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Get Unrivalled Corporate Image Consulting in Johannesburg with South African Image Company =====****=====****=====****=====****=====****=====****=====****=====*****====

The South African Image Company now brings unrivalled corporate image consulting in Johannesburg. This company aims to give clients that look, which channels the confident employees in the lime light. Their expertise in understanding the global business environment has helped innumerable corporate clients maintain their personal presentation.

Being one of the renowned companies offering corporate image consulting services in Johannesburg, they are dedicated towards building the most suitable appearances for clients, which further lasts in clients' mind.

Elaborating further, a spokesperson stated, “We, as a dedicated corporate image consulting company, strive to inflict the most vital corporate appearances that make you comfortable and play an important role in career success. Our corporate image consulting services includes SA IMAGE professional corporate workshops that equip attendees with the information and skills necessary to ensure that they are able to make a positive impression.�

These consulting services and corporate workshops are quite planned and cover some of the important subjects like first impression management, enlightening appropriate business dress, dress code essentials, body language, vocal image and many other subjects from appropriate dress, introductions and gender issues, mobile phones and email etiquette.

In fact, some of the highly experienced image consultants work with them to help clients in dealing issues like colour, style, wardrobe, shopping and makeup consultations. Their fashions stylists keep themselves updated with the recent fashion trends and are able translate these to an "easy-towear" look for everyday clients.

Apart from the above, one can get unmatched image consultant training with The South African Image Company. These courses are certified by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training and recognized by the Association of Image Consultants International. About the company:The South African Image Company is home to the most modern approach of corporate image consulting in Johannesburg. It is the only company to provide clients with a complete, personal and up-to-date style guide. It is truly an excellent foundation course to start a business with. It not only teaches how to style people but also teaches the essentials of marketing and managing their own business. The company also offers image consultant training courses for those, who are looking forward to make a career as an image consultant. For more information, please visit Or Call (+27) 76 588 7556

Get Unrivalled Corporate Image Consulting in Johannesburg with South African Image Company