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Still Inspiring: Bob Collins ’37 If there were gold stars for consistency, Bob Collins would have a string of them…because after he gave his first modest donation to his alma mater, he followed it with a gift every year… for 74 years. The college has created the Bob Collins Society to honor this loyal alumnus and inspire others to follow his example—because consistent yearly giving is a powerful way to help Saint Anselm stay strong and become even better. Alumni, parents and friends who give during this fiscal year ( July 1, 2012– June 30, 2013) will be inducted into this society. They will remain in it by following Bob Collins’ example and continuing to give (at any giving level) every year moving forward. They will be recognized—as Bob was—as being among Saint Anselm College’s most loyal supporters. Learn more about Bob Collins and his legacy at

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Lessons from the Field: Elisabeth Cloutier ’85 Elisabeth Cloutier enjoys sharing stories from the field with her students in CJ 310: Probation and Parole. Often they are stories of her day as a senior probation and parole officer at the New Hampshire Department of Corrections (NHDOC), allowing them to see the application of the theories they’re studying. Based in an office in Manchester (her home town), Cloutier spends much of her time in the field. She attends parole violation hearings in the state prison and probation hearings in the courts, and checks on parolees in their homes. She enjoys the chance to make a difference in people’s lives. Crime tends to run in families, she says: “If I can get parolees and probationers to see how their lives can be better, and help them break through the barriers and change their way of thinking, that may lead them to change their behavior. That will have an impact on their children.” Her work involves cooperation with staff of police departments, the county sheriff’s office, and federal agencies. Photo by Gil Talbot Sometimes, these individuals are former interns she mentored from Saint Anselm College in her 25 years in the field of probation and parole. An internship with a federal agency in Washington solidified Cloutier’s plans for her career. She started at the NHDOC right after her graduation and went on to earn a master’s in criminal justice and a doctorate in law and policy at Northeastern University. For the past few years, she also has taught courses at Saint Anselm: Probation and Parole, and Theories and Practice of Punishment. In her free time, Cloutier likes to ski at Bretton Woods and watch “Law and Order” (Special Victims Unit).


Alumnus, Abbot and Chancellor - Fall 2012  
Alumnus, Abbot and Chancellor - Fall 2012  

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