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Saint Anselm. Also in attendance were Abbot Mark’s family and close friends, including his sister, Cheryl (Cooper) Costello, and father, Arthur. “The sad news for me is that at almost 96, my father, a very special man, has better hair, more energy, better sense and would make a better abbot than I,” Abbot Mark said in his remarks during the ceremony. A 1971 graduate of Saint Anselm College, Abbot Mark earned a master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame. He professed vows as a member of the Benedictine community at Saint Anselm in 1972 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1976. In addition to his role as spiritual leader of the abbey, Abbot Mark also has an important temporal position as chancellor of Saint Anselm College. He assumed his new


position after serving 33 years as chief financial officer of the college, and he sees his roles at the head of the college and the abbey as complementary. “The Catholic, Benedictine tradition of the college provides a special dimension to the educational experience at Saint Anselm,” he said. “If we stay grounded in the faith of the Church and the wisdom it provides, we will offer an education that is beginning to become more and more unique. I really think the Church has a message that is very much needed by the world today, and to the extent that we can incorporate that message into the learning experience we provide for our students, we will be producing graduates who can bring a new dimension to society.”

His election will play an important part in fostering and maintaining the authentic Catholic identity of the college. The blessing was the culmination of the monastic community’s election of the person who will lead them and the college in fulfilling their mission. – Elona Lucas, professor of English 17

Alumnus, Abbot and Chancellor - Fall 2012  
Alumnus, Abbot and Chancellor - Fall 2012  

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