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Associate Membership : Associate membership is a way forward in ensuring that you engage more people in the organization hence creating promoters in the student market

What is provided via associate membership: 1 Project Experience 2 Leadership experiences 3 Global Learning Environment 4 Competency development

How is AM driving growth in programme?


OGX By providing membership

AM Project in synergy with OGX - especially Campus ambassador

Members having understanding of quality by working on various AM projects

By providing membership and also short term project for raised EP

Focus Area : AM driving growth in GCDP OGX

1 Sending maximum associate members on GCDP exchange 2 Ensuring raised exchange participants are engaged via associate membership

We need to ensure compulsory and proper implementation of tow major projects :

1 Campus Ambassadors 2 GCDP - X

Campus Ambassador Module : Have a team of 4-5 coordinators in every college ( Associate members preferably raises associate members)

Job role : 1 Promoting and support to OGX of your LC 2 Getting permissions 3 Engagement and support to raised EP from the college

Train the team : Associate managers with OGX team leaders should give them pre-OGX training on regular basis

These campus ambassadors will act as promoters of exchange and AIESEC in the college

things for campus program: 1 This should happen by clearly defining the target colleges 2 There should be total synergy with OGX – best option is to have OGX coordinator for Associate Membership 3 The training should include phase 1 of AM module as well as OGX selling training and other things 4 Campus ambassadors should volunteer in an NGO , understand how GCDP internships work , preferably should be the raised EP themselves*

GCDP – X: Since most of the local chapters will now go for heavy transitional raising for February realisation this should be a active project both for ELD conversions and preengagement for Exchange participants.

Raise the EP make a team and do a EPIC for them . Induct them into associate members

Run a 30 day project : 1 English Profeciency Programme 2 GCDP - X ( Volunteer in a NGO ) 3 Research work

This will prepare them for AIESEC Internship , will ensure preenagagement of EP's and will help them to have best experience . #reintegrationwillbe winning

AIESEC in Delhi University

Campus Ambassador : AIESEC in DU have been following the campus ambassador module over the years which has given a tremendous boost to their LC run projects , events like Udaan and GCDP OGX programme. How they function : A team of coordinators per college helps the core OGX team promoting GCDP OGX in college , raising their buddies , getting permission for promotions, overall they act as promoters of AIESEC DU. For more information contact their LCPe-

LC Name

Project details

AIESEC in Delhi University

Campus Ambassador program , they have also initiated GCDP projects like conserve , footprints , genesis , I-can wherein AM work as volunteers


Campus Program , volunteering , event support teams.

AIESEC in Chandigarh

GCDP – X , English Proficiency Programme , event support teams , Youth Leadership council with major student run organisation in city

AIESEC in Mumbai

GCDP – X , Lead at schools , Trainee Hospitality Project, event support team , youth leadership council

AIESEC in Hyderabad

Phase 1 , currently recruiting


how and what of AIESEC)

Local chapters that are doing AIESEC in Navi Phase 1 of Associate membership ( Induction of Associate Membership Mumbai and Associate members by explaining them why,

Associate Membership and GCDP OGX growth module | AIESEC India  

This file contains power-point which will help you understand : Associate membership project - concept and future approach towards it . It a...