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Art and technology


Facilitator Rashid Rana Aarish & Aamina

Personality( Blending of two images

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Mr Hyder conducted two day workshop to teach us to blend two pictures together.

CathyTempleWilson (PersonalityIlikemostandselectedtoworkformyfirstassignment)

 She started her career in teaching in college. She had not really planned to be a teacher, but was asked

to work with a group of HS students who were considered "non-traditional." Most had not done well in public schools so they were attending a "model" school based on the concepts of A. S. Neil's Summer hill School. She was asked to teach students drawing and fell in love with teaching. From then on, She did everything she could to prepare and was fortunate to get a job right out of college, first in HS and then elementary. She taught as an art teacher and also grade 4 for a couple of years and then taught art full time. After her first year of teaching she decided that she needed more background in content and pedagogy and went back to get master's degree. She finished that at 23. She taught for a number of years, worked in administration and eventually decided to get her doctoral degree in administration (there were no programs close by for Art Ed). This degree opened many doors for her. Qualification:  BS Art Ed.  MAT, Art Ed  ED.D. in Leadership and Policy Studies  She has a ton of likes: Painting, drawing, glass fusing, art history, reading, writing, gardening, working

with people, making new connections  Dislikes: Injustice, people who are mean for no good reason, not being able to "fix" things (personal,

social, etc)  Her birthday is in July, longer ago than she cares to admit!  PS. On Qualifications:  She has received a number of awards for teaching and work in administration. She has received a

Fulbright Specialists Award and a Fulbright Scholar's award (pending NOC visa).

Art and Technology Saima Haq 3rd Year 17th and 18th June, 2013

 In first day of technology class Aarish explained Computer, it's history, abbreviations, windows etc with the help of power point presentation.. As my computer skills are already sharp and I am performing IT teacher duties as well in school but

still I am not aware of too many things which I came to know in our first class. It was a revision for me with additional information about its components and its history. Today’s technology class was too informative for me. As I already have prior knowledge of Adob Photoshop. So it was not much difficult for me. I have done certificate course in Computer Graphic Designing from Sindh borad of Karachi. In "2009" with "A Grade". During this course I work on freehand, Coral Draw, Adob Photoshop and Inpage.. but after this course I was not able to work much on Coral Draw, freehand, and In page. But I am having hands on experience on Adob Photoshop because I design school backdrops for school functions on it and I do design invitation cards for each function. And the most important thing which I do is to design my school news letter for each term. But before today's class I was only able to work on Adob 7.0 version, so it took more than 30 minutes to get to know CS 6 as it is much advanced and I can say unique as well. I have studied adob in Karachi University as well during specialization in "Textile Designing". I design apparel and upholstery design on adob and I did mapping of my designs. CS 6 was bit challenging in start, because it is the advanced version of 7.0 too much technicalities involved in CS 6 version. But due to the cooperation of Mr Hyder I was able to understand it to some extent and when I started playing with other tools I was able to work with them. the best time of this class was when Mr.Rashid Rana asked to whole class that "who is aware of tools or who has worked earlier on adob, come and help those who are using adob first time and are not able to use its tool well" . 4 to 5 students from first year and from 3rd year I and Aysha Atiya stood to help those who were facing problem. It was the best time to explore CS6 and CS 3 much because different people were facing different problems and solving their issues and problems I was able to get hands on experience of the tools, so teaching is the best way to get command on computer software. In this assignment we were asked to select a person to whom we like most and want to follow in our life. I selected my teacher Cathy Temple Wilson as she is my most favorite person. As we were supposed to search details about our favorite person I asked her on facebook at the same time to send me her details luckily she was online and provided me details about her. Implementation of IT in art class. As I am teaching in Beaconhouse School system, we have a proper document. From class 3 documents we started teaching IT integrated lesson. I am being privilege to tech art from last six years to same group of classes, so I have taught my students step by step to make objects, landscapes, portrait, symmetrical design, logo design, etc on computer using various software’s. I started MS paint and then taught them Adob Photoshop. I make my students to get familiar with the tools for example I taught them how they can select built in shapes and how just by pressing enter they can convert their shape into a form of selection. Before applying any effect or filling colour to their selection it is good if they create a separate layer, because adob basic function is we can work layer by layer. Now my class 7 and 8 students are able to help me in designing school backdrop, but as I wasn't used to work on CS6. I used to teach my students adob 7.0 versions. But now onwards I will implement teaching CS 6. They may be asked to take their picture and their friend’s picture for this assignment. And in my school the student have the facility to use digital camera. They would love to create a new portrait using both pictures and I am sure they will create better portrait than I created in technology class because their mind are more fresh than me and they love to explore and experiments.

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 Click to edit Master text styles  Second level  Third level  Fourth level  Fifth level

 Click to edit Master text styles  Second level  Third level  Fourth level  Fifth level

 Click to edit Master text styles  Second level  Third level  Fourth level  Fifth level

Art and technology  

it is just my sample assignment I am still working on it..will upload the next file as early as I'll complete it. thanks

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