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Professional/Study Experience


Curriculum Vitae Chandigarh College of Architecture (Architecture Student | Bachelor in Architecture | 2008-2013) -Mansion, sector-10, Chandigarh (design project-2008) -Shopping complex (design project-2009) -Urban Renewal Design, Dharwa village, Chandigarh (intervention for the rural area-2010) -Office building, IT park, Chandigarh (Design & detailing project-2010) -Tourism Centre Capitol Complex, Chandigarh (Design & restoration research-2011) -Hospital, sector-43, Chandigarh (Design & detailing project02012) -Urban Re-development of Industrial Area, Chandigarh (Urban Design research-2012) -Canyon Multi-disciplinary commercial space, sector-5, Panchkula (Design Thesis Project-2013)


Chandigarh Urban Administration - Chandigarh College of Architecture (Designer | College consultation cell | 2009-2012) -Re-design of Suknaha lake, Chandigarh (Urban Design Project-2010) -Lighting design for Capitol Complex[Le Corbusier], Chandigarh (Lighting design project-2010) -Re-design of Chandigarh’s Lighting master plan, Chandigarh (Urban Lighting design-2011)

ABDArchitetti, Camillo Botticini (Architect Intern | Jun-Dec 2011) -Multi-functional Centre, Sappada, Veneto, Italy (Competition-2011) -Enlargement of Cemetery, Induino Olona, Italy (Built Project-2011) -Magredi Documentation Centre, Pordenone, Italy (Built Project-2011)

Neo Vastu Group, Anil Sharma (Junior Architect | Jan 2012 - Aug 2013) -Sublime Lounge, Chandigarh (Salon Design built project-2012) -Re-Design a bridge for Amravati Mall, Pinjore (Design project-2012) -Palta’s house, Chandigarh (Design project-2013)

Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia (IaaC)/ FabLab BCN (Research Student | Master in Advanced Architecture | Oct 2013- Jul2015) -AmpLeaf : Ecological Resonance (Urban wind energy harvesting-2013) Javier Pena Studio -Stick Tower : Bent-woven structure (Digital fabrication based structure-2013) -Nubular : Conflated lightweight structure (Lightweight structure-2014) -Drxya : User Responsive Facade (Interactive sensor based robotics-2014) -(Re)phemeral : Intelligent Social Urbanism (Emergent radical urban strategies-2014) Willy Muller and Hernan Diaz Alonso Studio -Craving : Self-Sufficient housing concept (Torrebaro self-sufficient housing-2015) -Robustic : Active deformations in plywood (Research on material performance of actively bent plywood with digital fabrication techniques-2015)

Master’s in Advanced Architecture, Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia (IaaC)/ FabLab BCN, Barcelona Bachelor’s in Architecture, Chandigarh college of architecture(CCA), Chandigarh, India High School Majors in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics New Public School, Chandigarh, India

Sahil Sharma Architect/ Designer/ Illustrator P | +45-93979803, +45-61953306 E | Sahil.sharma.arts@gmail.com D| June. 21.1989 W| shlsharma.com

About Sahil has been a part of several inspiring teams of designers that have worked on developing award winning projects (ABDArchitetti_Project : Enlargement of Induino Olona Cemetery, Italy) and re-design project (Chandigarh Admin _Project : Lighting Capitol Complex, Chandigarh), due to these circumstances he has evolved from an intern into a person handling tasks expected of a team architect.

“Does Global meets the Local Chandigarh?” by Henrik Valeur (UiD - 2010) “Commercialization Globalization and the Modernist City” by Dr. Vikram Aditya Prakash (Chandigarh Urban Lab - 2012) and Kunle Adeyemi (NLE Architects,Founder) with University of Washington “Man-made vs. Machine-made” by Anupama Kundoo (Liberty - BCN.reset 2014),Barcelona “Experimental Structures” uptimization of design using Karamba FEA analysis by Manja van de Worp (Nous Engineering, Principal) “Shell structures and Form finding with Maya”, designing bridge iterations by Sanjay Bhooshan (ZAHA Hadid Architects, Lead researcher) FAB10, FabLab convention 2014, Barcelona by IaaC and FabLabBCN LLUM Festival 2014, Barcelona “Sensing the City Lab” Visualizing big data of Dome of Vision, Copenhagen into an interactive installation by Danish Architecture Centre (DAC).

Publications / Exhibitions Ampleaf - ecological resonance/ wind machine

LLUM Exhibition, Festival of Lights, Barcelona, Spain (2014) Online Publication -Adafruit (2014)

Drxya - motion tracking robot/ interactive facade

Magazine - Pasajes Arquitectura-No.133, Madrid, Spain (2014) Exhibit- Demo Futurs, Fabrica Moritz, Barcelona, Spain (2014)

Expansion of cemetery - Induino Olona

Exhibit- Biennale, Italian Pavilion(Padiglione Italia), Venice, Italy (2014)

Nubular - conflated lightweight structure

Magazine - Stedebouw & Architectuur-, Netherlands (2014)

In 2015 Sahil graduated from the Institute for Sector-17: Parking and Civic spaces in City centre(Le Corbusier) Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IaaC) in Barcelona, Book-Commercialization Globalization and the Modernist City: The Projects, Chandigarh Urban Lab, University of Washington (2012) receiving a Master degree that specializes in Interactive Architecture, Digital Fabrication, Parametric Design, Renewable Energy Harvesting and Performance based Software Skills designing. These immense life experiences have helped CAD - AutoCad, Revit, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Ecotect him to connect the dots between his strong science 3D Visual - Maya/ V-ray, 3ds Max/V-ray, 3d Coat, ZBrush, Keyshot background, passion for design, penchant for traveling Illustration - Adobe Creative Suite(Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), Microsoft Office suite, and an insatiable desire to learn from the talented Animation/Production - AfterEffects Cs, Final Cut Pro people around him.

Nationality/ Languages Spoken Indian/English, Hindi, Spanish(basic)

Coding - Processing, Arduino, Python Digital Fabrication - Enroute, MakerBot, RhinoCAM, HAL|Robot programming & control Grasshopper plug-ins - Karamba, Kangaroo Physics, Ladybug, Elk, Geco


Technical Skills

Provided upon request

3d physical modeling, digital fabrication, projection mapping, working with chipset and sensors, 6-axis robot, milling machines, laser cutter, 3d printing, wood carpentry

Profile for Sahil Sharma

Curriculum vitae sahil sharma  

Curriculum vitae sahil sharma