politics, nursing, English—studying the liberal arts, you’ll learn how they’re all related. You’ll look at old ideas in new ways, gain a global perspective, search for the underlying causes of today’s big issues. This is where things get interesting. Where engineering grads become lawyers and politics grads succeed as financial advisors. You might not know where you’re going yet, but at Saint Anselm you’ll find out how to get there.

2 0 1 “Liberal arts courses help me explore and find my passions.” 5 – Tam Dong ’15, chemistry

POLITICIANS AND JOURNALISTS ARE HERE SO OFTEN, WE’RE ON A FIRST NAME BASIS (RIGHT, DAVID?). You really do have a chance to meet the next president of the United States here. Or rehearse a presidential primary debate with ABC’s David Muir; or watch Megyn Kelly broadcast live. In the past 40 years nearly every United States president has debated or spoken here. Ambassadors, authors, entrepreneurs, and artists come to talk about their lives. And who knows? One of them just might change yours.

2 0 “Through the NHIOP, I gave an introduction on C-SPAN and worked 1 with WMUR-TV News 9 at the debates. With these experiences at the 7 top of my resume, I have secured internships at 30 Rockefeller with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” and ESPN-NH.” – Ashling Stanek ’17, politics and philosophy


20,197. But we suspect it was a lot more. That’s how many hours we volunteered last year. Through the Meelia Center for Community Engagement, students do everything from tutor refugees to teach therapeutic riding lessons. Some students started the year with the Road for Hope charity walk; and on school breaks they joined Service & Solidarity mission trips (traveling everywhere from Costa Rica to Arizona) organized by Campus Ministry.

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“Getting involved in the Manchester community showed me a different world from the one I grew up in and completely changed my personal and career goals.” – Megan Miller ’19, peace and justice studies and Spanish – double major


DAVISON HALL MOSTLY, BUT ALSO THE COFFEE SHOP AND THE COMMON GROUND CAFÉ. All three of our dining facilities have something different to offer—but they all deserve part of the credit for Saint Anselm’s spot as number eight on The Princeton Review’s list for “best campus food in the nation.” We have all the comfort foods (like mac & cheese, chicken pot pie, and burgers) as well as the more exotic, like Bombay beef curry and sushi. And it’s all made right here.

2 0 1 “Sometimes I feel like at Saint Anselm we dine in like students at 5 other colleges dine out.”

– Ryan Sandford ’15, English

PLAY CLUB RUGBY OR INTRAMURAL SOCCER; BELT OUT “OKLAHOMA!” ON STAGE; BUILD A WINNING GINGERBREAD HOUSE . . . They’re a few of the things we do for fun. With more than 60 student clubs and organizations at last count, there’s always something to do. (If you can think of one we don’t have, go ahead and start it.) And stick around on the weekend for a show at the Dana Center, a Hawks hockey game, a barbeque, or a country music concert on the quad.

2 0 “It’s impossible to be bored. Events like open skate nights, hockey 1 games, coffee shop performances, karaoke, and bingo nights give 6 us so much to do.”

– Meaghan Cox ’16, communication

TWITTER MOSTLY, BUT WE INSTAGRAM TOO. These are just two of the many ways you can find out what Anselmians are up to on a Tuesday afternoon or a Saturday night. We’re always posting about upcoming events, sharing cool video, and adding our favorite photos to Instagram (no filter necessary, but we like Lo-Fi). We’re online, all the time at SOCIAL.ANSELM.EDU. Or meet future classmates in the Saint Anselm College Class of 2021 Facebook group—and start using

#SAC21 on Twitter. You’ll find answers to questions you didn’t know you had.

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And we always follow back :)

“Our social media mash-up page shows how all aspects of the Anselmian community come together to make this place feel like home.” – Robbie Merritt ’17, English and Spanish

Still have questions? Perfect. We have more answers at:

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You'll come to Saint Anselm College to tackle the big questions. We thought it was only fair to go ahead and give you SOME OF THE ANSWERS.

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