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Helping Future Anselmians: Barry F. X. Smith ’87


aint Anselm College trustee Barry F. X. Smith tells a wellremembered story about something that happened during his freshman year at Saint Anselm. Having a spot of trouble understanding some of the material in his Economics 101 course, he approached two monks in the coffee shop, one of whom he knew to be a professor (though not a professor of economics), and asked them for help. They were very willing to interrupt their conversation for a student’s benefit. Smith subsequently encountered one of the two on campus, and one day this monk asked him to stop by his office if he needed more help. “He told me where his office was, and when I got there, I realized he worked in the president’s office. Then I realized he was the president [Rev. Joachim Froehlich],” Smith recalls. This incident is one of many that the successful financial executive believes shaped his education and his life: “It’s an example of the genuine care and concern evident in this nurturing environment. People are looking out for the students and helping to guide them along their way. Saint Anselm helped guide me to where I am today. I feel an obligation to pay back what I feel I received.” As a result, Smith stays involved in numerous ways: as an engaged alumnus, a consistent giver (with his wife, Susan), and a trustee. Now global head of cash and chief operating officer of the U.S. Institutional Client Group at State Street Global Advisors (the second largest asset manager in the world), he joined the Board of Trustees in 2010 and chairs the Student Affairs Committee. He also sits on the Facilities and Technology Committee. Smith sees countless opportunities for alumni to have an impact on their alma mater, from enhancing the campus to funding faculty and research equipment. The college’s new fundraising model, The Saint Anselm Fund—Impact Now, gives alumni and friends a way to tailor their giving to areas that line up with their interests. The plan includes five areas: scholarships, academic programs, student life, athletics, and undesignated.


Smith’s most recent contribution, for example, will be directed to a nursing student. It is a four-year commitment to fund an annual scholarship for an academically qualified nursing student in need of financial aid. He views this as a way to express his gratitude for his late brother’s nursing care. “This fundraising structure offers a menu of areas of need for the college. People can choose to direct their gift to an area that has personal meaning for them,” Smith says. Contributions to the undesignated (“Anselmian Support”) category are directed by the college to an area of immediate or great need. Smith stresses that this is critical to the strength and progress of the institution. The Saint Anselm Fund— Impact Now allows loyal alumni to help fund priorities today, making a difference for current students who are determined to excel, and at the same time safeguard the general excellence on which the college’s reputation stands. The gifts this alumnus gives of his time, talent and treasure, are many, including the establishment of a memorial scholarship fund honoring his late brother, Brian, and an endowed fund in memory of his mother, Jeanne D. Smith. He helped launch the Boston Business Roundtable, served on the New Hampshire Institute of Politics Public Advisory Board, and tri-chaired his 25th reunion gift. He has even hosted phonathons in his Boston office. His generosity and dedication were recognized by the college in 2002 with an Alumni Award and in 2004 with the President’s Award. All of Smith’s contributions help the next generation of Anselmians. In one very direct and tangible way, he has helped qualified students and alumni by offering them employment. “The Saint Anselm graduates I interviewed were better prepared and presented themselves better and their writing skills were notably better,” he says. When he hires graduates, he encourages them to give back to their alma mater.

Alumnus, Abbot and Chancellor - Fall 2012  
Alumnus, Abbot and Chancellor - Fall 2012  

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