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CAPTAIN MARVEL JR (2005) Announced as forthcoming at the 2005 San Diego Comic-Con, Captain Marvel Jr. was presumably another casualty in the wake of the Herculean effort Morrison and his compadres put into 52. Like Mister Miracle and Morrison’s earlier Marvel Boy, Captain Marvel Jr would act as another avatar of the Age of Horus, the proposed series presumably incorporating some of the ideas Bill Jemas rejected from the unpublished Marvel Boy sequels.

THE KNIGHT & THE SQUIRE (2005) A proposed mini series featuring the aristocratic British Batman Cyril, Earl of Wordenshire, and his plucky commoner sidekick Beryl, written after Morrison reintroduced the characters as part of the Ultramarine Corps in JLA. Though the mini wasn’t commisioned, Morrison used much of the material to flesh out the Knight and Squire’s backstory in various guest appearances in JLA Classified, Batman RIP and the Blackest Knight arc of Batman and Robin. A misfire Knight & Squire mini was published in 2010, scripted by the often excellent (though not on this occassion) Paul Cornell and drawn by the pseudonymous Jimmy Broxton.

WONDER WOMAN (2009) Morrison’s Wonder Woman project, most probably set outside of mainstream DC continuity, was first rumoured in 2009 after question marks over Wonder Woman’s marginal role in Morrison’s line-wide crossover epic Final Crisis. Addressing this in interviews at the time, Morrison confirmed that he did have more planned for Wonder Woman, but, after reading some of the character’s earliest stories as part of his Final Crisis research, he stumbled across “an uneasy melange of girl power, bondage and disturbed sexuality that has never been adequately dealt with or fully processed out to my mind”. “I’ve always felt there was something oddly artificial about Wonder Woman, something not like a woman at all”, said Morrison. “Having said that, I became quite fascinated by these contradictions and problems and tried to resolve them for what turned into a different project entirely”. Artwise, it was initially linked to former Wonder Woman writer/artists and Morrison’s collaborator on volume two of The Invisbles Phil Jiménez, but the project evolved into DC’s Earth One series of standalone graphic novels, having its first volume (of an intended trilogy) released in 2016, with art by Yanick Paquette.