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ANTHOLOGY Hebersham PS 5&6 / 2016 Published by WestWords Ltd PO Box 1750 North Parramatta NSW 1750 p: (02) 8821 9178 e: Copyright 2016 All rights reserved Without limiting the rights of under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be used without the written permission of the publisher.

Graphic design by Luke Beeton and Leanne Beattie Printed by CMYKhub

Michael Campbell: Executive Director

Michelle Rickerby: Producer

Dub Leffler, author of the beautiful picture book, Once There Was a Boy, is one of Australia’s leading Indigenous illustrators of children’s literature and one of the most sought after illustrators of children’s books in the country. Dub is also a gifted film maker, musician and teacher. Having just featured at The Edinburgh International Book Festival
2015, Dub is currently working with the National Library of Australia on his 20th publication.


Hi my name is Daphne. I love the trampoline. I’ve got eight people in my family. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite teacher is Mr Wilson. I would like to improve in math. I’ve got three pets: a dog, and cat and a bird. My favourite animal is a ferret and I would like to be a vampire. I love animation, AKA Noruto. I would like to be a police officer by getting good grades and go to university so I can get a good job. I want to be a billionaire. I want. DAPHNE, YEAR 6 Hi my name is Raydesha and I am 11 years old and I live in a family of five. I used to play hockey. I have two dogs. I live in Sydney, NSW, Australia. My favourite movie genre is horror. I think what you have to do to get what you want in your life is have a good job and go to university. A good education is important. RAY RAY, YEAR 6 3

I dream of getting a good education and having a good life and being a teacher, because I love to help and encourage kids and I love my brother and sisters. ELIANA, YEAR 5 Jumps on trampoline. Wrestles with brothers. Loves dancing. ALICIA, YEAR 5 Hi my name is Tai Koya. (Kiara Koya Tai) I do netball. My favourite sports are netball, football, soccer, Oztag and AFL. My favourite foods are: grapes – red, mango – green. And pear. I hope for $$$10,000,000.00 on my birthday and Christmas. I hope I become a netball, soccer, football, AFL and Oztag star. I am Aboriginal. KIARA, YEAR 5


Hi. My name is Jaxon. I am in year 6. I am. JAXON, YEAR 6 Hi my name is Viliame. I have crashed on a star. VILIAME, YEAR 5 I am Ben. I like watching Anime and have two dogs, two sisters, two brothers. I like running. I don’t like school, I like cars and guns. BEN, YEAR 6 I like to read Geronimo Stilton books, especially the big ones and Zac Power books as well. I was born on 25 of April and I draw. KALARA, YEAR 5


I am Barron. I love football. I have a pet dog. BARRON, YEAR 6 Hi my name is Shania. I am 11 years old. I am in a family of four. I used to play netball out of school then I stopped playing it. My favourite food is pasta and tuna. My favourite movie genre is horror. My favourite animal is the brolga. SHANIA, YEAR 6

Hi my name is Tenisha-Anne. I’m 10 years old. I love sports. I really love netball. I have a family of five. My mum, my two sisters and my brother and my nan. I have four pets. One puppy, two dogs one kitten. I love being Aboriginal. I love playing with my pets. That’s all I can think of, so thanks for listening. TENISHA, YEAR 5


I would help the poor, execute the murderers and make sure everyone had power. Also make the school be a better place and have everyone be wealthy and educated. DAPHNE, YEAR 6 If I was Prime Minister I would help homeless people have better clothes and some more food and some money. RAY RAY, YEAR 6 I would help the poor and make workers build new homes so no more homeless people. ELIANA, YEAR 5 If I became an Aboriginal prime minister I would help them with whatever they needed or would make them laugh out loud. There would be no smokes allowed and no guns. KIARA, YEAR 5


I would give money to the poor and buy them a house and clothes and a car and food. I would get them a school and a job. JAXON, YEAR 6 If I was the prime minister I would drop prices in the shops, help Aboriginals find places to stay, make everything in stores free – until 6pm. So that’s it really. I could maybe make sure people that are sick in prisons would have their own areas in every prison. That’s if I become prime minister. TENISHA, YEAR 5


The Traveller Once there was a young girl. She was traveling and she had a stick and her daddy’s ashes. When he died there was a lion who stayed by his side in the middle of nowhere. She had a stick and her daddy’s ashes. DAPHNE, YEAR 6

The Pain I would just sit on the rock day in and day out. The pain would flow through my body. When I was younger my mum said if you don’t want to feel the pain you need to pick the pain flower. My mum said she would pick the flower, but she died. The pain came so fast. Hurting me. I couldn’t take it anymore. Bef died 2015. RAY RAY, YEAR 6


Hope I hope my Nan can have an everlasting life. ELIANA, YEAR 5

Writing to Music I saw a little boy dead in a coffin. And family gathered around to the funeral at a cemetery. He died because he got ran over by someone who didn’t seem to care about family. Or about the person he killed. The driver only cared about himself and his son and wife. He was the worst person ever. The little boy’s name was John. John’s family was scared about what else he will do. Maybe kill another person from the family. ALICIA, YEAR 5


Star Wars Fan Hi my name is Jayden. I am a Padawan. I have crashlanded on Tatooine. My master John wan Kenobi has been eliminated by Darth Vadar. On the planet of Tatooine I meet with Jaxon Mawson Guliford who let me into his home. Ten years later we left Naboo to find Luke Skywalker to become Jedis. Me, Jaxon and Luke go to Hoth to destroy the Deathstar. First we go to Mustafar to destroy the Shield Generator then we go to Hoth and destroy Darth Vader and the Death Star. JAYDEN, YEAR 5

Crash Landing Hi my name is Jaxon. I have crashed on a strange planet. It is 12:00pm. I see a strange monster. It is Day 6. I need food. It is Day 10. I wake up and now in a safe house. The main man’s name is Jayden. He has been here for 10 years. 5 years later we left to go to the darker planet, Naboo to find Luke Skywalker. But we could not find him. The next planet, we found him. JAXON, YEAR 6


Once there was a Dragon he was in a . . . JODECI, YEAR 5

Glow Once there was a boy named John. He was walking in the hall when John suddenly saw a bright glow from the door to the garage. When he opened the door he saw a glowing box. He picked it up and looked at it. He started to go to his dad when the box teleported him to a different place. He saw no one but he found one person. John decided to ask the man where they were. The man said they were in a magical land of which a mean man ruled and that is why no one but the shady looking old man was there because they were all in the ruler’s castle working as slaves. John didn’t believe him and started to leave the magical land. But the magical box didn’t teleport him away. He wanted to leave but the old man took the little boy by surprise and took him to the castle where he had to work or die. BEN, YEAR 6


Today I met a man called Boo and he is a sailor. He likes to eat fish. He has no kids and he is married to Mary. He is famous for sailing. He is 32 years old and he has seen two whales. He has sailed around the world five times. He likes to go to Fiji on the holidays and his honeymoon is in three months. He has not gone to war. KALARA, YEAR 5

Dragon’s in a Girl Once there was a beautiful girl that lived in a normal city. This girl was named Liona which meant a lion. Liona’s mother wanted her girl to have bravery. Heart. Liona grew up to be a wonderful daughter. One day Liona had a stroll with her pet rabbit and saw a girl. She had wings, a yellow skirt and a yellow bikini top. And an amazing hairstyle. At first Liona did not realise the girl was fighting an ogre. And then the girl aimed this . . . sort of light . . . and shot at the ogre. The ogre dodged it and got the yellow girl down on the ground. So Liona stepped in. The ogre tried to get a hold of Liona but a force-field surrounded her and a fiery glowing dragon came out of her and made the ogre retreat into a portal. 23

The girl thanked Liona and told her that her name was Stella and that she was a fairy from another realm, a world that she ruled as Princess. Stella also mentioned that she went to a fairy school called Alfia. Stella asked Liona if she went to Alfia too. But Liona said she could not go, she was not a fairy or even a princess. Stella asked Liona if she could take her to Liona’s parents and she did. Stella asked Liona’s parents if she could come to Alfia. Liona’s parents had a talk and said yes. SUMMAH-ROSE, YEAR 5


Poem for Living on the Sea Ever seen a whale? Yes Sailed around the world five times. Expensive clothes. Carried anchors and packages. Married. Wife’s name is Mary. Mary is a pilot. Goes around the world for holidays Honeymoon in 3 months. Haven’t been to War. TENISHA, YEAR 5


Wonder Once there was a dragon in a dark world. The dragon was glowing white. There was also a glowing woman. She was shocking. She was beautiful. Her eyes took off in the dark. Her home was Wonder. That means wonderful. The dragon was staring at her. She jumped on the dragon and flew in the night to find the sun. DAPHNE, YEAR 6

In the Future I hope to be a mum when I get older and I hope to be healthy and fit. I want to be a mum because I love kids and I want to be healthy and fit cause when you get older you can be fit instead of big and overweight. RAY RAY, YEAR 6


On the Farm A little girl lived on a farm and got bullied at school. She was writing about how she felt on three blocks of hay. Her dad was milking the cows. When he finished he looked on the refrigerator and saw a note. There were two notes. One said, “Do a lovely dance on stage”. ALICIA, YEAR 5

A Rescue. Sort of . . . Hello. My name is Tenisha Anne. I have travelled a while to get here. I’ve come from Australia to get here to see my family but it looks like I have crash-landed into this pit. I have no friends here. I’m all alone. But one day she came, all alone as well. She crashed too. Her name was Tahlia Ririe. So we were on the moon together… alone. But then someone came out to rescue us – well not really – but we did get rescued then we went back to earth. TENISHA, YEAR 5


Waile of a Time Waile lived in a castle. She had hair like fire. Her favourite colour was Rambo-On-Holidays. She might have gone to jail. She would sleep through the day and eat during the night. Waile lived with her mum, sister and a kangaroo. Waile loved pigs to eat and she rode a bike. She was 102 years old and her favourite country was New Zealand. She had two dogs, three rats and that one kangaroo. Her friend was a whale and her favourite singer was Snoop Dog. She had five kids and she sailed the world once. She was as big as a walk and she became my friend. DAPHNE, YEAR 6


One day One day, a sundrop appeared. In it was a girl. One day, a little girl was born within a raindrop. They were best friends but one day that all changed. They both heard on the news that all Sunlights have to go back to the sun and the Raindrops have to go back to the clouds. They were both very sad but they had to go. And when they were all grown up they forgot about each other. One day they both came to their birth spot and met each other again and they could be best friends forever. ELIANA, YEAR 5


Break and Enter A robber broke into the house and said in a whisper, “I gonna get all the goodies from this rich family while they’re all sleeping.” The family woke up. They looked in their baby’s room. They looked in her pink cot and she wasn’t there. They looked at the window. It was smashed open. They didn’t know what to do. There was bashing and banging downstairs. They went to look. When they went into the kitchen he was hiding in the cupboard and he didn’t have the baby. The mum and the dad said, “you can have all our goodies but can you tell us where our little baby girl is? So they made a deal but he said, “Don’t tell anyone, okay?” “Okay” said the dad. ALICIA, YEAR 5


The Lion Once there lived a lady in the middle of nowhere. There is a lion sniffing her looking for food. The lady has a bottle of all her family’s memories. She has a guitar for a song that her father played while she was sleeping, before her father died. When she sleeps she thinks of her family. The lion was protecting her. She had a stick which her father used for killing animals for dinner. The woman had hot, smoky hair. Every morning she woke up and looked in the water. She wondered how great her life would be with her dad. Every day when the lady looks at the water she remembers how her dad died. He died cause he was using the stick. ALICIA, YEAR 5


I dreamed I was a forest climbing girl with all my invisible friends that I did not even know. KIARA, YEAR 5 In my dream there was this girl. Sitting. BARRON, YEAR 6 I had a dream that I dropped into a black floor and my sister and I appeared out of nowhere. ELIANA, YEAR 5 In my dream there was this girl sitting in the corner tears flooding down her face. The girl was crying. I ran. All I see is zombies. I had a revolver. I ran home then I wake up crying. I could not go back to sleep. It was 1:00am in the morning. JAXON, YEAR 6


The Genie Bottle Egypt. And a 162 year old genie bottle passed on over years finally gets to Mr Skin. It came from 1997, taken from the Egypt Museum. Mr Skin’s dad had it, passed it on. ALICIA, YEAR 5


Mr Skin – the poem Mr Skin, Dub Leffler Be awesome. Illustrates Draws Teaches Does art. ALICIA, YEAR 5


ANTHOLOGY: Hebersham PS 5&6 2016  
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