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By Jonr Jony -

How is it that the Hoover vacuum company has been able to retain a significant role in the vacuum marketplace? Perhaps it is because they were first to market, in 1908, with their upright portable vacuum cleaner. After a century of doing business, they still have a terrific reputation for quality and they continue to innovate and introduce new technology to the vacuum market. Just as with the first Hoover upright vacuum, which was introduced to homemakers a century ago, was quite impressive, the company continues to impress the marketplace with a broad product line. There is a Hoover brand one for just about every type of cleaning need. In addition to the traditional upright models that made them famous, they also make canister, steam, hand vacuums and more. What Is Hoover Vacuum

One good piece of advice to assure that you get the best vacuum cleaner for your needs, when you are deciding on a Hoover vacuum model, is to be crystal clear about your cleaning needs before starting to shop. Since there are so many vacuum styles and models to select from, it is a good idea to create a list of your common household cleaning needs. Then, when comparing the features of the different models, you can quickly align your decision with the unit that meets the requirements you have listed.

Following is a more detailed breakdown on the various types of Hoover models that you will find. This brief rundown should help you develop a general idea about which Hoover would do the best job for your particular cleaning needs.

Hoover Upright Vacuums: The Hoover company started out with the upright and still has many models of uprights in their product line today. You can find Hoover upright ones that are bagless, or you can opt for the models with vacuum bags. Upright Hoovers are the most commonly used for everyday cleaning chores, to help keep the carpets clean and your home free of dust and dirt. Many of the upright models that Hoover offers are selfpropelled, which reduces the muscle power you will need to put into vacuuming your house.

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The Word Hoover is synonymous with vacuum cleaner in fact within the British Isles Hoover means vacuum cleaner.