Southside October 2019

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Back to basics

Nicole Slater meets the faces behind Hong Kong’s natural beauty industry


id you know that the average woman comes into contact with over 500 chemicals a day through their beauty routine? Research conducted by natural deodorant company, Bionsen, revealed these statistics ten years ago, but how much has changed in the industry since? Here, Nicole Slater meets three women shaking up the natural beauty industry in Hong Kong.


Michelle Chen Founder of RARE SkinFuel Michelle Chen founded RARE SkinFuel in 2018 and has always had a passion for skincare products, preferring to use them over makeup. By using 100 percent Australian-made products that are manufactured in limited quantities, RARE SkinFuel is able to deliver a one-of-a-kind fuel for your skin. Share your skin tips at #rareskintips for a chance to win prizes. I started using skincare products when I was 13 years old, now at 37, I feel more confident revealing my skin instead of concealing it. My goal is to create products that are natural but powerful, gentle and suitable for all skin types.