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The Fashion is changing day by day; the design depends at the requirements. The trend of the girls in Jaipur has been drastically changing. The influence of the western and the bollywood movies have more impact. This article shows the glimpse of the fashion of the salwars among today's youth. Âś Traditional Salwar Kameez

This is the common type of salwar that is used in the Indian Tradition. It is usually consist of three pieces: a loose fitting pajama like pant, a long shirt like blouse and a long matching dupatta. The kameez should be generally below the knee to the mid calf region. China Visum einkleben Chinese Fashion. This is mostly adopted from the bollywood industry.

Churidar Kameez Suit

The Churidar kameez is a suit that is like the traditional salwar kameez, but the bottoms regions have a tight leg fitting. A good amount of extra length material can be added to the ankle to wrap up. Parallel Salwar Suit The Parallel salwar suits are the updated version of salwar kameez. It is popular among the younger generations. Girls of India wear this trouser and are considered fashion. It consists of three pieces as in Salwar Kameez Suit, but the style salwar suit usage is different. The main difference in the parallel suit is the cut and style. The most popular choice is the slightly flared of the salwar suit. The salwar usually has embroidered design along the leg. The top is shorter than the traditional salwar. It is usually worn at the hip level. It will be either is in sleeveless, thin straps, strapless. Pajami Style Salwar This style suit is very similar to the churidar suit because it features the same long kameez. The difference is that the pajama (bottoms) does not have as much length in the lower leg and does not wrinkle around the ankle. It is a very slim fitting leg look.

Afghani Suit This is another type of suit style that has basically had more infuence as the salwar kameez. This also has the three pieces, but the difference lies in the cut and style of the salwar suit. It mainly features many pleated look, with baggy, often embroidered along the leg. The top is normally shorter than usual. It will be either sleeveless or normal. Indo-West Fusion This is a mix of the Indian and the western look, which is mostly preferred by the girls. The design pattern makes use of the salwar kameez suits which is combined with Indian and Western designs. The suit will also be in a design of both the Indian and the Western design and gives a unique look. Kurti Kurti and Kurta is the latest trend in the women's fashion that have adopted from movies. It is a shorter version of a style shirt, in cotton which is suitable more for summers. This is mostly preferred by girls as it is comfortable wearing it. Indian Salwar Suit gives ample look to personality. It is available in wide varieties. Get more info about the Bollywood Designer Salwar Suit, and Indian Handloom Salwar Suit etc.

Jaipur Girls Crazy Import From the Bollywood  

The Fashion is changing day by day; the design depends at the requirements. The trend of the girls in Jaipur has been drastically changing....

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