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Essay - ALUMNA

I tried. A very wise woman once said,

“I tried. You know that, right? I tried everything...” By Stefanie Iannalfo ’10

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No, these are not the words of a former First Lady, a famous artist, or any other well known woman we would normally think of quoting. I think it is safe to say I am the only person who has memorized this quote, analyzed this quote, absorbed this quote and more importantly, been changed by this quote. I did not read it in a nursing text or hear it in a humanities lecture. I heard it far from Saint Anselm College in Room 9 at Southern New Hampshire Hospital, at the bedside of one of my patients. It came from a mother looking on as her 23-year-old daughter slowly lost her battle with liposarcoma cancer. 39

The Kid from New Bedford - Fall 2010  

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