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Personal Health Insurance Plan from HDFC ERGO

Brief about HDFC ERGO Personal Health Insurance Plans:

Health is an essential factor of life, which is full of uncertainties. One never knows what is going to come up in future when it is related to health. It turns out to be a crucial situation when people face some critical illness or any serious accident.

The immediate matter of concern, then becomes the financial aspect related to that illness or accident, as expenditure of hospitalization and other medical costs surface as a major factor in treating the illness or the accident. Personal health is thus needed to be insured by all in order to avoid any such immediate health crisis.

A personal health insurance plan from HDFC ERGO caters comprehensively to all the prime issues associated with personal health, the procedure of opting for this HDFC ERGO plan for person health insurance being the simplest and quickest one.

The all-inclusive personal health insurance plan from HDFC ERGO includes all prime areas of person health insurance such as accidental death insurance.

The key features that make the HDFC ERGO health insurance plan the most exclusive one are – •

Flexible plan for personal health and as Family Floater plan

Best coverage at cost-effective rates

For Health Suraksha plan from HDFC ERGO, minimum age limit is 3 months and maximum age limit is 65 years

Sum Insured varies from 1 Lakh rupees, 2 Lakh rupees, 3 Lakh rupees and 4 Lakh rupees

Policies for both one-year and two-year plans

After 4 years, if not claimed, expenses of health services provided

Cumulative Bonus is offered for every claim-free year

Nationwide service of cashless claims at a network of more than 4000 reputed hospitals

Persons of age up to 45 years needs no medical examination required for buying the insurance plan

Least paper works needed for claims

Easy claims procedure

In accordance with the Income Tax Act under Section 80D Income Tax Benefit is offered up to 15,000 rupees

Absence of sub-limits on all illnesses, hospital expenses, consultation charges and room rent

HDFC ERGO, the leading accidental insurance company also offers a comprehensive health insurance accident plan for individuals and for their families too.

Key features of Plan A of health insurance accident includes – •

Complete coverage for all injuries, disabilities and accidental death along with hospital charges

The age limit for Plan A is 18-69 years

Adaptable insurance policy for both individual and his/her family

The Sum Insured offered is 15 Lakh rupees to 75 Lakh rupees

Plan A includes “Self and Family” coverage

After completion of the needed paperwork and 15 days of acceptance of payment the Plan A of Personal Accident Insurance from HDFC ERGO is made effective

Plan A also offers accidental death insurance and total disability insurance, under which children are offered 10% coverage and the spouse, is provided with 50% coverage

Personal Accident Insurance Plan B from HDFC ERGO accidental insurance company comprises of the following aspects –

Monetary security is offered for accidents to persons up to their age of 65 years

Extensive coverage offered for personal accidents and injuries

International and national coverage from 2.5 Lakh rupees to 15 Lakh rupees

100% Sum Insured paid as accidental death insurance coverage

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Personal health insurance plan from hdfc ergo  

A personal health insurance plan from HDFC ERGO caters comprehensively to all the prime issues associated with personal health, the procedur...