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XI ON CHARM OFFENSIVE Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with Malaysia’s leader yesterday as part of a Southeast Asian charm offensive, with analysts saying he had the floor to himself after US President Barack Obama scrapped his own Asia tour. >A9

SATURDAY, October 5, 2013 / 29 DHUL QA’ADA 1434 AH



Toddler dies as TV set falls on him

SPLENDOUR OF SUR Just an hour-and-a-half drive from Muscat, Sur, the capital of Al Sharqiyah, is a charming and peaceful corner of the Sultanate. Times of Oman journalist Sarah MacDonald captured the splendour of Sur in her lens. See also >A2


The body of a one-and-ahalf-year-old boy who died after a television set fell on him was flown back to India yesterday. Aadhi, whose parents hail from the southern Indian state of Kerala, died when a television set reportedly fell on him while he was trying to pull a wire connected to the set. According to the family friends, his parents were not present in the room when the accident occurred. >A3


Election schedule for five states announced

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Clashes in Egypt cities as marches thwarted The protests were


Assembly elections will be held in five states — Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram and Chhattisgarh from November 11, the Election Commission announced. Chhattisgarh will have two-phase polling on November 11 and November 19, Delhi and Mizoram will go to polls on December 4, Madhya Pradesh on November 25 and Rajasthan on December 1. >A6

the most ambitious attempt by the Brotherhood to press its demands since August 14, when authorities smashed their sit-ins in Cairo


Indian cabinet okays Jet-Etihad FDI deal


Etihad Airways won Indian government backing to invest in Jet Airways (India), paving the way for the first share sale by a carrier in the Asian country to a foreign airline since restrictions were eased. The approval will result in foreign direct investment (FDI) of Rs20.6 billion ($332 million), the government said in a statement after a cabinet decision in New Delhi on Thursday. >B1 FIRST TIME

Afghans rejoice as country books WC cricket berth KABUL: War-torn Afghanistan erupted in wild celebrations yesterday as its cricket team beat Kenya to qualify for the 2015 World Cup, just 12 years after the game took hold in the wake of the Taleban’s fall. About 3,000 fans packed onto the field at Kabul’s only cricket stadium to watch the match on a big screen, with noisy chants and dancing marking each boundary as Afghan batsmen carried the side to an easy victory in Sharjah. Celebratory gunfire tore through the air in the eastern city of Jalalabad, but there was no immediate repeat of the nationwide explosion of bullets that met Afghanistan’s recent victory in the South Asian Football Federation Cup. “Tears come out of my eyes because of my happiness,” Zakir Mohammadi, 23, said, the national flag draped across his shoulders. “I am speechless and can’t express myself. This is a great feat for our cricket team and for all Afghans.” Large crowds of supporters also celebrated in the southern city of Kandahar, the birthplace of the Taleban, where police issued strict

warnings on the radio before the game that people should not celebrate by firing guns in the air. “This is a great success for our country. Afghanistan have proved their ability to the world despite 30 years of war,” Shahzada Masood, chairman of Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), said. “This shows the talent of our players. They can beat any team on their day despite the limited facilities that they have.” Afghanistan’s cricket side has progressed rapidly since the country emerged from the austere rule of the Taleban in 2001, and the achievement makes up for narrowly missing out on the 2011 World Cup. Tens of thousands of Afghans learned the game in refugee camps in Pakistan after they were forced to flee during the decades of war and turmoil that followed the Soviet invasion in 1979. Cricket boomed after the Taleban era as many Afghans returned home, despite the militants waging a bloody insurgency against US-led troops and the Kabul government. -AFP

Kenya tourism B2 set to rebound

Ke Kenya tourism set to rebound

ENVOYSPEAK — ASOKA GIRIHAGAMA, AMBASSADOR OF SRI LANKA We have come a long way after opening the Sri Lankan mission in Muscat in 1987 and it has paved the way for our relations with this country to new heights. Read the column on Sunday

GREAT SUCCESS: Afghan cricket fans celebrate their team’s victory

over Kenya in Jalalabad streets, yesterday. -AFP


CAIRO: Clashes erupted in several Egyptian cities yesterday after supporters of deposed president President Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood took to the streets to demand the end of army-backed rule. The marches were the most ambitious attempt by the Brotherhood to press its demands since August 14, when authorities smashed two pro-Mursi sitins in Cairo and then declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew. An Egyptian army vehicle fired live rounds in the direction of Muslim Brotherhood supporters who had been pushed away from Cairo’s Tahrir Square by security forces, a witness said. Medical sources said one Brotherhood supporter had died from a gunshot wound in clashes in the centre of the capital. Onlookers threw rocks at the pro-Mursi protestors, who hurled them back. Riot police had earlier fired tear gas to push back the march. Thousands of protestors headed toward the site of a former Brotherhood protest camp in northeast Cairo which was crushed by security forces in August. By late afternoon, protestors had retreated from the area. Members of the Brotherhood tried to reach the presidential palace but were turned back by police. The state news agency said protestors failed to reach the Defence Ministry and a Republi-

An Egyptian army vehicle fired live rounds in the direction of Muslim Brotherhood supporters who had been pushed away from Cairo’s Tahrir Square by security forces

can Guard facility. Fighting also erupted in Egypt’s second city Alexandria and two Nile Delta cities. Yesterday’s clashes in Cairo broke out as Mursi supporters tried to enter the centre of Tahrir Square. The protestors chanted slogans calling for the removal of Sisi and waved Egyptian flags. The army fired warning shots and tear gas to prevent Brotherhood supporters from crossing a bridge leading into Tahrir Square. Protestors wrote graffiti on the wall of a building near Tahrir reading “Egypt is Islamic.” Others chanted “You coward Sisi” as tear gas billowed in the air. -Reuters


S AT U R DAY, O CTO B E R 5, 2 0 1 3



Picturesque sights abound in the city of Sur, the capital of Al Sharqiyah South Governorate, as Sarah MacDonald has discovered over the years living in Oman. Whether it’s the old watch towers keeping guard over the bay, the skeletal remains of an old dhow, the Al Aija lighthouse or boys playing on the suspension bridge, there are many things to catch a shutterbug’s eye. Mornings and evenings are especially serene in Sur, when the city and bay are flooded in soft light or intense sunsets. Just an hour-and-ahalf drive from Muscat, Sur is a charming, peaceful and photogenic corner of Oman. Times of Oman presents the splendour of Sur’s landscape and its people

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Calligrapher showcases varied hues of his artistic talent STAFF REPORTER MUSCAT: The French-Omani Centre (CFO) opened an art exhibition last week featuring the work of Omani calligrapher Saleh Al Shukairi. Shukairi’s works open the 20132014 cultural season at the CFO. The exhibition was attended by guest of honour Yves Oudin, Ambassador of France to Oman, and other French diplomats. “I think people will have their own impression of the artwork and how it has been created. A few of the pieces exhibited here have a meaning, and most of them have a meaning in the Persian language,” Shukairi told Times of Oman. Layer upon layer of Arabic or Persian calligraphy fills the canvases, some of it painted so that it only appears in certain lights or angles, creating a bit of mystery for viewers. Shukairi’s work, which

is airbrushed and painted calligraphy on canvas, is largely influenced by travels he made in 2007 and 2008 to Iran, where the architecture, people and landscapes greatly impressed him. “In Iran everything is art for me. I was really inspired there and thought I should do something based on that inspiration,” he said. For Shukairi, a member of the Omani Society for Fine Arts who has exhibited abroad frequently over the past few years, the CFO exhibition was a wonderful opportunity to again share his art in Oman. The last time he had an exhibition in Oman was 2007. “The good thing, in general, is that we need to have something like this with the embassies starting to host exhibitions in their own buildings,” he said. Shukairi’s exhibition will continue at the CFO through the month of October.

COLOURS OF TRADITION: Layer upon layer of Arabic or Persian calligraphy fills the canvases, some of

it painted so that it only appears in certain lights or angles. –TIMES OF OMAN

‘Three islands formed after quakes in 1945’

‘ K A N YA A M A K A A N '

Women artists join hands for exhibition Times News Service

Times News Service

GUtech professor currently conducting scientific research on the coastal evolution in Oman has published his findings in several scientific papers in various journals


MUSCAT: During the two earthquakes that struck recently in the region of Balochistan in Pakistan, a strange phenomenon occurred — an island was created. “This is not unusual and happened in the past, as well,” said Professor Goesta Hoffmann of the Department of Applied Geosciences at GUtech. The professor is currently conducting scientific research on the coastal evolution in Oman and has published his findings in several scientific papers in various journals. Prof. Goesta explained: “There is scientific evidence that, as a consequence of an earthquake in India and Pakistan in December 1945, three islands off the coast of

Pakistan, in Gwadar, appeared. However, at that time the islands disappeared soon after they were created. It only took a couple of weeks for the waves to wash away the fine-grained material. Similar to last week’s earthquakes, in 1945 gas eruptions close to the islands were noticed. Two more islands appeared in the Ormara west bay. The islands were up to 30m high and 2.5km long.” According to Prof. Dr Wiekert Visser, head of Petroleum Geosciences at GUtech, the creation of the new island off the Balochistan coast signifies a fault movement in the sea, which has happened many times in the past million years. “The new island in front of the Balushi coast turns out to be a


Baby dies after TV set falls on him

READING HABIT: The book fair on board Logos Hope offers an

expanded selection of over 5,000 books at affordable prices. –AR Rajkumar/TIMES OF OMAN

Logos Hope gets rousing welcome Times News Service

REJIMON K MUSCAT: The body of a one-anda-half-year-old boy who died after a television set fell on him was flown back to his home country yesterday. Aadhi, a toddler whose parents are from the south Indian state of Kerala, died when a television set fell on him while he was reportedly pulling a wire connected to the television set. According to family friends, the parents were not present in the room where the television set was kept at the time of the accident. “We heard that both the parents were not present in the room when the tragedy happened,” the family friends said. The baby was rushed to a private hospital in Bausher. “As the baby’s internal organs suffered damage in the accident, the internal bleeding was beyond control, which led to the death of the baby,” said family friends while quoting medical staff. According to the police, the toddler died as he was being rushed to the hospital. The family was living in Al Khuwair and the father reportedly works for a landscaping company.

MUSCAT: Logos Hope, the world’s largest floating book fair, now berthed in Oman, has received a tremendous response from the public. Students and adults have been thronging the library since it opened on Wednesday. “The ship will be in Oman until Monday. The opening hours are from 2pm to 10pm. Tickets cost 300 baisas, with free entrance for children under 16 who are accompanied by an adult. Sunday morning is a ladies only morning,” organisers said. On Thursday, the ship welcomed it’s 43 millionth visitor. Logos Hope is operated by GBA Ships e.V., an international charitable organisation registered in Germany. Since 1970, the organisation has welcomed over 42 million visitors up the gangways in over 150 countries and territories throughout the world. The book fair on board Logos Hope offers an expanded selection of over 5,000 books at affordable prices. The books cover a range of subjects including science, sports, hobbies, cookery, the arts, medicine, dictionaries, languages, and philosophy. With children’s

titles, academic texts, dictionaries, atlases and more, the book fair offers something the whole family can enjoy. Having previously visited Oman in 2011, Logos Hope welcomed over 26,000 visitors up the gangway. “I’m really looking forward to going back to the Arab world,” said the ship’s hotel services manager, Alexis Greene (Bahamas), “People are so hospitable and friendly.” When Logos Hope visited Muscat in 2011, crew member Dawid Jankowski (Poland) visited a school for disabled children. He saw a boy playing with wooden blocks and decided to join him. “This little boy taught me a very important lesson; we do not need expensive things to be happy, as sometimes the simplest things can bring the most joy.” Dawid, along with Logos Hope’s international crew of 400 people from over 45 different nationalities, is looking forward to visiting Oman soon. “Oman is a really beautiful place, people are very nice and friendly,” added Dawid. For the past 21 months, Logos Hope has been sailing throughout Asia. Crew members are eager to experience a new change of culture and diversity in the Arab World, they said.

mud volcano emanating methane. This explains the large uplift and the slow movement. But to further comment on that movement, we need more scientific data,” he said. The earthquakes can be explained by the movement of the continents. Earthquakes may occur in the region surrounding the Arabian Peninsula, since the plate is moving relative to Africa and Asia. “The Arabian Plate is surrounded by spreading and subduction zones in the Red Sea and along the Zagros mountains, respectively. Earthquakes always begin at a place within Earth where rocks move against other rocks along a fault. The place with the largest movement along the fault is called the epicentre,” Prof. Wiekert informed.

MUSCAT: Al Hurf Group, in association with Bait Muzna Gallery and with the support of the Omani Youth Committee, has announced the opening of their exhibition ‘Kan Yaa Makaan.’ The exhibition will be held in the main hall of Opera Galleria, opening on October 7 at 7:30pm and will continue until October 10. The guest of honour to inaugurate the exhibition will be Dr Abdullah Al Harrasi, Chairman of the Public Authority for Radio and Television. Rahma Al Hajri, Sameera Al Yaqoobi, Ameera Al Amri, Amina Al Amri and Shadia Al Mughairi are six graduates with Bachelor degrees in Art Education from Sultan Qaboos University. Together,

these artists form Al Hurf Group, and have come together with a mutual desire to produce meaningful, unique works of art under a theme that binds them together. Inspiration Inspired by stories of an Omani author, Al Hurf group will display more than fifty works that include paintings, sculptures and installations. The work is their reflection on these stories and is a mixture of the figurative amidst an abstracted dreamscape world of the fairy tale. The work is sure to wonder and delight audiences. Bait Muzna Gallery continues to support upcoming talent in the Sultanate of Oman, giving artists assistance and a stage to display their creations.


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Six new MERS cases in Saudi, says WHO

British police begin talks with Syrian refugees

JEDDAH: The global number of infections with the deadly MERS virus has risen to 136, after hardhit Saudi Arabia confirmed six new cases, the World Health Organization said yesterday. Glenn Thomas, spokesman for the UN health agency, said it had been informed by Saudi authorities that the virus had been detected in three men and three women in the capital Riyadh. The virus, which appeared first in the kingdom last year, has killed 58 people worldwide, 49 of them in Saudi Arabia, according to official Saudi figures and the World Health Organisation (WHO). MERS stands for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus, in a nod to the fact that the bulk of the cases have been in that region. The fact that Saudi Arabia accounts for the overwhelming majority of cases and deaths has raised concerns about this month’s annual haj pilgrimage to Makkah and Medina, Islam’s holiest sites, which lie in the kingdom. The haj is one of the largest gatherings in the world, and there are fears that pilgrims could carry the virus back to their homelands. But Saudi authorities have said

LONDON: A team of British border police yesterday began talks with Syrian refugees, some on hunger strike, who are blocking a gangway at a ferry terminal in Calais in a desperate bid to win asylum in Britain. Two representatives for the refugees, 60 of whom have blockaded the terminal since Wednesday, began negotiations with three members of Britain’s Border Force, an AFP journalist said. They were joined by four officials from the Medecins du Monde and Secours Catholique charities as well as the top government official for the Pas-de-Calais region.

Saudi Arabia accounts for the overwhelming majority of cases and deaths has raised concerns about annual haj pilgrimage

they are optimistic that the haj will pass off without outbreaks, given that faithfuls undertake lower-level pilgrimages at other times and there has been no mass spread of MERS. Saudi Arabia has, however, urged the elderly and chronically ill to avoid the event. Experts are struggling to understand MERS, for which there is still no vaccine. It is considered a deadlier but less-transmissible cousin of the SARS virus that erupted in Asia in 2003 and infected 8,273 people, nine percent of whom died, and sowed economic chaos. Like SARS, MERS is believed to have jumped from animals to humans. -AFP

European strategy The mayor of Calais, a Channel port from where many ships and ferries leave for Britain, said the protest highlighted the need for a concerted European strategy. “It’s for the government to take up its responsibilities,” said Natacha Bouchart. “There also has to be an awareness on a European level and the British must take a decision,” she said. “It’s unacceptable that it is in France and at Calais that one has to control immigration.” The protest, which has seen 20 people go on hunger strike, prompted French authorities to offer to legalise the refugees’ status. -AFP

Assad hits out at Turkey for backing rebels Syrian president calls Turkish prime minister ‘bigoted’ saying Ankara was allowing terrorists to cross into Syria to attack army and

DISPLACED: Syrian refugees stand at a makeshift camp in Ankara, yesterday. -AFP

Syrian civilians

ISTANBUL: Syrian President Bashar Al Assad has told Turkey it will pay a heavy price for backing rebels fighting to oust him, accusing it of harbouring “terrorists” along its border who would soon turn against their hosts. In an interview with Turkey’s Halk TV, Assad called Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan “bigoted” and said Ankara was allowing terrorists to cross into Syria to attack the army and Syrian civilians. “It is not possible to put terrorism in your pocket and use it as a card because it is like a scorpion which won’t hesitate to sting you at the first opportunity,” Assad said, according to a transcript

from Halk TV, which is close to Turkey’s opposition. “In the near future, these terrorists will have an impact on Turkey and Turkey will pay a heavy price for it.” Turkey, which shares a 900-km border with Syria and has NATO’s second largest deployable armed forces, is one of Assad’s fiercest critics and a staunch supporter of the opposition, although it denies arming the rebels. It shelters about a quarter of the 2 million people who have fled Syria and has often seen the conflict spill across its frontier, responding in kind when mortars and shells fired from Syria have hit its soil. It has also allowed rebel fighters to cross in and out of Syria but has grown alarmed, along with Western allies opposed to Assad,

by divisions among their ranks and the deepening influence of radical Islamists in Syria. Last month, the Al Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant seized Azaz, about 5 km from the border with Turkey, and has repeatedly clashed with the local Northern Storm brigade since then. “Right now, Syria is headed for a sectarian war,” Erdogan said in an interview on Turkish television late on Thursday. “This is the danger we are facing.”Turkey has bolstered its defences and sent additional troops to the border with Syria in recent weeks and its parliament voted on Thursday to extend by a year a mandate authorising a military deployment to Syria if needed. -Reuters

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INDIA State-sponsored terrorism must end, says Pranab In an interview with Euronews, the president also dismissed Pakistan’s contention that ‘nonstate actors’ were behind the terror acts in India

STATE VISIT: King Philippe-Filip of Belgium and Indian Presi-

dent Pranab Mukherjee shake hands during a meeting at the Royal Palace in Brussels, yesterday. – AFP

BRUSSELS: Maintaining that India wants peace with Pakistan, President Pranab Mukherjee has said no compromise could be made with the country’s territorial integrity and that state-sponsored terrorism from across the border has to end. In an interview to Euronews, the president, who is on a visit to Belgium, also dismissed Pakistan’s contention that “non-state actors” were behind the terror acts in India. He said India wants good relations with its neighbours and has to accept the neighbour “the way he is”. ‘We opted for peace’ “He is my neighbour. Whether I like it or not does not matter. Therefore, it is for me to decide whether I live with my neighbour in tension or in peace. We opted for peace,” said Pranab. “But one point is to be understood. No country can compromise its territorial integrity. That is not possible,” he stressed. He said Pakistan should dis-

mantle the terror infrastructure on its territory. “Terrorist activities must be curbed. And state-sponsored terrorism can never be accepted. Therefore, repeatedly we are saying, please dismantle the terrorist outfits which are located in your area,” he said. He also rebuffed Pakistan maintaining that it is not state-sponsored terrorism, saying the non-state actors don’t come from heaven. “Non-state actors are not coming from heaven... Non-state actors are coming from territory under your control,” he said adding that in 2004 itself “Pakistan has agreed that its territories will not be allowed to be used by forces inimical to India”. Pranab, who is on a four-day state visit to Belgium, said India has no territorial ambitions. After the 1971 war, India entered into the Shimla Agreement with Pakistan according to which India ceded all the occupied territories captured by the Indian

Army and returned 91,000 prisoners of war. “This was just to show the goodwill that in our basic foreign policy we do not have any territorial ambition, we do not have any ambition to export our ideology to any country or we do not have any commercial interests,” the president said. Ready for cooperation He also said that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his speech at the UN General Assembly has pointed out that “India is ready to cooperate with Pakistan for restoration of peace, normalcy, and solve all outstanding issues, including the problem of Jammu and Kashmir, through bilateral discussions.” Manmohan Singh and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif met on the sidelines of the UNGA on September 29 in New York for talks that had got stalled in the wake of increasing ceasefire violations on the Line of Control. - IANS


Train fares to go up by 2% NEW DELHI: Train passengers will have to pay two per cent more from midnight October 6 -7 to adjust for the increase in fuel costs, a statement said yesterday. This is the second fare hike after the railways increased passenger fares in January after 10 years. Railway sources said fares in all classes in all mail and express trains would be two per cent more than existing fares from October

6-7 midnight. According to the statement, there will be no increase in either second class ordinary (suburban) or second class monthly ticket fares. However, fares for second class ordinary (non-suburban) would go up by a maximum of Rs5 in select distance slabs, while there would be no change in existing fares in the other distance slabs. The railways also decided to

hike freight rates. According to the statement, “the railways has now decided to revise passenger fare and freight tariffs linking it with Fuel Adjustment Component (FAC)”. The railways would earn around Rs4.5 billion in the remaining six months of the financial year due to fare hike and Rs7.0 billion due to freight rate hike, said the statement. - IANS


Army battles militants near LoC SRINAGAR: The Indian Army is still trying to hunt down 35-40 armed guerrillas in a remote part of Indian administered Kashmir, military officials said yesterday. The army operation in Keran sector in the northern district of Kupwara along the Line of Control (LoC), continued for the 11th day. The army has cordoned off the mountainous, thickly forested area in a bid to prevent the militants, who are said to have sneaked in from Pakistan, from escaping. Defence ministry sources said that two brigades of the army have been tasked to tackle the group. “We are moving into the area with caution because the militants could have planted booby traps in the area,” a military source said.

The army says 15 guerrillas have been killed since being detected 11 days ago but their bodies have not been recovered. Priority “Our priority is to ensure that the those militants still inside the area are not allowed to escape,” the source said. Another official said firing by soldiers had not been responded to by the militants for many hours. Lt.Gen. Gurmit Singh, General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the Srinagar-based 15th Corps, has denied speculation that the militants had taken over an army post. The corps commander said it was too early to suggest that the Pakistan Army was directly in-

volved in Keran infiltration bid. The operation was raised in the state assembly by Harsh Dev Singh of the Panthers Party, who demanded a statement from the government. In New Delhi, Air Chief Marshal N.A.K. Browne said the operation in Keran sector was localised and the army was capable of dealing with the situation. He added that efforts were on to push militants into Jammu and Kashmir before the onset of winter when the mountain passes get closed. He denied that the situation in Keran was comparable to Kargil, where Pakistani troops and militants seized key heights in 1999 triggering heavy fighting between Indian and Pakistan troops. - IANS


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Advani credits Pranab for withdrawal of ordinance NEW DELHI: BJP leader L. K. Advani yesterday credited President Pranab Mukherjee for the withdrawal of the ordinance on convicted lawmakers and slammed Rahul Gandhi for “rubbing off the authority” of the prime minister and the ruling UPA with his strong words. “The victory that has come to the country by withdrawal of this illegal and immoral ordinance has thus been thanks only to the Rashtrapati, who has proved that UPA would err seriously if it assumed that like most other Congressmen who had earlier occupied the high office of president, he too would remain a rubber stamp President,” Advani said.

Election schedule for five states announced Counting for all the five states namely

Trial against Sajjan in 1984 anti-Sikh riots case to go on

Delhi, Rajasthan,

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court yesterday made it clear that the trial proceedings against Congress leader Sajjan Kumar and others in the killing of six persons during the 1984 anti-Sikh riots will go on during pendency of their plea before it on quashing of charges against them. “We are not staying the trial proceedings,” a bench headed by Justice A K Patnaik said.

Mizoram and

Teenagers drown in Periyar


ALUVA: Two teenagers drowned in the Periyar near Thottumugham here on Thursday. The deceased were identified as Nazim, 18, and Suhail. They had gone for swimming in the river when caught by strong currents, local people said. - Agencies

Sampath said

Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh will take place on December 8, Chief Election

NEW DELHI: Assembly elections will be held in five states — Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram and Chhattisgarh from November 11, the Election Commission announced yesterday. While Chhattisgarh will have a two-phase polling on November 11 and November 19, the remaining states will have a single-phase poll. Delhi and Mizoram will go to polls on December 4, Madhya Pradesh on November 25 and Rajasthan on December 1. Counting for all the five states will take place on December 8, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) V. S. Sampath told a press conference here. Sampath said there were 110 million voters spread over 630 constituencies in these five states. Voting will take place in 130,000 polling stations, the CEC said, adding the Model Code of Conduct comes into effect immediately. Disqualification Replying to a question on disqualification of convicted MPs, he said the Election Commission will announce vacancies only after they are notified by Rajya Sabha Chairman and Lok Sabha Speaker. The first phase of polls in Chhattisgarh will be held on November 11 for which the notification will be issued on October 18. The last date of filing nominations will be October 25 and the last date of withdrawal will be Oc-

BRIEFING: Chief Election Commissioner V. S. Sampath with Election

Commissioners H.S. Brahma and Nasim Zaidi at a press conference in New Delhi, yesterday, to announce the dates for the assembly polls to the five states. – PTI

There are 110 million voters spread over 630 constituencies in these five states. Voting will take place in 130,000 polling stations, the CEC said, adding the Model Code of Conduct comes into effect immediately

‘None of the Above’ option gets introduced voting machines will have a slot for NOTA. “On the balloting unit, below the name of the last candidate, there will now be a button for NOTA so that electors who do not want to vote for any of the candidates can exercise their option by pressing the button against

NEW DELHI: For the first time, voters in the five states going to polls in NovemberDecember will be able to reject all candidates by pressing “None of the Above” (NOTA) option. Chief Election Commissioner V. S. Sampath said yesterday that the electronic

tober 28. Scrutiny of nominations will take place on October 26. The second phase of elections will take place on November 19 for which the notification will be issued on October 25. While nominations can be filed till November 1, scrutiny will be held on November 2. The last date of withdrawal is November 4. For the November 25 poll in Madhya Pradesh, the notification will be issued on November 1. The last date of filing nominations is November 8. While scrutiny will take place on November 9, nominations can be withdrawn till November 11. In Rajasthan, where the elections will be held on December 1, the notification will be issued on November 5. While November 12

is the last date of filing nominations, they can be withdrawn till November 16. In between, the scrutiny of the nominations will be carried out on November 13. In Delhi and Mizoram, the elections will be held on December 4. The notification for assembly polls in both the states will be issued on November 9. The nominations can be filed till November 16 and scrutiny will take place on November 18. The last date of withdrawing from the electoral race is November 20. BJP’s prospects Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) yesterday said though local issues will dominate these elections, the popularity of Narendra Modi will definitely boost

NOTA,” he told the media. The NOTA option has been included following a Supreme Court ruling Sep 27. “The commission is taking steps to bring this to the knowledge of voters and all other stakeholders,” Sampath said. - IANS

the party’s prospects. Asked if these elections will be a test of BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s acceptability and popularity, BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi said, “Modi is undoubtedly the most popular leader in the country. All surveys indicate this. We will definitely get the advantage of this in the polls.” To a question on whether these elections are a semifinal ahead of the Lok Sabha polls due in 2014, he said, “These are state elections where state issues will be in the forefront. But national issues will also have a bearing on the polls.” Modi is expected to be the star campaigner for the party in the four states where BJP has high stakes. - Agencies


Fresh protests over Telangana HYDERABAD: The Centre’s approval for creation of Telangana set off intensified protests in Seemandhra region of Andhra Pradesh yesterday even as a state minister resigned, bringing to the fore disquiet in the Congress. The 13 districts in coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions of the state, already witnessing protests for over two months, descended into chaos with supporters of united Andhra Pradesh taking to streets against the Centre’s move, blocking highways and railway tracks and forcing closure of shops, business establishments as well as educational institutions. The 48-hour shutdown called by Andhra Pradesh Non-Gazetted Officers’ Association and other pro-united Andhra outfits to protest the Centre’s decision saw sporadic incidents of violence, including attacks on Congress party offices, as normal life was thrown out of gear. YSR Congress leader Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy has given a separate call for a 72-hour shutdown. Amid mounting protests,

VENTING IRE: Supporters of united Andhra Pradesh gather on a

street shouting slogans during a protest against the formation of Telangana state, in Ananthapuram district. –AFP

Andhra Pradesh Law Minister Erasu Pratap Reddy resigned from his post and relinquished primary membership of Congress. Hours before a meeting of ministers, MPs and legislators of Seemandhra region called by Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy to discuss the situation in the aftermath of the Centre’s decision, Erasu called on Governor ESL Narasimhan yesterday and put in his papers.

Erasu was among a dozen ministers who had submitted their resignations to the Chief Minister following July 30 decision of Congress Working Committee giving the go ahead for splitting the state. His resignation had not been accepted. “The Congress’ decision to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh is against democracy. The Congress will be totally wiped out in Seemandhra,” Erasu told reporters. -PTI

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PAKISTAN Kayani tipped to get key job on retirement Nawaz Sharif has a history of bitter relations with the army but is keen to preserve a semblance of continuity at a time when Pakistan is struggling to contain a growing Taleban insurgency

The expected move comes at a time when violence is on the rise in the country, tension boils with India over Kashmir and Prime Minister Sharif seeks to shore up a stable government just

General Ashfaq Kayani

months into his job

ISLAMABAD: One of Pakistan’s most powerful men, General Ashfaq Kayani, is likely to stay head of the military with a new title when he steps down as army chief next month, government and security sources said, taking over some of the duties of his successor. The expected move comes at a time when violence is on the rise in Pakistan, tension boils with India over disputed Kashmir and as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif seeks to shore up a stable government just months into his job. Speculation And for the US, it would mean continuity in Pakistan’s approach ahead of a pullout of most foreign troops in neighbouring Afghani-

stan at the end of 2014. There has been speculation over who will take over as chief of the army when Kayani steps down. Sources and aides close to Kayani said Sharif wanted to make him head of a revamped and more powerful Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (JCSC). One senior intelligence official said Sharif planned to overhaul the JCSC, a largely ceremonial office, into a “central defence body” by restoring its command over the entire military establishment and giving it additional powers. “The new JCSC chief will be in charge of the nuclear arsenal. He’ll decide on action against terrorists,” said the source, adding that new powers included the right to promote, post and transfer key military officers. “Basically, the JCSC office will


Govt withdraws power tariff hike notification ISLAMABAD: Under pressure from the Supreme Court, the government withdrew the notification regarding the latest power tariff increase, Express News reported yesterday. On September 30 the government had announced that the electricity tariff for residential consumers would be increased by Rs5.89 per unit on those people who consume 201-300 units of electricity and by Rs3.67 per unit on those who consume 301700 units of electricity. The Supreme Court on October 1 took notice of the increase in electricity tariff. A threemember bench headed by Chief

Justice Chaudhary had asked the government to submit the new tariff notification to the court. During a hearing on the issue today, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said “the court will hold the government responsible if it fails to provide relief to the general public.” He further added, “The government should make a policy addressing this issue and should not drag the court into it.” The power tariff increase case was adjourned for two weeks. The increase in electricity tariff was one of the requirements of the loan deal the government struck with the IMF. - Express Tribune

be what it was always supposed to be. The overall boss.” Sharif has a history of bitter relations with the army but is keen to preserve a semblance of continuity at a time when Pakistan is struggling to contain a growing Taleban insurgency. But keeping Kayani in a powerful role would entrench the army once again as the real decision maker in Pakistan, with the civilian government playing second fiddle. Military officials did not return repeated calls seeking comment. The government’s spokesman said he also could not comment until an official announcement on Monday when the current JCSC chief is due to step down. Kayani’s post had already been extended for three years in 2010 — to the discontent of some climb-

ing the ranks below him. Sources close to Sharif said he was unlikely to give him another extension, which would allow movement in the top ranks. Option “The JCSC chairmanship is the most likely option for Kayani,” said a close Sharif aide. “He’s an expert on the Pakistani insurgency. He understands the war in Afghanistan.” Under Kayani’s command, the army has launched several offensives against Al Qaeda and Taleban-linked militants in the tribal regions on the Afghan border. In response, militants have extended their attacks to major cities across Pakistan. Pakistan is trying to bury the legacy of military rule and this year, for the first time, a civilian government completed its full term and stood aside for Sharif’s team to be elected. Sharif has a difficult relationship with the army, and picking Kayani’s successor will be a defining moment of his second term. Kayani was once intelligence chief to Pervez Musharraf, the army chief who overthrew Sharif in 1999. Lieutenant General Rashad Mahmood, chief of general staff, has emerged as a possible successor and a Kayani favourite. “Nawaz Sharif wouldn’t want an overly strong army chief and if Kayani plans to stick around in uniform, then he would prefer someone close to him,” a senior retired army officer said. “Rashad is the man.” - Reuters


Pakistan not in arms race: Sharif ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif yesterday reiterated that his country wants peace in the region and is not involved in any arms race. The prime minister made the remarks during his visit to the National Command Centre of the National Command Authority, and a weapons storage site. Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar, Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff Committee Gen. Khalid Shamim Wynne, Director General of Strategic Plans Division Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Khalid Ahmed Kidwai, senior military officers, scientists and engineers were also present during the visit. Demonstration of assets Sharif was given a demonstration of the state-of-the-art connectivity of the country-wide strategic assets which was an exclusive network ensuring effective control over the strategic assets by the Na-

CANDID: Nawaz Sharif

tional Command Authority. The prime minister expressed complete satisfaction over the safe, secure and fool-proof security architecture in place for the physical safety and security of Pakistan’s strategic assets. - Agencies



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Having no budget is bad, but worse is yet to come



s the self-appointed exemplar of all that is best about democracy, Washington is looking rather battered. Thanks to the inexorable animosity between Republicans and Democrats, and to electoral arithmetic that gave one house of Congress to each, the US government has no budget. Essential services will continue – the Army is still on duty, welfare is still being paid – but discretionary spending is suspended. Everything from the Smithsonian to Yosemite National Park is closed, and nearly a million employees are on leave. The economic impact is not exactly negligible. All those unpaid wages and lost fees mount up to a drag of perhaps $300m per day – sufficient to make a discernible dent in GDP over a period of weeks. In the short term, though, the shutdown is bearable enough for an economy the size of the US. But if the immediate effect is no catastrophe, its cause most certainly is. The Republican-dominated House of Representatives refused to pass the budget without amendments gutting Barack Obama’s signal legislative achievement, the Affordable Care Act. But the Democratic Senate then rejected the bastardised bill, several times, in return. Quite right. Not only is the US healthcare system in desperate need of reform, “Obamacare” has already been passed and the President won last year’s election on the strength of it. The result, however, is a stalemate. When Alexis de Tocqueville wrote his seminal Democracy in America in the 1830s, his primary concern was that the fledgling republic would prove too democratic, that it would merely substitute a tyranny of the majority for that of the elite. But the French philosopher’s warning has been turned on its head. What we are seeing now is the tyranny of a minority of Tea Party extremists more appalled at the notion of a bigger government than at either the reality of millions of people unable to afford to be ill or the spectacle of a US President held to ransom. And though their strategy to scupper Obamacare stood no chance of success, the Republican leadership was bullied into pursuing it at risk of charges of betrayal. The question now is, who will blink first? It must be the Republicans. Not only because the Democrats are in the electorally mandated right. Also because the GOP is, contrary to Tea Partiers’ nonsensical expectations, bearing the brunt of the blame. Even so, a solution may take time, as the Republicans struggle to escape the corner into which they have backed themselves. In the meantime, the political system they profess to cherish is discredited and the country they profess to love is damaged. Worse still, the budget debacle is no one-off. Within weeks, Congress must agree to raise the “ceiling” on government borrowing again. If it does not, the impact will not just be closed museums and unpaid public sector staff. Indeed, if the bonds issued by the world’s biggest debtor government are suddenly in question, the effects will be felt everywhere in rising interest rates and a return of the uncertainty that caused such havoc during the credit crunch. Given such alarming global consequences, it can only be hoped that America’s politicians would not take such a risk. - The Independent


At stake is democracy in the United States


The end of subsidies


he announcement of increases in the power tariff by between 40 to 80 per cent for domestic consumers may be a shock to the general public, but for the national money managers, it is just the next step in a painful process. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a hard taskmaster, and for Pakistan to receive its latest bailout funding, strict conditionalities were put in place. The removal of subsidies in the power sector was one such condition and compliance is now moving ahead apace. Nobody and nothing is exempt from the rises in the prices of electricity, petrol and diesel fuels — a consequence of a rise in the latter being an inevitable increase in the cost of basic items as transporters will pass the rise to wholesalers and wholesalers to the retailers and the retailers to the consumer. The rise in the cost of electricity has hit the poorest hardest, with only those who consume 200 units or less a month seeing no adjustment to their tariff. Domestic consumers of 201 to 300 units will see a rise of Rs5.89 a unit to Rs14 a unit; and those using 301 to 700 units a month will have to pay a rise of Rs3.67 taking their per-unit costs to Rs16. Those unlucky enough to use over 700 units will find their per-unit costs rising to Rs18, although this is arguably the wealthier section of the populace better able to absorb the rise. The agriculture sector, which has sustained considerable losses after standing crops were destroyed in the recent floods, is not exempt either. The tubewell tariff is to rise by Rs3.58 per unit to Rs10.35 which is going to hit small farmers very hard indeed. The IMF is not the only factor in the power equation. Power generation is 68 per cent by diesel-run thermal power houses. Most of the fuel to run them has to be imported, the US dollar has risen and the rupee weakened. - The Express Tribune

Could Pumapunku complex have been built by aliens? I have no intention to sound like a sensational science fiction writer but would still like to share with the readers of the Times of Oman something that has always intrigued and mystified me. Pumapunku in Bolivia is understood to be at least 14,000 years old. This mysterious temple complex was, therefore, constructed soon after the Stone Age and offers one of the most unexplained mysteries of our civilisation. The technology and craftsmanship used there still baffles modern humans. The Pumapunku, I feel, was certainly not built by our forefathers (human beings), who were not even properly civilised when it came up. It is still considered as an engineering feat and could not have been achieved by our ancestors who,

then, still were in the wee hours of civilisation and had just learnt to light fire, invented wheels and had barely come out of the phase when they used to eat raw flesh. S. K. Rajan Mumtaz

The evolution of humans took place in Europe also Some recent discoveries, especially the hominid bones found in Georgia, have proved a point about human evolution rather convincingly. I have always been of the opinion that it was just not modern Africa — which has traditionally been upheld as the cradle of human evolution — as the only place where we evolved into Homo Sapiens. Our evolution into modern human beings has by and large been simultaneous

What we’re seeing here is how three structural changes that have been building in American politics have now, together, reached a tipping point — creating a world in which a small minority in Congress can not only hold up their own party but the whole government

his time is different. What is at stake in this government shutdown forced by a radical Tea Party minority is nothing less than the principle upon which our democracy is based: majority rule. President Obama must not give in to this hostage taking — not just because Obamacare is at stake, but because the future of how we govern ourselves is at stake. What we’re seeing here is how three structural changes that have been building in American politics have now, together, reached a tipping point — creating a world in which a small minority in Congress can not only hold up their own party but the whole government. And this is the really scary part: The lawmakers doing this can do so with high confidence that they personally will not be politically punished, and may, in fact, be rewarded. When extremists feel that insulated from playing by the traditional rules of our system, if we do not defend those rules — namely majority rule and the fact that if you don’t like a policy passed by Congress, signed by the president and affirmed by the Supreme Court then you have to go out and win an election to overturn it; you can’t just put a fiscal gun to the country’s head — then our democracy is imperilled. This danger was neatly captured by Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, when he wrote on Tuesday about the 11th-hour debate in Congress to avert the shutdown. Noting a shameful statement by Speaker John Boehner, Milbank wrote: “Democrats howled about ‘extortion’ and ‘hostage taking,’ which Boehner seemed to confirm when he came to the floor and offered: ‘All the Senate has to do is say ‘yes,’ and the government is funded tomorrow.’ It was the legislative equivalent of saying, ‘Give me the money and nobody gets hurt.’” “Give me the money and nobody gets hurt.” How did we get here? First, by taking gerrymandering to a new level. The political analyst Charlie Cook, writing in The National Journal on March 16, noted that the 2010 election gave Republican state legislatures around the country unprecedented power to redraw political boundaries, which they used to create even more “safe, lily-white” Republican strongholds that are, in effect, an “alternative universe” to the country’s diverse reality. “Between 2000 and 2010, the non-Hispanic white share of the population fell from 69 per cent to 64 per cent,” wrote Cook. “But after the post-census redistricting and the 2012 elections, the non-Hispanic white share of the average Republican House district jumped from 73 per cent to 75 per cent, and the average Democratic House district declined from 52 per cent white to 51 per cent white. In other words, while the country continues to

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I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it EDITH SITWELL

grow more racially diverse, the average Republican district continues to get even whiter.” According to Cook, the number of strongly Democratic districts decreased from 144 before redistricting to 136 afterward. The number of strongly Republican districts increased from 175 to 183. “When one party starts out with 47 more very strong districts than the other,” said Cook, “the numbers suggest that the fix is in for any election featuring a fairly neutral environment. Republicans would need to mess up pretty badly to lose their House majority in the near future.” In other words, there is little risk of political punishment for the Tea Party members now holding the country hostage. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court’s inane Citizens United decision allowed a single donor, Sheldon Adelson, to create his own alternative universe. He was able to contribute so much money to support Newt Gingrich’s candidacy that Gingrich was able to stay in the Republican presidential primary race longer than he would have under sane campaign finance rules. As a result, Gingrich was able to pull the GOP’s leading candidate, Mitt Romney, farther to the right longer, making it harder for him to garner centrist votes. Last month, for the first time ever in Colorado, two state senators who voted for universal background checks on gun purchases lost their seats in a recall election engineered by gun extremists and reportedly financed with some $400,000 from the National Rifle Association. You’re elected, you vote your conscience on a narrow issue, but now determined opponents don’t have to wait for the next election. With enough money, they can get rid of you in weeks. Finally, the rise of a separate GOP (and a liberal) media universe — from talk-radio hosts, to Web sites to Fox News — has created another gravity-free zone, where there is no punishment for extreme behaviour, but there’s 1,000 lashes on Twitter if you deviate from the hard-line and great coverage to those who are most extreme. When politicians only operate inside these bubbles, they lose the habit of persuasion and opt only for coercion. After all, they must be right. Rush Limbaugh told them so. These “legal” structural changes in money, media and redistricting are not going away. They are supereme powering small political movements to act in extreme ways without consequences and thereby stymie majority rule. If democracy means anything, it means that, if you are outvoted, you accept the results and prepare for the next election. Republicans are refusing to do that. It shows contempt for the democratic process. President Obama is not defending health care. He’s defending the health of our democracy. Every American who cherishes that should stand with him. - The New York Times News service

in several parts of the world. The stunning discovery of hominid bones and skeletons in Georgia, believed to date back 1.8 million years, has put into some serious doubt the conventional theories about human evolution and how early man colonised the world. It is time, therefore, to take a fresh look into the story of our evolution and rewrite our palaeontological history. The skulls, jawbones and fragments of limb bones of ancient humans found at an archaeological site two hours from the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, now firmly put Eurasia in the map of human evolution outside Africa. The newly found skulls, jawbones and fragments of limb bones suggest that our ancient human ancestors either migrated out of Africa far earlier than previously perceived and spent a long

evolutionary interlude in Eurasia before moving back into Africa to complete the story of man. Smriti Jha Al Khuwair

Arms sale trade booming despite global recession The global recession notwithstanding, the arms trade has been booming. In 2011, the sale of arms was to the tune of $85 billion and this was almost double of what the business was in 2010. The volume of arms trade business in 2012 is still not available but rough estimates put it at at least $130 billion. Between 2008 and 2011, the United States alone sold weapons and other military hardware worth $146 billion. Sumit Chatterjee Qurum

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WORLD Xi on charm offensive, holds talks with Najib After Barack Obama scrapped his own Asia tour, reducing the visibility of the American role in the continent, the Chinese president had the floor to himself CLOSER COOPERATION: China’s President Xi Jinping, left, and

KUALA LUMPUR: Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with Malaysia’s leader yesterday as part of a Southeast Asian charm offensive, with analysts saying he had the floor to himself after Barack Obama scrapped his own Asia tour. Xi’s visits to Indonesia and Malaysia and his scheduled attendance at a regional summit next week have taken on added significance with the US president’s decision to stay put due to the budget impasse in Washington. Some Southeast Asian countries have accused Beijing of increasingly aggressive behaviour in asserting its claims to waters and islands in the South China Sea.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak after the summit in Kuala Lumpur, yesterday. -AFP

But Xi, addressing reporters after meeting Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, said China was committed to closer cooperation with the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean). “China will continue to provide firm support to the central role of Asean in East Asian cooperation and we will be happy to see a greater role played by Malaysia in this region,” Xi said in a joint press appearance with his host. With Beijing and Washington vying for influence in the strategic region, Obama had planned to get

face time with Asian leaders and rub shoulders with Xi at an international summit in Bali next week. Obama had also planned to visit Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines. Instead, US Secretary of State John Kerry will take his place so that Obama can focus on the budget gridlock that triggered the first government shutdown in 17 years. Analysts said the developments deal a potential blow to the Obama administration’s “pivot” policy — the refocusing of its economic and strategic attention on Asia. Simon Tay, chairman of the Sin-

gapore Institute of International Affairs, said Obama’s decision “could signal the start of the unravelling of the US pivot to Asia”. Charles Morrison, president of the Honolulu-based East-West Center, said the episode raised questions over whether the US “can sustain a leadership position”. “Obama’s trip cancellation reduces the visibility of the American role in Asia,” he said. A Brunei foreign ministry official said Friday the move was “disappointing”. “Not just for those in diplomatic circles, but for a small country to host the president of the United States is a source of excitement, particularly someone of Obama’s celebrity,” said the official who spoke on condition of anonymity. First trip Xi is on his first trip to Southeast Asia since he took China’s helm in March. The journey will culminate in his inaugural appearance at the summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation bloc in Indonesia on Monday and Tuesday. Premier Li Keqiang will then represent China at an East Asia summit in Brunei on the following two days. Obama had originally planned to attend both gatherings. Xi now “has the floor to himself”, while the US budget debacle has made the US look “weak”, said Ian Storey of Singapore’s Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. -AFP


Merkel seeks support of centre-left rivals BERLIN: Twelve days after German elections, Chancellor Angela Merkel started exploratory talks yesterday with her defeated centre-left rivals on whether they can jointly govern Europe’s biggest economy. Although Merkel triumphed at the polls, she fell just five seats short of a majority, kicking off a process of coalition haggling and political poker that, the election losers have warned, could drag on into next year. On the eve of the talks, Merkel pledged a “fair discussion” and said: “Europe is looking at us and the world is looking at us... We have a shared responsibility to form a stable government.”

Erdogan hints willingness to run for president’s post ANKARA: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has hinted he would be willing to run for president in next year’s elections, a move analysts have been expecting of the conservative premier who is approaching his term limit. “For the moment, nothing is certain,” Erdogan said in a television interview late on Thursday, when asked whether he would run in the August 2014 poll, the first in which the head of state will be elected by voters instead of parliament. “I will perform whatever function my party sets out for me,” he said.

Daring heist committed in Paris luxury watch store ET CONGUE: About 15 men, some of them wielding axes and sledgehammers, yesterday burst into a luxury watch store in the heart of Paris in broad daylight and made off with a haul worth hundreds of thousands of euros. Shortly before lunch, two well-dressed men entered the Vacheron Constantin store near the posh Place Vendome, where several top-end jewellers are located, and let in a third man who was armed. Six others, wearing hoods and armed with sledgehammers and axes, then followed inside, police said. They smashed the shop windows and left with 20 watches with hefty price tags. -Agencies


Indonesian hardliners elated over Obama trip cancellation

RAISING THEIR OPPOSITION: Dozens of Hisbut Tahrir Indonesia

members display placards reading ‘reject Obama’ during a rally in West Java, yesterday. -AFP

JAKARTA: While observers bemoaned US President Barack Obama’s decision to cancel his visit to Asia, at least one group was happy — hardliners protesting against him in the Indonesian capital yesterday. The president’s change of plans “is a victory for the Muslim community and it was surely with the help of God that Obama cancelled his trip,” said Khoirul Amri, one of more than 500 radicals demonstrating outside the US embassy in Jakarta. Obama had been due to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Coop-

eration (APEC) summit on the Indonesian resort island of Bali next week, but cancelled his trip late on Thursday due to the US government shutdown. Budget impasse A White House statement also announced that he would miss the East Asia summit in Brunei afterwards, a decision that came after he had also cancelled plans to visit Malaysia and the Philippines due to the budget impasse. Analysts have warned the decision could dent the US “pivot” to Asia — Obama’s effort to redirect

US military and diplomatic muscle towards the fast-rising region. But the radicals from group Hizbut Tahrir welcomed the move at their anti-Obama protest, which was planned before the president changed his schedule. They learned of Obama’s decision beforehand, but decided to press ahead with their protest to show opposition to the president and his policies, and APEC itself. Indonesian resources “His capitalist government will continue to steal Indonesian natural resources through their invest-

ment projects,” the group’s spokesman Ismail Yusanto said after the protest. “APEC is an American tool to strengthen its economic colonisation of Indonesia,” one protestor shouted to the crowd, who brandished banners that read: “Reject Obama, the destroyer of nations”. “APEC will pave the way for the American government to steal our rich natural resources.” The APEC leaders’ summit begins on Monday, with US efforts to shape far-reaching new trade rules for the Asia-Pacific region set to dominate. -AFP


S AT U R DAY, O CTO B E R 5, 2 0 1 3

WORLD Mount Fuji toxicity: Japan blames China Mercury levels around the top of peak were up to double levels found in other places free of heavy pollution, according to the survey, conducted in August with nonprofit group Valid Utilization of Mt. Fuji Weather Station.

Mercury levels around the top of Mount Fuji were up to double the levels found in other places free of heavy pollution, according to the survey

TOKYO: A Japanese study is claiming that toxic air pollution from China is to blame for high mercury levels atop the country’s beloved Mount Fuji. The research will likely do little to help simmering hostilities between the Asian giants, a relationship marred by historical animosities and territorial disputes. “Whenever readings were high, winds were blowing from the continent (China),” Osamu Nagafuchi, the lead scientist on the study, said on Thursday. Fuji was chosen “because it’s a place unaffected by urban pollu-

RISING POLLUTION: The higher-than-expected readings are

likely due to Chinese factories burning coal, which releases mercury and other toxic elements.

tion”, said Nagafuchi, an environmental science professor at the University of Shiga Prefecture. Pollution levels on Mt. Fuji have been monitored annually since 2007, he said, adding the decision to carry out the study on the 3,776-metre (12,389-feet) peak had nothing to do with it being

designated a Unesco World Heritage site earlier this year. Surge in visitors The Unesco designation led to a surge in visitors to the iconic peak — which figures heavily in Japanese art and literature — during this summer’s climbing season.

High levels The levels were as high as 2.8 nanogrammes of mercury in one cubic metre of air. That is above levels around 1.0 to 1.5 nanogrammes normally detected in clean places, but still below the 40 nanogramme government threshold for posing risks to human health. A nanogramme is one billionth of a gramme. The higher-than-expected readings are likely due to Chinese factories burning coal, which releases mercury and other toxic elements -- such as arsenic -- which were also elevated, Nagafuchi said. The study comes as fast-industrialising China wrestles with a severe urban air pollution problem linked to hundreds of thousands of premature deaths. Last month, China vowed to reduce levels of atmospheric pollutants in Beijing and other major cities by as much as 25 percent to try to improve their dire air quality. -AFP


Memorial closure in Normandy irks American visitors SAINT-LAURENT-SUR-MER: American tourists visiting a D-Day cemetery in Normandy, northern France, expressed anger upon discovering that the white-cross memorial they had travelled thousands of miles to see was closed due to a US government shutdown. Thousands of Americans flock to Normandy each year to see the beaches and sharp cliff-faces where Allied soldiers made their first entry into Nazi-occupied France during a massive invasion on June 6, 1944, known as D-Day. A year from the invasion’s 70th anniversary, many came especially to visit the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, known for its pristine rows of white crosses, only to discover that its gates were chained shut. “Due to the US Government shut-down this site is closed to the public,” read a sign on the gate. Dozens of roses had been strewn underneath by visitors. A political standoff in Washington between Republicans and Democrats over the US budget has shut down non-essential government services, including the American Battle Monuments Commission (AMBC) that man-

ages dozens of cemeteries for US servicemen in foreign countries. The AMBC’s website said its cemeteries and memorials commemorating some 125,000 American war dead abroad were closed temporarily due to a funding gap linked to the shutdown. Visitors from the United States, some of whom said they had been planning their trips for months, blamed the political opportunism of congressmen for a gridlock that had deprived them access to the cemetery where ancestors were buried. Danny and Elizabeth Ferguson, a couple from North Carolina, said they were shocked to find the cemetery closed. “We were very very sad, after travelling so far and making such plans, to find that the government has elected to shut this place down,” said Danny, a lawyer. “We think it’s all political, and we think it’s terrible.” While 12 nations participated in the D-Day invasion, the United States, Britain and Canada provided the bulk of troops. Some visitors said their grandfathers had fought in Normandy or been killed. -Reuters



Dhofar blank Al Arouba MUSCAT: Dhofar routed Al Arouba while Al Ittihad and Majees playd out a draw in the Omantel Professional League yesterday. In the second of the double header at the Al Saada Sports Complex, Dhofar pumped in four unanswered goals against Al Arouba to leapfrog Al Musannah and Seeb to top of the ladder. All three have nine points but Dhofar head the table on better goal average. Earlier, Al Ittihad and Majees shared the spoils in a 2-2 draw to win their first points of the inaugural professional league. Today, Fanja take on Al Nasr, Sur play Saham and Suwaiq meet Al Nahda.

Royals humble Super Kings The Royals, thanks to a valuble 70 off 56 balls by Ajinkya Rahane, scored 159 for 8 in 20 overs and then Pravin Tambe calimed three for 10 as they restircted the Super Kings 145 for 8

JAIPUR: Rajasthan Royals overcame a late assult by Ravichandran Ashwin and Chris Morris to record an emphatic 14-run victory over Chennai Super Kings en route to final of the Champions League Twenty20 here yesterday. The Royals, thanks to a valuble 70 off 56 balls by Ajinkya Rahane, scored 159 for 8 in 20 overs and then Pravin Tambe calimed three for 10 as they restircted the Super Kings 145 for 8. Earlier, Rahane cracked a resolute half-century to anchor Royals to a competitive 159. Rahane blasted six fours and two sixes in his 56-ball 70-run innings and shared a 59-run partnership in 39 balls with Shane Watson (32) for the fourth wicket to lay the foundation for Rajasthan’s innings. The Mumbaikar anchored the Royals innings but the hosts could not get their partnership going and lost three wickets in the last over to settle within 160-mark. Put into bat, Rajasthan lost their captain Rahul Dravid early once again when he was dismissed by Chris Morris in the third over. In the next over, Kevon Cooper too was sent back to the hut when Mohit Sharma had the batsman caught by S Badrinath at extra cover to reduce the Royals to 29 for 2. Opener Ajinkya Rahane took the

STUNNING SHOW: Rajasthan Royals bowler Pravin Tambe, second left, celebrate with team-mates after taking wicket of Chennai Super

Kings’ Suresh Raina during their CLT20 semifinal in Jaipur yesterday. Right, Ajinkya Rahane celebrates after completing his half ton. – PTI

onus on himself and along with Sanju Samson (11) kept the scoreboard ticking. The duo took the hosts across the 50-mark. However, Rahane lost this third partner in the ninth over when Jason Holder induced a top edge from Samson, which went high into the air before handing safely in the hands of R Ashwin at midwicket. Australian allrounder

Shane Watson (32) then joined Rahane and the duo recovered the Rajasthan innings with the former taking the hosts across the 100mark with a four across the midwicket fence off Bravo. In the 14th over, Rahane brought up his third fifty in the tournament with a boundary across the shortfine leg area. After two boundaries in the 15th

over, Watson was back into the pavillion when Holder held on to a high catch which flew off a thick edge from the Australian. Brad Hodge (11) gave company to Rahane for sometime before being dismissed by Holder, who cleaned him up with a yorker in the 19th over. Rahane too was dismissed in the next over when he tried to a play a

Bravo delivery across the leg side. Dishant Yagnik (0) and Stuart Binny (5) too were dismissed in the same over. Brief scores: Rajasthan Royals 159 for 8 in 20 overs (A Rahane 70, S Watson 32; D Bravo 3/26) beat Chennai Super Kings 145 for 8 in 20 overs (R Ashwin 46, S Raina 29, C Morris 26; P Tambe 3/10).


Hamilton fastest, Raikkonen crashes at Korean GP YEONGAM: Lewis Hamilton kept championship leader Sebastian Vettel off the top of the timesheets in both practice sessions for the Korean Formula One Grand Prix yesterday while Kimi Raikkonen slammed his Lotus into a tyre wall in the morning. The Mercedes driver lapped the anti-clockwise Yeongam circuit, set against a backdrop of coastal marshes and South Korean shipyard cranes, with a best time of

one minute and 39.630 seconds in the morning and 1:38.673 after lunch. Red Bull’s Vettel, chasing his fourth win in a row since the end of August and third in succession in Korea, was second quickest in both sessions run in bright sunshine and under cloudless skies. “I feel like I have a bit of a better foundation this weekend. I can’t remember the last time I had a really strong Friday,” said Hamilton.

“We haven’t changed anything but the day just went smoothly and all the processes with the team worked well.” Vettel was a mere 0.037 slower in the first, after firing in his best lap in the closing seconds, and 0.108 adrift in the second. “I think it will be very close this weekend with Mercedes,” said the German, who has a 60 point lead over Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso with six races to go and could

clinch his fourth successive title this month. Alonso was sixth and seventh in the sessions. Raikkonen, who struggled with a bad back at Singapore Grand Prix two weeks ago, skidded hard into the tyre wall at the final corner in the closing seconds of the morning session but clambered out of the car without any apparent difficulty. The 2007 world champion

clocked the eighth best times in both sessions. Red Bull’s Mark Webber, who will have a 10-place grid penalty tomorrow after collecting his third reprimand of the season for a Singapore post-race ‘taxi ride’ on Alonso’s Ferrari, was third and fourth respectively. Hamilton’s teammate Nico Rosberg reinforced the idea that the battle lines were drawn between Mercedes and Red Bull with the fourth and third best times. — Reuters


S AT U R DAY, O CTO B E R 5, 2 0 1 3

SPORTS AFC wants OPL to improve further According to AFC official Kim Taehyung, OPL has improved rapidly in several areas

Representatives of the clubs are passionate about the game, but many are ignorant about marketing the game

compared to many other countries. But there is still room for further improvements


MUSCAT: The Special Mission Team (SMT) from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has proposed several recommendations to the Omantel Professional League (OPL) Committee, following their 10-day inspection of 14 pro football clubs. Speaking to reporters at the Grand Hyatt Hotel after concluding their visits to the clubs, the five-member delegation, led by SMT leader Kim Taehyung, said though OPL has improved in certain areas, there is still room for additional improvements.

“Oman has done a fairly good job, as far as OPL is concerned,” Kim admitted. “They have rapidly improved in many areas, compared to many other countries.” However, among the key findings of the delegation, Kim said the OPL need to immediately address concerns about the status of players. “Most of the local players playing with these clubs are employed, so there are some issues when it comes to regular match practice and all of that. We have been informed that the OPL and OFA are already in talks with various government organisations to sort out

Kim Taehyung AFC’s SMT leader

this matter,” he said. When asked if OPL has made progress, Kim said the tournament is still in its nascent stage. “You have to understand that the OPL is just a three-month old

baby, and they are still in a premature stage, so it will be very early to say whether they have made any progress. They are doing well, but there is still room for improvement,” he said.


Kim added that the clubs need to change their thinking in how they promote the game. “What we understand is that the representatives of these clubs are passionate about the game,

but many are ignorant about marketing the game. When it comes to social media, they have done an excellent job in promoting the game. They have done better than other countries, but there are many areas to improve and that can be done through various workshops,” he said. Concluding their 10-day inspection, Kim and his team also visited the country’s six stadiums that were chosen to host the OPL games. “Some of the stadiums are really good, while some need to improve. A few of the stadiums lack proper media facilities. But I am sure, in the coming months, they will improve,” he added. Meanwhile, Oman Football Association Chairman Sayyid Khalid Al Busaidi noted that the suggestions recommended by SMT will be adopted. “We will be conducting various workshops in the coming days to address these issues. I am sure most of these suggestions can be implemented. This is just a start, and we have a long way to go from here, and I am sure over the years we can improve,” he said.


The Wave make dream start in Nice ‘No decision on Qatar MUSCAT: Needing early points in the bag for a shot at defending their Extreme Sailing Series title, Leigh McMillan’s The Wave, Muscat made a dream start to Act 7 in Nice, rolling out four straight wins in eight races for a ten point lead, according to information received from Oman Sail yesterday. The 2013 series has come down to a burning head to head between The Wave, Muscat and their Swiss rivals Alinghi, skippered by Morgan Larson, and the early segments showed no let up in the intensity of their rivalry. But it was McMillan and his familiar crew of Europeans and Omanis who had the better of the breezy conditions, taking full advantage of their quicker starts and steady progress around the track with a show of consistency that is becoming their trademark. “It was a fantastic start,” said McMillan. “All the training we did to iron out mistakes in those full on conditions paid off, but now we need to keep plugging away.

QUICK OFF BLOCKS: The Wave bettered the conditions. – Supplied photo

“We have been in this position before and it’s pretty rare that we don’t have a bad day so we have to keep pushing and deal with the bad races when they come. There is a long way to go yet.” When racing started, The Wave, Muscat led Alinghi in the cham-


pionship by a single point so as the 2013 series nears its conclusion with one more Act to go, each race and result counts becomes more significant. By the end of the first day’s racing in Nice, the Omani team had established a handsome

ten point lead over their rivals but with another 25 races or so to go, they expect Alinghi to hit their straps. “Alinghi were a bit slower out of the blocks in the breeze today but they were coming good towards the end,” said McMillan. “We haven’t raced in that sort of breeze all season – it was a bit of a shock to the system – and it took them a couple of races to get going but we know it will be different tomorrow.” The conditions and the result left the team with smiles on their faces but with a similar breeze forecast, they have to be careful to keep errors at bay according to Oman’s Musab Al Hadi. “There was a strong breeze and a big swell out there but we really enjoyed those conditions. It makes it hard because everything happens so quickly so if you do something right, you make big gains but if you do it wrong, the losses are greater. Fortunately we did most things right today.”

WC till next year’ ZURICH: Fifa has launched a consultation process to decide whether to move the 2022 World Cup in Qatar away from the traditional June-July slot and will not make a decision until mid-2014 at the earliest, president Sepp Blatter said yesterday. Blatter added that Fifa “would not turn a blind eye” to allegations of labour abuses in Qatar following reports that dozens of Nepali workers had died on building sites in the country over the summer. Qatar was awarded the right to host the competition in December 2010 in a decision based on its plans to stage the event in JuneJuly using air-conditioned stadiums to combat the fierce heat. Despite Qatar’s assurances that the plan is viable, there has been widespread concern over the health of the players and visiting fans in the searing con-



Roddick reveals feud Nadal, Djokovic reach semis with ‘Schmokovic’ NEW YORK: Retired American tennis player Andy Roddick has lifted the lid on his feud with world No. 1 Novak Djokovic, revealing the two players almost came to blows in a locker room bust-up. Roddick said he pinned Djokovic up against a locker in the US Open locker room after Djokovic “beat the pants off him” in a match between the two at the final major championship of the ATP tennis season. Roddick, 31, did not say what year the incident happened but the two had a very public row during the 2008 US Open in New York. “I won’t say his name, I’ll just say it rhymes with ‘Schmovak Schmokovic’,” Roddick said during a discussion on sports network Fox. “We got into it at the

US Open one time. I was kind of talking trash and he came out and beat the pants off of me as he would. “But then he kind of chirped afterward and he came straight in, I went right up to him and had him up against the locker, but then I realised his trainer was about a little bit bigger.” Roddick, who retired in September after the US Open, said he stopped when he realized the confrontation might escalate. “I kind of checked myself. My trainer is about five-foot-eight, 130 ... I kind of backed off real quick. I was about to get railroaded from the side.” Roddick is a former world No. 1-ranked tennis player whose only major championship came at the 2003 US Open. - AFP

BEIJING: World No. 2 Rafael Nadal said yesterday he felt no extra pressure heading into a semifinal at the China Open which could see him return to the top of the men’s rankings. The number two seed in Beijing staged an extraordinary comeback against Fabio Fognini in his quarterfinal match 2-6, 6-4, 6-1 to keep alive his hopes of unseating Novak Djokovic at the top spot. Djokovic, meanwhile, powered through to a 6-1, 6-3 win against American Sam Querrey to set up a clash with France’s Richard Gasquet, who sent third seed Spaniard David Ferrer crashing out 6-3, 6-4. Nadal will now have to beat Czech fourth seed Tomas Berdych to return to the top for the first time since July 2011. “It’s something that doesn’t create me more pressure,” Nadal said. “It’s something that already happened in the past. If that hap-

ditions of the desert summer. Blatter said there was no question of staging the tournament elsewhere. “The 2022 World Cup will be played in Qatar. There you are,” he said in opening a news conference. “The decision of the executive committee taken in December 2010 is still there and there is no reason to call into question this decision, even though we only had 22 members who voted.” Blatter said all stakeholders would be involved in the consultation. “The stakeholders include the players, the clubs, the leagues, the national federations, the confederations and Fifa, but it doesn’t only include sports. There are other partners, economic ones, be they from marketing, the media or television. We also need to bear in mind our obligations towards these partners.” — Reuters

pens again, it will be good, it will be special for me, but we’ll see. “I am going to have a very tough opponent in front. In the end, it’s another match. True, it’s a little bit more special for that circumstances, but nothing else.” Current China Open champion Djokovic has spent 101 weeks at No 1, but can only remain top of the rankings if he reclaims his title and if Nadal fails to reach the final. Berdych earned his place in the semifinals with a convincing 7-5, 6-2 victory over American John Isner yesterday.

Serena powers on Meanwhile, Serena Williams powered through her match with Caroline Wozniacki 6-1, 6-4. In her semifinal game, the top seed will face Poland’s Agnieszka Radwanska. The fourth seed defeated German Angelique Kerber 7-6, 6-4 in their match. It was heartbreak for Chinese star Li Na, who was dumped out in her quarterfinal match 4-6, 6-2, 6-4 by Petra Kvitova. Kvitova will now face Jelena Jankovic, who beat Czech Lucie Safarova 6-7(7/3), 6-4, 6-4. - AFP

Almagro ousts Nishikori TOKYO: Spaniard Nicolas Almagro hailed ‘sushi power’ as he overcame home favourite and defending champion Kei Nishikori in three tight sets in the Japan Open quarterfinals yesterday. Almagro produced some stunning ground strokes to claim a 7-6 (2), 5-7, 6-3 victory at the Ariake Colosseum and set up a semifinal clash with Argentine top seed Juan Martin del Potro. Del Potro needed three sets to overcome awkward Ukrainian Alexandr Dolgopolov 4-6, 6-4, 6-2 on the Tokyo hard-courts. In the other half of the draw Canadian Milos Raonic beat Slovakia’s Lukas Lacko 6-3, 6-3 as he tries to follow up his title run at last week’s Thailand Open. He will face Ivan Dodig in the last four after the unseeded Croat downed Jarkko Nieminen of Finland 6-2, 7-6 (3). - Reuters


Oman under-15 team bag silver at Arab amateur tourney MUSCAT: The Sultanate’s under-15 team bagged silver in the nett category at the 14th Arab Amateur Golf Championships organised in Port el Kantaoui in Tunisia from September 26 to 28. According to a press release issued by the Oman Golf Committee the team comprising Rashad Al Harthy, Hamood Al Harthy and Fahad Al Kitani performed commendably in the competition which was won by the Tunisians. Competing against some tough opponents from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Kuwait and Qatar, the talented Omani boys gave their best on all three days to win the silver medal. Hamood carded 89, 86, 87 on

three days for a total of 262 while Rashad scored 97, 89, 95 (total 281) and Fahad 98, 103, 92 (total 293). In the under-18 competition, Ahmed Al Balushi finished 18th overall. The team was accompanied by national team coach and Almouj PGA pro Marcus Casey and OGC Vice-Chairman Ahmed Al Jahdhamy. Speaking about the under-15 team’s achievement, Casey commented: “The team did well. I am proud of this team. We have just started their full time training programme and it will be a while before we start to see some good results. “Every event that we go to I

learn a little bit more about each player and about how to prepare them better for the next event. “The boys are still young and inexperienced. I am proud of each of them as they never gave up or got upset. They all tried the best right until the end.” Speaking about the improvements needed from the team, he said: “Some areas for development would be the player’s short game and their experience at competing at this level. “Tunisia was a learning experience and gives me motivation to push the team harder so we can achieve better results.” Meanwhile, OGC Chairman Mundhir Al Barwani was

elected as a member of the Arab Golf Federation Media and Marketing committee. Reacting to Omani boys silverwinning performance, Al Barwani said: “During the training and preparation before the championship our junior team has shown improvements and that has mirrored in the good results in Kantaoui. “With the continuous support from the Ministry of Sports Affairs and the patron of golf Dr Mohammed bin Hamad Al Rumhy the sport will develop in a positive way and put Oman on the golfing map internationally, for which the Oman Golf Committee is very grateful.”

COMMENDABLE SHOW: Oman under-15 team, left, stand on the

podium after winning silver medal in Tunisia. – Supplied photo





Samsung Electronics is on track to post its second consecutive year of record earnings as a rebound in its semiconductor business shields the South Korean tech giant from a slower smartphone market. >B3


$55M NECKLACE -- WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE JEWELLERY ON SALE IN SINGAPORE Jean Nasr, managing director of Mouawad Boutique, with a rose gold necklace with a 407-carat yellow diamond at a media event in Singapore, yesterday. For someone with $55 million to spare on an egg-sized diamond, the world’s most expensive necklace is on sale this month at a jewellery show in Singapore, reflecting Asia’s growing appetite for precious gems and expensive baubles. The centrepiece diamond was found by chance in a pile of mining rubble by a young girl in the Congo about 30 years ago. — Reuters

LNG poised to climb to a record high SINGAPORE: Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is poised to climb to a record as the world’s biggest buyers import unprecedented amounts amid forecasts for a colder-thannormal winter in North Asia. Cargoes for the earliest delivery may rise as high as $20 per million British thermal units (Btu) in coming months, according to nine of 13 market participants through October 3. Prices reached a record $19.40 last winter, according to World Gas Intelligence data. Temperatures in Japan, the world’s biggest LNG consumer, may drop below normal in December through February, while South Korea, the second-largest buyer, is also forecast to have a colder-thanaverage season. LNG prices are rising just as Asian utilities including Tokyo Electric Power Company rely on suppliers including Qatar and Australia to help replace lost nuclear power, imperiling Japan’s attempts to cut a record trade deficit spurred by last year’s fuel imports. Asian consumers are also facing increased competition for cargoes from Latin America, where Brazil is seeking more gas for power stations. “With a cold winter, there could be a lack of liquidity and supply in the market for that winter peak,” said Steve Hoyle, the senior vice -president for liquefied natural gas marketing at Anadarko Petroleum, the second-largest United States independent oil and gas producer by market value. “Supply over the next two years is very tight, and incumbent producers will do quite well.” LNG prices are forecast to rise next week for cargoes delivered to North Asia in December, according to traders. - Bloomberg News

Indian cabinet okays Jet-Etihad FDI deal The Gulf carrier won the approval which will result in foreign direct investment of $332m. Abu Dhabibased airline had agreed in April to purchase a 24% stake in Jet Airways FOREIGN INVESTMENT IN INDIAN AVIATION SECTOR NEW DELHI: Etihad Airways won Indian government backing to invest in Jet Airways (India), paving the way for the first share sale by a carrier in the Asian country to a foreign airline since restrictions were eased. The approval will result in foreign direct investment (FDI) of Rs20.6 billion ($332 million), the government said in a statement after a cabinet decision in New Delhi on Thursday. India modified airline ownership rules last year. Abu Dhabi-based Etihad agreed in April to buy a 24 per cent stake in India’s biggest publicly traded carrier as it seeks access to a market where passengers are forecast to triple to 452 million by 2020. Rising travel has prompted both Singapore Airlines and AirAsia to tie up with Mumbai-based Tata Group this year to set up ventures in the South Asian nation. “If this goes through it could pave the way for similar deals involving other Indian carriers,” said Donal O’Neill, an analyst at Goodbody Stockbrokers in Dublin. A more favourable regulatory environment could even see network operators such as British Airways parent International Consolidated


Etihad Airways seeks access to Indian market where passengers are forecast to triple to 452 million by 2020

Airlines “dip its toes in Indian waters,” he said. Jet shares surge Shares of Jet Airways rose as much as 7.2 per cent and were trading 5.9 per cent higher at Rs409 in Mumbai. The stock has declined 27 per cent this year, compared to a 2.8 per cent gain for the benchmark S&P BSE Sensex Index. Etihad, which isn’t traded, will purchase 27.26 million Jet shares. The Gulf carrier said in April the deal will lift its commitment to Jet to $600 million, including three pairs of takeoff and landing slots at London Heathrow airport bought for $70 million in February and the $150 million acquisition of a majority stake in the Jet Privilege frequent-flier programme. “Jet Airways would be one of the most important investments for Etihad,” said John Strickland, director of JLS Consulting in Lon-

.„ Rising travel has prompted Singapore Airlines and AirAsia to tie up with Mumbaibased Tata Group

don. “There is a lot of natural traffic flow from the Indian market.” Etihad may also look at its stake in Jet as a way to overcome Indian hurdles on additional traffic rights to the country, Strickland said. Indian government efforts to protect domestic carriers by limiting the routes foreign operators can serve have been an impediment to fast-growing Gulf airlines. Fleet expansion The agreement will help Jet raise funds to pay for fleet expansion and pare debt after six years of losses caused by a price war and high fuel costs. India’s Foreign Investment Promotion Board approved the deal in July. “Jet Airways needs to lower its cost base to become more competitive with the growing number of low-cost carriers in the Indian market,” O’Neill said. “Etihad Airways could help it to do


The agreement will help Jet Airways raise funds to pay for fleet expansion and pare debt after six years of losses

this by refocusing its domestic and short haul operations, while helping to feed Etihad’s network, and getting synergies on any potential aircraft deal, which Jet needs given its fleet age.” An Etihad spokesman declined to comment. Ragini Chopra, a spokeswoman for Jet, also declined to comment yesterday. Etihad also has holdings in Air Berlin, Virgin Australia, Aer Lingus, Serbia’s Jat Airways and Air Seychelles. The state-owned airline has invested in smaller operators to help feed long-haul flights and turn its home base into a hub for intercontinental travel. - Bloomberg News

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Apec leaders to hash out currency manipulation BALI (Indonesia): Asia-Pacific leaders will seek momentum on talks for a sweeping 12-nation trade pact when they meet in Bali in coming days, trying to overcome concessions sought by countries that threaten to further delay completion. United President Barack Obama cancelled plans to attend the Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit due to the US. government’s partial shutdown, with Secretary of State John Kerry instead leading the United States delegation, White House spokesman Jay Carney said. The list of demands from parties to the talks, amid pressure to protect key industries, means the United States will be hard pressed to show progress. Japan’s defence of its farming industry, Malaysia’s proposal to keep tobacco control measures out of the deal, and the impact of currency manipulation on markets are among issues impeding progress on an accord the United States calls the cornerstone of its economic policy in the region. At stake for member economies amid an uneven global recovery is the prospect of faster growth as their goods and services find new and bigger markets. “Each country has its own different views and there will be a way forward, even if it’s a struggle,” said Hiroshi Imazu, a Japanese ruling party lawmaker who represents an agriculture- heavy constituency on the main northern island of Hokkaido. “If our views are not accepted, we can withdraw,” Imazu said. Trade officials from the nations participating in the Trans-Pacific Partnership met in Bali yesterday before the leaders’ summit. There have been 19 rounds of talks, and they will submit a status report to leaders, who have asked country teams to complete

Each country has its own different views and there will be a way forward, even if it’s a struggle. If our views are not accepted, we can withdraw Hiroshi Imazu Lawmaker, Japan negotiations this year, the United States Trade Representative’s Office said in September. “We have been told by the US negotiating team that they are planning to hold the TPP leaders’ meeting as scheduled,” Japan’s deputy chief cabinet secretary Hiroshige Seko told reporters at the prime minister’s residence yesterday. Asia pivot Obama’s absence may add to growing anxiety in Asia that the US is too preoccupied with internal political challenges to pursue its so-called ‘Asia pivot’, the president’s second-term foreign-policy priority designed to enhance US standing in a region that’s adjusting to China’s economic and military emergence. As part of that push, the Unaited States will base 69 per cent of its naval fleet in the Pacific by 2020, up from about 50 per cent. The free-trade zone would link an area with about $26 trillion in annual economic output. - Bloomberg News


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KENYA TOURISM Tourism is the biggest foreign-currency earner in East Africa’s largest economy after tea exports, with visitors flocking to Kenya’s wildlife reserves, such as the Masaai Mara park where millions of wildebeest can be viewed in an annual migration, and Indian Ocean beach resorts at Mombasa, the country’s second-biggest city


he deadliest attack by rebels in 15 years in Kenya is threatening tourism, the nation’s secondbiggest source of foreign income, as the industry battles to rebound from a series of setbacks this year. The four-day raid by rebels linked to Al Qaeda at an upmarket shopping complex in the capital, Nairobi, left at least 67 civilians and security personnel dead. Armed with automatic machine guns, as many as 15 gunmen of the Somali group, Al Shabaab, rushed into the mall on September 21, spraying bullets and lobbing grenades as they moved through the building. “Some of the images that have come out of Kenya are really harrowing and it’s going to affect the perceptions in quite a negative way,” Shilan Shah, an economist at Capital Economics in London, said. “The length of time it went on, the live coverage, the severity of the attack; it’s definitely affecting perceptions.” Tourism is the biggest foreign-currency earner in East Africa’s largest economy after tea exports, with visitors flocking to Kenya’s wildlife reserves, such as the Masaai Mara park where millions of wildebeest can be viewed in an annual migration, and Indian Ocean beach resorts at Mombasa, the country’s second-biggest city. The industry accounts for about 10 per cent of gross domestic product, generating more than $1 billion a year and attracting about 1.8 million holidaymakers, according to the government. Hotel chains Favoured by affluent Kenyans and foreigners working in Nairobi, the Westgate Mall also drew many tourists, hosting a weekly market offering African souvenirs and trendy coffee shops

with Internet access. Victims of the attack, which was the deadliest since Al Qaeda bombed the United States embassy in Nairobi in 1998, included 57 Kenyans and citizens from France, Canada, South Africa, China and Ghana, the government said. The violence will probably reduce tourism revenue by $160 million this year, restricting economic growth in the $41 billion economy to 5 per cent, compared to an earlier estimate of 5.6 per cent, Charles Robertson, global chief economist at Renaissance Capital in London, said. Tourism target Tourism has already been dented this year as visitors held back on trips before elections in March and after a fire at the country’s main airport in Nairobi in August gutted the international arrivals hall. The number of tourists dropped 12 per cent in the first half to 495,978, compared to a year earlier, according to the government, which has delayed its target to attract 3 million visitors to 2017 from 2015. The attack occurred at a time when Kenya’s government is seeking to accelerate investment in roads and railways to boost economic growth. The International Monetary Fund hosted a conference on Kenya’s rising economic prospects last month, in which treasury secretary Henry Rotich forecast 5.6 per cent expansion this year, compared with 4.6 per cent in 2012. The target is to reach at least 10 per cent annual growth by 2017. While tourism may suffer, the economy is resilient and investors taking a long-term view won’t be deterred, Shah said. “The country has shown it has the capacity to bounce back previously,” he said. - Bloomberg News

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MARKET Chips to drive Samsung’s record profit as devices sales stagnating South Korean technology giant is likely to see its semiconductor earnings charge to a threeyear high just as sales of its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone begin to flag, say analysts

SEOUL: Samsung Electronics is on track to post its second consecutive year of record earnings as a rebound in its semiconductor business shields the South Korean technology giant from a slower smartphone market. The world’s biggest memory chipmaker is likely to see its semiconductor earnings charge to a three-year high — a much-needed shot in the arm — just as sales of its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone

begin to flag, analysts say. Chips’ supply crunch The global chip market has rallied since late 2012 due to a supply crunch caused by years of cautious investment to support prices, and conversion of factory capacity to produce more profitable chips used in smartphones and tablets. The market further tightened following a fire in early September at a China plant owned by SK Hynix, the

world’s No.2 chipmaker. The drop in supply helped divert customers to Samsung, whose heavy investment in cutting-edge chip-making technologies has made it head and shoulders above smaller rivals like Micron Technology. “As of now, there is no real


Microsoft aiming to add Windows for HTC phones SAN FRANCISCO: Microsoft is talking to HTC about adding its Windows operating system to HTC’s Android-based smartphones at little or no cost, people with knowledge of the matter said, evidence of the software maker’s struggle to gain ground in the mobile market. Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s operating systems unit, asked HTC last month to load Windows Phone as a second option on handsets with Google’s rival software, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the talks are private. Myerson discussed cutting or eliminating the license fee to make the idea more attractive, the people said. The talks are preliminary and no decision has been made, two people said. It’s willingness to add Windows as a second operating system underscores the lengths to which Microsoft will go to get manufacturers to carry its software. HTC, the first company to make both Windows and Android phones, hasn’t unveiled a new Windows-based handset since June and has no current plans to release any more, said one person. Microsoft, with 3.7 per cent of the market, is finding it necessary to make concessions after agreeing to acquire Nokia’s handset unit, which competes with other smartphone makers. Myerson was planning to visit Asia this month and meet with senior executives at Taoyuan, Taiwan-based HTC to discuss his proposal, one of the people said. Pushing Windows Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft is trying to line up oth-

GAINING GROUND: HTC’s willingness to add Windows as a sec-

ond operating system underscores the lengths to which Microsoft will go to get manufacturers to carry its software. – Bloomberg News

er new partners. Chief executive Steve Ballmer and other executives met with handset makers last week during a trip to Beijing, said a person with knowledge of their trip. They stressed that Microsoft wants to keep working with partners other than Nokia, and expects to be able to sign accords with some phone makers who previously have focused on Android, the person said. Nokia takeover The technical details have yet to be ironed out. It wasn’t clear whether an HTC phone would run Windows and Android at the same time, or let users choose a default. Tony Imperati, a spokesman for Microsoft, declined to comment. HTC didn’t respond to a request for comment. Microsoft’s $7.2 billion takeo-

ver of Nokia’s handset business is part of an effort to ensure the availability of phones with its software and help boost demand for the devices. Microsoft charges handset makers a licence fee for every Windows Phone sold, and also has agreements in place to collect royalties for devices that use Android as part of patent settlements. By contrast, makers of Android devices don’t pay Google, and instead agree to preinstall the Mountain View, Californiabased company’s services such as search and maps on Androidbased phones. Windows held a 3.7 per cent share of the smartphone operating system market in the second quarter, according to researchfirm IDC. Android dominated with 79 per cent. - Bloomberg News

competitor for Samsung in the (memory) chip business,” said Lee Seung-woo, a tech analyst at IBK Investment & Securities. “This dearth of players is expected to allow Samsung to post considerable operating profits throughout this year and next year, even if demand flags.” Samsung is estimated to post an operating profit of 38.5 trillion won ($35.85 billion) this year, up a third from 2012, according to a survey of 45 analysts by Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. The company said on Friday operating profit is likely to reach a record 10.1 trillion won in the third quarter. Contract dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chip prices jumped 9 per cent in the second half of September from the first half of that month while spot prices soared 37 per cent. UBS estimates supply of DRAM chips by SK Hynix would shrink by

14 per cent in the fourth quarter, plunging the overall DRAM market into a supply deficit of some 7 per cent. The South Korean firm aims to fully restore operations in November. Slowing growth Samsung estimated third-quarter operating profit rose 25 per cent from a year earlier, the slowest since the third quarter of 2011 when profit shrank 11 per cent. Samsung’s mobile devices business has helped the company report a record profit every quarter since last year, except the first three months of 2013. The division, which generates two-thirds of the company’s total earnings, is stalling as sales of the Galaxy S4 slow and the high-end market rapidly saturates, analysts say. “The concern that high-end smartphones could see slower growth is a valid one. But Samsung

has both the speed and fast-follower tendencies of Zara and a portfolio spanning high- and low-end products as well as components such as a brand like Swatch,” Lee at IBK said. Barclays estimates S4 smartphone sales will have dropped to 16 million sets in July-September from around 20 million in the two months following its late April debut. Sales may slip further to 13 million sets in the fourth quarter, according to Barclays. Samsung is widely expected to have sold 86-88 million smartphones in the third quarter, up from 76 million in the second quarter. - Reuters

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Oman Cement awards cement mill contract MUSCAT: Oman Cement Company has decided to award a contract for supply and installation of a new cement mill with a capacity of 150 tonnes per hour to F L Smidth. The company has issued letter of intent in this regard and the detailed contract will be finalised soon. The project on upgradation of Kiln-1 is in progress and the kiln is now under shutdown to achieve the higher level of production and better pollution control.

Austrian economy set to grow VIENNA: Austria’s economy, driven by exports and buoyed by government spending, is set to beat analyst expectations next year, the state-supported Wifo research institute said. The Alpine country’s gross domestic product, the sum of all goods and services, will expand 1.7 per cent in 2014 after 0.4 per cent growth this year, the Vienna-based group said in a report. Analysts predict 0.4 per cent growth this year followed by a 1.5 percent expansion in 2014. - Times News Service/Bloomberg News

Life after Sony leads Idei to help startups The former Sony chief executive describes

We want to transform Japanese corporations and Japanese society, because after Sony and Honda, no big companies have been born except retailers. In Japan, the concept of patient risk money doesn’t exist

himself as the ‘executive producer’ behind a long list of projects, including a venture fund, a design consultancy and a salon for

Nobuyuki Idei


TOKYO: Nobuyuki Idei once embodied Japan’s corporate establishment, the leader of technology giant Sony. Now at 75, he’s aiming to reinvent himself as a cross between a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and Hollywood mogul. The former Sony chief executive describes himself as the ‘executive producer’ behind a long list of projects, including a venture fund, a design consultancy and a salon for entrepreneurs. They’re all designed to boost startups in Japan, a country the World Bank ranks behind Ghana and Tanzania in ease of starting a business. “We want to transform Japanese corporations and Japanese society, because after Sony and Honda, no big companies have been born except retailers,” said Idei, seated in front of a wall of windows at the offices of his Quantum Leaps in central Tokyo. “In Japan, the concept of patient risk money doesn’t exist.” In a wide-ranging interview, Idei touched on everything from the difficulty Japanese entrepreneurs have in finding investors to Nikolai Kondratiev’s obscure theories on technology cycles. He also said he had no regrets about his much-criticised stewardship of one of Japan’s most iconic companies. “I don’t think I made any mistakes,” Idei said. “From the beginning I was just a company employee at Sony. I never dreamed that I would be the chief executive of the

Former chief executive, Sony

Sony, but becoming a chief executive is like riding a roller coaster. You have ups and downs, negative press is inevitable.” Twenty startups Sony’s shares peaked at ¥16,300 in March 2000, about four months before Idei took over as Sony’s chairman and chief executive. By the time he stepped down in June 2005 shares traded at about ¥3,900. They are at ¥2,017 yesterday. Idei’s office sits several blocks from the Roppongi nightlife district and is cluttered with black leather sofas and chairs. A triptych behind his desk shows the Manhattan skyline; the sound of birds chirping wafts in from outside. Idei retains the mane of sweptback hair that was his trademark at Sony. Dressed in a blue and white-striped oxford shirt and blue slacks, he moves lightly across the office to tug papers from one of the many piles and then launches into an explanation of life after Sony. Quantum Leaps Quantum Leaps, founded in 2006, has grown into a 10-person firm aimed at helping Japan’s entrepreneurs. Idei reeled off a list of about 20 startups to which he’s lent his time, and sometimes his money. His latest project — which he compared to a movie produced by the ‘Idei studio’ — is a venture capital fund that he is planning to finance

by soliciting corporate sponsors. Among the startups he’s backed are Dreamforest, a maker of smartphone accessories that can help you finetune your golf swing; and Green Lord Motors, a maker of hand-crafted electric sport cars he said might one day rival Tesla Motors. The Kyoto-based startup, in its fourth year of business, took orders for its first 36 cars this summer. They sell for about ¥8 million ($82,000). Focusing on startups is quite a switch for a man who was at the helm of a sprawling global conglomerate with more than 150,000 workers. The new tact reflects hard-learned lessons about how corporate bureaucracy stifles innovation, he said. Digital transition “I worked for Sony for many years and tried to transform it, but for a big company with something like $90 billion sales it’s really difficult to foster something with sales of $100 million within the group,” he said. “It’s just too big.” During his tenure, Sony fell behind in the transition to flat panel televisions and Apple’s iPod stole the market for personal music players away from the company that invented the Walkman. Apple followed that up with the iPhone, which helped make it the most valuable company in the world. “Managing a company is a marathon race with no end,” said Idei.

“I was in charge for nearly 10 years and I had two primary duties: one to sow seeds for the future; the other was to manage today.” To get Sony ready for the future, Idei said he built the Playstation business and started a mobile phone venture now bearing fruit. Innovation Lab Idei’s latest project is World Innovation Lab, a venture fund started in the last few months. The goal is to use his Rolodex to tap about 10 of Japan’s biggest companies for a few hundred million dollars. Fund-raising should be completed by the end of December, Idei said, declining to name who he’d approached because “we’re in a critical stage now.” “Big companies in Japan have everything — money, people, intellectual property — but they’re too big to make small, unique things happen,” he said. “So the idea of WIL is to try to attract investment from big corporations and carve out venture businesses.” A lifetime spent climbing the corporate ladder makes Idei an unlikely saviour for entrepreneurs, who need mentors with hands-on experience for businesses. - Bloomberg News

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Stocks gain; rupee rises MUMBAI: Indian automakers and consumer companies advanced after the government said state-run banks will increase lending to the industries. The nation’s benchmark stock index rose for the fifth week in six. TVS Motor jumped 8.5 per cent. Tata Motors rose 1.2 per cent to a record after Deutsche Bank upgraded the stock. Blue Star gained 1.5 per cent, the most since September 30. Drugmaker Dr Reddy’s Laboratories dropped 2.4 per cent, the biggest decliner on the S&P BSE Sensex index. The Sensex added less than 0.1 per cent to 19,915.95 at the close in Mumbai, extending this week’s gain to 1 per cent. The gauge changed directions at least 15 times. Increased lending in the auto and consumer durables industries will help boost demand, the government said in a statement after exchanges closed yesterday. Asian equities fell amid a budget impasse in the US, the world’s largest economy. “Auto and consumer durable companies are moving up on the

government’s measure to boost demand,” said Alex Mathews, the head of research at Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services in Kochi. The Sensex has advanced 2.5 per cent this year and is valued at 13.7 times projected 12-month earnings, compared to the fiveyear average of 14.1 times. The index’s 50-day volatility measure, a gauge of price swings, reached the highest level in two years. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index is trading at 10.5 times forecast profits. The US Treasury warned yesterday that failure to raise the government’s $16.7 trillion debt limit before its borrowing authority expires on October 17 may result in a recession as bad or worse than the 2008 financial crisis. BlackRock’s Laurence D. Fink and Pacific Investment Management’s Bill Gross said the US budget standoff will be resolved without a debt default. The partial closing of the US government for one week would shave 0.1 percentage point from economic growth, according to

the median of 40 estimates in a survey of economists. The US accounted for 13 per cent of India’s exports in June, according to the Commerce Ministry. Currency appreciates India’s rupee completed a weekly gain after better-than-forecast current-account data boosted optimism that the annual gap will narrow from a record. The rupee advanced 1.7 per cent this week to 61.44 per dollar in Mumbai, the best performance among emerging-market Asian currencies, according to prices from local banks. It rose 0.5 per cent yesterday. The Bloomberg Dollar Index, which tracks the greenback against 10 major counterparts, fell 0.4 per cent since September 27. The shortfall in the broadest measure of trade was $21.8 billion in April through June, compared to median prediction in a survey for a $23 billion deficit. The gap will narrow to about $59 billion in the year through March 2014 from $87.8 billion. - Bloomberg News




S AT URDAY, OCTOB E R 5, 2 0 13 13

JOIN THE CLUB Connected by online classes from the comfort of their living rooms, workouts have become the latest craze among women


ne of the few pleasures of going to the gym is seeing other people having the same miserable struggle to get fit and healthy as you. Sadly, it’s less enjoyable when you feel the gaze of crosstrainer veterans burning into your muffin top, mocking the small weights you’re using and the floods of sweat you’ve deposited on the equipment. But for those made antsy by the idea of going to the gym – or coughing up extortionate membership fees – there’s an answer: take part in online classes from the comfort of your living room. People around Britain are signing up for ‘transatlantic workouts’ filmed in New York and LA on laptops and iPads and beamed online. For the latest training fads, American websites (; yogavibes. com; are your best bet, but British website offers a good all-round package. There are 40 different classes, and commonplace aerobics and yoga basics are well covered.

The site’s 5,000 users can also choose to watch classes on the appealing sounding ‘Pyjama Pilates’ and ‘Beditation’. The classes can be watched live or accessed via their archive. “The live classes are more motivating, because you can actually ask the instructors for advice,” says founder Luke Walker. “You just type it in during the water breaks in the class, and the instructors will ask if there are any questions.” He came up with the idea in May last year after seeing similar sites in America, but added the interactive element so home users could get the help if they felt they were going wrong. Walker says he knew there was an audience for his business, especially for those people who “still associate exercise with being picked last in PE at school” and hate being watched exercising. Young professional women tend to take evening classes, mums with young children prefer daytime exercise. Only 12 per cent of those signed up are men, but “most of those are using our yoga classes,” says Walker. “There has been a stigma that yoga is a

feminine activity, but now that’s changing and a lot of guys want to get a bit of confidence before they step into a class with other people so they use us as a stepping-stone.” Cheapskate’s version: Nothing too plausible here, though your extreme bargain hunters could secretly film a pilates class and then workout to the covert recording. The bicyclist: Fighting chance The card taped to Joe’s handlebars illustrated the extent to which cycling can turn even the most mild-mannered ‘Mamil’ into a maniac who’ll endure great suffering in search of some arbitrary competitive edge. Joe and I were taking part in the Alpine Challenge, a three-day French race offering the sportive crowd the glorious illusion of pro status – road closures, mechanics and Tour de France-style rankings. I shied away from competition as a kid – too much pressure. Aged eight, I abandoned my swimming bronze-medal exam by insisting I needed a wee (I didn’t). But while cycling is about challenging oneself, many of us hide a racing instinct we never knew we had.

I was sixth out of 150 before the final climb and desperate to stay in the top 10. Joe was fourth and had written on his bars the time gaps he had on his rivals. Takin’ it easy: ‘Give up your seat’ On the train you might assume lazy first principles dictate that if a seat is available, you get on that seat. But while sitting, your brain whirrs with worry about offering up said seat to someone. Your body is takin’ it easy but your mind isn’t and, friend, that’s a problem. Sometimes it’s best to just acquire a good lean somewhere, avoiding the whole damn seat farrago. Modern gym rules: Noise Keep it down: If you can’t lift weights without making a noise, buy some and do them at home. Fit kit: Adidas Medicine Ball Adidas has turned that dusty old leather globe that looked like a weird basketball in your school gym into a smart rubber weight with dual handles for easy lifting. Used correctly (get Googling) medicine balls work wonders. - Liam O’Brien/ Larry Ryan/The Independent


S AT U R DAY, O CTO B E R 5, 2 0 1 3


BAHJA CINEMA Empire State (Action/Drama) (12+) Cast: Emma Roberts, Dwayne Johnson, Liam Hemsworth 2:30, 4:15pm; CP No: 862 Man Of Tai Chi (Action) (12+) Cast: Keanu Reeves, Tiger Hu Chen, Karen Mok 2:00, 4:30, 11:45pm; CP No: 880 Besharam (Action/Comedy) (12+) Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh 8:45, 11:30pm; CP No: 902 Runner Runner (Action/Drama) (15+) Cast: Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake 6:45, 10:00, 11:45pm; CP No: 899 Love Bite (Horror/Comedy) (12+) Cast: Jessica Szohr, Ed Speelers 6:15pm The World’s End (Action/Comedy) (12+) Cast: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost 7:45, 9:45pm; CP No: 851 Planes (3D) (Animation/Adventure) (PG) Voice Overs: Carlos Alazraqui, Dane Cook, Stacey Keach 1:30pm; CP No: 808 Art Of Submission (Action/Sport) (12+) Cast: Fernanda Romero, Maria Conchita Alonso, Ving Rhames 3:15pm; CP No: 890 Rush (Action/Biography) (15+) Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Brühl 5:30, 7:45pm; CP No: 868

PLAZA 3 Grand Masti (Comedy) (18+) Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Ritesh Deshmukh, Aftab Shivdasani 3:30, 6:30, 9:30pm CP No: 815

Besharam (Action/Comedy) (12+) Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh 11:30am, 9:00pm; CP No: 903 Runner Runner (Action/Biography) (15+) Cast: Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake, Gemma Arterton 5:00, 7:00pm; CP No: 900 Planes (3D) (Animation/Comedy Adventure) (PG) Voice Overs: Carlos Alazraqui, Dane Cook 11:30am, 1:30pm; CP No: 809 Man Of Tai Chi (Action) (12+) Cast: Keanu Reeves, Tiger Hu Chen, Karen Mok 3:30, 11:45pm; CP No: 881 Tom Wa Jimmy (Arabic) (Comedy) (PG) Cast: Hassan Hosny 5:30, 7:30pm; CP No: 896 The World’s End (Action/Comedy) (12+) Cast: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost 9:30pm; CP No: 852 Insidious: Chapter 2 (Horror) (12+) Cast: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey 11:30pm; CP No: 858

Besharam (Action/Comedy) (12+) Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh 3:30, 6:30, 9:30pm CP No: 908 PLAZA 2

Besharam (Action/Comedy) (12+) 3:00, 10:30pm; CP No: 903 The World’s End (Action/Comedy) (12+) Cast: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman 5:45pm; CP No: 852 Rush (Action/Biography/Drama) (15+) 8:00pm; CP No: 869

Chennai Express (Action) (PG) Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Rani Mukerji 3:30, 6:30, 9:30pm CP No: 692

Alonso, Ving Rhames 3:30, 5:30, 8:15pm; CP No: 893 Empire State (Action/Drama) (12+) Cast: Emma Roberts, Dwayne Johnson, Liam Hemsworth 7:30, 9:30pm; CP No: 866 Besharam (Action/Comedy) (12+) Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh 10:30, 11:30pm; CP No: 904

Cast: Prithviraj, Meghana Raj, Miya Besharam (Action/ Comedy) (12+) Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh 4:30, 7:30, 10:30pm CP No: 905

Man Of Tai Chi (Action) (12) Cast: Keanu Reeves, Tiger Hu Chen, Karen Mok 3:30, 5:30, 7:30pm; CP No: 880 Runner Runner (Action/Biography/ Drama) (15+) Cast: Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake 9:30, 11:30pm CP No: 899 Empire State (Action/Drama) (12+) Cast: Emma Roberts, Dwayne Johnson, Liam Hemsworth 3:30, 9:30pm; CP No: 864 Tom Wa Jimmy (Arabic) (Comedy) (PG) Cast: Hassan Hosny, Hani Ramzi 5:30pm CP No: 897 Insidious: Chapter 2 (Horror) (15+) Cast: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey 7:30, 11:30pm CP No: 859 Raja Rani (Tamil) (Comedy/Romance) Cast: Arya, Nayanthara, Nasriya Nazim 4:00pm CP No: 878 The World’d End (Action/Comedy) (12+) 7:30, 9:30pm Cast: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost CP No: 854 Memories (Mal) (Drama) 11:30pm; CP No: 874

Man Of Tai Chi (Action) (15+) Cast: Keanu Reeves, Tiger Hu Chen 4:00, 8:00, 10:00 & 11:55pm; CP No: 1129 Art Of Submission (Action/Sport) (12+) Cast: Fernanda Romero, Maria Conchita Alonso, Ving Rhames 6:00 & 11:55pm; CP No: 1131 Love Bite (Horror/Comedy) (15+) Cast: Jessica Szohr, Ed Speelers 2:00 & 6:00pm; CP No: 1130 Pusher (Thriller) (12+) Cast: Richard Coyle, Bronson Webb, Agyness Deyn 4:00 & 10:00pm; CP No: 1132 The World’s End (Action/Sci-Fi ) (12+) Cast: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost 8:00pm; CP No: 1090 Getaway (Action) (12+) Cast: Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez 2:00pm; CP No: 1022

Rush (Action/Biography/Drama) (15+) Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Brühl, Olivia Wilde 3:00, 6:30pm; CP No: 872 Empire State (Action/Drama) (12+) Cast: Emma Roberts, Dwayne Johnson, Liam Hemsworth 5:15, 9:45, 11:45pm; CP No: 865 Besharam (Action/Comedy) (12+) Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh 7:15, 9:00, 11:30pm; CP No: 906 Insidious: Chapter 2 (Horror) (15+) Cast: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey 3:30, 5:30, 9:45pm; CP No: 860 Art Of Submission (Action/Sport) (12+) Cast: Fernanda Romero, Maria Conchita Alonso, Ving Rhames 3:15, 7:30, 11:45pm; CP No: 893

Rush (Action/Biography/Drama) (15+) Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Brühl, Olivia Wilde 3:15, 6:00pm; CP No: 872 Art Of Submission (Action/Sport) (12+) Cast: Fernanda Romero, Maria Conchita

Planes (3D) (Animation/Adventure) (PG) Cast: Carlos Alazraqui, Dane Cook, Stacey Keach 11:30am Art Of Submission (Action/Sport) (12+) Cast: Fernanda Romero, Maria Conchita Alonso, Ving Rhames 2:00, 4:15, 11:45pm; CP No: 894 Besharam (Action/Comedy) (12+) Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh 6:15, 9:00pm CP No: 907 Empire State (Action/Drama) (12+) Cast: Emma Roberts, Dwayne Johnson, Liam Hemsworth 2:15, 8:00pm CP No: 867 Tom Wa Jimmy (Arabic) (Comedy) (PG) Cast: Hassan Hosny, Hani Ramzi 4:00, 6:00pm; CP No: 898 Man Of Tai Chi (Action) (12+) Cast: Keanu Reeves, Tiger Hu Chen, Karen Mok 9:45, 11:45pm; CP No: 883

Film Information - 24540856 / Advance Booking - 24540855 Website:

STARS CINEMA Film information 24791641 / 24786776 Attharintiki Daaredhi (Telugu) (Action/Romance) Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Samantha Pranitha 3:15 & 6:30pm (Cinema 1) 9:45pm (Cinema 3) Saturday 10am (Cinema Main) Raja Rani (Tamil) (Comedy/Romance) (15+) Cast: Arya, Nayanthara, Nasriya Nazim 3:45, 6:45 & 9:45pm (Cinema 2) 9:45pm (Cinema 4) Memories (Mal) (Drama) Cast: Prithviraj, Meghana Raj, Miya 3:45 & 6:45pm (Cinema 3) 9:30pm (Cinema 1) Pulli Pullikalum Attinkuttiyim (Mal) Cast: Kunchako Boban, Namith Pramod 3:45, 6:45pm (Cinema 4)

For More Information 24789032, 24786776 Website:



Counting drives players crazy


7 2 5 9

1 9 3 4 7 7 6 2 5 3 8 5 5 2 1 9 2

9 4 7

8 2

HOW TO PLAY Fill the empty cells with the numbers 1 to 9, so that each number appears once in each row, column and area. — Seven Galaxies

9 5 6 8 4 1 7 3 9 2 4 5


8 4 6 1 3 9

5 1 2 7 6 8

2 6 7 9 1 4

3 5 1 8 2 6

4 9 8 5 7 3

6 7 5 4 9 1

9 8 4 3 5 2

8 7 4 3 9 1 2 6 5 1 2 3 5 4 6 8 7 9 6 5 9 8 7 2 3 1 4


Previous puzzle Solution




ACROSS 1 Drop — — line 4 Elevator guy 8 Dart 12 Part of TGIF 13 Actress — Freeman 14 Tempo 15 Travelling medicine show purchase (2 wds.) 17 Say for sure 18 Venice “street” 19 Tidal wave 21 Slangy affirmative 23 Circle portion 24 Took the helm 28 Flat 32 Hawaii’s Mauna — 33 Delt neighbour 35 — — nutshell 36 Agave 39 — and goings 42 Yang complement 44 VII doubled 45 Had to apologise (2 wds.) 49 Office copier 53 Effrontery 54 Bargain event (2

56 57 58 59 60 61

wds.) Never tell — — Yonder Longing Enjoy novels Kickoff stands Nasa counterpart

DOWN 1 Odds and ends, briefly 2 Vulcan’s forge 3 Slippery — — eel 4 Brunch fare 5 Excessively 6 Monogram pt. 7 Chili pepper dip 8 Monaco neighbour 9 Emerging magma 10 Thing 11 Garr of “Mr. Mom” 16 Bout windup 20 Web address 22 Lots of energy 24 Tissue layer 25 Cash substitute 26 Resinous substance 27 Solstice mo. 29 Monsieur’s wine

30 31 34 37 38 40 41 43

UK country Refrain syllables Actress Courteney Went by bike Melody Get-togethers Currier’s partner Like some yoghurt (hyph.) 45 Culture dish goo

46 47 48 50

Story Director Kazan Spouse “Big-mouth” Martha 51 Cheers for matadors 52 Lucy Lawless role 55 Charlotte of “Bananas”

Answer to previous puzzle

NIELS Bohr, a Danish scientist who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922, said, “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.” Why does a bridge expert make fewer mistakes than someone lower down the ranks? What makes an expert a better bridge player than someone lower down the ranks? There are several factors, but card sense (which I believe is innate) and counting are top of the list. The more counting you do, the better you will play. Count high-card points, not just yours, but those coming from the opponents during the play. Count winners and losers. And, sometimes, you need to count hand distributions — as in this deal. South is in four hearts. West leads the diamond nine. East overtakes with his 10, cashes the diamond king, and continues with the diamond ace. How should declarer continue after ruffing high? (West discards a club.) North’s two diamonds was a cuebid raise, showing three-plus hearts and at least game-invitational values. (This allows a jump-raise to three hearts to be played as preemptive.) South, with three minor-suit losers, must find the spade queen. And when faced with a two-way finesse, ideally one leaves that decision until near the end of the deal. Declarer draws trumps and plays a club to dummy’s king. East wins with his ace and returns a club. After South takes his two tricks in that suit, what has he learned? He knows that East started with three hearts, six diamonds and at least three clubs. Ergo, he has at most one spade. Declarer cashes his spade ace and confidently finesses through West. Keep counting. — By Phillip Alder

1 2 3 6 8 7






October 5, 2011

October 5, 2010

October 5, 2010





October 5, 2003

October 3, 2011

October 3, 2004

October 2, 2006

Send us a colour photograph of the child (below 16 years) whose birthday you are celebrating, along with his/her full name, date of birth, address, telephone number and parents’/your name to Times of Oman, With Love, PO Box 770, PC 112, Ruwi or through e-mail to



S AT U R DAY, O CTO B E R 5, 2 01 3


Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Fajr (Tomorrow)


BORN today, you may go through periods of self-doubt that are fuelled by the notion that you don’t really know who you are, but this is simply an excuse for behaviour that is changeable and widely varied. You do know who you are, better than most in fact, and you are likely to chart a course for yourself in life that allows you to be as many different people as possible! This may sound like a virtual impossibility, but you may be able to make quite a life for yourself as an actor, a writer or any number of other jobs that allow you to explore your many personas freely. Despite the fact that you have the capacity to be a different “you” each and every morning, you do strive to be honest and straightforward in your dealings with others. Though others may think you are hard to pin down, you try to keep you feet firmly planted on the ground. Also born on this date are: Kate Winslet, actress; Guy Pearce, actor; Bernie Mac, actor and comedian; Karen Allen, actress; Glynis Johns, actress; Donald Pleasance, actor; Allen Ludden, game-show host; Larry Fine, actor and comedian; Ray Kroc, McDonald’s executive; Chester A. Arthur, US president.

12.00pm 3.23pm 5.56pm 7.06pm 4.45am

Sunset Sunrise (Tomorrow)

5.51pm 6.00am

High tide Low tide

9.12am 3.14am

9.15pm 3.04pm





lear to partly cloudy skies over Dhofar governorate with chances of isolated rain. Mainly clear skies over the rest of Sultanate with chance of clouds development over alHajar mountain during afternoon and chance of early morning low clouds along the southeastern coast. EXPECTED WINDS: Along the coastal areas of Oman sea winds will be northeasterly light to moderate during day becoming variable light at night and southeasterly light to

moderate over the rest of the Sultanate. SEA STATE: Slight to moderate along the southeastern coast with a maximum wave height of 1.5 metres and slight along the rest of Oman’s coasts with maximum wave height of 1.0 metre. HORIZONTAL VISIBILITY: Good over most of the sultanate. THE NEXT 48 HOURS OUTLOOK: Stable weather with mainly clear skies. Chance of early morning low clouds along the southeastern coast.




Max 38 Min 33 Max 26 Min 19

Max 30 Min 25

Max 35 Min 28 Max 17 Min 10

Max 34 Min 29

Max 7 Min 2

Max 41 Min 26

Max 42 Min 29

Max 41 Min 26


Max 36 Min 29

[[SEPT. [S S 23-OCT. 22] The support you are looking for is at hand, but you’re going to have to be quite explicit when explaining just what you need.

Max 35 Min 26

Max 28 Min 25

Max 32 Min 15

Max 31 Min 23 Max 28 Min 12


SCORPIO S Don’t be late for that appointment! Others are waiting for you to put your hat in the ring, and big things are in the offing.

SAGITTARIUS S [[NOV. 22-DEC. 21] You may not be able to complete everything on time, so you’re going to have to prioritise. Once you do, you’ll know what must be done.

CAPRICORN [DEC. 22-JAN 19] You mustn’t ignore those around you. You’re not living in a vacuum, and what you do affects others in ways you may not understand.

FROM MUSCAT (RUWI) QURIYAT - SUR - JAALAN (Route 36) Dept Destination Arrival Time Time 15:00 Quriyat 16:30 15:00 Sur 18:00 15:00 Jaalan 19:30

GULF Abu Dhabi Doha Dubai Kuwait Manama Riyadh

39 40 39 39 35 40

26 28 28 28 28 25

WORLD Athens Baghdad Beijing Berlin Boston Cairo Colombo Frankfurt Hong Kong Istanbul Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur Lisbon Paris Perth Singapore Tokyo Toronto

18 33 25 15 21 26 30 19 27 15 26 33 23 20 21 32 21 23

12 19 11 11 13 15 25 11 20 9 13 24 16 13 15 25 19 16

TO AL BURAIMI (Route 41) 06:30 Sohar 06:30 Buraimi 08:00 Buraimi 13:00 Sohar 13:00 Buraimi 16.00 Sohar 16.00 Buraimi TO SINAW (Route 52) 17:30 Sinaw


Operating Days Daily Daily Daily

FROM JAALAN-SUR-QURIYAT (Route 36) Dept Destination Arrival Operating Time Time Days 05:30 Sur 06:45 Daily 05:30 Quriyat 08:30 Daily 05:30 Ruwi 10:00 Daily

08:50 11:00 14:30 15:45 17:40 18.35 20:20

Daily Daily Daily via Ibri Daily Daily Daily Daily



TO AL BURAIMI (Route 41) 07:00 Sohar 07:00 Ruwi 13:30 Ruwi 13:00 Sohar 13:00 Ruwi 13:00 Sohar 17:00 Ruwi TO SINAW (Route 52) 07:00 Ruwi

08:55 11:40 20:20 14:55 17:40 19:20 22:15

Daily Daily Daily via Ibri Daily Daily Daily Daily



08:40 11:00

Daily Daily

To Yanqul (Route 54) 14:30 Nizwa 14:30 Yanqul

16:50 19:30

Daily Daily

To Yanqul (Route 54) 06:00 Nizwa 06:00 Ruwi

TO IBRI (ARAQI) (Route 54) 08:00 Nizwa 08:00 Al Araqi

10:20 12:30

Daily Daily

TO IBRI (ARAQI) (Route 54) 15:40 Nizwa 15:40 Ruwi

17:55 20:20

Daily Daily

TO SUR (Route 55) 07:30 Sur 14:30 Sur

12:00 18:45

Daily Daily

TO SUR (Route 55) 06:00 Ruwi 14:30 Ruwi

10:45 19:00

Daily Daily

TO FAHUD - YIBAL (Route 62) 06:30 Fahud 06:30 Yibal

10:30 11:15

Daily Daily

TO YIBAL - FAHUD (Route 62) 12:30 Fahud 12:30 Ruwi

13:15 17:30

Daily Daily

TO MARMUL-SALALAH (Route 100) 07:00 Salalah 20:00 10:00 Marmul 20:30 10:00 Salalah 23:30 19:00 Salalah 07:40

Daily Daily Daily Daily

TO SALALAH -MARMUL (Route 100) 07:00 Ruwi 19:50 10:00 Marmul 13:15 10:00 Ruwi 22:30 19:00 Ruwi 07:30

Daily Daily Daily Daily

TO MARMUL (Route 101) 06:00 Marmul


TO MARMUL (Route 101) 06:00 Marmul




DUBAI TO SALALAH (Route 102) 15:00 Salalah 07:00


AQUARIUS [JAN. 20-FEB. 18] You’re going to have to apologise at some point. Why wait? Things will be smoothed over more quickly if you start with “I’m sorry.”

PISCES [Feb. 19-March 20] It’s up to you to let another off the hook, and you can do it through the simple act of sincere forgiveness.


SALALAH TO DUBAI (Route 102) 15:00 Dubai 07:00

ARIES [March 21-APRIL 19] You may not have the words you need to express yourself fully until you get timely inspiration from another who shares your plight.

TAURUS [APRIL 20-MAY 20] Your instincts serve you well. Focus on what can be manipulated and shaped to suit your needs and fancies.

TO DUBAI (Route 201) 06:00 Sohar 06:00 Dubai 13:00 Sohar 13:00 Dubai 15:00 Sohar 15:00 Dubai

08:30 11:30 15:30 18:30 17:35 20:55

Daily Daily Wed,Thur Wed,Thur Daily Daily

TO DUBAI VIA FUJIRAH & SHARJAH (Route 204) Dept Destination Arrival Operating Time Time Days 07:00 Fujairah 11.45 Daily 07:00 Sharjah 13.30 Daily 07:00 Dubai 14.00 Daily

TO DUBAI (Route 201) 07:30 Sohar 07:30 Ruwi 13:00 Sohar 13:00 Ruwi 15:30 Sohar 15:30 Ruwi

10:50 13:40 16:15 19:10 18:45 21:35

Daily Daily Thur-Fri Thur-Fri Daily Daily

FROM DUBAI VIA FUJIRAH & SHARJAH (Route 204) Dept Destination Arrival Operating Time Time Days 16:00 Sharjah 16:30 Daily 16.00 Fujairah 18.15 Daily 16.00 Ruwi 23.00 Daily


GEMINI [MAY 21-JUNE 20] You may be partnered with someone who doesn’t really trust the system, but you can prove that doing things the right way gets them done.

CANCER [JUNE 21-JULY 22] You’re not always good at selfpromotion, but today you’ll realise that it’s now or never. What you have to offer is highly valued.

LEO [JULY 23-AUG. 22] What goes around comes around, so you’ll want to behave in a way that makes it unlikely that anything bad will happen to you!

VIRGO [AUG. 23-SEPT. 22] Your efforts may be thwarted for a time by someone who gets the jump on you. Soon, perhaps even by day’s end, you’ll be back on track.

PHARMACIES Round the clock Al Hashar Pharmacy, Ruwi: 24783334; Appolo Medical Centre, Hamriya: 24782666; Muscat Pharmacy, Ruwi: 24702542, Salalah: 23291635; Atlas Pharmacy, Ghubra: 24503585; Ruwi 24811715 Muscat Region Apollo, Al Hamriya. Tel: 24787766 Muscat, A Seeb Market. Tel: 24421691 Muscat, Al Khuwair. Tel: 24485740 Muscat, Al Hail South. Tel: 4537080 Dhofar Region Muscat, Al Nahdha Road, Salalah. Tel: 23291635 HOSPITALS Al Amal Medical & Health Care Centre: 24485052 Atlas Hospital: Ruwi: 24811743/ Ghubra: 24504000 Al Musafir Specialised Medical Clinic: 24706453 Hatat Polyclinic LLC, Ruwi: 24563641, Azaiba: 24499269, Sohar: 2683006 Al Raffah Hospital: 24618900/1/2 Al Massaraat Clinic & Laboratory: 24566435 Al Makook Medical Coordinance Centre: 24499434 Apollo Medical Centre, Hamriya: 24787766, 24787780 Capital Polyclinic: 24707549 Badr Al Samaa Polyclinic, Ruwi: 24799760/1/2 Capital Clinic, Seeb: 24420740 Ceregem National Raak: 24485633 Dr Harub’s Clinic: 24563217 Elixir Health Centre: 24565802 Emirates Medical Centre: 24604540 1st Chiropractic Centre: 24472274 Hamdan Hospital: 23212340 International Medical Centre LLC: 24794501/2/3/4/5 Kims Oman Hospital: 24760100

24 Hrs Emergency: 24760123 Lama Polyclinic, Sohar: 26751128, MBD: 24799077, Al Khuwair: 24478818 Magrabi Eye and Ear Hospital: 24568870 Muscat Private Hospital: 24583600 Welcare Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, Al Khuwair: 24477666 Al-Hayat Polyclinc LLC: 22004000 ROYAL OMAN POLICE Emergencies and inquiries: 9999 General Directorate of Passport and Residence: 24569603 Directorate General of Customs: 24521109 Traffic violations inquiries: 24510228 Public Relations Admin: 24560099 ACCOMMODATION Al Bahjah Hotel: 24424400 Al Bustan Palace: 24764000 Al Khuwair Hotel Apartments: 24478171 Al Madina Holiday Inn: 24596400 Al Maha International Hotel: 24494949 Al Fanar Hotel: 24712385 Al Falaj Hotel: 24702311 Al Qurum Resort: 24605945 Azaiba Hotel Apartments: 24490979 Beach Hotel: 24696601 Bowshar Hotel: 24491105 Coral Hotel Muscat: 24692121 Crowne Plaza Muscat: 24660660 Crystal Suites: 24826100 Golden Tulip Seeb: 24510300 Grand Hyatt Muscat: 24641234 Haffa House Hotel: 24707207 Hotel Muscat Holiday: 24487123 InterContinental Muscat: 24680000 Majan Continental Hotel: 24592900 Marina Hotel: 24711711 Midan Hotel Suites: 24499565 Mina Hotel: 24711828 Muttrah Hotel: 24798401

Nuzha Hotel Apartments: 24789199 Oman Dive Centre: 24824240 Park Inn: 24507888 Qurum Beach House Hotel: 24564070 Radisson Blu Hotel: 24487777 Ramee Dream Resort Seeb: 24453399 Ramee Guestline Hotel: 24564443 Ruwi Hotel: 24704244 Safeer Hotel Suites: 24691200 Sheraton Oman Hotel: 24772772 Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa: 24776666 The Chedi Muscat: 24524400 The Treasurebox Muscat Hotel: 24502570 AIRLINE OFFICES Muscat Airport Flight information (24 hours): 24519456/24519223 Aeroflot: 24704455, Air Arabia: 24700828, Air France: 24562153, Air India: 24799801, Air New Zealand: 24700732, Biman Bangladesh Airlines: 24701128, British Airways: 24568777, Cathay Pacific: 24789818, Egypt Air: 24794113, Emirates Air: 24404400, Ethiopian Airlines: 24660313, Gulf Air: 80072424, Indian: 24791914, Iran Air: 24787423, Japan Airlines: 24704455, Jazeera Airways: 23294848, Jet Airways: 24787248, Kenya Airways: 24660300, KML Royal Dutch Airlines: 24566737, Kuwait Airways: 24701262, LOT Polish Airlines: 24796387, Lufthansa: 24796692, Malaysian Airlines: 24560796, Middle East Airlines: 24796680, Oman Air: 24531111, Pakistan International Airlines: 24792471, Qatar Airways: 24771900, Qantas: 24559941, Royal Jordanian: 24796693, Saudi Arabian Airlines: 24789485, Singapore Airlines: 24791233, Shaheen Air: 24816565, SriLankan Airlines:



L O N G D I S TA N C E B U S T I M I N G S ( O M A N NAT I O NA L T R A N S P O R T C O M PA N Y S A O C ) * S U B J E C T T O C H A N G E

[[OCT. 23-NOV. 21]


24784545, Swiss International Airlines: 24796692, Thai Airways: 24705934, Turkish Airlines: 24703033 MUSEUMS Bait Al Baranda: Corniche (seafront opp fish market), Open from Saturday to Thursday 9am to 1pm and 4 to 6pm Natural History Museum: Al Khuwair, Tel: 24604957, Open from Saturday to Wednesday: 8am to 1:30pm; Thursday: 9am to 1pm Museum of Omani Heritage: (former Omani Museum), Madinat Al Alam, Sat-Wed 8am to 1:30pm, Thursday 9am to 1pm, Tel: 24600946 Armed Forces Museum: Bait Al Falaj, Tel: 24312651, Open from Sat to Wed: 8am to 1:30pm; Thurs 9-12pm and 3-6pm; Fri 9-11am and 3-6pm. Al Hoota Caves 24498258; Turtle Beach 96550606/96550707 Children’s Science Museum: Shatti Al Qurum, Tel: 24605368, Open from Saturday to Wednesday: 8am to 1:30pm, Thursday: 9am to 1pm Oman-French Museum: near Muscat Police Station, Tel: 24736613, Open from Sat to Wed: 8am to 1:30pm, Thurs: 9am to 1pm Bait Al Zubair, Muscat: Tel: 24736688, Al Saidiya St., Muscat Open from Sat to Thurs: 9:30am to 6pm. National Museum Ruwi: Tel: 24701289, Open from Saturday to Wednesday: 8am to 1:30pm, Thursday: 9am to 1pm Sohar Fort Museum: Tel: 26844758, Open from Saturday to Wed: 8 to 1:30pm Thurs: 9am to 1pm Muscat Gate Museum: at Al Bahri Road, Muscat open from Sat to Wed 8am to 2pm




WY682 WY676 WY406 WY916 WY824 4H583 BG021 TK776 EY384 ET624 QR170 EK866 FZ041 GF560 NL669 WY904 WY638 WY674 WY686 WY658 WY668 WY102 FZ043 WY602 WY274 WY202 WY342 NL768 G9114 WY236 WY242 EK862 WY252 WY226 WY212 WY268 EY382 QR166 9W530 WY3302 WY604 WY3922 WY372 WY3902 WY902 IX549 WY324 IX337 WY606 WY632 IX817 WY918 WY812 WY906 WY3304 WY610 QR6162 WY656 FZ045 WY346 WY204 WY246 WY292 QR164 WY664 WY254 WY232 WY284 GF564 WY646 WY3306 WY908 TG507 G9116 WY910 WY614 FZ047 WY152 9W534 WY312 WY312 KL441 AI973 6.00E+81 WY144 BA073 QR168 WY624 UL205 AI907 LH618 EY388 LX242 GF566 WY912 WY636 WY124 WY414 WY116 AI985 9W540 WY134 QR172 WY654 WY662 WY612 WY717 WY696 WY3906 WY348 WY406






BA072 AI986 QR173 SG062 9W539 WY685 WY251 WY201 WY281 WY313 WY601 WY273 WY235 WY657 WY431 WY115 WY643 WY637 WY903 WY241 WY667 WY691 PK226 4H582 BG022 ET625 EK867 WY3901 QR171 MS931 TK779 GF561 WY901 WY813 WY327 WY603 WY3301 WY917 FZ044 WY223 WY923 WY345 WY337 WY323 WY291 WY263 WY815 WY215 WY631 WY823 G9115 WY245 WY231 WY203 WY605 WY385 WY373 EK863 EY383 QR167 9W533 IX442 WY253 PK192 WY615 WY3303 WY655 WY101 IX350 WY905 WY3905 WY663 WY405 FZ046 WY675 WY613 PA451 WY623 MP95 WY911 WY681 WY647 GF565 EY387 WY695 WY653 WY909 WY635 WY661 G9117 WY915 WY611 FZ048 9W529 CV856 WY673 QR169 6.00E+82 AI908 AI974 GF567 NL668 EY381 LX243 LH619


BA072 AI986 QR173 9W539 WY685 WY811 WY251 WY201 WY211 WY225 WY601 WY273 WY371 WY267 WY235 WY115 WY123 WY133 WY151 WY637 WY903 WY241 WY657 WY667 WY143 WY341 BG022 4H584 TK777 ET625 EK867 FZ042 QR171 EY385 NL772 WY3301 WY3921 GF561 WY3901 WY901 WY603 WY323 FZ044 WY345 WY253 WY291 G9115 WY283 WY245 WY231 WY203 NL769 WY605 WY905 WY311 EK863 WY631 WY717 EY383 QR167 WY3303 WY917 9W533 WY655 WY331 WY609 IX554 WY645 WY413 WY663 WY101 IX350 WY405 WY907 IX818 WY3305 WY909 FZ046 WY433 WY675 QR6163 WY613 WY623 QR165 WY911 WY647 WY681 GF565 WY695 WY653 WY635 WY661 WY3905 G9117 TG508 WY611 WY915 FZ048 WY825 9W529 KL442 WY673 QR169 WY817 WY3903 6.00E+82 AI908 UL206 AI974 GF567 EY381 LX243 LH619




WY682 WY676 WY916 4H581 BG021 PK237 ET624 WY3904 EK866 QR170 GF560 MS930 TK778 WY658 WY412 WY122 WY904 WY638 WY674 WY686 WY142 WY114 WY154 WY692 WY668 WY644 WY102 WY132 FZ043 WY432 WY602 WY274 WY202 WY3902 WY282 G9114 WY236 WY242 WY252 EK862 EY382 QR166 9W530 IX443 WY604 WY918 WY902 WY314 PK191 WY3302 WY632 IX337 WY606 WY324 WY328 FZ045 WY346 WY204 PA450 WY246 MP95 WY292 WY264 WY3304 WY232 WY224 WY656 WY656 WY216 GF564 EY386 WY338 WY906 WY664 WY3906 G9116 FZ047 WY614 WY924 CV856 WY254 9W534 AI973 WY374 BA073 6.00E+81 QR168 WY624 AI907 LH618 NL771 WY814 LX242 EY388 GF566 WY636 WY912 WY116 AI985 9W540 QR172 WY654 WY910 WY816 WY662 WY612 WY717 WY696 WY648






S AT U R DAY, O CTO B E R 5, 2 0 1 3

EXTRA Music ‘slows or even prevents’ mental decline from ageing


Action man Akshay Kumar packs a punch in ‘BOSS’ BOLLYWOOD superstar Akshay Kumar is all set to thrill audiences with his portrayal of a Haryanvi gangster with a heart-warming edge, in his new action-entertainer Boss, directed by Tony D’Souza. Boss is produced by Viacom18 Motion Pictures in association with Cape of Good Films and Ashwin Varde Productions, and releases internationally on October 16, 2013 through Krian Media. Akshay Kumar dons the role of ‘Boss’ and veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty will enact the role of his weary father. Debutant star Shiv Pandit portrays Boss’s younger brother and the scintillating Aditi Rao Hydari plays Shiv’s love interest. The film also sees yesteryear actor Danny Denzongpa perform the role of Boss’s mentor while Ronit Roy plays a ruthless police officer who is pitted against ‘Boss’. Comedic hero Johnny Lever adds to the entertainment quotient in the film along with actor Parikshit Sahni. What’s more, ‘Boss’ pairs up

with dance supremo Prabhu Deva where he makes a special appearance in the track Hum Na Tode Phode with zeal as well as starlet Sonakshi Sinha for the chart-buster Party All Night. Boss has become the talk of the town and industry insiders have already started calling the film a sure shot blockbuster, given the winning combination of action, comedy, and adrenaline-pumping music. To exemplify the entertainment variety that Boss boasts, the tracks have been composed by various leading musicians including Meet Bros Anjjan for the title track and Yo Yo Honey Singh for the party anthem. The melodic Har Kisi Ko is composed by Chirantan Bhatt which takes audiences back to the eighties groove. Boss is an entertaining blockbuster with an exemplary cast, which promises to wow the audience with enticing action, comical nuances and riveting performances from the best of Bollywood. - Times News Service

New research shows the cognitive benefits of even a small amount of musical activity


ew research has shown that individuals who play an instrument are more capable at identifying errors and correcting mistakes, and that these benefits apply to amateur musicians as well as professionals. The study, led by Dr Ines Jentzsch for the University of St Andrews, tested the cognitive abilities of musicians and non-musicians, with the research concluding that learning an instrument could “slow or even prevent” the mental decline associated with ageing.

The research, published in the journal Neuropsychologia, draws particular attention to the skills learnt in musical performance. When playing pieces to an audience or to themselves musicians must demonstrate heightened awareness of their actions: continually monitoring their playing through auditory feedback and rapidly adjusting their movements to anticipate possible mistakes. The psychological and mental benefits of learning to play an instrument have been shown in previous studies, with research highlighting musicians’ improved

reaction times and their increased capacity to “inhibit task irrelevant information” (aka, to stay focused). “(The results) suggest that higher levels of musical training might result in more efficient information processing in general (indicated by faster overall speed across tasks without accuracy tradeoff ), and confirms earlier reports indicating a positive link between mental speed and musical ability,” says Dr Jentzsch. The research is notable in that unlike previous studies it focuses on amateur rather than professional musicians, showing that even

“moderate levels of musical activity” were beneficial to cognitive performance. The study also drew attention to the diminishing support for children to learn to play in schools, noting that “in times of economic hardship, funds for music education are often amongst the first to be cut.” “This is particularly worrying given both anecdotal and limited research evidence suggesting that music can have strong positive effects on our physical as well as psychological functioning.” - James Vincent/The Independent


W W W.T I M E S O F O M A N . C O M S AT U R DAY, O C T O B E R 5, 2 0 1 3









ADVERTISE NOW! 24726666 EXT: 461 / 413 /430 / 431 / 456

*Classified Advertisement space booking with text, should be done till 12.00 noon for next day’s publication.* Subject to space availability


S AT U R D AY, O C T O B E R 5 , 2 0 1 3


Email: Tel. 24726666 Ext: 413 / 430 431 / 456 / 461 Fax: 24812624


2 Bedroom flat in CBD ruwi for rent near sheraton RO 360. Contact 99645124 Fully furnished apartments for Rent in Al-Khuwair and Ghubra. Contact 95113252 or 91138757

2 BHK with split AC in Mattrah Opp Oman house. Contact 96708000 2 BHK with split AC in Bareeq Al Shatti. Contact 96708000

Good 1, 2 BHK flats in Ruwi, MBD. Contact 99369081 2 BHK, RO 250/, available in Al Khoudh. Contact 97661432 / 95209425 2 bedroom flats in Salalah Jadeedah new building for rent on daily or monthly basis. (Fully Furnished) Contact 92760281 1 Bedroom flat with kitchen & toilet, family bachelors in Al Khuwair RO 160. Contact 95154331

Store Ghala behind Kumatsu 100 mtrs. # 99414644 / 93666201 New and Luxurious Villa for rent in Al Khoudh. Contact 93269932

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Land walled space with an area of 20,000 square meters for rent suitable stores at Halban area near the South Street rapid connection 96392134

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Villa for rent at Amerat 5/1, 5bed rooms + Majlis, hall, 7 bathrooms, kitchen (with spilt units A/CS) for families. Contact 99203458 Office space (120sq-mtr-3 rooms+1 hall) for rent in 1st floor, Bank Melli Iran building, MBD area, opposite Center point. Contact 99011352 New Building suitable for Hypermarket/ Hospital / University/ College/ School at Al Khuwair. Contact 98087644 1 BHK for a small Indian family, separate entrance in Al Khoud near Al Fair. Contact 94165013

Coffee shop for rent in Athaiba. Contact 96395822 2 BHK flat Muttrah Corniche, Sea view. Contact 99364735 Bachelor room for rent in Mutrah behind Oman house. Contact 99354340 Showroom CBD G. Floor 360 SQM. Contact 99024730 Showroom CBD M.Z. Floor 370 SQM. Contact 99024730 1 & 2 BHK CBD. Contact 99024730 Store CBD Basement 285 SQM. Contact 99024730 3 BHK Rex Road. Contact92144045

Shop office near Oman House Muttrah. Contact 99233116 New Building in Wadikabir (near Indian School) 2 Bedrooms RO 300/-, 1 Bedroom RO 270. Contact 96555596 / 93333352 Apartment in Wadikabir (1 bedroom, 1 sitting room, 2 bathroom, kitchen) OMR 225. Contact 98936766 Semi furnished single room with attached bath, A/C, Dish connection for South Indian Ex – bachelor in Al Hail South, near Caledonian College. Contact 98384360 Luxury shops spaces for rent at Al Khoudh Market area and Shop for rent at Wadi Adi area. Contact 93994401 / 93994402/ 93994403/ 24834644 2 Bedroom flats available in Al Amerat Mahj5 (Opp Sultan Center). Contact 99108822 2 BHK flat available for rent in Honda road, Ruwi. Lift, security system and dish antenna are available. Contact: 99367448 / 24833972. One single room with attached bath, unfurnished, available for occupation from 1 October 2013 for 1 or 2 Executive bachelors or couple only. Preference will be given to Filipinos. Please call after 5pm. at 99468015

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Lexus ES -300 premium 2006, single Expat ownership, special number plate serious buyers please Contact 95213828

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Sharing Room Available at Barka for family or Executive Bachelor 91061499 One room available with attach bathroom, near Salalah Pakistani Hotel. Contact 95169673 Room for rent near Hamriya roundabout for Executive bachelor. Contact 93590332 Furnished single room, attached bath in Mumtaz area. Call 99334770 Room for rent Rusayl. Contact 96501971 2 rooms, 2 toilets, 1 kitchen at Muttrah. Contact 92267370 / 92764487

*Classified Advertisement space booking with text, should be done till 12.00 noon for next day’s publication. * Subject to space availability

Toyota Innova 2010 Top Model 195000 km single owner RO 6700. Contact 99418668 / 99363960 Toyota Camry 2008 for RO3700/-. Call 96755180 Toyota Camry 2003 model1 year Mulkiya. Contact 93806625 Subaru legacy, 2006 Contact 99328414

TRANSPORTATION MATRIMONIAL Kerala Marthomite Groom 30/163, Senior Accountant in a private company in Muscat, seeks alliance from Keralite Christian girls employed in Oman. Email: Kerala Hindu Ezhava Boy 27 years B.Tech. Contact 92828858

Between Wathiya to Airport and V.V. 10 AM TO 5.30 PM & Night Between 12 TO 1.30 AM between Airport to Wathiya. Contact 92835295 Graduate driver with car. Contact 98267157 Transportation. Contact 95199733 Transportation. Contact 96538078

Kerala RC Boy 33yrs Accountant Muscat Seeking alliance Contact: 98669176 Emial: NAIR GIRL 24 years, Sudhajathakam from Palakkad, BA, B-Ed, born and brought up in Delhi working as Teacher in Delhi, looking for suitable proposal from the well educated Nair Boys. Call 99822803 29 years Keralite Girl, B. Sc Nurse working in a reputed Hospital in Oman Velan (cast no bar) seeking suitable alliance. Contact 92602136 Kerala Hindu Ezhava Boy, 29 Yrs IT PROFESSIONAL working in Oman , Looking for Suitable Alliance Contact – 98592615 38 years, unmarried male Keralite RCLC seeking alliance. Contact brother 99851123

Transportation. Contact 99508282 Transportation. Contact 99664703 Transportation available. Contact 95068976 Transportation. Contact 93405941 Transportation. Contact 98178135 Transportation. Contact 96954496 Transportation. Contact 98546606 For transport. Contact 92548219 Transportation Contact 95570429


S AT U R D AY, O C T O B E R 5 , 2 0 1 3


Email: Tel. 24726666 Ext: 413 / 430 431 / 456 / 461 Fax: 24812624


ADMIN Required for a leading international company in the field of IT located in Ruwi, CBD Area, a female employee (Administrative Secretary) holding a diploma in IT and familiar with public relations and staying in Wilayat Muttrah. CVs to be sent to the email:

ACCOUNTANCY Required Accountant for Sohar Region: B. Com Graduate 1-2 years experience of tally ERP 9 full time part time. Contact:99437086, email:

BEAUTY Required Filipino and Indian staff for a newly opened spa and beauty center. Please contact 97887898 or 97770732 for details.

CATERING Required Immediately Cook/ Houseman. Ability to cook western style & serve dinner parties. Maintain Residence for American Bachelor. Strong English Skills. Visa/ accommodation/full benefits & pay package. 92293354or

DOMESTIC HELP Urgently required full time housemaid for Indian family at Al Khuwair. Contact 99800340 Wanted housemaid to work in Indian family, from 9 AM – 9 PM. Contact 96226787

DRIVER Heavy driver required for trailers. Contact Wanted Driver. Call - 24170076 / 98936716. Send resume: Car Driver personal. Contact 96694954

ENGINEERS/TECH Mobile phone technician wanted. Contact 99120002 / 99320101 Urgently required Electrical Eng (B. Tech) or Diploma having 7 to 10 years experience in O/H Line and Surveyor with Electrical knowledge having 3 / 4 yrs experience. Send your CV to fax 24814699 / Email Wanted Keralite Civil Engineer to run Civil maintenance division independently with minimum 3 years Oman experience & Driving license. Contact 99450960 / Email Indian Civil Quantity Surveyor –Total Exp(15yrs) GCC(4yrs)Diploma, D/L, Looking placement: contact, 96608610 Urgently required: Body-shop supervisor, Workshop Controller, Diploma in Automobiles experience 4 years. Contact: 97441929 / 97441935 Required experienced Telecommunication Technician/ Civil Technician with Oman D/L. Contact Email ID: Required HVAC Project Engineer with 3-5 years experience, GCC License will be added advantage. Email

ENGINEERS/TECH Masons, carpenters & steel fixers required to recruit locality. G-mail: Contact 96181039 A petroleum field (SAOC) company seeking for: Environment Engineer / Land scaping Agriculture Engineer, Auto electrical and auto A/C Mechanic. Holding Omani driving license with commercial and private vehicle with 4 years experience for Engineer and 3 years experience for Auto electrical and Auto mechanic. Fax: 24485908 Email: /


Only Indian Diploma Civil Engineer with 1-2 years experience and Should have valid G.CC Driving license. Email

Indian female 27 yrs , BBA, Diploma in travel & tourism & 5yrs exp, valid Oman driving license currently on family visa. Contact : 92917139


Homeopathic Doctor BHMS Indian female with MOH license looking suitable position at Muscat, NOC available. Contact : 92111631/ email ;

New Medical Centre Al Khoudh required Doctors, Dental , Lab Tech, Nurses and Secretary. Email :, 99882340 Wanted Indian/Philipino female Staff Nurse for a reputed medical facility in Al Khuwair. Contact : 93200952 Required Nurse, Laboratory Technologist for Clinic Al Buraimi, Oman. Contact 00968 92737149 CV to Urgently required 1. Female G.P. Doctor, 2. Female Dentist, 3. Female Pharmacist,4. Gynecologist, Preferably with M.O.H. License and local experience for a newly opened Polyclinic in Mawaleh South. Send your CV to or Contact 97118121 / 99337991 Wanted a Nurse preferably with an MOH license to work as a part time in a clinic in Muscat area (4hrs/ day). Apply with full details, photo and expected salary to P. O Box 237, P.C. 133, Al Khuwair. M/F Physiotherapist with / without license for a medical centre in Ruwi. Contact 93753655, Email: A licensed dentist is needed to rent a running dental clinic in Sohar (next to Sohar university). Contact 95603395

MISC Required Salesman, Barber, Tailor. Contact 95204145 Sofa Model Maker, with complete knowledge of upholstery, frame making & fabric cutting, required for sofa factory in Dubai. Good Salary offered. Email CV to : Fax No. : +9714 3388086 Required an Arabic spoken office boy from Kerala. Contact 92345861

PROJECTS Need urgently for a reputed company ( for their projects divisions) Male candidate /with experience in Oman in the sale of building materials valid oman driving license mandatory interested candidates Call 24709582 or send your CV’S TO- SH/carpenter, steel fitter, mason, wall painter, artist, decoration painter, electrician, plumber, heavy driver, light driver. Contact 95175192

Mechanical Engineer with experience in maintenance and repair of construction equipments & vehicles with PDO & Oman licence. Call : 97079471

SECRETARIAL & OFFICE Urgently required Oman experienced Civil Foreman. Rush CV : to 24799791 or call 99860239

Plumbing Supervisor (Indian male) 38yrs having 10 yrs exp (3 yrs in Oman) seeking suitable placement. Contact : 95368530

Part-time secretary wanted. Versatile with good communications skills. Good knowledge of MS Office and driving. Call 96073535

Indian male, B.Com, MBA, 3 yrs exp in accounts, admin & sales coordination, now on visa. Contact : 98670016

Female Office Assistant wanted in AlKhuwair area, Salary RO. 120:

SALES / MARKETING Salesman wanted for perfume shop. Contact # 99120002 / 99320101 A food industrial company needs Sales Manager, with Oman driving license. Send your CV to this email address: Well running shipping company required Marketing Executive (with Oman valid driving license) Customer Care Executive with accounts knowledge (Tally background), Receptionist (Omani ladies only). Contact Fax 24700973/ 94213039

SITUATION SIT. WANTED Pakistani male (28 yrs) Diploma Engineer (Civil) 7 yrs exp in different type of mega projects included 1 yr Gulf exp in Oman, seeking a suitable placement. Contact : 98921022 / 94111957 email: Indian male Autocad Draughtsman Diploma Civil having 4 yrs exp in construction field, 1 yr in Oman exp as Civil Draughtsman seeks suitable placement. Contact : 96353175 Travel & tours 5 years exp male, looking for suitable placement. Contact :95604142 / 91142345

A Leading trading Group in Muscat requires Sales Manager & Sales Executive (w) driving license & min 2 to 5years experience in electrical & building material. E mail CV to om /fax to 968 24816743

15 yrs Oman exp in projects / construction and contracts management, seeking location around Muscat with business group, client or consultants in the construction industry. Contact : 99810211

A leading courier company in Muscat required experienced Sales Executive with driving license for immediate recruitment. Please send you CV to or Contact 99747466

Indian male, 4 yrs exp. Electrician, seeks suitable placement. Contact 92318542

Wanted Sales man cum Merchandiser, having minimum 5 years of FMCG experience with valid Oman driving license, for a leading FMCG company in Muscat. Contact Marketing company requires Sales Executive salary + incentive, visa available send CV at Contact 95748080 Leading construction company requires Quality Assurance (QA) & quality control (QC) Electric Engineer, Personnel. Send CV to :

Omani lady 27 MBA, Senior Accountant having 6 yrs exp in Educational Institution, seek Accounts manager suitable placement. Contact: 99542432 Indian female M.Com 10 yrs exp in admin, Secretarial in India & Oman looking for a suitable placement. Contact : 96593762 / 99124049 Indian male 47 yrs, 9 yrs exp in health and safety, presently working as Senior HSE officer in Muscat and 15 yrs exp in Indian Navy as. Junior Commission Officer, with GCC license, seeks suitable job. Contact : 96390374/ email: Indian lady B. Com, free visa available for accounting, data entry & finalization of accounts and audit. Contact: 92824142

Indian female pharmacist, BSc (Pharmaceutical chemistry ), 2 years experience in Kerala seeking suitable placement. Contact : 99864262 Indian male 24 yrs Diploma in air conditioning, 3 yrs exp. Contact 91045627, B-Tech Electronics & Communication, AutoCAD, ONCAD, primavera, Diploma in Electronics, experience in India, Indian, Female, seeking electronics/drafting jobs. Contact -98036247,94053779 14 yrs experience in Finance & Accounts, Indian, Accounts can do upto finalization, knowledge of Admin/HR activities. good knowledge of computer, holding valid Oman driving license. Possible for NOC seeking suitable position. Contact : 95808315 Indian female, 26 yrs, BSE nurse having more than 2 yrs experience as staff nurse, seeks suitable placement. Contact : 93694641/97317435 Indian female 25 years, MS Communication (Journalism)+1 years experience in administration looking for placement in and around Sohar. Contact : 91179193 / 92367401. Seeking a job as a Driver in company or family, having valid D/L. Contact: 98982410 Indian Male, 23yrs, M.Com, having 3rs experience, seeking a suitable job. Contact : 93998672 Indian male, M tech-Infrastructure (Civil Engineering),Fresher, knowledge in Primavira, looking for post of site Planning Engineer. Contact +968 97312086, Diploma of Civil engineering, site engineer, having 2 years oman experiences seeking suitable placement.Contact:96627016

24 yrs female with driving license, b.b.a plus I.A.T.A,3 years experience seeking suitable position in marketing, business development , secretarial, admin, HR, procurement, travel. Contact 95337828 or e-mail at Indian male BE mechanical pursuing MBA in production having 3+ years experience in India and Oman, looking for openings in procurement or Engineering department. Having valid Omani driving license. Contact 97845958 24 yrs female with driving license, b.b.a plus I.A.T.A,3 years experience seeking suitable position in marketing, business development , secretarial, admin, hr, procurement, travel. Contact 95337828 or e-mail at 31 years Indian male with 5 years experience in Bahrain, B.Com with computer application (tally, oracle, al ameen) seeks suitable position as Marketing Executive, Accountant, Store Manager or senior business development executive. Contact 9503215 Indian Male,6 yrs experience in CNC router machine, Vinyl sticker cutting and Laser machine operating in Oman. ratheesh52@gmail. com, +919526612662. Network Engineer, BE, Male, Indian, 3 Yrs experience in telecommunication field, having CISCO certification seeks suitable position. Currently on visit visa. Contact 9869 1245. Email: Indian female 24 years, having 4 years GCC experience .Looking for suitable post for Secretarial & admin work. Contact no:95972831, Email: Indian female 24YRS, 4 Years Experienced in GCC Secretary Work& Admin Work looking for a suitable Post GSM:95972831/99230946, 24 yrs female with driving license, b.b.a plus I.A.T.A,3 years experience seeking suitable position in secretarial, admin, hr, procurement, travel. Contact 95337828 or e-mail at Videographer for filming any occasion or event, website videos, corporate profiles, promotional films, ad films. Also calendar, brochure, logo, poster designing. Contact 99631986 Indian Female MCA,M. Phil., Computer science 5 years experience as a Software Engineer/ Programmer in .Net, SQL, MS-Access with good Communication skills seeking for immediate placement. Contact : 97765173 Logistics & Operations/Accounts MCom (Finance), 32 Years Indian Male, 11 years experience (5.3 years experience in Oman) with valid Oman Driving License seeks suitable placement. # 96442295”

S AT U R DAY, O C T O B E R 5, 2 0 1 3



ACCOUNT. & FINANCE Indian male-31 yrs, MBA Finance & B. Com, 4 yrs experience as an Accountant in Muscat, Knowledge up to finalization & Omani D/L seeking suitable placement.Mob-91157952 Chartered Accountant with ICWA Inter having 5 years experience in accounts, costing, budgeting, Insurance, treasury & Banking operations - Available for Immediate Joining. Contact : 96596380 3Charted Accountant from India, Post Qualification experience 21 years, working in Muscat since July 2011, at a Senior position in a group of SME’s, seeks suitable change. Contact 94201290 Email Accounts part time / full time work, finalization works. Contact 96247295 Senior Accountant with 18 years experience in Oman having knowledge up to finalization with driving license. Contact 93769860 / 99609864 Indian male, B.Com Graduate, 22, currently on family visit looking for suitable placements. Phone: 97266023 Indian male 30, PGDBA with 9.5 years experience in banking industry (HSBC India). Excellent proficiency in English & computers, seeking for a suitable opportunity. Currently on visit visa, contact 92095993 / Male 25 yrs, MBA Finance, banking, Insurance/ Accounts on visit, seeking a suitable job. Contact 91308294 Indian female- Post Graduate 12 yrs experience in Finance, Accounts with the knowledge of Tally, ERP 9 DCA, KGTE, MS Office, (working in Oman), seeking for suitable placement. Can join immediately. Contact 96694201 Email Accountant with 8 Yrs gulf experience with D/L seeking suitable placement. Contact 98147312 Sr. Accountant Indian male B.Com 38 yrs, 13 yrs of experience in Accounts (9 yrs in Muscat) good exposure in ERP & MS office with D/ License, seeking a suitable position. Contact 92831637 Part time Accountant available. Contact 99013963 Accountant/ HR male, Indian, MBA Finance / HR with 1 year experience on visit visa. Contact 91384549 Email Indian male Accountant,B.Com with 6 yrs experience in Oman, seeks suitable placement. Contact 91057862. e_mail umct777@ Sr. Accountant Indian male 37yrs,, 15 yrs experience in accounts and audit (12 yrs in Oman) having valid Oman D/L seeks suitable placement. Contact 98901997 Email: Indian female Accountant B.Com Tally PGDCA 8 yrs exp in Oman. Contact 99058722 / 98896522 Indian male 24 years B.Com, 1 year experience in Accounting also known as : MS Office, Tally Peachtree, looking for suitable position. Contact 99471646 / 97302308 Email Accountant, Indian male having valid Omani driving license, 31 yrs, B.Com Graduate with 10 years of computerized accounting experience in India U.A.E & Oman recently working as Accountant in Oman seeking suitable jobs. Contact +968 94058639/+968 95704584 Indian male Accountant (expert in Tally ERP-9) with 7 years experience in Oman seeks suitable placement urgently .Contact 94251297 Indian female B.Com 6 yrs experience (3 yrs gulf experience) as Office Assistant. Contact 94376201 Indian male B. Com 1.3 yrs experience as Office Assistant. Contact 94029254 Accountant Indian male 10 years experience, 6 years in Oman with Oman driving license, seeking suitable placement. Contact 97123002 Email: MBA (Finance) 3 years exp, Looking for accounts job. Contact 00968 94452163

Sr. Accountant(Guj) work experience in SAOG/LLC having car/ Accom seek package placement in SME in Muscat. Good Arabic knowledge, managed Admin too. Contact 98331770, Email: Indian male, Senior Accounts professional, 16 years experience in accounting, finance, Audit, available for immediate joining. Contact 94207919 Male 23 years, 2 years experience in India 3 months experience in Oman as an Account Assistant and Finance Assistant (visa holder), 2 years seeking for suitable placement. Contact 95645201 Indian male, B.Com with 7 years experience as an Accountant , seeks suitable placement. Mob: 93903458. Accounts sales experienced 8years in Muscat presently working seeks suitable placement. Contact 96287767 Indian male BBM finance 22 years seeking suitable placement. Contact 92292547 Email: Credit Controller with Accounts experience having D/L seeks suitable placement. Contact 93769860 Indian male 31, B.Com, CMA-INTER, 11 years experience, very good exposure in ERP /financial reporting and analysis, seeking suitable placement. Contact 93438100 Indian male 28 Chartered Accountant, Looking for suitable placement in Finance & Audit department. Email Contact 96357827 B.Com, male, 29 yrs, Gulf experience Logistics, fleet, admin & accounts. Contact 99732262 Indian male 39 Senior Accounts Manager having 16+ years experience in Financial Accounting, Audits can join immediately. Contact 96675398 Accountant male 12 years of experience in accounting upto finalization, admin and logistics control. Contact 98186511 Accountant young 25 yrs 2+1 yrs gulf exp MBA / MA (ECO). Contact: 93199708 / 93946406 MBA (Finance) Indian Male 27 yrs having experiance of 5 years looking for a good placement Contact 97857225 Indian male, 29 yrs, MBA, Finance, 4 yrs exp. in Finance & operations with valid D/L seeks suitable placement. Contact 97396029 Srilankan Accountant with 10 yrs exp. looking for part / full time. Contact 99655120 Manager Accounts & HR MBA finance PGDHRM 10 yrs experience in India 14 yrs experience in Muscat Presently working in Construction/ Earth works co. in Muscat available to join immediately. # 91103856 Email Chartered Accountant, Indian female 25 years, with good Knowledge and experience in Finance, Accounts, Audits, immediate joining. Contact 92530131 / 24785757 Email : Indian male M.Com (Finance) with 12 yrs experience in a reputed firm on visit visa, seeks suitable placement. Contact 99181382 Email 29 yrs male, Double postgraduate in finance with 8+yrs of experience in Oman and valid Driving License seeking suitable opportunities in Accounts, Finance and Audit. Contact :98693256 Indian male Accountant 10 yrs exp in Oman with Driving license, seeks placement. Contact 91169487 Accountant, Indian, with UAE & Oman working experience in Accounts, seeks suitable position in Muscat as an Accounts Executive. Contact : 96950764. E mail Sri Lankan male 36 yrs, Chartered Accountant and Graduate of B.Sc Business Administration ( Major Finance), excellent skills and experience in Finance Management and Auditing over 13 yrs, dedicated and result oriented, looking for a suitable placement. Contact 96747660 Email

Indian Male, experience in Accounts. Contact 95139075

BSc Interior designer with 6 years in Mumbai and 2 years in Oman, seeking a suitable job for Site Co ordination. # +968 95796137

Part time accounts / audit services. Gsm 99761216

Autocad D/man, Electrical, Gulf experienced. PH : 96516924

Part time Accountant / Internal Auditor computerized and Manual Accounts, Driving own car. Accounts up to finalization. Contact Kumar 96414305 Chartered Accountant, Indian male 37 years 4 years experience in Oman, total experience 11 years. Contact 93795838 Account Assistant, computer operator, data entry operator, inventory control, tally account ERP 9, quick book ERP. Contact 98498276, Indian, B. Com Graduate with 9+ years experience, great exposure in Accounting/Administration job(TallyErp9), seeks suitable placement. Omani Driving License, Contact: 96001864 Male, Indian 26 yrs Accountant 4 yrs in Oman. Contact 95960600 Part time, accounting, finalizing in tally, focus, ERP. Contact 95276276 Finance Manager, 16 + years Gulf exp. in accounts , MIS, budgets, strategic planning, cost control, working capital management, commercial manager seeks suitable job pls call : 95379211 E mail :- M.COM, ACMA (ICWA) 35yrs, 12 yrs exp (2 yrs in Oman with valid D/L) in finance, costing, budgeting & business plan, accounts finalization, advanced excel presently at US MNC Chennai, India interested to relocate to Oman. Contact 91-9789900628 Email: Accountant (European) with 17 years experience seeks career opportunity in Oman with suitable employer. Available for interview immediately. Tel. 98526906 / 24485560 / 24486561 Finance Accounts Indian male B.Com MBA 31 years, Exp 6 years. Contact 93257426 / 92365310, Email : Indian female 26 yrs M.A Economics with DIFA Diploma in Indian and foreign Accounting with one year experience, Seeks suitable placement. Contact 94067604 Finance Controller 15+ years versatile experience in Oman, seeks immediate openings. # 92439941 Indian male, 28 yrs, 7 yrs experienced in Accounts & Procurement, valid Saudi D/L, looking for suitable job. Contact 92490123 Indian female 35 B.Com with 5 years experience & driving license, seeks suitable placement. #95871492 Chartered Accountant Young Indian female 25 years with Good knowledge and experience in Finance, Accounts and Audit of large corporate, available for immediate joining. Contact 92530131/ 24785757 Email B.Com 21 yrs with 1 yrs exp Indian male valid D/L. Contact: 95186796 Indian male 28 yrs CA, Intermediate 8 yrs experience in Accounts & Audit, seeking suitable placement. Contact 93455387 MBA Finance Indian female having 4 years experience in Equity research & trading seeking suitable placement. Contact 93013636 Chief Accountant, Indian, Well experienced, B.Com. ICWA (Inter) in Finance & Accounts seeks change. Contact: 96545021 Chartered Accountants and M.Com having 6 experience in Finance & Accounts, Audit & Risk, Cost Control, Budgeting, MIS. 97132081 Accounts Manager, MBA Finance & PG Diploma in HR, total 24 yrs experience, working in Oman since 14 yrs now working in Oman forconstruction co. in Muscat, can join immediately. Contact 91387354, Accountant, B.Com male 10 yrs experience knows Tally, MS Office, looking for part/ full time job. Contact 96171646 Chief Accountant, 22 yrs. experienced, seeks immediate placement. Contact 95598477 / 99013963

ADMIN/HR Indian female, 30 yrs, 9 yrs exp. in Administration, seeks suitable placement. Contact 91110277 Male Accountant single MBA ICMPA (finalist) 6.5 years experience in finance accounting payroll audit, administration FRP,SAP,TALLY, seeking for good opportunity Email: faisalsaeedbana@hotmail. com Faisal Saeed : 97268088 Indian male accountant B.Com with 5years experience in Oman having D/L seeking for suitable placement for finance & accounts. Contact 96709159 Indian 44 yrs, M.Com having Total 20 years of experience in hard core accounting (14 years in Construction Accounting) in India and Singapore (4years) and handle up to finalization and audit, did the Dubai accounting from Singapore office is looking for suitable job in oman currently on visit visa contact no: 97194938 Jordanian Senior Accountant 11 Years Experience, Worked In Constructions, Tourism Company and Poly Clinic, Experience in Tally Erp9. Contact 96470036

ARCH/ INTERIOR Junior architect, well versed in autocad, revit, 3dsmax, photoshop with good knowledge of architecture & interior design seeking placement, on visit visa, CT: 96689549

Indian male 28 years MBA having 5 years experience (2 years in UAE), seeking suitable placement in Corporations, HR, Administration, logistics and retailing (Driving license under process). Contact 95702821 Email : Indian male, 31 yrs, Commerce Graduate (B.Com) with 9.5 yrs of varied experience in Administration, operations, client relationship & team management seeking suitable placement. Contact 97268311, Indian female B.Com 8 years experience in Admin HR/ Customer services, having valid Driving license. Contact 96253400 / 96998242 Female with 12 yrs experience looking for an opening in Administrative job. Contact 96393628 Indian male 39 years HR & Administration 15 years experience (7 years in Oman), seeks suitable placement. Contact 94370069 Qualified Female HR Professional with MBA(HR),BE,PGDBM 5 years of experience seeking suitable role in HR Profile.Valid Oman D/L Contact 94129462

Auto cad Draughtsman (Civil, Architect & M.E.P) 6 years experience, 5 years in India one year in Oman seeking suitable placement. Contact 94465685 Email: Indian male MEP Sr Draughtsman 8 years experience in Engineering Drawings working in reputed firm in Oman, looking for suitable placement. Contact 96395748 Male Philipino, 23 yrs . Draftsman. knowledge on 2D and 3D Auto cad , 3D max, 3yrs. Experience in oman, contact : 96095641 Indian male, 4 year experience in(3DSmax designing +Vray, AutoCAD designing, photoshop, MSOffice). Finished Architectural Designing & Model course and draughtsman civil, urgently seeking suitable job-phone: 96061510, Indian 7 years experience AutoCAD Civil Structure and Architecture. Contact 92967443 Email Electrical D/man, experienced, on visit visa. Contact :96516924 AutoCAD Draughtsman (Civil) 7 years experience in GCC, 5 years in India urgently, seeking suitable placement Now in 1 month visit visa. Contact 97332301 Email


Iraqi Architect 22 years experience. Contact 97608513

ADMIN/HR Indian male 26 years MPM B.Com 3 years experience in Admin HR on visit, seeks suitable placement. Contact 95048144 / 93559243 Core HR specialist with 19 yrs experience seeks consulting, corporate or faculty openings. HR strategy, talent acquisition, management, development, PMS, rewards management, employee engagement, organization development, competency framework, capability assessment, job evaluation, TQM, corporate excellence, KRAs, KPIs, dashboard measures. Contact Chandra / +968 98577810 Well Experience Omani PRO Looking for suitable position, Sound knowledge in public relations field with ROP/ OCC/ Baldiya / Industries / Ministries etc. #93387833 Indian male, 24, MBA Admin / HR 2 yrs exp, currently on visiting visa. Contact 97138676 Indian Female 24YRS, 4Years Experienced in GCC Secretary Work& Admin Work, Looking for a suitable Post GSM:95972831/99230946, Email: Indian female Graduation in Computer Science having experience in administration / coordination seeks suitable placement. Contact 92014628, Email: Office administrator, 8 years experience with D/L, English& Arabic speaking. Contact 97146169 Indian female, 26 years, MBA, currently on visit visa, 4 years experience in Banking and Administration skilled with M S Office and fluent in language seeking suitable position. Contact : 95517914 Email : Indian Male, 27 years, 5 years’ experience as a Customer/Client relation Manager in MNCs. Seeking suitable posts in Customer relations/ Administration/HR. GSM: 93088407

Beautician (GCC exp) from Srilanka looking job. Contact 95175192 5 Yrs experience Indian beautician available with release. Contact 97319461

DRIVERS Corolla 2013 with driver. Contact 96772324 Light Driver 8 years experience. Contact 95835594 Light Driver. Contact 98077981 / 98946925 Light Duty driving license, 2 years Oman experience, Looking job languages know, English Hindi Arabic, Malayalam. Contact 95406643 Wanted driving job. Contact 98401658 Pakistani male 23 yrs, Light Duty driver looking for job. Contact 96756014 Driver available with new car for full time duty. Contact 96935532 10 years GCC driving exp looking for job (light). Contact 92498028 Driver cum office boy. Contact 93620612 20 Yrs Exp Light Duty Driver. Contact 91210747 4 yrs Experienced Indian Driver looking for job as driver. # 93079087

Indian Male, B.Tech, 8 years Experience in Teaching & Admin, web developing ,c,c++,java,HTML,DHTM L,programming,looking for suitable position 98290053, 97068258 Email: B.E (Civil) Project Manager having 8+ yrs Oman exp in tendering managing & executing Ministry projects seeks managerial position. Contact 97010698 Indian Electrical Engineer MTech, MBA (Project Management) having more than 5 years GCC experience with valid Oman driving license seeks suitable placement. GSM: 96087851, BE Civil male 4 years oman experience with goverment & private sectors looking for suitable placement. Contact: 91376560 Indian male 22 yrs, B.E Mechanical Engineer (first class with distinction) software’s known- AutoCAD 2D/3D, Pro-E Solid works, degree Apostille Attested, on visit visa, seeking suitable entry position. Contact 96434857 Email B.E having 3+ experience in Quality Control, currently looking for a job in Oman ASNT Level II Primavera (P6). Contact +968 99518798 Email : saravanantrichy.m200@ Electronics Engineer (ECE) Indian female, B.Tech (ECE) Engineer with 5 years experience in project admin & Co ordination, seeks suitable placement in Muscat. Contact 96553541 Email

DESIGNER Graphic Designer diploma holder – Coral draw, Illustrator, Photo shop, 3D Max, Flash with Oman D/L. Contact 98543702 / 99431708 WEB /Graphic Designer with 6 years of experience in Oman looking for a suitable placement holding Oman (D/L). Contact 95946291

Operations Manager Indian female M.Phil M.Sc university topper having 6+years experience in Healthcare sector (Apollo Hospitals), seeking job in operations/ Administration/ Public relation jobs. Contact 91387047

Indian male 29 years, looking for a 3D job in MAYA/ MAX and Graphic designing, having a experience of 8 years currently working in Oman, Available to join immediately. Contact 98567624 , +91-9886712424 mail

Sri Lankan female 27 years having 7 years experience in administration, customer service with excellent English and computer knowledge seeking suitable placement. Contact 96144390

Indian female, 25yrs Bsc-FASHION DESIGNING, 3yers experience in designing field and teaching. looking for a sutable placement. Contact: 98785310. Email:

Electrical supervisor, / site engineer, experienced in LV. Contact : 96516924 Indian Male, 29,Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer with 7 years experience in OilField currently seeking for a suitable post. GSM 92486839/99107686 B.Tech Mechanical QA/QC 26 yrs Indian male having 3 yrs experience in Pipe line project in India. Contact 0091-9746407869 Email : B.Sc, Civil Engineer 2 years experience 3 months in Oman (Construction & management) Contact 93850440 / 95766841 Sri Lankan Quantity surveyor (male) with 7 years experience (including Gulf), looking for a suitable placement in Oman, available in Oman for personal interviews and discussions. Contact 91308391/ 96953676 Email


S AT U R D AY, O C T O B E R 5 , 2 0 1 3


Email: Tel. 24726666 Ext: 413 / 430 431 / 456 / 461 Fax: 24812624


24 Years male, 3 years experienced in Automobile as a Mechanical Supervisor, looking for a suitable post in Oman. Contact 93528186 Email Mechanical Eng, young, Graduate, exp in steel fab, good comp, knowledge, Contact : 98905956 BS- Electronics 4.5 year experience of Power Generation presently working as superintendent, electrical field services and D F S Ec of Cummins power generation in Pakistan. Contact details : 00968 97311871 / 00968 99594958 / 00923322388552 Email : Telecom/ Engineering 5 years in GCC rich experience in AutoCAD Documentation, Looking for an immediate join. Contact 97411603 Email

Indian male B-Tech Electrical 3 yrs exp 2 years exp in Airport projects. Contact 99195517 Indian male Mechanical Engineer 26 years having 2.5 years Sales Marketing experience, prefer to work related field. Contact 91152177 / 96468985 / 99339570 Indian male: BTech, Electrical and Electronics having 3 years experience in operation and maintainance of EHV substation, projects, technical coordination,electrical designing and drafting,handled E autocad, Contact :95669828 Email: Diploma in Civil Engineer 14 years experience, 5 yrs in Oman with Omani D/L. Contact 99291789



IT Engineer Indian male 27 yrs 5 yrs Indian experience in Support Engineer IT service desk role in Senior technical support , on visit visa in Oman . Contact: 92933523, Email:

Manager/Super 12+ yrs experienced Purchase Manager with D/L & release , seeks placement. Contact 97073942.

Indian Male holding PMP & ITIL V3 expert certifications and having extensive IT industry experience is seeking senior level assignments in Delivery Management/Project Management/ Service Delivery Management in IT Infrastructure Management domain , with an organization of high repute preferably in IT industry. Contact number –96672109 / email id ERP/DBA IT Professional Indian Female having 6+ Years experience looking for immediate position GSM: 97384660. Indian male, MCA, MBA-HR, B.Com with 9.5 yrs. Exp. looking for a suitable opportunity as IT Project Head & SAP HR Consultant (Multi tasking) presently come on visit visa in Oman, Contact GSM : +968 92801761 E-mail :

Civil Diploma Engineer 21 years experience on building bridge, culvest factory building construction and 4 years in Oman, seeks suitable placement. Contact 97140857

Civil Engineer (Degree), 5 Yrs gulf experience with good construction skill, looking for suitable placement. Mobile: 93247929,

ITIL, OCP, CRISC certified IT Professional with 20 yrs. exposure to Dubai & Oman markets having expertise in ERP, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, security, IT/Project Management, Citrix, Oracle etc. is looking for immediate placement. Contact: 95602424

Tunisian male Senior Surveyor 12 years exp. in Construction, looking for job. Contact 93298289 Email

B.Sc in Civil Engineer, 6 years experience in Construction field in UAE Dubai, having UAE driving license, seeking suitable placement. Contact 97125780

10 Years of Technical presales experience, Graduate from University of Huddersfield UK, previous experience of working with ZTE, looking for job. Contact 91379396

Planning Engineer having M Tech in Construction Management with 2 years experience. Currently employed for a reputed company construction company in Oman. Proficient in Primavera P3 and P6. Mob; 98278801 / 99461643 e-mail id;

Male 35 years, MCA having 15 years experience in Sale / service of electronics and software products like Vehicle tracking system tracking system (IVMS), speed limiter sophisticated IT related products seeks suitable change. Contact 93214096 Mail ID:

ECE Electronic and Communication Engineering, looking for any suitable jobs. Indian male 22 years, Fresh candidates. Contact 94236788 / 96563598 Indian male 29 years Electrical and Plumbing 6 years experience in India and 6 years experience in India & 6 years experience in Oman, seeks suitable placement. #95402133 Indian male: 25, Electrical Engineer having 3years experience in Oman seeks a suitable position. Presently in Oman on Visit Visa. #93087043. Mechanical Engg 6 yrs exp D/L. Contact: 93620426 Mechanical Engineer with 3 years experience in Sales & Marketing in India and having valid Omani driving license looking for suitable opening. Contact 96596482. Indian female, 23 Computer Science Engineer currently residing in Oman having a year experience in logistics field is seeking a suitable placement. Contact 97700182 Email: B.E Electrical & Electronics Indian male 28 yrs having 6 yrs experience in R& D (ISRO) and Electrical power transmission seeking suitable placement. Contact 98234211 Email: Planning Engineer- Civil-5 yrs exp, PRIMAVERA,MSP,SAP, holds D//L GSM:93011346 email Indian male, B. Tech Civil Engineer, 3 years experience as Site engineer QS& AutoCAD, 1 year experience in Oman seeking suitable placement. Contact 98435902 / 99899423 Email: Indian female, Post Graduated (Electronics) experience in Data entry and Documentation, seeks suitable placement. Contact 93972556 Degree Civil Engineer, 7 years experience in UAE, having valid UAE driving licence,currently available in visit visa. Phone: 93321785 27 Years, male presently working as a Site Engineer (BE Mechanical) having 4 years experience in Erection & Fabrication of steel structures, seeking a suitable placement in Oman. Contact 93370241 Email: Civil Engineer 1 year Exp as (Design Engineer & Shop Drawing) professional @ AutoCAD, ETABS, Revit, Robote structural analysis. Contact : 91381068 Civil Engineer 6 years Exp as (Site Technical office Engineer, QS, Planning Engineer & Site Engineer) Professional @ AutoCAD, Sap, P3 & Office. Contact 91148708 Indian Male B-Tech Electrical 4+ yrs exp 2 yrs exp as QA/QC Engineer at Airport projects. Contact 96274846

Civil Engineer, has 7 years experience (5 years and a half in Iraq and one year and a half in Oman), resident of Oman, has an Omani driving License. Contact 96545891 Email B. Tech in Electrical & Electronics Indian male 27 years single 4.5 years experience as Electrical quality inspector in reputed heavy industry abroad currently in Muscat, On visit looking for suitable and immediate placement. #92521239 Email: Mechanical Engineer western educated 25 year old Male looking for suitable placement with valid Omani driving license. Email Electrical Engineer, Indian, Female, with 10 years experience, 4 years in consultancy firms in UAE seeks suitable job in Muscat. Mob: 91279796 Indian male B Tech Chemical Engineer, looking for suitable placement in Oman urgently. Email Mechanical Engineer Indian male having 10 years GCC experience in HVAC & MEP with valid Omani D/L, seeks suitable job in a reputed company. Contact 96093552 MEP Supervisor exp 15 years, HT, LT (exper.) with D/L, dp maintenance. Contact 96297274

EDUCATION 26 Years Indian female BA. B.Ed & MSW degree holder applying for Teaching & office administration post. Contact 94162888 Email Indian female, BSc B.ED, fresher looking for a teacher’s job for secondary section from 5th to 8th for all subjects. Contact 97645135 / 93023379 Indian female 26, M.Phil in Biotechnology with 1 year experience as an upper primary science Teacher. Excellent proficiency in English & Computers, seeking for a suitable opportunity in teaching & research field. Currently on visit visa. Contact 92095993 /

HOSPITALITY Indian male 27 yrs BHMCT 3yrs experience as Senior Associate in food & beverage dept, seeking suitable placement. Contact 94359564

CCNA , CCNP & Juniper firewall certified IT professional with 7 years experience, expertise in network & security design, configuration, implementation & troubleshooting looking for suitable placement. Contact 97656607 Email: Indian male 26 years MSC telecom (UK) B.Tech (EC) having 3 years experience in IT/Telecom seeks suitable placement.Contact 95285710 Email : CCNA male 28 years with 4 years experience in system and network support, looking for job. Contact 98479807 Indian male, MCA, MBA-HR, B.Com with 9.5 yrs. Exp. looking for a suitable opportunity as IT Project Head & SAP HR Consultant (Multi tasking) presently come on visit visa in Oman, Contact GSM : +968 92801761 E-mail : IT professional Indian Male ME in CSE, 12 years IT experience (6 months in Oman, 3 years in Dubai, Emirates Airlines/Project management, Software development in Dot Net, Training , Technical & Customer Support, Marketing) looking for suitable post, for immediate placement. Contact 96437794, email:

MANAGER/ SUPER Indian male with 12 years experience in accounting, admin, storekeeping and logistics.#98186511 9 years experienced Indian male in procurement and purchase with oman D/L looking for suitable placement Contact: 95306431 Sales Manager having 15 years of experience in Retail management in Oman & Currently handling Electronics & home appliances, seeking suitable placement, Release available. Contact 93826379 id- Indian male, having 15 years experience with 13 years in middle East, in RETAIL MANAGEMENT, dealing with furnishing division and well versed in customer services, sales training, purchasing and merchandising, with a valid Oman driving license, seeks suitable placement. Contact: 96016969 Mail: 26 Male, looking for the vacancy as a Procurement Officer or Office Coordinator. Having a valid Oman Driving License. Contact no. 93223577

Indian Male 42, B.Com Graduate, 19 years experience in AC,LCD, LED installation Manager seeking sales, service or Supervisor post, on visit visa. Contact 98044075 Mail

MISCELLANEOUS Pakistani male, looking for job. Contact 97058416 Indian male (B.Com) 11 years experience in India & 1 year plus experience in Oman in Purchase (local & International) EXPORTS/ logistics/LC procedures, seeks suitable placement. Contact 99185929 Chemical Manufacturer all type of Detergent and car care. Contact 98651593 Indian Male, experience in Store/ Operation//Logistic/Coordinator having good communication skills, seeking suitable change. Contact 94355675

MEDICAL Female MBBS doctor with 3 years experience seeks suitable position in Muscat region. Contact 91218141 Nursing caregiver, qualified & experienced Nurse & Assist Nurse seeks good placement at home / clinic. Contact 92989109 email: Indian male Nurse, 27yrs with MOH license having 5years exp, seeking placement. Contact 93020886, 98490687 Email: A competent Engineer with 20+ years of it sales & project management experience in Canada, Oman and UAE is available for immediate suitable job. Salary flexible. Contact 94477249 Indian Female B.Sc Nurse with MOH license having 3 year’s of experience, seeks placement. Contact 98574080 Pharmacist with Ministry license, driving license. Contact 92937015 Indian female GNM Nurse with MOH license 51/2” experience, job seeks in muscat.Contact92392075 Indian female Nurse with MOH license having 3 years experience now in Muscat on family visa searching for suitable job. Contact 98570710 Email: Sudanese female Doctor MOH license total 11 years experience 6 years in Oman seeking for job in private sector. Contact 95873610 Male Nurse with MOH license valid GCC driving license. Contact 93217438 / 91226236 Indian male Nurse with MOH License having 6+ years experience, seeks placement. Contact 93435399 Email : An Indian male Nurse with MOH License is looking for a suitable placement. Contact 93028571 / 99764484

SALES / MARKETING 8 years experience in Sales with driving license on visit seeks placement. Contact 95266485 Male 28,B.Com, Having over 7 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, Valid D/L, Seeking for a suitable placement. Contact:+96896662739 or Young dynamic MBA Marketing Graduate, seeking suitable post. Contact 98744427 / 96909495 Indian male, 33 years, MBA (HR & Marketing) with 10 years excellent experience in wealth management sector in India, currently on visit visa, seeks suitable placement. Contact 97141479 / Young Indian well experienced in Sales & Marketing field, with UAE driving license seeks suitable placement in Oman. Contact 97319728

SALES / MARKETING Indian male MBA marketing / finance with 4 yrs of exp in sale & marketing looking suitable placement in sales/ marketing/ sales coordination/ customer care/ retail/ admin jobs. Contact 98443722 / 92409198 Indian male, 8 yrs experience in Marketing and Branding. Available immediately for Opportunities. Contact 99502772 Indian male 32, holding valid driving license 4 years experience outdoor Sales IT and ready made, seeking suitable placement. Contact 93714977 Indian male 6 years experience in Marketing and Sales, Waiting for Opportunities, having D/L. Contact 93387195 Indian male 33 yrs having 12 yrs experience in sales and marketing, among 5 yrs in Oman having Oman driving seeking suitable jobs. Contact 92757286 27 years Indian male 8 years’ Indian market experience in the field of Event Management, Sales & Customer Service, looking for a challenging opportunity in Muscat in relevant field. Contact 96167803 Indian male,29, MBA(UK),BBM, with 5 years experience in Sales & Marketing (Automobiles) in a MNC in Oman, with Oman D/L, now on visit Visa in Dubai, seeks immediate placement, Contact: 0097150 5186073, email: Indian, 27 years B. Com experience 3 years marketing, 3 years procurement with Oman D/L, can join immediately Contact 96325262 Female Age 39 Bachelor in Economics 15 years experience consumer banking, looking for suitable place. Contact 97331572 Indian male, MA, MBA, 7 yrs exp in sales & marketing seeks immediate job in Salalah. Contact 98451831 Indian male MBA having experience & Omani driving license, seeking suitable job. Contact 95493979 Indian male 24 yrs, B.Com 1 year experience in Sales, seeks placement in Sales. Contact 95147107 Indian male 37 having over 4 years of experience in Sales and Marketing ( cosmetics) valid Oman D/L, seeking for a suitable position. Contact 98493467 Indian male BBM 5 yrs exp in Sales & Marketing on visit visa immediate joining. Contact 93080380 Email Indian male with 16 yrs exp in sales & mktg of various products in Oman & UAE currently working in Sohar is looking for a suitable placement having D/L excellent communication skills & can handle bigger responsibility with honesty dedication. Contact: 95521437 Indian MBA Male having 6+ years experience in Industrial Marketing Oman, seeking suitable position. Contact 96043079 Indian male 37 yrs, having 6 yrs exp. in purchasing with D/L seeking suitable placement. Contact 99345732 Indian male with 16 yrs exp in sales & mktg of various products in Oman & UAE currently working in Sohar is looking for a suitable placement having D/L excellent communication skills & can handle bigger responsibility with honesty dedication. Contact: 95521437 Young graduate with Valid Omani Driving License, having local sales experience is looking for sales and marketing position with an opportunity to grow along with the company. Contact:97236452 Marketing Executive 10 years experience, 3 years in Oman, Oman D/L. Contact 99669137 Indian male MBA Sales & Marketing, 7 years of experience holding Oman D/L, looking for a suitable position in the same. Contact 95475833 MBA with 7 yrs experience in marketing looking for a suitable opening. Contact 94144139 India female, 26, MBA, experience in media marketing and market research, looking for suitable opportunities in Communication/PR/ Branding, Valid D/L. Contact details:

MBA (Marketing and HR) & B.Tech (Electronics and Biomedical Engineering) with 1.5 years experience in marketing and media field. Contact 96175799 Email: Young Male Graduate BA Hons (Marketing)- United Kingdom with 2 years experience & driving licence seeks suitable placement in Business development/Brand management/Logistics. Call – 96402727 Indian male, MBA, 7 yrs exp in Sales, Marketing & operations, available immediately for opportunities. Contact 98823315 MBA in Marketing & Finance with 2 years work experience in Oman, with valid driving license and good communication skills, Seeks suitable placement. Contact 91181288 / Email Indian male 6 yrs experience in Oman Sales field, having valid Omani Driving license, seeking suitable placement. #92868522 15 yrs exp Purchase, Sales, Store & Admin, fluent English, Arabic, know computers, Omani D/L. #99717061

SECRETARIAL/OFFICE Indian female, having work Experience as Customer Service, Front Office Exec, Office Admin in India & Oman, looking for a suitable position. Contact: 98405390 Indian Male 28years, Graduate, good knowledge in MS office, 2years experience. Looking for office assistant. Contact: 98438450/92648898 email:

TOURS & TRAVEL B.Sc Indian male 5.5 yrs exp Airline / Travels, Diploma in Travels. Contact 96534483

MISCELLANEOUS Indian Female, 26 years ,MBA , currently on visit visa , 4 years experience in Administration skilled with M S Office and fluent in language seeking suitable position. #95517914 Email : Network Engineer, BE, Male, Indian, 3 Yrs experience in telecommunication field, having CISCO certification seeks suitable position. Currently on visit visa. #9869 1245. Email: Planning Engineer BE Mech Female Indian 9years experience in oil & gas (7years in UAE) seeking suitable job, Contact number 97408929 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Professional, Indian Female,B.TechIT,Fresher,Currently in Resident Visa,having C and JAVA Knowledge, seeking Suitable Position in IT. CONTACT : 97232497,99108857, EMAIL : psharan24@gmail. com, Indian female on family visa, MA (HR), one year experience in HR, seeking suitable position in admin/ hr sector. Contact No : 91258981 Administration & Purchase Officer with over 25 years of working experience in office management & procurement is looking for a suitable vacancy. Has worked with reputed organisations in Oman and has valid Omani driving licence -92048765 Indian Female 24YRS, 4Years Experianced in GCC Secretary Work& Admin Work Looking for asuitable Post GSM:95972831 / 99230946, Email: Ayurveda Doctor BAMS, MD female Indian with MOH license seeks suitable opening in Muscat Region. Contact : 95724583 Indian Male,M tech-Infrastructure (Civil Engineering),Fresher,looking for post of Junior Level Planning Engineer, Contact +968 97312086, Indian Male Graduate, 26, 3 yrs exp in handling purchase in a reputed company in Oman looking for suitable placements. Contact 95776353

S AT U R DAY, O C T O B E R 5, 2 0 1 3


TOURS Dolphin Watch, Dhow Cruise with Buffet, & Land Tours Al Ainain Marine Tours-Contact 98029602, 92808636


We arrange Tours to Jabel Alakhdar / Shames wahiba Sands. Contact 99839898



Party & Wedding equipment rentals. Full line, from Tables, Linen & Skirting, Chairs & Chair covers, Cutlery, Crockery, Glassware, Chafing Dishes, Ice Sculptures, to Large Sound Systems and spectacular lighting. Call Andrea 9606 2222 for Catering and Croyden 9623 5555 for Sound & Light., E-mail: Cranes and excavators available on hire. Contact 99209427 Crane Trailor Hiab. Contact 99354909 25/ 50 seater Buses for rent/ leasing with drivers in PDO Specification. Contact 99839898


GOOD NEWS Party special decorative banners of any size (on foam sheet) for birthday – marriage& festivals (available only by advance booking) Haridas Nensey Supermarket –Ruwi. Contact 24750784

Festival special we accept orders for roses – marigold – lotus jasmine mix colour flowers & Garlands made from Marigold flowers (available only by advance booking) Haridas Nensey Supermarket - Ruwi. Contact 24750784

GOOD NEWS Promotional offer at Conventional halls in CBD area hall space at great value. Contact 99238074

Genuine Ayurvedic treatments &massage, ayuredic clinic AL Khuwair. Contact 24478618/ 97263637/ 97109295

*Classified Advertisement space booking with text, should be done till 12.00 noon for next day’s publication.* Subject to space availability



S AT U R D AY, O C T O B E R 5 , 2 0 1 3


FOR LADIES Special package for RO. 15/(Threading, facial, waxing, pedicure, manicure, hot oil treatment) . Contact 99722031





Building maintenance, electrical, plumbing, painting, cleaning, false ceiling, compound wall, interlock, lift maintenance etc. Contact 95885106 / 95829331 House shifting, packing and Transportation. Contact 99657644 / 98518013

Catering and Other support Services anywhere in Oman for Companies. Staff / Labour Accomodation. available in Sohar, Barka and Nizwa. Telephone No.94104987, 97884967, 95740387, E-Mail :


Accounting and audit services project feasibility study. Contact97133729 Email:

Active Corner Computer specialist in repairing: Laptops, Printers, Tablets & Smart Phones, Al Ghubra North. Contact 92866876

SPLIT / WINDOW A/C servicing 5/10 RO. Contact 95084850


Water proofing ABUQABASContact 99320217/24788722 Painting, building maintenance & construction. Contact 99057348 Electrical Works, Maintenance, Building Gas Pipelines, Fire Alarm & Security systems. Contact Amjad Majees Trading & Contracting: 99467936 Carpet, sofa- cleaning, glue removing, shampooing, house cleaning, polishing & painting etc. Contact – 99542979 / 98855815 Pest control water proof. Contact 99067923 Carpet Shampoo, marble & tile polishing, pest control & antitermite treatment, general cleaning painting, Plumbing, Electrical, shifting. Contact Mundhir Al-Rizaiqi trading. L.L.C. # 24810137, 99450130

WEB, ERP and Business Intelligence (BI) creation and management at rock bottom price. Contact: http//webviewoman MARBLE CRYSTALLIZATION restore the original shine of your marble. # 24793614/ 99314807

GUARANTEED CLEANING: Carpet & sofa shampooing, Contact 99314807/24792998

Ayurvedic treatment for joint pain, backache, paralysis, massage, steam bath, obesity, spondylitis etc. Ideal Care Ayurvedic clinic, Azaiba. Contact 99639695

Split & Window AC Servicing & repairing. Contact 99557080

Civil Maintenance, painting, Electrical land scaping. Contact 96465032

Festival special fresh flowersdecorative deepaks - mitti pots (Garbas) – wooden & metal dandiya sticks - All pooja items-Idols- decoration Items& many more, available. Haridas Nensey SupermarketRuwi. Contact 24750784

Subcontractor solutions. Contact 97163496


Ayurvedic treatment for backache paralysis arthritis etc. & massage All Season (Vaidyaratnam). Contact 24475280 / 95371664 / 92504980

Split & Window A.C Servicing & repairing. Contact 99380307

Learn Arabic in two months, spoken Arabic class for non Arabic speakers by Gulf experience post Graduate Teacher in Ruwi. Free introductory class. Satisfaction guaranteed. Contact 95244310

Corporate gift items, Diary, Calendar, T-Shirt, Cap, Key Chain, USB, Leather items, Travel Bag and for any customized gift items. Contact – 98234207 A/ C maintenance, servicing & installation. Split A/C Servicing RO 10.000 Only. Contact 94217681 / 99210141

GULF INTERNATIONAL LLC all kind of pest control. # 92326955 Split & Window A.C Servicing & repairing. Contact 93769089 Marble polishing & crystallization building cleaning floor, floor polishing, carpet, sofa shampooing, pest control, anti termite, shifting, maintenance. Contact 99504275 Electrical Plumbing Painting Contract and Maintenance. Contact #98456535

Door to Door Computers repair specialist laptop software Website cartridges.Contact 99199376 For all your maintenance needs including, Painting, Plumbing, Electricity, Laying of interlock tiles, marbles etc. Tel: 99383574 Mr Chandran Split A/C window cassette type standing unit installation, maintenance servicing. Contact 97145652 / 99540621 Marble Restoration, Mosaic tiles polishing, carpet shampooing, maintenance. Contact ABU QABAS- 99320217 /24788722 A/C service RO7/- , repairing & installation, painting, building all maintenance. Contact 95563858 / 99326786

Omani Consultant Engineer established new building contract and interior design looking for: Working partner for building contracting, Working partner for interior designing. Contact 93223140 Email: -, Looking for Omani partner for business development services. Contact 93194825 Email: CANADIAN company .for immigration & manpower is looking for a partner in Oman with license !For contact 0097333054453

GOOD NEWS FREE INFORMATION ABOUT ISLAM. If you would like to know more about Islam, please call: 99425598, 96050000, 99353988, 99253818, 99341395, and 99379133. For ladies: 99415818, 99321360, 99730723 Orvisit:

T05 10 2013  

Times of Oman ePaper

T05 10 2013  

Times of Oman ePaper