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St.  Andrew  High  School’s  Museum  to  celebrate  International  Museum  Day     “Museums  (memory  +  creativity)  =  Social  Change”     Traditionally  International  Museum  Day  (IMD)  is  observed  worldwide  around  May  18th   each  year  to  celebrate  the  critical  role  that  museums  play  in  preserving  and  displaying   cultural  and  historical  legacies.  In  observance  of  this  year’s  IMD,  the  St.  Andrew  High  School   (SAHS)  Museum  will  unfurl  Girls  Playing,  a  rare  Edna  Manley  sketch,  on  May  17th,  to  'kick   start'  a  day  of  activities  in  Kingston.     Reflecting  on  the  theme  of  this  year’s  IMD,  “Museums  (memory  +  creativity)  =  Social   Change,”  Director  General  of  the  International  Council  of  Museums  (ICOM),  Julien  Anfruns   said,  “Reconciling  their  traditional  mission  of  preservation  with  cultivation  of  the  creativity   necessary  for  renewal  and  visitor  growth  is  the  evolution  that  museums  are  striving  for,  with   the  firm  conviction  that  their  presence  and  their  actions  can  change  society  in  a  constructive   manner.”     Weaving  together  the  spirit  of  the  IMD  theme  and  the  SAHS  Museum  mission—Heritage,   Creativity,  and  Giving-­‐-­‐Girls  Playing  aptly  embodies  the  complex  balance  that  museums  must   find  in  merging  tradition  and  innovation  for  the  benefit  and  enjoyment  of  the  wider   community.  Produced  by  Manley  circa  1963  and  given  as  a  gift  to  former  SAHS  Principal,   Mary  Dawson—headmistress  at  the  time  when  Rachel  Manley,  Edna’s  grand-­‐daughter,   attended  the  school—the  sketch  has  since  been  meticulously  digitized  by  key  partner  iPrint   Digital  and  will  be  exhibited  on  outdoor  pole  banners,  extending  the  museums  reach  and   visibility  beyond  its  doors  into  the  community.      

                                                                                                                                              Credit:  Edna  Manley/iPrint  Digital  Ltd     As  part  of  the  celebratory  activities,  notable  SAHS  alumnae,  including  the  French  and  Ammar   families—  having  as  many  as  two  and  four  generations  of  SAHS  women,  respectively,  will   make  special  presentations.  Rounding  off  the  celebrations  will  be  a  performance  from   iCandy,  international  recording  artiste,  and  songwriter  and  SAHS  alumna.  Susie’s  Bakery,  a   kind  partner,  will  provide  refreshments  and  also  grant  summer  internship  opportunities  to   St.  Andrew  High  School  students.    

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Mrs. Margaret  Reckord  Bernal,  the  SAHS  Museum  curator,  notes:  “Collaboration  and   networking  are  key  elements  in  nurturing  artistic  vision  and  we  treasure  the  spirit  of  giving   that  which  is  critical  to  sustaining  museums  like  ours.  Special  networking  will  continue  as  the   Museum  explores  other  relationships  and  themes,  which  highlight  artistic  vision  and   entrepreneurial  spirit  of  “Life  More  Abundant”  people.       Established  in  1977  by  the  International  Council  of  Museums  (ICOM),  International   Museums  Day  aims  to  increase  public  awareness  of  the  role  of  museums  in  the   development  of  society.  Its  momentum  has  risen  unabated  ever  since.  In  2012,  IMD   garnered  record-­‐breaking  participation  with  almost  32,000  museums  hosting  events  in  more   than  129  countries.  “Museum  collections  make  connexions”  will  be  the  2014  IMD  theme.     The  St.  Andrew  High  School  (SAHS)  Museum  in  short   Created  in  April  2011  and  named  for  a  beloved  school  administrator  who  retired  after  42   years  of  service,  the  Emrie  James  Museum  is  the  island’s  first  ever  purpose-­‐built  museum,     in  any  school.  Jamaican  heritage,  the  School  and  its  history  of  “Life  More  Abundant”  women   in  all  spheres  including  sports,  the  arts  and  in  academia,  are  celebrated.  Mrs.  Margaret   Reckord  Bernal  (a  cultural  arts  specialist,  poet  and  an  alumna)  serves  as  its  curator.   Treasured  school  memorabilia  and  creative  works  from  notable  writers  and  artists  are   exhibited.       The  quiet,  museum  garden  facility  is  Wi-­‐Fi  connected  and  situated  at  St.  Andrew  High   School  (SAHS)  at  10  Cecelio  Avenue,  Kingston  10  and  is  open  to  the  public  weekdays,  by   appointments.       Press  Contact:  Margaret  Reckord  Bernal  -­‐  299-­‐6535  |  Email:     Web  site:              Social  Media:  and  Twitter:  @sahsmuseum    


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Museums (memory + creativity) = Social Change  
Museums (memory + creativity) = Social Change  

A press release about this year’s International Museum Day (IMD). The St. Andrew High School (SAHS) Museum will unfurl Girls Playing, a rare...