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Car Accident Consequences : Economic Expenses And Lawful Consequences The US division of transportation said that car crash is one of the top preventable reasons for death in the country , killing a minimum of 43,thousand people every year.

With the seriousness of car accident consequences , many studies have focused in finding the causes and trends relating to this preventable accident.

Some amazing findings regarding car accidents carried out by the fatality Analysis reporting System in 2007:

• Thirty-two % of fatalities involving vehicle crashes was caused by drunk driving. • the occupant fatality rate reduced by 8.5 % compared to the previous year. • Twelve midnight to 3 'm is the period when the majority of car accidents happened.

Economic costs (based on the study made by driver advocacy group AAA)

• Each year, car accidents cost every American a lot more than $1,thousand (the cost consists of police service , lost of productivity, property damage, healthcare expenses, emergency service, and loss of lives ). • car crash is two-and-a-half more expensive compared to traffic jams in the country. Based on the advocacy group , road congestion costs around $67.6 billion every year , or $430 for each person.

• People residing in urban areas with a population of more than 3 million pay two times the cost of

visitors jams for car accidents. • People residing in small towns with a population of under 500,thousand pay seven times the price of traffic congestion.

Legal consequences of vehicle Accidents

• if your driver strike a pedestrian and didn't stop, it's considered to be the criminal offense. • In the US, injury claims is easily the most common type of tort law that will permit victims to be rightfully paid out. • a few states administer the suspension of a driver's who has dishonored the visitors rules. • In some says like south carolina , all visitors violations happen to be criminalized. • Some says have its criminal law separate from the traffic law.

Some common Causes of car accidents

• utilizing mobile phone while driving. In California alone , nearly 4,seven hundred car accidents involved cell phone make use of behind the wheel, bringing on 30 fatalities and 2,800 injured every year.

• Road style. According to a study , nearly 30 % of car accidents are caused by poor roadway style. • the vehicle's style and its situation. According to a study , SUVs are prone to rollover accident with its greater center of gravity. A few vehicles which are vulnerable to roll-over are: Isuzu Trooper, Suzuki Samurai, ford E-series, ford Bronco 2 , Mitsubishi Pajero and Montero, and 4x4 CJ. • Poor vehicle maintenance. Breaks and tires which are inside a bad situation are one of the most common causes of road accidents globally. • generating above or below the average speed. Based on the US division of transportation , driving below the average speed makes individuals more vulnerable in order to accident compared to driving

over the speed restrict (this finding contradicts the common belief that slow motorists are safer ). • driving while impaired of alcohol. This substance is actually proven to diminish a person's reflexes and decision-making skills, making them prone to road accidents. • Heavy rain or snowfall. Bad the weather also accounted for many vehicle crashes in the country. • reckless driving.

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Car Accident Consequences _ Economic Expenses And Lawful Consequences  
Car Accident Consequences _ Economic Expenses And Lawful Consequences  

police service , lost of productivity, property damage, healthcare expenses, emergency service, and