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Savon Spa 3635 N. Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60613 773-348-7873

A Unique Chicago Organic Day Spa Experience The Savon Spa Experience – Chicago, IL Savon Spa is a top-rated Chicago organic day spa destination for many reasons. From testimonials and online reviews, anyone can tell that Savon is known for their spectacular nail services. Their facials and massages are right behind the praises for the nail services. They offer so many different options that no two experiences are exactly alike.

Savon Spa Services Again, this Chicago organic day spa has a wide variety of different services. Anyone can find just what they need when they choose ​Savon Spa​, and they’ll even have a place to rely on for their future needs. The following high-quality services are available:



Skincare / Facials

Body Treatments

Waxing (Male and Female Services)

Eyelash Extensions

Clients enjoy customizing their experiences so that they can get exactly the type of relaxation they need. Add an organic peel to your facial or get special treatment for your specific skincare concerns.

Speaking of organic, Savon Spa offers vegan manicures and pedicures. There is truly something for everyone at this ​Chicago organic day spa​.

Organic Nail Services Savon Spa is known for their commitment to lowering their carbon footprint and to helping the community. Firstly, going with organic products are healthier in the long run. Harsh chemicals, no matter how many tests they may have overgone, simply has no place in the body. In addition to regular nail polishes and color dripping powders, clients find the vegan manicures and pedicures to be a satisfying choice. You get the pleasure of being pampered and looking great without the guilt of using chemicals on the body. This option comes with soaks infused with 100% essential oils. Also keeping in mind the health of their clients, Savon Spa does not use UV light. Instead, they go with the latest curing LED lights to finish off their manicures and pedicures.

Organic Facials Savon Spa is a ​Chicago day spa​ offering facials using Eminence organic products. This company is out of Hungary and they are known for creating their skincare products by hand. Estheticians at Savon Spa use their gentle techniques to ensure you experience no discomfort while experiencing your facial. That’s another thing that sets them apart from the rest. Clients get to actually sit back and relax while they receive careful treatment. When finished, they receive a professional skincare plan from the esthetician who examined their faces. Continued care at home is the best way to lengthen the positive effects of the facial.

Choose Savon Spa This ​organic day spa in Chicago​ has a lot to offer as far as services and reliability. Clients enjoy their ability to offer high-end services in a clean and safe way. They take their duty seriously as skin, nail, and massage care providers and expect their vendors to do the same. Partnering with Eminence allows Savon Spa to sell these top-of-the-line organic handmade products. Each item sold equals a tree planted in a country in need. This is how seriously they take their role in the environment and the community, and thus, the world.

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Chicago Organic Day Spa  

Chicago Organic Day Spa Savon Spa A Unique Chicago Organic Day Spa Experience Savon Spa, Savon, Spa, Chicago, Organ...

Chicago Organic Day Spa  

Chicago Organic Day Spa Savon Spa A Unique Chicago Organic Day Spa Experience Savon Spa, Savon, Spa, Chicago, Organ...

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