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PRODUCTS Inc. Saimax Products with its strong reputation sells high quality automotive repair adhesive products in all over the world. Saimax is known in turning a vehicle in new condition.


CERTIFICATES ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company Automotive OEM Specified Products DVGW Certified Products WRAS Certified Products ROHS Compliant Products


About Us Saimax Products INC produces a range of high quality automotive repair adhesives products for all types of automotive vehicles in USA and all over the world. These Products are used to return vehicles to their original working condition. These adhesives are specifically formulated to repair all types of automotives using the same proven technology used by major automotive manufacturers.


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Liquid Gasket Saimax also has products in store for liquid gasketing. Liquid gasket product meets domestic requirements and imports automotive specifications for the manufacturing and service applications.


Metal Bonding Adhesives Effective metal bonding adhesives are offered to bond most metals including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. Each industrial adhesive bonder has capacity to be used in glass, metal, plastic, medical, and others. Saimax metal bonding adhesive system is primer-less, high performance and approved by major automotive companies for vehicle repair and assembly.


Panel and Plastic Bonding Adhesive Saimax produces wide range of plastic bonding adhesives for wide variety of plastic assembly and repair. These adhesives are approved by OEMs and used in various plastics, composite and metal bonding applications. Panel bonding adhesive is widely used to bond non-structural automotive parts. Saimax has discovered highly effective panel bonding adhesive that comes in various applications for specific uses.


Rearview Mirror Adhesive High performance adhesive is offered where it can achieve handling strength in about 20 seconds and mirror mounting strength in about 30 minutes. Two part no-mix adhesive kit is also available on store that contains activator and adhesive. Industry standard activator is offered that can be applied on glass and adhesive on the metal surface. After this, the only process is to assemble the parts and wait for the curing to take place. 8

Windshield Repair Resins Ultra clear UV curable resin system with very high refractive index and resistant properties is offered by Saimax. This resin is widely used to repair small and long crack, bulls-eye and star damages to the automotive windshield. Saimax’s products are best for windshield repair and are supplied to high-level industries.


Contact Us Sales Office: 3345, Auburn Road, Suite 201, Rochester Hills, MI 48309, USA Phone (248) 853-4111 Fax (248) 299-3846 Email: Manufacturing Plant: 2545 Eastside Park Road Evansville, IN 47715 USA.


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Automotive Adhesives Manufacturer and Supplier Saimax Products Inc  

Saimax Products Inc offers a range of high quality automotive adhesives products for all types of automotive vehicles in USA and all over th...

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