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Forever Health Magazine VOLUME 1 - ISSUE 01 - JULY 2012 PHILIPPINES _____________________________________



From the Editor


A Break From the Rainy Season

Nina Angelica Andaya Ryan Melgar

Jobelle Marie Verano Nina Angelica Andaya Alyssa Tapero Jan Paulo Gellez

Ryan Melgar

GRAPHIC DESIGN AND LAYOUT Jobelle Marie Verano Jan Paulo Gellez

The rainy season is here at last. This can be an interesting, if not challenging month to figure out. Not that the last two years have followed particularly discernible meteorogical patterns that yesteryears did but intrinsically, July has always been characterized by unpredictable climate patterns. It has been very hard for us students who live from the Northern bound of the city but despite the difficulties, we tend to not avoid any class since we are near our major turning points. Allow us then to present within this issue’s pages our concerns for the health of most individuals, especially you. There are contentious sides to ponder here. A wide variations of research and studies of an individual’s health and how we can help them on their major concerns. May we become a worthy part of your time as you read the contents of this month’s issue.

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And so, without further adieu, welcome to Forever Health Magazine in the pages that follow!

Contents Forever health magazine July 2012 On the cover Too Much Depression Will Kill You , p. 8 Street Foods....Are They Healthy? p. 10 The Vicious Cycle of Fad Diets, p. 15

Life Diminishers P.17

Teen Smoking, p. 6 Eating Disorder in Men, p. 19


Healthy Lifestyle Living The Coffee Junkie,p. 12 Milk for Everyone, p. 22 Can You Hear Me Now, p. 15 Veganism, p. 24

4 Forever Health Magazine June 2012


Teen Smoking

By Alyssa Tapero

It’s very distressing to know that not only adults but also increasing number of teens start to smoke. One of the reasons why teens smoke because they are trying to fit in the society while others smoke because they feel cool and independent. Adults should set a good example to teens so they won’t be imitated. Smoking doesn’t help you, it kills you. As a teen, maybe you couldn’t feel yet the effects of smoking but as age goes by; they will surely realize and feel its effects. Prevention is better than cure. While young you must have a healthy life style. 6 Forever Health Magazine June 2012

More and more teens get addictive to nicotine; teens who smoke have a high risk of getting a lung cancer. It doesn’t only affect them but also the people around them. It also causes secondhand smoking which is more dangerous. Smoking also looks unattractive. Parents should guide their children so it wouldn’t reach the point that almost all teens are smokers. Teenagers should be responsible also on their actions. Smoking might make you feels good but there’s a consequence.

Too Much Depression Will Kill You By Jobelle Marie Verano

“I am now the most miserable man living. If what I feel were equally distributed to the whole human family, there would be not one cheerful face on earth. Whether I shall ever be better, I cannot tell. I awfully forebode I shall not. To remain as I am is impossible. I must die or be better it appears to me.” –Abraham Lincoln It is normal for us individuals to be depress on a certain thing but being depressed for quite a long time is a different story. It is common for people to speak of how “depressed” they are. However, the occasional sadness everyone feels due to life’s disappointments is very different from the serious illness caused by a brain disorder. Depression profoundly impairs the ability to function in everyday situations by affecting moods, thoughts, behaviors, and physical well-being. Unknown to us, we could have already possess what professionals in medicine call as ‘broken heart syndrome’ or more technically stress cardiomyopathy or takotsubo cardiomyopathy. The latter medical term for broken heart syndrome is based on the appearance 8 Forever Health Magazine June 2012

of the heart chamber that is paralyzed, similar to a Japanese fisherman’s cooking pot c called takotsubo. This type of stress induced heart attack is usually survived quickly without further cardiac complications. Broken heart syndrome occurs more commonly among bereaved individuals who have lost loved ones, especially after a long period of illness for the deceased. So there are truly cases of dying from broken hearts. We are in a culture that rejects rather than accepts death as inevitable. Not just for ourselves, but also for a lost loved one. It’s wise to prepare emotionally for that situation almost as much as preparing financially for spouse and family for your own inevitable death. So if we encounter any individual who seem to be at their breaking point, we mustn’t dawdle any longer. For all we know this individual must have been facing something and most likely is prone to the said syndrome.

Street Foods.....

Are They Healthy? Street foods are ready to eat foods or beverages. These are usually sold in busy public areas such as parks, school premises, churches, roadways, beaches and other public places. Very convenient because these can be found anywhere for the people on the go. Very affordable or cheap for the people who may able to afford a nutritious meal somewhere else. Here in the Philippines, there are famous street foods that you can see everywhere you passed by the churches, schools, etc. During break time from work, you can see people in all walks of life who are in tight budget are crowding food stalls along the main streets in many cities in the Philippines to eat street foods. Street foods are the alternative food if you want to be a spend thrift. The taste of the food can be compared to the food being prepared at famous fast food and restaurants The only difference is the price; it’s more cheaper. 10 Forever Health Magazine June 2012

by Nina Angelica Andaya

One of the famous street food here in the Philippines is the Kwek – kwek or Tokneneng. These innocent looking balls of fun are pretty simple to prepare. These are hard boiled quail eggs covered in orange colored batter that are deep fried into crunchy perfection. The other one is the Fish balls. These are fish flavored dough that are deep fried and skewered in sticks. This fun eat involves one literally fishing from a frying pan (using sticks ). You get to wait for each of the balls to rise up , meaning they are cooked and you’re ready to dig your stick to each until you get your desired count of this airy yummy balls. The best part is, when you put a sauce on it.

Eating along the street, is fun and can be relaxing, but there are also dangers that can cause health problems. Due to improper handling of foods, you can get different kind of diseases. Some commonly diseases are diarrhea, Hepatitis, Typhoid fever and a lot more. With the word itself “street foods” we should be aware of the harmful effects that can caused our health, watched the food that we eat and those who prepare and sells the food. You can prevent this diseases by not eating too much street foods. Eating can be fun but it is not fun if we get sick and end up suffering in the hospital.

The Coffee Junkie by Ryan Melgar

Do you love coffee? Me, too! Our mornings wouldn’t be complete without that bittersweet coffee taste and the “kick” it gives us. But how did the coffee frenzy start? Legend says that Kaldi, a Ethiopian shepherd, first noticed the effects of caffeine when he saw his goats become lively and playful after eating the coffee berries.


Coffee doesn’t just give us the morning kick that we need in order to start the day right. Coffee can also do other quite astonishing things. Yes! Check out what else coffee can do:

Odor Fighter

Is the fridge or your cabinet really smelly? No problem! Unused coffee grounds will do the job for you! According to Sara Stone, a T.V. host and author of Fresh Living, the coffee grounds sucks up all the bad smell coming out of the re In the beginning, coffee beans are eaten and frigerator or cabinet and neutralizes the air by givnot brewed. African tribes used to combine the coffee ing off its own java scent. Just place a bowl of cofbeans with fat before they start chewing them. These fee grounds inside then voila! Good bye, smelly air! gave them an extra energy boost! Few years later, the spread of coffee beans around the world made way to the idea of brewing the coffee. In 1906, a man named George Washington (not the late U.S. president) invented instant coffee. Thank God for Mr. George Washington, saved us the time in brewing coffee! Trivia #1: All coffee in the world only grows in the “Bean Belt”, which is the area between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Hawaii is the only state in the United States that grows coffee beans! 12 Forever Health Magazine June 2012

Food for The Brain A study from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences discovered that a mug of coffee a day could help a person to stay sharp. Daily dose of caffeine can block the disruptive effects of high cholesterol that scientists have linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Bye bye, Stress! Do you feel a little bit relaxed when you are inhaling the scent of roasted coffee beans? That’s because the aroma of roasted coffee beans might help you de-stress. The scent of the freshly brewed coffee triggers a relaxation response that helps ease stress.

Beauty Secret Did you know that coffee is an all-natural exfoliant, which can actually rejuvenate and make your skin smoother? That’s right! Most of the spa centers nowadays use coffee grounds as a tool for refreshing the client’s skin.

If you want to make your own coffee scrub, you’ll need to mix a cup of cooled coffee grounds, ½ cup of sugar, and a ½ tablespoon of jojoba oil (which both hydrate skin without leaving it with a greasy feel). Rub the mixed solution all over your body in a circular motion, rinse, and then pat dry.

Trivia #2: Coffee is the second most traded product in the world next to petroleum. You see, we can get a lot of benefits from coffee - from an energy booster drink, down to a Do-It-Yourself beauty product. What? Are you now convinced that coffee is great? 

June 2012 Forever Health Magazine


The Vicious Cycle of Fad Diets by Jan Paulo Gellez

In our age where the culture seems obsessed both with the aesthetic value of body figure and its health implications, there are so many fad diets in the market now. Fad diets are popular weight loss regimens that promise quick results. They usually involve food restrictions and caloric intake reduction. Whatever the specifics, these fad diets only provide short-term results. You eventually go back to your previous weight and in a lot of cases, you end up with more body fats than when you started. Fad diets work by restricting carbohydrate and/ or fat intake, prohibiting or prescribing specific food groups, combining certain foods, preparingfoods in a different way, or combining two or more of these methods. All of these are aimed towards having less net calories in the system.

At the beginning of the diet, there is a significant shift to low-energy foods. This leads to a dramatic weight loss and you become more motivated in continuing the diet. If your diet restricts carbohydrate and fat intake, your body uses the glycogen reserves in the liver followed by fatty deposits as energy source. This should pose no problems during brief periods but with repeated episodes, the breakdown of fats produces ketone bodies which can increase the body’s acidity to dangerous levels.

June 2012 Forever Health Magazine


With prolonged periods of low energy intake, the body senses a state of starvation. This is usually seen around two weeks into the program. The body then shifts to “survival mode”and its natural mechanisms to protect itself kick in. Metabolism slows down as the body tries to minimize energy expenditure. Weight loss also slows down and becomes more difficult. There arises a tendency to be even more aggressive with the regimen to maintain the initial rate of weight loss.

You then go back to your regular eating habits but this time, your metabolism is slower than when you started because the survival mode is still in effect after the bouts of starvation-like states. The decrease in muscle mass also translates to less burning of calories. Eating the same amount and kind of food prior to the diet now causes more weight gain. More often than not, binge eating occurs as a rebound reaction to the feeling of deprivation following the very limited intake of highenergy food during the diet. Frustration sets in, you look for another fad diet, and the cycle goes on.

This is where it becomes dangerous. For fad diets that don’t include exercise, muscle wasting starts even before the fat deposits are depleted. This means that your body starts to cannibalize itself by using your muscles as source of fuel. Muscles burn a lot of calories even at rest so a decrease in muscle mass also decreases the rate of metabolism. Weight loss eventually grinds to a halt, you become frustrated, and your current fad diet becomes an addition to your statistics of failed weight management attempts.

Integrate physical activities and regular exercise into your lifestyle. These will protect your muscles from wasting. You want to lose the fats, not the lean mass. Be patient. Bite-sized goals are easier to swallow and you can have higher chances of sustaining your program and being successful in your goals.

Of course, the most logical way for weight loss not to be a problem is to not gain excess weight in the first place. This is achieved thru proper eating and regular exercise. But if To break this cycle, aim to limit your weight the excess baggage is already there, remember loss to 1-1.5 lbs per week. At this rate, your body will that healthy weight management is gradual and not feel starved and you won’t feel deprived of food. long-term. Quick results are often short-lived. Don’t skip meals. The more you do, the more you stimulate your body’scoping mechanisms under a state of starvation, the more efficient it becomes in storing fats. 16 Forever Health Magazine June 2012

by Alyssa Tapero

One of our senses is hearing. Hearing loss can occur if we didn’t properly take care of our ears. Being exposed to loud sounds in a long time is one of the main causes of hearing loss. It can also be hereditary, earwax, ear infections or head and ear injury. There are also some symptoms of hearing loss like ear pain, listening to radio or television louder than before, muffled hearing and difficulty to understand what people are saying. 17 Forever Health Magazine June 2012

Hearing loss can affect your everyday life. Of course, your social life will primarily be affected. Why? Because you will have hard time to communicate with other people and it’s challenging. It can also be a cause of misunderstanding and stress. You can use hearing aid to cope up with these difficulties but you need a lot of patience to adjust using it. Learning sign language can also help you to communicate. No matter what your age is, you must be responsible in knowing how to take care of your senses, because there’s nobody but you who will suffer for its consequences.

Eating Disorder in Men by Jan Paulo Gellez

Eating disorders have long been associated with women. It is not common knowledge that they also affect men. When men do get affected, the condition is worse than their women counterparts. There are over 8 million cases of eating disorders in the US and UK. In the Phil- Reverse Anorexia ippines, extrapolated statistics places the Reverse anorexia is an eating disorder that does number of cases to about 1.5 million. Approximately 10% of them are men. However, experts not meet the criteria for any specific eating disoragree that this could be an underestimation. der and is difficult to diagnose. It is also known There are three major types of eating disorders. Anorexia nervosa(Latin: lack of desire to eat) is usually characterized by self-starvation due to an unrealistic fear of weight gain and a distorted view of body image. Bulimia(Latin: extreme hunger)on the other hand involves periodic consumption of large amounts of food followed by induced vomiting or abuse of laxatives and diuretics. Bingeeating disorder is the uncontrolled or compulsive desire to overeat followed by strict diet regimens. 19 Forever Health Magazine June 2012

as Bigorexia or Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). While anorexia affects mostly females and is characterized by excessive weight loss, BDD affects mostly males and is about excessive muscle building. People who suffer from this condition always feel they are thin even though they are already above the ideal body mass index in muscle mass. The use of anabolic steroids is not uncommon.


According to the American Journal of Psychiatry, the bottom line in eating disorders is a distorted view of body image. The role of mass media has been identified as one of the causes. In a society that promotes the lean and fit as the ideal form as exemplified by the ads in TV, billboard, and magazines, other body forms become less favoredsocially. Individuals seeking peer affirmation and acceptance readily engage in unhealthy eating habits to conform to what the society dictates. The family is a smaller social unit but can exert the same or even a stronger pressure. Parents who overemphasize fitness to unreasonable extent especially during the formative years contribute to the development of eating disorders. Traumatic experiences like physical, emotional, or sexual abuse are also identified as causes.

Worse in Men Men are not readily diagnosed with eating disorders since they generally won’t admit it. When they do come for consultation, doctors usually fail to diagnose them correctly and consider their condition as a depressive episode or a part of a mood disorder. In general, females have more body fats than males. When women lose a lot of weight, most of it is fat and this does not create so much health vproblems unless the loss is extreme. In men with eating disorders, weight loss is mainly due to muscle wasting. This poses a more serious impact to the general health than fat loss.

Recognizing the signs

It takes a lot more than pep talk to address the underlying causes of eating disorders. It is easy to identify men with possible eating dis- If you feel you may be suffering from an orders, although diagnosing them is another story. Com- eating disorder or know someone who mon signs include an obsession with their weight and does, seek professional help right away.

body form, very restricted diet with caloric intake below the recommended daily requirement, episodes of self-induced vomiting, abuse of laxatives, and body weight that is noticeably below the ideal. For BDD, the same obsession is evident but focused on body-building, high-protein intake, and weight that is way above the ideal. These are the people who remind you of the Incredible Hulk.

June 2012 Forever Health Magazine


Milk for

Everyone We all know that milk is good for our health but just how good is it? Milk is very important to us because they are one of the four major food groups. It is recommended that we try to get at least two serves of dairy each day or substitute with a highfcalcium soy alternative. Examples of one serve are: a glass of milk; a pottle of yoghurt; or two slices of cheese. Calcium intake is essential to developing the strongest bones we can when we are growing. It also maintains our strength throughout our lifetime. Calcium is stored in bones, so if we don’t have enough calcium our bones can be weakened.

by Nina Andaya

Milk contains protein, riboflavin and vitamin B12. But the most important thing about milk is that it is very high in calcium compared to other foods, so milk is the easiest way to get the calcium your body needs. There are also a range of milks with added vitamins and minerals aimed at people at different life stages. Milk is a good source of nutrients and energy for toddlers, but they shouldn’t have too much or they won’t have capacity in their small stomachs for other foods they need to balance their diet. So you see, milk is not only for babies, it is also for adults. Drinking milk can also help in boosting our minds.

June 2012 Forever Health Magazine


by Ryan Melgar Many of us today are shifting from their normal diet routine to a diet called Vegetarianism a.k.a. Vegan Diet in order to keep their weight low. Vegetarianism focuses on the consumption of plants for food which includes fruits, vegetables, dried beans, peas, grains, seeds, and nuts.

A vegetarian’s eating pattern may fall under these categories: The normal vegan diet, which excludes all meat and animal products; The lacto vegetarian diet, which includes dairy products; The ovo vegetarian diet, which includes eggs; and the lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, which includes both dairy products and eggs. Although vegan diet excludes all meat products, some people are including fish or poultry in their meal since they define “meat” as a mammalian flesh only. This grabbed the attention of some of the vegetarian groups such as the Vegetarian Society, a charity that aims to support the vegetarians in the United Kingdom, in view of the fact that fish and birds are considered as animals too.

Even though there is no intake of meat, vegans may still get protein from some plants like soy. Although the protein count is not as high as the ones present in meat, vegetarian diets can provide a body a sufficient protein as long as the person has a variety of plant sources that are available to eat. Vegans shouldn’t have a problem with their cholesterol levels since unhealthy meat and fat sources are not present in vegetables, obviously. One of the best parts of this healthy lifestyle is that, vegans have a lower risk of cancer. With this kind of diet (a diet that is rich in antioxidants, phytochemical, and vitamins), vegans naturally lower their risk of having cancer and other various diseases



Yes, guys. Missing the taste of bacon will be one of the cons of being a vegetarian. What else, you ask? Although different fruits and vegetables may give you different vitamins and minerals, vegans should pay a strict attention to eating enough protein, iron, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, and Vitamin B12. One of the cons of being vegan is the availability of vegetarian cuisines on restaurants. There are some restaurants which do not offer “vegan-friendly” food so, sorry girls and boys. Lastly, being a vegan, you may not be able to fully enjoy family dinners and other special occasions (if you know what I mean).


According to a Yahoo! article, vegetarians have a lower risk of lung and colonial cancer. A fruits, vegetables, and fiber diet can help reduce the risk of having a lung cancer and other related illnesses since it can help cleanse a vegan’s body of its toxins. To all the girls out there who has an “extreme vanity when it comes to their skin, good news! Diets that are rich in water-based and plant foods are a great source of antioxidants and vitamins. Research finds that the body that spends less time digesting animal protein boosts the person’s energy, which is a nice side effect. In addition, vegan diets are low in fat and sodium which helps reduce the blood pressure and improve its circulation.

Miss that meaty taste? Do not be sad. There are different vegetarian restaurants here in the country that offers the customers a meaty taste through their vegetarian cuisine! One of the most famous vegetarian food chains is Bodhi Vegetarian Restaurant. Bodhi Vegetarian Restaurant serves dishes that look and taste like meat but are actually made of vegetables. Example: pork barbeque that’s totally made of vegetables. You can find more about them through this website:

So, hey! Do you still want to go vegan? June 2012 Forever Health Magazine


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