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FORUM TO DISCUSSS COMPETITIVENESS With a view to responding to the fast paced changes all around and maintaining a competitive edge on the global stage, the Sultanate will host the first-ever Oman Competitiveness Forum from December 1 to 4, at the Al Bustan Palace, Ritz Carlton Hotel. >A6

WEDNESDAY, October 30, 2013 / 25 DHUL HIJJA 1434 AH




HM receives thanks cable

War-hit Syria now faces polio outbreak


MUSCAT: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has received a cable of thanks from King Juan Carlos of the Kingdom of Spain in reply to His Majesty the Sultan’s cable of greetings on the occasion of his country’s National Day. In his cable, King Carlos expressed his thanks for His Majesty greetings along with his best wishes of good health and happiness to His Majesty and the Omani people progress and prosperity. — ONA

Polio has broken out among young children in northeast Syria, the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed yesterday, and could spread inside and outside the country, where civil war has led to falling vaccination rates. Twenty-two children in Deir Al Zor became paralysed on October 17. >A11


Al Madina Insurance IPO opens



Hi-tech way to nab traffic offenders REJIMON K

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

AUGUST MEETING: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, at

Al Madina Insurance, the first Takaful provider in Oman, announced the opening of its initial public offering (IPO) yesterday. The company is the first insurance provider to secure necessary regulatory approvals to convert its activities to Takaful through the IPO. >B4

Bait Al Barakah, yesterday. – Photograph by Mohammed Mustafa

MUSCAT: Speedsters and traffic violators beware! The Royal Oman Police (ROP’s) Traffic Department is gearing up to install an Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) in Oman. “As part of beefing up road safety measures, the department is planning to implement the ITS in Oman within two years’ time,” Lt-Col. Ali bin Sulayem Al Falahi, Director of Traffic Engineering (ROP), told the media on the sidelines of yesterday’s press conference in Seeb. ITS is a combination of technologies where the data feed from traffic camera, satellite and geo positioning system (GPS) will be used to monitor the roads, make road usage smarter and safer and help nab the violators. “The government is keen to implement the project. We are already in talks with several technical firms,” Al Falahi added. With the help of the ITS, any offender can be nabbed before he passes the next camera. The ITS network will also help the officials in speeding up the procedures. See also >A3

HM, Emir of Qatar discuss relations His Majesty and Sheikh Tamim discuss cooperation and issues of mutual concern

MUSCAT: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, held a meeting at Bait Al Barakah yesterday. During the meeting, both the leaders discussed several aspects of cooperation, as well as the means of promoting the relations to further realise the aspirations

of the Omani and Qatari people, and issues of mutual concern. His Majesty also hosted dinner in honour of Sheikh Tamim. The dinner was attended by ministers, undersecretaries and the delegation accompanying the guest. The meeting was attended by Sayyid Khalid bin Hilal Al Busaidi, Minister of the Diwan of Royal Court, General Sultan bin Mo-

hammed Al Nu’amani, Minister of the Royal Office, Sayyid Badr bin Saud bin Harib Al Busaidi, Minister Responsible for Defence Affairs, Yousuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Abdulmalik bin Abdullah Al Khalili, Minister of Justice (Head of the Mission of Honour Accompanying the Emir), Nasr bin Hamoud bin Ahmed Al Kindi, Secretary-General of Royal Court Affairs, and Mohammed bin Nasser Al Wahaibi, Oman’s Ambassador to Qatar. The meeting was attended from the Qatari side by Sheikh Hamad bin Thamir Al Thani, Chairman of the Al Jazeera Media Network, Dr Khalid bin Mohammed Al At-

tiyah, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Salah bin Ghanim Al Ali, Minister of Youth and Sports, Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim Al Thani, Minister of Economy and Trade, Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa Al Thani, Director of the Office of the Emir, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Assistant Director of Prime Minister’s Office for International Relations, Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Khatir, Ambassador of Qatar to Oman, and Mohammed bin Nasser Al Hajri, Director of Studies and Research Administration at the Emiri Diwan. Earlier, His Majesty led the welcoming party for the Emir of Qatar and his delegation. >A8


Ethical dilemmas for obituaries editor


The Australian obituary writer Mark McGinness once attended a party with Dame Maggie Smith. When she asked him what he did for a living, his answer was received with “an icy stare of utter disdain”. And, he added, “no one does disdain better than Dame Maggie Smith”. >C8


Oman ranks high on business-friendly index

WHO lauds Sultanate’s commitment


WASHINGTON: The Sultanate ranks fourth among Arab countries in the 2014 Doing Business Report issued by the World Bank in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and posted on the website on October 28. The Sultanate was behind the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in the rankings while Qatar followed it in the fifth and Tunisia in the sixth place. The Sultanate was ranked 47th in the world. The Sultanate was ranked at the ninth place globally in the paying

taxes index, the 21st place in registering property index, 77th place in starting a business index, 69th place in dealing with construction permit index, 58th in getting Electricity Index, 86th in Getting Credit Index, 98th in Protecting Investors Index, 47th in Trading across Borders index, 107th in Enforcing Contracts index, and 72nd place in Resolving Insolvency Index. Singapore topped the international classification, followed by Hong Kong, New Zealand, the USA, Denmark and Malaysia. The Doing Business 2014 is an

annual survey on facilitating business practices in different parts of the world, which has spotted a rise in the pace of business reforms over the past year with 114 economies implementing 238 kinds of reforms, compared to 108 economies and 201 reforms in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Reforms Rita Ramalho, the programme manager at the World Bank Group, noted that this year witnessed the number of reforms rising by 18 per cent, the second highest since the

financial crisis. She added that this recovery in the pace of reform of the regulations was good news for small and medium-sized enterprises, which are the main generators of jobs in many parts of the world. The report indicated that while the high-income economies in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) continue to top the list as the best performing economies in most of the areas measured by Doing Business Report, Europe and Central Asia are moving towards narrowing the gap with the region. — ONA


All set for Times Quiz prelims; over 150 teams to slug it out today STAFF REPORTER

MUSCAT: Nearly 170 teams, each comprising three members, will battle it out at the prelims today, to be held at the Indian School Ghubra, to make it to the finals of the 17th edition of the Times of Oman Open Quiz Contest (TOOOQC). The prelims will begin at 6pm and the participants are expected to report at the venue by 4.30pm. Eight top scoring teams from among them will make it to the finals to be held at the City Amphitheatre in Qurum on Friday, November 1, 2013. Quizmaster Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubramaniam, who arrived in Muscat yesterday, had a word of advice for the participants. “The best preparation for a quiz like this is no preparation — when you absorb each question with an open mind, you invariably answer them right,” he said. Organisers of the TOOOQC are pleased with the response from the

quizzers. “We have participants from all over Oman appearing for the prelims and are elated by the enthusiastic response,” said a spokesperson from the TOOOQC. Sponsors, who are the support system of the event, have evinced a great interest in the event this year too. The Times of Oman Open Quiz Contest is powered by Bubchen. The major sponsors are Centrepoint and Al Seer. The co-sponsors are National Bank of Oman, Al Mudhish and Jindal Shadeed. The travel partner is Travel City, Travel Point while the official host is Oman Hotels. The venue sponsors are Sapil, Oasis water, Indomie and Shah Nagardas. Live streaming is by Sowlef. com. The event is brought to you by Page3 events. At the TOOOQC, participants vying for the final spot at the prelims never fail to come with some unique team names. Quizassius Brotherhood, Triple Muggles, Cranium Crushers, MCWhiz, Les

to mass entertainment to fun with knowledge and application of the human mind to at time having to out-think the others. The prelims provide ample opportunity for the participants to prove a point.

Quizerables, Madras Café Express, Nevermind, Doubting Thomases, Buzzer Beaters, Evil Geniuses, Einstien’s Pupils, Zionism, Quiz Hunters Red Devils, Cracker Hackerz, Free Thinkers, The Mind Freaks, We Bring It, Gigaminds are among the many such names. Then there

are ISG-Mom & Boys, ISG-Intel Inside, Mental Outside, ISG-The Journalists, Quizaholics Anonymous, Konfuzed and Klewless, The Syndicate Quizzers, Chancellors of Chance, Master Blasterz and Wiki Moms. Quizmaster Pickbrain admits

that he reads all the names every time. “One of the things I look forward to at the quiz is the team names. It’s really wonderful to see teams put in a lot of thought to what they want to be known as,” he explained. The quiz has grown from merely a niche interest group

Quiz for audience For the first time, the Times of Oman Open Quiz Contest will see a dedicated quiz for the audience on Friday, November 1, at the City Amphitheatre. “This year we will have an exclusive audience’s round just before the action unfolds with the eight teams on the stage,” a spokesperson for the TOOOQC informed. The official informed that the audience’s quiz would be held from 7pm to 7.30pm. During the finals, those in the audience will also have a chance to win exciting prizes likes TV, cameras and many more in a raffle draw to be conducted at the end. The audience, however, have to be present at the venue to claim the raffle prize.


W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3

W E DN E S DAY, O CTO B E R 3 0, 2 01 3


Traffic Safety Expo from Nov. 11 Times News Service MUSCAT: The Royal Oman Police (ROP) will organise Traffic Safety Expo for the fourth consecutive year, at the Oman International Exhibition Centre, from November 11 to 14. The exhibition will be held under the patronage of Dr Ali Al Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry. ELECTRICITY BILL

Posing as bill collectors, conmen dupe residents REJIMON K MUSCAT: Conmen posing as bill collectors from an electricity company yesterday duped residents in Darsait area, ostensibly offering some “out-of-theway” help to slash power bills. A resident said his wife and neighbour were duped by the conmen yesterday while he was in office. “They rang the door bell. When my wife and a neighbour opened their doors, they claimed they were from an electricity company, and as our bill dues was over OMR50, they had come to disconnect electricity. They said if they were ready to offer OMR10, they would ‘replace’ the electricity metre and that will resolve the issue. Believing this, my wife handed over OMR20, as she didn’t have any change,” the resident said. “After getting the call, I got suspicious and I called back my wife telling her to hand over the phone to them. I told them that the caretaker of my flat will come and sort out the issue. I told them to wait but they suddenly left. When my wife and others stepped out of building looking for them, they couldn’t find them,” the resident said.

Brigadier Mohammed bin Awadh Al Rawas, Director-General of Traffic with the ROP, said that such exhibitions are organised with a view to highlighting the efforts of the Sultanate in promoting traffic safety values. Al Rawas added that the event would help identify developments and latest technologies in traffic safety as well as the efforts made

by a large number of institutions and members of the community and their role in reducing road accidents, apart from the work done by the ROP. Al Rawas affirmed that international companies would be showcase their expertise at the expo, apart from 26 government bodies, 64 companies and traffic safety committees.



W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3

OMAN ‘Oman-Australia trade ties growing’ Since both countries have hot, dry, dusty

We have quite an active trade. Because there are about 14 flights a day between Dubai and Australia now, it’s very easy to get food from the paddocks to the plates here within 24 to 48 hours. We’re very proud of the fact that the food is clean and it’s green

climates, a lot of Australian technology and expertise can be implemented in Oman


MUSCAT: Business, cultural and regional ties between Oman and Australia are ever-increasing in strength and in numbers, according to the Australian ambassador to the Sultanate. While on his 11th visit to Oman, Neil Hawkins, the non-resident ambassador to Oman, told the Times of Oman about the growing relationship between the two countries, both bilaterally and through international organisations. “We have, over the past few

Neil Hawkins Australian ambassador to the Sultanate

years, strengthened our relations with Oman for some very good reasons,” he said. When it comes to trade and technology, the ties between the countries are strong. There is now about $500 million in trade annually, $460 million imported from Australia and $30 million or $40 million exported from Oman.

Since both countries have hot, dry, dusty climates, a lot of Australian technology and expertise can be implemented in Oman. Many Australian-made Japanese cars are imported by Oman, as well as agricultural products such as meat, dairy and produce. “We have quite an active trade. Because there are about 14 flights M A N P O W E R D E PA R T M E N T

a day between Dubai and Australia now, it’s very easy to get food from the paddocks to the plates here within 24 to 48 hours. We’re very proud of the fact that the food is clean and it’s green,” Hawkins elaborated. Hawkins estimates that there are about 1,200 Australians citizens in Oman. He says Australians find

Oman peaceful, safe and welcoming, an “ideal environment to bring up a family and do business in.” The relationship is based on people-to-people ties, and a number of Australians are in prominent positions in Oman such as CEOs, government advisers and educators. A big part of the relationship is based on education ties. About 750 Omanis are currently studying in Australia, and several Omani universities, including Sohar University and Sur University College, have affiliations with top Australian universities. Hawkins said the Omani students don’t just play an important role at the universities in Australia, but they add to the country’s multiculturalism. “They hold Omani cultural days, so provide Australians with a view about Oman and what a wonderful place it is. They’re not just coming to learn; they play an important role in our society,” Hawkins said. Oman and Australia also have close ties as members of the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation. While Australian will take over as chair of the organisation this November,

Hawkins said Oman also plays an important role in issues that are key to Australia, such as fisheries and maritime security. “Oman is funding and running the Fisheries Support Unit, which we feel, in Australia, is a model for what other countries should be doing,” he said. As a member of the G20 and UN Security Canada, Australia also tries to represent its allies, including Oman, Hawkins added. “We believe it’s important that we maintain close contacts with our friends like the Omanis to ensure that their concerns and their policies are reflected in these larger groups,” he said. While in Muscat, Hawkins also attended the Australian Business Group Oman’s annual awards night which recognised Australian businesses and people in Oman. WorleyParsons was named Australian Company of the Year. Wayne Pearce, CEO of Oman Air, was named Australian Businessperson of the Year, and Hamed Al Hajri was awarded the Distinguished Contribution Award for an Omani who fosters Omani-Australian relations.


Pact signed for building in Al Buraimi MUSCAT: Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al Bakri, the Minister of Manpower, yesterday signed an agreement for the construction of a building of the Department of Manpower in Al Buraimi Governorate at a cost of OMR906,275,046. The agreement was assigned with Noos Trading Company. The new building will be located in a 1.518 square metres area in Al Sara Al Jadida in the Al Buraimi Governorate. The actual implementation of the project is expected to begin after three weeks. -ONA

FOR THE DIFFERENTLY-ABLED: A special tree at The American International School of Muscat let

children with disabilities have some of their wishes come true. – Sarah MacDonald

‘Wishing Tree’ brings joy to children with disabilities STAFF REPORTER

MUSCAT: For the second year in a row, a special tree at The American International School of Muscat (TAISM) let children with disabilities have some of their wishes come true. Earlier this month, the “Wishing Tree” was set up at the school for a week. It was decorated just as a Christmas tree traditionally is, but instead of glass balls and tinsel, it was covered with little pieces of papers scribbled with the names, ages and wishes of the children who attend the Association of Early Intervention for Children with Disability (AEICD). Students, staff and families at the TAISM could take any piece of paper from the tree and

buy gifts for children. On Thursday morning, three members of the TAISM’s community service group visited the AEICD to deliver the gifts, much to the delight of the children. “I like doing stuff like this as it’s fun to see who the gifts actually went to. It lets us look at people who need a hand and help them out,” said Vanessa Seymour, a student in Grade XI who has been part of the community service group for three years. Sabah Al Bahlani, the CEO of the AEICD, said events like this which involve the community are hugely important to the children with disabilities because it allows them to have some fun and helps integrate them with the society at large. “The community should be

aware of such children. They can see that the children have their own abilities and this changes their attitudes about them,” Al Bahlani explained, as the kids removed the wrapping paper from their gifts to reveal beautiful dolls, cars, books and other toys. The “Wishing Tree” was organised by Zuhal Sarikaya, a TAISM parent and member of the AEICD’s fund-raising committee. She said the event has become very popular at the school because people are sensitive to children with disabilities and want to support them. “I’m so happy to see their smiling faces. Most important is the fact that it’s what they wanted. They chose their own gifts,” she said.


W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3

OMAN Competitiveness key issue at Oman forum The Public Authority for Investment Promotion and Export Development is organising the event in partnership with the World Economic Forum

MRUDU NAIK COMPETITIVE EDGE: Local and international economists are expected to discuss the importance of

MUSCAT: With a view to responding to the fast paced changes all around and maintaining a competitive edge on the global stage, the Sultanate will host the first-ever Oman Competitiveness Forum from December 1 to 4, at the Al Bustan Palace, Ritz Carlton Hotel. The global competitiveness forum will discuss the critical importance of identity and vision, enterprise, education, sustainability and technology in creating a stronger, more robust and competitive Oman. The Public Authority for Investment Promotion and Export Development (PAIPED) is organising the event in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF). Announcing the event at a press conference, His Highness Sayyid Faisal bin Turki Al Said, PAIPED’s Director General of Marketing and Media, said, “Globalisation is making our world increasingly smaller and the nature of competition in the international marketplace is no longer just about the value of the product or service — it is now about a highly-

economic competitiveness while identifying the advantages of Oman. – Jun Estrada/Times of Oman

skilled workforce and creative production.” Local and international economists are expected to come together to discuss the importance of economic competitiveness while identifying the advantages that Oman currently has. “We have speakers from the US, the UK, Ireland and Australia attending the forum,” informed Azzan Al Busaidi, director general, Research Studies & E-Services. The objective of the forum is to learn from the experience of organisations within and outside the Sultanate to better achieve the goals set in Oman’s strategy 2020 for diversifying the economy, and thus improving the country’s global economic position and investment climate. Sayyid Faisal added, “If we want to retain Omani talent, and want them to work in the Sultanate, and also want to attract talent from around the world, then prioritising quality living, education,

infrastructure, work environment and lifestyle is essential. Oman is determined to respond to the changes around us and ensure our offer is second to none. Our competitive edge will guarantee our place on the global stage — and driving this is central to PAIPED’s agenda.” Six sessions The forum will feature six sessions hosted by expert individuals and organisations, such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), who will bring extensive experience in developing economic advantages for countries around the world. Other sessions will look at the importance of evolving a national identity, constructing a united vision, promoting entrepreneurship, delivering sustainability goals, retaining an encouraging innovation and creativity by investing in education and technology to create a stronger, more robust, competitive Oman. A statement from a World

Economic Forum official said, “According to the Global Competitiveness Report, Oman has become more competitive in recent years, moving up from 42nd in 2007 to 33rd in 2013. Going forward, the country will need to strengthen the growth momentum and create even more jobs for the rapidly growing population. An innovative, entrepreneurial and diversified private sector is the key in this respect.” “Based on a presentation of the findings of the Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014, this session will discuss the ingredients that will enable Oman to create a business environment that supports higher levels of productivity, entrepreneurship and innovation and put into place a long term vision for the country’s competitiveness,” she added. Panels will focus on five areas including national identity and vision, enterprise, growth and sustainability, learning and creating smart communities.


‘Ensure quality telecom service’ MUSCAT: Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications yesterday urged the telecom operators to ensure availability of best quality service and improved benefits to subscribers at affordable rates. During a meeting with the chairman of Omantel and CEOs of Omantel and Nawras, he urged the operators to take necessary measures in this regard and contribute to achieving the aims of e-Oman, e-government and Vision 2020. The CEO of the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) and CEO of the Information Technology Authority (ITA) attended the meeting. Al Futaisi said that the meeting follows complaints from citizens about the quality of telecom ser-

vices and the directives from the Council of Ministers. He hoped the telecom companies would take effective measures to ensure top quality services to subscribers. Issues pertaining to the telecom sector and challenges facing them, including licencing procedures for telecom stations as well as the viewpoint of the operators and TRA regarding the quality of telecom services and tariffs were also discussed. The two companies complained of the lengthy licensing procedure, which delays roll out of such stations and negatively impacts the quality of services. He said that these issues would be taken up with the respective agencies and necessary steps taken to serve the interests of the

telecom sector in particular and the Sultanate in general. He affirmed that the government is very keen on continuing its support to develop the sector and improve the quality of its services. It is also keen on enabling the sector to play its role in the development process. He said it was agreed to have more meetings with the operators in the presence of ITA and TRA to discuss the impediments facing them, how to solve them and the measures to be taken to ensure availability of high quality services at affordable rates. These measures may include enhancing the quality and spread of 3G and 4G services in different governorates, basic services in unserved areas and better services areas with poor coverage. -ONA

W E DN E S DAY, O CTO B E R 3 0, 2 01 3


OMAN WHO lauds Oman’s commitment Oman has made big strides in the health and social sectors


MUSCAT: Through a sustained commitment and careful planning for health and social development, Oman has made significant advancements in these areas over the past four decades, Ala Al Alwan, World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Regional Director

for the Eastern Mediterranean, said yesterday. Speaking at the 60th session of the regional committee of the WHO, Alwan said, “The excellent collaboration between the WHO and Oman is a model that we aim in case of all the member states, and I extend my particular appreciation for Oman for this admirable achievement.” In his speech, Alwan highlighted many health related issues such as strengthening health systems, universal health coverage, maternal and child health, international health regulations, polio, noncommunicable diseases and the challenges faced by the region in health and environment. He said that during the meet-

ing, the regional committee reviewed the annual report for 2012 and achievements made so far over the past one year. It helped the member states to share their experiences. However, the dialogue on related issues was a continuing process and helps all the member countries. Dr Mohammed bin Obaid Al Sa’eedi, Oman’s Minister of Health, said the meeting was being held at a time when several health issues have emerged. “It makes obligatory for all of us to do more for the health of our communities. There was an urgent need for more commitment especially with drastic political, social and economic changes in a number of countries in the region,” he said.

DELIBERATIONS: Dr Mohammed bin Obaid Al Sa’eedi, Minister of

Health, at the 60th session of the WHO in Muscat, yesterday.

“Strengthening health systems and making them more efficient is one of the fundamental strategies to promote comprehensive development,” he added.


88 countries have reduced accidents death rates that are double the one in high-income countries in other regions of the world. This shows that road accident injuries pose a grave problem for all countries in the region, regardless of their income level.


MUSCAT: The pace of legislative change needs to rapidly accelerate if the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011– 2020 is to meet its target of saving five million lives, said the 2013 global status report, ‘Supporting a Decade of Action,’ on road safety. The report, which was released at the 60th WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Committee meeting underway here in the city, also documents that between 2007 and 2010, some 88 countries have managed to reduce deaths on their roads, showing that improvements are possible. However, the number of deaths increased in 87 countries during the same period. Worldwide, the number of road accident deaths remains unacceptably high at 1.24 million per year. This report is second in a series analysing the extent to which countries are implementing effective road safety measures. It says that only 28 countries, covering seven per cent of the world’s population, have comprehensive

road safety laws on five key risk factors — drinking and driving, speeding, and failing to use motorcycle helmets, seat-belts and child restraints. The report consists of information from 182 countries, including 19 countries from the Eastern Mediterranean region, accounting for almost 99 per cent of the world’s population or 6.8 billion people.

Data from the Eastern Mediterranean region show that it accounts for 10 per cent of the world’s road accident deaths and has the second highest road fatality rate among WHO regions after the African region. Middleincome countries of the region account for over 85 per cent of its road accident deaths. On the other hand, high-income countries in the region have road accident

Youth hardest hit The younger age groups are the hardest hit in accidents. About 60 per cent of those killed in road accident crashes are between the ages of 15 and 44, and over 75 per cent are male. This is in line with the updated Global Burden of Disease Data 2010, which shows that road accidents are the leading cause of death among those aged 15-29 in this region. Of all the road accident victims in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, about 45 per cent are vulnerable road users. The highest toll is of pedestrians, followed by motorcyclists and bicyclists. However, only a few countries have national policies and enabling environments to encourage walking and cycling or to separate vulnerable road users.

Earlier, after the meeting began, Al Sa’eedi was elected as chairman of the Regional Committee’s 60th session. The WHO Regional Commit-

tee for the Eastern Mediterranean commenced its working sessions on Sunday when it was formally inaugurated under the auspices of His Highness Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, Minister of Heritage and Culture, in the presence of other ministers of Oman, undersecretaries and senior government officials and health ministers of the Eastern Mediterranean region. Among other issues, the committee discussed polio situation in the region and the re-emergence of polio virus in some countries that were already polio-free. In his paper, Bruce Aylward, Assistant Director General of the WHO, said that all the countries in the region were vulnerable to polio infections.


W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3



His Majesty receives Qatar Emir

The Emir of Qatar was also received by Sayyid Khalid bin Hilal Al Busaidi, Minister of the Diwan of Royal Court, General Sultan bin Mohammed Al Nu’amani, Minister of the Royal Office, Sayyid Badr bin Saud bin Harib Al Busaidi, Minister Responsible for Defence Affairs, Yousuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Abdulmalik bin Abdullah bin Ali Al Khalili, Minister of Justice (Head of the Mission of Honour accompanying the Emir of Qatar), Nasr bin Hamoud bin Ahmed Al Kindi, Secretary-General of Royal Court Affairs, Mohammed bin Nasser Al

Wahaibi, Sultanate’s ambassador to Qatar and members of the Embassy of Qatar in the Sultanate. Sheikh Tamim is on a two-day business visit to the Sultanate. Sheikh Tamim made the following statement upon his arrival in the Sultanate: “Upon my arrival to my second country, the sisterly Sultanate of Oman, I express my great pleasure to meet His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and offer my best greetings along with the greetings of the Qatari people to him and the Omani people, wishing him good health and welfare and his brotherly people further progress and prosperity. -ONA


W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3 No lawyers to defend Egypt’s ousted president Mohamed Mursi on Monday, the Anti-Coup Alliance supporting him said the hardliner had rejected the authority of the court that is due to try him


Egypt judges withdraw from Badie trial The judges are retiring from this case for reasons of conscience and the accused must remain in detention, head judge Mohammed Fahmy Al Qarmuty told the court

CAIRO: The three judges presiding in Muslim Brotherhood chief Mohamed Badie’s trial withdrew from the proceedings yesterday for “reasons of conscience”, just days before Egypt’s ousted president Mohamed Mursi goes on trial. Badie and his two deputies, Khairat Al Shater and Rashad Al

Bayoumi, face charges related to the deaths of protestors who stormed the Brotherhood’s Cairo headquarters on June 30. “The judges are retiring from this case for reasons of conscience and the accused must remain in detention,” head judge Mohammed Fahmy Al Qarmuty told the

court at the start of the session, without elaborating. It was not immediately clear what prompted the judges to step down and it is expected that new judges will be appointed to hear the case. Defence lawyer Mohamed Damaty insisted “there is no evidence at all in the case”. Behind bars He said that the authorities wanted to keep the accused behind bars on a preventative basis “because they know very well that the proceedings are political”. The judges’ decision to step down will “prolong the process”, he added. A total of 32 other defendants are being prosecuted along with Badie, Shater and Bayoumi. None

of the 35 were in the court yesterday, when the second session of their trial began. An official said that the defendants were not brought to the court for security reasons. Badie, Shater and Bayoumi face charges of inciting the murders of nine protestors on June 30. If found guilty, they face the death penalty. Three other accused hardliners also face murder charges while 29 are charged with participating in violence. “I just want to see Badie and Shater hanged. I will fight for my son’s rights,” said Setohy Abdel Rahman, father of a protestor killed in June 30 clashes, after the judges announced their decision. Yesterday’s developments in a

downtown Cairo court came less than a week before the November 4 start of Mursi’s trial. Mursi is to be tried with 14 others for “incitement to murder” in connection with deadly clashes between his supporters and opponents outside the presidential palace in December 2012. No lawyers to defend Mursi on Monday, the Anti-Coup Alliance supporting him said the hardliner had rejected the authority of the court that is due to try him. “No lawyers will be defending president Mohamed Mursi, neither Egyptians nor foreigners, because the president does not recognise the trial or any action and processes that result from the coup,” the alliance, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, said in a

statement. The group said a team of Egyptian lawyers would be attending the trial with Mursi, but only “to observe proceedings, not to defend him”. The alliance has called for mass protests on the day of the trial, raising fears of further violence in the deeply polarised country. Mursi himself has been held incommunicado in military custody since his ouster. His ouster has not deterred supporters from organising anti-military demonstrations, which are now largely being held in universities. Also a Cairo court postponed the trial of four policemen accused of killing 37 prisoners in August, judicial sources said. The next hearing in their trial will be on November 12, they said. — AFP


Iran, IAEA hail ‘productive’ talks VIENNA: The UN atomic watchdog and Iran hailed yesterday “productive” and “constructive” talks, in the latest possible sign of Tehran’s willingness to ease international concerns about its nuclear work. Iran’s envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said he presented a new proposal—aimed at clearing up allegations of past nuclear weapons research—that he hopes will “open

a new chapter of cooperation”. The two sides will meet again in Tehran on November 11, a few days after parallel talks with the P5+1 group of six world powers— the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany—in Geneva on November 7-8. The meeting in Vienna was one of a series of gatherings this week meant to prepare the groundwork for that Geneva meeting. — AFP

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REGION War-hit Syria faces polio outbreak 500,000

The WHO has warned that polio could spread

Syrian children to be vaccinated against polio and other diseases

in Syria where some cases have already


been confirmed

GENEVA: Polio has broken out among young children in northeast Syria, the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed yesterday, and could spread inside and outside the country, where civil war has led to falling vaccination rates. Polio, a crippling disease caused by a virus transmitted via contaminated food and water, can spread rapidly among children under five, especially in the kind of unsanitary conditions endured by the displaced in Syria or crowded refugee camps in neighbouring countries. Twenty-two children in Deir

Children under five in Deir Al Zor province of Syria are deemed vulnerable

SUSPECTED CASE: A Syrian refugee girl helps her brother, who the family suspects has polio, to walk

as their mother watches in a mosque compound in Shebaa area, southern Lebanon, on Monday. – Reuters

Al Zor province bordering Iraq became paralysed on October 17 and WHO’s regional laboratory in Tunis has isolated the wild polio virus in samples taken from 10 victims. Results on the other 12 are expected within days. “Out of those 22 being investi-


Maliki seeks arms to stem rising violence in Iraq BAGHDAD: Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki flew to Washington yesterday, seeking urgent military supplies to fight an upsurge in sectarian violence spilling over the Syrian border. He will also present himself to President Barack Obama as a potential mediator for him with Iran and Syria, Iraqi sources said - though US officials played down the prospect of Maliki playing such a role. Two years after his last visit, as US troops were leaving Iraq, Iraq is suffering bombings on a scale not seen since the bloody sectarian chaos of 2006-08. Seeking a third term next year, he also seems to be looking to the shifting diplomatic geometry in the Middle East to help entrench his position. Speaking at Baghdad airport before flying out for three days of talks in Washington that will culminate at the White House on Friday, Maliki said it was “urgent” that Iraq receive “offensive weapons to combat terrorism and hunt armed groups”. He stressed a need for helicopters and other equipment. Aides have also cited drones as useful for patrolling a border across which the government says Al Qaeda and other groups fighting President Bashar Al Assad in Syria are bringing in men and arms that have killed more than 7,000 Iraqis this year. Security and intelligence “We will discuss security and intelligence in addition to arms needed by the military to fight terrorism,” said Maliki, who will


Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki.

meet Vice-President Joe Biden today and Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel with senior US generals tomorrow. He cited the threat from Syria was high on his agenda and distanced himself from comments by aides who called for faster delivery of F-16 jets, due to arrive in about a year. Such aircraft were not a priority to counter militants, he said. Maliki’s government says Al Qaeda is bent on securing territory in Iraq, where one of the minority communities is the main community in the desert next to Syria, and wants to destabilise Baghdad to further its goal of ousting Assad. However, many of them accuse Maliki of using Al Qaeda violence to justify excluding their community from power. Maliki made no direct mention of his potential to act as a go-between but several Iraqi officials and politicians said that he would be discussing that issue in Washington. A senior official close to Maliki said: “Everything will be in one basket: Iraq, Iran and Syria.” — Reuters

gated, 10 are now confirmed to be due to polio virus,” Oliver Rosenbauer, spokesman of the WHO polio eradication programme, told a news briefing in Geneva. Most victims are under two years old and are believed never to have been vaccinated or to have

received only a single dose of the oral vaccine instead of the three which ensure protection from polio, he said. Half a million children in Syria have not been vaccinated against polio and debilitating diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella because of war, ac-

cording to the UN Children’s Fund (Unicef ). It is Syria’s first polio outbreak since 1999, according to WHO, the United Nations health agency. “Immunisations have started in that area,” Rosenbauer said, referring to Deir Al Zor. The city of Deir Al Zor is partly controlled by Syrian government forces while the surrounding countryside is in the hands of rebels fighting to remove President Bashar Al Assad. Some 65,000 children under five in Deir Al Zor province are deemed vulnerable, according to the WHO’s latest estimate. Critical priority Anthony Lake, executive director of Unicef, said he had held “businesslike and encouraging” talks with Syrian Prime Minister Wael Al Halqi and other senior officials. He called for 500,000 Syrian children to be vaccinated against polio and other diseases. “With cases of polio now emerging in Syria for the first time since 1999, reaching every child with polio and other vaccinations is not

only an urgent and critical priority for Syria but for the whole world,” Lake said in a statement at the end of his previously unannounced two-day visit to Damascus. Across Syria there are 3 million children aged under five. Before the conflict, which began with peaceful protests in March 2011 and led to a civil war, 91 per cent of Syrian children were vaccinated against diseases including polio, but the rate has fallen to about 68 percent, Rosenbauer said. “So it makes sense that very young kids would get it.” Polio invades the nervous system and can cause irreversible paralysis within hours. It is endemic in just three countries - Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan - raising the possibility that foreign fighters have imported the virus into Syria, where Islamist militant groups are part of the splintered array battling Assad’s forces. “The next step will be to look genetically at these isolated viruses and see where they came from. That should give some clarity on the origin,” Rosenbauer said. — Reuters


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ASI’s gold hunt in UP may end LUCKNOW: The gold hunt in an Uttar Pradesh village sparked off by a seer’s “dream” might end soon, sources in the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) said yesterday. Officials said digging for the supposedly buried 1,000 tonnes of gold had gone 16 feet deep into the earth’s crust and the prospects of finding the yellow metal “look grim”.

The gold hunt, which has created international interest, is taking place in Daundiya Kheda village in Unnao district about 100km from Lucknow. Unearthed An ASI team has been digging the excavation site for 10 days but unearthed only glass bangles, broken pottery and some

utensils along with a brick wall. The seer had said that the erstwhile ruler of Unnao, Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh, appeared in his dream and said that 1,000 tonnes of gold lay buried under his fort in the village. ASI officials said that if further excavation did not yield any breakthrough in two or three days, the digging work would be stopped. -IANS

Pension scheme for overseas Indians to be launched in Oman REJIMON K MUSCAT: The new Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana (pension and life insurance scheme) aimed at encouraging the habit of saving among Indian bluecollar employees working overseas, will be launched in Oman also, an Indian minister has said “On Monday, I launched the scheme in UAE. It will be launched in all 17 Emigration Check Required (ECR) countries, including Oman, soon. This will definitely improve the financial security of blue-collar workers,”

Vayalar Ravi, Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs, told Times of Oman over phone from India. The new scheme aims at providing a social security net to around five million blue collar Indian workers employed in 17 (ECR) countries. It is known that most of the workers are unable to save and when they lose their jobs or go back home, they have nothing to fall back upon. A senior Indian Embassy official also confirmed that the scheme would be launched soon in Oman. “The Indian government is doing the ground work to launch the scheme for the benefit of the Indi-

ans working in Oman also. We expect an early launch,” he said. The scheme will contribute Rs1,000 (OMR6.2) per year for every Rs5,000 to Rs12,000 saved by each subscriber. The benefit will double for women subscribers for the same amount of savings. Additionally, Rs900 will be contributed to the subscriber account for saving Rs4,000 or more annually towards a return and resettlement fund. Valid for five years, the scheme will also provide free insurance cover in the event of accidental or natural death during the period of subscription.

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Modi cannot become PM: Nitish Manmohan, Modi share stage, PATNA: BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s desire to become the prime minister will remain a dream, his foe and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar asserted yesterday. Launching a bitter attack on Modi, two days after he hit out at Nitish Kumar here, the Janata Dal-United (JD-U) leader also blamed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the collapse of the BJP-JD-U alliance in June. In his concluding speech at a two-day JD-U convention at Rajgir in Nalanda district, Nitish Kumar repeatedly made fun of his Gujarat counterpart but without taking Modi’s name. Describing Modi as “the man who came here two days ago”, Nitish Kumar said his dream of becoming the prime minister will remain just that — a dream. ‘BJP hype’ “Modi is not using democratic language. He was using fascist language when he asked his supporters thrice in a row to ‘punish me’ and ‘eliminate me and my


Minister Nitish Kumar addressing JD-U workers’ Chintan Shivir in Rajgir, yesterday. -PTI

party’ in the next general election,” Nitish Kumar said. He said in politics, winning and getting defeated in elections go together. But there were no bloody battles and added that calling for “elimination is fascist language”. He compared Modi’s prime ministerial “dream” with what he described as the “BJP hype” over Modi. “Like his cooked up stories about me, this ‘hava’ (wind) is not natural. It has been produced by a

blower.” In any case, Nitish went on, anyone aspiring to become the prime minister of a country like India should learn to be patient — and sober.“The way he was wiping his sweat and drinking huge quantities of water” while addressing a BJP rally here on Sunday showed he was “waiting to attack me”, the Bihar chief minister said. Nitish Kumar said it was not he who ended the 17-year-long alliance with the BJP but it was the latter which created conditions that led to the bitter divorce. “It is the BJP which is responsible for the split that weakened the anti-Congress sentiments in the country amid price rise and corruption.” Nitish yesterday said the state’s security agencies were answerable for Sunday’s serial blasts in Patna and he will ensure that the incident is probed from all angles. He said Bihar government has asked the NIA to take over the probe in the serial blasts targeting Modi’s rally that had left six people dead and over 80 injured. - Agencies

battle it out over Patel’s legacy AHMEDABAD: The prime minister and the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate were yesterday locked in an ideological battle over Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, with Narendra Modi wishing the “Iron Man” had been India’s first prime minister and Manmohan Singh underlining that Patel was a Congress leader and secular to the core. Sharing the stage with the prime minister at a function here, Modi spoke first and said that India would have been beter off if Patel had ruled the country after independence. “I wish Sardar Patel had become the first prime minister of India,” Modi said at the inauguration of a

museum dedicated to Sardar Patel. “This will remain our regret. If Sardar Patel would have been our first prime minister, then the face and fate (tasveer aur taqdeer) of the country would have been completely different,” Modi said. Modi’s comments mirrored long-held views of the BJP and its affiliates which adore Sardar Patel but have no love for the socialistminded Jawaharlal Nehru, who ruled India for 17 long years, from August 1947 until his death in May 1964. Sardar Patel died in 1950. Speaking soon after Modi, the prime minister, the chief guest on the occasion, recalled Patel’s asso-

ciation with the Congress and his love for secular values. “I am proud and happy about the fact that I belong to a political party to which Sardar Patel was attached,” he said, in a clear dig at Modi. He went on to point out that Patel was a “secular man” who always worked to strengthen the Congress. “Sardar Patel was totally secular. He believed in the unity of India. All his life he worked to strengthen the Congress. It will not be wrong to say that he (Sardar Patel) has a great contribution in laying the foundation stone of the united India the world sees today,” the prime minister added. - IANS

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My daughter does not have the face of a terrorist and neither did my mother. It just doesn’t make sense to me, why this happened Rafiq Rehman, Drone attack affectee

In US, drone victims narrate ordeal Some Pakistani victims of drone attacks travel to Washington to put a human face on America’s drone campaign and their account was cited last week in an Amnesty International report A QUESTION FOR THE US GOVERNMENT: A hand drawn picture of US drones, as well as a picture of her

WASHINGTON: Nabila Rehman was picking okra in her family garden last year when missiles from a drone rained down from the sky, killing her grandmother and injuring her and seven other children. The nine-year-old Pakistani girl now has a question for the US government: “What did my grandmother do wrong?” Nabila’s father has travelled with her from Pakistan’s North Waziristan region to Washington, along with her 13-year-old brother, who was also wounded by shrapnel, to put a human face on

dead grandmother, rests on a desk near Nabila Rehman, nine, who was injured by a US drone strike in Pakistan, during a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, yesterday. — AFP

America’s drone campaign. Their account was cited last week in an Amnesty International report that demanded an end to secrecy around the drone attacks and questioned US claims the missile strikes in Pakistan’s tribal belt are carried out only against imminent threats with minimal civilian casualties. Nabila’s father, Rafiq Rehman, said he accepted an invitation

from a documentary production company to come to the United States because “as a teacher, I wanted to educate Americans and let them know my children have been injured.” Why did this happen? “My daughter does not have the face of a terrorist and neither did my mother. It just doesn’t make sense to me, why this happened,”

he said in an interview. The Rehmans said they have no connection to any anti-US extremists or Al Qaeda militants, and as they mourned their grandmother, they were confounded by inaccurate accounts of the October 2012 bombing raid. Media reports afterward confirmed a drone strike took place, but said missiles hit a house, with one version alleging a car was

struck and several militants killed. But the Rehmans said no building or car was directly hit in the attack, and that paved roads are some distance away. They say missiles landed in the field where their grandmother was teaching Nabila how to recognise when okra are ripe enough to pick. After a loud boom, “where my grandmother was standing, I saw these two bright lights come down and hit her,” said Nabila. “And everything became dark at that point.” She noticed blood on her hand and tried to wipe it away with her shawl. “But the blood just kept coming,” she said. Shrapnel lodged in her right hand and she was treated at a local hospital. Her brother, Zubair, suffered shrapnel wounds to his left leg, which required two operations. His family had to take out a loan to pay for the surgery. Since the attack, Zubair said he has trouble sleeping and no longer goes outside to play cricket. “I don’t feel like going outside and playing with my friends. I don’t feel like going to school. It’s really destroyed my life,” he said. His sister said the US government’s explanation for drone strikes did not apply to her family. What have I done? “When I hear that they are going after people who have done wrong to America, then what have I done wrong to them? What did my

grandmother do wrong to them? “I didn’t do anything wrong,” she said. The Rehman family’s experience features in a new documentary, “Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars,” which takes a critical view of the air strikes. Yesterday, they were to appear at a press conference in Washington with a member of Congress, Alan Grayson, a Democrat from Florida. “When it comes to national security matters like drone strikes, it’s important that we hear not only from the proponents of these attacks, but also from the victims,” Grayson said in a statement. In their village in North Waziristan, there is the constant buzz of drones overhead and even small children learn to identify the sound, the father said. Wanting peace Rehman said all he wanted was “peace” and to end the violence that claimed his 63-year-old mother. “I believe there are better ways to go about it than these drones, perhaps through discussions and negotiations with whoever they are targeting.” The US government insists the drone strikes are a legal means of “self-defence” and an effective tool in the fight against Al Qaeda, arguing other methods would put more lives at risk. — AFP


Kayani discusses security with Chinese leaders ISLAMABAD: Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has discussed the current security situation in the region including Pakistan-India tensions over the Line of Control (LoC), with the Chinese leadership. Kayani, who began a four-day official trip to China on Monday, held separate meetings with Central Military Commission Vice Chairman General Fan Changlong and Chinese State Councillor and Minister for Public Security Guo Shengkun, said a statement issued by the InterServices Public Relations (ISPR). The military’s media wing said Kayani discussed with Chinese leadership the current regional security situation and the possible role both could play towards ‘strategic stability’. “Talks also encompassed the measures to boost mutual coop-

Ashfaq Parvez Kayani

eration on a wide range of issues,” the statement added. According to ISPR, the army chief reiterated the goodwill of the government and people of Pakistan and thanked Chinese leadership for China’s ‘eternal support to Pakistan’. — Exclusive, in arrangement with Express Tribune


Militants kill pro-govt tribal leader QUETTA: A pro-government tribal elder and six members of his family were killed when unknown gunmen stormed their home in southwest Pakistan early yesterday, officials said. The pre-dawn attack occurred in Dera Bugti district, some 450 kilometres southeast of Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province. “Dodha Khan, his wife, son, daughter-in-law and three grandsons have been killed in the attack,” Abdul Jabbar, a senior government official in Dera Bugti said. Jabbar said more than a dozen attackers armed with assault rifles and other sophisticated weapons came in vehicles and sprayed the family with bullets. Investigation One female member of the family was struggling for her life in a local hospital where her condition was critical, Jabbar said, adding that attackers fled safely after the killing. Officials said they were investigating whether Khan and his kin were killed because of his support for the government or whether he had some personal enmity with anyone. Manzoor Ahmad, spokesman for the paramilitary Frontier Corps confirmed the attack and the death toll. — AFP

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ASIA Australia declares end of Afghan war effort Prime Minister Tony Abbott made a surprise

Australians don’t fight wars of conquest. We fight wars of freedom. We fight for peoples’ right to live their own lives and to worship in their own way

visit to the Australian Defence Force mission in Uruzgan province of Afghanistan to make the announcement

KABUL: Prime Minister Tony Abbott declared Australia’s longest war at an end during a surprise visit to Afghanistan, with more than 1,000 troops to return home before Christmas in a “bitter-sweet” withdrawal. “Australia’s longest war is ending, not with victory, not with defeat, but with, we hope, an Afghanistan that’s better for our presence here,” Abbott said. He flew to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) mission in remote Uruzgan province on Monday to make the announcement on the withdrawal which he said was a “bitter-sweet moment for Australia”.


Minister Tony Abbott, second left, bids farewell to Uruzgans Provincial Governor Amir Mohammad Akhundzada, at the Multi National Base at Tarin Kot in Afghanistan, on Monday. – Reuters

“Sweet because hundreds of soldiers will be home for Christmas. Bitter because not all Australian families have had their sons, fathers and partners return,” he said at the main base of Tarin Kot. In an official statement released yesterday, Abbott said the mission had been critical to Australia’s national security. “We have worked to ensure Af-

ghanistan does not again become a safe haven for terrorists and have worked with our allies to make the world a safer place,” he said. “People have paid a high price. We have lost 40 of our best.” More than 20,000 Australians have served in Afghanistan, with 40 killed in action and 260 wounded since 2001 when Australia joined close ally the United States


Verdict on soldiers over mutiny deferred DHAKA: A Bangladesh court has postponed a long-awaited verdict on some 800 soldiers who faced the death penalty if convicted over a bloody 2009 military mutiny, prosecutors said yesterday. The court had been expected to deliver its ruling today on the soldiers who allegedly went on a killing spree at their barracks in Dhaka. The lead prosecutor in the current case, Mosharraf Hossain,

said that the judgement, which had been due this morning, has been delayed as the judge needed more time to finish writing his verdict. “The judgement will not be delivered tomorrow. A new date will be fixed later,” Hossain said. The delay comes as the country reels from deadly street clashes between supporters of the opposition and ruling party activists and police.

At least 17 people have been killed since Friday when the opposition began a push to force Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to quit and make way for elections under a neutral caretaker government. Nearly 6,000 soldiers have already been jailed by dozens of special courts over the uprising that began at the Bangladeshi Rifles headquarters and left 57 top army officers massacred. - AFP

Tony Abbott


China flexes muscles with show of submarine force BEIJING: Beijing has put its nuclear-powered submarine fleet on public display, with state media yesterday touting the move as unprecedented and necessary to show other countries China’s strike capabilities as territorial tensions mount. In an overt declaration of China’s high-seas strength, several papers ran stories on the four-decade-old submarine fleet, while state broadcaster CCTV has devoted much airtime in recent days to its drills and exercises. China’s first nuclearpowered submarine was launched in 1970.

Beijing, Shanghai divorce rates up in wake of new tax BEIJING: Divorce rates in China’s two wealthiest cities, Beijing and Shanghai, have soared after the announcement of a property tax that includes a loophole for couples who split up, figures show. Nearly 40,000 couples divorced in the Chinese capital in the first nine months of this year, jumping 41 percent on the same period in 2012, according to figures released by Beijing’s civil affairs officials this month.

Australian prime minister

to fight the Taleban and Al Qaeda. “Australians don’t fight wars of conquest. We fight wars of freedom,” Abbott said. “We fight for peoples’ right to live their own lives and to worship in their own way.” Abbott underlined that Australia left a legacy of 200 schools as well as health clinics and upgraded roads. - AFP

North Korea upgrading main missile launch site PYONGYANG: North Korea has undertaken major construction work at its main missile launch site, possibly to cater to larger and more mobile weapons, a US think-tank said yesterday. Satellite images taken earlier this month suggest construction of a second flat mobile launch pad at the Sohae missile site, the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University posted on its 38 North website. - Agencies



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White House response on spying is pathetic


he White House response to the expanding disclosures of American spying on foreign leaders, their governments and millions of their citizens was a pathetic mix of unsatisfying assurances about reviews under way, platitudes about the need for security in an insecure age, and the odd defence that the president didn’t know that American spies had tapped the German chancellor’s cellphone for 10 years. Is it really better for us to think that things have gone so far with the post-9/11 idea that any spying that can be done should be done and that nobody thought to inform President Obama about tapping the phone of one of the most important American allies? The White House spokesman, Jay Carney, kept repeating that Obama ordered a review of surveillance policy a few months ago, but he would not confirm whether that includes the tapping of the cellphone of Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, or the collection of data on tens of millions of calls in France, Spain and elsewhere. It’s unlikely that Obama would have ordered any review if Edward Snowden’s leaks had not revealed the vacuum-cleaner approach to electronic spying. Carney left no expectation that the internal reviews will produce any significant public accounting — only that the White House might have “a little more detail” when they are completed. Fortunately, members of Congress have been more aggressive in responding to two broad disclosures. One, that both the Obama and George W. Bush administrations misinterpreted the Patriot Act to permit the collection of metadata on phone calls, emails and text messages of all Americans, whether they were international or domestic. And, second, that the 2008 amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act were being stretched to excuse the routine collection of data from 60 million telephone calls in Spain and 70 million in France over two 30-day periods. The administration has said that such data collection is permitted by Section 215 of the Patriot Act, although Sensenbrenner, who wrote that section, has said it is not. The bill, the USA Freedom Act, would require that the “tangible things” sought through data collection are “relevant and material to an authorized investigation into international terrorism or clandestine intelligence activities.” They would also have to pertain to a foreign power or its agent, activities of a foreign agent already under investigation or someone in touch with an agent. Currently, the government conducts metadata collection by periodically vaguely informing a federal court in secret that it is working on security-related issues. The bill would require a court order in order to search for Americans’ communications in data collected overseas, which falls under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and it would restrict “reverse targeting” — targeting a foreigner with the goal of getting information about an American. The bill would not address spying on foreigners, including such abuses as in the Merkel affair. - The New York Times News Service


US stand on Egypt smacks of hypocrisy


The Balochistan conundrum


here are few who doubt the good intentions of Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, the man who leads Balochistan’s coalition government. The chief minister has a reputation as a man deeply committed to the welfare of the people of his province — and this alone adds to his credibility and standing in a time when few politicians command respect. The question though is if Dr Malik can succeed in bringing peace to his turbulent homeland, and in an exclusive interview with this newspaper, he has said the key to this question lies in the hands of the militants themselves and whether they will agree to negotiate. An All Parties Conference (APC) is being organised to discuss how best to approach this matter with Baloch militant forces based both within and beyond the borders of the country. The matter is a delicate one and will undoubtedly play a key part in determining the future of Balochistan: it currently stands at a point of great uncertainty. Ahead of the APC, and what we hope will be a programme of talks in some form with the militants, Malik raises extremely relevant points when he says the ‘picking up’ of people and the surfacing of bullet-riddled bodies must stop. Quite obviously, an environment of trust needs to be created in Balochistan, if nationalist elements, driven on by feelings of injustice and resulting anger, are to stop their campaign and work towards seeking a political settlement in Balochistan as the chief minister has said this is the only option. About this too, there can be no doubt. But Malik will need the support of all agencies, all institutions and also the federal government, if he is to succeed in his endeavour. Intervention in Balochistan comes also from other quarters, and this must stop if mainstream parties in the province are to have any hope at all of initiating talks with those who have taken up guns. - The Express Tribune

Israel treats Palestinians with chilling racial apathy Western moralists who have been lecturing on morality and civil rights of people around the world have so far remained shamefully silent on what Israel has been doing on the pretext of administrative detention. David Rose, a Jewish investigative journalist has exposed the truth. Nearly 99.99 per cent of the Palestinians, detained under administrative detention, are locked up in different Israeli jails for at least four years for no crimes they ever committed! They are kept in prolonged isolation without electricity, subjected to inhuman physical abuse, never made aware of any charges and denied meeting their family members. Women visitors coming to see them are either shooed away or strip searched by

the Zionist officials. The human rights of the Palestinians never existed in Israel and the rule of law or proper judicial processes have never been there in the Zionist land. Israel has never been a democracy. And, in Israel, Palestinians have always been treated with chilling racial apathy, always denied of their basic rights, never charged with specific crimes and never allowed to defend themselves in open courts. Eric Stromayer Qurum

Palestinians reserve right to be treated with dignity The Palestinians have long been demanding to live in dignity. They have long been demanding to be treated like human beings. And they have long been imploring

Continued instability in Egypt will only favour the ancient regime to return to power and contribute to the further political marginalisation of the secular left. General Al Sisi and the army will and are pushing that agenda

n Egypt, the United States is caught between the devil and deep sea. It has trimmed its largesse and put on hold deliveries of tanks, fighter aircrafts, helicopters and missiles as well as $260 million in cash to show the world how perturbed it is over the continued trampling of democracy by General Abdel Fattah Al Sisi. Yet, it has refused to call the manner in which the army in Egypt usurped power in a coup, condemn the continuing crimes of the Egyptian generals and men in uniform and cut off all aid because Egypt continues to remain a strategic ally. Therefore, Washington’s bounty for the criminals of democracy continues to flow in the pretext of helping Egypt’s counter terrorism activities, counter-proliferation programmes and to ensure security in Sinai Peninsula. The US stand on Egypt, therefore, smacks of hypocrisy and the aid cuts are, as democracy advocate Hisham Kassem says, ‘more symbolic than substantive’. Far from trying to restore democracy, condemn the army coup and working to stop murder of Muslim Brotherhood supporters Washington has allowed the Egyptian army, serpent in epaulettes, to get away with its crimes. Succinct is the comparison made by Feisal G. Mohamed, a professor at the University of Illinois. Egypt, he says, has come to look more and more like England between the death of Oliver Cromwell in 1658 and the restoration of Charles II in 1660. In a tumultuous twenty months, England saw six changes in government, most of them initiated by short-sighted army officers. In the midst of the chaos, one of parliament’s former generals, George Monck, marched his army from Scotland to London with the promise of bringing stability to the Commonwealth. Ultimately he used his position of military strength to force parliament to readmit its royalist members, setting in motion England’s return to monarchy after eleven years of experimentation in republicanism. General Al Sisi looks very much like an Egyptian George Monck, using a position of military strength to promise stability to a populace weary of tumultuous political transition. If anything his connections to the pre-revolutionary regime are tighter than Monck’s were, the military having been for the past half century a pipeline to Egypt’s Presidential Palace. Continued instability will favour a return to power of the ancient regime, and the further political marginalisation of the secular left. And Al Sisi and the army will push that agenda. Whatever Feisal predicted way back in August and soon after the coup in which General Sisi and his army usurped power has come true. Egypt has become a wildly unpredictable place. The military, in its effort to break the influence of Muslim Brotherhood, has banned the party once again. Having dismantled the Brotherhood’s political machinery to their satisfaction, a presidential election will be called with the military strongly backing one of their

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To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost GUSTAVE FLAUBERT

own. They have tried since the ouster of Mubarak to install Omar Suleiman as the president. In the last presidential elections, they gave very strong support to have another member of the old guard, Ahmed Shafik. Next time around, they may push for Shafik again, or, perhaps, urge Al Sisi to put on civilian clothing and stand for election. Many segments of the public seem to be showering him with adulation, so that if Al Sisi ran for president today he just might win. A small and apparently innocuous sentence spilled the beans. A news item, Hagel Contacts Egyptian General Now In Charge, in on July 3, 2013 exposed what the United States has been trying to obfuscate so zealously. The news said, US Defence Secretary Hagel and US Chief of Staff General Dempsey were walking a fine line in their contacts with the Egyptian military, expressing concern while attempting to avoid the impression that the US was manipulating events behind the scenes. All of a sudden the miasma cleared. We now know why the Egyptian army murdered nearly two thousand Muslim Brotherhood supporters, maimed over two thousand more, unseated an elected president and brought back the rule of the guns suspending Egypt’s national constitution. It was, by no means, an effort to restore liberalism, uphold democracy, give the rein of uprising that overthrew Hosni Mubarak back to the secularists and middle class Egyptians and salvage a movement from hijackers. The coup was staged and a thousand Egyptians were murdered in a calculated and wellplanned move chalked out with utter cynicism miles away in Washington. Prevailing silence in Egypt is deafeningly raucous; the lull is intimidating. A fire is raging unnoticed at the backyards threatening to turn into a towering inferno which will eventually burn Egypt down. Muslim Brotherhood may have decided, at least for now, to remain non-violent and carry on with its movement in protest against the army unseating an elected president. But there are fathers, brothers, friends and sisters whose sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and friends have been murdered by the army in unprovoked violent crackdown. They all have been bereaved and they are angry as well. Most of them are more than willing to avenge the murders and are ready to defy their party’s decision. Their options of turning to violence and lure to pick up guns are rising. Far from stabilising the country General Sisi has condemned Egypt to greater chaos which he soon would be found grievously wanting in containing. He may kill a few thousands more and the ban on Muslim Brotherhood notwithstanding Egyptians’ protests against the coup will continue and grow. And they must because the General Sisi’s crimes cannot be allowed to go unopposed and uncontested. The feet that have trampled the green shoots of democracy must be chopped off. The author is the Opinion Editor of Times of Oman.

the world to ensure that their children be allowed to grow up with education, good health and without fear of being perpetually persecuted by the Zionists. Thus far, their pleadings have been systematically ignored by the global community. But the time has now come that the international community sits up and listens to their demands, and respond and atone for the sins it has so long been committing. Sumit Chatterjee Qurum

Congo, a dark spot on earth despite its natural wealth Congo’s descent into darkness, perpetual poverty and pervading hopelessness is inexplicable, especially given its dimension and the wealth it possesses. In

terms of its size, Congo is almost the size of Eastern Europe and is the third biggest country in the African continent. And the natural resources it has are simply astounding. It is blessed by nature with copious reserves of gold, diamond, copper, cobalt, uranium, tin and many other precious and strategic minerals. A recent study into what ails Congo has been absolutely damning. It noted that Congo’s enormous mineral wealth has largely failed to translate into better living conditions for the local population even as corruption, state weakness and the sheer size of the territory present opportunities for various armed groups to engage in human rights abuses and also indulge in plunder of the natural resources. K. R. Srinivas Seeb

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A 17

PERSPEC IVE Remembering World War I; it’ll surely break your heart T

he French embassy in Beirut held a gloomy ceremony to mark the killing of its 58 paratroopers in a suicide truck bombing 30 years ago. Just one survivor of the attack was persuaded to come back to Lebanon; he spoke movingly of his living, wounded comrades and their all-too living trauma. The Americans lost 241 servicemen a few seconds earlier in another suicide lorry bombing, but no ceremonies for them last week. I guess the fires of Afghanistan and Iraq still burn too brightly. Or do the Europeans care about these dark anniversaries? Unlike the Brits — and I suppose we must wait till that awful date of 4 August to get round to it — the French are already commemorating the First World War, the hundredth anniversary of which falls next year. Perhaps they lost too many men to wait: perhaps 1,385,000 against Britain’s 744,000. In Ireland, one of the late Seamus Heaney’s last poems, published for the first time this weekend, is inspired by a reading of the British First World War poet Edward Thomas, who was killed at the battle of Arras in April 1917. In France, they are already reopening ancient tunnels where German and French soldiers spent months blowing each other up. French papers carry full page articles on the need to preserve the memories — the letters and documents and photographs and memorabilia of the war which was supposed to end all wars — along with pictures of long-dead poilus in their odd firemen’s hats. A digital library called Europeana has collected 500,000 mementos and personal archives in 10 countries — its campaign for memorabilia in France begins in just over a week’s time — and some of the items could break a heart of stone. Among them is a cluster of white, black and brown figurine farm animals sculpted by French soldier Charles Grauss for his daughter Ghislaine. They attest to love and a longing for home. But Grauss “fell on the field of honour” — as they say in France — on 29 April 1918. A snapshot shows the Peiffer-Weber family outside their smashed home in Reims in 1918, the building torn apart by a German shell. Madame Peiffer can be seen in a white smock, sitting on the rubble with her tiny daughters, Juliette and Elisa. The very elderly sisters gave the photograph to the digital library which allowed Le Figaro to print it, along with other ephemera of war. Some of the letters are from children. Marguerite Hosmalin wrote to her father in April 1915 (“Mon cher papa...”) with her own drawings of the British, French, Belgian and Russian flags. And there is — was there not bound to be? — a


A snapshot shows the Peiffer-Weber family outside their smashed home in Reims in 1918, the building torn apart by a German shell. Madame Peiffer can be seen in a white smock, sitting on t he rubble with her tiny daughters, Juliette and Elisa

Bible which saved the life of one Kurt Geller in a trench in north-eastern France. Geller — French, despite his name — was sleeping when shells fell around his trench and a chunk of shrapnel struck the Bible beneath his head, almost cutting the volume in two. The Bible still exists, its back and pages torn but its front cover not quite broken. Geller’s head was untouched. British troops sent thousands of postcards home from the trenches, many of them showing destroyed French towns and villages. My father — of whom I have sworn not to write more, although it will be difficult next year — was in the King’s Liverpool Regiment and sent back cards of the destruction of Cambrai which he had helped to liberate along with Canadian troops in 1918. For some reason he was never able to explain, his mother — my grandmother — gave him not a Bible but a tiny steel model of the Buddha to keep him safe. My dad was not a Buddhist. But he survived and the little Buddha is now in my safekeeping, along with his service medal, “The Great War for Civilisation” inscribed on the back. I used to hunt for postcards of the First World War myself and I well remember buying — at a Paris flea market — a card sent home from the trenches by a French soldier in 1914. One after the other, he listed the names of his neighbours who had already been killed. I put the card in a place of safety, and now — to my great sorrow — cannot find it. Eugene Herbet, who fought at Verdun, kept all his 1914-18 papers in the loft of his home. The family house was and still is on the Somme, where his grandson, also Eugene, found them when Eugene Senior died. He had been a stretcher-bearer but also a musician and had persuaded his colonel to let him start his own orchestra in the trenches. His musical note-taking and concert papers are still intact, along with a special march he wrote for his French unit, the 411th Infantry Regiment. In France, they’ve even printed for the first time a French translation of Company K, a novel written by US Marine William March and first published in America in 1933. He fought from November 1917 until the last day of the war, 11 November 1918, after crossing the Meuse under shellfire the previous day. “If men of rank from each army could simply find themselves beside a river where they could talk calmly,” March wrote — and I am re-translating him back from the French — “no war would last more than a week.” One serviceman in the novel reads Shelley and Wordsworth. And another, beside him, says to himself: “When the war’s over, I’m going to learn to read.” - The Independent

A day for women without children

DALIA EL SAWY DE BELLO Special to Times of Oman


hy do people relate to and sympathize with grief and not with struggle? People sympathize with a woman who loses a child, yet they don’t know anything about the struggle of a woman who cannot have a child. They sympathize with a person

who loses a job, but they don’t think much about those who cannot find a job. Is it because humans can feel “pain” and relate to it, yet they can’t feel the struggles of others, if they themselves have not been through it? Grief and pain cannot be denied or ignored, but a daily struggle should also be acknowledged. Women without children live their lives without ever knowing so many joys of life: Conceiving, preparing a baby’s room, shopping for baby clothes, baby shower, delivery, first time to hold the baby, the baby’s first smile, first word, first laugh, breastfeeding, carding for a child, birthdays, first day at school, first drawing, mother day celebrations, sport practice, ballet practice, the pride of their achievements, graduation, marriage, successes, problems, unconditional love, hugs, and kisses. These are just some few moments, that many women would call “the best moments in their lives”, which a woman without

children would never know. It is not that simple to live such a life, especially in a world that revolves around children. You face many days feeling lonely, empty, useless, without a purpose and frustrated. The world around you makes you feel incompetent, incomplete and a failure if you are not a “mom”. And it is a daily struggle, this is what people need to understand. It is not a “problem” that you can solve, no it is not. And no, it does not get better by time. Let alone that no one talks to you about it, it is like a taboo! Then there is the famous question you hear every time you meet new people “How old are your kids?” Like it is not an option that you may not have kids. And let’s not forget those good hearted people who try to ease your pain, yet end up hurting you more, when they tell you how lucky you are not having children! From their point of view, you are lucky because you have all the time in the world to do whatever

you want. Then there is another important angle that many people might not know about. The fears of a woman without children! The future is something women without children don’t really look forward to. While women with children look forward to enjoy their old age with their kids and grandchildren, women without children face fears of growing old alone, with no one to look after them, with nothing to do. I call for a day for “Women without Children” to honour their struggle and pain. To tell them you are not alone. The world feels your pain and admires your strength. These women deserve to have a day to honour their struggle. The author is a freelance writer based in Salalah, Oman. All the views and opinions expressed in the article are solely those of the author and do not reflect those of Times of Oman.

Beware, violence has boomerang effect

OOMMEN KURUVILLA Special to Times of Oman


t is a truism to say that violence is no solution to any problem in a democratic set-up. But unfortunately, some sections of the people, political parties and misguided organisations do not give a toss about such a universal truth. What happened at Kannur in Kerala and Patna in Bihar on October 27 is deplorable in the extreme. It’s indeed a slur on the escutcheon of the largest democracy of the world. It’s a pity that the strategists of violence do not think much about its boomerang effect, leave alone the very immorality of it all. Kannur district, a Marxist stronghold, has an abysmal track record of what is known as politics of violence. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy was attacked allegedly by CPI (M) workers within 100 metres of the venue where he was to speak at a function of the Kerala Police Annual Athletic Meet. His car was pummelled with heavy bars. Some of the attackers hurled stones at him from close range. He was injured in his head, chest, hands and legs. According to reports, the stone that hit his chest ricocheted off and wooshed past the other side of the windowpane of the car breaking it in its wake. The accuracy and force of the attack point to a calibrated move to inflict bodily harm on the CM. Mercifully, the injuries were not so serious though there was swelling on his chest. There is no doubt that the police have failed in giving protection to the CM. So, there needs to be an investigation to find out the lapse in security arrangements. There is a lingering doubt that police intelligence was leaked to the strategists of the plot. This needs to be unearthed and culprits punished in the first place. Marxist workers led by MLAs and party functionaries in the area tried to gatecrash into the venue and a few of the party’s foot-soldiers were able to get dangerously close to the CM’s car masquerading as local Congressmen. This is the version given by Home

Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan. Defying the pain, Chandy attended the function and addressed a local Congress meeting to boot before being rushed to hospital. The LDF leaders were quick to deny any role in the attack saying it was a conspiracy by the Congress itself. The latter on the other hand saw a conspiracy by the CPI (M) leadership. It’s hard to imagine if the calculating CPM secretary Pinarayi Vijayan would give the goahead for an attack on the CM, leave alone any attempt to eliminate him as Thiruvanchoor says. Pinarayi is well aware of the boomerang effect of such a dastardly act and the likely sympathy wave up and down the state. Then who was behind this attack? Who will benefit such an attack, asks Pinarayi, insinuating that Congressmen themselves were behind it apparently to create a sympathy wave which they thought would lessen the adverse sentiment among the public stemming from the solar scam. Despite protestations to the contrary, fingers of suspicion point to the CPM. This can be brought to light pretty much easily after a thorough probe. For the last few months, the LDF has been trying to obstruct the chief minister from attending any public functions by way of black flag demonstrations. Congress says that the LDF is disappointed over its failure to give any credible evidence of his alleged involvement in the solar scam. All that the opposition has in its armoury is the statement of government chief whip windbag P.C. George to the effect that the scam’s magnitude is much more than the official version. Besides, the chief minister’s mass contact programmes have been a soaraway success despite the black flag demonstrations by LDF cadres. The sight of thousands of people converging for the 18-hour mass contact programme where the CM takes on-the-spot decisions to redress their various types of grievances spooks the opposition in no small measure. The chief minister is scheduled to hold his masscontract programme in Kannur sometime in the middle of this month. Obstruction of any type to the mass contact programme amounts to hurling a challenge to the common people, not least to the destitute and the disadvantaged. The writer is a freelance contributor based in India. All the views and opinions expressed in the article are solely those of the author and do not reflect those of Times of Oman.

Country profile: Georgia



Georgia Black Sea



North Ossetia


South Ossetia


Supsa Tbilisi Planned pipeline Turkey

Oil pipeline Carries 115,000 barrels a day Azerbaijan


Area 69,700 sq km Population 4.51 million (2012) 16.5% Population aged 0-14 years 70.5 years (men) Life expectancy 77.3 years (women)


Oct 27, 2013

GDP Average income (GNI) Labour force Jobless rate Exports Imports

Georgia elects Giorgi Margvelashvili (right) as president in vote that ends Mikheil Saakashvili’s (left) decade-long rule

$15.83 billion $3,280 1.95 million 15% $2.4 billion $7.8 billion

Aug 2008


The Seventh Crusade ends by the Treaty of Barbary.


Henry VII of England crowned.


The Treaty of Ryswick ends the war between France and the Grand Alliance.


Two battalions of British troops are cut off, surrounded and forced to surrender to General Petrus Joubert’s Boers at Nicholson’s Nek.


The czar of Russia issues the October Manisfesto, granting civil liberties and elections in an attempt to avert the burgeonng supprot for revolution.

Five-day war withRussia ends with Moscow in full control of breakaway republics South Ossetia and Abkhazia HISTORYNET.COM

Source: World Bank, UN Data, Global Finance


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MUSCAT: – An official session of talks was held at the general diwan of the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture yesterday between the Sultanate and the Syrian Arab Republic. The Omani side was headed by His Highness Sayyid Faisal bin Ali bin Faisal, minister of national heritage and culture while Dr Najah Al Attar, minister of culture, headed the Syrian side. Sayyid Faisal, in his speech, stressed that the visit by the Syrian delegation would help boost the brotherly relation between the two countries.

Do the Patna blasts prove that India has lost its war against terrorism? Visit to cast your vote




Can’t say



Should Egypt reopen the Rafah tunnels with Gaza on humanitarian grounds?


W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3


‘An independent Scotland may imperil British security’ LONDON: Britain’s national security could be weakened if Scotland votes to leave the United Kingdom next year, the British government said yesterday. An independent Scotland would also be less able to protect itself, a government report said. The intervention, part of the government’s campaign to keep Scotland inside the United Kingdon, feeds into an emotive debate which Britain’s three main parties think they are winning. Opinion polls suggest only a third of Scots back independence ahead of a vote on September 18, 2014. Prime Minister David Cameron’s ruling two-party coalition and the opposition Labour party strongly

Prime Minister David Cameron’s ruling two-party coalition and the opposition Labour party strongly oppose Scottish independence and fear a ‘Yes’ vote could dilute Britain’s global clout and imperil its Scotland-based nuclear deterrent

oppose Scottish independence and fear a “Yes” vote could dilute Britain’s global clout and imperil its Scotland-based nuclear deterrent. The report said it would take an

independent Scotland a long time to build up its own security infrastructure and that would directly affect the security of what was left of the United Kingdom. It was also have

only a fraction of Britain’s security budget at its disposal to do so. “In the meantime the risk would be of security levels diminishing to the detriment of both Scotland and the continuing UK,” said the report, presented by Home Secretary (interior minister) Theresa May in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. ‘Increased risk’ Without proper planning and investment, an independent Scotland would also be less able to protect itself against threats from everything from international terrorism to cyber attacks, it said, saying such a situation would “result in an increased risk to the Scottish people.”

The “Yes Scotland” campaign, led by the Scottish National Party (SNP), wants independence to be a reality by 2016 after next year’s referendum. It has tried to tap into an emotive cocktail of historical rivalry, opposing political tastes, and a perception that the British parliament in London does not nurture Scotland’s interests, but has so far struggled to boost its support. The SNP has argued that its pledge to remove Britain’s submarine-based nuke arsenal from Scotland in the event of a “Yes” vote and its determination to ensure Scottish troops no longer take part in what it calls “illegal wars” would make it less of a target for terror attacks.

But the report flatly rejected that contention, saying an independent Scotland would still face a wide range of risks. Nor would an independent Scotland be able to rely on Britain’s various intelligence and security agencies, the report said, saying it would have to create its own from scratch. Financially, it would be tough for Scotland to buy itself such a capability, the report said, saying the nationalists’ proposed annual budget for defence and security of 2.5 billion pounds was 14 times smaller than Britain’s current budget. An independent Scotland would not be able to automatically receive shared intelligence from Britain’s allies either. — Reuters

Obama considers ban on snooping on allied leaders According to a US official, the step was under consideration, but no policy decisions had yet been finalised, as

Barack Obama

Obama awaits results of several reviews into US surveillance practices

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama is considering whether to ban US spy agencies from eavesdropping on allied leaders, a senior official said yesterday, following outrage in Europe over National Security Agency snooping. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters, said the step was under consideration, but that no policy decisions had yet been finalised, as Obama awaits results of several already announced reviews into US surveillance practices.

The Obama administration was under increasing political heat at home and abroad, as revelations based on leaks from fugitive intelligence analyst Edward Snowden threatened to sour ties with allies and complicate its foreign policy goals. What were the intentions? The senior official, however, pushed back on a claim by powerful Senate select intelligence committee chairman Dianne Feinstein that “collection on our allies will not continue.” The official said that statement was not accurate, though Feinstein’s remarks were unspecific enough to leave considerable doubt as to the true intentions of the administration regarding snooping on foreign leaders. The officials said that while some changes had been made to US intelligence gathering in the wake

of claims that US spies tapped German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone, there had yet been no across-the-board changes, including a decision to halt intelligence sweeps aimed at all foreign allies. One adjustment Obama does appear to have made is to halt surveillance on Merkel’s cellphone. Reports have said he did not know about the decade-long surveillance of the German chancellor, whom he considers a friend, and stopped it when he found out. White House officials said Washington will not and is not tapping Merkel’s phone — leaving the clear implication that it had done so in the past. Feinstein, a Democrat, had made waves on Monday with a strong denunciation of US spying on foreign leaders — and complained her committee, which is supposed to provide oversight of US intelligence agencies, was not informed of the programme. The United States took a new battering in Europe yesterday when Spain’s public prosecutor opened a preliminary investigation into its reported mass eavesdropping on millions of telephone calls to determine if a crime was committed. — AFP

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‘It is time to put women at heart of global growth’ in the number of women education, the per capita income grows by 0.3 percentage points.

Delivering the inaugural speech at the ninth World Islamic Economic Forum yesterday, Malaysian Prime

Najib Razak

Minister Najib Razak said that all economies stand to benefit from offering equal opportunities to women for empowering them

A. E. JAMES LONDON: Women should be given equal opportunity in education and employment for achieving better economic growth, equal distribution of wealth and prosperity of families and nations, said Najib Razak, prime minister of Malaysia. Delivering the inaugural speech at the ninth World Islamic Economic Forum (WIFE) here yesterday, he said all economies stand to benefit from offering equal opportunities to women for empowering them and “it is time to put them at the heart of our global growth.” Najib Razak said studies show

that economies are healthier when women participate more fully in the workforce. According to the World Economic Forum, greater equality and higher per capita income are closely related to equality given to women. ‘Prospects for future’ “Progress in education, work participation and corporate board diversity (in favour of women) can unlock significant opportunities. By educating our girls and women, we can strengthen companies, economies and our prospects for future.” In OECD countries, female participation has been positively correlated with gross domestic product (GDP) and research suggests that there is a clear relation between countries that are closing the gender gap and those that are most dynamic. “Six out of ten most competitive economies are also in the top twenty most equal nations. Greater involvement of women can deliver better growth, more competitiveness and greater human development,” noted the Malaysian prime minister. Citing the World Bank report, he said for every one per cent increase

Lasting careers Razak also noted that women should convert their education into successful and lasting careers. He said only 66 per cent of companies have adopted equal opportunity for women last year, up from 64 per cent in 2008. If the trend continues, companies will begin offering equal opportunities for both genders only by 2018. “Islamic finance offers significant opportunities for women,” he noted. Highlighting the efforts taken by Malaysia in empowering women, he said seven government departments in the country are headed by women and the governors of the central bank is also a lady. The World Islamic Economic Forum entitled changing the world, which is organised by WIFE and the governments of Malaysia and the United Kingdom, was attended by 2,700 delegates from over 128 countries across the world, said Tun Musa Hitam, chairman of WIFE Foundation, Malaysia. Apart from David Cameron, prime minister of the United Kingdom and Najib Razak, Hamid Karzai, president of Afghanistan, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, prime minister of Pakistan, Dato Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, sultan of Brunei Darussalam, Atifete Jahjaga, president of Kosovo, Abdul Hamid, president of Bangladesh, Ali Babacan, deputy prime minister of Turkey, Dr Rowsch Nuri Shaways, deputy prime minister of Iraq, King Abdullah II of Jordan and Craig Cannonnier, premier of Bermuda also attended the inaugural ceremony.


A 20

W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3

WORLD Turkey links Asia, Europe by train The tunnel spans 13 km some 60 metres below the Bosphorus Strait. Called the Marmaray, it will serve high-speed and freight trains

ISTANBUL: Turkey opened the world’s first underwater rail link between two continents yesterday, connecting Asia and Europe and allowing Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan to realise a project dreamt up by Ottoman sultans more than a century ago. The engineering feat spans 13 km to link Europe with Asia some 60 metres below the Bosphorus Strait. Called the Marmaray, it will carry subway commuters in Europe’s biggest city and eventually serve high-speed and freight trains. “Today we are realising the dreams of 150 years ago, uniting the two continents and the people of these two continents,” Erdogan said at the opening, which coincides with the 90th anniversary of

MAKING HISTORY: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, right, Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Er-

dogan, third right, and President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, second right, stand around Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul (seated) as they ride the ceremonial service of a train during the opening ceremony of Marmaray, yesterday. — Reuters

the founding of the modern Turkish Republic. The 5.5 billion lira ($2.8 billion) tunnel is one of Erdogan’s “mega projects,” an unprecedented building spree designed to change the face of Turkey. They include a 50-km canal

to rival the Suez that would render half of Istanbul an island, an airport that will be the world’s busiest and a giant mosque atop an Istanbul hill. Atomic power stations are on the drawing table. A third bridge over the Bosphorus, whose con-

struction has already felled 1 million trees, is under way. The plans have fired up Erdogan’s opponents who dub them “pharaonic projects,” symptom of an increasingly authoritarian style of government, and warn of environmental catastrophes in

one of world’s most earthquakeprone nations. They accuse Erdogan, still broadly popular after 10 years in power, of bypassing city planners and bulldozing history to make way for pet projects in the ancient city, which became the centre of Ottoman power. A small environmental effort to save an Istanbul park in late May grew into the biggest anti-government protests in decades. Besides engineering projects, Erdogan has wrought radical social change, breaking the traditional power of the secularist army and drawing accusations from some that he pursues an extremist agenda, something he denies. Erdogan argues his policies meet the needs of a rapidly expanding and increasingly affluent population. Erdogan has called the Marmaray the project of the century and says it fulfils an age-old “dream of our ancestors”. Plans for a rail tunnel below the Bosphorus date to at least 1891,

when Ottoman ruler Abdulhamid, a patron of public works whom Erdogan frequently evokes, had French engineers draft a submerged tunnel on columns that was never built. Today, the gleaming Marmaray is an immersed tube set in the seabed built by Japan’s Taisei Corp with Turkish partners Nurol and Gama. The bulk of financing came from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. ‘Tokyo to London link’ “Japan and Turkey are the two wings of Asia. Let us dream together of a high-speed train departing from Tokyo, passing through Istanbul and arriving in London,” said Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who attended the opening. Money for the other infrastructure schemes may prove more difficult to come by as global liquidity tightens, and that may force Erdogan to scale back plans or scrap some altogether, said Atilla Yesilada, an analyst with GlobalSource Partners. — Reuters


Mandela death plotter gets 35-year jail term PRETORIA: The mastermind behind a rightwing extremist plot to kill former South African president Nelson Mandela and drive blacks out of the country was sentenced on Tuesday to 35 years in jail. Mike du Toit, the ringleader of a white supremacist militia called Boeremag, was given the heaviest sentence of 35 years along with four other defendants over a botched 2002 plot to overthrow the post-apartheid government, the prosecution said. The judge at the High Court in Pretoria sentenced the rest of the 20 militia members on trial to between 10 and 30 years depending on their degree of involvement in the plot, National Prosecution Authority spokesman Medupe Simasiku said. Judge Eben Jordaan said Mandela would have been killed by a landmine planted by the Boeremag, causing chaos and bloodshed in the country, were he not flown by helicopter to open a rural school in northern Limpopo province in 2002.

Five shot dead in shooting spree in Texas town HOUSTON: A shooting spree at four homes and a gas station left five people dead and a suspect in custody, local media reported yesterday. A woman who answered the phone at the police station in Terrell, Texas was unable to provide information on the shooting, telling AFP only that “the subject is in custody.” He was identified in local media reports as Charles Brownlow, a man with a lengthy criminal history. NBC news reported that neighbours identified the first woman shot as Brownlow’s aunt, whose body was discovered in her home at about 5pm Monday. Half an hour later a firefighter noticed smoke coming from the home of Brownlow’s mother. Her body was discovered inside the charred house.

Letter bomb addressed to British official found LONDON: A letter bomb addressed to the British government’s minister for Northern Ireland has been found at the province’s administrative buildings and made safe, police and politicians said yesterday. A 1998 peace deal largely ended decades of violence in Northern Ireland between Protestants who want to remain British and Catholics favouring unification with Ireland, but divisions and tensions remain. “It was a suspect package containing a viable device, which was made safe at a sorting office at Stormont Castle,” a police spokesman said.

Deported Roma girl’s kin applies to live in France PARIS: The parents of a Roma schoolgirl whose deportation from France sparked a furore and rocked the government have again applied for French residency, their lawyer said. Leonarda Dibrani, 15, was deported to Kosovo earlier this month along with her parents and siblings. Her case triggered outrage as she was taken by the authorities while she was on a school trip. The family lawyer Brigitte Bertin said she had applied on Monday for a “carte de sejour” — or residency permit — for the Dibranis at an administrative court.

Two pilots hurt as Russian combat chopper crashes MOSCOW: A modern Russian combat helicopter crashed near residential buildings in southeast Moscow yesterday, injuring two pilots, officials said. The Ka-52 helicopter was performing tests near the aircraft plant where it is manufactured and crashed in the trees not far from residential buildings. The aircraft’s two pilots were hospitalised, a police spokesman said, without offering further details. There were no reports of casualties or damage. Television footage showed plumes of grey smoke rising above the roofs of high-rise residential buildings. — Agencies




MARKE Muscat 6,656.40 + 3.68 + 0.06%

Dubai 2,888.40 - 24.43 - 0.84%

Abu Dhabi 3,856.69 - 28.25 - 0.73%

Saudi Arabia

7,962.93 - 96.28 - 1.19%

Ahmed bin Hassan Al Dheeb, undersecretary, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, announced that the next few years are likely to witness some of the largest investments in mega projects that Oman has ever perceived >B3 Kuwait 7,954.97 + 16.17 + 0.20%

Bahrain 1,199.37 + 1.01 + 0.08%

Qatar 9,733.19

+ 89.69 + 0.93%





Type ............................Delivery...........Price Oman Crude............. (Spot) ...... $106.81 Dubai Crude ............. (Spot) ..... $103.60 Murban Crude ........ (Spot) .......$112.05 Arabian Light ......... (Spot) ......$109.25 Arabian Heavy ....... (Spot) ................N/A N.Sea Brent............... (Spot) ......$109.34 West Texas Int ....... (Spot) ........$98.29

Forex rates vs RO1* US Dollar ................................. 2.58 Euro ............................................. 1.87 Pound ...........................................1.60 Indian Rs ..............................159.18 Pak Rs ................................... 273.22 Bangla Taka....................... 197.63

Indian Rs .................................. 158.50 Pakistan Rs ............................. 273.75 Sri Lanka Rs ...........................335.35 Bangla Taka........................... 200.50 Phil Peso ..................................... 111.30

Muscat 24ct per gm (RO) ............16.92 Muscat 22ct per gm (RO) ............16.35 10 Tola Bar Muscat (RO) ................. N/A Dubai 24ct per gm (Dh) ............163.50 Dubai 22ct per gm (Dh) ............. 154.75 10 Tola Bar Dubai (Dh) ..................... N/A

* Rates as of Oct. 29 Source: Oman UAE Exchange

* Rates as of Oct. 29 Source: Atlas Jewellery

* Rates are as of Oct . 29 Source: BankMuscat

UK plans to launch first sukuk Set to become the first non-Muslim country to float the first sovereign sukuk, Britain is on a drive to attract a sizable portion of the $1.3 trillion global Islamic finance market

A. E. JAMES LONDON: The United Kingdom is planning to float the first sovereign sukuk or Islamic bond issue outside the Islamic world, the country’s prime minister told the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) here yesterday. “The government wants Britain to become the first sovereign outside the Islamic world to issue an Islamic bond. So the Treasury is working on the practicalities of issuing a bond-like sukuk worth around £200 million and we very much welcome the involvement of industry in developing this

initiative which we hope to launch as early as next year,” said David Cameron, while addressing the opening session of WIEF here. This is part of a major initiative to develop London as a major centre for Islamic finance by attracting a sizable portion of the $1.3 trillion global Islamic finance. He said for years people have been talking about creating an Islamic bond – or sukuk – outside the Islamic world. “But it is just never happened. Changing that is a question of pragmatism and political will. And here in Britain we’ve got both.” The growth of Islamic finance means that there is an increasing


Samsung extends lead over Apple: IDC survey SEOUL: Samsung extended its lead over Apple in the global smartphone market in the third quarter as Chinese manufacturers also made inroads, a survey showed yesterday. The worldwide smartphone market saw record sales in the quarter, with growth of 38.8 per cent from a year ago and 258.4 million units sold, the IDC survey said. The South Korean electronics giant Samsung widened its lead, shipping 81.2 million smartphones, boosting its market share by nearly half a percentage point to 31.4 per cent. Apple sold 33.8 million iPhones in the quarter, but its growth was slower than the overall market, so its share slipped to 13.1 per cent from 14.4 per cent a year ago. China’s Huawei moved into third place, propelled by 76 per cent year-over-year growth. It sold 12.5 million smartphones, grabbing a market share of 4.8 per cent, just ahead of the 4.7 per cent for fellow Chinese firm Lenovo. South Korea’s LG slipped from third to fifth place, with a 4.6 per cent share, despite sales growth of 71 per cent. “Beyond Samsung and Apple at

the top of the rankings is a tight race of vendors trying to break out from the pack,” said IDC analyst Ramon Llamas Huawei and Lenovo “Chinese vendors Huawei and Lenovo moved past LG, and not far behind are two more Chinese companies, Coolpad and ZTE.” The survey did not break down the market share for Android, the dominant operating platform from Google, but it suggests it is holding in a range of 75 to 80 per cent. Llamas said the smartphone market is still growing at a solid pace and expects annual sales of one billion units in 2014. The overall mobile phone market grew 5.7 percent from a year ago to 467.9 million units, with Samsung on top with a 24.7 per cent market share, IDC said. - AFP


CBO launches 44th issue of development bonds MUSCAT: The Central Bank of Oman (CBO) has announced the new issue of Government Development Bonds (GDB). The size of the new issue is fixed at OMR100 million with a maturity period of 5 years and will carry a coupon rate of 3 per cent per annum. The issue will be open for subscription from November 10 to 18, while the auction will be held on November 19,. The issue settlement date will be on November 25. Interest on the new bonds will be paid on May 25 and November 25, every year until maturity date on November 25, 2018. Investors may apply for these bonds through the competitive bidding process only. Investors may submit bids through licensed banks operating in the Sultanate of Oman. Investors with applications of OMR1 million and above can, if they so wish to submit their bids directly to the CBO af-

ter getting them endorsed from their banks. Prospectus and application forms can be obtained from any licensed bank operating in the Sultanate. The bonds are direct and unconditional obligations of the Government of Sultanate of Oman. The bonds can be used as a collateral to obtain loans from any local licensed bank. The bonds can also be traded at prevailing market rates through the Muscat Securities Market (MSM). The details of the bonds allotted will be recorded in the register maintained by Muscat Clearing & Depositary Company (MCDC). Investors must provide the same bank account details registered with MCDC. The 44th GDB issue is offered to all investors of any nationality residing in the Sultanate of Oman only; it is not open for subscription to investors residing abroad. - ONA

MAKING A POINT: David Cameron

addressing the World Islamic Economic Forum. Reuters

demand for new ways of identifying Islamic compliant business activities. ”Again the city of London is leading the way – this time not just in Europe, but right across the world. Today the London Stock Exchange Group is announcing the creation of new indices,” noted the British Prime Minister.

He said by ensuring that debt and cash fall within strict limits as a proportion of a company’s total assets. “In plain language, this means the creation of a new way of identifying Islamic finance opportunities - a world-leading Islamic Market Index.” It is another global first for the City of London and yet another reason why London can be one of the great centres of Islamic finance anywhere in the world. Britain is today taking new steps to support new businesses to grow across the Islamic world. The UK government is partnering with the Shell Foundation to create a new £4.5 million grant to boost the work of the Nomou initiative, a growth fund that provides skills and finance to small businesses across the Middle East and the Gulf, added Cameron. This fund is open to investors who are looking for both a financial and a social return on their money. “And we welcome private investors, companies and governments from across the Islamic world joining us in this exciting new venture,” he said, adding “Those are

just three of the ways in which we are taking bold new steps to make London one of the greatest centres for Islamic finance anywhere in the world.” During this conference, there will be new support for Islamic entrepreneurs, new connections with British businesses in sectors key to your success, new opportunities to study Islamic finance – including through ten new Chevening Scholarships for Islamic finance in 2014-15 and new support for Arab women in business, working together with the Islamic Development Bank. The British prime minister said when Islamic finance is growing 50 per cent faster than traditional banking and when global Islamic investments are set to grow to £1.3 trillion by 2014 “we want to make sure a big proportion of that new investment is made here in Britain.” Referring to the advantages of London in attracting Islamic financial institutions from across the world, he said; “We have over 25 law firms supplying services in Islamic finance and 16 universities

or business schools offering MBAs or similar qualifications in Islamic finance, including the new programme for senior executives announced by Cambridge University last week.” No-where else in the world offers the same depth and breadth of education and qualifications in Islamic finance. “We have already removed the double tax on Islamic mortgages and extended tax relief on Islamic mortgages to companies as well as individuals, and just last week we made new commitments to open up new forms of student loans and business start-up loans for Islamic students and entrepreneurs.” An Ernst and Young report said Britain was the best place in the world for new entrepreneurs. Today the World Bank has recognised that we have improved access to credit, improved protection for investors, simplified the tax burden and made it easier and faster to register property. “And I’ve set up a special team dedicated to ensuring that we will address areas where we can do better,” Cameron said.


W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3



KPMG in Oman appoints its first Omani Partner Times News Service MUSCAT: Ahmed Tufail has been promoted as Partner of KPMG in Oman. Ahmed joined KPMG as Audit trainee in 1995 and he charted his route to the top of his profession. On qualifying ACCA in 2004 he moved to US on an international assignment. He qualified Certified Public Accountant (US) and completed the examination and attained membership in Council of Petroleum Accountant Societies of US. He also completed the exams of the Chartered Institute

of Management Accountants. His journey to success continues as Ahmed said, “I believe achieving the professional qualification and climbing the career ladder till date is my significant achievement. Having worked my way to the current grade of partner required significant commitment and persistence.” Khalid Ansari, Partner in Charge of KPMG Oman said, “Ahmed has been part of the management team and instrumental in building KPMG’s Oman’s Audit practice and we look forward to his active contribution as he assumes new

responsibilities. Ahmed, as Partner of KPMG in Oman, will continue to drive innovative Audit strategies to KPMG clients and develop our next generation of Omani auditors.” Ahmed’s career Ahmed’s career spans 18 years with KPMG in Oman which he dedicated towards Audit profession. Ahmed led large engagements in the Oil and Gas industry where he is considered as a subject matter expert. Internally, Ahmed was instrumental in leading KPMG’s Omanisation initiative.

India’s central bank hikes rate NEW DELHI: India’s new central bank governor raised the key interest rate yesterday for a second straight month, disregarding calls for lower borrowing costs as he stays focused on battling high inflation. After its monetary policy meeting in the financial capital Mumbai, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said the benchmark repo rate, at which it lends to commer-

cial banks, would be increased by 25 basis points to 7.75 per cent. “The policy stance and measures... are intended to curb mounting inflationary pressures and manage inflation expectations in a situation of weak growth,” bank chief Raghuram Rajan said in a statement. Most economists had predicted the hike because wholesale inflation has been above the RBI’s com-

fort zone of 5 per cent for four successive months. Annual inflation jumped to a seven-month-high of 6.46 per cent for the month of September, led by surging food and fuel prices. After taking office in September, the Reserve Bank of India governor surprised markets by raising interest rates in his first monetary policy meeting. - AFP

W E DN E S DAY, O CTO B E R 3 0, 2 01 3


MARKET Oman to spend $20b on infrastructure The undersecretary stressed upon the point that both the government and the private sector will be investing substantially in mega projects. He said, “The challenge is to leverage these to create further opportunities within the country, rather than letting the outcomes of such projects merely turn into foreign exchange outflows, and creation of jobs and economic activity abroad.”

The projects comprise the Oman National Railway, the ongoing and planned Sohar, Ras Al Hadd, Duqm and Adam airports;

Ahmed bin Hassan Al Dheeb

Muscat and Salalah airports expansion among others


MUSCAT: In a major fillip to development, Ahmed bin Hassan Al Dheeb, undersecretary, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, announced that the next few years are likely to witness some of the largest investments in mega projects that Oman has ever perceived. Highlighting some of these areas at the Oman Projects Forum 2013 held here, Ahmed bin Hassan Al Dheeb spelled out, “There would be an estimated $20 billion worth of

expenditure in transportation infrastructure, comprising the Oman National Railway project, the ongoing and planned Sohar, Ras Al Hadd, Duqm amd Adam airports, as well as Muscat and Salalah airports expansion, and the work on the Batinah Coastal Road and the Expressways.” He said, “Approximately $17 billion worth of projects are expected in the oil and gas segments while $13 billion worth of investments are expected from the manufacturing sector in and around the Free Trade Zones and elsewhere. In addition, there would be several billion of US dollars’ worth of investments in the tourism sector, the proposed logistics hub, power and water sectors and other areas.”


Apple profit for year slips CALIFORNIA: Apple has reported that it raked in billions of dollars as iPhone sales soared to new highs, but that costs of making its coveted devices was squeezing profit. Apple said that it made a profit of $7.5 billion as iPhone sales sizzled in its recentlyended fourth fiscal quarter. The US tech giant closed out its fiscal year with a net annual profit of $37 billion, an impressive figure but the first annual

decline in earnings in 11 years. “We’re pleased to report a strong finish to an amazing year with record fourth quarter revenue, including sales of almost 34 million iPhones,” Apple chief executive Tim Cook said in a release. The quarterly profit was down 8.6 per cent from a year earlier, but ahead of most analyst forecasts. It came on revenues of some $37.5 billion in the quarter ending September 28. - AFP

Country’s GDP Talking about Oman’s GDP, Al Dheeb said, “The country’s GDP, after a brief setback in 2009, on the backdrop of the world economic crisis, has picked up rapidly, thanks to the steps taken by the government to boost economic activity, through implementing some mega projects in both the public and private sectors. This was also supported through injection of the liquidity by the Central Bank of Oman, which resulted in a very satisfactory 11.6 per cent increase in the GDP, on top of a 19 per cent increase in 2011. These indications that the current year will be even better, with the strong oil prices and increased production levels, coupled with the continued strength of the non-hydro-carbon sectors.” “Current account balances continue to be strong,” he added.


Al Tamimi expands operations in GCC, opens office in Muscat Times News Service MUSCAT: Al Tamimi & Company, one of the premier law firms in the Middle East, continues to expand its network of operations in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) with a new office opening here. The company now offers clients 13 offices spanning the GCC and Iraq. Oman is seen as a key market for Al Tamimi. Since the country’s membership of the World Trade Organisation in 2000, which led to the internationalisation of its financial and commercial practices, Oman has witnessed a foreign direct investment boom.

This has fuelled expansion in towns such as Sohar, which has developed an integrated port, freezone, industrial zone and airport project called Gateway Sohar. This enormous project has benefited from billions in investment supporting the economic development of Oman’s northern region. The Sohar expansion is driven by the government’s desire to shift capacity pressures away from Muscat’s main port and airport, transforming the capital into an even more attractive tourist destination, and moving heavy industry out of the city. Commenting, Husam Hourani,

managing partner of Al Tamimi, said: “We recognise the impressive and fast-paced development taking place in Oman and will now look forward to taking a strong part in this. We have always strived to support our GCC neighbours and we believe that through this new office opening we will offer both our Omani and international clients a foundation for growth in the country.” “Al Tamimi provides clients with a combination of international knowledge and experience from across the full sweep of industry sectors and legal disciplines. We also have an unrivalled regional presence and Arabic capability.”


W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3

MARKET Al Madina Insurance IPO opens



INDICES Index .................................................High .................Low..................... Value ............... Prev . Value.......... Diff ...............Diff % MSM30 Index ........................................6,656.57 .............. 6,652.89 ................... 6,656.40 ................... 6,652.72....................3.68 ...................0.06 Financial Index .....................................8,158.66 .............. 8,144.06 .................... 8,147.01 ................... 8,146.73....................0.28 ...................0.00 Industrial Index ................................... 9,840.46 ............... 9,812.75 ................... 9,838.33 ...................9,820.30..................18.03 ................... 0.18 Services Index ...................................... 3,500.27 .............. 3,490.23 ................... 3,499.96 ...................3,490.67....................9.29 ...................0.27 MSM SHARIAH INDEX....................1,049.56 ...............1,048.59 ................... 1,049.52 ................... 1,048.67....................0.85 ...................0.08 Trading Summary Volume ................Turnover ..........Trades .............. Market Cap............. Up............Down ............. Equal .........Sec. Traded 51,402,119 ................ 13,858,782 ................. 2,374 ................13,722,509,631 ................20 ........................8 ....................26 .........................54

It offers 66.67m shares at a price of 140 baisas per share. The IPO closes on November 27

Dr Mohammed Al Barwani

Times News Service

OMR1.3 million in HY 2013. The company has developed a strong base of over 37,500 policyholders, providing underwriting profitability. The company’s strong partnerships with some of the most reputed conglomerates in the industry such as Allianz, HDI Gerling, Chubb, Munich Health and Mednet for both the specialty and medical segments of the business reinforce its market position and performance. It will migrate its entire business to Takaful thereby becoming the first operational and profitable Takaful company in Oman. Al Madina Insurance company is backed by a strong and committed shareholders group from Oman and the GCC region led by MB Holding, Al Madina Financial & Investment Services, Ministry of Defence Pension Fund, Diwan of Royal Court Pension Fund & Doha Bank. Together, the existing shareholders provide the financial strength and overall guidance for the management and operations of the company. Announcing the launch of the IPO, HE Dr Mohammed Al Barwani, Chairman, Al Madina Insurance Co., said, “We are very proud to be the flag bearers of Takaful insurance in Oman. The large unmet demand for Takaful insurance means that Al Madina is uniquely placed to become a market leader for Takaful products and services. With our strong history, experience and good performance, together with the patronage of our customers, strength of the promoter group and the robust partnerships we have established, we are confident that we will lead and contribute to build the Takaful industry in Oman. We are proud to share this opportunity with the people of Oman.” He added, “What is of particular significance is that, as the company is fully operational, on successful completion of the IPO, the Shares of Al Madina will be tradable in accordance with Shariah principles from the listing date which is expected to be 10 December 2013. ”

MUSCAT: Al Madina Insurance, the first Takaful provider in Oman, announced the opening of its initial public offering (IPO) yesterday. The company is the first insurance provider to secure necessary regulatory approvals to convert its activities to Takaful through the IPO. The IPO entails an offer of 66,666,670 shares to retail and institutional investors at a price of 140 baisas per share (with a nominal value of each share being 100 baisas per share, share premium of 38 baisas and offer expenses being 2 basias) totaling OMR 9,333,334. The share offer opened for subscription yesterday and will close on November 27. Of the 66,666,670 shares offered for subscription, 43,333,335 shares representing 65 per cent of the offer will be allotted to investors subscribing for upto 100,000 shares, while 23,333,335 shares representing 35 per cent of the offer will be allotted to investors subscribing for 100,100 shares or more. After the successful completion of the IPO, Al Madina Insurance as Takaful provider will have a total paid up capital of OMR16.67 million. The IPO is lead managed by Bank Muscat and subscription banks include Bank Muscat, National Bank of Oman, Oman Arab Bank, Bank Sohar and Ahli Bank. The IPO of Al Madina insurance company will give investors an opportunity to invest in a profitable and growing Takaful company at attractive valuations. The company, which is an established and successful entity has been operational since 2006, is amongst the top 10 insurance companies in Oman (in terms of gross written premiums). Insurance business has a long gestation period and becomes profitable after a few years of operations. The company became profitable in 2012 after 5 years of operations and is in an early stage of its growth generating profits of OMR1.07 million in FY 2012 and

SHARE PRICE BULLETIN FOR TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29 Security Name ....................................................Volume .....Turnover ... Trades ......... High.........Low ..........Close ......... Prev. .......... Diff. ............ Diff .............Last ..........Last ............Last ................Market Cap.........Par ........................................................................................................................................................................................ Pr. ............ Close ........... RO ............... % .................Pr ..............Bid ............ Offer ............................................value

REGULAR MARKET .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... GULF INVESTMENT SERVICES ....................7,652,043 ........ 1,567,892............298 ............0.207 ......... 0.201 ............0.205 ............ 0.200............ 0.005 .............2.500 ............. 0.206 ............0.206 ............. 0.207............... 12,062,859.485 ......0.100 VOLTAMP ENERGY ..........................................106,778 .............46,906...............18 ............0.440 ......... 0.430 ............0.440 .............0.430............ 0.010 .............2.326 ............. 0.440 ............0.440 ............. 0.446.............. 26,620,000.000 ......0.100 OMAN AND EMIRATES INV. HOLDING ........... 7,667,852 ........1,499,467............ 271 ............0.198.......... 0.193 ............ 0.196 .............0.192 ............ 0.004 .............2.083 ............. 0.194 ............ 0.194 ..............0.195 ...............23,887,500.000 ......0.100 ACWA POWER BARKA ........................................10,162 ................ 6,316.................3 ............0.624 ......... 0.616 ............0.620 .............0.608............ 0.012 ............. 1.974...............0.616 ............ 0.616 ..............0.628 .............. 99,200,000.000 ......0.100 GLOBAL FINANCIAL INVESTMENT ............14,564,119 ....... 2,396,583............352 ............0.167.......... 0.162 ............ 0.165..............0.162 ............ 0.003 ............. 1.852...............0.166 ............ 0.165 ..............0.166 .............. 33,000,000.000 ......0.100 OMAN FISHERIES ........................................2,672,013 ...........295,180.............. 69 ............ 0.112 .......... 0.108 ............ 0.110..............0.108 ............ 0.002 ............. 1.852.............. 0.109 ............ 0.109 .............. 0.111 ...............13,750,000.000 ......0.100 TRANSGULF IND. INV. HOLDING ....................1,584,307 ........... 271,272.............. 86 ............0.172.......... 0.169 ............ 0.171..............0.168 ............ 0.003 ............. 1.786...............0.170 ............ 0.169 ..............0.170 ............... 11,435,625.000 ......0.100 AL ANWAR HOLDING ......................................754,463 ...........250,843.............. 55 ............0.336 ......... 0.328 ............0.332 .............0.328............ 0.004 .............1.220 ............. 0.336 ............ 0.334 ..............0.336 .............. 39,840,000.000 ......0.100 OMAN INVESTMENT AND FINANCE ...........3,775,224 ........1,048,605............ 193 ............0.280 ......... 0.275 ............0.278 .............0.276 ............ 0.002 ............. 0.725.............. 0.277 ............ 0.277 ..............0.279 .............. 55,600,000.000 ......0.100 NATIONAL ALUMINIUM PRODUCTS ................761,015 ........... 261,352.............. 48 ............0.346 .........0.340 ............0.344 ............ 0.342............ 0.002 .............0.585 ............. 0.344 ............0.342 ............. 0.344............... 11,548,578.800 ......0.100 GULF INTERNATIONAL CHEMICALS ...............113,039 ..............21,918.............. 24 ............ 0.195.......... 0.193 ............0.194 .............0.193 ............ 0.001 ............. 0.518.............. 0.194 ............ 0.193 ..............0.195 .................4,074,000.000 ......0.100 BANK MUSCAT ............................................ 1,328,110 ...........783,952............120 ............0.592 ......... 0.590 ............0.590 .............0.588 ............ 0.002 .............0.340 ............. 0.592 ............ 0.592 ..............0.594......... 1,269,833,803.560 ......0.100 OMAN TELECOMMUNICATION ..................... 367,868 ...........572,305.............. 38 ............1.560.......... 1.550 ............ 1.555..............1.550 ............ 0.005 .............0.323 ..............1.550 ............ 1.540 ..............1.550 .........1,166,250,000.000 ......0.100 OMAN CABLES INDUSTRY .................................. 16,105 ............. 32,210.................6 ............2.000 .........2.000 ............2.000 .............1.995 ............ 0.005 ............. 0.251.............. 2.000 ............ 1.990 ..............2.010 ............ 179,400,000.000 ......0.100 AL HASSAN ENGINEERING ............................. 632,491 ........... 165,006.............. 57 ............0.264 ......... 0.259 ............ 0.261 .............0.261 ............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.259 ............ 0.259 ............. 0.260...............19,629,288.000 ......0.100 AL JAZEERA SERVICES .......................................57,500 ..............27,905.................6 ............0.486 ......... 0.484 ............0.486 .............0.486............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.486 ............ 0.482 ..............0.486 ................29,745,276.678 ......0.100 ALMAHA PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MAR. ................ 472 ................9,959................. 1 ...........21.100 ....... 21.100 ..........21.100 ...........21.100........... 0.000 .............0.000 ............ 21.100 .......... 21.100 ............ 0.000............ 145,590,000.000 ......1.000 AL SHARQIA INVESTMENT HOLDING ................15,000 ................2,870.................2 ............0.192.......... 0.190 ............ 0.191..............0.191 ............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.190 ............ 0.190 ..............0.193 .............. 16,044,000.000 ......0.100 DHOFAR INT.DEV.AND INV. HOLD. ........................ 72,606 ..............46,177.................8 ............0.636 ......... 0.636 ............0.636 .............0.636 ............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.636 ............ 0.632 ..............0.636 ............ 127,200,000.000 ......0.100 GALFAR ENGINEERING AND CON. ...................207,064 ..............64,187...............19 ............0.310.......... 0.308 ............ 0.310 .............0.310 ............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.310 ............0.308 ..............0.310 ................ 81,721,815.910 ......0.100 NATIONAL BANK OF OMAN .............................252,474 ............. 74,227...............12 ............0.294 .........0.294 ............0.294 ............ 0.294............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.294 ............ 0.293 ............. 0.294.............325,759,350.000 ......0.100 NAWRAS ......................................................... 927,500 ........... 487,656.............. 45 ............0.526 ......... 0.524 ............0.526 .............0.526............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.526 ............ 0.526 ..............0.528 ............342,396,664.980 ......0.100 OMAN CEMENT .............................................249,247 ............197,416.............. 27 ............0.796.......... 0.792 ............ 0.792 .............0.792 ............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.796 ............ 0.792 ..............0.796 .............262,051,186.320 ......0.100 OMAN UNITED INSURANCE ...........................160,000 ............. 53,800...............12 ............0.338 ......... 0.336 ............0.336 .............0.336 ............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.336 ............ 0.336 ..............0.338 .............. 33,600,000.000 ......0.100 ONIC. HOLDING ..................................................64,081 ............. 25,030.............. 20 ............0.392 ......... 0.390 ............0.390 ............ 0.390............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.390 ............0.390 ............. 0.392............... 67,635,067.500 ......0.100 PORT SERVICES CORPORATION .........................37,569 ..............19,912.................2 ............0.530 ......... 0.530 ............0.530 .............0.530............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.530 ............ 0.530 ............. 0.540...............50,371,200.000 ......0.100 RAYSUT CEMENT ..............................................14,435 ..............28,798.................6 ............ 1.995.......... 1.995 ............ 1.995..............1.995 ............ 0.000 .............0.000 ..............1.995 ............ 1.980 ..............1.995 ............399,000,000.000 ......0.100 RENAISSANCE SERVICES ................................666,352 ........... 470,213.............. 90 ............0.708.......... 0.700 ............0.704 .............0.704 ............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.704 ............ 0.696 ..............0.704 ............. 198,594,495.616 ......0.100 SOHAR POWER ....................................................... 421 ................... 982.................6 ............2.350 ......... 2.315 ............ 2.315..............2.315 ............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 2.350 ............2.350 ............. 2.400................51,163,815.000 ......1.000 TAAGEER FINANCE .............................................7,000 ................ 1,129.................2 ............0.162...........0.161 ............ 0.161..............0.161 ............ 0.000 .............0.000 ..............0.161 ............ 0.159 ..............0.162 ............... 38,157,000.000 ......0.100 UNITED FINANCE ........................................... 190,794 ............. 29,360.................9 ............0.154.......... 0.152 ............ 0.154 .............0.154 ............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.154 ............ 0.154 ..............0.157 ...............42,352,036.188 ......0.100 AL ANWAR CERAMIC TILES .............................366,422 ........... 193,782.............. 60 ............0.530 ......... 0.528 ............0.528 .............0.530........... -0.002 ........... -0.377............. 0.528 ............ 0.524 ..............0.528 ............. 124,127,638.272 ......0.100 OMINVEST ....................................................... 83,590 ............. 36,963...............14 ............0.446 ......... 0.442 ............0.442 ............ 0.444........... -0.002 ...........-0.450 ............ 0.444 ............0.442 ............. 0.444............ 135,309,460.000 ......0.100 BANK SOHAR .................................................. 791,954 ............ 161,611...............16 ............0.205 .........0.204 ............0.204 ............ 0.205............-0.001 ...........-0.488 ............ 0.205 ............0.204 ............. 0.205........... 224,400,000.000 ......0.100 AHLI BANK .........................................................14,588 ................2,898.................6 ............0.199.......... 0.198 ............ 0.199 ............ 0.200............-0.001 ...........-0.500 .............0.199 ............ 0.196 ..............0.199 ............. 251,514,139.850 ......0.100 HSBC BANK OMAN ..........................................443,893 ..............78,635...............21 ............ 0.178.......... 0.177 ............ 0.177..............0.178 ............-0.001 ...........-0.562 .............0.177 ............ 0.176 ..............0.177 ............ 354,055,363.830 ......0.100 OMAN FLOUR MILLS ..........................................12,850 ................ 8,121.................4 ............0.632 ......... 0.632 ............0.632 ............ 0.640........... -0.008 ........... -1.250............. 0.632 ............ 0.632 ..............0.636 .............. 99,540,000.000 ......0.100 SUM: ................................................................................46,641,401 ......11,241,438........ 2,026 ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. ...................................................................................TRADED SEC. ......................37.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

PARALLEL MARKET ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... SWEETS OF OMAN ............................................ 35,000 ............. 31,500.............. 27 ............0.900 .........0.900 ............0.900 .............0.856 ............ 0.044 ............. 5.140.............. 0.900 ............0.864 ............. 0.900.................6,300,000.000 ......0.100 NATIONAL FINANCE ..........................................27,344 ................4,457.................2 ............0.163.......... 0.163 ............ 0.163..............0.158 ............ 0.005 ............. 3.165...............0.163 ............ 0.161...............0.163 ............... 40,838,783.818 ......0.100 AL BATINAH DEV. INV. HOLDING ........................... 73,715 ................6,883.................8 ............0.094 ......... 0.093 ............0.093 .............0.092............ 0.001 ............. 1.087.............. 0.094 ............0.092 ............. 0.094.................2,790,000.000 ......0.100 SHELL OMAN MARKETING ............................ 622,851 ........1,407,643...............10 ............2.260 .........2.260 ............2.260 ............ 2.240............ 0.020 .............0.893 ............. 2.260 ............2.260 ............. 2.285............ 214,700,000.000 ......0.100 SEMBCORP SALALAH .....................................289,354 ...........564,219............ 186 ............ 1.955.......... 1.940 ............ 1.950 .............1.940 ............ 0.010 ............. 0.515.............. 1.950 ............ 1.945 ..............1.950 ............. 186,141,530.250 ......1.000 AL KAMIL POWER COMPANY ...............................9,840 ..............27,608.................8 ............2.810.......... 2.805 ............2.805 ............ 2.800............ 0.005 ............. 0.179.............. 2.810 ............ 2.810 ............. 2.900...............26,998,125.000 ......1.000 BANK DHOFAR ............................................... 200,000 .............72,000.................4 ............0.360 ......... 0.360 ............0.360 ............ 0.360............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.360 ............ 0.358 ............. 0.362.............435,646,123.560 ......0.100 CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS IND. ................... 580,019 ............. 42,102.............. 38 ............0.073 ......... 0.072 ............0.073 .............0.073 ............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.073 ............ 0.073 ..............0.074 .................6,205,000.000 ......0.100 FINANCIAL SERVICES ................................. 2,069,000 ...........343,446.................2 ............0.166.......... 0.164 ............ 0.166 .............0.166 ............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.164 ............ 0.162 ..............0.165 ...............10,790,000.000 ......0.100 GULF HOTELS (OMAN) ............................................ 339 ............... 4,288................. 1 ...........12.650 ....... 12.650 ..........11.500 ...........11.500 ........... 0.000 .............0.000 ............ 12.650 ...........0.000 ............. 0.000...............39,425,703.000 ......1.000 OMAN ORIX LEASING .......................................195,168 ............. 29,275.................3 ............0.150.......... 0.150 ............ 0.150 .............0.150 ............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 0.150 ............ 0.150 ..............0.153 ...............33,479,062.500 ......0.100 OMAN REFRESHMENT ...........................................581 ................1,364.................3 ............2.350 ......... 2.305 ............2.350 ............ 2.350............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 2.305 ............2.305 ..............2.585 .............117,500,000.000 ......0.100 SHARQIYAH DESALINATION ....................................149 ................... 723.................2 ............4.855 ......... 4.855 ............4.950 ............ 4.950............ 0.000 .............0.000 ............. 4.855 ............ 4.855 ............. 5.000...............32,274,712.800 ......1.000 BANK NIZWA ..................................................525,443 ..............55,957.............. 37 ............0.107.......... 0.106 ............0.106 .............0.107 ............-0.001 ........... -0.935............. 0.106 ............ 0.106 ..............0.107 ............ 159,000,000.000 ......0.100 OMAN EDUCATION TRAINING INV. .................. 129,620 ..............25,641...............14 ............0.202 ......... 0.190 ............ 0.198 .............0.201 ........... -0.003 ........... -1.493..............0.195 ............ 0.191...............0.195 ...............13,860,000.000 ......0.100 SUM: ..................................................................................4,758,423 ........ 2,617,107............345 ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. ...................................................................................TRADED SEC. ...................... 15.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Don’t litter a beautiful country like OMAN. Ensure proper disposal of garbage.


MSM Index closes flat MUSCAT: MSM 30 index witnessed a choppy session and closed on a flat note at 6656.40 points, up by 0.06 per cent. MSM Shariah Index also closed marginally up by 0.08 per cent at 1049.52 points. Global Financial Investment was the most active in terms of volume as well as turnover. Sweets of Oman was the top gainer, closing up by 5.14 per cent, while Oman Education & Training Investment was the top loser and closed down by 1.49 per cent. Altogether 2,374 trades were executed in yesterday’s session generating a turnover of OMR13.85 million with over 51.40 million shares traded. Out of 54 traded stocks, 20 advanced, eight declined and 22 were unchanged. At the

close of the session, foreign investors were net buyers to the tuen of OMR978,000 followed by GCC & Arab at OMR141,000. Omani investors were net sellers and sold shares worth OMR1.12 million. Financial Sector Index remains unchanged at 8147.01 points. Gulf Investment Services, Oman & Emirates, Global Financial Investment, Transgulf Holding and Al Anwar Holding increased by 2.50 per cent, 2.08 per cent, 1.85 per cent, 1.79 per cent and 1.22 per cent respectively. Bank Nizwa, HSBC Bank Oman, Ahli Bank, Bank Sohar and OMINVEST declined by 0.94 per cent, 0.56 per cent, 0.50 per cent, 0.49 per cent and 0.45 per cent respectively. The Industrial Sector Index up by 0.18% at 9838.33 points.

Sweets of Oman, Voltamp Energy, Oman Fisheries, National Aluminium and Gulf International Chemicals increased by 5.14 per cent, 2.33 per cent, 1.85 per cent, 0.59 per cent and 0.52 per cent respectively. Oman Flour Mills and Al Anwar Ceramic declined by 1.25 per cent and 0.38 per cent respectively. Services Sector Index up by 0.27 per cent at 3499.96 points. ACWA Power Barka, Shell Oman Marketing, OIFC, Sembcorp Salalah and Oman Telecom increased by 1.97 per cent, 0.89 per cent, 0.73 per cent, 0.52 per cent and 0.32 per cent respectively. Oman Education and Training Institute was only loser in the sector and was down by 1.49 per cent. - United Securities


Sensex spurts 359 points to three-year high; rupee rises MUMBAI: Bolstered by buying in interest rates related stocks after the India’s central bank raised key lending rates by 25 basis points in its second quarter monetary policy review, as expected by marketmen, the benchmark Sensex rebounded sharply by 359 points to end at nearly three-year high of 20,929.01, snapping five sessions of losing string. Buying was seen across-theboard as all 13 sectoral indices closed in the green between 0.46 per cent and 4.46 per cent with banking, realty, auto and metal segments leading the pack. Twenty-nine out of 30 Sensex-based scrips closed with gains while only Bhel finished in the red.

Hectic short-covering ahead of the expiry of October contract tomorrow also aided the market sentiment. The Bombay Stock Exchange 30-share barometer initially traded in a narrow range, but when the news of the rise in key lending rates by the RBI filtered in, it shot up to settle at 20,929.01, showing a rise of 358.73 points or 1.74 per cent. In last five days, it had tumbled by 235.61 points or 1.13 per cent. Last time it had finished at 20,932.48 on November 9, 2010. It had settled at an all-time high of 21,004.96 on November 5, 2010. Yesterday’s closing session was its third largest in the history of the stock exchange.

Currency bounces back The Indian rupee yesterday bounced back by 21 paise to close at more-than one-week high of 61.31 against the Greenback following strong local equities on the back of expected rise in the key lending rates by the RBI in its second quarter monetary policy review. Fresh dollar selling by exporters amid sustained capital inflows too helped the rupee rise. At the Interbank Foreign Exchange (Forex) market, the domestic unit commenced lower at 61.60 a dollar from previous close of 61.52 and dropped further to a low of 61.72. Later, it rebounded to settle at the day’s high of 61.31, revealing a rise of 21 paise. - PTI






Plastic takes 1,000 years or more to break down

Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit. — Napoleon Hill

W E DN E S DAY, O CTO B E R 3 0, 2 01 3


QUOTES Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best. — Theodore Isaac Rubin If all the economists were laid end to end, they’d never reach a conclusion. — George Bernard Shaw



W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3


Ahlibank’s staff for US journalist programme Every year during this time, more than 100 journalists travel to the US to take part in the Edward Murrow Program, which is conducted in six languages

MUSCAT: Ahlibank’s Head of Corporate Communications, Murtadha Al Lawati has been selected for the ‘Edward Murrow Program for Journalists’ this year. The programme, which is a public-private partnership between the US Department of State, the Aspen Institute, and nine leading US schools of journalism, brings more than 100 emerging leaders in the field of journalism from around the world to the US each year to

examine journalistic practices in the United States. “To have been selected for the Edward Murrow Program is a real honour. The programme engages and educates young international media professionals in a dialogue with their US counterparts, shares journalism practices, and creates

new professional networks from the United States and around the world,” said, Murtadha Al Lawati Every year during this time, more than 100 journalists travel to the US to take part in the programme, which is conducted in six languages. The visitors meet in the nation’s capital and then travel in


MUSCAT: It is time yet again for water sports lovers to witness and partake a spectacular race that is becoming the premier boating event in the Gulf – the Dubai to Muscat Sailing Race 2013. Sailing route The sailing boats will start from Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC) on November 2 and 3, depending on their size and speed, covering 360 nautical miles to finally dock at the Jebel Sifah Resort in Muscat within 3 to 5 days. The race to Muscat will be an exceptional test of sailing prowess and human endeavour. At the same time, the participating team members will get to experience Oman’s fascinating coastline. Refreshing cruise The return trip can be more relaxed with time to enjoy the secluded bays and beautiful beaches on the way. In addition, they can enjoy the hospitality extended by Marina Resorts en route that are supporting the event by offering discounted, and in some cases even complimentary, overnight stay to refresh and refuel. These include Al Hamra Marina and Yacht Club, Six Senses Resorts, Zighy Bay and Millennium Resort, Mussanah. The event is open to all boat

owners in the UAE and Oman holding a valid boat registration who can demonstrate the minimum level of experience and boat preparedness. “There will be about 12-15 boats participating, each team comprising of about four to six crew. There are about 10 diverse nationalities taking part and we are looking forward to welcoming them and hosting the prize distribution on November 9,” said Philip Jones, senior director marinas of Muriya Tourism Development. This year, the event will include a motorboat flotilla wherein those interested can sail along the sailboats and enjoy the thrills of the race. It would indeed be spectacular to see the boats sail into Jebel Sifah marina that offers a magnificent view of the ocean. Complimentary On reaching its destination, all participants will be offered free berthing at Jebel Sifah marina along with reasonably priced lodging. The teams will also get to enjoy a complimentary dolphin watching trip to Bandar Khiran and free water taxi to and from Bandar Rowdha. Overall, the trip is all set to be a treat for watersport enthusiasts, whether they are participating or just spectators.


Jotun paints launches ‘Who Cares?’ HSE campaign MUSCAT: ‘Who cares?’ is a sustainable communication concept for Jotun’s HSE policy. The concept will be introduced over a span of time through a variety of communication channels. The long term aim is that it will be enough to see the words ‘Who cares?’ for Jotun employees all over the world to think of HSE – and that it is important. ‘Who cares?’ has a double meaning: To be indifferent to something, or as a genuine question. The concept plays to a certain degree on this double meaning and Jotun paints is not indifferent to HSE. To a large extent the work at Jotun Paints is involving health,

smaller groups to take part in academic seminars and field activities with the faculty and students of prestigious US schools specialised in journalism. The participants also visit various American cities to observe media coverage of state politics and government as well as American civic life and grassroots involvement in political affairs. The programme concludes in New York City with visits to major media outlets and a symposium to showcase current trends and challenges facing the media in the US and around the world Commenting on Ahlibank’s Head of Corporate Communication attending this programme, Abdul Aziz Al Balushi, CEO of the bank said, “Ahlibank is proud of its talented staff and since inception the bank has adopted innovative strategies to equip Omani staff to take up leadership positions in tandem with future challenges. With over 90 per cent Omanisation level, the bank remains committed to developing its leadership pool from among the young Omanis, thereby contributing to Oman’s future by investing in talent which is the real wealth of the nation.”

Premium boating event of the Gulf is back again

safety and the environment and focuses largely on people involved directly in manufacturing. To strengthen HSE awareness internally in Jotun in order to reduce the number of unwanted incidents, accidents and close calls the campaign was launched. The campaign itself is and has a simple but sincere message to convey to all of us.


“The main reason for strong focus on health, safety and environment in Jotun, is to make sure that we take care of our people and the people around us in a better way. We want to take a greater responsibility for all directly or indirectly involved or influenced by our business,” said Say’s Bjorn Skjelby, general manager Jotun Paints Oman.

Toyota unveils cutting-edge of safety tech MUSCAT: Toyota is committed to developing safety technologies that help minimise traffic fatalities and injuries involving pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. Now, Toyota has developed a Pre-collision System (PCS) that uses automatic steering in addition to increased pre-collision braking force and automatic braking to help prevent collisions with pedestrians. The new PCS with pedestrian-avoidance steer assist can help prevent collisions in cases where automatic braking alone is not sufficient, such as when the vehicle is travelling too fast or a pedestrian suddenly steps into the vehicle’s path. An on-board sensor detects pedestrians and issues a visual alert

on the dashboard immediately in front of the driver if the system determines that there is a risk of collision. If the likelihood of a collision increases, the system issues an audio and visual alarm to encourage the driver to take evasive action, and the increased pre-collision braking force and automatic braking functions are activated. Avoid collision If the system determines that a collision cannot be avoided by braking alone and there is sufficient room for avoidance, steer assist is activated to steer the vehicle away from the pedestrian. The number of traffic fatalities in Japan has declined for 12 consecutive years, reaching 4,411 in 2012. However, of that total, pe-

destrian fatalities are the most common, accounting for 37.0 percent. Last year, Toyota developed a system that uses increased precollision braking force and automatic braking to help prevent collisions with pedestrians. The system, which was adopted on the Toyota Motor Corporation’s luxury brand warns the driver when it detects a potential collision with a pedestrian or obstacle. If the driver does not take action to avoid the collision, the system activates. Toyota aims to make PCS (Pedestrian-avoidance with no steer assist) more affordable and roll it out by 2015 on a wider range of vehicles, before introducing PCS with Pedestrian-avoidance Steer Assist.






Diver Salim scoops Oman’s second gold R E S U LT S :

800m freestyle for 15-17 year-olds: 1 Mohammed Salah Al Kandari (KUW), 2 Hashim Walid Majada (KUW).

Besides Salim’s gold,

50m freestyle for 13-14 year-olds: 1 Abdulrahman Khalid Al Kuwari (QAT), 2 Razak Fahad Abdulrazaq (KUW), 3 Bader Mohammed Ibrahim Al Abdali (KUW).

Oman yesterday

50m freestyle for 15-17 year-olds: 1 Marwan Mohammed Ahmed Al Hammadi (UAE), 2 Ahmed Ateeq Hashi Al Niyadi (UAE), 3 Sultan Mansour Al Otaibi (UAE).

won 13 more medals,

50m freestyle for 11-12 years: 1 Rashid Aiyman Al Askari (KUW), 2 Nasser Fawaz Abdulrahim (KUW), 3 Khamis Mohamed Al Hosni (UAE).

including three silver

400m individual medley for 15-17 year-olds: 1 Jarrah Waleed Al Bakhit KUW), 2 Abdulrahman Yahya Al Kulaibi (OMA), 3 Yousef Hussein Al Muslim (KUW).

and 10 bronze medals

200m individual medley for 13-14 year-olds: 1 Noah Abdulaziz Al Khalifi (QAT), 2 Ali Hussein Ashkinani (KUW), 3 Abdulaziz Fahd Al Dhauwaihi (KUW). 200m individual medley for 11-12 year-olds: 1 Abdulrahman Jadeed Al Hajri (KUW), 2 Khamis Mohamed Al Hosni, 3 Mohammed Abdullah Al Jabri (OMA).

Times News Service MUSCAT: Diver Salim Al Masroori bagged a gold medal, Oman’s only second of yellow hue, as the hosts took their medal tally to 34 on the third day of the GCC Swimming Championships at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex yesterday. On a day of hectic activity both in the pool and on diving boards, Salim came up with a splendid performance in platform diving to leave his rivals far behind to clinch the top honours with a total of 276.85 points. Kuwait’s Abdulrahman Al Kandari, who garnered 276.40 points, settled for silver while Qatar’s Shadi Adbulhamid bagged bronze with 258.70 points. Besides Salim’s gold, Oman yesterday won 13 more medals, including three silver and 10 bronze medals. Sheikh Rashad bin Ahmed Al Hinai, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Sports Affairs, presides over the third day’s presentation ceremony. Meanwhile, the organisers informed that a simple ceremony, to be presided over Minister of Housing Sheikh Saif bin Mohammed Al

100m butterfly for 15-17 year-olds: 1 Ali Ahmed Saeed Al Kaabi (UAE), 2 Omar Hisham Yousef Omar (QAT), Khalid Abdulla Baba (BAH). 100m butterfly for 13-14 years: 1 Ali Hussein Ashkinani (KUW), 2 Mazen Salem Al Kulaibi (OMA), 3 Shehab Khaled Rashid Al Shihab (KUW). 100m butterfly for 11-12 year-olds: 1 Yaqoob Abdulaziz Al Khalifi (QAT), 2 Abdulrahman Al Hajri (KUW), 3 Hussein Ali (KUW). 200m backstroke for 13-14 year-olds: 1 Hassan Ibrahim Al Balushi (KUW), 2 Saleh Nasser Al Badr Hassan, 3 Hassan Ali. 4x200m freestyle for 15-17 year-olds: 1 Kuwaiti, 2 Bahrain, 3 Saudi Arabia. 50m butterfly for 13-14 year-olds: Abdulrahman Khalid Al Kuwari (QAT), 2 Mazin Salem Al Kulaibi (OMA), 3 Shahab Khalid Rashid Al Shihab (KUW). 400m freestyle for 15-17 year-olds: 1 Mohammed Salah Al Kindari (KUW), 2 Jassim Yaqoob (KUW), 3 Ahmed Ali (KSA).


Masroori showcases the gold medal he won in the diving competition. – Supplied photo

400m freestyle for 13-14 year-olds: 1 Noah Abdulaziz QAT), 2 Ali Mustafa Bu Abbbas, 3 Khaled Fadhal Al Hooti (QAT). 50m butterfly for 15-17 year-olds: 1 Ali Ahmed, 2 Omar Hisham (QAT), 3 Hassan Abdullah (KSA). 50m butterfly for 11-12 year-olds: 1 Yaqoob Abdulaziz (QAT), 2 Abdulrahman Jadeed (KUW), 3 Hassan Ali (KSA).

Shabibi, will mark the conclusion of the championships today. Earlier in the morning, the GCC Swimming Organising Committee held a meeting during which it awarded the 24th edition of the championships to Saudi Arabia. And it is learnt that the committee also gave a nod to inclusion of water polo to the next championships.

100m breaststroke for 15-17 year-olds: 1 Kumail Alawi (KSA), 2 Sultan Mansoor (KSA), 3 Walid Rafiq Daloul (QAT). 100m breaststroke for 13-14 year-olds: 1 Mohammed Abdullah Khalil (KUW), 2 Mohammed Mansoor (KSA), 3 Abdulaziz Fahad Abdul Razak (KUW). 100m breaststroke: 1 Abdul Rahman Hisham (QAT), 2 Hassan Mohammed (KUW), 3 Ali Nader Hassan (KUW). 200 meters backstroke for 15-17 year-olds: 1 Yaqoob Yousef (UAE), 2 Salman Al Jaber (KUW), 3 Rahman Yahya Al Kulaibi (OMA). 4x100m freestyle for 13-14 year-olds: 1 Kuwait, 2 Qatar, 3 Oman.

RUBEL’S HAT-TRICK RATTLES THE KIWIS Rubel Hossain’s six-wicket haul, including a hat-trick, turned the first ODI on its head, helping Bangladesh win by 43 runs by the Duckworth-Lewis method. >C3


Must-win match for India


NE-TWO down and two matches to go means that India have to win the Nagpur game to give themselves a chance of winning the series. They have had a pretty longish break by modern day standards of almost a week since the Ranchi wash out, and that has hopefully been put to good use by the think tank to sort out the bowling issues that confront the team. Yes, the four fielders out of the circle instead of the five that was the norm earlier has made life tough for the bowlers, and the batting powerplay is even more so where only three are allowed out of the ring. If the batting side has started well and has wickets in hand, then the last 15 overs can yield as many as 150 runs as has been seen in the series so far. What has been encouraging is the manner in which Mohammed Shami has bowled in the final overs, and while it was understandable that Dhoni may have been a bit chary about completing his full quota of overs in his first match of the series, he will have a lot more faith in the bowler for the Nagpur game. Dhoni has tossed the ball to Virat Kohli in the past too, but in Indian conditions, he is turning out expensive and if anything has been the trigger for the Australians to go up a gear or two. Yuvraj must bowl lots in the nets, for his tendency to drop more than one delivery per over halfway down the pitch is also costing plenty. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar



Four fielders out of the circle instead of the five that was the norm earlier has made life tough for the bowlers is used for eight overs on the trot and not after that, which closes one option, and if he has not picked a wicket or two in that spell then it’s even harder. The batting too has to lift itself up and not rely on the depth it has and take it easy at the top. Dhawan has been impressive but has fallen to Faulkner’s away going delivery, and Rohit Sharma needs to be consistent to press for a place in the Test team. Kohli and Dhoni have been the standout performers, batting in tight situations and giving the team runs to defend. If Yuvraj and Raina can also chip in, then India could put up a defendable total or chase big targets as they did in Jaipur. Australia’s only problem is the lack of runs from Shane Watson. If he picks Nagpur to get his form back then it could be bye bye to India’s chances of winning the series. — PMG


W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3

SPORTS Aussies in upheaval ahead of Ashes bid In a move that

England play down concerns over Cook back injury

highlights the hosts’ edginess, Cricket Australia said it will not reveal any injuries, unless a player has been ruled out of a Test, to avoid giving an advantage to England

SYDNEY: Australia are bracing for a battle to regain the Ashes for the first time in six years but injuries, selection woes and a questionable build-up give every sign of a team in upheaval. The signs are not promising in the home camp as Michael Clarke’s men try to stop

SYDNEY: England brushed aside any concerns surrounding captain Alastair Cook’s availability for the upcoming Ashes series in Australia despite the opening batsman’s decision to skip a practice session yesterday due to a sore back. The left-hander missed England’s hit-out at the Floreat Oval in Western Australia to receive treatment on his back while fast bowler Stuart Broad also sat out the session with a

old rivals England winning a fourth successive Ashes series, after their 3-0 victory in July and August. England have not savoured four straight Test series wins against Australia since 1890, but they will be sniffing blood against a team under pressure. The last time

similar problem. “I’m sure he’ll be fine,” England’s top-order batsman Ian Bell told reporters. “He’s had the odd little niggle with the back, which I suppose we all have certain areas we have to keep working on. Obviously a long flight isn’t always easy. I’m sure he’ll be right in the next week or so.” Cook is expected to sit out of the first tour match against a WA Chairman’s XI, starting at the Waca tomorrow. — Reuters

England made the long trip to Australia, in 2010-2011, the series ended in humiliation for the hosts who lost three Tests by an innings to capitulate 3-1. Injuries have already put the Australians on the back foot with frontline pace bowlers Mitchell Starc,

James Pattinson and Jackson Bird all out with back problems. Skipper Clarke is battling a chronic disc injury, placing a question-mark over the ability of Australia’s only genuine world-class batsman to last the series. In the recent Tests in England,

Australia’s top six were changed so frequently that former skipper Ricky Ponting urged selectors to “pick and stick” with young batsmen such as Usman Khawaja and Phil Hughes. “The lack of stability and the lack of confidence that some of our

players have been taking, not just into each game but into each innings they play, that doesn’t make things any easier,” Ponting said. Coach Darren Lehmann, who presided over this year’s Ashes defeat after taking over from the sacked Mickey Arthur, even convened a forum of former Test stars to brainstorm the batting woes. And in a move that highlights the hosts’ edginess, Cricket Australia said it will not reveal any injuries, unless a player has been ruled out of a Test, to avoid giving a possible advantage to England. As difficulties abound, criticism has been flowing freely and former selector Merv Hughes this week hit out at Australia’s pre-Ashes schedule. While England are preparing on Australian pitches in Perth, the hosts, albeit minus several key players, are in the middle of a seven-game ODI series in India. Ponting raised questions over Clarke’s captaincy in his recently released autobiography. And Ponting also endorsed all-rounder Shane Watson, who is said to have an edgy relationship with the captain, as a potential future skipper. — AFP

SEEB TO PLAY SAHAM IN PROFESSIONAL CUP FINAL Seeb Club made a second half rally to beat Al Nasr Club 2-1 in the first semifinal of the Oman Professional Cup at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher. It was Al Nasr, who opened that account when foreign player Julie scored of a penalty in the first half. However, Osama Hadid and Khalid Al Hamdani ensured win for Seeb with second half efforts. In the other semifinal played at the same venue Saham got the better off Fanja by a solitary goal. The lone goal was the fruit of Saham’s Syrian player Mohammed Zino. The date of the final will be announced by OFA later. — Times of Oman / ISMAIL AL FARSI

W E DN E S DAY, O CTO B E R 3 0, 2 01 3


SPORTS Rubel’s hat-trick rattles the Kiwis Rubel Hossain finished with 6-26, helping the hosts to dismiss New Zealand for 162 runs after the visitors were set a revised target of 206 runs in 33 overs in the rain-hit match

DHAKA: Rubel Hossain claimed six wickets including a hat-trick as Bangladesh crushed New Zealand by 43 runs yesterday in the first One-day International, leading 1-0 in the three-match series. Rubel finished with 6-26, helping the hosts to dismiss New Zealand for 162 runs after the visitors were set a revised target of 206 runs in 33 overs in the rain-hit match at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium. New Zealand were 82-3 in 20 overs, replying to Bangladesh’s 265 all out, when rain halted the game for nearly two hours. Needing 124 off 78 balls on resumption, Corey Anderson hit some lusty blows before Rubel turned the table with his hat-trick. Rubel bowled Anderson, who scored 46 off 31 balls including three fours and fours sixes, before taking the wicket of Brendan McCullum and James Neesham to complete the hat-trick in his third over. New Zealand skipper McCullum was caught by substitute fielder Shamsur Rahman while Neesham flicked a catch to wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim on the leg side as Rubel became the third Bangladeshi to claim a hat-trick in a One-day international (ODI). Rubel took the wicket of Ross Taylor before rain later added Nathan McCullum and Grant Elliot (71) to his tally, equalling the record of Mashrafe Mortaza for the best ever ODI bowling for Bangladesh. Mashrafe, who claimed 6-26


6/26 against Kenya at Nairobi in 2006, took the catch of Elliot, the last man out for New Zealand. The visitors conceded a defeat as Kane Williamson was unable to bat for a thumb injury. Earlier, Mushfiqur and Naeem Islam hit half-centuries to set up Bangladesh’s total after New Zealand captain McCullum won the toss and elected to field. The pair added 154 for the fourth wicket to rescue the home

side from a perilous 25-3. Skipper Mushfiqur hit a solid 90 off 98 balls with eight fours and two sixes before he fell to Neesham. Naeem struggled initially, taking 17 balls to get off the mark, but soon grew in confidence to hit a career-best 84 off 113 balls. Naeem, who was picked in the starting line-up after Bangladesh were forced to leave out ailing all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan,


BANGLADESH Tamim Iqbal lbw b Southee 5 Anamul Haque c N McCullum b Southee 13 Mominul Haque run out 0 Mushfiqur c B McCullum b Neesham 90 Naeem Islam c B. McCullum b Southee 84 Nasir Hossain b Neesham 1 Mahmudullah c Taylor b Neesham 29 Sohag Gazi c B. McCullum b Anderson 6 M Mortaza c N. McCullum b Neesham 6 A Razzak c B. McCullum b Anderson 12 Rubel Hossain not out 3 Extras (lb-2, w-13, nb-1) 16 Total (all out, 49.5 overs) 265 Fall of wickets: 1-13 (Tamim), 2-17 (Mominul), 3-25 (Anamul), 4-179 (Mushfiqur), 5-181 (Nasir), 6-232 (Naeem), 7-241 (Mahmudullah), 8-249 (Sohag), 9-250 (Mashrafe), 10-265 (Razzak). Bowling: Southee 10-2-34-3 (nb1), McClenaghan 8-0-51-0 (w3), Neesham 9-0-42-4 (w4), Anderson 8.5-1-46-2 (w5), N. McCullum 4-0-28-0, Devcich 5-0-32-0 (w1), Williamson 4-0-20-0, Elliot 1-0-10-0 NEW ZEALAND H. Rutherford b Gazi 1 A. Devcich b Mahmudullah 22 G. Elliot c Mashrafe b Rubel 71 R. Taylor c Rahim b Rubel 8 C. Anderson b Rubel 46 B. McCullum c Sub (Shamsur) b Rubel 0 J. Neesham b Rahim b Rubel 0 N. McCullum c Mashrafe b Rubel 10 T. Southee c Sub ( Shamsur) b Razzak 0 MJ McClenaghan not out 1 K. Williamson absent hurt Extras (lb-2, wb-1) 3 Total (all out, 29.5 overs) 162 Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Rutherford), 2-43 (Devcich), 3-60 (Taylor) 4-121(Anderson) 5-121 (B. McCullum), 6-121 (Neesham), 7-143 (N. McCullum), 8-149 (Southee) 9-162 (Elliot) Bowling: Mashrafe 6-1-20-0, Sohag 6-036-1 (wb1), Razzak 7-1-45-1, Mahmudullah 4-0-27-1, Rubel 5.5-0-26-6, Nasir Hossain 1-0-6-0 Result: Bangladesh win by 43 runs in D/L method Man of the Match: Rubel Hossain (BAN) Series: Bangladesh 1-0 Toss: New Zealand Umpires: Enamul Haque (BAN) and Ranmore Martinesz (SRI) TV umpire: Anisur Rahman (BAN) Match referee: Chris Broad (ENG)

smashed 12 fours in his fourth One-day half-century. Tim Southee ended Naeem’s innings when he forced an edge to the wicket-keeper. Neesham and Southee were the pick of New Zealand bowlers, sharing seven wickets between them as Bangladesh lost their last five wickets for 33 runs. Neesham claimed a career-best 4-42, while Southee returned with 3-34. — AFP


De Villiers eyes winning start SHARJAH: South African captain AB de Villiers vowed to attack Pakistan for a winning start at the opening one-day international (ODI) match in Sharjah today despite his team being down two key playmakers. The Proteas are missing both star batsman Hashim Amla and spearhead Dale Steyn for the first two matches of the five match one-day series. But De Villiers insists his team are brimming with confidence, especially after they managed to square the Test series 1-1, winning the second showdown in Dubai by an innings and 92 runs. “We didn’t have much time for preparation so it’s really up for us mentally to get prepared but it’s important to have a good start, get used to the conditions and adapt as quickly as possible and attack them in areas where they are not strong,” said De Villiers yesterday. “Dale needed some rest but hopefully he will join us in good stead,” said De Villiers of the paceman who

returned home for rest but will be available from the third match in Abu Dhabi on November 6. Amla returned home after the first Test match to be with his wife following the birth of their second child. The 30-year old is ranked world No 1. in Test rankings. The second One-day match will be played in Dubai (November 1) while the third and fourth matches will be in Abu Dhabi (November 6 and 8) and the final in Sharjah (November 11). The two teams will also play two Twenty20 internationals in Dubai on November 13 and 15. South Africa will be joined by One-day specialists Quinton de Kock, Ryan McLaren, David Miller, Wayne Parnell, and Lonwabo Tsotsobe. De Villiers said he hoped to find the right combination. “We are tactically working on getting the right side which could give us the best opportunity to get a 1-0 lead,” said De Villiers whose team lost their last ODI series in Sri Lanka 4-1 in July this year. - AFP


W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3


Omani talent Shahrazad steps into international arena MUSCAT: Sultanate’s rising talent Shahrazad Al Barakat took her first steps into the international tennis when she took part in the Thailand leg of the Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) Under-14 series recently. According to a press release issued by the Oman Tennis Association (OTA) yesterday, Shahrazad, Oman’s under-12 champion and top ranked player in the category, took part in the Thailand series as part of Sultanate tennis body’s efforts to develop young tennis players. In Thailand, Sahrazad got an opportunity to play a lot of friendly matches against Singapore’s No. 1 Jeovanne Poernomo

and Hong Kong’s top player Vina Young. Later in the tournament, Shahrazad entered the main draw where she defeated Erica Telman 6-0, 6-1 to reach the quarterfinals. However, the Omani girl lost to a Thai girl who went onto win the title.Shaharzad, teaming up with Singapore’s Jeovanne Poernomo, also took part in the doubles and clinched a runners-up spot. According to the OTA statement, Shahrazad will continue her international participating aimed at improving her ranking and her next stop is Qatar. Other Omani players will be joining her in Qatar as part of OTA’s new development programme. IMPRESSIVE BEGINNING: Shahrazad Al Barakat showcasing her credentials after taking part in the ATF U-14 series. – Supplied photo

Bayern dominate Fifa nominations The only British player to make the Player of the Year award list was Bale

ZURICH: Six players from Bayern Munich’s treble-winning team were included among the 23 nominees for the World Player of the Year award announced by Fifa yesterday. Jose Mourinho was included on the shortlist for Coach of the Year despite failing to win any major trophies with Real Madrid last season, a performance the Portuguese himself described as “disastrous”. The only British player to make the list was Wales international Gareth Bale. African Nations Cup winning coach Stephen Keshi of Nigeria was overlooked and Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure was the only African to make either list. There were no representatives from Asia or Concacaf. German internationals Manuel Neuer, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Thomas Mueller and Philipp Lahm, Frenchman Franck Ribery and Dutchman Arjen Robben were

the Bayern players on the list. Joining the Bayern contingent were the usual favourites such as Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Cristiano Ronaldo. Bayern’s former coach Jupp Heynckes, since replaced by Pep Guardiola, was on the coaches list after leading his side to a Bundesliga, German Cup and Champions League treble. The omission of Bayern’s Croatian forward Mario Mandzukic was a surprise as many critics felt he had made the difference between last season and 2011-12, where Bayern were runners-up in all three competitions. Brazil’s Luiz Felipe Scolari, whose side hosted and won the Confederations Cup in June, was the only South American to make the coaching shortlist. Radamel Falcao, Edinson Cavani, Luis Suarez, Neymar and Thiago Silva were the South American nominees for the Player of the Year award, along with Messi. All six are based in Europe. Although several of the nominated coaches failed to win a major trophy last season, Mourinho’s nomination was the biggest surprise as his side’s results fell far short of Real Madrid’s expectations. They finished 15 points behind Barcelona in La Liga, lost to smaller neighbours Atletico Madrid in the Copa del Rey final and were outclassed by Borus-

sia Dortmund in the Champions League semifinals. Atletico’s Argentine coach Diego Simeone was overlooked. It said the final decisions would be made by the captains and coaches of the national teams and international media representatives selected by France Football magazine. The ceremony takes place in Zurich on January 13. Players’ shortlist: Gareth Bale (Wales), Edinson Cavani (Uruguay), Radamel Falcao (Colombia), Eden Hazard (Belgium), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden), Andres Iniesta (Spain), Philipp Lahm (Germany), Robert Lewandowski (Poland), Lionel Messi (Argentina), Thomas Mueller (Germany), Manuel Neuer (Germany), Neymar (Brazil), Mesut Ozil (Germany), Andrea Pirlo (Italy), Franck Ribery (France), Arjen Robben (Netherlands), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany), Luis Suarez (Uruguay), Thiago Silva (Brazil), Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast), Robin Van Persie (Netherlands), Xavi (Spain). Coaches: Carlo Ancelotti (Italy/Paris Saint-Germain FC/Real Madrid), Rafael Ben?tez (Spain/Chelsea/Napoli), Antonio Conte (Italy/Juventus), Vicente Del Bosque (Spain), Alex Ferguson (Scotland/ Manchester United FC former coach), Jupp Heynckes (Germany/Bayern Munich former coach), Juergen Klopp (Germany/Borussia Dortmund), Jose Mourinho (Portugal/Real Madrid/Chelsea), Luiz Felipe Scolari (Brazil/Brazil national team), Arsene Wenger France/Arsenal).


MFA registrations from Nov 3 SPORTS REPORTER

MUSCAT: The Muscat Football Academy (MFA) is all set to open on November 18 in Muscat. As part of the opening, the organizers have opened registrations for young footballers in the country. The registration will be opened at Bait Al Reem in Al Khuwair

on November 3. The residential academy offers tailor-made beginner and advanced programmes which focus on technique, fitness, and confidence. Enrollment will be open to players aged 4-18. Academy’s head coach Chuck Martini said, “The training will focus on improving individual

technique and fundamentals.” The ex-premier league player said he is determined to discover and develop the next Ali Al Habsi of Oman. “I aim to construct a football academy that will provide stateof-the-art facilities with focus on creating world class players,” Martini added.

W E DN E S DAY, O CTO B E R 3 0, 2 01 3

SPORTS Al Fayd slams double century, Goutham’s ton helps ISAS win Bangladesh School notch big win over Al Hail School of Cricket and Indian School Muscat beat Indian School Wadi Kabir

MUSCAT: Goutham K. smashed an unbeaten 140 (75b, 22x4) to help Indian School Al Seeb (ISAS) defeat Muscat Cricket Coaching Centre (MCCC) by eight wickets in a Khimji Ramdas-sponsored Junior League 25 overs-a-side Under-19 match. Electing to bat first, MCCC got off to a solid start with openers Miraj Hossain (74, 48b, 13x4) and Asif Ilyas (30, 37b, 1x6 and 1x4) putting together 102 runs in 12.2 overs. Syed Muntazir chipped in with a useful 38 as they scored 191 for the loss of six wickets in 25 overs. ISAS replied with 195 for the loss of two wickets in 22.2 overs. Brief scores: MCCC 191 for 6 in 25 overs (Miraj Hossain 74, Syed Muntazir 38, Asif Ilyas 30; Mohammed Sohil 3/14, Jathin V. 2/51) lost to ISAS 195 for 2 in 22.2 overs (Goutham K. 140 n.o., Jathin K. 43). Points: ISAS – 4 pts (2 games, 8 pts), MCCC - Nil (2 games, 5 pts). BDSM wins Bangladesh School Muscat (BDSM) registered a 108-run win against Al Hail School of Cricket in an Al Turki Enterprises-sponsored Junior League Under-16 match. Batting first, BDSM piled up

SLSM STARS: Sri Lankan School’s Abdul Haleem Al Fayd, who scored a unbeaten double ton, and

Indunil Udara Palihawardana, who scored 96 not out. – Supplied photo

221 runs for seven wickets in 25 overs. Al Hail School of Cricket in reply were bowled out for 113 in 19.1 overs. Brief scores: BDSM 221 for 7 in 25 overs (Ariful Islam 62, Mahbub Hassan 57, Abu Saleh Musha 28, Nazmul Hossain 23; Ahmed Mohammed 2/37, Siraj Lal Bakhsh 2/38, Zuhair Ismail 2/46) bt Al Hail School of Cricket 113 all out in 19.1 overs (Zuhair Al Balushi 62; Abu Saleh Musha 2/12, Showharwade Neshad 2/21, Abu Bakkar 2/22). Points: BDSM - 5 pts (4 games, 14 pts), Al Hail SC – Nil (4 games, Nil). ISM beat ISWK Indian School Muscat (ISM) snapped unbeaten run of Indian School Wadi Kabir (ISWK) when

they registered a 27-run win in another Al Turki Enterprisessponsored Junior League match. Opting to bat first, ISM scored 169 for the loss of seven wickets and then bowled out ISWK for 142 in 24.1 overs. Brief scores: ISM 179 for 7 in 25 overs (Shaurya Dadhwal 37, Ashton William 36, Akshay Jathar 36 n.o., Imtiaz Hannan 25; Hardik Toprani 2/31, Ivan Manjila 2/42) bt ISWK 142 all out in 24.1 overs (Ivan Manjila 44, Hardik Toprani 23, Abishek C. 22 n.o.; Paritosh 4/28, Wasim Ali 2/21, Akshay Jathar 2/25). Points: ISM – 4 pts (3 games, 14 pts), ISWK - Nil (6 games, 24 pts). Al Fayd shines Opening batsman Abdul Haleem


Al Fayd smashed an unbeaten 224 (86b, 1x6 and 33x4) as Sri Lankan School Muscat (SLSM) thrashed a hapless nine-man Gulf Cricket Centre in another Junior League 25-over under-16 match. Thanks to Al Fayd’s double ton and Indunil Udara Palihawadana’s unbeaten 96, SLSM put up a mammoth 367 for loss of just one wicket in 25 overs. GCC, after being docked five overs for slow over rate, were bundled out for 85 in 12.4 overs. Brief scores: SLSM 367 for 1 in 25 overs (Abdul Haleem Al Fayd 224 n.o., Indunil Udara Palihawadana 98 n.o.) bt GCC 85 all out in 12.4 overs (Vipin Sebastian 31; Indunil Udara 3/26, Gimash Dias 2/6). Points: SLSM - 5 pts (3 games, 10 pts), GCC - Nil (4 games, Nil).


OTA monthly tourney from Nov 7 MUSCAT: The Oman Tennis Association (OTA) will organise the 4th Monthly Junior Tennis Tournament from November 7 to 9. According to a press release issued by the Sultanate’s tennis body yesterday, the monthly tournaments come as part of OTA’s objective to provide match practice to junior players on a regular basis. FOOTBALL

HM’s Cup qualifiers draw today MUSCAT: The draw for the HM’s Cup qualifiers for the Second Division teams will be taking place today at the Seeb Stadium at 12pm. Eleven teams — Ibri, Itfiaq, Rustaq, Ahli Sidab, Bahla, Khasab, Diba, Bashaer, Hamra, Ja’alan, and Musaira — have entered fray. The draw will place the Team number 1 against with Team number 2 until Team 5 against Team 10. The Team number 11 will qualify directly to the second Round 32. The games will be played on field of the first team drawn for each of the 5 games.

The deadline for registration is 6pm on November 5 Around 80 junior players, including those from Majees, Al Bashayir and Al Quriyat clubs, have been participating in these tournaments, the statement said.

The fourth edition of this year’s series will have under-10, under-12, under-14 and under-18 competitions for both boys and girls. There will also be consolation competitions in under-10 mixed event and for under-12 boys. For further details call OTA coach Josephine P (93826353) or OTA office (24492945). webeditor@timesofoman com



W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3


Omani trio looking foward to world sailing championships

THE FITTEST: Ahmed Al Bulushi. – Supplied photos

The three Omani sailors are looking forward to learning as much as possible from the star-studded international line-up at the first ever world sailing championships to be hosted by the Sultanate

MUSCAT: Oman’s only world ranked Laser sailor Hussain Al Jabri and two fellow Omani teammates will take pride of place in the crack 126-boat fleet when the 2013 Laser Standard Men’s World Championships, organised by the Ministry of Sports Affairs and Oman Sail, gets underway here on November 16. Al Jabri, who ranks 396 in the world, Ahmed Al Hassani and Ahmed Al Balushi, have been among the standout performers of the innovative Oman Sail “pathway to excellence” sail training and coaching programme that has

helped fast track talented newcomers to the sport. “It is an enormous honour for them to represent their country at the first ever sailing world championship to be held in Oman. They are at the start of their careers but all indications point to a great future for them in competitive sailing. It will be highly inspirational for the youth of Oman to see them competing against the world’s best at home,” said Rashid Al Kindi, Oman Sail national racing team manager. Al Kindi said all three sailors looked forward to learning as

STAR SAILOR: Hussain Al Jabri is Oman’s only world ranked Laser sailor.

much as possible from the starstudded international line-up that will feature 46 of the worlds’ top 50 ISAF ranked Laser Standard Men’s sailors including Olympic, world and national champions from 48 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North, South and Central America. Al Jabri, 25, only learnt to sail in 2011 when he joined Oman Sail and yet he was voted this year’s winner of Oman’s first ever Sailor of the Year Awards presented by Renaissance Services. He made the ISAF world rankings in February this year after winning the Sail the Gulf - Qatar International Regatta in Doha and is thrilled to be ranked 396 out 964 world ranked sailors. Excited at the incredible opportunity to be racing in a world championship in home waters, Al Jabri is quick to admit it will be a steep learning curve even though his results have been impressive in regional events. He won silver at Oman’s 2012 Mussanah Race Week out of 21 boats, and again at the regional GCC Sailing Championships 2013

and gold at the Laser Singapore Trophy out of 14 boats. This past weekend he took the bronze with a third overall podium place in the Laser Standard Men’s Class at his debut appearance in the prestigious four day Arab Sailing Championships in Kuwait. A fisherman before becoming a full time sailor with Oman Sail, Al Jabri has worked extremely hard to achieve his top home ranking. Known for excellent attitude both on and off the water he has consistently been the number one performer in the cycling and rowing fitness tests of the entire Omani National Sailing Race Team. He also loves playing football and being in a learning environment all of which contributed to him being voted the most outstanding male race team member at the Sailor of the Year Awards. Twenty-one-year-old Ahmed Al Hassani also joined the Oman Sail programme in 2011 and immediately showed promise in the F18 class as a member of the Oman Catamaran National Sailing Team.

His talented performances qualified him to join Oman Sail’s elite offshore team and become a valued crew member of the Sultanate’s flagship MOD70 multihull Oman Air Musandam competing across Europe this year. Fittest sailor Ahmed Al Bulushi is also a member of the Oman Catamaran National Sailing Team and represented Oman at the F18 World Championships in California in the US last year. He is regarded as one of the fittest sailors in Oman Sail, is a fast learner and prized member of the catamaran team. Leading the ISAF Laser Standard Men’s World Rankings going in to this first ever sailing world championship to be held in the Sultanate is Tom Burton, the Australian Laser national champion and winner of this year’s ISAF Sailing World Cup in Hyeres, France. Burton was also second at the ISAF Sailing World Cup Palma in Spain. Number two in the world is Croatian Tonci Stipanović who shot

up the rankings from 14th to 2nd after winning the ISAF Sailing World Cup Qingdao in China earlier this month. Stipanovic also won gold at the Mediterranean Games in Turkey in June and the Split Olympic Sailing Week in Croatia in March. He was third in Hyeres and fourth in Palma. Bruno Fontes of Brazil also jumped the rankings from ninth to third after winning the Central & South American Laser ChampionshipsHiguerillas in Chile in September. Fontes finished 5that the ISAF Sailing World Cup Miami and again in Palma. He was sixth in Hyeres. Issa bin Sultan Al Ismaili, championship director and head of the events committee for the 2013 Laser World Championships, said Oman looked forward to welcoming the world’s best. “Together with the Oman Ministry of Sport Affairs, we relish this exceptional opportunity to showcase our world class marine industry for competitive and leisure sailing and our high-end natural and cultural tourist attractions.”





WE D NE S DAY, OCTOB E R 3 0, 2 0 1 3

The Donelly brothers rose from gangland beginnings to make £40 million and then lost it all with a streetwear brand that captivated everyone from Sir Alex Ferguson to Kate Moss ntho nthony Donnelly, who in certain circles warrants the prefix “infamous”, leans forward, lean arms on thighs, arm his blue eyes staring out from behi baseball cap. neath the peak of his He says, in a voice so low you have to lean in close to hear him, “You know, a lot of people say, when they meet us, that they had no idea we were so nice, so approachable.” The implication is that he and his brother Chris, co-founders of Gio-Goi, the Manchester fashion label that, at its height, was raking in £ 40 million a year, have reputations — the sort supposedly linked to guns, gangs and drugs — that have made people rather scared of them. I certainly was before meeting them, and with good reason: I’ve just read their memoir, Still Breathing, an oral history that charts their improbable rise from the sprawling Wythenshawe council estate to international fashion guru-dom, via European road trips robbing shops and safes, undercover police surveillance, and so much local aggro they felt it necessary to wear bulletproof vests to work. “We were not nice people,” Anthony admits early on in the book.

Born into a family linked to the Quality Street Gang, which cultivated a Krays-like status throughout the North in the 1960s and 1970s, in the flesh, the Donnellys come across much as they do in their book — rogues of the curiously lovable kind. They are funny, too — the memoir, though riven with violence and drug-fuelled calamity, is laugh-out-loud, and throbs with the kind of opportunistic entrepreneurial spirit it’s hard not to admire. They were born with little more than nothing, and went on to make everything (and lost everything again). “I don’t think there is any shame in it,” Anthony states of their story, sipping on mineral water with no ice because, as he comments to the waitress, “I’m cool enough already.” We are sitting in the lobby of the magisterial St Pancras Hotel in London, me, Anthony, the more relaxed and friendly Chris and a silent young bloke called Danny who, at the end of our interview, gets up and photographs us all in a tight clench, whether I like it or not. “If you’ve got a story to tell,” Anthony says, “tell it well. We have.” It is, by any stretch of the imagination, a fantastical tale. Their father, Arthur, was a scrap-yard merchant who made a fortune selling engine parts around the world; police believed he was also a gang leader and counterfeiter. (He was eventually convicted on drug charges.) By their late teens, Anthony and Chris, now 48 and 45, were bootlegging band T-shirts, and selling them outside concert venues across Europe. This was the late 1980s, a time of Acid House and the rise of Madchester, the music scene as dominated by fashion and Ecstasy as it was by the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays. The Donnellys, quickly tiring of bootlegging, went along for the ride, roping in a couple of designers, and started making their own

We’ve protected our friends, we’ve protected ourselves. So we don’t anticipate any problems arising from it clobber under the label Gio-Goi. (The two words were plucked at random from a Vietnamese dictionary, the first appealing to Anthony because it reminded him of Giorgio, as in Armani.) They befriended, and subsequently dressed, many of the Madchester acts, and soon all sorts craved their sartorial swagger: snooker’s Alex Higgins, boxing’s Nigel Benn. Even the then Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson took to wearing a GioGoi beanie hat at games. Within a couple of years, the label was being hailed as Manchester’s rough-hewn equivalent of Yves St Laurent, and clearing, they claim, £ 3 million a day. Not bad for a pair of siblings who, as they admit were ignorant. But, Anthony says now, their success didn’t surprise them. “We come from a very hardworking background, so when we put our minds to something, we expect to do well. Very well.” In the space of three seasons, they went from being a £ 300,000-ayear operation to a £ 19 million a year sensation. Vivienne Westwood proclaimed them “ambassadors for a generation”. This, says Chris, was “satisfying”. But success didn’t rein them in and suddenly render them sensible businessmen. Anything but.

Crucial to the label’s branding were the garrulous brothers’ presence at every social event. They didn’t just make, wear and sell Gio-Goi — they lived it. Life was a perpetual party, and they conducted most of their business at night, in bars and clubs, drunk and wasted. They had long been organising all-night raves — by their very nature, illegal — and they say the police became increasingly convinced that Gio-Goi was merely a front for something more subversive — specifically, drug-dealing on a major scale. Their awkwardness is perhaps understandable. Things could get compromising. Which makes one wonder why they decided to commit their story to page in the first place. Anthony, still wincing, explains that the lawyers have gone through it, that everything recounted is already in the public domain, and that, “We’ve protected our friends, we’ve protected ourselves. So we don’t anticipate any problems arising from it.” OK, but any book with the tagline From Organised Crime to Kings of Fashion is bound to raise eyebrows. What if the police read it and wish to discuss the contents? “Well, they know where we live,” says Anthony. —Nick Duerden/The Independent


W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3

EXTRA In the six years I have been writing newspaper obits, I’ve found them most co-operative and informative, flattered that their loved ones are receiving public recognition of a distinguished life. The process can be therapeutic, too, for the bereaved, and listening to them talking about the person they have lost can be fascinating and humbling. There are pitfalls, however. Voltaire once said: “To the living we owe respect, to the dead we owe the truth.” In my novel, Little Black Trains, a comedy centred around two obit writers, one of them takes this maxim more seriously than the other.

He includes in his obituaries details such as affairs, criminal records, hidden sexuality and so on. His point is that obituaries are written for his readers, not for the family. The other takes a more balanced view, taking into account family sensibilities. Obituarists often encounter these kinds of ethical dilemmas. The most difficult case I encountered was when a wife implored me not to mention her husband’s mistress and his two children by her. I had to resist since the people to whom she was referring were also grieving for a loved one.

In Princess Diana’s case, I was euphoric since I had updated hers only six weeks previously. Only after the adrenaline has subsided does one regain the perspective and reflect on the death. I say that obituaries are about life, but their preparation does sometimes involve facing people’s uneasy feelings about mortality. For example, I learnt very quickly that it was largely a waste of time seeking interviews for an obit from friends or family before the subject had died. Pundits and biographers may be happy to co-operate, but those close to the person won’t oblige either because they find it uncomfortable, bad form or don’t want to tempt fate.

Long gone are the days of the de mortuis nil nisi bonum convention, not speaking ill of the dead. If I find enough people saying a person had a particularly violent temper or could not suffer fools gladly, then I would include these frailties in order to make them appear more human. Sadly, euphemisms that were often employed to soften criticism in obituaries, such as “he was sociable and affable at every hour” (alcoholic) or “he relished the cadences of the English language” (windbag) have gone out of fashion.

In one case, Tony Benn granted me an interview about his friend the backbench Labour MP for Liverpool Walton, Eric Heffer, when we learnt he had become ill with terminal cancer. Benn asked me for a copy of his tribute so that he could send it to Heffer, which I believe he did. Benn must have been confident it would receive the right response. On the other hand, I was once introduced to Tony Blair by his then aide and my former colleague, Lance Price, with the words, “Tony, this is Bob Chaundy. He has written your obituary”, to which Blair looked understandably uncomfortable and replied: “I’d rather not have known that.”

It’s no secret that the BBC has several hundred obituaries for TV, radio and its website ready and waiting to be broadcast on the person’s death. TV obituaries focus on the famous. Newspapers, which deal with a far greater cross-section of subjects, have many more on the stocks. It might seem strange to some that obituaries need to be prepared before death but the reason is simple. In the age of 24-hour news, viewers and readers expect the obituary of a major figure to appear as soon as possible. For a TV obit of a film star, for example, one needs to select four or five of their best or, at least, most representative films, from which the most suitable or poignant clips need to be chosen. This can take time.

In general, writing obituaries about those who have made their mark on society, in whatever way, has taught me something about life. I never tire of listening to accounts of how people have striven to achieve what they did, the passion they have displayed, the compassion they may have shown, the principles they held and the influence they have exerted. Obituaries can tell wonderful stories and can be lessons, too. -Bob Chaundy/The Independent

On two occasions, I filmed people on the pretext that our library required up-to-date footage of them. While that was partly true, it was also because I needed pictures for their obituaries. I felt a little uncomfortable since I wondered if they might have twigged. For the same reason, I have never written an obituary of someone I knew before they’ve died. I have penned several afterwards, though. The difficult part is setting the right tone, after which I treat them the same as any other I’ve written, though including perhaps a personal detail or observation. Talking to friends and family of the obit subject after death can be most rewarding.

Then one requires further footage of them against which to write a script and excerpts of interviews in which they talk about aspects of themselves before the piece is edited together. This process might take up to three days. Not preparing in advance risks the end result looking shoddy and rushed. The criteria for deciding which famous person requires a television obituary are whether that person is old, ill or vulnerable. The last might include those with dangerous occupations such as mountaineers or racing drivers or those with unstable or reckless lifestyles, such as with Paula Yates, George Best and Amy Winehouse. As with all obituary writers, I have to admit to a feeling of self-satisfaction when the news of a death of someone for whom you have worked hard to prepare an obit is announced.

The Australian obituary writer Mark McGinness once attended a party with Dame Maggie Smith. When she asked him what he did for a living, his answer was received with “an icy stare of utter disdain”. And, he added, “no one does disdain better than Dame Maggie Smith”. This typical reaction, however, misunderstands the obituarist’s craft. Yes, death might provide the starting point for the obituary writer, but the obituaries themselves are teeming with life. My 18 years as head of TV obituaries at BBC News — trawling through miles of footage, seeking those gems that best encapsulated the subject’s life — were anything but morbid. I might revel in the perfect diction of an actor such as Sir John Gielgud (“all cello and woodwind”), the rousing oratory of Michael Foot, a sublime piece of skill from Sir Stanley Matthews or the exquisite timing of Frank Sinatra — the list is endless.

ETHICAL DILEMMAS As obituaries editor at the BBC for 18 years, it was Bob Chaundy’s job to have tributes prepared — sometimes years in advance

W E DN E S DAY, O CTO B E R 3 0, 2 01 3



BAHJA CINEMA 1911 Revolution (Action /Adventure) Cast: Jackie Chan, Winston Chao 9:15, 11:30 pm; CP No: 965 Switch (Action) (15+) Cast: Andy Lau, Chiling Lin, Jingchu Zhang 7:00pm; CP No: 943 Upside Down (Drama/Fantasy ) (12+) Cast: Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst 5:00 pm; CP No: 964 Gravity 3D (Drama/ Sci-fi /Thriller) Cast: George Clooney, Sandra Bullock 3:00, 10:00, 11:45 pm; CP No: 947 The Fifth Estate (Biography ) (12+) Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Brühl 5:00 & 7:30pm; CP No: 970 The Fourth State (Thriller) (12+) Cast: Moritz Bleibtreu, Kasia Smutniak 3:00 pm; CP NO: 969 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (3D) (Animation/Family) (PG) 5:15 pm; CP No: 926 Gallowwalker (Action/Fantasy) (12+) Cast: Wesley Snipes, Kevin Howarth 2:00pm CP No: 988 The Butler (Biography/Drama) (15+) Cast: Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, John Cusack 7:00pm; CP No: 961 Escape Plan (Action/Mystery) (12+) Cast: Sylvester, Arnold, 50 Cent 9:30pm; CP No: 914 Captain Phillip (Action /Mystery) (12+) Cast: Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdirahman 11:45pm; CP No: 914

Switch (Action) (15+) 1:45pm; CP No:944 Gravity 3D (Drama ) 4:00pm; CP No: 948 The Fifth Estate (Biography/Thriller ) Timings: 6:00pm; CP No:971 The Butler ( Biography/Drama) (15+) Timings: 8:30pm; CP No:960 Escape Plan (Action/Thriller) (12+) Timings: 11:00pm; CP No:915

Besharam (H) (Comedy) (12+) Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor 3:30 & 6:30pm; CP No: 908 Mickey Virus (H) (Comedy) (PG) Cast: Manish Paul, Elli Avram and Manish Choudhary 9:30pm; CP No: 974

1911 Revolution (Action /Adventure ) Cast: Jackie Chan, Winston Chao and Bingbing L 11:30am & 11:45pm; CP No: 966 Escape Plan (Action/Thriller) (12+) 1:30, 7:30pm; CP No: 915 Switch (Action) (15+) Cast: Andy Lau, Chiling Lin 3:45, 9:45pm; CP No: 944 Gallowwalker ( Action /Fantasy ) Cast: Wesley Snipes, Kevin Howarth 5:45 & 11:30pm; CP No: 989 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (3D) (Animation/Family) (PG) Cast: Anna Faris, Bill Hader, Will Forte 11:45am & 3:15pm; CP No: 927 Gravity 3D (Sci-fi /Thriller) Cast: George Clooney, Sandra Bullock 1:30 & 9:45pm; CP No: 948 The Fifth Estate (Biography/Thriller) Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Brühl and Carice van Houten 5:00 & 7:15pm; CP No: 971

Gravity 3D (Drama/Sci-fi ) Cast: George Clooney, Sandra Bullock 3:30 & 7:30pm; CP No:949 Gallowwalker ( Action /Horror ) (12+) Cast: Wesley Snipes, Kevin Howarth 5:30, 9:30 & 11:30pm; CP No: 990 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (3D) (Animation/Family) (PG) Voice Overs: Anna Faris, Bill Hader 3:00pm; CP No: 928 1911 Revolution (Adventure) (12+) Cast: Jackie Chan, Winston Chao, Bingbing L 9:30 & 11:45 pm; CP No: 967 The Fifth Estate (Biography ) (12+) Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Brühl, Carice van Houten 5:00, 7:15 pm; CP No: 972 Switch (Action) (15+) Cast: Andy Lau, Chiling Lin, Jingchu Zhang 3:30 & 11:45pm; CP No: 984 Escape Plan (Action/Mystery ) (12+) Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Shwarzenegger and 50 Cent 4:45, 9:30pm; CP No: 916 Boss (H) (Action) (PG) Cast: Akshay Kumar,Mithun Chakraborty,Aditi Rao 7:00pm; CP No: 955 Sringara Velan (M) (Malayalam/ Comedy/Romance) (PG) Cast: Dileep, Lal, Vedika, Babu Namboothiri, Kalabhavan Shajon 4:30, 10:30pm; CP No: 976

PLAZA 1 Satya 2 (H) (Action) (PG) Cast: Puneet Singh Ratn, Anaika Soti 3:30, 9:30; CP No: 975 Mickey Virus (H) (Comedy) (PG) Cast: Manish Paul, Elli Avram and Manish Choudhary 6:30 pm; CP No: 974 PLAZA 2 Boss (H) (Action) (PG) Cast: Akshay Kumar and Aditi Rao 3:30, 6:30 & 9:30pm; CP No: 953 PLAZA 3

Vanakkam Chennai (T) (Comedy/ Romance) (PG) Cast: Priya Anand, Shiva, Santhanam 7:30pm; CP No: 980

Switch (Action) (15+) Cast: Andy Lau, Chiling Lin, Jingchu Zhang 3:30, 5:15, 9:30 & 11:30pm; CP No: 985 Escape Plan (Action/Thriller) (12+) Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Shwarzenegger, 50 Cent 5:00, 7:15, 11:45pm; CP NO:917 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (3D) (Animation/) (PG) Voice Overs: Anna Faris, Bill Hader 3:00, 4:45pm; CP NO: 929 Gravity 3D (Drama/Sci-fi) Cast: George Clooney, Sandra Bullock 3:15, 6:30, 9:45pm; CP NO: 950 Sringara Velan (M) (Malayalam / Romance) (PG) Cast: Dileep, Lal, Vedika, Babu Namboothiri and Kalabhavan Shajon 8:15pm; CP No: 977 Boss (Hindi) Cast: Akshay Kumar, Aditi Hydari 7:15 & 11:15pm; CP No: 956

Boss (Action -Hindi) Cast: Akshay Kumar, Aditi Hydari 5:30 & 9:00pm; CP NO: 957 Switch (Action) (15+) Cast: Andy Lau, Chiling Lin and Jingchu Zhang 8:30, 11:45pm; CP No: 986

Sringara Velan (M) (Malayalam / Comedy /Romance) (PG) Cast: Dileep, Lal, Vedika, Babu 10:30pm; CP No: 978 Gravity 3D (Drama/ Sci-fi) Cast: George Clooney, Sandra Bullock and Ed Harris 5:00pm; CP NO: 951 Escape Plan (Action/Thriller) (12+) 6:45pm; CP NO: 918

1911 Revolution (Action /Drama) (12+) Cast: Jackie Chan, Winston Chao and Bingbing L 11:30am, 9:15, 11:15pm; CP No: 968 Gravity 3D (Drama/Sci-fi /Thriller) Cast: George Clooney, Sandra Bullock 1:30 & 7:30pm; CP NO: 952 Escape Plan (Action/Mystery) (12+) 3:15 & 9:30pm; CP NO: 919 Switch (Action) (15+) Cast: Andy Lau, Chiling Lin 11:45am, 5:30 & 11:45 pm; CP No: 987 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (3D) (Animation/Family/Comedy) (PG) Voice Overs: Anna Faris, Bill Hader, Will Forte 1:30 & 5:30pm; CP NO: 931 The Fifth Estate (Biography) (12+) Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Brühl, Carice van Houten 3:15 & 7:15 pm; CP No: 973 Gallowwalker (Action/Horror) (12+) Cast: Wesley Snipes, Kevin Howarth 11:30am, 7:00 & 11:30pm; CP No: 991 Sringara Velan (M) (Malayalam-Comedy/ Romance) (PG); CP No: 979 1:30 & 8:45 pm Boss (Hindi) Cast: Akshay Kumar, Aditi Hydari 4:30pm; CP NO: 958

1911 Revolution (Action/Adv/Drama) Cast: Jackie Chan, Winston Chao and Bingbing Li 8:00, 10:00 & 11:55pm; CP No: 1199 (12+) The Fourth State (Thriller) Cast: Moritz Bleibtreu, Kasia Smutniak, Max Riemelt 4:00, 10:00 & 11:55pm; CP No: 1214 (12+) Gravity (Drama/Sci-fi /Thriller) Cast: Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, 6:00pm; CP No: 1174 (12+) Escape Plan (Action /Mystery /Thriller) (12+) Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Shwarzenegger, 50 Cent 2:00 & 8:00pm; CP No: 1175 (12+) Upside Down (Drama/Fantasy/ Romance) Cast: Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst and Timothy Spall 2:00 & 6:00pm; CP No: 1215 (PG) Switch (III) (Action) Cast: Andy Lau and Chiling Lin 4:00pm; CP No: 1182 (12+)

Film Information - 24540856 / Advance Booking - 24540855 Website:

STARS CINEMA Film information 24791641 / 24786776 Bhai (Telugu) (Action/Comedy/Drama) Cast: Nagarjuna, Gangopadayay, Sonu Sood & Kamna 3:30pm (Cinema 1) 6:45 & 9:45pm (Cinema 2) Sringara Velan (Mal) (Comedy/ Romance) Cast: Dileep, Vedhika, Lal, Baburaj, Ambika Mohan 6:30 & 9:30pm (Cinema 1) 3:45pm (Cinema 2) Vanakkam Chennai (Tamil) Cast: Shiva, Santhanam, Priya, Urvashi, 3:45, 6:45 & 9:45pm (Cinema 3) Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus (Mal) Cast: Mammootty, Honey Rose 3:45, 6:45 & 9:45pm (Cinema 4)

For More Information 24789032, 24786776 Website:


Which black suit would you choose?


8 4 6 7 2 3 1 9 8 1 2 1 3 6 6 4 9 3 8 9 1 2 3 6 6 7 9 5 8 4

8 1 7

8 9 4 3 1 2

3 5 7 6 9 8

1 2 6 7 5 4

4 1 8 2 7 9

50 Musicians’ stints 51 Tucked away 52 “Waterloo” pop group 53 RBI or ERA 54 James Van — Beek 55 Get an eyeful DOWN 1 Gross! 2 “The Nanny” actress Drescher 3 Maui neighbour 4 Color of honey 5 Jagged rock 6 Nervous twitch 7 Chemical whitener 8 In need of a shampoo 9 “Typee” sequel 10 Deborah of old films 12 Behind the times 17 Med. plans 19 Very, in Veracruz 22 Beauty pack 23 Middling grade 24 Body part 25 Cornhusker st. 26 Sci. class

27 28 29 31 34 35 36 37

NASA destination Riviera summer Sunburned Dept. head Most capable Stratagem Chignon Feminine principle, to Jung 39 Cabbie’s fare

40 41 42 43 44 45 47 49

Dancers cut them Rolling — — (rich) Links org. Apportion, with “out” Worn-down pencils Jeer at Fictional collie “Norma —”

6 7 5 4 8 3

5 6 3 9 2 7

7 8 1 5 4 6

Previous puzzle Solution


ACROSS 1 Roswell crasher 4 Legislative creation 7 Bibliophile’s unit 11 Reunion attendee 13 Medical scan, for short 14 Key — pie 15 Merry sound (hyph.) 16 Groom, maybe 18 Spice rack item 20 Town official 21 NATO turf 22 Comfy shoe 23 Kind of cane 26 More overgrown 30 Previously 31 Central 32 Sault — Marie 33 Blockade 36 Founded upon 38 Clingy seedpod 39 Beat a retreat 40 Little creeks 43 Underground work 46 With skin intact 48 California’s — Woods

9 3 2 1 6 5

2 4 9 8 3 1

6 4 8 3 7 2 1 9 5 5 2 9 6 4 1 8 3 7 7 1 3 5 8 9 4 2 6



Answer to previous puzzle

KIN Hubbard, a journalist and humorist who died in 1930, said, “No matter how much strong black coffee we drink, almost any afterdinner speech will counteract it.” This deal centers on the black suits, one stronger than the other. Would you prefer to be in four spades or five clubs? Let’s assume that South is in four spades and West leads a diamond. East wins with his 10 and continues with the diamond ace. How should South continue after roughing? The auction is difficult. South might rebid three clubs, not two hearts, because his hearts are so weak — but we love majors. North’s three diamonds is a game-forcing cue-bid. Then, when South shows club support, North might well bid game in that suit. Five clubs makes unless East leads a trump, which is feasible when South shows a three-suited hand. But if East starts with the diamond ace before shifting to a club, North wins in his hand, ruffs a diamond in the dummy (South), plays a heart to his ace, ruffs another diamond, leads a heart to the king, draws trumps, tries unsuccessfully to drop the spade queen and claims, conceding one heart. In four spades, South should plan on losing two spades and one diamond. He draws two rounds of trumps and turns to the clubs. West ruffs the third round and leads a diamond, but South ruffs, plays a heart to the king and discards a heart on the next club. The contract makes. Did you notice that East missed a nigh-impossible defense? If he had shifted to a heart at trick two, it would have removed a key dummy entry. Try it and see. — By Phillip Alder

4 2

HOW TO PLAY Fill the empty cells with the numbers 1 to 9, so that each number appears once in each row, column and area. — Seven Galaxies







October 30, 2011

October 30, 2011

October 30, 2003

October 30, 2002





October 30, 2001

October 30, 1997

October 31, 2008

October 31, 2002

Send us a colour photograph of the child (below 16 years) whose birthday you are celebrating, along with his/her full name, date of birth, address, telephone number and parents’/your name to Times of Oman, With Love, PO Box 770, PC 112, Ruwi or through e-mail to




W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3


BORN today, you have tremendous drive and tenacity, and you are not likely to quit even when circumstances seem to conspire against you. You will always pursue your goals, no matter what kind of hardship you may experience as a result, but this in itself can prove quite instructive to you, building a great deal of character. You know good from bad — and bad from mediocre — and you will always choose one extreme or another over that which rests comfortably in the middle. One way or another, you will be remembered — and rewarded. You aren’t likely to experience tremendous success when you first start out, but this will in no way dissuade you from pursuing — and fulfilling — your professional aspirations. What you want, you can surely have, but you must be ready to work long and hard to win it. Also born on this date are: Ruth Gordon, actress; Grace Slick, musician and singer; Henry Winkler, actor, director and producer; Harry Hamlin, actor; Ezra Pound, poet; John Adams, US president and patriot.







Max 34 Min 29 Max 15 Min 10

Max 31 Min 17

Max 35 Min 28 Max 23 Min 15

Max 34 Min 29

Max 26 Min 18

Max 41 Min 26

Max 42 Min 29

Max 41 Min 26

Max 36 Min 29

Max 32 Min 22

Max 28 Min 25

Max 20 Min 12

Max 26 Min 17 Max 29 Min 17


SAGITTARIUS S You may be asked to sign on to a project without really know what you will be expected to do. Something fishy is going on!

CAPRICORN [DEC. 22-JAN 19] You’ll hit on a new way to get an old, familiar task done, increasing both efficiency and productivity.

AQUARIUS [JAN. 20-FEB. 18] You are willing to make a certain sacrifice in order to get your hands on something that you have long wanted to acquire.

PISCES [Feb. 19-March 20] You can do more behind the scenes than almost anyone else — and you will, ultimately, receive the recognition you deserve.

ARIES [March 21-APRIL 19] You’ve adopted a strangely aggressive stance with regard to an issue raised by someone who has only your best wishes at heart. Lighten up!

FROM MUSCAT (RUWI) QURIYAT - SUR - JAALAN (Route 36) Dept Destination Arrival Time Time 15:00 Quriyat 16:30 15:00 Sur 18:00 15:00 Jaalan 19:30 TO AL BURAIMI (Route 41) 06:30 Sohar 06:30 Buraimi 08:00 Buraimi 13:00 Sohar 13:00 Buraimi 16.00 Sohar 16.00 Buraimi TO SINAW (Route 52) 17:30 Sinaw

[APRIL 20-MAY 20] You may be quite stubborn when it comes to your own plans. You don’t want them to change, nor are you willing to compromise in any way.

GEMINI [MAY 21-JUNE 20] You are strong-willed, but even that may not be enough to counter the immense force of something you were not expecting to face.

CANCER [JUNE 21-JULY 22] You can change things dramatically with just a subtle shift in thinking. You know what others want; that makes all the difference.

LEO [JULY 23-AUG. 22] Someone else may be ready to call it quits, but you know how harmful that could be for everyone else. You can keep things going.

VIRGO [AUG. 23-SEPT. 22] You may feel trapped by your own unwillingness to step out of character. You are being asked to do something very unusual, indeed.

LIBRA L [[SEPT. [S S 23-OCT. 22] You are content to follow in another’s footsteps for a time, but then you will certainly want to break out on your own.

GULF Abu Dhabi Doha Dubai Kuwait Manama Riyadh

32 31 33 29 28 30

23 23 22 18 24 16

WORLD Athens Baghdad Beijing Berlin Boston Cairo Colombo Frankfurt Hong Kong Istanbul Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur Lisbon Paris Perth Singapore Tokyo Toronto

23 28 16 16 27 27 -2 10 27 21 17 30 17 23 35 32 22 22

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[[NOV. 22-DEC. 21]

Sunset Sunrise (Tomorrow) 5:49pm 11:15pm

southwesterly light to moderate. SEA STATE: Slight over the most of Oman’s coasts with maximum wave height of 1.0 metre. HORIZONTAL VISIBILITY: Good over most of the Sultanate. THE NEXT 48 HOURS OUTLOOK: Mainly clear skies over the most of the Sultanate. Chance of early morning low level clouds or fog patches over the coastal areas of south Al-Sharqiya and Al-Wusta governorates.

[[OCT. 23-NOV. 21] You may not know quite where to begin, but news from afar has you wondering if your plans are not already out of date.

11.56pm 3.10pm 5.35pm 6.46pm 4.55am


ainly clear skies over most of the Sultanate with chance of early morning low level clouds or fog patches over the governorates of south Al-Sharqiya and Al-Wusta. EXPECTED WIND: Along the coastal areas of Oman sea wind will be northeasterly light to moderate during day becoming variable light at night, over Muhafadhat Buraimi and Dhahira wind will be northwesterly light to moderate, and over the rest of Muhafadhat Sultanate it will be


Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Fajr (Tomorrow)

24784545, Swiss International Airlines: 24796692, Thai Airways: 24705934, Turkish Airlines: 24703033 MUSEUMS Bait Al Baranda: Corniche (seafront opp fish market), Open from Saturday to Thursday 9am to 1pm and 4 to 6pm Natural History Museum: Al Khuwair, Tel: 24604957, Open from Saturday to Wednesday: 8am to 1:30pm; Thursday: 9am to 1pm Museum of Omani Heritage: (former Omani Museum), Madinat Al Alam, Sat-Wed 8am to 1:30pm, Thursday 9am to 1pm, Tel: 24600946 Armed Forces Museum: Bait Al Falaj, Tel: 24312651, Open from Sat to Wed: 8am to 1:30pm; Thurs 9-12pm and 3-6pm; Fri 9-11am and 3-6pm. Al Hoota Caves 24498258; Turtle Beach 96550606/96550707 Children’s Science Museum: Shatti Al Qurum, Tel: 24605368, Open from Saturday to Wednesday: 8am to 1:30pm, Thursday: 9am to 1pm Oman-French Museum: near Muscat Police Station, Tel: 24736613, Open from Sat to Wed: 8am to 1:30pm, Thurs: 9am to 1pm Bait Al Zubair, Muscat: Tel: 24736688, Al Saidiya St., Muscat Open from Sat to Thurs: 9:30am to 6pm. National Museum Ruwi: Tel: 24701289, Open from Saturday to Wednesday: 8am to 1:30pm, Thursday: 9am to 1pm Sohar Fort Museum: Tel: 26844758, Open from Saturday to Wed: 8 to 1:30pm Thurs: 9am to 1pm Muscat Gate Museum: at Al Bahri Road, Muscat open from Sat to Wed 8am to 2pm



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WY676 WY682 WY816 BG021 4H583 WY924 PK225 EY384 GF560 ET624 EK866 QR1132 FZ041 MS930 TK778 WY686 WY638 WY658 WY668 WY674 WY432 WY602 FZ043 WY202 WY102 NL768 WY274 NL771 WY236 G9113 WY342 WY346 WY282 WY226 WY212 TG507 EK862 WY252 EY382 QR1128 9W530 IX443 WY604 WY372 WY826 WY384 WY332 WY242 WY904 WY3302 WY818 IX337 WY606 WY918 WY324 WY632 WY812 PK291 WY906 IX817 FZ045 SV531 WY204 WY292 WY822 WY264 WY664 WY3304 WY232 WY610 WY3922 WY246 QR1126 EY386 GF564 G9117 WY914 WY646 WY614 FZ047 WY312 KL441 WY624 AI973 6.00E+81 QR1130 9W534 WY254 WY414 AI907 UL205 GF566 BA073 2240 WY916 EY388 SG061 AI985 WY662 QR1134 LX242 WY717 WY654 LH618 WY612 9W540 WY928 WY348 WY406 WY696 WY424 WY636





AI986 QR1135 LX243 BA072


0005  0020  0020

QR1135 LX243 BA072 0025 WY811 9W539 LH619 WY251 WY685 WY211 WY225 WY431 WY201 WY821 WY281 WY601 WY235 WY371 WY273 WY345 WY657 WY341 WY383 WY637 WY667 4H584 BG022 PK226 ET625 EK867 FZ042 WY241 QR1133 EY385 MS931 TK779 GF561 WY603 WY903 WY3301 FZ044 WY323 WY263 WY291 NL769 G9114 NL772 WY815 WY231 WY905 WY605 WY917 WY245 WY631 WY203 WY311 WY717 EY383 EK863 QR1129 9W533 IX442 WY331 WY253 WY413 WY925 WY3303 WY113 WY101 WY423 WY3921 IX350 WY927 WY645 WY609 WY405 PK292 WY913 IX818 FZ046 WY675 SV531 WY613 WY623 WY915 WY347 QR1127 WY681 WY681 GF565 EY387 WY653 WY661 WY696 G9118 WY923 WY611 TG508 WY635 FZ048 KL442 WY825 WY817 9W529 6.00E+82 QR1131 WY673 AI908 AI974 GF567 UL206 EY381

9W539 LH619 WY251 WY685 WY211 WY225 WY201 WY151 WY235 WY643 WY691 WY601 WY273 WY901 WY133 WY115 WY123 WY657 WY341 WY323 WY637 WY667 WY143 4H582 BG022 TK777 ET625 EK867 FZ042 WY241 QR1133 EY385 GF561 WY3301 WY603 WY903 FZ044 CV856 WY263 WY345 WY291 NL769 WY917 G9114 WY283 WY815 WY231 WY905 WY605 WY631 WY245 WY311 WY717 WY203 EY383 EK863 QR1129 9W533 WY331 WY433 WY3303 WY253 WY405 WY413 WY663 WY663 WY101 IX350 WY927 WY609 FZ046 WY675 WY613 PA451 WY913 WY623 WY647 WY915 QR1127 WY681 GF565 WY661 WY654 WY695 G9118 WY825 WY611 WY635 WY923 FZ048 AI978 KL442 WY817 9W529 QR1131 6.00E+82 WY673 AI908 AI974 GF567 UL206 EY381




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W E DN E S DAY, O CTO B E R 3 0, 2 01 3

C1 1


Mystery of the world’s largest bell Having lain underwater for 400 years, the artefact may be out of sight, but it is not out of mind amongst treasure hunters and Burma’s elite


or more than 400 years ars the Dhammazedi bell bell has supposll b ll h edly lain at the bottom of a Burmese river, luring adventurers and treasurehunters from near and far. Their inability to recover what is reckoned to be the world’s largest bell has added to stories the 270 tonne treasure must be protected by spirits. Now, a leading Burmese businessman and politician has announced his plan to fund another hunt for the bell, spending more than $ 10 million if that is what is required to locate it and return it to the glittering Shwedagon pagoda, from where it was originally looted. “We’ve already hired big ships to salvage the bell. If we can salvage the bell, we will put it on display at Shwedagon,” Khin Shwe told a local journal, according to the Irrawaddy website. He added: “One foreign expert predicted that salvaging the bell

H E A LT H & L I V I N G

Women take four weeks to meet partners without make-up WOMEN take as long as four weeks before meeting their partners without make-up, says a survey. Women, who participated in the study, said they feel far less attractive, less confident and more vulnerable without make-up, reports The survey, conducted by beauty and health retailer Superdrug, also revealed that six in 10 ladies want to be sure that their prospective partner likes them enough before revealing their true looks. “It does take a while for women to feel comfortable with a new partner and make-up can act as a shield for many females. The research indicates that for many women wearing make-up isn’t just a way of looking attractive, it’s much more than that, it’s a way to be confident and project an image,” said Sarah Sharp, spokeswoman for Superdrug. The study was conducted on over 2,000 women.

Don’t cut your precious locks in haste NEVER chop locks on impulse or change hairstyle without consulting professionals. Take time and analyse your face shape to get chic tresses. Russell McGrath from the Michael Van Clarke Salon in Marylebone shares a few tips, reports Don’t do it on impulse, Don’t necessarily stick to the same colour — Your skin tone can change over time. So, the colour you had before might not be the same as now. Using vegetable dyes will allow you to change colour without damaging your hair. So research dye options before taking the plunge. Talk to a professional: Talking to a professional will help you achieve what is realistically possible. A good hairdresser will take into account your lifestyle and personality. Remember that your face shape changes.

will cost between $ 5 million and $ 10 million. Whatever the cost — I’m ready I’ d to t spend d any amount.” t” The story of the Dhammazedi bell seemingly fuses legend and documented evidence. Originally cast in 1484 by King Dhammazedi, a Mon ruler who capital was located in the city of Bago, the bell was given to the monks at Rangoon’s Shwedagon. One hundred years later, a gem merchant from Venice, Gaspero Balbi, visited the pagoda and wrote in his diary of seeing the bell, engraved with writing he was unable to understand. “I found in a hall a very large bell which we measured, and found to be seven paces and three hand breadths,” he said. In 1608, Filipe de Brito e Nicote, a Portuguese mercenary who controlled an area on the southern banks of the Rangoon river, seized the bell and tried to carry it back to his base. While transporting it across the river, the bell slipped into the water, sinking a barge and

a Portuguese warship. Khin Shwe, the man behind the project, the upper j t is i a member b off th house of Burma’s parliament and part of President Thein Sein’s Union Solidarity and Development Party. His firm, the Zay Kabar Company, is one of Burma’s leading construction and real estate businesses and reports suggest it did a lot of work for the military junta that previously ruled the country. More recently his company has been involved in a controversial land rights dispute with farmers on the northern fringes of Rangoon. Aung Naing Oo, a spokesman for Shwe, said that the tycoon was in Thailand and would not be able to comment about his reported plans until he returned to Burma. If the 61-year businessman does proceed to try and try recover the bell, he will hardly have been the first person to do so. Over the years, a series of both Burmese and international projects have


Fit women give birth to healthier babies SCIENTISTS have claimed that women who stay fit during their pregnancy have babies with healthier hearts. Researchers from the US and Germany have found that people whose mothers exercised during their pregnancy have healthier blood vessels in adult life. They think this is because mothers who exercise while pregnant, programme a baby’s arteries that can resist heart problems in the future, the Daily Mail reported. The study suggests that exercising in pregnancy has positive effects that could continue into adulthood. Previous studies


Tips to get rid of Sunday night blues SUNDAY might be a part of the weekend but it is often dominated by the fear that Monday is just a few hours away. Relax and distract: Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to forget about it. Put your feelings on paper — Try writing down exactly what it is that’s bothering you. Unplug — Disconnecting yourself on the weekend is another way to relax. —IANS A TIMES OF OMAN HANDS-FREE DRIVING INITIATIVE

suggested that women can improve their babies’ health by exercising during pregnancy. The study involved pregnant swine who were treadmill exercised for 20-45 minutes for five days a week, the time recommended to a pregnant woman in the US and Europe. The research was done on animals as they have human-like responses to physical activity and can be trained to complete exercise regimens. At the same time, by doing the trail on pigs, researchers avoid ethical constraints of long-term studies in humans. —IANS

raise the mastried to locate and rais sive bell, believed to be cast from copper, gold, g ld silver and tin. Most of the searches have concentrated the place where the Rangoon river is joined by the Bago river, close to a place called Monkey Point and opposite the township where Filipe de Brito e Nicote had established his base. In 1995, an American diver, Jim Blunt, searched for the bell in conjunction with the Burmese authorities, carrying out 116 dives over two years and telling of his experiences in a documentary film. He claimed he banged his fist on the bell and was rewarded by a metallic sound. Blunt, who lives California, said in an email: “I began diving for the King Dhammazedi bell in December of 1995. After 10 dives, I was informed that the bell search area was cursed.” He added: “Several divers had already died looking for the great bell, including two Myanmar Navy divers who became trapped

inside a wreck and died horribly. Consequently, the search (began) for outside expertise.” The most recent international effort to locate the bell was headed by Australian filmmaker Damien Lay, who had previously searched in Burma for the Lady Southern Cross, the plane of lost Australian aviator Sir Charles Kingsford Smith. Speaking from Sydney, Lay said he had looked at a different location to where most of the searches had been conducted and was convinced that he had found the spot where the bell lay. “We have exceptional data,” said Lay. Khin Shwe, the businessman, is reportedly being advised by the abbot of Kyaik Htee Saung pagoda in northern Mon state. “King Dhammazedi was born on a Tuesday and so was the abbot,” he told the Snapshot journal. “So, I’m 100 per cent confident that this project will be a success.” —Andrew Buncombe/Swam Pyan Win Naing/The Independent


W E D N E S DAY, O CTO B E R 30, 2 0 1 3


Vidya, Farhan unveil first trailer of ‘Shaadi...’ ACTRESS Vidya Balan and actorfilmmaker Farhan Akhtar, who are sharing screen space for the first time, unveiled the first trailer of their film Shaadi Ke Side Effects on Monday. “It was wonderful to be part of the film and to work with Farhan. I had a great time and I must say Farhan’s comic timing is amazing,” Vidya told reporters at the trailer’s launch. Shaadi Ke Side Effects , a sequel to Pyaar Ke Side Effects, presents the story of husband and wife (played by Farhan and Vidya) and how they deal with life’s complexities. When Farhan, who is married to popular hair expert Adhuna, was asked whether he had ever lied to his off-screen wife, he said: “I would like to avoid your question. I think it’s a philosophy which works for some people but, in personal life it doesn’t work for me.” The movie, will release on February 14 worldwide, is directed by Saket Chaudhary.

Shraddha Kapoor not in ‘Singham 2’ SHRADDHA KAPOOR has denied featuring in Rohit Shetty’s Singham 2. The Aashiqui 2 star said she has not even been approached for the film. “I haven’t been approached for Singham 2 and there have been no talks to this effect. I am clueless about these speculations,” Shraddha said in a statement. Singham 2, a sequel to 2011 film Singham, will again have Ajay Devgn reprising the role of Bajirao Singham.

Hazel Crowney to do an item song in ‘Kaanchi’ BRITISH MODEL Hazel Crowney, who debuted with MP3 — Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar, has been roped in to do an item number in director Subhash Ghai’s Kaanchi. The song is choreographed by Ganesh Acharya and Hazel will be donning the costume designed by fashion designer Neeta Lulla. “I feel very privileged to have been selected for the song. Shooting with Subhash Ghai was the best working experience of my life,” Hazel said in a statement. The actress was seen grooving in Tu hi khwahish in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara!. —IANS



shared culture and matching sensibility make India a promising destination for screening films from across the border, say Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi, co-directors of highly acclaimed Pakistani film Zinda Bhaag. Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah-starrer Zinda Bhaag is the first Pakistani movie to be sent for the Oscars in the last 50 years. In 2008, Shoaib Mansoor’s Khuda Kay Liye was released commercially in India, making it the first Pakistani film to release across the border after 43 years. It was followed by Mehreen Jabbar’s Ramchand Pakistani. In 2011, Indian audiences were treated to Mansoor’s Bol. Now, the makers of “Zinda Bhaag are hoping that the film, on illegal immigration, will be welcomed with open arms in India. a. “I really think Pakistani films need to be (regularly) shown n in India. That needs to happen,” en,” Gaur, who is here with Nabi for the Abu Dhabi Film Festival ival (ADFF), told IANS. “In terms of the distance, Delhi, Amritsar and Lahore aree so close and yet people don’t know now about the everyday lives of people across the border. So I think hink films like ours, which people can relate to and enjoy, need to o be seen and shared,” she added. Zinda Bhaag was showcased ased at a screening here at the ADFF. DFF. It was appreciated for its local ocal Lahori flavour, punchy dialogues gues and natural acting and for showowcasing an issue as sensitive as the clamour of the youth to settle in a

foreign land by hook or by crook, in a light-hearted but convincing manner. Gaur believes the film, which took over two years and roughly $ 500,000 to make, has the ability to strike a chord with Indian audiences for more reasons than one. “If there is any country that this film transcends seamlessly in, it is India. In India’s Punjab too, illegal immigration is as prevalent as in Pakistan’s Punjab. So it is a story that will easily appeal. We are very excited about a possible release in India,” said the filmmaker, an Indian married to “Zinda Bhaag producer Imran Zaidi. Nabi added: “We are in our fifth week in Pakistani theatres. In the US, it’s in the second week. It has released in around 10 cities. It will be followed by Canada, and hopefully India soon.”

He revealed that a recent limited screening of Zinda Bhaag in Delhi evoked a positive sentiment. “The people said this can be any mohalla of Delhi and a lot of people said subtitles are not needed. There is an instant connect in Delhi with the story and characters, which are based in Lahore,” Nabi added. Cultural exchange lies at the heart of their film, for which they used around five crew members from India. It has a pivotal role essayed by veteran Indian actor Naseer, who even held a week’s workshop for the first-time actors who play protagonists in the film. It worked very well for the entire team. “When we decided to have some crew members from India for Zinda Bhaag, we took a very deliberate decision. The practice in Pakistan is to get

Gaur believes the film, which took over two years and roughly $500,000 to make, has the ability to strike a chord with Indian audiences for more reasons than one

crews from cities like Bangkok but we chose India and the reason was clear. “Our cinematographer was a Punjabi from India and he blended into the milieu of the film so well. We were on the same page,” Gaur added. Zinda Bhaag as well as a film like “Waar”, which seems to be doing brisk business at the box office, can be considered beacons of hope for Pakistan’s film industry, which collapsed around the 1990s. It is almost revival time now. “I am hopeful that things are going to grow and change for the better. This year has been a bumper year for Pakistan’s film industry. It’s a big deal that people are talking about these films. It can only get better from here,” Gaur added. —IANS


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Indian female (MBA in HR and Finance) 4yrs of experience, Good in MS Office, Fluency in English. Seeking suitable placement. please contact: 95716128, E. Mail: Indian Female, 24 years, M-Tec in Bio-Technology with good practical knowledge in Molecular Biology, seeking a suitable position. Contact: 91262412/99502416 Email: Indian male 25, having CA inter cleared with having five years of experience in accounts and auditing, presently working in oman looking for a better placement. Mob 98097009, Email: Indian male 26 having 5.5 years experience in oil & gas field with 2 years gulf experience and valid oman driving license. Contact Ashok kumar, BE Mechanical Gsm. +968 95262241 Indian Male, B.Com Graduate, 24, 2+ yrs of exp in Accounting field, currently on visit visa looking for suitable placements. #94255149 Hotel apartment maintenance incharge elect, plumbing and a/c gulf exp 12.years. Contact 95452204

ACCA : 1 year working experience as Accountant looking for suitable placement. Contact 93504713 Email: Accountant Indian male, 28 yrs, MBA, B.Com having 5+ years exp & D/L seeks immediate placement. Contact 93397327 Email: Canadian Female, CHRP certified, 5 years experience Canada, Customer services, recruitment, HR Policies and Procedures. Contact 97385772 Email Indian female MBA (Finance) C.A Articles, B.Com 4 years experience in Accounts Auditing (Tally ERP 9), looking for suitable placement. Contact 93023103 Email- Indian male, 28, MBA, with 8+ years experience Across Oman, UAE, India & USA, Seeking suitable opportunities in Accounting and Finance, Business Analysis, Audit Procurement and purchase. Contact 93290537 Indian male, B.Com 2+ years experience, looking for suitable placement. Contact 97293942 Indian male, 23 yrs B.Com with Tally ERP9 & expert in MS Office, seeking suitable placement. Contact 94188632 Email Over 10 years experience (Oman) in operations / SLA Management BD Project Management with MBA – Ops PMP trained ITIL certified ISO auditor seeks suitable placement. Contact 95490577 Indian Female 30 Yrs. MBA Finance, 3.5 years experience, seeking suitable positions Now in family visa. Contact - 93179101 Chief Accountant well experienced with reputed Group, seeks placement. Contact 95598477 / 98803439 Indian male 33 yrs M.Com, Finance having 7+ yrs experience as an Accountant in Muscat, knowledge up to finalization, Audit, debt Collection, A/R Omani D/L, seeking senior level position. Contact 93088436 Canadian Educated Citizen, Male 45, With 17 years of experience in Finance & Accounts including 3 years of GCC Experience, is looking for a suitable Job in Finance. Contact- 98711999 Email- Seeking for Appropriate job status MBA (finance) experience 8.5 years functional area: finance & management. Email: m25fh2015@yahoo. com, 93633590

MBA finance with 4 years experience in finance and oil field industry looking for a suitable opportunity, holding Omani driving license. Contact 95696446 Email: Capital Market Professional, 13+ yrs experience Finance trading, Operations, portfolio Management, Achieved target on revenue generation, Investment Goals. #91136521 Accountant Indian female B.Com PGDCA 8 years exp in Oman. Contact 99058722 / 98896522 Indian male 39 yrs, having 15 years experience (7 years in Oman) in Accounts Audit finance, looking for a senior position in Accounts. Contact 98870042 Indian male Accountant 8 yrs experience, 4yrs Gulf experience, seeking suitable placement.# 95619243 Indian male B.Com, 5 years experience in Oman seeks suitable placement. Contact 98162671 Email: Male, 23, completed B.Com, Diploma in Accounts & finance, urgently looking for suitable placement in a company in Accounts & finance dept, marketing or human resource depts. Contact 96990810 Pakistani male, 26 Qualification MBA(Finance) have Omani Driving license, seeking for vacancy. Contact 94005442 Email Chartered Accountant Indian male with 5 years of post qualification experience (4 in Oman) seeks suitable placement. Contact 93791700 Indian male, 31, Accountant 5 years exp in Oman (total 10), seeking suitable placement. Contact 99021031 29 yrs Indian male, Double postgraduate in finance with 8+yrs of experience in Oman and valid Driving License seeking suitable opportunities in Accounts, Finance and Audit. Contact :98693256 Document controller, Indian male, 2 yrs experience in Saudi Arabia also experienced in Networking and MS Office seeks for suitable position, currently on visiting visa. Contact 97187998 Email: Indian male B.Com having 10 years Oman experience Accounting field, looking for new job, having release, independent handing accounts. Contact 92258853 MBA Finance 4 years Audit & Accounts experience, seeks placement. Contact 91073728, Email Indian Male 23 years Qualification in NCVT Mechanical Course and Professional Diploma in finance Accounting requires a suitable placement any field. Contact 91031950 Email Indian male, Chartered Accountant & Cost Accountant; 24 years of experience (10 Years in UAE). Has worked as Financial Controller and Accounts Manager. E mail is, Please Contact +968 99857838 or +971 50 8686746. Manager Accounts & HR MBA finance PGDHRM 10 yrs experience in India 14 yrs experience in Muscat Presently working in Construction/ Earth works co. in Muscat available to join immediately. #91103856 Email: Accounts Manager, MBA Finance & PG Diploma in HR, total 24 yrs experience, working in Oman since 14 yrs now working in Oman forconstruction co. in Muscat, can join immediately. Contact 91387354, Indian male Accountant,B.Com with 6 yrs experience in Oman, seeks suitable placement. # 91057862. e_mail umct777@ Indian male B Com looking for suitable placement in Accounts. Contact 92576275 Indian male 21, B.Com Graduate, knowledge in Accounts ( packages: Tally, Peachtree) seeking for a suitable post. Tel : +968-94123495, E-mail : Accounts part time / full time work, finalization works. #96247295 Indian male 13 years working in Oman as Senior Accountant with MBA in Finance seeking for suitable placement. Contact 95319707

W E D N E S DAY, O C T O B E R 3 0, 2 0 1 3



ENGG. / TECHNICAL Indian male having BE Chemical Engg with 1year experience looking for suitable position. Contact 98466650



ACCOUNT. & FINANCE Accountant & audit services. Gsm 99761216 Indian male M.Com CA Inter 1st group passed Accountant 3 years in Oman 12 years India, tally knowledge. Contact 98334532

ADMIN/HR Indian female having GCC Driving license, seeking suitable placement in HR/ Administration or Purchase / logistics. Contact 95347130 Over 14 years of Gulf experience in admin /HR/ Logistics Office Manager / Executive Secretary, fluent in Eng/ Arabic with D/L. Contact 95824598 Indian female with 17 years Gulf experience in administrator & Executive Secretary looking for suitable position. Contact 98587275 Indian female, MBA, Industrial Management, 2 yrs experience, proficient in HR, Admin activities. Contact 96145006 Masters in Communication, Journalism, finance, excellent English, writing skills, creative, Arabic speaking Indian, Oman exp, seeks Administration / Corporate Communication/ Press Relations / Advertising/ Operations role. Contact 98179887 Electronics & Communication Engineer. MBA (HR & Marketing) with experience, female, seeks job. Contact 96963961 Indian male, 31 yrs, Commerce Graduate (B.Com) with 9.5 yrs of varied experience in Administration, operations, client relationship & team management seeking suitable placement. Contact 97268311, 31, Indian male, MBA having 8 years experience in logistics, Sales & Admin, Presently working in Oman with valid GCC Driving license. Contact 93051506 Email

AutoCAD draftsman 4 yrs experience in darting & designing urgently seeking suitable placement NOC available. Contact 95208203 Email:

DESIGNER Indian male 29 yrs, looking for a 3D job in MAYA/Max and Graphic designing having a experience of 8 years, currently working in Oman, Available to join immediately. Contact 98567624/ +91 9886712424 Email :

DRIVERS Indian Light Driver need job. Contact 91254539 Driver 13 years experience in GCC, seeking suitable placement. Contact 95969613 Arabic, English, Hindi speaking. Driver looking for a job good company. Contact 96989106/ 92108447 Driver with Pajero and car available. Contact 93262460 Driver looking for job, 10 years experience. Contact 99501396 / 93956395 Looking for job Driver, 20 years experience. Contact 98109185 Driver urgently looking for job having valid Oman driving license. Contact - 96502026 Wanted Driving job. #96741993 Driver job. Contact 95387829 / 98537756 Light Driver. Contact 98077981 / 98946925 4 yrs Experienced Indian Driver ( sales field ) looking for job as driver. 93079087


Logistics/ Commercial Executive 6 yrs experience in trading & shipping/ logistics companies, looking for suitable position. Contact 95687253

Indian female 25 yrs, Masters in English and Bachelors in Business Management (University Rank Holder in Masters & Bachelors) with excellent communication skills & 2 years exp. in Teaching & Administration seeking for a suitable placement. Contact - 99413704

Qualified female HR professional with MBA(HR),BE,PGDBM 5 years work experience seeking suitable role in HR profile. valid oman D/L contact 94129462

Indian female MSc BEd Physics having 2 years experience of teaching physics & Maths to Grades up to X, seeking for part time job. Contact 93863317

ARCH/ INTERIOR Architect 6 yrs experience knowledge 2D-3D drawing, having D/L (Omani) looking for suitable job. Contact 98928458 Email: Cad Drawings Architectural detail drawings, interior exterior drawings 3D views. Contact 99610110 Civil 2d & 3d designer Indian male 4 yrs exp in (3d designing , auto CAD drawing , photoshop , Ms office) finished architectural design & model course & draughtsman civil (1 yr exp in Oman) Urgently seeking for suitable job. Mob: 97294321 Email: Iraqi Architect 23 years, experience 7 years in Oman, seeking for suitable replacement. # 97608513

BEAUTY & HEALTH An Indian Lady Spa Beautician, seeks employment. # 92863352

DRAUGHTSMAN Draughtsman Civil Diploma in AutoCAD 7 years experience in GCC, seeking suitable placement. Contact 97332301 Architectural & Interior Draughtsman. 4years Gulf Experienced. Knows 3dsMax&Photoshop. Ph:98310977

Indian female M.Sc Physics, B.Ed 5 yrs experience in teaching, seeking for suitable job. Contact 97367389 Pakistani female M.SC (Master) Biology having 15 years of experience of teaching biology & chemistry to grades IX to XII seeking for part time job .Contact 91280346

ENGG. / TECHNICAL Mechanical Engg with 6 yrs exp in electromechanical work D/L, seeks job. Contact:98520020 QC Civil Engr 11 yrs experience in Highway 8 yrs in Oman, Valid GCC D/L. Contact 93590464 Project consultant Engineer Bangladeshi male B. Sc Civil Engineer 4 yrs exp as a Project Engineer in Oman also know etabes, Autocad, MS project. Contact 97145139 Indian male Diploma in Electronics seeking an opportunity for highly skilled Electronic technician with 10 years experience. Contact 93269820 Resi: +914802734079 / +919946888723, Email: Indian male 25 years, B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering (Automation or Instrumentation Engineer) with 1+ year India experience in Automation PLC, SCADA, DCS, HMI AC & DC Drives, Seeking suitable placement. Contact 92151143/ 92151143

ENGG. / TECHNICAL Indian Civil Quantity Surveyor –Total Exp(15yrs) GCC(4yrs)Diploma, D/L, Looking placement: contact, 96608610 15 years of Oman exposure. Smart Indian Male with MBA. Experienced in Oilfield Products (Upstream) & Security systems as Sales & Marketing Manager, seeks suitable placement in a senior position. Contact 99639375 Indian male, 25 years, B. Tech Civil Engineer with 1.5 years experience, seeking job in Oman available for interview. Contact 93319697 email: Indian BE (E & C) Engineer 1.5 years experience in maintenance & trouble shooting of PLC/ PID/ VFD/ DCS, PG Diploma in Industrial Automation, well versed in PLC/ SCADA/ DCS 22 Years in Oman, seeking placement. Contact 93279796 12 Years Experienced Projects and Operations professional with experience of Electrical, ELV and IT projects in Oman and Other countries, Seeking senior position job. Contact 98823248 Indian female B Tech (CSE) with around 2.5 years teaching and administrative experience in Engg College, Looking suitable teaching/ technical/office admin jobs. Proficient in C/ Java/C++ Programming and Microsoft office suite. Contact 97268414 Email : Indian male with BE (MECH) 1.4 year experience in QA/QC, ASNT level II, Currently in Muscat on visit visa, seeking suitable placement. Contact 91318441 Email sabuprajuputhenparambil@gmail. com Indian male 28 years Automation Instrument Engineer 4.7 years exp, 3.3 years in India, 1.4 years in Oman PLC AC Drives SCADA Instruments, seeking suitable placement in Industrial Automation projects and maintenance. Contact 94133913 3 years experience Indian post Graduate Automation and Control Engineer seeks suitable job. Contact 99016434 Environmental Engineer with more than 20 years experience (HSEMS system implementation), looking for a job as Manager / HSE Lead. Adept in implementing quality system based on ISO 14001/18001. Post Graduate in Environmental Science, Nebosh IGC and Diploma in Quality Management. Contact: Mobile: 96997841 29 yrs, male, B.Tech Civil, 2 years experiences in Oman with D/L. Contact 92657101 Indian male B.E Electrical Engineer 12 years experience as MEP Engineer in Construction company, seeks suitable placement. Contact 92532941 Indian male, 25 years BE Computer Science and Engineering, CCNA, MCP certified, 2 years experience valid Oman D/L, Now in Oman, seeking for suitable office jobs. Contact 98688414 Email B/E Electronics Engineer having 3.5 years of Indian experience in Planning, Construction, Telecommunication, Hardware Networking, Marketing. Contact 92629307 Autocad D/MAN, cum qs, 3 yrs Diploma Civil Engg, 7 yrs exp, architectural, structural, MEP. PH : 99857698 26 years male, BE Electronics Engineer, 2+ years experience in Saudi Arabia & 6+ months in Pakistan with valid Saudi driving license, seeks suitable position. Contact 97453326 Email

B.E Mechanical, Indian male, 26 yrs, on visiting visa, having 3 years experience in Piping Projects as QA/QC Engineer/ Site Engineer. Contact 968 98766298 Email- Structural Civil Engineer, BE, Indian male, 10 yrs exp in Infrastructure road, Bridges, fly over. Contact for CV 95484776 Email BE (Electronics & Communications Engineer) 23 yrs Indian male 1 yr experience, seeking suitable placement. Contact 92080713 Indian male; E&I Engineer, 4 years experience in petrochemical, oil & gas field seeking suitable position. Contact : 92941392/95834965 ; email: Welding Inspector (CSWIP 3.1) with B-Tech in Production Engg, seeks suitable job. Contact 92711433 India male BE Civil Eng 20 year exp present working in India as Project Manager seeking suitable placement. Gsm 00919900666960 BE Mechanical Engineer, Indian fresh Engineer presently in Oman, looking for suitable job. Contact 98040214 / 99086842 Email Mechanical Engineer (B Eng) male 24 yrs experienced in project & Site Engineering, marketing & Sales, recycling with a valid Omani driving license, looking for a position in manufacturing oil & gas, automotive, R & D. Contact 91165415 Email Mechanical Engineer with 12 +years exp.(7 years in Oman) in Oil field & Construction heavy vehicles/equipment. Presently working with a logistic company Muscat as workshop In charge. Available to join immediately. Contact : 95983518, Indian male, 26 years, B.Tech Electronics Graduate, having 2 years experience with valid Oman D/L, seeks suitable placement. Contact 98622425E mail: shejinmathew@gmail.con Indian male, BE Civil Engineer 5 years experience, seeking suitable Vacancies with Oman driving license. Contact 95835537 Email : Indian male BE Automobile 2013 MIT passout diploma Mechatronics (NTTF) visit visa, seeking suitable position. Contact 98901241 Email 25 Years Indian male, BE Electronics & Communication Engineering Graduate, seeking suitable placement. Hold valid Oman driving license. Contact 97434543 Email Sudanese Electrical Engineer 4 years of experience, looking a job. Contact 95686723 Indian female 25 yrs B-Tech Civil Engineer 2 yrs experience good Knowledge Studd-pro AutoCAD, seeking suitable placement. Contact 95716424 B.Sc Civil Engineer, 2 years experience looking suitable placement in construction or structural design field. Contact 93850440 Email: sdat33@yahoo.con Diploma in Civil Engineer with 1 year experience in Site supervising in India, now available in Oman. Contact 93816032

B. Sc Civil Engineer Pakistani total 6 yrs exp 2 & have yrs exp in Oman valid Omani D/L. Contact : 97166543 Email: BE Mech HVAC Engineer Indian male with 2 years experience, seeking suitable position. Contact 97122895 Indian male B.E (E&C) 1years experience in sales, seeking suitable job. Contact 91125082 Email: B. Sc in Civil Engineer with Oman experience urgently seeking suitable placement. Contact +968 93523630 / +88 01728 199656, Email Sri Lankan Quantity surveyor (male) with 7 years experience (including Gulf), looking for a suitable placement in Oman, available in Oman for personal interviews and discussions. Contact 91308391/ 96953676 Email Indian female B.Tech Civil Engg, 3 years experience (6 months in Oman) in QS, estimation, cost control and planning, seeks suitable job. Contact 92047375 Email:

INFORMATION TECH IT Technical System support/ Hardware Engineer on visit visa. Contact 98221577 / 93320458 Indian male Computer Engineer MCSE, CCNA, Hardware and Networking 6+ experience 2+ yrs experience in Oman, seeking good job. Contact 92994651 Indian female, B.Tech + MBA, IT Engineer, 5+ yrs exp. as voice & video eng/ operation management, seeking appropriate placement. Contact 97712425 / 95749987, Email: Indian female, Computer Engineer, 2 years exp in Programming & ERP, on Family Visa seeking placement in IT or Teaching 93406463 (Wadikabir). Sudanese Programmer having 2 years experience and certificate of the American University in Cairo. Contact 97273589 IT professional Indian male (ME/ CSE), 12 years experience (Oman, UAE, India) in IT project management , administration, software development in dot net, sales providing training, technical & customer support looking for suitable opportunity having valid D/L available immediately. Contact 96437794 Email: Indian male 27 years old, Masters in Computer Applications with 4+ years experience, Key skills: Oracle Pl/sql and .net Seeking Suitable placement.# +919538345624 System Engineer with 6 yrs of exp as desktop/ IT Support Engineer currently in Muscat on visit visa, seeks suitable placement. Contact 92933523 / 91378150 Email : IT Support Engineer Indian male, 27 yrs currently in Muscat on visit visa 6 yrs of exp as IT Support Engineer, seeking suitable placement.# 92933523 / 91378150 , Email : Indian, 22 yrs, Diploma in Hardware and Networking 2 years Hardware experiences., looking for Hardware and Networking job. Contact 94413006, Email Indian 4 years experienced SAP ABAP & BI Consultant seeking suitable job. Contact # 94363446

Electrical Engineer 7 yrs experience. Contact 94285868

IT Engineer Indian with 5 years Experience in support Engineer, IT Tech Support, Quality Analyst, IT Help desk, Customer Service and Sales, Worked in Dell International and in New Horizon Doha, seeking suitable position. Contact: 97320161,

Diploma Electrical Site Engineer 12 years experience in Oman available driving license in Oman. Contact 96570848 Email

9 yrs Exp IT Desktop/ Network support Filipino Male B.S. Comp Eng CCNA W/ 5 yrs exp in Qatar visit visa in Oman. Contact 91319643 Email

Indian male 27 yrs B.Tech Automobile, 5.5 yrs experience both in Toyota & Suzuki, Looking for Service Engineer jobs. Contact 92449426 Email:

INFORMATION TECH Systems Engineer (B. Tech), female 23 years with 2 years experience at Infosys, Looking for placement . ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Web Services, AJAX, Unix Commands & Utilities, Visual Studio, SQL Server. Contact 96206550 Email Project Management professional (MBA, PMP, BE), 16+ years experience with leading MNC Banks and Technology companies and working in a leading bank in Muscat seeks suitable placement. 94336432 Welding Foreman, Indian Male, 18 years experience (Argon, Arc & Mig) offshore & onshore, worked with NPCC (Abu Dhabi), USA, & Cochin Shipyard India, Contact 98430843, 9 years exp. IT Security and Coordination ex Apple UPMG, MCSA: Security, security + certified Eu citizen from Arabic origin. Contact 93605740 System administrator with two years experience in Bangalore B-COM ,CCNA,MCSA, MCP AND A+ looking for a suitable post in Oman Contact 91148576 IT Professional Indian male 20 years IT & Finance experience Software, Hardware Development ERP Implementation & System, Network Administration, seeks suitable placement. Contact 93760896 Indian female 24 years MSc Software Engineering working for one year in Oman as Office admin, seeks suitable placement. Contact 93886547 / 95227395 Indian male, 24, having 2.5 yrs exp in O & M - Network Operation Center Engineer Telecom having certification of CCNA & MCTS, looking for suitable placement IT & Telecom. Contact 99689445 Email Indian female - M.Sc, Computer Science 5 yrs experience in teaching and 1yr experience in programming (JAVA, VB, power builder, Mysql, Oracle) seeking suitable placement. Contact 99713021 Email ID:

MANAGER/ SUPER Indian Male 32, with academic excellence (MBA) has 7.2 years of high quality experience (includes GCC) & professional achievements in Business Administration, Customer Services, Marketing & Sales. Contact: 95899314; Senior Manager, 20+ yrs experience in Purchase, Sales, Admin & Accounts seeks immediate placement. Contact 98942117 Indian male 27 years 7 years experience Electrical & Plumbing Supervisor in Oman valid Oman driving license. Contact 99165218 Email: Purchase / procurement officer, gulf exp, having Oman driving license PH : 93243846

MISCELLANEOUS Imam /Mutawa from Kerala seeks placement. Contact 91223853 Indian male with 7 yrs experience working in Doha Qatar as HVAC designer, looking for suitable position. Contact +97470361931 Indian male 23, M.Sc in Biotechnology with excellent proficiency in English & computer, seeking suitable work opportunity in life science and Industrial field, Currently on visit visa. Contact 95166242 / Email Indian male, 28 yrs, B.Com with over 8 years experience (4 years in Oman) in accounting up to finalization, experience in Tally Erp9, fox pro, smart pos and expert in MS Office, D/L seeking suitable placement. GSM : 93069890 Email :, Female-26,BA qualified,6 years experience, can work from home, looking for suitable job. Contact -93060952 or Indian female 25 years, MSC MICRO Biology, Looking for placement in food or medicine industry or laboratory experience one year in dairy farm. Contact 92255983


W E D N E S D AY, O C T O B E R 3 0, 2 0 1 3

DAILY GUIDE SITUATION WANTED MEDICAL Indian female Keralite B.Sc Nursing with MOH license, 3 years experience. Contact 99658395 presently in Oman. Nursing caregiver, qualified & experienced Nurse & Assist Nurse seeks good placement at home / clinic. Contact 92989109 email: Obs/Gynae Medical Officer, MOH licence,8 years experience in gulf countries,searching suitable job in Muscat. Contact 96260671 Female Radiographer holding M.O.H License with 6 years experience, seeking suitable post. Contact 93017124

31 male, MBA (UK) with over 10 years experience in BD/OPS, sales and marketing with valid Omani D/L, seeks suitable placement. Contact 94480878 Indian male, 30 yrs, M.B.A 6 yrs experience in Indian in sales and customer service excellent in M.S. office and communication skills in Oman on visit visa. Contact 91380575

Male Nurse 8 years experience MOH license Oman BLS ACLS certificate, Currently in Muscat. # 97141787 Email

Indian male 26 yrs experience 2 yrs Sales / Account Assistant, seeking suitable placement marketing & sales / store assistant. #95763201

Indian female Dentist age 29 yrs, exp 4 years, looking for suitable opening. Contact 93386632

Business Development Executive 7 years in Experience, Currently with Telecommunication Project Management with qualification PGDMMarketing (UK) & BBA, Seeking for opening in new threshold, logistics, FMCG, Supply Chain Management and Consumer Products. Available to join immediately, D/L Oman. Contact 93833276 Email

20 Years of experience in Secretarial job in Oman, seeking suitable placement. Contact 98987461

SALES / MARKETING MBA, B.Tech Indian Male having 6 years experience Marketing/ Sales/ Business development/ promotional/ Branding in Oil & Gas, HVAC, Firms, seeks immediate placement. Contact 91256806 10 years experience on Sales with driving license needs placement. Contact 95266485 Indian National with 20 years experience in Sales/ Port operation with shipping line/ Freight forwarder, looking suitable positions, in Salalah/ Muscat. Contact 93751004 Email Male 32 yrs, 10 yrs experience sales, events, administration, graphics looking for job. # 93850612 Indian male B.Com with 6 yrs experience in Sales, Holding valid Omani Driving license, seeks suitable placement. Contact 95330174 Male 28, B.Com, having over 8 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, Valid D/L, seeking for a suitable placement.Contact:96662739 or E-Mail at Sales & Marketing professional, GCC experienced, Indian male, 30 yrs, having Oman driving license, seeks suitable placement. Contact 97386097 Sales Exe with diploma / ITI in electrical / net working/ fire Safety Engineering with D/L. Fax: 24787258 Email: Indian male having 17 yrs Gulf experience in Sales and Marketing of various type of building materials tools machinery etc, currently heading Oman Branch, having valid driving license of Oman, looking for suitable placement. # 93690410



Indian male 33 yrs B.E Mechanical, MBA Marketing over 8 yrs of work experience in Technical Sales Marketing project - Execution quality control, seeking suitable placement in senior level with Oman D/L. Contact 97645293

Indian male 26 y with 4 years Oman experience in Logistic (Shipping, Freight forwarding, warehousing) 1 year experience in Sales & Marketing furniture, Valid Oman and Dubai driving license. #92603717


Tel. 24726666 Ext: 413 / 430 431 / 456 / 461 Fax: 24812624


Male Nurse (BSc Nursing) with MOH License experience in Emergency Trauma care, looking for a suitable position. Contact 98435304 / 99657116

Male Nurse with MOH license valid GCC driving license. Contact 93217438 / 91226236


Purchaser, 10 years experience with valid Omani Driving. Contact 98226848 Indian male 30 yrs, MBA marketing with 6+ yrs managerial experience (sales) seeks Managerial position in Marketing / Sales business development service retail / product manufacturing industry. Contact Avijit 96726408 Young dynamic / MBA Marketing having 8 years experience with Omani driving license seeking suitable position. Contact 91199054 / 94135599 Email:

Sponsor ship with legal and shop for rent or sale. #99342763 FREE INFORMATION ABOUT ISLAM. If you would like to know more about Islam, please call: 99425598, 96050000, 99353988, 99253818, 99341395, and 99379133. For ladies: 99415818, 99321360, 99730723 Orvisit: Ayurvedic treatment for joint pain, backache, paralysis, massage, steam bath, obesity, spondylitis etc. Ideal Care Ayurvedic clinic, Azaiba. Contact 99639695 Ayurvedic treatment for backache paralysis arthritis etc. & massage All Season (Vaidyaratnam). # 24475280 / 95371664 / 92504980 Genuine Ayurvedic treatments &massage, ayuredic clinic Al Khuwair. #24478618/ 97263637/ 97109295

MATRIMONIAL Brahmin family seeks a match for their 38, 5’-6”, beautiful, fair, US citizen daughter. Has MBBS and Law degrees. No bars. Highly qualified and well established professionals. Contact 22 years, 160 cm height, Roman Catholic girl from Thrissur District, passed out MBA, seeking suitable alliance from Thrissur or Ernakulum district. Contact 92841175 Keralite Kannur Dist Viswakarma Girl 25 years Ayilyam Staff Nurse Banglore. Contact 98100371 Marriage proposal invited for Sunni Muslim girl from Andhra Pradesh. Please send particulars to

TRANSPORTATION Transportation. Contact 93405941

23 years Indian male BBA Marketing / Finance 1 year experience in Sales & Marketing, looking for suitable placement in Sales / Marketing / coordination / retail/ admin jobs. Contact 98418208 / 99229357 Aman Maheshwari Looking for Sales Executive job 28 years 5 years experience having D/L Oman experience in F.M.C.G. Contact 96075110

Transportation. Contact 98546606 For transport. Contact 92548219


Carpet, sofa- cleaning, glue removing, shampooing, house cleaning, polishing & painting etc. Contact – 99542979 / 98855815 House shifting, packing and Transportation. Contact 99657644 / 98518013 Electrical Plumbing Painting Contract and Maintenance. Contact #98456535

Female 24yrs Indian Graduate in BBA and IATA,1 yr experience Ticketing Clerk in Air India Express Office looking Suitable position in Tours and Travels. Contact97077215

GULF INTERNATIONAL LLC all kind of pest control. Contact 92326955


Catering and Other support Services anywhere in Oman for Companies. Staff / Labour Accomodation. available in Sohar, Barka and Nizwa. Telephone No.94104987, 97884967, 95740387, E-Mail :

Indian male having 4 years experience in Sales & Marketing excellent knowledge of Oman Market currently in Banking Industry, Looking for Managerial position. Contact 99657804

Marble Restoration, Mosaic tiles polishing, carpet shampooing, maintenance. Contact ABU QABAS99320217 /24788722

Young dynamic MBA Marketing Graduate, seeking suitable post. Contact 98744427 / 96909495

Marble polishing & crystallization building cleaning floor, floor polishing, carpet, sofa shampooing pest control, anti termite, shifting, maintenance. Contact 99504275 Carpet, sofa- cleaning, glue removing, shampooing, house cleaning, polishing & painting etc. Contact – 99542979 / 98855815

Indian male 22 years, Bachelor of Mass Media BMM (in Adverting) (on visit visa), seeking suitable placements in any Advertising/ Marketing/ Media firm or in any Organization for suitable post or Sales Executive. Contact 92564934 / 99333752 Email Male, 32 yrs, 10 years experience sales, events, administration, graphic designing seeking suitable job. Contact 93850612

A/ C maintenance, servicing & installation. Split A/C Servicing RO 10.000 Only. Contact 94217681 / 99210141 Marble polishing & crystallization building cleaning floor, floor polishing, carpet, sofa shampooing, pest control, anti termite, shifting, maintenance. Contact 99504275 WEB, ERP and Business Intelligence (BI) creation and management at rock bottom price. Contact: http//webviewoman

Marble restoration Crystallization, Cleaning carpets sofas, Villas, Flats. Contact 24701281 / 97463079

Subcontractor solutions. Contact 97163496 A/C, Fridge & Washing Machine servicing & Repairing. Painting , Plumbing, Electrical & Carpentry Works. Contact 97014234/ 24504281 / 99447257


Indian male, MBA, 6 yrs exp in Sales, Marketing, Market research & operations, looking for opportunities. Contact 98823315

Split /window A/C SERVICING 5/10R.O. Contact 95084850

GUARANTEED CLEANING: Carpet & sofa shampooing, Contact 99314807/24792998

Transportation Contact 95570429

Indian female 28 yrs more than 2 years of professional experience in concept selling, worked with India Today Group as Executive in Space Marketing, seeks suitable placement in Muscat ready to join immediately. Contact 94210400 Email ID:


MARBLE CRYSTALLIZATION restore the original shine of your marble. #24793614/ 99314807

Door to Door Computers repair specialist laptop software Website cartridges.Contact 99199376

CLASSES Water proofing ABUQABASContact 99320217/24788722 Pest control water proof. Contact 99067923 Marble Restoration, Mosaic tiles polishing, carpet shampooing, maintenance. Contact ABU QABAS99320217 /24788722 Painting Interlock plumbing maintenance. Contact 92142319 Carpet Shampoo, marble & tile polishing, pest control & anti-termite treatment, general cleaning painting, Plumbing, Electrical, shifting. Contact Mundhir Al-Rizaiqi trading. L.L.C. # 24810137, 99450130 A/C service RO7/- , repairing & installation, painting, building all maintenance. Contact 95563858 / 99326786 Electrical Works, Maintenance, Building Gas Pipelines, Fire Alarm & Security systems. Contact Amjad Majees Trading & Contracting: 99467936 For all your maintenance needs including, Painting, Plumbing, Electricity, Laying of interlock tiles, marbles etc. Tel: 99383574 Mr Chandran

MANPOWER We supply manpower locally for contracting companies, masons & helpers. Contact Nasser: 99786772 We Supply Mason, Carpenter, Steel fixer, Electrician, Plumber, Driver, Labours, Enggs, operators etc, All Categories. Contact 94034550/ 95059766 Email We can provide (supply) for 6 months or 1 year cleaners, Office boys and helpers. Contact : 94151939/ 95788339 Email:

Learn Arabic in two months, spoken Arabic class for non Arabic speakers by Gulf experience post Graduate Teacher in Ruwi. Free introductory class. Satisfaction guaranteed. Contact 95244310

W E D N E S DAY, O C T O B E R 3 0, 2 0 1 3





Dolphin Watch, Dhow Cruise with Buffet, & Land Tours Al Ainain Marine Tours-Contact 98029602, 92808636

We arrange Tours to Jabel Alakhdar / Shames wahiba Sands. Contact 99839898



Looking for Investor/ partner in building material / construction business in Oman. Interested parties can contact 95824598 Restaurant + coffee shop with seating capacity of 50 people and potential to make 90 (with mezzanine in running condition doing excellent business in a prime business location at Wattayah is available for purchase / investment. Interested parties may please call on 97414513 or 96344753 CANADIAN company. for immigration & manpower is looking for a partner in Oman with license !For contact 0097333054453

FOR HIRE A well running Civil contracting company LLC doing ministry work, looking for new sponsor and investor or partner. Contact 96726115 Looking for Omani partner for business development services. Contact 93194825 Email:

FOR HIRE 25/ 50 seater Buses for rent/ leasing with drivers in PDO SpeciďŹ cation. Contact 99839898

Cranes and excavators available on hire. Contact 99209427 Crane Trailor Hiab. # 99354909

Party & Wedding equipment rentals. Full line, from Tables, Linen & Skirting, Chairs & Chair covers, Cutlery, Crockery, Glassware, Chafing Dishes, Ice Sculptures, to Large Sound Systems and spectacular lighting. Call Andrea 9606 2222 for Catering and Croyden 9623 5555 for Sound & Light., E-mail: For Rent Truck Tipper 18 m. Contact 95120774

FOR LADIES Indian ladies tailoring salwar khamees, saree, blouse stitching. # 93694035

FOR HIRE Dodge Ram 1500 for Hire PDO SpeciďŹ c double cabin Pick-up with experienced Driver having PDO license for long term or short term hire. Contact 98011207 / 98016411 Email


W E D N E S D AY, O C T O B E R 3 0, 2 0 1 3



Think Food, Think Arsalan!!

T30 10 2013  

Times of Oman ePaper

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