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What is Excel? The term Excel is derived from X+L meaning Exchange + Leadership. The aim of the program is to give leadership experiences to EPs while exchange. Only AIESEC Members can apply for the Excel Program. Excel programme is run by oGCDP of AIESEC India in collaboration with iGCDP of partner countries. This aims at enabling AIESEC India members to create a greater impact with the host entity during their exchange experience.


Objectives Developing Responsible and Entrepreneurial Leadership by creating positive Impact

Enabling AIESEC India members to develop a Global Mind-set

Strengthening Cooperation & Collaboration between India and the Host entity

Supporting the host entity in Organisational Development & Programme Delivery

Value Proposition For Exchange Participant

For Hosting Entities

Global Experience

EP with a TMP/TLP experience

Enhanced Job Role to develop entrepreneurial and leaderships skills

Support in managing & delivering iGCDP

Organisational Learning and Development in a Global Environment

Support in organisational & exchange development

Strengthening International Relations for home entity

Strengthening International Relations for host entity

Excel Program Structure Registration by Hosting Entity


Finalization of Excel Job Role and Objectives

Selection of Exchange Participants

Preparation & Training

Realization & Excel Initiation

Job Role Cultural Envoy for Exchange Development

EP Guardianship to support others EPs during exchange

Support in iGCDP Project Delivery

Supporting host entity for running operations in programmes and functions.

Facilitating activities leading to learning and development of exchange participants & members.

Supporting the host entity take collaborative initiatives with AIESEC India and improve co-delivery.

Supporting the host entity strengthen its international relations

Conducting Research on internal & external to provide input for organisation growth and development

Supporting the host entity record and showcase its impact

I decided to take up the Excel program in Sri Lanka. I was working with a media house: not only did the work align with my imminent career goals; it was also a great erudition experience with a diverse set of young individuals. Whilst working on an online magazine, I had a lot of creative liberty to inculcate concepts like video interviews, amateur shoots, showcasing existing trends, etc. I networked and worked closely with some of the most prominent people in the country. As CEEDer in AIESEC Colombo Central, I was operating on areas of Exchange Development & Business Development. This experience refined my learning from the entire term, wherein I was taking sessions with the EB for CEM, Product development, University Relations; doing Business Development appointments, training Exchange Participants and what not. I cannot think of a more apt way of experiencing first hand leadership, than to travel and work with people from all across the globe. The possibilities of Excel are boundless; it’s an all-inclusive intense AIESEC

Shubhi Betala Alumnus, AIESEC Pune

Apply Now 78 Local Committee Vice Presidents of AIESEC India for the year 2014 have been on an exchange. What are you waiting for?

Hosting Entities can register at

Members can register at

For any support, please contact Adhiraj Singh MCVP GCDP

Kushal Sagar MC Director

Vikram Jotwani National Support Team

Excel program AIESEC India  

This aims at enabling AIESEC India members to create a greater impact with the host entity during their exchange experience.

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