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sailors on the scene ~ staff co-editors-in-chief: katie carlson sam kuipers photo editor: cole myhre section editors: meghan bosma justin mickelson courtney susterich adviser: mike phillips editorial board: michelle brower beth prentice amy stielstra tammy sylvester tracie zimmer

On Th e Cover

staff writers: lydia birch courtney eaton brianna goryl paige graves miranda hershey paul juarez kristine kieft nick kurburski stephanie langlois katie romaniello deshawn sargent jr. jennifer steger ashley veihl sam vida breanna wilson

kailey baker chantal balk trevor carlson cody hammerle zach haugh rae hesling brianna hines mckenzie hines kacey jackson robert langlois lauren starke kadiey stressman tina trice connor wernstrom tony west

Student congress members help with delivering all of the food raised during the canned food drive held on November 12th through the 21st. The school raised over 3,300 cans for the Muskegon Rescue Mission.

photo by: lauren bourne

In the Lead


photos by: lauren sweeney

Former eighth grader Paige Simpkins and current eighth grader Cody Hammerle heading toward the tow rope to test out the “bunny hill.”

Ski club offers something for everyone

Seventh grader Eleanor Turrell and eighth grader Laura Elder hold each other up after a long evening of snowboarding.

by: kailey baker I staff writer Ski club is great for kids that are not involved in other sports. Don’t let the name “Ski Club” turn you away, during the Ski Club you aren’t required to ski. You can also snowboard. The ski club is a great idea and an activity that we have going on here at Mona Shores Middle School. Even if you don’t know how to ski or snowboard you can learn because lessons are available to you or your friends can help you. It’s good for kids who don’t participate in other sports to be able to go, have fun and be part of something exciting. The ski club is held at Cannonsburg Ski

Area. It’s held every Thursday starting January 10th, until Wednesday February 13th. You leave after school and return back to the middle school at about 9:30 PM. All of the prices are extremely reasonable for the trip. Such as the bus, if you choose to ride the bus there it will be $60. As for skiing and snowboarding you can pick two options before you go. First option is to buy 8 lift tickets and second option is to buy 6 lift tickets. You can rent snow boards or ski’s no matter what option you choose. If you decide to use option one without rentals it is $165 including transportation. If you decide you want to do the first option, but

you need rentals, the cost comes to $237, including transportation. Second option is to buy 6 lift tickets, which would be $152 including busing transportation. If you used the second option and need rentals the price is $206. Also, behaving would be a good idea while you’re at Cannonsburg. The same rules that apply at school will apply during the trip. If you decide that ski club is not for you, you can easily back out of it as long as you pay a $25 fee. We can give thanks to Mr. Trautner for running this wonderful program that all the teens enjoy.

Our Voice Dress the part during chilly winter months With the flu coming back into season once again, many students are beginning to go home or stay at home sick, which may be from the fact that they are not dressing properly for this cold weather. With students coming to school with just a T-shirt, shorts, and sandals, that may play a big factor in why they are getting sick. Dressing appropriately for this cold season is very important when it comes to missing school.

When you miss school it, leaves you with missing homework and the possibility of low grades. For teachers it means reteaching lessons for students who were absent, which becomes a hassle. It gets old fast hearing students coming in and saying they’re cold; if you dress appropriately you won’t be cold. Although it is untrue that being cold gives you a cold, dressing for this weather is still important. So the next time you decide to wear inap-

propriate clothes for the season, think twice about the consequences that come along with it.

Our Voice is the opinion message selected by the five editors of the Sailors On the Scene newsmagazine.



Media specialist brings new ideas to students and staff

by: justin mickelson I section editor

photos by: justin mickelson

New media specialist, Lori Veurink, has brought many new changes. The new media specialist, Mrs. Lori Veurink, has many new ideas to encourage more students to visit the library. Mrs. Veurink was originally a teacher at Fruitport for 10 years, Grand Haven Chris-

tian for 10 years, and joined the Shores staff in October. She wanted to come to Shores so she could concentrate on middle school where there’s a lot more students and staff. “I really am enjoying getting to know the students and staff,” Mrs. Veurink said. “Everyone has been great!” Trivia Tuesday is an activity Mrs. Veurink came up with that every student could participate in each week to win a prize. “I wanted the students to come in here and learn how to use the information they want,” Mrs. Veurink said. “You get a prize, have fun, learn, and hopefully you don’t know you’re learning.” Students may also notice an aquarium display with hatching salmon eggs, which are here to educate us about the salmon. “The salmon eggs were donated to us by the state fishery,” Mrs. Veurink said. “The aquarium and accessories were donated by Offshore Challenge.”

The salmon eggs have hatched into Alevin and are still attached to their eggs. She’s planning on putting together a Battle of the Books in March, a middle school book club in January, and helping teachers implement the Big 6 strategy in their Research Projects. “I have a lot of cool ideas I’d like to try here that worked well at my other schools,” Mrs. Veurink said.

Cliques can be beneficial, cause a lot of drama by: kristine kieft I staff writer When students are with each other seven hours of the day, cliques are going to form, some for the best and some for the worst. Cliques have a wide range, it could be a group of friends that share the same interests, goals, religion, fashion sense, activities, academic ability, or simply sports team. “Cliques are when certain people hang out,” eighth grader Mercedes Colburn said. Students at any age, especially middle school, want to feel some sort of acceptance and belonging from their peers. This is an important age of learning about yourself and who you are, and cliques can solve that by developing social skills. “People get more talkative and just know what’s going on,” eighth grader Morgan Carroll said. On the other hand, as an outsider looking in on a clique, one might think that people are trying to shut others out, that they aren’t accepting, or that all they do is make fun of people that aren’t like them.

“I don’t really care when people leave me out because I have a lot of friends,” seventh grader Missi Reagan said. Cliques are something people have to deal with their whole lives. It just gets easier as it goes on because you learn who to trust and what true friends are.

Students don’t always know that the people you hang out with, could be considered a “clique.”



Fitness room coming in for success by: stephanie langlois I staff writer New fitness room equipment from The Bigger, Faster, and Stronger program is being installed in the upper gym of Mona Shores Middle School for both students and teachers to use and to help keep them in shape and healthy. Since middle school athletic director and dean of students, Mr. Byard, started working at Mona Shores Middle School, he has been considering the equipment to be ordered. “I wanted to wait to know the people in the community before I started to share some of my ideas,” Mr. Byard said. After Mona Shores acquires the money to buy the equipment, it will take approximately 5-7 weeks to build. “Hopefully we will get the equipment in first semester of next year and students can use it second semester,” Mr. Byard said. With all the costs adding up to about $16,000, Mr. Byard is open for donations from parents, friends, and family at any time. “So far, Mona Shores Education Foundation has donated, and I’ve asked other

school organizations to donate too,” Mr. Byard said. Teachers and students are allowed to use the fitness room before and after school, and of course, during Physical Education classes. “I would use it to get stronger for football next year,” seventh grader Jared Karnitz said. There isn’t anything else Mr. Byard could use the money on because the money being raised for the new fitness room is donated specifically for it. But some students wouldn’t use the fitness room because they don’t like working out or they have their own work out equipment at home. “I don’t want to work out because people would be watching me the whole time and it would be awkward for me,” eighth grader Elizabeth Steinhauer said. The equipment coming from Bigger Faster Stronger will make you healthier, stronger for sports, and it will make PE classes more fun. The best advantage the fitness room has

photo by: trevor carlson

Eighth grader Tony West is using the old fitness room equipment that will soon be replaced by new equipment. is that sports teams don’t have to go to the high school for weight training, they can just stay at the middle school and work out in the upper gym. But to make this success to happen, Mr. Byard needs donations and more money to finally buy the equipment.

Canned food drive is an awesome way to help out by: nick kurburski I staff writer

photos by: lauren bourne

Student congress members deliver all of the food collected during the canned food drive. The middle school students brought in over 3,300 cans.

The canned food drive is all about bringing in cans to help out the needy so they can have something to eat on Thanksgiving. Mona Shores Middle School has been putting on the canned food drive for over four years, which is sponsored by the student congress. The eighth graders brought in 1,532 cans, the seventh graders brought in 1,061, and the sixth graders brought in 771. “We did not beat last year’s results, but other than that we did great,” middle school principal Scott Levandoski said. Since the eighth grade won the can food drive they received 100 bonus points towards Quest for the Cup and it meant that Mr. Levandoski got his hair shaved off, which made many students head down to the cafeteria to witness. “It motivated the eighth graders to bring

in more cans to see me get my hair shaved off,” Mr. Levandoski said. The winners for the classes were Mr. Buboltz for the eighth grade, Mrs. Stephanie Soyars for the seventh grade, and Mrs. Halmich for the sixth grade. The reward was a pizza or doughnut party for each of the winning classes. “They were the most generous group of kids, they wanted to make sure they showed how generous they are,” Mr. Buboltz said. By participating in the food drive, students know that they helped somebody in need and that the less fortunate will not go hungry during the holiday season.



Not enough passes leaves students uneasy

Three hallway passes each semester are not enough for students. If they forgot something then they use a pass, if they had too much to drink at lunch and did not have time to use the bathroom they use a pass, and when the passes are all gone, the tardies start rolling in. Some students can remember their things for the classroom, but others tend to forget and are left going back to their lockers to get the forgotten items, using up the passes. Middle school students can only obtain five Sam to seven amounts of Kuipers information at one time

according to, so learning a lesson and reminding them to bring school items is somewhat difficult to remember for students. Trying to remind student’s everyday of what they need or even having it up on the board may help remind them that they need it everyday. If students drink too much at lunch or if they are just drinking something during classes, most of them will have to use the bathroom during passing time or during class time. Students are supposed to drink eight –eight oz glasses of water a day. Research shows that if you wait to use the bathroom for a long time it can cause problems with your health. Teachers should allow students to use the bathroom when needed so that students will be healthy and

not have a risk of getting sick. Students who use all their passes up for their classes are able to take a tardy, but if they use all their tardies they are forced to get a detention. If a student has used all their passes and tardies and still has to use the bathroom, make them have a more appropriate punishment. If they were gone 10 minutes make them stay 10 minutes after school. Staying two hours after school for something as tiny as going to the bathroom or getting something from your locker is not right. Make the punishment suitable for the crime. Three passes per semester are not enough for the students to remember things or use the restroom without getting tardies.

photo by: sam kuipers

Mrs. Cotner questions sixth grader Baleigh Tharp about using all her passes.

Making a better decision than bus notes To go home with friends we should be able to have the office sign a bus note, not only our parents. What if you call home and ask your parent to go to a friend’s house and are able to go. The office should be able to write the notes for the students that call home and ask their parents. Also, if you forget the note at home parents could call and talk to the office about writing a note for their child. That note should be saying this student left their note at home and that their parent called telling they have permission to go home with Katie that friend. Romaniello Some teachers give

projects with partners and not much time to get it done. Let’s say you don’t know who your partner is and you need to go to their house to get the project done. You go to the office to call one of your parents to ask to ride the bus home with that person to get the project done. So your parent said yes and now there is no way to go because there is no note to get on the bus. Now your parent should call in and say to them I have already given permission for my child to ride the bus home with a friend to get a project done. Then the office can write a note for you to ride the bus. If there is an emergency like your parent has to go out of town for work and you have to go to your grandparent’s house or stay with a friend, there is no way that your parent can write a note for you to ride a

different bus home from school. Your parent should be able to call the office or the bus number that you have to ride and tell them that his/her daughter/son will be riding the bus home with one of their friends because they are out of town. When you get on the bus, instead of having a note, you could show them your lunch card or tell them your student ID. Bus notes are not the best things, but they are good so the bus driver knows where you are going so you don’t get lost. Some kids think that they are responsible enough not to have a note but they are wrong. We are not 18 yet and really are not responsible for ourselves. So bus notes really are good in some ways, but parents shouldn’t have to be the only ones writing them.



iPods in the classroom could bring happiness to students studies

photo by: cody hammerle

Eighth graders Andre Parker and Tony West are listening to an iPod while reading a book. Allowing students to use iPods in the classroom would help keep students more on task, improve various learning styles and technology skills and have students wanting to come to school. iPods in the classroom would help to make students be quieter during the work time that the teachers give them to work on

homework. Students would choose to be busier in their work by listening to their music of choice. This would also cut down on the amount of time teachers spent yelling at the students to be quiet. The students would be more comfortable with new technology and make them ready for the real world. Many colleges are al-

ready using audio and video content including speeches, interviews, artworks, music, and photos to bring lessons to life. iPod extends teaching and learning beyond the normal classroom hours, allowing students to easily and continuously learn. Mona shores students would want to be in school and have a good attitude toward learning. Students would also want to listen to music during homework time. The teachers wouldn’t have anything to complain about because everyone would be to busy working on their iPod. The kids would want to learn, rather than socializing with other kids. If iPod’s in class help the students be more successful, why wouldn’t we use them? iPod’s are a good thing in class because they could make students quieter, gives students new learning styles, and will make the students have a better attitude in the classroom. Cody Hammerle

A piercing is a piercing . . . isn’t it? It is your face, isn’t it? Why can’t you have a ring in your lip or a stud in your nose? The school shouldn’t be able to say someone can or can’t have a facial piercing. The school rule states that Mona Shores Students have always come to school in an appropriate fashion that meets social standards. The rule goes on saying that our appearance has an impact on classroom behavior and performance. Having a nose ring doesn’t change how much you pay attention in class. The way someone looks cannot affect how well your going to do in middle school. A lip ring and an earring are the same thing, a hole in your body. The school hasn’t banned earrings yet. There is no difference between a lip ring and an earring other than the location of the piercing. If the school is going to ban one type of piercing they should ban all the piercing, even

ears. When you walk down the hallways, you see scars above student’s lips and on their nose. If you ask them where the scare came from, they might say, “my friend pierced my lip and it looked really cool, but the school made me take it out.” Every morning there are some students here that put their lip ring in, to have to take it out when they walk through the school doors. Having a facial piercing doesn’t hurt anybody. The facial piercing rule is taking away students right to look the way they want to look. A facial piercing is just another way to express your own personal style and Kadiey yourself. Stressman-Brandt


Center Section

Middle School Relationships The Best Way to Ask Someone Out: Heather Hoover - “By walking up to him and asking him in person.” Eli Bowers - “I would have to say by asking them in person.” Allyson St. Amour - “Asking the guy in person”

by: katie carlson, paige graves, miranda hershey, & sam vida

Meredith Smith and Adam Ulfsax

The Worst Way to Ask Someone Out:

When hanging out they go to the movies or each other’s houses. They have been together for about a year.

Allyson St. Amour - “By the computer, phone, or a text message.” Carlin Rollenhagen - “By a comment or message on myspace.”

Haylee Dykstra and Kris McKee

Lauren Carpenter and Tony West

They like to hang out with their friends and watch TV. They have been together for 6 months.

When they hang out they mostly watch TV. They have been dating for a month.

Evan Brewer and Katelyn Cutshall

Kaile Grevious and Zach Goldsborough

When they hang out they like to watch movies. They have been dating for 3 months.

When hanging out they go to the movies. They have been together since the first week of school

The Best First Date: Elexis Guster - “A long walk on the beach.” Carlin Rollenhagen - “Hanging out with your girlfriend, talk, and be with your friends.” Sam Kuipers - “Hanging out with him and our friends and watching movies together.”

Trevor Boyd and Julia Walsh When they hang out they like to go ice skating, go to the movies, and hang out with friends. They have been together for 8 months.

The Worst First Date: Elexis Guster- “When you have to pay for your own lunch or dinner.” Carlin Rollenhagen - “Watching TV, and doing nothing.” Amy Gillings - “When your boyfriend breaks up with you during the date.

Center Section

MSMS Fashion


by: chantal balk, kenzie hines, & catina trice

Do you keep up with the latest trends?

Do you care if you don’t have the latest trends?

What styles do you feel are coming back?

“Yes, because I gotta stay upgraded.” - Elishua Pinegar

“Yes I try to stay in fashion” - Ms. McKee

“No it’s not important” Charles Hatcher

”No because I set my own trends.” - Jenna DeVoursney

“Bell bottoms, skinny jeans, big beaded necklaces, and heavyrimmed glasses.” - Mr. Wahlberg




American Eagle

Wet Seal



Sailor Days Student-Athletes of the month

Students of the month

Kacey Jackson 8th Grade

Yihang Chu 8th Grade

Miya Devoogd

Rickey Matthews

Competitive Cheer

Boys Basketball

Favorite Class: Publications

Favorite Class: Math

How long have you been cheering? 3 seasons

How long have you been playing? 6 years

Favorite Teacher Mr. Wahlberg

Favorite Teacher Mr. Buboltz

Most memorable part of the season? Taking first place at our first competition.

Most memorable part of the season? A pass behind the back.


from the


When you wake up early Christmas morning, what do you hope is under the tree for you from Santa Claus?



“I would like a PS3 under the tree.”

“I would definatly hope for a wii under the Christmas tree.”



“I want a camera for Christmas this year.”

“A nitendo wii, games, and Guitar Hero 3.”



“I asked for an xbox 360.”




“I want rockband for nitendo wii.”

“I would like a new pencil sharpener for Christmas, or a large screen TV like 56’’ Sony.”

Sailor Days


Christmas Movie Quote match-up by: meghan bosma & courtney susterich

2.Does Santa wea


e day I d

till th love you I , y e il a ge B

r boxers or

briefs? e we r e h w r o 1.Ge year of the heer a little t h g i c en e the on le easier, we r we are th s ’ t i , e t a t a li s Ev le ye , it’s ristma er, we smile of the who ’s a miracle as h C s ’ out nic stm e. It 3.“It a little ple of hours we would b every Chri t c a l l a ed ens cou ys hop use it happ ..for a . a e w r l 4.“I want o a a m e c an that w miracle, be e ” l . . p . a e o ction, two official Red Rider a pe Ev f o t , carbiner hundred so shot, ran really ge model air “You’ll sh rifle.” oot your eye out k id.”

5.I want the Turbo Man action figure with the arms and legs that move and the boomerang shooter and his rock’n roller jet pack and the realistic voice activator that says 5 different phrases including, “It’s Turbo time!” Accessories sold separately. Batteries not included. 6 .O dd. Better c IF YOU UT heck the ou TER SO M tgoing, UCH AS O DOWN AN NE SYLLA D GUT YO BLE, I’LL U LIKE A HUNT YO FISH! If yo U u’d like to fa x me, press star key. th e Dental n a c i r Ame by the d e v o appr brush ssociation? h t o o t is A 7.Is th 8.We’re kicking off our fun old fashion family Christmas by heading out into the country in the old front-wheel drive sleigh to embrace the frosty majesty of the winter landscape and select that most important of Christmas symbols.


! OH M





10.We’re skip

ping Christm



as! Isn’t that against the law?

1. It’s a Wonderful Life, 2. Christmas Caper, 3.Scrooge, 4. A Christmas Story, 5. Jingle All the Way, 6. The Grinch, 7. Home Alone, 8. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, 9. Elf, 10. Christmas with the Kranks



Shores goes head to head in a tense game against West Ottawa by: kacey jackson I staff writer

photos by: scott volkmann

Eighth grade center, Zach Haugh, jumps high to win the opening tip off.

On Monday November 19 the eighth grade white basketball team went head to head with an aggressive West Ottawa Mac Bay team, but came out on the losing end 32-23. Within the first few minutes of the quarter it was apparent that it was going to be a challenging match ending the first half with the score being tied 10-10. “It put a lot of pressure on us because we knew that we could win,” eighth grader Andre Parker said. “It was going to be really hard.” One of the dilemmas for Shores is that they were four players short, leaving the five in the game weary having only two subs. “I thought we were going to lose the game because we didn’t have that many people on the team for that game,” eighth grader Ricky Matthews said. At the end of the third quarter Mac Bay made an untimely three-pointer breaking the tie and going up 15 to 12. “I was angry when they made the three

pointer because it put our team down more points,” Parker said. Poor free throw shooting kept the Sailors down only making 43 percent while Mac Bay made 88 percent for the game. “We could improve on our free throws because right now we are shooting under 50 percent,” coach Ed Whalen said. “At the end of the game that has been the difference in the score.” With this loss the players will have something to study and work on in practice for their next battle against Grand Haven Lakeshore.

Coach Whalen disscusses with the team what to work on during a time out.

Seventh and eighth grade competitive cheer team proves that it’s number one by: tony west I staff writer When people hear competitive cheer they automatically think of wimpy girls cheering on the sidelines when actually they are stronger than most athletes and have to be very athletic to perform their routines. Competitive cheerleaders work for two hours a day, five days a week and practices for three hours a day during competition week while the competitions are on Saturday’s and various weekdays. Is it stressful practicing five days a week for two hours? Yes, because it doesn’t give as much time for homework and the week before the competition we practice for 3 hours,” said Kailey Baker The cheer team practices for about four weeks before their first competition. There are 31 cheerleaders on the team, but only 16 are aloud on the mats at a time to perform. Is it hard practicing with 31 cheerleaders? “Its hard at times because it gets really loud

and very tiring” said Jessica Taylor At each competition there are 2 rounds that the girls get judged on, cheering and tumbling. Which of the two rounds receive the most points? “Round two does because there stunting, tumbling and a higher level of difficulty, so we get more points” said Kailey Baker They are getting a new assistant coach due to their previous coach, Amanda Mills, moving up to the varsity team. So the next time you hear competitive cheer, rather than thinking of wimpy girls cheering, there is much more to it. MSMS competitive cheerleaders perform rounds one and two against 16 teams on December 13th at their first home competition in school history. The girls took first place in both rounds one and two with a combined score of 376, which won them an overall first place finish.

photos by: cole myhre


13 7th grade white basketball team destroys Panthers in a blowout by: deshawn sargent jr. I staff writer

photos by: cole myhre

Coach Troy Moran is pumping up his team at half time during a recent loss to NorthPointe Christian.

7th grade blue basketball loses heated battle to Mustangs in overtime by: paul juarez I staff writer On November 27th the Mona Shores Sailors took on the North Pointe Christian Mustangs in a heated battle that had to be decided in overtime. In the first quarter, the Sailors came out with a slow start and let the Mustangs get an early lead. Brendon Avila helped keep Shores within five points by scoring six points in the first quarter. “I boxed out, I got a lot of rebounds and I made my shots,” Avila said. In the second quarter, the Sailors came out with a new lineup and came back to get the lead. “I changed the lineup to change the speed of the game,” coach Troy Moran said. Justice Pena helped Shores with the comeback by scoring nine points by the end of the second quarter. “I started to pass and look for open people and take more shots,” Pena said. In the third quarter, the Sailors forced many turnovers and it looked like Shores was starting to catch back up. “We didn’t give up,” coach Moran said. Even though shores forced many turnovers, they still couldn’t capitalize on them. In the beginning of the fourth quarter it was a pretty even match up, both teams only scoring five points.

Shores ended up losing the game by the score of 39-43. “It was a tough match,” coach Moran said

Above: Derek Baker makes a quick move on an opposing defender. Below: Brendan Avila and Landon Kresnch fight for a loose ball.

Mona Shores Sailors white 7th grade team swept the floor with the West Ottawa Panthers. The game started off with both teams turning the ball over frequently, but at 2:22 in the first quarter both teams settled down. Jesse Anderson seemed to be the player of the second quarter scoring 8 points. “I planned to play aggressive, good and score a lot,” Anderson said First to score in the third period is Carter Simpkins, and again Carter Simpkins in 30 seconds. Simpkins scored more than any person on the team that day by Scoring 22 points “I scored that much from boxing out and rebounding,” Simpkins said. “The coach did not tell the team to pass to me all the time.” Coach Volkmann changed the line up late in the game. “I changed the lineup to put the people on the floor who will do something and who have earned it in practice,” Coach Volkmann said Towards the end of the game, Jake Fisher went up to do his free throws to make the game even more of a win during the last 5 seconds. “I really don’t like close games. I like blow outs,” Fisher said. The final score to the game was 34-24, and the Sailors won the game. “There are really few easy wins this season, it wasn’t an easy win it, wasn’t as stressful, we have few easy wins our last few games were won under a minute,” coach Volkmann said

photo by: ed whalen

Jesse Anderson shoots a free throw after being fowled by West Ottawa.



Teen Fashion Trying to fit in at school can be hard for some students. They always worry about what they wear or what they look like. What is in style for guys and girls?

yl Brianna Gor r Jenn Stege


• Board Shorts • Light Polo’s • Hollister • Abercrombie • American Eagle • Sandals • Axe Cologne • Hollister Cologne • Holey Jeans

Girls • • • • • • • • • •

Hollister Abercrombie American Eagle Flip Flops Ugg Boots Clogs Leg Warmers Hair layers darker Holey jeans Skinny leg Jeans Goody headbands • Makeup



iPod Touch comes with many features, but with a heavy price

photos by: lauren starke

Main hill at the Ski Bowl with many kids waiting at the top to figure out the perfect time to hit the rails and jumps.

Students find ski bowl affordable and fun The Ski Bowl in Grand Haven is an enormous amount of fun with its great price, many hills, jumps, and rails. The Ski Bowl has a bunny hill, a central hill, and a steeper back hill. The bunny hill is just a small hill with a slower towrope than all the other hills. The central hill is the most popular hill and the one that most people build jumps on. The back hill is pretty steep and is hard to get to the top using the towrope. This year they got a new towrope in the back so it makes it easier. The Ski Bowl is lots of fun with many hills. When you are there you can construct your own jumps and put up your own rails. If you would like to do this you have to bring in your own tools. This is fun to do because if you just started skiing, or snowboarding you can build small jumps and learn on those. If you want to learn how to do rails you can bring your own and learn faster and at your own speed. They are open on Thursdays and Fridays along with the weekend and school holidays. The hours on Thursday and Friday are 4 PM to 8 PM, and on Saturday, Sunday, and school holidays the hours are 11 AM to 6 PM. For the bunny hill it is $8 on Thursdays and Fridays. Saturdays, Sun-

A snow boarder hits the “White Rail” at the Ski bowl, while others behind him are getting ready to go.

days, and school holidays it is $10. Although the bunny hill is $8 through $10 the whole ski area is $12 on the weekdays, and $14 to ski or snowboard on the weekends. This is a good price compared to Lauren Crystal Mountain with it Starke being a price range of free for children under eight to forty-five for an all day pass, which is nine AM to nine PM. Since it gets dark in the winter earlier and they stay open during these hours they decided to put in nightlights. This is a realistic price because you can ski or snowboard all day for one price. If you would like to go there a lot you can get a pass, the passes are available at the Ski Bowl, Chapter 11 Sports, and Buffalo Bob’s. There are two passes, the season discount pass and the punch cards. The season discount pass is $65 down payment and a $5 price each visit. You can buy this pass at the Ski Bowl. The punch cards are fifty dollars, for all hills with five visits, and the sixth free, also you can get one for twentyfive dollars, and this one covers the bunny hill with five visits, and the sixth free. You can purchase the punch cars at Buffalo Bob’s, Chapter 11 Sports, and the Ski Bowl. There is also a little hut that was made last year. The hut has heat and a concession stand that you can get food, pop, and candy from. The price is good with the food like pizza being one dollar and the pop being a range of one dollar to two dollars, the candy ranges from five cents to one dollar and fifty cents. The hut also has a fireplace and picnic tables to sit and eat on. It is an extremely nice place to eat, rest, and talk to people. The Ski Bowl is lots of fun and is great place to go to hang out and meet new friends.

The new iPod Touch sets high standards for all future mp3 players. Although it starts at a fairly high price, with its shiny stainless steel appearance it allows you to do a variety of features Brianna with the touch of a finger. Hines This is one of the latest products from Apple Company and it is one to never be forgotten. It was released late September and started with a price of $299.00 for the 8GB model and $399.00 for the 16 GB. Although the prices maybe seem a bit high, it is still a must have item for the Christmas list. This eye-catching new device also has a striking 3.5 inch wide-screen display and weights just 4.2 ounces compared to the 4.8 ounce iPhone. Most people will like the portable device because it’s small and easy to carry around. PC Magazine says it is “the best portable mp3 player ever made.” Features included in it are music, videos, photos, and the ability to view the web. One of the coolest features may be the backlight screen that automatically adjusts to brightness in surrounding areas, which would come in handy if you were ever in a dark area. Many say they like the iPod Touch the best because it has everything you would ever need into one little object. It also has Wi-Fi Internet accessibility that will allow you to search the Internet no matter where you are. Say for instance you hear a song on the radio and you want it right away. You could easily download it onto your iPod Touch in just seconds. This definitely sets it apart from other mp3 players because no other mp3 player has the latest features. This is an extraordinary device and it is one of the best creations from the Apple Company.


Photo Story

co2 cars

above: seventh graders Marissa Reagan, Kaitlyn Sherwood, and Harrison Cannon anxiously look for the their names on the leader boards.

Every year the beginning woods classes has their version of the Datona 500.

above: seventh grader Tyler Dorman waves his arm to signal the lift off of the cars. below: seventh graders Jake Fisher and Jeremy Szost race to the end of the track to see who won.

below: woods teacher Mr. Pesch loads up the C02 cars.

top: seventh graders Justice Pena and Austin Swiatek carefuly take the cars of the track and check for cracks. above left: seventh graders Kyle Bos and Lucas Zhao are debating on what car will win first place. above right: seven grader Cameran Hren takes the walk of shame after his defeat.

Sailors On the Scene - Volume 2 - Issue 3  

Mona Shores Middle School Newsmagazine

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