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Ultrasonic Mold Cleaning Systems

Clean injection molds--no scraping or scrubbing--in 15 minutes! The Miraclean mold cleaning system is a high-tech, low-labor method for cleaning injection molds. Miraclean ultrasonic cleaning removes carbonization, mold release, gassing, flashing, and other residues from molds in as little as 15 minutes. Miraclean mold cleaning systems: • • • • •

reduce maintenance down time eliminate hand-cleaning replace troublesome solvents and harsh abrasives that can damage molds improve cleaning effectiveness as chemistry and ultrasonics gently clean even intricate designs and patterns decrease labor expenses.

Miraclean ultrasonic mold cleaning systems have been proven effective on steel, chrome-plated steel, nickel-plated steel, and electroless-nickel-with-teflon plated steel. Models and sizes; custom sizes also available: MC 1000 12” x 12” X 12”D

MC 2000 16” X 121” X 18”D

MC 3000 20” X 14” X 26”D

MC 4000 26” X 16” X 30”D

MC 5000 30” X 22” X 30”D

MC 6000 36” X 28” X 36”D

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MC 7000 48” X 28” X 48”D

Ultrasonic Mold Cleaning Systems