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Saimaa Vocational College Sampo offers vocational training to young people and adults and training and development services to companies and communities. The Saimaa Vocational College Sampo began on 1 August 2013 following the merge of the South Karelia Vocational College and South Karelia Adult Education Centre (AKTIVA). The training is organized by the South Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium, which covers all municipalities of the South Karelia region.


Building Services Technology Business Administration Construction, Wood industry, and Surface Treatment Technology Crafts and Design Electrical Engineering and Automation Food Industry Forestry Hairdressing and Beauty Care Information and Communications Technology Languages Logistics Metalwork and Machinery Natural Resources and Environment Process Industry Security Industry Social Services and Health Care Tourism, Catering, and Domestic Services Vehicle Technology

SAMPO IN FIGURES Graduated students in

2013 Staff

470 4300

Vocational qualifications

Further qualifications

Specialist qualifications




80 20 students

Right to organize competency tests in subjects training programmes for young people


Operating revenue around million euros

Skills you really need Sampo trains professionals with diverse competencies. Cooperation between training fields, and opportunities provided by different study options ensure that each student finds a career path based on their individual interests. For us, the wellbeing of the students and staff is key. In addition to instruction and support, we invest in the functionality of learning environments. Operating premises and learning environments are modernized continuously to make them cosier and to promote wellbeing. Operating premises and learning environments are developed constantly to adapt to working life requirements and to increase their attractiveness.

ABANDON ALL PREJUDICE Prejudice about vocational education has no place here With us, students will gain top-level professional competencies and develop diverse skills that meet real working life needs. Instead of learning by rote, students will learn by doing, and attain the capacity to develop their professional competencies, based on their own interests.

THE IDEAL ROUTE TO WORKING LIFE Vocational education is multifaceted, providing excellent starting points for entering the labour market and for professional success. Diverse study modules and cooperation between various training fields enables students to develop comprehensive skills that are tailored to each student’s own individual interests.

Training is practice-oriented and includes lectures, workshop teaching, and on-the-job learning, which can also be done abroad. Students create products and services to clients as student work, and can also try their hand at business. The degree is most of all a passport to the labour market, but also serves as a qualification for studies at the University of Applied Sciences. It is possible to simultaneously complete an upper secondary school (high school) and vocational degree. Students must apply to vocational education through the national joint application system in February-March.

MISSING PIECES, NEW WORKING METHODS Improve your skills while working, or become a full-time student. Whether the aim is a career change or professional skill development, studies are always tailored to meet each student’s specific needs and wishes, so as to maximize the opportunities for success in working life. The options include a wide range of degree-oriented additional and further training and apprenticeship opportunities. We provide services to develop the competencies of companies and communities also. Through our training

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process, the competencies of the client company’s staff are developed with attention to market needs. This improves the company’s competitiveness, while also enhancing the efficiency of their operations and use of human resources. The service includes a company competency assessment and staff competency assessment, based on which development plans are then prepared. The contents of the service can be customised to each company’s specific needs. We provide diverse services to develop professional competencies. Training is always planned individually, and studies can be completed alongside work. Let’s create your professional path together!

Our strengths include on-the-job-learning and development of practical working skills. Our aim is to combine multidisciplinary and diverse learning based on working life needs. On-the-job learning and syllabuses are developed in cooperation with working life professionals and other educational institutions. Sampo participates actively in the work of Skills Finland, the most visible events of which include Taitaja, EuroSkills, and WorldSkills competitions. These competitions test the professional skills of young people who are learning their trade. Knowledge of Russian trade and culture is another focus area, which is improved by cooperation in the joint Russia network of vocational educational institutions and FINEDU foundation. FINEDU specializes in training and development work in the construction, real estate, and environmental sectors. Cooperation with vocational educational institutions in the St. Petersburg region opens international doors, and promotes opportunities for on-the-job learning and student exchange in all our training sectors. On-the-job learning can also be implemented towards the end of the studies in the Nordic countries, or in other EU countries. Project operations and development work are used to modernise students’ skills acquisition and training, based in particular on the changing needs of working life in growth sectors or sectors undergoing structural changes. Examples of the latter type include solar energy equipment, robotic welding, bioenergy, and 3D modelling. Projects also affect the development of working life and promote the value of on-the-job learning, apprenticeship training, and e-learning. Future focus areas include projects in sustainable development and entrepreneurship.

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