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Saint Anselm College

At Saint Anselm College, you’ll be ready to do something big. Something that will challenge you, stretch your mind, and change your view of the world. Something that will surprise you. Here, we listen with our hearts and lead with our minds. We welcome different views and stand up for our beliefs. And no matter what we choose to study, it is those beliefs that drive us to achieve, enable us to make hard choices, and empower us to have a positive impact in the world.

The experience of being a student here will make you truly exceptional— and it will never leave you.

EXPERIENCE Facts Saint Anselm is a nationally ranked, Catholic, Benedictine liberal arts college.

1889 the year Saint Anselm College was founded, making it the third-oldest Catholic college in New England

1,894 students on our campus

18 average class size

90% students involved in campus clubs and athletics

99% of 2016 Saint Anselm graduates were employed, in school, or engaged in service within six months of commencement.


The Saint Anselm College

220 professors

22 faculty members dedicated to advising undecided students


teaching assistants

Academics A comprehensive liberal arts education gives you insight into how the world works—and how it could work better. If you have a career in mind, you may already know what major to choose. But if you don’t, don’t worry—even if you don’t know where you’re going yet, at Saint Anselm, you’ll find out how to get there. No matter what you study, you’ll be ready to handle anything life has in store, because you’ll learn to analyze a situation from every angle, get your point across, and solve unexpected challenges. They’re essential skills that lead to success in any career.


It’s all about connections: between the scientific and the philosophical; the practical and the purely aesthetic; culture and economics. Connections that will let you look at old ideas with a fresh perspective and gain true insight through a culture of reflection. It gets you thinking—and talking—about where you fit in and what impact you will make in the world. In our Core Curriculum, you’ll expand your thinking beyond the boundaries of your major. It’s where disciplines such as science, art, literature, history, and theology come together to raise new questions, spark fresh debate, and inspire innovative thinking. And it takes objective listening, critical thinking, and an ability to effectively communicate your views.

Accounting American Studies Archaeology Biochemistry Biology Business Chemistry Classics Communication Computer Science Computer Science with Business Computer Science with Mathematics Criminal Justice Economics Education Studies: Elementary, Secondary Engineering: 3-2 Program English Environmental Science Environmental Studies Finance Fine Arts Forensic Science French German Studies Great Books History International Business International Relations Marketing Mathematics Mathematics with Economics Natural Science Nursing Peace and Justice Studies Philosophy Physics Physics (applied) Politics Psychology Social Work Sociology Spanish Theology


DEPARTMENTAL MINORS Accounting Archaeology Chemistry Computer Science Criminal Justice Economics Education Studies: Secondary, ESOL Certification English English: Theatre Arts Concentration Fine Arts History Mathematics Peace and Justice Studies Philosophy Physics Politics Psychology Social Work Sociology Theology

INTERDISCIPLINARY MINORS American Studies Asian Studies Campaign Management Communication Computational Physical Science Environmental Studies Forensic Studies French Gender Studies German Great Books Greek Human Relations and Work International Relations Latin Latin American Studies Medieval Studies Neuroscience Public Policy Studies Russian Area Studies Spanish Sports Studies Web Design

PRE-PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS Pre-Dental Pre-Law Pre-Medicine Pre-Theological Pre-Veterinary

Pre-Health (Including): Optometry Pharmacy Physical Therapy Physician Assistant

Meet our faculty at View the full list of majors, minors, and preprofessional programs at


This is where things get interesting.

Sybille Légitime ’18

international business and computer science double major from Haiti


There’s one in every classroom. In your four years here, your professors are going to be a big part of your life. So it’s a good thing that they’re truly extraordinary—as individuals, as teachers, and as experts in their fields. We don’t have any teaching assistants, only full faculty members, dedicated to your success. So if you’re looking for guidance, subject matter expertise, inspiration, or opportunities to explore further and learn more, just ask. That’s what they’re here for. Our classes are more personal because they’re small, with individual attention and easy access to everything. Raise your voice in the classroom, because it’s your time to be heard. We’re listening.

“When I see students take what they learn in the classroom out into their jobs and communities, it’s exciting to me as an academic. It’s their “Aha!” moment of learning, and a rewarding moment for me.” That’s what makes teaching sociology so enjoyable for Tauna Sisco. And her passion is felt by students in her classes, whether it’s intro to sociology, sociological theory, political sociology, or social statistics. “She makes it all real and relevant,” they say. It’s even more real when they become partners on their prof’s research. They interview adults at homeless shelters and family-in-transition homes to gather demographic and other information. That kind of community-based, experiential learning is an important part of the academic experience for most Saint Anselm students. And it shows them how to take their education to the next level. “Being a sociologist makes you more perceptive about what’s going on. It gives you a better lens,” she says. “That’s usually a blessing, but it can be a curse because you never shut it off.” Many of Professor Sisco’s students go on to work with homeless and at-risk populations or enroll in graduate studies that give them the tools to address complex social problems. The professor loves to hear from them after they graduate. (Anselmians stay in touch.)

Looking for even more academic rigor? Strengthen your critical thinking skills and pursue faculty-led research projects through our Honors Program.

Experience Once-in-a-Lifetime Moments EVERY DAY

WITH MORE THAN 60 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS, you’ll be able to explore every interest, fuel your competitive drive, test your leadership potential, and just have fun. If the club you want doesn’t exist yet, go ahead and start it. You’ll have a chance to be a part of something bigger, have experiences you never dreamed you’d have, and meet people who are just as into these things as you are.

Learn more about these clubs and activities at See what else we’re doing at

Chapel Art Center

Dana Center for the Humanities and the Arts This is where the liberal arts meet the performing arts. Each year, we host classical theatre, contemporary dance, concerts, comedy, and films. During the afternoon before a show, performers meet with groups of interested students. Our stage also is the venue for the Anselmian Abbey Players, our student theatre group. And, if your alter-ego is Stephen Spielberg or J.J. Abrams, you can get involved here as a lighting technician, sound board operator, or set designer.

A few things you’ll do as an Anselmian: RACE A CHARIOT At Floralia, the annual Roman Celebration hosted by the Classics Society. SPEAK THE LANGUAGE On trips to Montréal and Québec City with the French Club. SHOW OFF YOUR BIG BRAIN In Quiz Bowl, a Jeopardy-like team competition that gets everyone buzzing. PERFORM INTERNATIONALLY On a European tour during spring break with the College Choir.

BREAK INTO THE NEW YORK ART SCENE On the Art Society’s bus trip to art museums and private artists’ studios in NYC. TAKE THE STAGE By writing and directing your own original play with the Anselmian Abbey Players. CELEBRATE THE BARD During a day of sonnet reading and cake eating for Shakespeare’s birthday (it’s April 23, but you probably already knew that). STATE YOUR CASE At Debate Society tournaments all over the United States.

STOP THE PRESSES When you break a campus story for The Crier, our student newspaper. AND, OF COURSE, PARTY (LIKE AN ANSELMIAN) At Party Your Classes Off (PYCO), planned by our Campus Activities Board. No big deal, just a day of free burgers, hot dogs, and fried dough, free tank tops and sunglasses, a carnival with inflatable games and balloon artists, live music under the stars, and Club SAC, an Anselmians-only dance party with DJ-supplied music, lights, and effects.

LEAVE YOUR MARK By starting a new club we haven’t thought of yet!


The Alva de Mars Megan Chapel Art Center is the former home of our chapel, and it has the stunning stained glass windows and hand-painted vaulted ceiling to show for it. Now it’s the home of our permanent art collection and hosts varied exhibitions throughout the year.

How do you go from rugby player to class seminar leader in under 10 minutes? When you have as many interests as Aliesha, you get very good at scheduling. She often starts her day at 6:00 a.m., lifting weights at the fitness center with the other members of the rugby club. “My team is just like my family,” she says. “I have a lot of fun with them in my free time.” Free time is scarce, though. She is serious about academics and spends lots of time studying on her own or with groups of friends in her dorm or the library. Her favorite class so far is health psychology with Professor Finn. Aliesha jumped right into campus activities as soon as she arrived for her freshman year. She went to the coast of Maine on a Campus Ministry retreat, attended concerts planned by her fellow students, and hunted Easter eggs on the quad. Through the Meelia Center for Community Engagement, she volunteered at events like a dodgeball tournament fund-raiser and the holiday fair. She even took a local child Christmas shopping. Along with her friends, she often goes to Mass at the Abbey Church. She likes the quiet time. Because things can get moving pretty fast around here.

Catherine Muldoon ’17

I learned the answers to questions I never even knew I had.

secondary education and chemistry double major from New York

psychology major from New York

STUDENT PROFILE: Aliesha Grandison ’17

You might be new here, but you won’t be alone. More than 90 percent of students live on campus. You could live in a traditional residence hall, suite, townhouse, or apartment. It’s where you’ll live, sleep, and study, but it’s also where you’ll get together with your friends for barbecues, movies, contests, and other events. (Did we mention that Ben & Jerry’s delivers?)

Learn more about living on campus at Learn more about our award winning dining at


(and never bored)


You’ll notice this Anselmian tradition before you enter a single building: students have a tendency to hold doors open for one another. Sure, it sounds like simple courtesy, but at Saint Anselm, it’s very real. Maybe it’s our Benedictine tradition of hospitality, or our we’re-allin-this-together spirit, but it’s a small thing that says big things about our character. Take it with you when you graduate. Your education is guaranteed to open doors.


A THIRST FOR KNOWLEDGE. A HUNGER FOR LUNCH. Our dining facilities and our food were named among the top 10 in the nation. In addition to our main dining hall, featuring a grill, deli, salad bar, and fresh baked goods, there’s a smaller café, plus a coffee shop with a pub and patio.

This is the one place you’ll find the legendary Saint A’s burger and Egg Saint A’s.


The three-story fitness facility in our student activities center features 37 cardio machines, 39 strength pieces, and 7,000 pounds of weights, along with indoor basketball and tennis courts.

STUDENT PROFILE: Carroll Bailey ’17

nursing major from Massachusetts

The sense of community here is contagious. All it took was a jump rope contest with a few 5-yearolds for Carroll Bailey to find his way to service. When he was a sophomore, Carroll participated in one of the volunteer center’s most popular monthly programs, spending an evening-in with foster children while their foster parents enjoyed a night out. Today, he says that in volunteering at that event, he received more than he was giving. Because he was hooked on community service and it changed the course of his college career. From there, he taught English to Bhutanese refugees, tutored inner-city kids, delivered food and furnishings to those in need. By his junior year, he was managing two service sites and more than 20 volunteers. He’s also leading a volunteer trip to the Dominican Republic, where he hopes he gives his peers the same eye-opening experience he’s had.

It’s not about what you give but what you learn, take back with you, and how it changes your view.

Carroll’s passion for helping others is only matched by his desire to bring those experiences to light in his future career as a nurse. A job where he hopes to provide a more holistic kind of care to his patients— treating not just their physical wounds but their emotional ones as well. Providing compassion and kindness at every turn? Classic Anselmian.


At some colleges, vacation means beaches and ski trails. It can mean that here too. But many Anselmians prefer to spend their off-campus time helping others. Last year, we volunteered more than 51,907 hours. At Saint Anselm, we believe in service-learning. Professors include volunteering as part of their courses. It enhances resumes and graduate school applications, because it demonstrates practical experience in the field and an ethical concern for the community. But, more importantly, it helps others. Service and Solidarity Missions, offered by campus ministry, take students wherever people are in need: inner-city neighborhoods, hurricane-stricken coasts, and a Native American reservation, for example. You’ll want to join one. Maybe even lead one. And probably go on another one. Learn more about service learning and volunteering at

The Monks of Saint Anselm The Benedictine monks have been an integral part of the Saint Anselm experience since the beginning. Scholars in their own right, several of them teach classes in their academic disciplines. You’ll also see them in administrative roles, or saying mass in the Abbey Church. You’re even likely to see them running on our cross country trails, working out in the Fitness Center, cheering for the Hawks at a basketball game, or joining a trivia team on a Tuesday night in the Pub. When you arrive on campus, it might seem unusual to see men in black robes. But by the time you graduate, you won’t be able to imagine college life without them.

Campus Ministry Just as the Abbey Church is the spiritual center of campus, the Office of Campus Ministry is the spiritual center of student life. Campus Ministry serves everyone on campus, no matter what their religious beliefs. Whether you need information, inspiration, or just a listening ear, this is the place to find it. You can explore prayer and styles of worship from different faiths, and deepen your understanding of spirituality in your life.

Find out more about our Catholic Benedictine tradition at:

HALLMARKS OF A BENEDICTINE EDUCATION The monastic community is guided by the principles set forth by Saint Benedict in the 6th century. These principles form the foundation of life in the monastery, and they have a profound influence on the Saint Anselm experience: Love of Christ and neighbor A life marked by liturgy, lectio and mindfulness Commitment to the daily life of this place, its heritage, and tradition Faithfulness to a way of life within the community A commitment to listening and consequent action A way toward learning and freedom Knowledge of self in relation to God, others and creation Responsible use of creation, culture and the arts Openness to others Call to serve the common good

Our Catholic Benedictine tradition of faith, reason, and community engagement is the foundation of life at Saint Anselm. And it comes to life every day through the community of Benedictine monks who live at Saint Anselm Abbey. But you’ll also see it in the lives of the students who work together to create an environment where hard work pays off, where new paths are discovered, and where time-honored traditions are a part of life (and new traditions are created all the time).


A 125-Year Tradition of DEVOTION

of 2016 graduates are employed, in graduate school, or engaged in service.

The experience you have at Saint Anselm will give you the skills and insight that employers are looking for. You’ll go into the field for actual research. You’ll go into the workforce for real career experience. And when you’re ready to take that next step into a career or graduate school, you will find the help you need. Wherever your Saint Anselm experience takes you, you’ll use your creativity and flexibility to solve problems, communicate ideas, work collaboratively, and inspire others. As you start to embark upon your life’s work, you’ll find that you’ve already begun.

YOU’LL GRADUATE. AND THEN WHAT? This is the best part—in a lot of ways—because it could pretty much be anything. Maybe you’ll work at a top financial services firm, or join a lab in a nationally recognized research hospital, like some of our recent graduates. If you plan to continue your studies, you’ll find that your Saint Anselm degree can lead to some other equally impressive degrees. Anselmians are enrolled in master’s and Ph.D. programs at places such as Boston College, Princeton, Yale, Georgetown Law, University of Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, Tufts University School of Medicine, and Peking University (Beijing, China).

Your liberal arts education gives you a solid foundation for any career and the ability to adapt to changes in technology and in the workplace. Your specialized studies give you the relevant knowledge and latest thinking in your academic discipline. But to get a competitive edge, you need real job experience. An internship is not required here, but there’s no better way to explore an industry, see the inner workings of the workplace, and begin to build your professional network.

THIS IS WHERE YOU’LL GO: JUST A FEW OF OUR INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Akerman Senterfitt American Cancer Society BAE Systems Boston Bruins Boston Celtics Catholic Charities Boston Catholic Medical Center CBS News Christie’s Auctions & Private Sales Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center DEKA Research & Development Corporation Fidelity Investments Fox News Frontline, WGBH-TV Boston Institute for American Indian Studies Massachusetts General Hospital Museum of Fine Arts, Boston New Hampshire Department of Corrections New York State Assembly Northwestern Mutual Purple Strategies Offices of U.S. Senators Raytheon Reebok Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum State Street Global Advisors UBS Financial Services United Nations U.S. Department of Homeland Security U.S. Department of Justice U.S. Secret Service White House Wolverine World Wide WMUR-TV, Manchester

Learn more about internships at



What makes an education experiential? A really great internship. Learning how to dust for fingerprints, collect and document evidence, and process a crime scene at her internship was a dream come true for forensic science major Briana Capistran. Helping to train detectives and police officers in New Hampshire on the same techniques went above and beyond her expectations. When Briana interned with a retired FBI agent’s forensic consulting agency, it gave her a whole new outlook on field work—not to mention, the opportunity to practice what she’d learned in the classroom. It expanded the depth of her skills in fingerprinting and taught her how to use the equipment. And then, it helped her land her first job with a police department.

I applied the knowledge I learned in real world situations back into the classroom.

As a cold case investigative assistant, Briana searches for new evidence on old, unsolved cases. She says her training in both the sciences and the legal system makes her a well-rounded investigator—one who can think critically and make important observations on 20-year-old murder cases. Briana’s next step? She’s on her way to Michigan State University to earn her Ph.D. in chemistry and master’s in forensic science. And she’s taking her Anselmian experience with her.

Brandon Pratt ’18 politics major from New Hampshire

forensic science major from New Hampshire


Briana Capistran ’16

Study at colleges and universities in places like: Chiang Mai, Thailand Hong Kong, China Krakรณw, Poland London, England Orvieto, Italy Paris, France Perth, Australia Perugia, Italy Prague, Czech Republic



Salzburg, Austria Stellenbosch, South Africa Dublin, Ireland St. Petersburg, Russia Granada, Spain Buenos Aires, Argentina Muscat, Oman

Learn more about study abroad opportunites at

International experiences. Our Study Abroad Office provides students with many opportunities to pursue their studies overseas including short-term, faculty-led educational programs, as well as traditional semester and year-long terms. Students have studied marine biology on the Great Barrier Reef, art history in the museums of Florence, finance in London, language in Spain and France, and international relations in Shanghai, China.




Monumental ideas. Deep connections. Inventive solutions. Federally funded grants have allowed us to create and cultivate a research-rich environment. As assistants and paid researchers in our labs, students are advancing scientific thinking and pushing toward real breakthroughs. They’re even getting their names in the scientific literature as co-authors and conference presenters, right along with their professors.

Seasonal migration of wild brook trout

A model for understanding the development of human cancers The relationship between body mass index and age-related eye disease The behavioral mechanisms of drug abuse relapse Media portrayal of women in politics

Knee stability in long-distance runners HIV/AIDS law in the Middle East and North Africa Forest mapping with remote sensing technology

Go Face-to-Face with the Leader of the Free World

“No one runs for president without speaking at Saint A’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics.” Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or independent voter. And it makes no difference whether you’re a politics major, a computer scientist, or a future doctor. People from across the political spectrum come together here to discuss and debate the important issues of the day. This is where ideas are challenged, ideologies compete, and the democratic process is alive and well.

In the past 40 years, every United States president, and nearly every candidate or presidential hopeful, has debated or spoken right here.

Donald Trump Barack Obama George W. Bush Bill Clinton George H.W. Bush Ronald Reagan Jimmy Carter Gerald Ford Richard Nixon

At Saint Anselm’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics, we hold the nation’s first presidential primary debates, giving you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness (and participate in) history in the making. CNN and The Daily Show usually stop by our campus. Plus Anderson Cooper, Megyn Kelly, and George Stephanopoulos.Also, the next president of the United States, and you. During the Institute’s nationally televised primary debates, you can work as a courier, guide, or media assistant. You might be able to go backstage with the candidates, interview beltway insiders, and make media connections that will lead to opportunities later. And that’s undebatably cool.


LIFE-CHANGING MOMENTS It’s the kind of thing that happens regularly at Saint Anselm College. Presidential candidates stop by the NHIOP, greeting students (and taking selfies) along the way. You’ll meet journalists, chief campaign strategists or a U.S. Senator while getting coffee at the café. Hang around long-enough and you never know who you might run into.

a 200-seat auditorium

6 smart classrooms 4 seminar rooms 5 research centers

a television studio

John F. Kennedy Joe Biden Chris Christie Hillary Clinton Howard Dean Carly Fiorino Al Gore Mike Huckabee John Kerry Joe Lieberman John McCain Ron Paul Bill Richardson Mitt Romney Marco Rubio Paul Ryan Explore the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at

1,894 students who care about their future. (Not all at once, but you’ll definitely be there.)




Learn more about Manchester at


LOCATION THE ANSELMIAN GUIDE TO DOING THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME IN AND AROUND MANCHESTER STEP 1: Try one of the amazing choices at Queen City Cupcakes. (we like maple bacon, rocky road, peanut butter cup...) STEP 2: Catch a puck at a Manchester Monarchs game at the arena in Manchester. STEP 3: Visit the home of the world’s first chicken tender, Puritan Backroom. (You may run into Adam Sandler; it’s one of his favorite restaurants in his home town.) STEP 4: Conquer the 70-foot climbing wall at Vertical Dreams. STEP 5: Find out what a Dinah Finger is at Red Arrow Diner. Hint: it’s a dessert. STEP 6: Check out local music at Milly’s, Murphy’s, or Strangebrew. Local to us, anyway. It’ll be local to you when you get here. STEP 7: See the Zimmerman House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, on a side trip from the Currier Museum of Art. STEP 8: Head to the beach: Hampton, Rye, Jenness, North, or New Castle. STEPS 9, 10, 11, AND 12: Hike, bike, ski, or snowboard in the White Mountains. STEP 13: See Carrie Underwood, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, or Cirque du Soleil. They were all at the arena in Manchester last year. STEP 14: Socialize while you paint a masterpiece at the Muse Paintbar. STEP 15: Check out the outlet malls in Merrimack, Tilton, or Kittery.



Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Ice Hockey Lacrosse

CLUB AND RECREATIONAL SPORTS Dance Field Hockey Golf Ice Hockey (men’s and women’s)


Lacrosse (men’s and women’s)


Outing Club


Rugby (men’s and women’s)


Soccer (men’s and women’s)

Basketball Cross Country Field Hockey Ice Hockey Lacrosse Skiing

Softball Swimming Track & Field/Marathon Ultimate Frisbee Wrestling






Flag Football


Floor Hockey Ice Hockey Indoor Soccer Soccer Volleyball

Learn more about Saint Anselm athletics at

SOME OF US ARE FAST. SOME ARE STRONG. AND SOME OF US ARE JUST PLAIN LOUD. Each of us plays different sports, but we’re all on the same team. On our campus, whenever any Saint Anselm Hawk hits the field (or the ice, the court or the course), it’s with a crowd full of Anselmians cheering them on. In the last couple of years, our athletes have earned AllConference, All-Region, Rookie of the Year, and potential All-American recognition. We continue to field more NCAA Division II competitive teams every season. Perfect, because next season’s the one when you’ll be here.



WE BRING A SPIRIT OF COMPETITION TO EVERYTHING WE DO. Every victory is hard fought and won, and every setback makes us stronger and better prepared for the next challenge. We don’t back down. We never give up. On the ice or in the classroom. On the football field or in the research lab. On the golf course or in a philosophy course.

The college wants student-athletes’ lives to be less stressful so they can focus on academics and athletics.


Drew Bourdeau ’18

secondary education and math double major from Massachusetts

Drew Bourdeau chose Saint Anselm both for the stellar teacher education program and for lacrosse—but what he discovered when he arrived on campus was a tight-knit community that defied his expectations. The future math teacher quickly realized that at Saint Anselm, we take care of our own. From academics to athletics, Drew found supportive, caring people who did more for him than just open doors (figuratively and literally). On the lacrosse field, the co-captain plays defense on a team that is more like a second family. And in the classroom, he says faculty are understanding about the challenges studentathletes face balancing varsity athletics and school work. They’re willing to help any way they can because they want him to succeed. Not surprisingly, Drew’s activities on campus aren’t limited to academics and sports. He’s co-chair of the student athlete advisory committee, advocating for his fellow Hawks both on campus and with the NCAA. He’s proud of being a student-athlete and of the work he and his fellow athletes have accomplished through volunteering and involvement on campus. And if that wasn’t enough to balance, he welcomes first-year students as an orientation leader, participates in service trips, and volunteers through the Meelia Center. One hundred percent a team player. Lucky for us, he’s a Hawk.

Students interested in Saint Anselm College are encouraged to apply on-line using the Common



Application available at Saint Anselm College offers students the ability to apply Early Action, Early Decision, or Regular Decision. Please note that nursing applicants must apply using the Early Action option. Submission of SAT or ACT exam scores is optional for all applicants except nursing and homeschooled students. Students who wish to have their scores used as part of the admission process need to indicate as such on their common application.

Application Plans and Deadlines

For more information, visit





Non-binding program. Apply on or before November 15 and you will be mailed an admission decision by mid-January.



All students interested in the nursing program must apply as a nursing major on or before November 15.



This plan is binding. Students should apply by December 1 and will be mailed an admission decision by January 1.



Applicants who apply under the Regular Decision plan will be mailed an admission decision by mid-March.



First-year and transfer students may apply for admission to begin in the second semester.


TOP 10 MAJORS: Nursing Business Criminal Justice Biology Politics

Education Secondary Education Communication Computer Science Forensic Science

What we look for Each student has a unique background and we want to put your academic record into the proper context. The following factors are the primary focus of our consideration: • STRENGTH OF CURRICULUM: Rigor of secondary program and the grades earned (minimum of 16 academic units typically required, including four years of English; three years each of a laboratory science, and math; two years each of social studies and a single foreign language). Most students applying to the college have taken a college preparatory curriculum including honors, AP, and IB courses. We look at your transcript within the context of your high school, knowing that all schools offer different academic programs. • CUMULATIVE GPA • EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Saint Anselm College prides itself on having a very active student body. It is important to us that candidates for admission are academically talented and also involved in their school and/or community.




• Nobody ever said that paying for college was easy, but at Saint Anselm, you’ll have access to a number of resources that will make it manageable. In 2016–2017, 98 percent of our students received some sort of gift or grant aid.

• LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: We require a letter of recommendation from a teacher and a college counselor. Though not required, you may also submit one additional reference from an athletic coach, scout leader, community service coordinator, or work supervisor. • PERSONAL STATEMENT (ESSAY): This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself. • STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES (IF SUBMITTED): No student is admitted or denied acceptance to Saint Anselm College based solely on standardized test scores. The use of “score cut-offs” is not practiced at Saint Anselm College, nor are scores used in isolation in evaluating a candidate for admission. If you feel your test scores will benefit the review of your application you may submit them. Please note that test scores are a requirement if you are applying for the nursing program or are a homeschooled student.


Applications: 3,884

Average GPA: 3.28

Enrollments: 540

Male/Female Ratio: 45%/55%

Average SAT: 1210 (new SAT 1600 scale) Average ACT: 27

Students Retention Invited Rate:to the Honors 88% Program: States Represented: Out of State: 25 80% 17%

• Through grants, scholarships, loans, and work study you may receive, the real cost of attending Saint Anselm is much less than you think. For those receiving need-based aid in 2016–2017, the average net price was $27,000. • For more information on Financial Aid and how to apply visit

It’s time to experience Saint Anselm for yourself. It’s time to plan your visit. Go online today to schedule a student tour, information session, or interview.

For more information about visiting campus:

The moment you arrive on campus, you’ll feel it..

Office of Admission 100 Saint Anselm Drive Manchester, New Hampshire 03102-1310 603-641-7500 Office Hours Monday–Friday 8:30 a.m.­–4:30 p.m.

Saint Anselm College Viewbook 2017-18  

At Saint Anselm College, you’ll be ready to do something big. Something that will challenge you, stretch your mind, and change your view of...