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Don’t Miss a Cheer—Coming back to campus means its time to prepare for all the traditional Fall events. Check out the event calendars in this issue for roaring good times and please don’t miss Page 7, where you’ll find all the info needed to make your ticket reservations for upcoming varsity football and basketball games.

New Parents’ Primer & Key Fall Events

Parents Helping the School: Austin Parents Association Shows the Way

W Unitas Veritas Caritas

elcome back to Saints from your Austin Parents Association. We wish to remind new parents that all current parents of enrolled new Saintsmen are automatically members of the Austin Parents Association. Parent involvement is key to the success of St. Augustine High School and it allows

Dear Parents and Friends

Hearts and Minds


aints has a long-standing commitment to educating students to become ethical and moral leaders who are responsible to their God, their Church, their family and the common good of society. Community service, service learning, and attention to issues of social justice are hallmarks of the Augustinian educational experience we provide. Our aim is to educate them deeply; to move Principal James Horne beyond a college preparatory curriculum and teach them lessons of the heart as well as the mind. By blending leadership with these lessons on justice, compassion and service to others we step closer to achieving our mission: “communicating to the world the Augustinian values of Community, Truth and Love.” The beginning of a new school year provides us with new opportunities. By now, many are aware of the restructuring of the school day and implementing a leadership curriculum as part of our designed use of the Homeroom block (for more info read the Principal’s message on the school website titled Restructuring Learning and Offering Leadership). This change is exciting for faculty and students alike and we want to encourage parents to play a vital role. The weekly leadership curriculum we have developed for students (found in the student handbook/planner….your student received a copy at orientation) is rich and offers great topics for discussion that can and should be reinforced at home in dialogue with parents/ guardians/siblings. Please take time this year to talk with Saintsmen in groups or individually, in carpool or at the dinner table about the important role leadership has in their good development. On behalf of the faculty and staff at Saints, I want to welcome you to a new school year and share with you our enthusiasm to work for and with all of you as we focus on developing the Hearts and Minds of Saintsmen. Yours in the Spirit of Catholic Education,

James Horne Principal

Vol 30 no. 1


Photo from Saints Scene archives by Ernie Torgeson (Saints Parent).

St. Augustine High School 3266 Nutmeg Street San Diego, CA 92104-5199 619-282-2184

you to experience the strength and love of the greater Saints’ community. Saints asks each family to commit to 25 hours of volunteer service through our Family Involvement Program, the backbone and support of our APA events. The APA provides you the opportunity to get involved in two important ways, leadership and volunteering. As Saints begins its new leadership program for your son, become an example and share your leadership and organization skills by attending and participating in our monthly APA Board of Directors meetings. Help us organize and plan all of Saints’ hospitality and fundraising activities and events and keep your finger on the pulse of Saints! Continued on page 6.

...The Road Together

Priestly Service, Pride & Phase 2 Planning Update By Edwin Hearn, President St. Augustine High School


he entire Saints Community welcomes the Class of 2014 and their families. In the 89th year of service to San Diego, Saint Augustine High School continues to build the mission of AugusEdwin J. Hearn, Jr. tinian education. With the addition of two Augustinians, Fr. Kirk Davis, OSA, and Br. Barnaby Jones, OSA, our faculty is a rich blessing to the community. Many of you will remember Fr. Kirk as Br. Kirk when he served in Campus Ministry in 2008-09. Ordained in July, Fr. Kirk will continue his work with our students in Campus Ministry. Br. Barnaby comes to us from Scotland; he will assist Saints in a variety of ways. To have a vibrant and flourishing Augustinian presence at Saints is truly a blessing. Many Catholic schools have little to no priestly presence. Saints will have five Augustinians on campus working with our students. Not only does our community have the opportunity to rub shoulders with men dedicated to God in priestly service to the Church during the school day, we have five Augustinians on the Board of Directors, ensuring Saints continues to fulfill its Mission of educating young men in the Augustinian tradition of “Unity, Truth & Love.” The summer provided excellent enrichment opportunities for faculty and administraContinued on page 5.

Students and Parents:

Please Follow these Rules for Driving and Parking By Mr. John O’Beirne (’84) Assistant Principal for Student Affairs

For the 2010-2011 school year, underground parking will be for seniors only. Seniors must register for a parking space in the Student Services Office. Parking garage rules number 1 through 4 are: 1) Slow is Pro inside the parking structure and around the campus. 2) The underground parking lot is one-way

only. Please observe the flow of traffic at all times. 3) No loitering in the parking structure. 4) Students will be responsible for trash in the underground parking lot. Our overall campus-area parking availability, including the parking garage and off-street parking areas, comes to approximately 350 spaces for students and faculty. Continued on page 2.

August/September Calendar Highlights Date

Event Name


August 28 Feast of St. Augustine September 2 Spirit BBQ 5 pm September 6 Labor Day - No Classes September 8 Mandatory Frosh Parent Meeting 6 pm September 8 Meet the Teachers Night 7 pm September 19 Family Mass 9:30 am Vasey Patio September 26 Parent/Son Chastity Program 8 am For a complete list of sports schedules and locations, visit the online calendar at .


Augustine in the Words of Pope Benedict XVI Part One – Introduction

By Fr. Bob Gavotto, O.S.A., (’55) Saints Chaplain Editor’s Note: We are delighted to have Fr. Bob pen a series for Saints Scene on all things Augustinian. Before arriving to Saints (where he graduated in 1955) to be the school Chaplain, Fr. Bob had served here before as teacher and Director of Recruitment. He did his theological studies in Rome and worked there for Fr. Bob Gavotto OSA (’55) six years at the Augustinian headquarters on the General Council. He also has been pastor at St. Patrick’s in San Diego and at Our Lady of Grace in Castro Valley, CA. He also served on the matrimonial tribunal in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, as President of Villanova Preparatory School in Ojai, CA, and as the Director of the Office of Evangelization for the Diocese of San Diego.


hen I was a student priest in Rome in the 70s at our Augustinian College of Santa Monica, there was a custom that on each Candlemas Day, February 2, representatives of the many and various religious orders presented a large candle to the Pope, which he in turn then took and distributed among the churches in Rome.


I was fortunate to be chosen one year to go with another Augustinian priest from Spain and present a candle to the then Pope Paul VI. We simply knelt before him, were announced that we were from the Augustinian College, and he spoke to us a couple of words. The words he addressed to the two of us I will never forget. He said: “Always hold St. Augustine dear to your heart. There is no one greater than he.” In Italian it was: “Abbiate sempre caro Sant’Agostino. Non c’e’ nessuno piu’ grande di lui.” Paul VI had a great devotion to St Augustine, and it was evident. Fast forward to January/February, 2008. We have another Pope with a great devotion to St. Augustine: Pope Benedict XVI. So much so, that he dedicated five of his weekly Wednesday audiences in January and February, 2008, to talk about Augustine. Fortunately our Prior General, Fr. Robert Prevost, published a booklet entitled “Saint Augustine of Hippo in the Words of Pope Benedict XVI”. Now probably none of us were at those five audiences, however, we can imagine that we were there and listen to the Pope as he tells us about the life of Augustine, his search for truth, his writings, his conversion, and his last days. At the same time the Pope tells us of his devotion and his esteem for St. Augustine: Augustine is “a figure to whom I feel very linked for the role he has had in my life as a theologian, priest and pastor.” Our Prior General says in his Introduction to the booklet: “Our hope in providing this compilation of the Holy Father’s addresses is that all who read them will profit from his insights into the inner life and works of Augustine and will also feel, as he does, very linked to him.” So, in these coming months, let sit back and relax and become linked to Augustine! St. Augustine, pray for us.

Welcome to the Changing yet Timeless Campus By Fr. Gary Sanders O.S.A. (’67)

Editor’s Note: The school is pleased to note that Fr. Sanders is Provincial of the Augustinians, the ranking Augustinian in the West and is headquartered on the Saints Campus.


n the fourth chapter of St. Augustine’s masterpiece, “The Confessions” (#8) St. Augustine speaks of the importance of friends “teaching and learning from each other ... being impatient for the return of the absent and welcoming them with joy on their return.” Many things have changed from when I was a student at Saints (1963-67). The buildings are different (except for the gym and chapel,) the teachers are different, and the departments of technology, advanced science, and art weren’t even imagined. However, Saints is known primarily for the things that never change -- the dedication of the Augustinian priests and brothers who have been involved in the life of the school from its

beginning, the weekly celebration of the mass, the partnership the Augustinians have with the excellent lay professionals who administer, teach, and serve the school, and by involved parents and alumni who continue the school’s legacy by a positive active involvement. But let us never forget that Saints is about the education of young men, and their developing relationship with Jesus Christ and others. Our students are our most important assets. As the school begins a new year many Saintsmen are returning, like St. Augustine himself, to a gathering of friends to “teach and learn from each other” as well as from their teachers. This is the essence of the Saints experience. It is what we proudly and properly call “community.” As the provincial of the Augustinians, I welcome back all those who are returning to Saints. I particularly want to welcome the freshmen and any new students and their families to the Saints’ experience of community. May God begin the good things he has already begun in you.

Student and Parent Driving Continued from Page 1.

“Spirit BBQ” September 2nd, 2010 5:00 pm at St Augustine Event menu prepared by “The Barbecue Pit”

BBQ Beef or Ham Sandwich Cole Slaw/BBQ Baked Beans/ Macaroni Salad/Lemonade $10 per person • children under 10 - $5 All proceeds to benefit the Austin Parent Association who are focused on supporting all aspects of our Campus Community


Another great opportunity to see old friends and create new relationships with others in our “Saints community.” Season tickets to home games, “sports pack”, and clothing will be available for purchase – Don’t miss out!!!!

Everyone should be commended for driving carefully during the past school year. Yet, there were a few complaints from neighbors that drivers often blocked the street while dropping off students. The long line of cars created by this practice at peak hours is a source of irritation for neighbors, who are trying to get to work. Be prepared for SDPD to be conscientious about enforcing speed limits throughout our North Park neighborhoods, especially during the first few weeks of school. Keep common courtesy in mind when driving or parking near school: --Don’t double-park and leave your car unattended. --Don’t block neighbors’ driveways during school or special events. --Don’t take up two parking spaces in front of local residences. Please come to a complete stop at the many stop signs in the neighborhood. Failure to stop is still an expensive moving violation. Would you rather spend three seconds to make a full stop or spend three hours or more at a court-mandated traffic school? Parents, the school strongly suggests that you arrange a designated spot away from school where you can park and wait for your son to meet you. Also, drop your carpool off a block or two away. The walk is good exercise and it removes a vehicle from the morning traffic jam. If your Saintsman is driving to school for the first time, he must register with the Student Services Office and obtain a parking assignment sticker for off-campus parking. No exceptions. Thank you for helping make traffic safety a priority. It’s an important part of relationship-building with our neighbors.

Saints Alum Takes Cal Poly Rose Float Galactic


hile most Saints grads, who are still college students are taking the summer to relax off campus, about 40 members of the Cal Poly Pomona rose float club and committee are working on next year’s entry in the 2011 Tournament of Roses Parade. Collaborative efforts from Cal Poly Pomona and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo have been in full swing since the design concept was finalized in February. The rose float committee sifted through 98 entries before choosing the winning concept, “Galactic Expedition,” proposed by Michael Roussin, a 2007 graduate of St. Augustine High and a third-year mechanical engineering student at Cal Poly Pomona. “This was actually one I didn’t think I would win,” said Roussin, who has participated in the design concept contest for three years. “Galactic Expedition” consists of children building a rocket and getting ready to blast off into space and is based on the theme of next year’s parade, “Building Dreams, Friendships & Memories.” Roussin said his knowledge of engineering helped in developing his design. “I imagined how it may move and how it would be operating underneath to see if it were even possible,” Roussin said. The float will be about 50 feet long, with several animated components. He plans to help build and decorate the float as well as see it at the parade.

Happy Birthday, Lou Kniffing Oldest Living Saintsman turns 100 this month

L School’s Twitter & Facebook Update Are you looking for up to date info on meetings, announcements, activities, breaking news and game times, locations and results. Do you wish you had a reminder for all these events? Follow Saints on Twitter and Facebook You can set up an account to have news sent directly to your e-mail or sent as a text to your phone, or you can simply link to the Twitter/Facebook feed by clicking on the icons at the lower left on the Saints home page

By John White (parent ’11 and ’13)

ou Kniffing (’28) must have known that the trumpet vines he helped plant in Vasey Patio would live as long as he would, because he did an excellent job with them. The vines have been there since the Great Depression, when Lou, a Saints alumnus, planted them as part of his landscaping work on what was then a new campus. At 100 years of age this September, Lou still has about 20 years on the vines, but they’re catching up. So are the large Chinese elms in the patio. “These vines have kind of grown up, haven’t they?” Lou asked with a chuckle during a recent visit to Vasey Patio. “I don’t think you’ll find any healthier vines in all of San Diego. They really like this spot.” As members of the first few graduating classes, Lou and his brother both attended Saints when the school’s enrollment totaled 150 students, tuition was $100 per year and Vasey Hall was the main building on campus. They started a nursery and landscaping business and Saints became one of their early customers. In a year when Saints alumni from the classes of 1970, 1960 and 1950 are holding reunions, how about something for the class of 1928? Last May, the school saluted Lou and his family at the Distinguished Students Banquet, and it has scheduled a Mass and breakfast for September 29 to celebrate Lou’s 100th birthday. “When Lou graduated from Saints, Coolidge was president of the U.S., and there was no Social Security, no space travel, not even Facebook,” quips Mr. Hearn. “But the vines and trees that Lou and his company planted all those decades ago are graceful reminders that every student has the potential to make the school better for Saintsmen to come. We all look forward to congratulating Lou at his Mass in September and thank him for including Saints in this special birthday celebration.”

History on Tour—Fr. John Keller, O.S.A. (left), led the North Park Historical Committee on a recent campus tour. The group, an offshoot of the North Park Community Assn., welcomes Saints Community members to join. Saints is a favorite site of the history buffs because of its tradition and the fact the original campus (1923) was designed by icon San Diego architect Richard Requa. Requa is considered the dean of early Spanish Revival architecture. Pictured left to right: Fr. Keller, George Franck, Steve Hon, Sharon Turner, Jeff Vigneau, Katherine Hon, and Ed Orozco. Info: Although, it is not a school event, the North Park History Committee is holding a Vintage Car show in North Park on Sept. 11. Check above website for details.


Perfect Place, Perfect Day for Golf


arly this summer the fourth annual Saints Tijuana/San Diego annual golf tournament was held successfully at the Tijuana Country Club, or Club Campestre Tijuana. More than 125 parents, alums and friends of Saints from both sides of the border participated. The weather couldn’t have been more spectacular (no June gloom in Baja). “This is the fourth time we’ve put on this event,” adds Pancho Marty, tournament committee co-chairman, “and holding it in Tijuana is icing on the cake. My co-chair, Roberto Encinas, is one of 10 Saints dads from both sides of the border working on this tournament, and Mario Fajardo is a past chairman of the board for the Tijuana Country Club, so the combination of the golf course and the school is perfect.” Thank yous go to sponsors Agua Caliente Racetrack, Honda, Nextel and Grupo Farmaceútico de Tijuana. Saints President Edwin Hearn, who played in the tournament, heard so many positive remarks ranging from: “This wasn’t just a day of golf, it was an adventure” to “I am telling my friends about this tournament.” “The hosts in fact outdid themselves,” said Ed Hearn, “There was a nice breeze off the Pacific and the course was in perfect condition.”

Parents Can Take a Bow When Their Kids Do the Right Thing By Tom Basinski

Editor’s Note: This article by author/journalist Tom Basinski first appeared in the Chula Vista Star News. Recently I addressed the “Society of Saints Scholars,” a group of 11th and 12th grade high achievers at St. Augustine High School. I spoke about the importance of following your dreams if you’re lucky enough to realize your dreams, you must also consider what might happen when the dreams hit a bump in the road or appear to be at the end. What impressed me about the students at St. Augustine is that they were gentlemen. I stayed for lunch. Many of them came by to shake my hand and thank me for the presentation. They were polite, a twofold sign of good upbringing and good discipline at school. Indeed many wearing letterman jackets. Some of them looked like athletes. I saw several non-athletic appearing guys wearing jackets with letters. Looking closer, I saw “Academic” and other symbols on the letters. I liked that. Sports are terrific, but there is more to life. One doesn’t have to excel in athletics to earn a letter at Saints. That’s great. One only has to look at the many messes college and professional athletes of today have made of their lives to know that athletic achievement is vastly overrated in today’s society. Many of the guys at St. Augustine have something they learned at home and at school that sets them apart, and hopefully will set them apart in years to come. No doubt, because they are human, some will end up in hot water in their lives, or in the justice system before everything is over. But what these guys have is a good start. What they do with it remains to be seen. The parents and staff at Saint Augustine High can take a bow.

Saints Parents Group Names New Leadership for 2010-11

Terrific Day of Golf—Among the more than 125 participants in the 4th annual Saints Baja Golf Tournament were (left to right: Aram Hodoyan (‘84), a Saints Alum and member of the school’s Board of Directors; Edwin Hearn, Saints President, Mario Rivera (‘84), Kevin McMahon (‘88), Saints Dad Alex Dominguez; non-player Rico Dominguez (‘13) and Derek McMahon (‘88), Saints Board of Directors member.

T First Day of Frosh Football—Just like the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, you can bet as soon as the call is made for Freshman football practice 130 ninth graders will heed the call.

A Christmas Carol AUDITIONS

WHEN: AUGUST 24 & 25 - 2:45 -5:00pm WHERE: Mr. Bernens Room - #316 • • • • •

No experience required. Come only one of the days. All will give a dance and voice audition. All will be taught and perform a dance routine for their dance audition. All will sing a song for their voice audition. All interested in a speaking role should prepare a memorized 1 minute selection of a song from any musical. Bring sheet music or an instrumental recording. • You will be free to leave after your singing audition. • Callback on Thursday, August 26. For more information see Mr. Bernens – Room #316 4

By John Marin APA President Emeritus

he Austin Parents Association moves forward into its third year after merging the Austin Guild and Boosters Club. The APA provides all Saints parents with the opportunity to volunteer in their many activities and events throughout the year. The primary goal of the APA is to give parents the opportunity to meet each other, volunteer, and share in the Saints Experience. Saints has a strong and vibrant parent community and APA allows all parents to express their appreciation and gratitude for the development of the Augustinian spirit and values in our young men. We thank our out-going officers, Norma Dormann, VP of Hospitality, Annette Fleming, VP of Publicity, and Ernie Torgeson, President Emeritus. They have not only given of themselves and their time but they recognized that these four years at Saints would be the most formative in their son’s intellectual and spiritual growth. They didn’t wait for their sons to graduate, they came forward and poured out their love, their wisdom and their leadership on behalf of all parents. We cannot thank them enough for all that they have done for Saints. Graduation brings the APA new leadership for 2010-2011 and we are excited about our officers. Tamara Zehentbauer is Secretary, Barbara Lowell is Treasurer, Theresa Kosen is VP of Publicity and the VP of Hospitality is Juan Ibaibarriaga. Lauren Graham returns as VP of Fund Raising. The APA’s Treasurer for the past two years, Kelly Coyne is President, and out-going President John Marin is President Emeritus. We appreciate that talents and experience that these parents bring to the APA. Our APA contact information, calendar and event description of volunteer activities are listed on the Saints website under Parents and Austin Parents Association. We look forward to seeing you at our APA events and we hope you make your own special Saints Experience.


Saints Parents Volunteer Opportunities You can make a difference! Become an important part of the Saints Experience Please contact the chairperson to find out more information and how you can help!

EVENT DATE Chair/e-mail Freshman Orientation Thursday, August 19 Hospitality* Spirit Bar-B-Que Thursday, September 2 Maya Madsen Dylene Gilb Meet the Teachers Night Wednesday, September 8 Hospitality* Family Mass Sunday, September 19 Debbie Piorkowski 8th Grade Visitation Wed.-Thurs., October 6-7 Patty Brandon Freshman Retreat Sat.-Sun, October 9-10 Annalee Hulbert Janice Rougas College Night/General Mtg. Wednesday, October 20 Hospitality* 8th Grade Open House Sunday, November 7 Patty Brandon Saints-Cathedral Tailgate Party Friday, November 12 Fiona Theseira Maggie Christmas Social Saturday, November 20 Robin Diamond-Williams Denise Phillips College Panel for Seniors TBD Angels-at-Saints Karen Manns College Night for Jr. Parents Wednesday, January 19 Hospitality* Entrance Exam Saturday, January 22 Patty Brandon Intersession Expo/General Mtg. Thursday, January 27 Hospitality* AP Courses Night Wednesday, February 9 Hospitality* Grandparents Day Friday, February 11 Kathy Connors Sophomore Retreat Monday, February 7, 14 Laura Walsh Math Field Day Saturday, February 26 Hospitality* Annual Dinner Auction Saturday, March 19 Robin Diamond-Williams Denise Phillips New Family Night Wednesday, March 23 Rose Whalen Junior Class Mass & Brunch Friday, March 25 Linda Ruppert Festival of Art and Culture Saturday, April 9 Jean Hundley Junior Retreat Monday, April 11&18 Linda Ruppert Senior Mother-Son Luncheon Sunday, April 10 Hospitality* Sober Grad Night Friday, May 27 Alex Dominguez Faculty Appreciation Lunch Friday, June 10 Angels-at-Saints Karen Manns *Hospitality All Events Juan Ibaibarriaga Rachel Cave ALL YEAR ACTIVITES 2010-2011 eScript (All year) Angels-at-Saints (All year) Saint’s Merchandise Sales (All year) Athletic Ticket Packages (Summer/Fall) St. Monica’s Prayer Group (Mass every Thursday at 7:45 a.m.) Family Involvement (All year) Hospitality (All year) Points (All year) OLP Cheer (All year) Saints Scene (All year)

Priestly Service Continued from page 1

tion. Principal Horne participated in a weeklong Strategic Planning workshop at the University of Notre Dame. Fr. John Keller, Ms. Nancy Caine, Mr. Greg Hecht and I attended the International Boys’ School Coalition Conference, Inventions in Teaching, in Philadelphia. Both meetings provided excellent reflection and direction for Saints as we move forward with Building Future Edwin J. Hearn, Jr. Saints. Additionally, the Schematic Design Proposal for next phase (gymnasium, theatre, music studio and track & field) was approved by the Board of Directors and the Members of the Corporation and by the North Park Planning Committee. The proposal has been submitted to the City of San Diego for their review and approval. If successful, the architectural process will move into the Design Development Phase. An audit of the President’s Office was completed last year to create a structure for growing the school’s Endowment Fund and position Saints for the Phase II Capital Campaign. In May, the Board of Directors approved the hiring of an Alumni Liaison, a Director of Advancement and initiating a Major Gifts Campaign this fall. Mr. Dan Strickland (’03) has been hired to fill both positions. A graduate of the University of San Diego with a degree in Sociology, Dan coached basketball at USD prior to becoming an assistant basketball coach for Saints. Dan brings a great love for Saints to his new position and an unmatched energy level for advancing St. Augustine High School. Saints is truly a blessed community! With the message of Jesus the Christ as the core of our school, we can only create a greater Saints.

Georgia Critchlow Karen Manns Debbie Torgeson Maryanne Carlin Toni Christy Jill Dominguez Juan Ibaibarriaga Rachel Cave Mike Croke Lily Lopez Kinninger Theresa Kosen Tom Shess

Saints Football Preview 2010 Season Q&A with Varsity Football Coach Richard Sanchez

Q: At this early date, how does the 2010 Varsity Football teams compare with last fall’s version? A: It will be very difficult to surpass our success a year ago but we can’t wait for the challenge. I’m excited about our teams potential this season. Q: What’s new on defense? A: We have eight new starters on defense, however newcomers at linebackers such as Daniel Farias and Aaron Anderson will lead the defensive charge. Returning starters Kevin Pinchioti (DL), Sean Davey (DB), and Nick Gonsalves (DB) give us the leadership and experience to succeed. Q: What about the offensive side? A: Our offense once again will be led by our quarterback Evan Crower, who we expect to break several Saints passing records. Our top two receivers Darren and Evan Critchlow will lead the team in receptions while DeAndre Crowder will carry the load at running back. Q: You lost quite a few offensive linemen to graduation. How’s it look upfront? A: Yes, we will have to replace four linemen but you will find us running behind talented offensive tackle Joe Cook. Q: Describe the kicking game. A: We will get great field position with the strong leg of punter Paul Hundley. Big play maker Johnny Jackson is back to add excitement on return punts and kick-offs. Q: Overall, how do our chances look for another winning season? A: I expect great things this season. We will place an exciting and competitive team on the field this year. The team hopes to see everyone on Friday night.

Saints Merchandise Shop announces its new name:


The shop sells all kinds of Saints logo merchandise from sweatshirts to jackets, blankets to car decals. Plus, all proceeds from the shop support student activities from athletics to drama to music! Halo Joe’s is located just north of Nutmeg on 33rd street behind the Augustinian Monastery. Store Hours:

Monday, August 23 Friday, August 27 Monday, August 30

7:30 am – 2:30 pm 12:30 -1:30 pm 9:30 am – 2:30 pm

Continuing into the school year the shop will be open Mondays Fridays

9:30 am – 2:30 pm 12:30 – 1:30 pm

Halo Joe’s will be set up at school events including Spirit BBQ and home varsity football games.



APA Officers 2010-2011

Vice-President of Hospitality Vice-President of Fund Raising Vice-President of Publicity Treasurer Secretary President Emeritus Administration Representative

Kelley Coyne

Juan Ibaibarriaga Lauren Graham Theresa Kosen Barbara Lowell Tamara Zehentbauer John Marin James Horne

APA Class Representatives 2010-2011

Senior Class Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class

July 7, 2010 August 4, 2010 September 8, 2010 October 6, 2010 October 20, 2010 November 3, 2010 December 10, 2010 January 27, 2011 February 2, 2011 March 2, 2011 April 6, 2011 April 9, 2011 May 4, 2011 June 9, 2011

Sofia Samouris Linda Ruppert Laura Walsh Janice Rougas

APA Board Meetings 2010-2011 Board Meeting Board Meeting General Meeting Board Meeting General Meeting Board Meeting Board Meeting General Meeting Board Meeting Board Meeting Board Meeting General Meeting Board Meeting APA Dinner

Parents Helping the School Continued from page 1

We guarantee you one valuable result for volunteering at our APA events, you will make a new friend. Make that first step, give you time, share your love for Saints and the friendships will be follow. Become part of over 50 years of a tradition of parent involvement at St. Augustine High School. – John Marin, APA President Emeritus Here are just some of the opportunities you will have to get involved during the Fall Semester: Spirit Bar-B-Que – Thursday, September 2 at 5:00 in Tolle Lege Plaza. Our Football kick-off Party! Help us set-up, serve, clean-up and share with other Saints families. Contact Maya Madsen ( or Dylene Gilb (drgilb@gmail. com) to volunteer. Meet the Teachers Night – Wednesday, September 8 at 7:00 p.m. in Tolle Lege Plaza. The APA hosts the evening with refreshments and brings you up to date on APA events, then it’s off to the classrooms! Family Mass – Sunday, September 19 at 9:00 a.m. in Vasey Plaza. Our beautiful outdoor Mass & Brunch celebrating the family and our bigger Saints Community. Help us set-up, serve and clean-up. Contact Debbie Piorkowski ( to volunteer. 8th Grade Visitation – Wednesday & Thursday, October 6 &7 We provide refreshments and Saints hospitality to future Saintsmen, their teachers and parents. Contact Patty Brandon ( to volunteer. Freshman Retreat – Saturday & Sunday, October 9 &10 Your son’s most memorable Saints Experience thanks to the help of over 130 volunteers. Contact Annalee Hulbert or Janice Rougas (froshretreat@gmail. com) to volunteer.


College Night – Wednesday, October 20 at 7:00 p.m. in the Gym. The APA hosts this informative evening about all things College. Help us with set up and refreshments. Contact Juan Ibaibarriaga ( or Rachel Cave ( to volunteer.

6:30 p.m. Vasey Hall 6:30 p.m. Vasey Hall 7:00 p.m. Meet the Teachers Night 6:30 p.m. Vasey Hall 7:00 p.m. College Night 6:30 p.m. Vasey Hall 6:30 p.m. Vasey Hall 7:00 p.m. Intersession Expo 6:30 p.m. Vasey Hall 6:30 p.m. Vasey Hall 6:30 p.m. Vasey Hall 5:00 p.m Festival of Arts & Culture 6:30 p.m. Vasey Hall 6:30 p.m. Vasey Patio

8th Grade Open House – Sunday, November 7 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. We welcome future Saintsmen and their teachers, tour the campus and answer their questions. Contact Patty Brandon ( to volunteer. Saints-Cathedral Tailgate Party – Friday, November 12 – Southwestern College. The rivalry is alive and well! Purchase your dinner in advance and get fired up for the game. Contact Fiona Theseira ( or Maggie Mudd ( to volunteer. Christmas Social Dinner Dance & Drawdown – Saturday, November 20 – Mission Valley . It’s the Saints way of starting the holiday season and a chance to win $10,000! Contact Robin Diamond-Williams ( or Denise Phillips (

Top Quarterback

St. Augustine Footballer selected for ESPN Rise QB Camp By


ince 1999, ESPN Rise has been inviting the nation’s top high school football quarterbacks to attend a prestigious four-day camp called the Elite 11. This year, 12 QB’s were selected and played this summer in Aliso Viejo, Ca. for the talented dozen. The group includes athletes from schools around the country and features young men who are certain to be Evan Crower (’11) college stars. Of the pack, however, only one hails from a Catholic high school - Evan Crower (’11) of St. Augustine High School. Crower (6’3”, 185 lbs.) has verbally committed to play at Stanford, but will have an opportunity to light up his receivers at St. Augustine for his upcoming senior year. Crower led his team to a 9-4 record last season, including an appearance in the Division-

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St. Augustine Austin Parents Association invites all families to be part of an exciting tradition. Saints Football and Basketball. If you have already attended a Saints football or basketball game, you know we have the greatest fans and fan turn out anywhere. The high school years go by so quickly and this is a great opportunity to spend more time with your son as well as meet fellow Saints families. Our students are very proud to share this unique experience with their parents, grandparents, and Saints Alumni. The best way to participate in this great tradition is with a SAINTS ATHLETIC SPORTS PASS to all home games. 2EMEMBERYOURPASSALLOWSYOUTOSKIPTHE LINESANDPRE PURCHASEDEADLINES We’ll see you at the games!!!



____ 3PORTS'/,$0ACK – Two passes to ALL HOME football & basketball games PLUS‌$75 3!6).'3 voucher to the Saints store, 2 Spirit scarves, 2 Saints Bumper stickers ... ____ 3PORTS0520,%0ACK - One pass to ALL HOME football & basketball games PLUS $30 voucher to the Saints store, 1 Spirit Scarf & Bumper sticker‌. 3!6).'3 ____ 3PORTS4%%.0ACK

1 pass to all HOME football & basketball games


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Make Checks Payable to: St. Augustine Austin Parent Association Check# ______ Check Amount_______ Credit card options: MC

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Account #__________________________ Exp. Date_______

Cardholder_________________________ Signature_________________________ Total _____ Date_____ Please return form to the school office or: Maryanne Carlin, 5434 Renaissance Ave, San Diego 92122 Home (858) 412-3459 or e-mail - Info on ticket and merchandise pickup to follow

III semifinals (which ended in a loss to Cathedral Catholic). ESPN Rise is high on Crower, which was apparent in their evaluation of him when breaking down the 12 Elite-11 participants: “In an era where it can be tough to name 10 schools that prefer a pro-style QB, drop-back passers seem to be hard to come by. Crower is definitely a guy who will be coveted as a prototypical pocket prospect. He possesses ideal height and is a late bloomer in terms of weight and bulk, which give his frame lots of development upside. He is a tall, left-handed prospect at his best as a rhythm and timing player who drops, gets set, plants and gets the ball out. Overall, Crower has some nice qualities and fits the drop-back, pro set. He is at his best when protected and getting the ball out on time. He is not guy who is going to be real creative with his legs, but he’s a good prospect.�

Saints Scene Your monthly report on the St. Augustine High School Experience

CatholicSportsNet will be monitoring Crower’s play this season. The other quarterbacks in attendance with Crower were Archie Bradley (Broken Arrow High School; OK), Teddy Bridgewater (Northwestern High School; FL), Jeff Driskel (Paul J. Hagerty High School; FL), Phillip Ely (Plant High School; FL), Kiehl Frazier (Shiloh Christian High School; AR), Everett Golson (Myrtle Beach High School; SC), Cody Kessler (Centennial High School; CA), Adam Pittser (Burton High School; IL), DaMarcus Smith (Seneca High School; KY), Kendal Thompson (Southmoore High School; OK), and J.W. Walsh (Guyer High School; TX). Elite 11 has produced an impressive list of camp alumni including NFL quarterbacks Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, Matt Stafford, Troy Smith, Matt Cassel, Brock Berlin, Kyle Orton, Derek Anderson, Kellen Clemens, Brodie Croyle, Trent Edwards, Andrew Woodson, and Tim Tebow.

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Parents, Save The Date! The 4th annual St. Augustine High School Christmas Social, “Peppermint Twist” featuring the famous $10,000.00 DrawDown, is the perfect way to ring in the Holiday Season with the finest people on earth... the Saints Community!

Mark your calendar and look for your invitation to our 4th annual St. Augustine High School Christmas Social, “Peppermint Twist”. Sponsored by the Austin Parents Association, the Social promises an evening of wonderful food, great company, dancing and an exciting $10,000 DrawDown that directly benefits the programs of St. Augustine High School. For information about Peppermint Twist Denise Phillips at (858) 449-1151 or Robin Diamond-Williams at (858) 228-7638, Co-Chairs, Christmas Social 2010.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

DoubleTree Hotel in Mission Valley 7450 Hazard Center Drive, San Diego, California Dinner • $10,000 DrawDown • Dancing St. Augustine High School • 3266 Nutmeg Street • San Diego, CA 92103 • 619-282-2184 • 8


August/September 2010 Issue, Vol. 30 No. 1, St. Augustine High School, San Diego CA

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