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What Crisis Are Looming For the Markets Due To the Debt Ceiling? By Sahil Hafeez, September 26, 2013

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew had a chilling message two days back: the government may have only $50 billion in cash on hand by mid-October; inflows and outflows sometimes exceed that amount every day. This is a looming to government shut-down. Is there a probability government shut-down?



It's still an exceptionally low likelihood; however that likelihood is not zero. In the event that a default is impending, I suppose President Obama might raise the debt ceiling by official fiat. But the turmoil at Treasury hinting at such an emergency could bring about some extremely terrifying features in regards to Social Security checks, paying the troops, paying government sources, and so forth this could turn into a headwind for the economy, as the FOMC undoubtedly finished up a week ago. Could the U.S. Treasury bonds?




It may not on the grounds that a huge number of investors hold U.S. Treasury bonds. Defaulting on U.S. Treasury bonds implies that the administration couldn't pay these bondholders in the event that if they want to cash in their bonds. This might send the money related markets into some confusion. Will there a much bigger crisis looming ahead after subprime mortgage? In those days to 2008, the banks had no cash to advance because of the washout of the subprime contract market and their speculations in toxic assets. These lethal assets, or collateralized debt obligations (CDO) were based on subprime contracts and the housing market was breaking down. An impact of that was the breakdown of the CDO market. In a simplified analysis, this is the point at which the credit emergency started. This time around, a credit emergency will happen if the U.S. Treasury misses premium installments on U.S. debt since the government does not raise the debt ceiling. Where is the deadlock over raising debt ceiling? Congressional Republicans have kept undermining to utilize the debt ceiling as an arranging chip. The House now

plans to vote on a charge that might attach as far as possible to deferring Obamacare (Health bill) for a year, among different demands. Evidently, President Obama has declined to arrange over the debt ceiling this time around. There's additionally developing expect that arranging over the debt ceiling a second time might consecrate the practice for prospective Congresses, putting the nation's economy and markets into an interminable, risky state of uncertainty. Is there contingency plan unless Congress raises the country’s borrowing limit? The government will use up money to pay its charges no later than October 17, putting the nation at approaching danger of default. Obama administration is making an emergency course of action in the event that the Congress can't go to a concurrence (agreement) on the debt ceiling. The emergency arrangement incorporates installments to bondholders, for to the extent that this would be possible, on the off chance that the debt ceiling is not raised. As per Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, not paying bondholders might toss the fiscal markets, incorporating worldwide markets, into sum chaos. At the same time I suppose any arrangement to prioritize a few installments over others is essentially default by an alternate name. How will it affect on business if Congress does not raise debt ceiling? There will be numerous terrible impacts on business if Congress does not raise the debt ceiling soon. A standout amongst the most disturbing is that a credit emergency, much as the particular case that began in 2008 when the enormous banks were falling flat and near inadequacy, might great happen everywhere on once more. Would U.S. credit ratings be downgraded across the world if debt ceiling is not raised? Standard and Poor's, one of the major bond credit rating agencies in the U.S. is as of now making commotions about minimizing the U.S. credit rating on its bonds if the debt ceiling is not raised. Truth is told, Standard and Poor's is searching for no less than a mediumterm bargain, rather than only a fleeting arrangement, so as to dodge a credit minimize.

A U.S. default on its debt, and the coming about downsize in the U.S. debt credit ratings, might resound over the worldwide financial markets. The U.S. might find it troublesome or difficult to get any more cash. This might influence not just the U.S. yet other financial markets, for example China. Since China, for instance, holds a considerable measure of U.S. debt, their money related markets might be influenced besides. What would happen if downgrade of U.S debt? In view of the downgrade of U.S. debt, interest rates might rise, making it considerably more troublesome for small organizations and shoppers to get cash. The rise in investment rates might cause inflation. The value of the U.S. dollar might fall. The U.S. is the planet's biggest economy and the dollar is the currency that worldwide investors look to. Dollars might be sold off as investors look to other more stable currency, maybe the euro. The greater part of these elements, incorporating frozen credit markets at the end of the day, might make the precise delicate U.S. economic recuperation to fail and send the U.S. right go into recession or more terrible. Will the U.S. stock market fall, as well as global stock markets? Stock markets across the world will dive if the U.S. defaults on its debt and neglects to raise the debt ceiling. The stock market crash of 2008 when the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 778 points in one day and lost $1.2 billion might look like nothing contrasted with what might happen if the U.S. defaults on its obligation. Any traded on an open market business will lose a great deal of its worth when this happens, incorporating small and medium-sized businesses. Capitals for business will instantly be drained out of the financial markets and the U.S. will be sucked right go into the scenario of frozen credit markets. There will be no possibility for small or medium-sized businesses raising cash, either debt or equity, from the financial markets.

What crisis are looming for the markets due to the debt ceiling  

US debt ceiling

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